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Published by: surjit18 on Sep 07, 2010
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MMS enables you to modify only MMS messages that have been created within the
application. It does not enable you to modify an MMS message received on your
mobile phone and transferred to your PC.

1.From the Media Files screen, click the My MMS tab.
2.Specify the local path to the folder where the file is located and select


3.Double-click the file to open it automatically in the Composer screen.
4.Make the desired changes, referring to the explanations in the follow-
ing topics:
•“Insert an image in an MMS”
•“Retouch an image”
•“Insert a sound recording in an MMS”
•“Insert a text in an MMS”
•“Modify the display time of an item inside an MMS”
•“Move images, texts or sounds inside an MMS”

5.In the Preview screen, click

to launch it and verify the result.

6.Save the changes by selecting File > Save.

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