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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

The Secret Law of

Unlimited Mind Power:
The Secret to Seemingly Magical
Mental Influence.
Unleashing The Universal Power of Your
Mind to Unlock Unlimited Wealth©
By S. Chip Bridgmon

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Disclaimer and Legal Notice

The information presented herein represents the views of the authors as of

the date of this publication. Taking into consideration the rate at which
conditions change, the authors reserve the right to alter and update their
opinions based on new conditions. This report is for informational purposes
only and the authors do not accept any responsibilities for liabilities resulting
from the use if the information. While every attempt has been made to
verify the information provided here, the authors and their affiliates cannot
assume any responsibility for errors, inaccuracies, or omissions. Any
negative comments or misunderstandings regarding people or organizations
are unintentional.

Copyright© 2007 by S. Chip Bridgmon

All rights reserved. No part of this ebook may be reproduced, stored in a

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Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Table of Contents

Part One: The Mind
Part Two: The People
Part Three: The Secret
Part Four: Closing

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©


Today Might Possibly Be The Most Important

Day Of Your Life
Today You May Very Well Discover The Unlimited Power Of
Your Mind
In The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power © You will begin to learn,
quite possibly for the first time, every thought you have in your mind
reverberates throughout your whole body, literally permeating every cell of
your body. Conversely alterations in our physical condition and your
posture affect your attitude.

....regardless of what you may have thought and believed before now, I
really do have a secret to share with you...
You are about to discover, and in some cases rediscover, The Secret to
Seemingly Magical Mental Influence, and Unleash The Universal Power of
Your Mind to Unlock Unlimited Wealth©.

That’s the very reason this ebook was written in the first place, just for
YOU, and others like YOU that are looking for away to unlock even more of
their unlimited personal mental power.

You have no doubt heard these, “Your thoughts create your world.” Or
other such quotes. “Life is what you make of it.”—“You are what you
think.” -- “What the mind of man can conceive and believe it can and will

These quotes have been repeated again and again over the years, having
been passed on to person after person, time after time, again and again.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Everyone would agree these words to be as true today as they were when
first penned, and not argue the contrary.

How many people really apply this to their lives?

Do you actually apply this to every day of your life?

Odds are the answer is NO. And that is ok, no one is going to come to your
house and hang a BIG SIGN on your door that says you don’t believe
enough that is why your life SUCKS, so don’t worry.

You are about to discover that...

… Wealth, Abundance and Success are within your reach.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©


As you read through this ebook you might notice it is broken down into 4
parts with their own chapters. Part one is about the mind, part two the
people, part three, THE SECRET, part our closing.

The title of the book is: The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power: The
Secret to Seemingly Magical Mental Influence. Unleashing The Universal
Power of Your Mind to Unlock Unlimited Wealth ©, I am sure when you
read the title you wanted to get to the SECRET ASAP right?

So you might be wondering, why did I add PARTS one and two?

Part one setting the stage, making sure you have the right mindset and your
mind is ready for the information so you can maximize the use of this

Part Two, The People; this section is very important as well. If you have
read The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, then you are aware of the
concept of the revival, or the “Group Mentality.” You may have also read
Kevin Hogan’s book; The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade
Others to Your Way of Thinking© and in the back of the book, appendix B
gives you detailed information of the POWER of Brainwashing. In my
personal opinion it is one of the many hidden gems of his awesome book.

If you don’t have the right mindset going into the art and application of the
Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power, the Seemingly Magical Mental
Influence you might not meet with your desired results.

The reason for my writing this book is to help people to make the most of
their lives, to assist them in improving and taking their lives to the next
level. What good would it be for me to uncover a REAL SECRET, one
that can produce dramatic results and not give you a way to use and to
maximize it?

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

As a Peak performance Coach I have learned over the years to give more
value than anyone might have expected, so with that in mind there is no way
I could just write an ebook that is 30 pages of fluff with a great 28 pages
sales letter and 5 web sites and 40 testimonials and let you down with 30
pages of NOTHING.

I have read some ebook like that, and believe me the price I paid was not
worth it, I could get more from the sales letter and putting it in my swipe file
than I got from the ebook itself. I could not in good conscious allow that to
happen for you when you are reading my ebooks.

Part One; includes also Self Hypnosis Scripts for your use to assist you in
getting into the right frame of mind. The same type of self hypnosis scripts I
teach in my Self Hypnosis classes, and when working with my hypnosis

Part Two; People, gives you a basic guideline to putting your team together.
Having a strong team of like minded people is important when it comes to
influencing others. As a seminar presenter I can tell you first hand it is
easier to speak to a large audience when trying to influence people, than it is
to influence a smaller audience. However, the flip side to that point, it is
also easier to loose control of a larger audience than a smaller one.

If you are speaking to a large group of people, it would be in your best

interest to have a large group of people in your audience that already align
with your thoughts and view points before you even begin to sell tickets.
The mental vibration you and your team and like minded people create will
induce compliance without even saying a word. Joe Vitale Ph.D. does an
excellent job of explaining this in his book Attractor Factor. Having the
power of Spiritual Marketing working for you, combined with The Secret
Law of Mental Persuasion, well I think you can see the big picture here.

Unleashing this powerful law for you and not giving you the proper
foundation so you can maximize the information is like giving you a buried
treasure worth untold billions, and I will even give you the only key to
unlock your treasure chest but not tell you where the treasure is, or even a
general location.

The Law is only useful if you know what it is, and you can use it. Only then
can you fully unleash its power to do good things in your life.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Part One

Acquire The Right Mindset

Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back

Program Your Mind For Success

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Chapter 1
Wealth and abundance can mean different things to different people. For
some people it means having their basic needs met, for others, it means the
pursuit of wealth. For others, it means the pursuit of MASSIVE wealth, the
kind of MASSIVE WEALTH that come with choices, choices like, which
hemisphere do they wish to live, and what car do they want to drive on
Mondays, and to fly charter or first class; the massive wealth to live the life
of their dreams.

Wealth, whatever that means to you, good bad or indifferent. Your personal
issues with money and success can be traced back to your childhood. You
may have learned somewhere, sometime from someone that money “is the
root of all evil.” Or maybe you were singing along with a song on the radio,
“money can’t buy you happiness.”

Hard Work Equals Success

How many times have you heard that one? How many people do you know
that work hard day after day, and still struggle to make ends meet? How
many people do you know that have been at the same job for 10 or 15 years
and still struggling financially, they always seem to have more month at the
end of their money?

Turn on your TV tonight, pick up one of those tabloid magazines, or listen to

the radio, how many times do you hear about some supposedly successful
entertainer that has a drinking problem, or a terrible relationship, or trying to
commit suicide? Here they are living in the lap of luxury making several
millions per movie, or TV episode, or tour to promote their newest album,
and they are so miserable they drink, use illegal drugs, and attempt suicide.

I can just hear you now, “Are you trying to tell me money does buy
happiness?” How dare I? I don’t even know you and here I am trying to tell
you how it is.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Firstly; happiness starts in your mind, not in your pocketbook. Money in the
bank, yachts, sports cars, houses on both coasts, and private planes do not
make you happy. Believe me, that will not make you happy, and if you are
not prepared, the pressure and responsibilities that comes with that amount
of wealth will definitely make you less than happy.

Visualize it before you can have it…

Easier said than done right?

Visualizing your success and reliving it in your mind over and over,
rehearsing it over and over begins to have a profound affect in your mind.

What you may not know is, your subconscious mind controls everything
about you, including the level of success you have in your life right now.
Affirmations are not enough, you also have to remove the mental barriers in
your subconscious, then your mind can begin to manifest the life of
your dreams.

For the 5 simple steps to getting anything you want, please pick up a
copy of Joe Vitale’s Book Attractor Factor .

Once you have cleared the barriers in your mind, and your mind is
clear on what you want the universe has a way of brining it to you.
You must not think about how it will happen, or when, just believe Dr. Joe Vitale

that it will happen.

Understand, the universe doesn’t care if you project positive or negative

mental image, it simply matches your image to your reality. That is the
reason it is so important for you to clear your subconscious barriers, so your
mind can see clearly the positive vision of what you do want rather then
what you don’t want.

Be aware of your thoughts

Notice your feelings about money

Explore your feelings about wealthy people

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

…Nothing will create more wealth for you than learning how to attract it.
One of the BIGGEST barriers to attracting more money is the belief that you
don’t deserve it in the first place.

Once you begin believing you deserve it and changing how you feel about
money in your heart, you will sing that money begins to flow to you in
avalanches of abundance.

Lost in a diamond mine looking for gold?

Many times in your pursuit for your hidden wealth you might be standing
right in the middle of untold riches, the only thing is, you can’t see it
because it’s not in the form you were expecting it to come in.

Understand the universe is eagerly waiting to give you want you desire, you
have to be clear on what it is that you want. You have to have right picture
in your mind, the right frame of mind to accept your abundance when it
comes to you.

Standing in a diamond mind with diamonds all around you complaining that
you are not wealthy yet because you don’t see the gold you have been trying
to hard to acquire, is ridiculous. And when you read about it now, it even
sounds ridiculous, and you might be thinking who would do a thin like that?

What's the one thing that separates you from the people
who have the success, and money, you wish you had?

It's not better equipment, or better skills, or even better connections. They
have something far more valuable.

It's their mindset.

What if I told you right now you are standing in the middle of a diamond
mine, with diamonds sparkling all around you, but you can’t see them?
What would you think about that?

Right now this very minute, you could be sitting in the lap of luxury you
have been dreaming of for so long, if you could only see it.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen in their book Cracking The
Millionaire Code, ask the question, “What million-dollar ideas are you
overlooking, underlooking, or looking through, around or beyond? How
can you increase your awareness so these ideas become obvious to you?
How can you make what is invisible to you at this moment visible?”

How in deed, that is the million dollar question.

Right this moment you are online, or at least online a while ago to download
this ebook, what have you over looked there?

Affiliate Marketing…
That is just one gem.

A great friend of mine was working for a company that did just that, setting
up affiliates, the owners of the company, two young guys had a great idea, a
new way to work the affiliate market.

After a few years they sold their company to another company that was
looking for a way to tap into the affiliate marketing. Those two young guys
sold their company for SEVERAL MILLION DOLLARS; today they never
have to work again in their lives if they chose not to.

The company that bought their little multimillion dollar company has set
aside $700,000,000.00 a year just for BUYING AFFILIATE COMPANIES.

I don’t have the exact dollar amount they sold their company for, however I
bet it was not less that $150,000,000.00, I don’t know for sure.

Everyday you are online, everyday you pass up countless offers from
affiliate marketers, and everyday you are walking past a fortune because you
are expecting your fortune to come from another source.

Part of having the right mind set is not limiting the ways in which the
universe answers your request. You must be ready for when the universe
opens its doors for you and you must have a mind that is poised to jump in
both feet and not be afraid of success.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

(read into Audacity or another audio program on your computer, save as
mp3 and burn to CD and listen to as you are going to bed in the evening)

Now… close your eyes and inhale deeply and hold it for three or four
seconds and then exhale slowly ... (Pause for a moment)

Again breathe in deeply and exhale slowly ... keep doing that 5 or 6 more
times ...

As you inhale, you bring more oxygen into your body, and as you exhale it
causes your body to keep relaxing more and more ... (Pause and observe)

Now you can continue breathing easily and freely, and can feel yourself
becoming more calm and peaceful ...

You are revealing signs that indicate you are moving into a very deep,
peaceful state of relaxation ... as I continue talking to you, you can keep
relaxing more peacefully ... not caring how deeply you relax, just happy to
continue becoming more calm, more peaceful, and more at ease ...
continuing to breathe easily and freely ...

Your subconscious mind will always be aware of what I'm saying to you, so
it keeps becoming less and less important for you to consciously listen to my
voice ...

Your subconscious mind, and all levels of your inner mind can hear and
receive everything I tell you, and your conscious mind can relax completely

You are continuing to experience perfect peace of mind, and can feel
yourself moving into the situation I describe to you ... it's going to happen
automatically, and you don't even need to think about it consciously ...

(OPTIONAL: Start background tape of birds and water. Pause about 30

seconds after starting background sounds)

Now I want you to imagine yourself lying in a comfortable position near a

stream of fresh, clear water, in a beautiful forest on a perfect summer day ...

There is a warm, gentle breeze, and the air is fresh and clean, the sound of
the peaceful stream is very relaxing ...

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

It keeps becoming less important for you to consciously listen to my voice

because your subconscious mind and all levels of your inner mind are
hearing and receiving everything I say ...

In your mind, you are enjoying the beauty of nature, as the sunlight shines
through the trees and you listen to the gentle flow of water and the birds
singing cheerfully ...

You are lying there, comfortably relaxing ... it is so peaceful that you
continue feeling more relaxed than ever before in your entire life ...

As you continue enjoying this peaceful, pleasant experience, a soothing

drowsiness is coming over your whole body, from the top of your head to the
bottom of your feet ...

You continue feeling calmer, more relaxed and more secure ...

And now, as you lie there with your eyes closed, you are so relaxed and
comfortable and happy that you continue moving into a more peaceful, more
detached state ...

It may seem like you are drifting into a state of sleep ...

There may be times when it seems like my voice is a long distance away ...
and there may be times, when I'm talking to you, that you will not be
consciously aware of my voice, and that's okay, because your subconscious
mind is still receiving every word I say, and is making true everything I tell
you ...

Begin programming your computer now. Negative thoughts or negative

suggestions have no influence over you at any level of your mind. You reject
all thoughts and suggestions detrimental to your health, wealth, and
happiness. The inner kingdom of your mind is universal. Your thoughts are
success power reactors. Your brain waves are tuned to natural success
frequencies. You are highly receptive to conditions and circumstances
beneficial to your health, wealth and happiness.

It is your natural right to be rich. You accept this right at all times. You
program your master computer daily to alert your conscious control mind to
any financial opportunities that will enhance your personal gain.
Programming is effective now. This input is a powerful money reaction

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

circuit. It functions to attract money in your daily life. It also acts as a

money multiplier. When you use your money freely in exchange for values, it
returns to you multiplied many times.

Money attraction is a constant function of your computer. It constantly flows

in your life. Money will never be harmful to you. It will always return to you
in a good way. You will always have a healthy, positive attitude about
money. Money is never a problem to you because you concentrate on the

You negotiate with money in a highly profitable way every day in every way
possible. Your business is growing everyday. You sales are increasing in
every way. Money is constantly flowing and circulating in your life.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Chapter 2
Are Your Thoughts Holding You Back

Let me start by asking a few questions.

Can You Become the “Millionaire Next Door”?

Can you change your own life – your financial destiny – and have the life
you’ve always wanted?

Can you increase your income and improve your lifestyle, so there are no
more worries about petty cash expenses?

You might be answering, “YES! YES! YES! YES!” At the same time in
the back of your mind there is a little voice saying, “Yeah right; who are you
kidding! If you could really do all that then why haven’t you done it yet?”
As you begin to feel the air let out of your sails.

Stop for a moment and just write down of few of the thoughts you have
rattling around in the back of your mind that you think might be holding you
back. Do that Now.


Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Identify the thoughts you think are holding you back and take back control
of your thoughts and the power of your mind.

If you're tired of drifting unhappily through life like a rudderless ship, just
getting by, and going where the current takes you, then please pay close
attention to this POWERFUL message.

65,000 thoughts a day on average…

…WOW that’s a lot of thoughts. However, the majority of those thoughts
are the same thoughts you had yesterday, and the day before and the week
before and the month before and the year before.

That does not leave a whole lot of room for adding new thoughts now does

Let’s just say you are average in the number of negative thoughts you have a
day and your negative thoughts take up 60% of your 65,000 thoughts today.
That would mean that you had 39,000 negative thoughts today.

Now let’s say science is correct in stating that it takes on average 100
positive thoughts to negate one negative thought. That mean you would
have to have an additional 390,000 thoughts today just to be starting over at
ZERO. Not positive and not negative, JUST ZERO!

Do you have that kind of time?

That’s 86,400 seconds in a 24 hour period; you would need an extra 4 days
or more just to negate today’s negative thoughts.

That doesn’t include the days before, or the weeks or months or years before
now, that is just TODAY!

So I am sure you would agree with me when I say it would be a good idea to
begin to control your thoughts NOW, and stop letting your thoughts hold
you back.

“If you think you can or you think you can you are right”
– Henry Ford

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

The problem is, you think you can for a fleeting moment before the negative
thought jumps in and says, “No you can’t.”

It takes 100 positive thoughts to negate a negative thought; however one

negative thought can tear down many, many, many positive thoughts, which
is why so many people trying to use affirmations fail so miserably. Their
positive thoughts are out numbered 100 to 1.

Biocomputer Programming 101

Every second of every day you’re mind is busily encoding and inputting
software into your Biocomputer. The thing you may not be consciously
aware of is, you can choose whether to program yourself for success or
failure. You actually have a choice as to how you are programmed, happy
or sad, positive or negative, successful or failure.

Whatever it is you want, think, wish or desire, what you command of your
subconscious mind through thoughts, ideas or out right commands; your
subconscious mind takes you literally. When I say literally, I mean QUITE

Have you ever wondered why someone spills the milk right after you tell
them not to?

It is because the subconscious mind has to visualize spilling the milk in

order to understand NOT spilling it.

Ever wonder why the person driving along pulled right out in front of you
and claims they didn’t see you, when you saw them looking right at you?

It is because their mind saw you but the accident was unavoidable so their
mind painted over the part of the picture that contained you, their mind filled
in the area with everything else BUT YOU.

This isn’t magic; your mind does it automatically every nanosecond of every
day. That’s ONE BILLION TIMES PER SECOND. Your vision has a
BLIND SPOT in it, where the nerves enter the rear of your eye, your eye
sees nothing in that spot, and so you don’t get confused with this whole in

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

actually reconstructs the surrounding objects and fills in the blind spot with
this mental image.

RIGHT NOW, RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE your mind is doing the same

There you are, standing in the middle of the diamond mine again for a
moment. You look around and see nothing but dirt, rocks, and filth. Every
time there is something that could be a diamond in your field of view, in less
than one billionth of a second your mind paints over the picture, and viola
because you literally DON’T SEE THE DIAMONDS. (at least


If it does what you tell it to, then why can’t you see the diamonds? Because
when you say, "I can't ..." your subconscious cooperates and your words act
as a self fulfilling prophecy.

For the next week or so try telling yourself "I can do this ...” (fill in the
blank.) You will be amazed at how fast your subconscious will begin to
cooperate and make it into a reality.

Your subconscious mind is very powerful; therefore you need to watch what
you think and say. You’ve heard the old saying, “Garbage in, garbage
out.” This statement is very true in the case of your Biocomputer.

You can start by becoming conscious of your thoughts and of your self talk.
When you catch yourself thinking or saying something negative, stop
immediately and substitute something positive for the negatives. Or you can
do what I do, and for every negative thought, or statement I catch myself
saying, in my mind I have my mind say 10,000 positive statements for each
negative one.

How can I do that; 10,000 positive statements? That’s a great question;

however you’ll have to remember to ask me that question when you order 30
or more books and have a phone interview with me. You’ll love the answer.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

By the way I have clients that would gladly pay $2,500.00 an hour just to get
that answer.

One of the most powerful ways to program your mind for success is:
throughout your day repeat positive statements over and over in your mind
and out loud, until they become second nature. By doing this you can replace
your negative self talk with super charged positive affirmations.

Start now to create a list of 10 or more statements that make you feel great
and unstoppable.

Here are some examples of affirmations that have worked for me in the past:

Positive Affirmations
9 I am healthy and happy.

9 Wealth is pouring into my life in avalanches of abundance.

9 I am getting wealthier each day.

9 My body is healthy and functioning as it should, creating health with

every breathe I take.

9 I have a lot of energy.

9 My mind is calm. I am calm and relaxed in every situation.

9 My thoughts are under my control.

9 I radiate love and happiness.

9 I am surrounded by love.

9 I have good and loving relations.

9 I have the means to make my dreams a reality.

9 I am successful in whatever I do, success now flows to me.

9 I have the Midas touch, everything I do is success manifested.

9 Everything is getting better every day.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

9 I love myself.

9 I am loved.

9 I can do anything I set my mind to.

9 I am becoming more and more successful everyday.

9 I can find positive, creative solutions to problems.

9 I can handle all things that come my way.

9 I have the energy I need to do everything I want to do.

9 I'm getting better and better every day, in every way.

How to Repeat Affirmations

1. Keep your affirmations short, this way they are easier to remember.

2. Repeat your affirmations often throughout your day.

3. Avoid negative emotions when repeating your affirmations. It would

be best to be in a super charged positive state of mind.

4. Chose only positive affirmations.

5. Affirm in the present tense, not in the future. The reason being is the
future is always tomorrow, some indefinite date.

The POWER OF AFFIRMATIONS comes from you focusing on what you

want to be true in your life. Telling your unconscious mind to manifest in
your reality what you see in your mind.

You want a new car, a new house, I new vacation?

Whatever it is you desire you begin by giving your subconscious mind

highly focused suggestions, and allow the universe to bring it to you in the
way it sees best fit for you. This way you are not standing the middle of a
diamond mine looking for gold and missing the wealth and abundance that
surrounds you.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

(read into Audacity or another audio program on your computer, save as
mp3 and burn to CD and listen to as you are going to bed in the evening)

Now as you begin to listen to my voice I would like you to close your eyes,
relax, let go and let my voice make all the effort necessary. As you relax for
the next few minutes you let it be a pleasure. Begin NOW to enjoy the feeling
of being able to choose to relax, to let go, and to be able to go inside and
turn the world off.

As you relax for the next few minutes you are going to learn to enjoy,
gradually, effortlessly, and settle into a feeling called hypnotic sleep. It is an
ability your mind already has inside to relax, to settle into a neutral state.

When you came in today, you had a dream in mind; something you wanted
to make happen in your life. "I would if I could" has an ending now. The
words that will go through your mind, many times a day, comfortably, is "I
can". You believe it, You begin to feel the pride, the confidence that makes it
all happen.

You begin to feel comfortable with your past, and your past is a very
valuable piece of education. A very important piece of experience that has
use to you. So as you relax and as you let your body go, you refuse to build
your life on any form of guilt. It has no value to you. What you did in the
past was the best you could do at the time. The very best effort you were able
to make. The only reason you know that is because you are better now. You
are better now because you see yesterday through today's eyes. You have
matured and grown. You understand that there is no value in guilt. Only
education and experience has value for you.

Your childhood programming and experiences were controlled by

circumstantial accidents. You are going to keep the pieces you like and
agree with, but any feelings, any doubts or fears that might live inside you,
anything you don't like about your feelings and attitudes, those things are
not yours. They happened to you by accident. You are not going to take
them. You are going to reject them as over and done and gone.

Now you are going to make each day happen, your way. You are going to
mature into that attitude easily. New experiences are going to help you

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

mature into that kind of person that you want to be. You honestly believe
that you are all you need to be to succeed, that you can have all the things
you need to compliment you success. You feel this now and increasingly

For now, relax and experience that attitude. For what you are doing right
now is choosing to turn the world off, to go inside, to relax, to feel a sense of
control better that you have ever had. That is a reality. Keep it. Use it.

You are going to begin to believe that positive, successful experiences from
the past contain valuable emotional strength and depth that you have
earned. Those feelings, those emotions belong to you. Just like any old
familiar song, or personal photograph, positive emotions will bring back
buried emotion. Bring back feelings you think you have forgotten about.
Spontaneously, they will come back by accident throughout your day.
Realize that positive memory pictures can flash into your mind and carry
with them the same pride, the same happiness you felt with the original
experience of months or years ago.

Those feelings belong to you. Begin to enjoy feeling the best pieces of
memory as they begin to come to you. For now relax, let your body go. Feel
your body relaxing easily. A melting sensation floods your body. Relax
deeper and deeper as you listen to me and let the world fade away. As you
listen to me, some of those positive images will flow through your mind. You
are going to use the best within you. If you ever felt pride, confidence,
courage, success and a need to be something special you can still own those
feelings and attitudes. Let them come forward as an honest active part of
your life, on purpose. You must use your best, use your best feelings or you
are going to lose them. They are too valuable. Don't let them go.

I want you to begin to practice seeing things as they really are. You are
maturing and you will find great pride in that emotion. You begin to realize
the final choice, as to how you are going to feel in any situation, is always
yours; no one can make it for you. No one does anything to you; it is your
choice as to whether you are going to allow them to control your life in any
way, shape or form. It is your choice, not theirs. You are unique as a person.
You are one of a kind. You will find that people may do what you do but no
one can do anything, no one can ever do it the way you do things. You are
and have been very special at birth and there is no reason in the world to

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

doubt your individual value at any point in your life. Enjoy that feeling. It is

Failure does not exist. There is no such thing. Only your degree of success
ever needs to be measured by you. Even your most pitiful degree of success
is a seed for the future. It will grow with any kind of attention at all that you
give it. Fear is always a fantasy. There again so is success.

You alone are going to choose which one of these the world will see as being
real. Relax now. Remember "I would if I could". "I would" is a dream and a
very good dream. "If I could" is the search for a plan or a way to make it
happen for yourself. "I can" is the harmony of all the feelings and thoughts
that make your life happen, on purpose, successfully.

When you hear my voice, relax, let it feel good, believe it. Don't waste my
time or yours. Make it happen. Make your life happen on purpose. Each and
every suggestion you have heard on this tape will register deep within your
subconscious mind.

On the count of five, your eyes will open sparkling clear, your mind feeling

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Chapter 3

Program Your Mind For Success

Your mind, the GREATEST computer on the face of the planet and you
only use about 3% to 7% of its abilities.

Programming your mind, or what I like to call, your “Biocomputer,” is kinda

like programming your PC. You need the software you would like to install.
With your PC the software comes in CD or DVD form, or you can download
from the net. With your Biocomputer, the software is a little bit different.
Your Biocomputer can be and is being programmed every second of every
day, learning, relearning and reprogramming.

Not everything gets reprogrammed, your Biocomputer has many things to do

in a day, and reprogramming everything about you might be a bit much, so
your Biocomputer sets certain systems on AUTOPILOT.

Autopilot could be your final resting place if you are not careful, because
very rarely is autopilot on programmed to take you straight to success.
Usually autopilot is set in a holding pattern, and many people are in a
holding pattern for their whole lives. That is not a place you want to be.

Discover The Secret That Transformed A Hopeless

Underachiever Into A Millionaire By The Age Of 26...
…Just like if you were a pilot in an airplane you need to chart a course, then
you need to program your onboard computer to follow the course; even with
that done you will still be off course 90% of the time. Your on board
computer will be making adjustments constantly to correct for weather, and
flight conditions, tail winds, or head winds.

You just don’t jump in your airplane and take off and viola you are at your

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

The same is true with success.


Self-talk, the things you say to yourself is a very powerful influencer in your
life, it influences either positively or negatively the decisions you make and
the results you experience.

Have you ever had a time when you felt unstoppable, like you could do
anything you put your mind to? Maybe while playing a sport, tennis, gold,
baseball, basketball… or any time really. Remember back to that time now,
and imagine you are there. What are some of the things you were saying to
yourself? I would be willing to be you were saying positive and uplifting
and or motivating things.

Think about when you didn’t do something so well, what were you thinking
then? Hmmmm… I would be willing to bet that it was not so positive.

I was watching TV the other day, some show with sports blunders or
something, and there was this guy in a car race, he was clearly going to win
the race, he was way out in front ahead of everyone. He put his arm out the
window of his car and was celebrating, waving his hand before he even
crossed the finish line. His car weaved a bit, fished tailed slightly, then
WHAM, he hit the side wall and was instantly out of the race. He jumped
out of his car and yelling and throwing his helmet, obviously not happy with
that performance.

In moments like this, it would be a good idea to maintain a good healthy

sense of humor and learn to laugh at yourself.

Sometimes you’re going to mess up, even the best laid plans call fall apart at
the most inopportune moments, it’s what you do when it happens that
determines ultimate failure or success.

In the case of the driver, I don’t know him personally, so I would have to
speculate based on my many years of success coaching, I would be willing

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

to bet his self talk is not of a positive nature, and when the victory was sure
to be his, that’s when the negative voice in the back of his mind started to
whisper, “this is too good to be true.” And then WHAM he hit the side wall,
and totaled his car.


Whether your self talk is positive or negative, either way it will affect your
attitude, your motivation, your decisions and ultimately the results you

Where does your self talk come from?

Self talk that comes from your conscious mind is more like telling yourself
something like, “You can do it,” or willing yourself to do something, like the
contestants on some of the reality TV shows when they are faced with a
tough task, or about to eat something gross.

Conscious self talk is usually thought out, not always but usually. It could be
a knee-jerk reaction; however it is still rehearsed and or thought out.

Self talk from your unconscious mind is usually a little more covert and is
usually filled with deep emotional content. Feelings of confidence and
doubt seem to be more charged when coming from the unconscious mind.

Maybe you are stuck in grid lock in your car, the radio playing in the
background and momentarily you are lost in thought, you snap back to the
present not sure how much time has past, but you had just relived an
argument with a friend, co-worker or loved one, or maybe relived a negative
conversation you had earlier. This typically would be coming from your
subconscious mind.

Are you ready to end your financial frustrations and begin to create true
lifetime success? Are you ready to discover the secret that will practically
guarantee the success you deserve and have been looking for all this time?

I am gonna be a little blunt and bold with you!

Because I know you want wouldn’t want me to hold back or sugar coat the
cold hard truth about why success has been so elusive in your life before

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Have you noticed how some others can just seem to be in a constant state of
flow throughout their life; they seem to be achieving breakthrough results
time after time, again and again, and basically living the life of dreams?

Well here’s the TRUTH so brace yourself...

It IS Your Fault That You Haven't Achieved the Results You

Want In Your Life Yet!
If you want to whine and tell me it’s not your fault because something from
your past is holding you back and preventing you from attaining the success
you deserve, then go ahead but I’m not listening, I don’t buy into the whole
victim mentality. If you find something is holding you back it is your
responsibility to break the chains that are holding you back.

How do I know this?

BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST! Your past got you to where
you are today, and THAT IS ALL. Your past does not define you, good,
bad, or indifferent.

If you are comfortable living with the victim mentality you might want to
STOP READING NOW, because it’s only gonna piss you off to read what
I have to say about it. And when you try the skills I have in this book and it
doesn’t work for you, you’re gonna blame me, because once again you need
someone other than you to blame.

I know you work your butt off every single day struggling, working, and
striving to achieve your goals. You put your sweat, blood, and tears into
your job, career or business to just 'make it happen'.

I can just see you now, jotting down your goals in your notebook, and
planning the steps you need to take to achieve your goals, you start working
double shifts and you work your butt off, thinking because of all your hard
work you will one day become SUCCESSFUL and be able to enjoy the
life of your dreams.
It seems that scenario just doesn't seem to pan out in your favor at all, does

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

You work your butt off, but it's someone else that gets that promotion you
were HOPING for, the recognition you thought deserved, and the success
that you were thinking you deserved.

And guess what…

That exact story is being told everyday in offices, households, and college
campuses everywhere and people just like you are left frustrated at how
life can just be so damn unfair! And for so many others life seems to be a
piece of cake.


The bad news is that your subconscious mind makes decisions based on past
programming and conditioned responses, as well as how you feel about the
present. Your subconscious mind assesses your situation and comes up with
a response that can be either positive or negative. Even worse news is that
your subconscious mind overpowers any attempt by your conscious mind to
use will power. It can seem at times that you are at the mercy of the past
events that produced your programming.

The good news is that your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference
between your conscious mind telling it that something is true and something
actually being true. So with some persistence you can change the behavior of
your subconscious mind.

You can do this is through affirmations; simple, positive statements that you
repeat to yourself throughout your day as possible to create a positive
change of the programming in your subconscious mind.


Visualization is not new; it has been around for many years, probably since
time began. God said, “Let there be light. And there was light.” (Gen 1:3)
Before there was light God was visualizing, and then verbally affirming
what he wanted and viola there was LIGHT.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

From athletes to sales people, to students preparing for a major exam, and
many other examples of how visualization benefits people from all walks of

Why then do so few people consistently use this technique?

Sales men and women are taught to visualize the successful completion of
the sales presentation in their mind before they even get to the appointment.
Athletes are taught to visualize the event before they ever step onto the
court, or field, and it WORKS time after time, time and again. There is not
doubt in the minds of the coaches and the athletes of the POWER of
visualization. Many championships have been won based on visualization
and belief that the results are indisputable.

With the facts staring you in the face every day of your life, when was the
last time you visualized the successful completion of your marriage; or how
about the successful raising of your children? Two MAJORLY important
LIFE events and most people just leave it to chance; they try to “WING IT.”

Just take a look around you, in the media, in the office, in your own family
and friends, look every where that people are interacting with each other,
and answer for yourself, “Does ‘WINGING IT’ really work?”

I am sure you would agree the answer is a resounding NO!

When done properly visualization can be an effective performance

enhancement technique with many benefits not just for athletes, salespeople
and students.

One of my personal favorite benefits of visualization is being able to

practice anything I want to learn more quickly, easily, and frequently than
actual behavior itself.

For example, after being a coach for a few years and creating company
training manuals for my clients on my lap top, my typing skills were still
slow and laborious, typing with my index fingers and my eyes quickly
scanning the key board for each letter. You can imagine how long it would
take me to create one 450 page manual.

I started to use instant chats with some of my distant clients, and I was
finding it hard to keep up with the speed at which my clients would type.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Frustrated by this and no time to take a class I picked up a small book on

typing and read it in about 45 minutes and downloaded the information into
my Biocomputer.

I began to run a visualization program in my mind, based on what I read,

never really learned to memorize the keyboard, just let my unconscious
mind take over, within 24 hours my typing speed doubled. I programmed
my mind to type in my sleep at an accelerated rate, using the SECRET
METHOD I mentioned earlier. (The one you should ask me about on the
phone interview)

Day two, in my mind I was typing faster and faster, I was typing along with
the radio, with songs, with the TV, with live conversations, there was
definite progress. I sat down with my laptop and began to type on a chat
with one client who saw me online. I started to look at the keys, and found
that my all my fingers were typing, and I was able to not just keep up I was
able to surpass the speed of my client.

Then another chat opened, another client saw me online and had some
important questions to ask me. I had never chatted with two people before;
it was all I could to do keep up with one. Then two more clients came
online, before I knew it I had five clients online asking me different
questions, and I was able to not only keep up it actually seemed too slow.
My clients commented on the transformation and wanted to know what I did
to make such a dramatic change.

From 15 words a minute, to over 80 words a minute in less

than 48 hours, without touching my keyboard.
For me that was a dramatic change, for my select clients that liked to chat
online it was a welcome change.

It started in my mind. I IMAGINED IT, Created it in my mind.

The results were real, and dramatic.

Why would I think to come up with such a thing?

Years ago I read Think and Grow Rich, and about how Napoleon Hill and so
many other great thinkers would keep a notepad handing to jot down their
ideas. They would keep the notepad by their bedside and in the middle of

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the night would wake themselves from their sleep to write down the answer
to the problem they were working on in their sleep.

Then I read a story about Nikola Tesla, and how he would work on inventing
a new complex machine, he would work out all the kinks in his mind while
he was doing other things, including while he would sleep. He would build
the machine in his dreams, then when he was complete he would flip the
switch and turn the machine on if it did not work properly he would figure
out why and then wake from his sleep to write down the answer and fall
back to sleep.

When I read that for the first time I got goose bumps, I had stumble across a
way to effectively use even more of my 24 hours. I began to apply this
technique to almost every are of my life.

So naturally when I wanted to learn to type I did the same exact thing.


… if you want to learn about this technique and many others from some of
the greatest mind mankind has ever known, pick up your copy of the
Einstein Factor by Win Wenger Ph.D. and Richard Poe.

A complement to actual practice, world-class athletes in just about every

sport you can think of, are routinely trained to visualize themselves’
performing well in competitive situations. In the book Golf My Way, Jack
Nicklaus wrote, “I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a
very sharp, in focus picture of it in my head. It’s like a color movie.”

So where’s the SECRET?

In order to qualify as a secret few people should be privy to the information
right? In this case the WHOLE WORLD should know by now, and has
known for quite a few centuries.

I don’t think the secret is in the knowing as much as it is in the DOING.

Ben Franklin said it best when he said, “it

isn’t so much that we
need to learn new things, as much as we need to be
reminded of that which we already know.”

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Using your mind for visualization is something you have been doing since
birth. As a baby you use your right brain for PHOTOGRAPHIC
MEMORY, your survival depended on it. You remember everything you
see and hear in minute detail, and play that memory back in your mind over
and over and over again, reliving the experience.

Ever been around a baby that is cooing and smiling and laughing, as if he is
having a conversation with someone? In the babies mind he is replaying
with exact detail many conversations and play time activities, burning the
neuropath ways he need to duplicate those activities. As the baby grows
older and no longer needs this mechanism for survival it slowly goes away,
usually by the time the child is 7 or 8.

As an adult I am sure you can begin to see the benefits of having that skill
now, right?



Mind Machines

What is a mind machine? In the 1940's a researcher by the name of Gray

Walter discovered that when a person was subjected to a light flashing at a
certain frequency, their brain wave activity would fall in sync with the
flashing of the lights. Since then a small body of research has been
conducted on the subject and many devices have been developed to entrain
brain waves. Most of these devices include small lights mounted in a pair of
eye glasses. These lights flash at given frequencies and are controlled by a
small computer in the base unit. Today, most sound and light entrainment
devices (SLEDs) also include a sound component. This sound pulses at a
given frequency and is usually binaural. Binaural sound occurs when two
distinct sine waves (pure tones) are played in each ear. For example, a
person might hear a 440 hz tone in one ear and a 430 hz tone in the other

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ear; the ears will "hear" both tones but the brain (as shown by e.e.g.) will
discern the difference between the tones, 10 hz (known as the binuaral beat
effect). Ten hertz happens to be the alpha frequency for brain waves and is
associated with relaxed states (light meditation, etc.) and imagery. SLEDs
have also been used to entrain beta, theta and even delta states as well. The
combined effects of having both the photic and the auditory portions of the
brain stimulated in synchrony can be profound. SLEDs are currently being
used by professional psychologists in their practices and by the general
public for relaxation, stress management, Insomnia, mind expansion,
accelerated learning and retention, breaking limiting beliefs, phobias,
anxiety, sports training, promoting physical wellness, and most of all for fun.
The possibilities are great and technology has been shown effective.
However, the only way to truly appreciate the light sound experience is to
try a mind machine for yourself.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Float Tanks

"Most importantly, the float tank is not a hypothetical laboratory
phenomenon, but a viable, proven technology"
Dr Henry Adams, NIMH, Washington

"Second best thing to being in Heaven"

Richard Jones, Australian Senator

The Apollotm float tank is a light-

proof, sound-insulated capsule
which contains a shallow 30 cm
pool of 25% saturated Epsom Salts
solution - five times denser and
more buoyant than sea water. Lying
back, you float effortlessly on the
surface with all parts of your body
firmly supported. Your muscles no
longer have to fight against the
constant downward push of gravity,
the single greatest cause of wear
and tear to bones, joints and body tissue. As muscle tension melts away, you
find yourself floating weightless and free, like an astronaut in zero gravity

The pleasures and perks of the modern float tank are based on a
revolutionary scientific approach to deep relaxation called Restricted
Environmental Stimulation Technique or R.E.S.T. for short, first developed
back in 1954 by researchers at the NIMH (National Institute of Mental
Health) in Washington.

During the past 20 years the remarkable effects of the float tank have been
systematically studied and applied in such areas as health care, medicine,
fitness training, sports science and education. Meanwhile, floating has

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

caught on in America, Australia and, more recently, Europe and Asia as a

powerfully productive and creative form of recreation in its own right.

How does It work?

Scientists estimate that up to 90% of the brain's normal workload is caused

by the effects of routine environmental stimulation the combined effects of
gravity, temperature, touch, light and sound on the muscles, nervous system
and sense organs of the body.

The float tank screens out these external physical stimuli, creating a pure
state of "sensory" relaxation. Under these unique conditions your body has a
chance to restore its natural powers of self regulation, while you simply lie
back and rediscover the latent abilities of a deeply relaxed mind.

While you are floating, your ears are below the surface of the solution,
cutting out external sounds. Many people, however, find that gentle ambient
music accelerates and intensifies the relaxation process. The Apollo's
powerful underwater speaker system creates the feeling that you are floating
in a sea of music, enhancing the rich dream-like quality of the experience.

The temperature inside the capsule is kept at a constant 34.5 degrees Celsius
- relaxed skin temperature. As a result, the nerve endings which cover the
surface of the skin no longer perceive any sense of separation between the
skin and the silky mineral solution which surrounds it.

In the dark, weightless tranquillity of the Apollotm float tank, the boundaries
of your body seem to dissolve and vanish. As you enter progressively deeper
levels of relaxation, even your body seems to "disappear" from conscious
awareness because of the sharp reduction in signals being transmitted
through the nervous system to the brain.

Free from all external stimulation, your body can achieve a state of
relaxation which is deeper, purer and more beneficial than sleep. With no
body to look after, your mind can attend to other business.

The Floating Body

The sudden de-stimulation of large areas of the nervous system triggers a
spontaneous chain reaction throughout the body known as the
parasympathetic response. Muscle tension, blood pressure, heart rate and

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oxygen consumption all drop dramatically. The whole chemistry of the body

Blood vessels including capillaries dilate, improving cardio-vascular

efficiency and increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to every single
cell in your body. This is called the vasodilatory effect

Stress related chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, ACTH and lactate are
removed from the bloodstream and replaced by beneficial endorphins. High
levels of cortisol and ACTH are known to weaken the body's immune system
and create feelings of depression, while lower baseline levels are associated
with feelings of dominance and confidence.

The endorphin - only discovered by NIMH researchers in 1976 - is literally

the essence of pleasure. The body's endorphin level is what makes some
people naturally happy and others less so. Sometimes called "the body's
natural opiate", the endorphins released while floating create intense
feelings of well-being, alleviating fatigue and chronic pain, as well as
improving many of the higher brain functions such as memory and learning.
Happiness is not an illusion - it is an endorphin.

These biochemical changes occur naturally and spontaneously as by-

products of deep sensory relaxation. No training or techniques are required.
Just lie back and let it happen.

The Floating Mind

Although your body enters a level of physical relaxation which is even

deeper than sleep, in the tank your mind remains awake and dreamily alert,
just above the threshold of sleep Large areas of the brain are suddenly
liberated from their normal workload of processing signals from the nervous
system and sense organs. There is a sharp drop in the level of electrical
activity of the brain (measured on an EEG) from the usual 20-25 Hz down to
4-8 Hz.; EEG readings show a slow, rhythmic wave pattern known as the
theta state.

This is a twilight zone of creative, inspirational thought processes, where

your learning abilities are at their highest and powers of visualisation and
auto-suggestion are greatly enhanced. Measurements of the brain waves
produced by experienced zen meditators in deep satori show large amounts

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

of theta activity across the cortex. For most people, however, the theta state
is almost impossible to enter without falling asleep. In the tank you enter this
elusive state effortlessly and enjoyably, and stay in it for most of the float
session. Time seems to vanish.

EEG measurements on floaters show that the level of activity in the two
hemispheres of the brain also becomes more balanced and synchronised.
This can produce a subtle shift in awareness away from the normally
dominant "left-brain" thought patterns (logical, linear, analytical, detailed)
towards the more intuitive, synthetic and large-scale thought modes of the
"right-brain". The tank does not inhibit the left hemisphere, but simply
changes its role from one of dominance to one of partnership with the other
hemisphere, enabling floaters to use all their mental powers.

Floating Your Way to Peak Levels of Health and Well-Being

The parasympathetic response is the body's natural mechanism for healing

and regeneration. It can only occur during deep relaxation. Floating is the
fastest, easiest and most effective way of eliciting this response and enjoying
its dramatic health benefits. Floating "re-sets" the body's chemical and
metabolic balance, strengthening its resistance to the effects of stress, illness
or injury.

When you change your body, you also change your mind. The de-activation
of the nervous system has a direct effect on the hypothalamus, the brain's
chemical control centre. Recent research has shown that internal events
(thoughts and emotions) are here translated into measurable changes in
body chemistry, and vice versa. The production of endorphins and the
removal of undesirable chemicals during floating stimulates feelings of
confidence, happiness and well-being, which helps you pursue your goals in
life with maximum vitality and vigour.

People who lead demanding lifestyles run the risk of developing high blood
pressure, also known as hypertension. This disease has no symptoms, but
eventually manifests itself in the form of strokes, heart attacks and
atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) - all potential killers. Floating
can produce an immediate reduction in blood pressure and heart rate;
regular floating may maintain this.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Apart from being the ultimate "stress buster", floating has been shown to
alleviate asthma, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, gastro-intestinal and cardio-
vascular disorders. Tension related problems such as migraine, back-ache
and insomnia helped enormousely

Accelerated Learning and Effective Self Management

Because your mind is freed from all external distractions during floating it
can absorb new information quickly and on a very deep level. The learning
process is accelerated by the theta state and by increased access to the
efficient, large-scale learning abilities of the right hemisphere.

Studies have shown that babies and infants spend most of their time in theta.
With the passage of years this gradually gives way to the alpha frequencies
(between 8 to 12 Hz). By the age of ten or eleven the normal adult pattern of
beta (13 to 30 Hz) is dominant and we stay in that state of consciousness for
the rest of our lives. In the theta state your learning abilities are at their
highest - look how quickly and effortlessly babies learn - and powers of
visualization and auto-suggestion are dramatically increased. In the tank
you regain these latent abilities and can put them to use.

To fully exploit this mental potential, the modern float tank is equipped with
powerful underwater speakers and often with in-tank video facilities. Any
skill or information can be learnt more effectively and efficiently in this way
while the floater is in a deep state of relaxation. Sophisticated audio or
video based programs (such as SyberVision) can be used to guide the floater
to peak performance in anything from language skills to golf swings.
Learning was never easier or more fun.

The subtle mental and physical effects of floating greatly improve your
powers of emotional control and sense of well-being. Negative emotions and
unwanted habits seem to melt away in the tank along with the physical
tensions and stresses that accompany them. Smoking, alcohol dependence
and weight control problems can be easily and effectively overcome or
lessened - sometimes totally spontaneously. Research suggests that
compulsive behaviour patterns such as these are linked to a low endorphin
level in the body.

In fact, according to experts at America's NIMH, the float tank "is the only
technique ever shown by controlled studies to be effective over extended

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

periods of time". Studies show success rates of 81% in eliminating or

sharply reducing smoking, 61% in reducing alcohol consumption, with
similarly impressive results in combating weight control problems. In the
deep theta state you have increased access to and control over subconscious
mental processes. You become master of your own mind.

A New Dimension in Fitness and Sports Training

Carl Lewis, said to be the world's greatest athlete, used in-tank visualisation
techniques to prepare himself for his gold medal long jump at the 1988
Seoul Olympics: the Dallas Cowboys, winners of the 1993 Superbowl, have
been using float tanks since 1981 to develop the physical and psychological
skills of their players; the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) has been using
tanks to train their successful Olympic squads since 1983. In the words of
Jeff Bond of the AIS: "The floatation tank represents a new dimension in
sports training for the elite athlete".

Floating maximises the benefits of fitness training and work-outs. High

intensity exercise stimulates the muscles to grow, but the actual growth and
strengthening takes place during relaxation - usually 30 to 40 hours after
the stimulation occurs. The deep relaxation of the float tank improves
circulation and accelerates the growth and regeneration of muscle tissue.

Strenuous physical exercise can cause a rapid build-up of lactic acid (a

toxic by-product of anaerobic glycolysis) in the muscles; this is experienced
as pain, fatigue and cramps which can last for days; it is also linked to the
feelings of depression and anxiety known as "post-game letdown", which
can even affect recreational joggers. Floating is one method of reducing the
effects of lactic acid and removing other waste materials from the body. This
reduces the risk of over-training.

Most sports injuries are not contact injuries but are the result of
inappropriate muscle tension. Floating has been shown to loosen the
muscles and give athletes a greater degree of control over their autonomic
nervous systems, reducing the risk of injury during training or competition.
Even when injuries occur, floating speeds up recovery and the endorphin
effect alleviates the pain.

Peak athletic performance depends on a combination of physical, mental

and emotional skills. Modern training methods focus on helping the athlete

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

to master "the inner game", to develop that cool synchrony of mind, body
and emotion which is the hallmark of a champion. The most potent
psychological technique for building up skill and confidence simultaneously
is visualisation; in the tank, an athlete can achieve the level of concentration
necessary for visualisation to have a dramatic impact on performance. This
is one of the hottest new developments in sports science.

When float tanks are used for sports training they are frequently equipped
with in-tank video facilities. In the tank the athlete enters a relaxed, focused
and highly receptive theta brain state. Instead of visualising perfect
performance, the athlete watches repetitions of perfectly executed sports
moves on the screen - up to 1,000 repetitions in one hour. Perfect sports
technique can be "programmed" into the neuro-muscular system as a
conditioned response. Studies at Stanford University have indicated that one
hour of this "muscle memory programming" method is superior to ten hours
of repetitive field practice. This technology is now available to the amateur
sportsman through an American company called SyberVision, who produce
sophisticated audio-visual training packages for golf, tennis, bowling, self-
defense and most other popular sports.

Scientific Validation of Floating

Ever since they were first introduced, float tanks have been used in clinical
laboratory conditions. They are unique in this respect. The effects of
Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique (R.E.S.T.) have been
researched and documented at Stanford, Harvard, Yale and countless other
universities, hospitals ,and sports training facilities around the world.
Professional and scientific work with float tanks is coordinated by a body
called IRIS (International REST Investigators Society) in New York. For
further information, please contact Float Tank Australia Pty Ltd.

Are There any Negative Side-Effects of Floating?

There are virtually no negative side-effects of floating. All the effects of deep
sensory relaxation are wholly beneficial and work simultaneously at a
physical, mental and emotional level. Floating is the fastest, easiest and
safest means of achieving a dramatic improvement in the quality of day-to-
day living by helping you to make the most efficient use of your mind and
your body.

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First-time floaters generally pronounce it as one the most enjoyable

experiences of their lives, although it may take 3 to 5 float sessions before an
individual becomes fully acclimatised to the tank environment. During the
first few float sessions, massive amounts of accumulated muscle and nervous
tension - often unconsciously "locked into" the body - are discharged,
allowing the body to begin to restore and optimise its natural metabolic

How Often should the Float Tank be used?

The law of diminishing returns does not apply to floating. The float tank
triggers a natural physical reaction in the body known as the
parasympathetic response. Every time you float, this response is reinforced.
Regular floating produces cumulative benefits as the body "learns" to relax

In commercial or public float facilities, a float session usually lasts 60

minutes and may cost anything between $30 and $70 (Australian).

Where a float tank has been installed in a private home, owners have more
freedom to determine the length of float session that suits their individual
preferences or needs. Float sessions of 90 minutes to 2 hours are not

The frequency of floating is also a matter of individual preference or

requirement. Individuals who lead high pressure lifestyles -athletes, business
people, creative performers and other professionals - may wish to float at
least once or twice a week to keep mind and body in perfect tune. Similarly,
there are situations in everyone's life which create special demands - such
as starting a new job, studying for exams, recovery from illness or injury,
pregnancy, extra-long working hours, to name but a few - where deep
relaxation is particularly beneficial or even essential.

Why miss out any Longer?

We instinctively know that in every aspect of our daily lives - our work, our
personal relationships, our leisure activities - things go better when we are
relaxed. The Apollotm gives you immediate access to the natural rewards of
deep sensory relaxation - the purest form of relaxation on Earth.

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Apollotm float tanks are easy to install, own and operate and are a valuable
asset for resorts, fitness centres, sports clubs, hotels, beauty salons, massage
practices, natural healing centres, hospitals, medical practitioners,
universities, recreational complexes and private homes.

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Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

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Neuro Linguistic Programming


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a behavioral technology, which

simply means that it is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques
about real-life behavior, and not a removed, scientific theorem.

It allows you to change, adopt or eliminate behaviors, as you desire, and

gives you the ability to choose your mental, emotional, and physical states of

With NLP, you learn how to grow from every single life experience, thus
increasing your ability to create a better quality of life.

NLP is a very pragmatic technology based on an ability to produce your

desired results, thus allowing you to become proficient at creating your

"NLP cannot be dismissed as just another hustle. Its theoretical

underpinnings represent an ambitious attempt to codify and synthesize the
insights of linguistics, body language, and the study of communication

-- Psychology Today

"(NLP) does offer the potential for making changes without the usual agony
that accompanies these phenomena. . . Thus it affords the opportunity to
gain flexibility, creativity, and greater freedom of action than most of us now
know. . .

-- Training and Development Journal

". . . real estate brokers and salespeople use Neuro-Linguistics to enhance

their communication skills and provide them with more choices when
working in a difficult situation. . . it shows how we make sense of the world
around us and communicate."

-- Real Estate Today

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A Brief Introduction

What is Hypnosis?

Healing by trance state (or an altered state of awareness) is among the

oldest phenomena known to man and is found, in one form or another, in
virtually every culture throughout the world. It could also be legitimately
described as the original psychological therapy and somewhat more
contentiously, as the basis for many of the more recent styles of
psychological intervention.

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Although such altered states have been known for thousands of years, the
term “hypnosis” (from the Greek “hypnos”, meaning “sleep”) was only
coined circa 1840 by Dr James Braid, a Scottish physician and remains a
somewhat less than accurate description of the experience, as the hypnotic
state is, in most respects, entirely dissimilar to sleep.

At our current level of knowledge, the phenomenon of hypnosis cannot be

conclusively defined but perhaps a reasonable interim definition might be
that: Hypnosis is a state of mind, enhanced by (although not exclusively)
mental and physical relaxation, in which our subconscious is able to
communicate with our conscious mind. It may be better to define
“hypnosis” by what it does rather than what it is and in this regard, it is
widely accepted as a most excellent method by which we may access our
inner potential. The state of mind referred to may be brought about either
by oneself, unaided (self-hypnosis) or with the help of another person. If this
other person is a trained professional, who utilises the resultant state of
mind to encourage beneficial change to occur, the process is referred to as
What is Hypnotherapy?

Psychological therapy and counselling (sometimes referred to as the

“talking cure”) is the treatment of emotional and psychological disorders,
unwanted habits and undesirable feelings, using psychological techniques
alone. The aim of all such therapy is to assist people (usually referred to as
clients) in finding meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory
ways of thinking, feeling or behaving. Therapy also tends to help clients
become more accepting both of themselves and others and can be most
useful in promoting personal development and unlocking inner potential.

There are many forms of psychological therapy but Hypnotherapy is

distinctive in that it attempts to address the client’s subconscious mind. In
practice, the Hypnotherapist often (but not exclusively) requires the client to
be in a relaxed state, frequently enlists the power of the client’s own
imagination and may utilise a wide range of techniques from story telling,
metaphor or symbolism (judged to be meaningful to the individual client) to
the use of direct suggestions for beneficial change. Analytical techniques
may also be employed in an attempt to uncover problems deemed to lie in a
client’s past (referred to as the “there and then”) or therapy may
concentrate more on a client’s current life and presenting problems

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(referred to as the “here and now”). It is generally considered helpful if the

client is personally motivated to change (rather than relying solely on the
therapist's efforts) although a belief in the possibility of beneficial change
may be a sufficient starting point.

Regardless of the techniques employed, perhaps the most important thing is

that a client should expect to feel comfortable and at ease with their
therapist. This is of particular importance in Hypnotherapy, in which the
value of the treatment is greatly enhanced when there is confidence in the
practitioner. For this reason it is recommended that a single session only is
initially booked, leaving the client subsequently free to decide if they wish to
proceed with more.

Unlike many other psychological therapies, Hypnotherapy is generally

considered to be a fairly short-term approach in which beneficial change, if
it is to occur, should become apparent within a relatively few sessions.

N.B. In actual practice, most Hypnotherapists will combine hypnotic

procedures with other appropriate counselling and therapeutic techniques.
Should there be any doubt about the combination of skills utilised in
individual cases, the therapist should be asked directly for a further
explanation of their preferred methodology
Who can be hypnotised?

The answer to this question is undoubtedly “virtually everyone”. This claim

must, however, be qualified by the observation that some are more readily
hypnotisable than others and that it will also depend upon one’s willingness
to be hypnotised at the time. This willingness will itself depend upon a
number of factors, not least of which will be the strength of the person’s
particular need and their trust and confidence in the therapist concerned. A
corollary to this question is “What level of trance is required in order to
achieve a beneficial outcome?” Although there remains some disagreement
over the answer, most researchers concur that the actual level (or depth) of
trance obtained does not relate to the beneficial results that might be
obtained. In practice, this means that even where a person feels that they
have not been hypnotised, given time (and this is a very important factor),
the desired outcome of therapy might yet materialise. This matter of time is
especially important in our current society, which has, in many respects,
been coerced into believing that gratification of every desire should be
instantaneous. Hypnotherapy can be extraordinarily effective but it is not

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magic. However, if the right ingredients are present, if the time is right and
if a suitable practitioner can be found with whom the client is willing to
work, then all their (realistic) goals are achievable.

Who may benefit from Hypnotherapy?

Again, the answer to this question is “virtually everyone”. Given that

hypnotherapy can be utilised to access a person’s inner potential and that
probably no one is performing to their actual potential, then this answer is
literally true. However, it is not just potential which Hypnotherapy is well
placed to address but also one’s inner resources to effect beneficial change.
In this regard, it is the innate healing capacity of our own body that may be
stimulated by Hypnotherapy. Consequently, the list of problems which may
be amenable to Hypnotherapy is far too long and varied to catalogue but
certainly includes: stress, anxiety, panic, phobias, unwanted habits and
addictions (e.g. smoking, overeating, alcoholism), disrupted sleep patterns,
lack of confidence and low self-esteem, fear of examinations and public
speaking, allergies and skin disorders, migraine and irritable bowel
syndrome (IBS). Additionally, it has proved of value within surgery, where
normal anaesthetics have not been practical, in the wider sphere of pain
management and in the areas of both sporting and artistic performance
enhancement. As an adjunct to other counselling techniques, it can also
assist in helping to resolve relationship difficulties and be useful within
anger management strategies.

Although there remain many other areas of human suffering in which

Hypnotherapy may bring relief, there are instances in which it may be
contra-indicated. These could include some manifestations of depressive
illness, epilepsy, psychosis (e.g. schizophrenia) and some breathing

Some Common Concerns

People are sometimes concerned that they will “lose control” in hypnosis.
However, general consensus indicates that regardless of how deeply people
may go in hypnosis and however passive they may appear to be, they
actually remain in full control of the situation. They are fully able to talk if
they wish to (or not, as the case may be) and can stand up and leave the
room at any time. Neither can a hypnotised person be made to do anything
against their usual ethical or moral judgement or religious belief. It is likely

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that the notion of a loss of control stems from most people’s misconception
of stage hypnosis, wherein participants are apparently made to perform all
manner of (usually foolish) acts. However, the reader should be aware that
participation in a stage act is an entirely voluntary process (thus
“permission” is already given to the hypnotist) and that there can be no
such volunteer who is unaware of exactly what they are letting themselves in

William Broom

Chief Executive & Registrar,

The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and General Hypnotherapy


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Creative Visualization: Color Visualization Technique

By Alijandra

Color Visualization Technique

The art of creative visualization is a powerful tool for manifesting whatever

you desire in life. It brings your spiritual intent forth and grounds it into
your physical reality. It utilizes your physical visual sight and your internal
psychic sight. It is multidimensional and what we term holographic,
integrating and aligning all aspects of yourself.

Sit or lie comfortably. Set the energy of protection around you by invoking
either the angels of the four corners (Michael, Gabriel, Ariel, and Uriel), or
by asking for the protective energy of the Source of All. Notice any tense
areas in your body. Gently tighten that area of tension, then release it. Feel
the tension leaving. Do this with each taut area in the body.

Breathe deeply and evenly, feeling the cleansing power of oxygen

permeating your body's cells as you inhale, and the release of carbon
dioxide waste as you exhale. Conscious, deep breathing honors the physical,
emotional, and mental bodies by facilitating the unblocking of the life force

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while embracing the beauty of your physical expression. This allows your
spiritual Higher Self to align in the body.

Visualize the crown chakra (at the top of your head) begin to open as though
it were the lens of a camera. Ask for all 13 rays of rainbow energy to flow
down through your crown. These rainbow colors are the red, orange,
yellow, green, rose, translucent blue, indigo, violet, silver, gold, white, clear,
and black rays. They are present at all 13 dimensional levels, and can be
pulled from whichever level is appropriate for you at this time. By stating
this intent, they will flow from the right dimension for your use. Do not be
concerned if you don't know about each dimension; by asking for the right
one(s), it will naturally happen.

As the rainbow rays flow into your crown chakra, see them enter your
bloodstream through the arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and veins. Watch
them flow through all the neurons (nerve cells) and synapses (nerve cell
connections) throughout the brain area. There are estimated to be between
10 and 100 billion neurons in your body. Most of these are in your brain.
The brain is not only responsible for all sensory input and motor activities, it
also oversees involuntary functions such as breathing, heart rate and blood
pressure. Our precious brains supervise all creative endeavors as well as
logical thinking and emotions. To take it a step further, the brain is the seat
of psychic perception and abilities, processes we have generally ignored for
many centuries. These dormant psychic processes can be awakened by the
application of the 13 rays of light energy.

At this time, see the "rainbow blood" move through what my guides call the
tensor center of the brain, the psychic center of perception. This tensor
center is located in the middle of the brain. Focus the rainbow colored blood
with intensity of thought through your tensor area. This part of your brain
will gradually awaken when this exercise is regularly practiced.

Next, allow the rainbow blood to flow down the neck, shoulders, arms, torso,
legs and feet. See this rainbow energy coursing along through your blood
vessels, just as your own blood is pumped through the body. Your blood
consists of red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma. Your red cells carry
oxygen to all other body cells, your white cells fight disease, and the
platelets stop deadly leaks through the clotting process. Your plasma, which
is mostly water, carries the blood cells, platelets, nutrients and hormones.

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Feel the rainbow blood electrify your physical blood, rebalancing any

As the rainbow blood travels through each portion of your body, feel it
revitalize any weakened areas, and enhance any normal areas. Keep the
rainbow blood coursing through your body as long as you can comfortably
visualize it. Just keep it circulating from your head to your feet and back
again. To bring the technique to an end, just allow the rays to dissipate,
clearing the excess energy from your auric field by sending the energy down
into the earth. Your spiritual intent will be for the planet to use it for
clearing, healing and aligning. Close your crown chakra to a comfortable,
normal position. Ground yourself to the earth.

The article is an excerpt from the book: "Healing With The Rainbow Rays"
by Alijandra. Alijandra has in twenty years been working with color energy
therapy and holistic healing processes. Please visit her website

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Part Two

Choosing The Right People

Building The Right Networks

Building A Solid Team

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Chapter 4

Choose the Right People

Ever hear these old sayings:

“You are the company you keep.”

“Birds of a feather flock together.”

Or my personal favorite—

“You lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.”

If you read The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill, you will no doubt get a
strong reminder to be careful of the friends you chose, and to avoid those
who do not have the right mind set. Mr. Hill even goes as far as to
recommend you SEVER all ties with those people who are not in alignment
with your values and beliefs, even if that person is your spouse.

Those are pretty BOLD words.

What can you learn about yourself by studying your closest friends? What
connection if any do you see between your closest associates and any
unhappiness and negativity you may be experiencing?

What kind of people do you want to be your closest friends?

9 Builders of men: These are the people who motivate you, help you
see your strengths even when you doubt yourself. These are the
people who advise you on how best to use your strengths and are
generous with their time and praise. These are also the friends that
will stand up for you and your beliefs and they praise you to everyone
else they know.

9 Networker: gets to know you and then instantly works to connect you
with others who will share your interests or goals.

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9 Cheerleader: is fun, cheers you up when you're down and always

available to boost your spirits.

9 Mind opener: stretches your viewpoint, introduce you to new ideas,

opportunities, culture, and expands your self image.

9 Navigator: is the one you look for when you’re in need of guidance
and counsel; they're great at talking through your options.

9 Companion: are friends with similar interests, those with whom you
are most likely to spend your time. They are also the first person you
call, with good news or bad. They are always there for you.


Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, who know things
you don’t, who are good in areas where you are weak, and learn from them,
and make sure you also bring something to the circle of friendship.

One of the MAJOR KEYS in building your business, and or EMPIRE is to

have a group of close friends that can help you to stay motivated and moving
forward in the direction of your dreams and goals at times when you feel
you can’t go another step.

I have never met a self-made multimillionaire that did it ALL ALONE!

They always have a strong group of close friends and advisors that give
them support and advice. They have mentors that point them in the right
direction, and coaches that help them to refine their skills.

Most people want to be wealthy, they want the good life, the finer things and
the opportunity to experience more of what life has to offer.

When they come to me for coaching, one of the first things I have them
examine is their close personal friendships. The people that are struggling
are usually alone, or they don’t have many close personal friendships, and
they most certainly do not have a team of mentors and coaches assisting

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

If you want to make your dreams a reality and are not experiencing life at
the level you would like, I encourage you to examine your inner circle of
friends. Now might be the time you need to do a “Spring Cleaning.”

Rarely do I find someone that has hit rock bottom when they have close
friends, a close team of mentors and coaches, and have people that support
them during good times and times of hardship.

From Think and Grow Rich; “Carnegie surrounded himself with men who
could do all that he could not do; men who created ideas; and men who put
ideas into action and made himself and others fabulously rich.” (pg. 103)

You can apply all the Laws of Success and miss the Law of Cooperation and
you can still find yourself washed up on the shores of despair, broke and

Start building your close personal friends TODAY, and then you will see
your good fortune start to manifest right before your eyes.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Chapter 5

Building the Right Networks

Strong personal networks don’t just happen; they have to be nurtured and
strengthened. You can become the person who occupies a key role in your
social networks by connecting diverse groups of people together.

There are three primary advantages to building your network this way:

Private Information; is information that available to you via your network

and not information that is widely available to others. This private
information can give you the competitive edge, and therefore give you and
your network a strong business advantage.

Access To Diverse Skill Sets: comes from having diverse network ties, this
can help you by giving you access to skills sets that you might not have
available to you if you only have a few close friends. When you share you
information and skills with a diverse network, you get to share in their skills
in return.

Power: the power comes in the sheer number of people in your network.
Let’s take a closer look at that for a minute.

If you are building your network from people you know, that will limit the
diversity of your network, and will limit your effectiveness. If you have an
“inbred network” that means your network is connected to each other
through you, you need to spur growth in your network by having others of
your network introduce you to new people.

Having one big network of people is not what you are looking to do when
you set out to build your network. What you want is to have a bunch of
networks connected to each other by various means, and people. Putting

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you within arms reach of not just the 20 or 30 people you brought together,
but actually putting you within arms reach of literally thousand of people.

There are many ways to track your network, you can buy computer
programs, and you can chart it out on paper, the best and most fun way I like
to do this is by using a social network site like Myspace or Squidoo.

With Myspace you and the others on your list can see everyone on each
others list, putting a face to the name. Give each other the opportunity to get
to know each other via the net, regardless of where they live they can get to
know each other and maintain their networks easily and have fun at the same

To build many large networks be on the look out for power influencers,
these are people who are energized and can build networks quickly and

Ralph Waldo Emerson, while giving a lecture, said; if a man can write a
better book, preach a better sermon, or make a better mouse trap than his
neighbor, though he built his house in the woods, the world will beat a path
to his door. I only half agree with that statement.

Without an effective network you might never spark your million dollar
idea, or be able to raise yourself to the super heights that you aspire to, and
you definitely will not have a captive audience for your new invention.

Alone your new magnificent invention will set on a shelf and gather dust. If
you have a dynamic network of multiple diverse groups of people who are
also interested in your inventions then they will beat a path to your door.

Think about this, what if you have a team of 10 people and each of them
know 100 people, and each of them know 100 people? How many people
could you reach over night?

You want to build network of people as well as networks of people who are
key influencers in various networks. These people will be building networks
everywhere they go with almost everyone they meet. These are the make it
happen people. You tell these people of your better mouse trap and within
24 hours they will make sure everyone they know will hear about your
mouse trap.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Chapter 6

Building a Solid Team

Every worthwhile accomplishment was achieved with a team effort.
Let’s start by making a list of people that you would like to have on your
team. Don’t let the fact that you don’t know these people; just write out
your IDEAL team. Kinda like a “fantasy” sports league. These people are
your fantasy league for now.

If you keep in mind that there is only a maximum of 6 people between you
and the people you would like on your team that you don’t know, that might
help you feel better about putting people on your list that you have not met

For example my list would include people like:

Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, and Robert Feynman all of which are no
longer with us today, they have passed on to the next life.

If you are familiar with Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill you will
know this to list to be your “Master Mind Alliance.”

Here it’s going to be a slight twist. I want you to do this little exercise to
expand your mind and to open your mind to the possibilities that you might
be over looking.

Naturally the people on your list that have passed will not be able to be on
your team.

Others that would be on my team:

Richard Branson, Randy Gage, Richard Brooke, Jay Abraham, Deepak
Chopra, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Kevin Hogan, Joe Vitale, Jo Han

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Mok, Adam Khoo, Ewen Chia, Patric Chan… I could go on with this list all
day actually; but I will stop there, I think you can see the theme here.

Next I would like you to write out why you would like each of these people
to be on your team.

I will wait while you do that now…

…Welcome back.
With that complete do you see a common theme with the reasons why you
want certain people on your list?

For me a couple of the common themes for the people on my list is, 1.
These people are the BEST at what they do. 2. They are leaders in their
chosen field of expertise. 3. Most of the people that I listed above are only
a couple degrees of separation from me, so the contact would be relatively
easy, since this is a SAMPLE of my list, just used for illustration purposes.

Take a look at your list, do you seem a theme throughout? Maybe your list
is mostly relatives, or friends, or people you worked with in the past, or
maybe they are industry legends.

This is where we are going to deviate just a bit.

Now I want you to list the people you want as your INNER TEAM, this is
the team that you are the closest to, the ones you are in contact with the most
and work more closely with.

You will begin to list from your inner circle outward.

Your inner circle could be
You as little as 6 to 10 people.
Then your 6 to 10 people
might know on average 100
Your inner Circle people each. That would
make the next circle about
600 people and so on…

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Remember from the last chapter where we talked about building the right
networks, and looking for people that are “KEY INFLUENCERS,” or
commonly called “SUPERCONNECTORS.”

If you go back and look at my list of people I would like to have on my

“Fantasy Team” you will notice there are 13 of them, and they are what
could be called SUPER CONNECTORS. These 13 people are the best at
what they do, and they each have networks of people in the tens of
thousands, and some cases hundreds of thousands and millions.

Building a team with them would be ideal, the ideas, the level of life, the
experiences; it would be all worth the effort. And with a team like that, with
these people as my mentors, coaches and teammates a whole new world
could open up, one where the greatest dreams are lived.

However, not all of them would be on my inner circle, at least not at first.

Some of them I know personally and others are one or two people by way of
introduction from me, even at that, they might not have the time, or might be
working on other projects, so I need to find others to be on my inner circle.

Eight Steps
In my 17 plus years of coaching and building teams the one thing that is
constant when it comes to team building and is, “There is no guaranteed
cookie-cutter system.” What might work well for some, doesn’t work so
well for others.

This is a simple step outline of building your team, a basic outline that will
give you direction and a focus; a guideline to keep you on track.

Before you even get started on your 8 steps, you need to pick your team,
let’s call this team your inner circle team. Or you can pick a name for it
yourself. This Inner Circle Team they are your front line, the reason why I

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call them your front line, is not because they are your front line in your
networking business, it is because they are the first line between you and the
rest of your teams. Nothing gets to you except by getting through this front
line, and NOTHING gets from you to the rest of your teams except through
this front line.

That is important for you to understand. More movie stars would do well to
FULLY UNDERSTAND THIS CONCEPT. But that is another book in

There are going to be days when you are not at your best, and you want a
team of committed, focused and talented people to keep your rudder in the
water and your ship on course. The last thing you need is a misinterpreted
statement or mishap to through the whole thing off course.

Believe me, I’ve seen it happen many times, and more than a few times in
my own business.

Once you start to focus on your team, and program your mind and allow the
universe to bring like-minded people your way, your inner circle will begin
to grow and attract more people. At this time you will need to decide who
you want in your inner circle and who you want in your next circle.

Establish a Sense of Urgency and Set a Direction:

Start by having a VISION that is bigger than yourself, a vision big enough
for everyone to catch on to and be apart of, share this vision with your team.
If you finds that someone is not aligned with this vision you need to remove
that person from your team. The negativity that one person like that can
create for your team can be catastrophic and you don’t want that kind of
energy in your team, especially your front line team.

Once the team has the vision, they will develop a sense of urgency and a
sense of purpose, you will then need to have some expectations for your
team. I am not saying that you are their BOSS, you are though, at least for
now, the director of this team, and you are the one who sets the course.

The bigger the vision, the more urgent the need, and the importance of the
goal the quicker your team will come together.

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You want your team to be highly focused and with a can do attitude. In the
early stages there may be many obstacles that can get in the way, if you have
a team of people that give up at the slightest sign on resistance you are not
going to be making much headway.

You want people that can find away or make one, not people that are always
looking for a way out, or people that are always thinking about CYOA, and
finding scapegoats all the time. People that take responsibility for their
actions and if they make a mistake they will stand up, admit it fix it and
continue on.

Select Teammates That Have the Skill Sets and

Potential Your Team Needs.
This is not a popularity contest, and you are not looking to give people a
chair on your inner circle because it will massage their egos. This is a
working team, a team made up of people who bring value and determination
to the team; people that can push the vision forward and expand on that
vision as progress is made. Not someone that will take up space and enjoy
all the rewards and take all the credit for everyone hard work.

Having one person on your team like that can destroy your team in a heart
beat. Animosity sets in, people start to back-bite and before you know it
things start to fall apart fast. SO KEEP PEOPLE LIKE THAT OFF YOUR

You are looking for people that have the skill sets you need for your team to
accomplish the goals. You want people that have the skill sets and the
willingness to share those skill sets with the team for the betterment of
everyone one involved.

You are also looking for people with the potential to be leaders and stars.
People that may not know it yet, but with a little coaching and work they
may rise to the top and become a shining star that will have a lot to share
with the team.

It takes work to develop someone like this, so be careful in your choice and
make sure that you do not take on more than you can handle at this point.
Your Team is set up for SUCCESS, not just yours, also the success of

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everyone involved, if your team fails and falls apart you not only have let
yourself down also the people on your team and their families.

Some of the types of skills you might be looking for:

1. Technical Knowledge- the technical knowledge of what it is you are

trying to do. You want to establish a team that will help you get your
information delivered online; you want people who have mastered just

2. Strategic Thinking - you want strategic thinkers, people who can

think multi dimensionally and who are creative problem solvers.
These are the people who will find away, or make one.

3. Social Networking- you are looking for people that also have the
ability to network with others. These are the types of people that you
might see on Myspace® they can start out with 10 friends in their
network and in a short period of time have thousands. I have seen
some people in the past that have build a list in the tens of thousands
in as little as 30 days.

You’ll want to have a good balance of people on your inner circle so that
your team is not heavily weighted in one way or another. Too many cooks
in the kitchen so to speak.

Having the right balance could be the difference between failure and

This is your inner circle, limit this team to the minimum of 7 or so with a
max of 12 or so. If you have other people that want to be apart of your team
they can always go on an outer circle, who knows maybe someone will leave
your inner circle and a spot will open up for another. If you have people in
your outer circles working towards the teams goals and being a productive
teammate, there is no reason you can’t transfer them to another circle, and

People have a desire to be challenged in a performance focused way, this is a

productive way to build team unity and to allow your team to grow into their
roles, and in some cases to develop into the roles you have outlined for

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So keep your eye out for the people who might not have the skills, but might
have the potential to grow and expand.

Be Sure to Meet Often and Keep Your Meetings

You see your family often, 8 or more hours a day, your office mates you see
8 or more hours a day, and your church or civic meetings are at least once a
week or so, it only makes sense to meet with your networks and your teams
often. These are the people who you will create successes beyond your

These meetings will bring the team closer together, keep them focused and
moving in the right direction.

It is important however to mention that you need to keep your meeting

energized, motivational, up beat and informative; most of all

In the beginning, your meeting may be more focused on getting to know

each other and build that common bond, doing things together to build unity
and strengthen the vision.

As the team leader, it is important for you to set the standard for your team
to follow. If you look disorganized and frazzled and unsure of yourself,
your team might not see you as a viable leader and may either disband or
take over, and you may be thrust to the outer rings of your own inner circle.
And you don’t want that to happen.

Set Some Clear Guidelines and Outcomes for the Team

Having clear guidelines and outcomes keeps your team highly focused and
everyone knows their place and the key roles they play towards the
accomplishments of the goal of the team.

Along with the guideline you also want to establish rules, this will help to
maintain order within your team, and will ensure that your teammates are

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respectful of each other and know what is expected of them with regards to
rules of the meetings.

Rules such as, no cell phones during meetings, no interrupting each other
when they are talking, no criticizing, complaining, condemning, competing,
and comparing; these activities are like a cancer to your organization, and
will destroy a team and or a family very quickly if not nipped in the bud

Also you might want to maintain confidentiality keeping the content of your
meetings confidential to maintain that competitive edge.

If you were around the Network Marketing Community about 10 years ago
you remember the popularity of the “CLOSED DOOR MEETINGS.”
Ultimately this did more harm than good, however some good did come
from that practice.

I am not telling you to have closed door meetings in your network marketing
company; because you can apply these concepts to any business. When you
are establishing multiple income streams it is important to be able to
streamline the processes you use. It is also a good idea to keep your
meetings confidential in nature.

Establishing some basic rules and guidelines helps to move things along and
establish and maintain order.

Challenge the Team With Goals and Deadlines

Giving your team tougher goals with tight but not impossible deadlines will
bring your team together as a cohesive unit. Successfully completing these
goals will build confidence and trust in each other.

These success will lead to more successes, as your team gains more
confidence in each other they will begin to challenge each other as a team to
achieve even more. In this case success does indeed breed success.

Difficult challenges with tight deadlines will allow the team members to see
who does well under the stresses and pressures, and will be able to see where
they fit in the team. Some members may gravitate to other positions and

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tasks in the team to take up slack or to provide specialized skill sets. Early
challenges with tight deadlines will quickly work those kinks out of the team
and your team will mold into a seamless unit.

Train Your Team on ONE System

When your team members come together they will come from a variety of
different personal experiences and training experiences, they will have
formed their own ideas and concepts about how to succeed and how to get
things done. You want to take in to consideration everyone’s backgrounds
and diverse training, at the same time you want to make sure you have
people that wont let their egos get in the way of progress. You DON’T need
people that will challenge the system.

The Lone Wolf types are not welcome in your team; this is a high
performance team that has one objective and that is to succeed, anything
other than that is not acceptable.

Unless you already have a system that produces success consistently, I

recommend you develop one with your team or find a success system ASAP.
You can always use the success system found in Small Changes, Big Results
in Network Marketing©. That is a proven success system that has proven
itself time and time again.

Using a system for success takes the guess work out of the action steps to
success, and frees up your team to perform at their peak in each step.

Reward Your Team and Celebrate Your Success in a

big way as a Team.
This is a great moral buster for your team. One of my favorite ways to
motivate my team is with trips, I have found over the years that just about
everyone LOVES A CRUISE. (One of the reasons I chose to align my
contest in the book Small Changes, Big Results in Network Marketing ©
with Art Jonak’s MLM Cruise.)

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Cruise packages can be purchased from the cruise lines themselves or by

contacting your local travel agent.

In addition to cruises I have found trophies and a ZERO Halliburton

aluminum case to be a BIG HIT with people.

I also encourage you to give out plaques that your team can proudly display
in their homes; they will take pride in their accomplishments.

$$ CASH $$… this is always a big hit as well, but can be a nightmare
for tax purposes. And I you are working with an MLM company let the
company take care of the case rewards for you by way of bonus checks for
your team. I don’t usually recommend any of my clients give money as a
reward; one reason being, money is spent and gone, out of sight out of mind.

If you give away a car, then leaves an impression, if you give a cruise,
people like that, if they like it they will talk about it and the word will

You will find some people will recommend you give positive as well as
negative feed back. I DISAGREE WITH THAT.

I strongly suggest you follow the advice of Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie,
W. Clement Stone, Benjamin Franklin SPEAK THE ILL YOU KNOW OF
CRITICISE CONDEMN OR COMPLAIN. Andrew Carnegie accredited his
success in the steal industry do to his ability to work with people, NOT HIS

People already know when they messed up, they don’t need anyone standing
around waiting in line to point it out to them.

Be quick to praise and SLOW to condemn, and show disappointment.

When your teams knows they are appreciated they want to perform more,
and improve, and strive to accomplish more.

It is important to reward your team as a team and in the presence of the rest
of the team. And the same goes for individual performance, be sure to
always openly reward your team members in front of the whole team, and
encourage others to success as well.

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Rewarding your team members in private and giving preferential treatment

is a team killer and you want to avoid this at all costs.

Challenge Your Team to Create Breakthroughs

Encourage your team to look beyond the ordinary bounds, for performance
improvements, encourage them to think outside the box.

Creating breakthroughs encourages personal growth in everyone on your

team. The personal growth will allow your team to grow in ways may have
never imagined before and this growth will expand into other areas of their
lives. This in itself will create breakthroughs in your business you would
have never thought of before.

Take a look at Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen’s book One Minute
Millionaire, and the example of the Always Together Bear. When the team
was fist formed they would not have come up with that idea, however as the
team grew, and they expanded the idea blossomed and grew into a real

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The Secret Law of

Unlimited Mind Power:
The Secret to Seemingly Magical
Mental Influence.
Unleashing The Universal Power of Your
Mind to Unlock Unlimited Wealth©

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Unlimited Mind Power

Have you ever wondered why two people can have the same
goals and desires and one of the two achieves all he desires and the
other never seems to be able to make ends meet?
This is actually an age old question, this manifestation is nothing
new to the universe, and yet every generation asks the same
The difference is easy to spot once you become aware of it, and
once you know the difference you will never mistake it for
anything else again.
Three primary differences:

1. Emotional Intensity
This can be best described as the fire in the belly, that white
hot fire of desire. You may have heard others calling it the
“eye of the tiger.”
Or as In the book, Self-Made in America: Plain Talk for
Plain People About the Meaning of Success by John
McCormack, he uses a term called CONATION, pg. 173,
“Conation is the will to succeed, the quest for success, the
attitude that "to stop me you'll have to kill me," that elusive
"fire in the belly" that manifests itself in drive, enthusiasm,

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excitement, and single-mindedness in pursuit of a goal!!!”

- John McCormack
A person this focused and determined to succeed would be
highly unlikely to give up.
This type of focus creates sort of a ripple effect in the
universe; it is almost as if it sparks a universal trigger
bringing the thing they desire to their doorstep.
I was working with a client who desperately wanted to turn his
life around; he came to me and told me he would do whatever it
took to succeed.
After two weeks of helping him to clear the limiting beliefs he held
onto for so long, he was ready for the big step.
The manifestation step.
He desperately needed a new car, but did not have the money for
the down payment, and no steady income because he was self-
employed. The car he had in his mind was the Chrysler 300C. I
told him to believe the car would be brought to him.
He worked on it for about 15 minutes and then the session was
over and he left for home.
3 hours later he called me so frantic he could hardly talk. He
explained that he walked out the front door of his apartment
because he thought he heard someone calling his name. The
moment he opened the door he knew what the voice was, there it

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was, not more than 25 feet from his front door a shiny black
Chrysler 300C.
He walked outside to get a closer look at the car, he couldn’t
believe his eyes, he had never seen a 300C in his apartment
complex before and hardly ever sees one in his part of town.
While he was looking at the car the woman who owned it walked
out of her friend's apartment to get something out of the trunk.
The two of them began to talk and he mentioned this was his
dream car.
She said, “Maybe I can make your dreams come true.” He
stepped back and said how so? She went on to explain she was
separated from her husband and he bought this car for her, and
now he wants it back for his new girlfriend.
A long story short, her husband bought the car for her paid cash
and the car was in her name, and now she wanted to get rid of it
ASAP, and she sold it to my client for $8,000.00 he gave her
$3,000.00 cash and she carried the balance.
He was so excited when he was explaining the story to me he
could hardly speak.
As you can see a person with this white hot burning desire creates
a dynamic power and with that power comes an invisible power
to influence others through the unseen forces of the universe.
2. Clarity of Vision

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

It is almost common knowledge that we need to visualize

the thing we desire, or the performance we desire, there is
nothing new in that.
However as we discussed earlier, it is easier said then done.
Having a CLEAR MENTAL image is almost a pure form
of communication with the universe, there are no words to
misunderstand, no miscommunication when the vision is
crystal clear.
You’ve no doubt heard the saying a picture speaks a
thousand words? If this is true then the clear picture you
hold in your mind through concentrated effort is speaking
volumes to the universe and at this level words just get in
the way.
Add to this clear mental image the emotional intensity of a
burning hot desire and you are creating a mental vibration
that reverberates throughout the universe. A mind in this
state will also unwittingly begin to silently influence the
people around him; people will be able to pick up on the
thoughts and visual images of the person in this state.
Most people don’t know why, and they are not consciously
aware of the influence, all they know is there is something
that is prompting them to comply.
In order for other people to actually perceive clearly the
idea or feeling induced in them, it is necessary that the desire
or feeling be clearly and with a focused mind visualized in

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

the mind of the person originating it. Any lack of clarity in

this matter will lessen the influence over others. This lack
of clarity will also confuse the universe as to what is
actually being desired and therefore the results could be less
than optimal.

3. Power of Focused Concentration

Highly focused concentration is like the fine tip of a needle.
I you were to attempt to sew the fabric of life with a blunt
stick you might never even once penetrate the fabric,
however the fine tip of a sharp needle can easily penetrate
between the fabric fibers without ever disturbing the fabric.
When your mind is highly focused it can easily penetrate
places in the universe where other more blunt and less
focused thoughts can ever travel.
Thought takes energy and energy is dispersed from your
body from every activity including thought. Thinking is
something you do everyday, and therefore you give off that
thought energy into the universe. If that thought energy is
not focused it can easily be lost in the billions of thoughts
that fill the universe and the thing for which you desire
might be lost.
Think of your thoughts like a light bulb in a dark sea. You
can always get a bigger light bulb and attempt to be brighter
to cut deeper into the darkness. However you can use less
energy if you were to direct your focus like a laser.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Instantly your laser like focused mind cuts through the

darkest sea and is unaffected by the occasional thick fog that
blankets the sea.
Training your mind to think clearly and to focus with a
highly concentrated effort is a highly sought after ability.
Think Tank members attempting to find answers to some of
life’s most difficult issues world wide are hard to find and
when they are found they are paid huge sums for their
ability to sit and think.
If you’ve ever tried to meditate before then you know how
difficult it is to tame your mind and reign in those stray
thoughts. Clearing your mind of all distractions, and then to
focus intently one a single thought, for some takes many
years of training and practice.
Gaining control over your thoughts and being able to
concentrate on vivid clear images in your mind is a power
tool for anyone to posses.
With practice you will be able to concentrate with highly
concentrated and emotionally energized laser like focus
anytime during your day, no matter where you’re at.
Before you can influence the minds of others without even
speaking to them, being in the same part of the country as they
are or even seeing them, it begins with influencing yourself with
an intensity you may have never known before now.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Intensity of thought, emotion, and vision is the basic underlining

foundation to being able to influence the minds of others.
This is where hypnosis comes in handy, no matter what you
might have heard about hypnosis, putting all myths and
misconceptions aside, hypnosis is just a mental state that allows
the mind and body to completely relax and be in a highly
concentrated state of thought at the same time. Hypnosis allows
the mind to be relaxed and be highly concentrated at the same
Whether you are trying to attract yourself to the thing witch
you desire, or bring the thing you desire to you through these
three foundational steps you set in motion the…

…Great Laws of Mental Attraction.

These Laws are in being used in every case of mental or psychic
healing, influence, and attraction no matter what level they may
be performed. These are the three foundational principles, it is
necessary to practice these three foundational steps before you
move on to the more advanced stages of psychic influence.
Believe it or not, by mastering these three steps you will
differentiate yourself from the average man and woman in the
world today.

Psychic Influence…
We will take a look at the three types of psychic influence:

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

1. Direct Influence:
This is when the person being influenced is in close
proximity of the person doing the influencing.
Direct Influence offers some of the strongest methods of mind
control, combine the aforementioned three steps with the power of
hypnotic influence and you can exhibit seemingly supernatural
Developing this power of direct mental influence over others you
should begin with Emotional Intensity, Clearly Focused
Visualization, and the power of highly focused concentration.
It is important at this point to emphasis the necessity of a
positive mental attitude. A highly focused negative mind can be
a very dangerous place, and you want to avoid that at all costs.
You must begin by cultivating a strong positive attitude; this is
necessary so that you can exert and manifest a positive influence
over others. Especially over those you wish to influence to your
way of thinking. You have to get used to the idea of intensity, the
intensity of the white hot fire of desire, allowing it to burn within
you, until it becomes so strong as to over power physical hunger
or thirst.
That reminds me of a story:
There was a young master who wanted to have
wisdom. He would travel the countryside looking for
a master to teach him. Master after master he would

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

meet and each he would stay only a brief moment

before moving on to the next.
One day he met a master walking along a stretch of
beach along a river, and he approached the master and
told the master of his journey, and his quest for
The master encouraged the young man to follow him
into the river, he had the young man kneel down in the
river at witch time the master grabbed a hold of the
young man and held him under water. No matter how
fiercely the young man struggled he could not break
free from the masters grip, just when the young man
was about to give up the master let him up to breathe.
The young man ran to the river bank barely able to
catch his breath, he turned to the master, asking why
he would do such a thing. The master replied, when
you want wisdom as badly as you wanted to breathe
the air you will find it.
The same is true with the Unlimited Power of Mental Influence.
You have to cultivate within you the desire so deeply that you
want it as badly as you want air to breathe.
You will find more times than not the men that accomplish great
endeavors in life have a strong burning desire demanding their
attention. The have a strong energy that almost radiates from

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

their core affecting those around them. These people are

sometimes referred to as having a strong will power.
Always keep in mind, this three sided MENTAL
CONDITIONING: (1) Emotional Intensity; (2) Clarity of Vision;
and (3) Focused Concentration. The better you are at creating the
required level of energy while accessing these three mental
conditions, the more success you will have in psychic influence,
direct or indirect, personal or proximity, immediate vicinity or at
a distance.
Before proceeding to attempt to influence the mind of another, it is
important to build and maintain a positive mental atmosphere
for yourself. Kinda like an invisible shield, or bubble that
encompasses your entire body, that is a protective shield against
negative influences.
Imagine in your mind your body in a restful state. Then clear
your mind of all negativity, and then allow your mind to picture
a bright ball o flight emanating from your mid-section. Imagine
the ball is growing and as it grows it is slowing engulfing the body
as it glows and moves from your mid section spread to your head
and your feet it is clearing out and dispelling all negative
emotions, thoughts, feeling ailments from your body. In their
place is super energized positive energy, thus repairing any
damage done by the negative influences in your body and mind.
It may take some practice to get this right the first few times.
Remember it is your level of concentration and energy you
manifest that will determine your level of success.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Once you have been able to do this, you will see in your mind’s
eye that you are protected by a force field, a bubble of super
energized positive energy.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Self-talk for creating your positive

force field:
"Everyday, in every thing I do and every where I go I
am surrounded by my super charged positive force
field. This positive energy gives me a positive
influence over others, affecting their thoughts creating
a positive alliance between us. They intuitively,
instantly feel the power of my psychic mental
influence. My positive energy easily dominates any
situation and gathering I am at, I easily manifest my
positive energy over others. My positive energy
creates a positive atmosphere and power on all sides of
me that affects all those whom I come in contact with
daily. My positive highly focused energy is irresistible
and repels all negative energy!"
Once you have practiced and begun to harness those steps, the
next step is to project your mental image to the minds of others.
For example in your mind you repeat, “I have a positive energy
and influence over this person, he is easily influenced by my
powerful positive energy. My thoughts are easily projected onto
his mind.” The exact words you use are not important; the
purpose is to give your psychic mental power its force.
… Allow in the back of your mind, as you go about your day, for
these exercises to run over and over practicing all day long.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Then when your mind is ready you can begin to project simple
thoughts onto others.
Let’s say you are walking in a crowded area, and you want to
influence some people around you, to simply move to let you
pass, or give you a clear path to a close destination.
That may or may not sound believable for you. I
never said I would make this secret believable for you,
I only offered to bring it to you. Sometimes a secret as
old as this one stays a secret because people don’t want
to believe it, so they push I to the back corner and try
to forget it was even mentioned.
You can do the same thing if you want, or you can
begin today to develop this part of your mind and
psychic energy you were born with.

Important Warning:
I highly recommend you don’t talk to others about
developing this Power of mental influence. Beware of
the temptation to boast or to brag about developing
this skill. I highly recommend you keep quiet and
make it your own secret least you bring a world of
negativity and doubt in and around you. People tend
to fear that which they don’t understand, and if they
think you are trying to influence them in such an
intimate way they will attempt to unconsciously and

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

psychically block you, and in some cases attack you

mentally with negative energy.
People may become jealous of you and try to sabotage
you; they may take much joy in seeing you fail, and
may unwittingly be willing you to fail in their mind.
If you don’t protect yourself from this type of
negative mental influence it could take a serious toll
on your road to success.

2. Distance Influencing:
This is influencing a person that can be varied distances
from the person doing the influencing.
For those of you who have developed the power of mental
influence as described earlier, now you can begin to experiment
and practice mental influence at a distance.
Distance influence will take slightly more mental focus in the
earlier stages as you begin to develop your skills, than you used to
influence people in your immediate vicinity. After you become
proficient in this process you will find that it is just as easy to
influence people at a distance as it is to influence the people
closest to you.
In NLP this is nothing new, they openly teach these skill sets in
their building rapport classes. In NLP you learn that you can
build deep levels of rapport with people before you ever meet
them, so that when you do finally meet them you both feel a sense

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

of knowing each other for years, almost an immediate mental

In the book Think and Grow Rich this is not a new concept either,
the book goes on to talk about the Master Mind Alliance, in being
able to build your dream team in your mind, the people in your
Master Mind Alliance will feel connected to you, you will
actually begin to tie into their thoughts and be able to a degree
influence theirs. Upon meeting them in person they will feel a
strong connection to you, and they will not know why.
This idea of Mental Influence at a Distance has many wonderful
stories about it, some legends, and many pages in history you may
find examples of this as well.
This is such a common occurrence that many TV specials and
news reports have accounted the repetition of these events.
Think for a moment, when was the last time you heard on TV of
identical twins separated at birth who can recount the major
events in their sibling’s life, some even had mystery scars and
mystery pains without explanation, and all without having
known they had a twin?
One woman I remember told of how she could feel labor pains and
was not pregnant and had no reasonable explanation for this
mystery pain. Years later she was reunited with her twin sister
only to find that at the exact moment her sister was in labor, the
other sister was also feeling the pains.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

We hear of these things and for most it makes for a good heart
warming story but it never crosses their mind they too can
produce these results.
In the book the Einstein Factor the authors recount a phenomenon
called “Spooky Action at a Distance.” Scientists have proven
beyond a shadow of a doubt this is a reality and can be reproduced
with great accuracy.
The question, can we actually influence the outcome of a random
number generator? The ANSWER IS YES.
Influencing people at a distance is not only possible it happens
with surprising regularity.
A famous story of a pilot shot down in Vietnam, Capt. Ret,
Gerald Coffee recounts a story of his being captured and in
solitary confinement, with nothing else to do he relived in his
mind the past arguments, ill feelings and arguments with loved
ones and close friends. Some of which lead to years of not
speaking to each other, instead of just reliving these incidents, he
begin in his mind to replay this incidents only this time having
positive, joyous and loving outcomes.
When he returned home he was shocked to find those old stressed
relationships were repaired and rejuvenated.
His connection to his wife was so strong that she knew beyond a
doubt her husband was still alive, and never gave up hope.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

If these incidents are real and true and people do them all over
the world, how come we don’t hear of more people doing it?
Just because it is possible doesn’t mean it is easy.
Try right now for 15 minutes to clear your mind of all thoughts
except the thought of the very thing you desire. Go ahead and do
that now…
.. Tell me how did it go?
98% of you reading this now will not be able to clear your mind
for more than 10 or 15 seconds at a time, before random thoughts
start interfering and getting in the way.
Now try to picture the thing you want, a car for example and
get the picture in your mind now build a burning desire for the
car. Build that intensity into a white hot fire of desire; magnify
that intensity to a magnitude of 10. Hold that vision and now
release that vision into the universe and trust that the universe
will bring the thing you desire to you.
I wonder how many people reading this ebook actually believes
the universe will bring your desires to you? How many of you
really trust that it will happen?
The answer is very few of you actually believe without any
doubts or reservations, and most of you who do believe are not
even 100% clear in your mind what you want, in addition to that
most people cannot keep the negative thoughts out long enough to
complete this task.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

There is your answer, just because it can be done does not mean it
is easy.
I have heard more than hundreds of times stories of how a man or
woman attracted the person of their dreams with power of their
concentrated mental focus. Not by going out and meeting people,
or going on blind dates, simply by attracting the person of their
desires to them.
I am reminded of such a case:
A man coming home for the weekend to surprise his parents with
his visit, surprised to find his parents are having company over
for dinner. Their dinner guest brought their daughter along with
them. Upon meeting the son and daughter knew in their hearts
and souls they were meant to be, and that night were engaged to
be married. Not in the early 14th century, I am talking about as
recently as 1990.
Upon further investigation, the woman was a catalog model and
was looking for a man that believed in success and the concepts
taught in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. The man
while practicing his own techniques of mind control outlined in
writing the ideal woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life
with, and even went as far as to cut a picture of a woman from a
catalog that he thought would represent his ideal life partner. He
then carried that picture in his wallet believing the universe
would bring this woman to him and their heart would meet

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

The picture in his wallet was the daughter of his parents dinner
guest. Her parents moved to that town after she had graduated
school and the man and woman never met before this moment.
I can find volumes of books with stories like this, for years I have
personally witnessed such events and even had clients relate
their stories to me.
Suffice it to say the POWER of these techniques when
PROPERLY APPLIED is undeniable.
According to science, if something can be forced to happen at least
52% of the time falls under the realm of being controlled and has
broken out of the realm of chance. If it crosses into the realm of
being able to reproduce at the rate of 60% it then becomes
unexplainable phenomena.
Where else have you heard of this technique?
There is a very popular sales trainer who strongly advocates
rehearsing the sales presentation before you ever step foot in the
client’s office. You begin by imagining the client loving your
product and services, feels a close connection to you, and can’t
wait to purchase from you. Then you imagine your presentation
going along perfectly in your mind, end result, your client buys
from you. Imagine in your mind your client is right in front of
you; imagine your client complying with your requests,
completely in rapport with you.

3. Indirect Influence:

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

The power of influencing various people, without focusing

on one person, but rather focusing on influencing people as
they come into close proximity with the person doing the
The basic principle of this phase of mental influence is the well-
known fact that mental and emotional states not only induce
similar states in other people who might be in the same or similar
state of mind. When you are of a certain frame of mind you also
tend to draw to you, or attract to you people that are of the same
mind set, and conversely you will repel people that may be of the
opposite frame of mind.
Of the three types of mental influence this one is the most
difficult, you will find it easier to influence people that may be of
the same frame of mind, and very difficult to change the minds of
people that may not be in tune with your mind set.
Remember, whatever mental image and concentrated mental
focus you hold in your mind you are radiating from your psyche
at any given moment, the energy you emit in come cases will
radiate from you to great distances, and can affect others that can
be far from you in the realm of space.
Kinda like a ripple in the calm still lake. The single ripple can
radiant from the center to the outer edges of the lake if not
interrupted by winds and other waves. The same is true with the
powers of your mental influence, these powers can travel great
distances if not interrupted by powerful negative influences.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Now imagine not only a ripple, imagine a GIGANTIC SPLASH

and the wave filling the lake and overflowing the banks…
With practice this effect can be the same effect your mind has on
those who come in contact with you. Your mind will not only
effect those you come in contact with will also influence those
closest to the people who come in contact with you.
This phenomena explains the way in which strong men and
women in business, politics and other endeavors, attract and draw
other like minded people to their causes, goals, dreams and
aspirations, people who otherwise not even know of the cause had
it not been for the strong mental influence generated by the man
or woman with this skill.
This Law works in two ways. Not only will you draw people to
you that fit in with your plans, also you are becoming more
attracted to these people as well. You might feel an inner sense
that you must meet this person, not knowing why, then upon
meeting you find that you are of the same mindset and will work
well together.
If your mental focus and visual clarity are sufficiently strong
enough you will also draw to you the situations and conditions
that best serve you as well.
More and more people are beginning through various channels to
discover and understand this Power of Mental Influence, and are
beginning to apply them deliberately to serve their purpose.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

If you were to read the biographies of some of the wealthiest and

most influential men and women of our time, you would read
stories of how these people started their rise to greatness by the
magnitude of the thoughts they think.
You would read of how they are filled with a more than
extraordinary level of desire and will, in addition they also create
very strong and clear mental picture of their plans going
perfectly according to their mental design, and they focus their
mental power with an intensity that will not yield.
Imagine in your mind you are at the center of a psychic
whirlpool, drawing to you the people, things, events, conditions,
and circumstances to bring you success and the realization of
your goals and dreams.
You must persistently focus your mind and your energy, day
after day, week after week, month after month and in some cases
year after year, allowing the universe to bring to you the
realization of your goals and dreams.
You will find it is as true today as it may have been hundreds of
years ago, the person who has properly developed their powers of
mental concentration, and has developed the ability to create
crystal clear emotionally charged vivid mental images will
become like a mental magnet, attracting people, circumstances
and wealth to him.
This is the level you want to train your mental abilities to attain,
and even if these influential powers are working in the back of

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

your mind; in your unconscious mind it will become apart of your

very existence and will affect everything you do, touch and
That is how men and women develop the “Midas Touch,”
affecting all they do.
Hold in your mind a picture of people coming to you, lining up
outside for blocks and blocks, causing traffic jams because of the
magnitude of people trying to come see you, and soon you will see
this picture will become a reality for you also.
Hold in your mind pictures of money coming to you in
avalanches of abundance, and your plans coming to fruition.
Hold this thought in your mind, give it powerfully positively
charged emotional intensity, and watch at which the speed of your
grandest dreams begin to come true.
It is almost as if the universe is moving people, places, things,
events, circumstances, in to place to best serve you and make
your dreams come true.

Important Warning
I am not talking about DAY DREAMING here, to wish for a
thing and to project your mind to command and influence and to
communicate directly with the universe are two different things,
and not to be confused with each other.
Wishing for a thing and making that thing become a reality is the
difference between success and failure.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

You must also protect your mind from fear and negativity
because at this level of mental focus you will manifest the
negative mental images as well as the positive.
Remember you need to follow the rules I have discussed earlier.
You really do hold in your hands a bona fide SECRET, a secret
that could change your life forever.
Is this new information to you? If you are into self development
and self improvement, then you are familiar with some of the
steps to The Power of Mental Influence, however you may not
have known how important these fundamental steps were.
I heard it said once, the best place to hide a secret is in plain sight.
This could not be truer with the Law of Unlimited Mind Power.
It has been in plain sight for generations, many authors have
written about it, either knowingly or in some cases unknowingly.
You have heard of them, you have read about them, you have
even seen them on TV and in the news, and yet you continued
your daily activity as if this secret does not exist and has never
been unveiled to you.
Now you no longer have an excuse for not using these skills.
The RULES for the Law of Unlimited Mind Power, Mental
9 PRACTICE — PRACTICE — PRACTICE… I can’t emphasis
this enough. This is not something you want to do half-
heartedly. So far you’ve established a life long habit of not

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

using these skills and now you have to break that habit and
form a new habit. You want these skills to become automatic,
as if you use them instinctively, as an auto-reflex, the best
way to do this is by practicing till these skills become second
9 Maintain a POSITIVE MENTAL Outlook, keep your mind
filled with the positive aspects of life, and keep your positive
energy field strong and focused to keep out the negative forces
of the world.
9 Keep your practicing these skills and your progress a secret.
You want to protect yourself from ridicule and from the
negativity of others.
There are going to be times when you are attempting to employ
these skills and techniques and they seemingly are not working.
Remember, if you can successfully employ these skills 52% of the
time you are defying science and are delving into the realm of the
With practice you can begin to employ these skills utilizing the
Laws of Unlimited Mind Power with great regularity and you
begin to see as the universe opens the flood gates of wealth for

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

"All that we are is the result of

what we have thought; it is founded
on our thoughts; it is made up of
our thoughts."

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Part Four

The Group Mentality

Science and Mind Over Matter


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Chapter 8

The Group Mentality

You will not find many books about this topic, it is a closely guarded topic.
There are university studies done by Social Psychologists, since most people
don’t read university abstracts so they aren’t aware of this phenomena.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill mentions the revival meetings
briefly, The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill goes into more detail about
the power of the revival meetings and the mindset of the group. Psychology
of Persuasion, by Kevin Hogan in appendix B talks about the phenomena of
brainwashing, and mentions group thinking briefly. And you might be a
little surprised to find L. Ron Hubbard wrote a little book called The
Brainwashing Manual Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics.

The power of the group to influence the each other as well as those within
the group that might not be convinced as of yet is something amazing to

It is the very reason you want to have a team of dedicated people around you
at all times while you are building your business. This group of highly
focused individuals will begin to operate as one, and anyone that comes into
contact with them, or in the same vicinity, who of course is of a like mind,
will almost immediately be influenced by this group. Those that might not
be of a like mind, will certainly be affected by the groups overwhelming
power, and in most cases will change their mind to be more in alignment
with the group.

The Collective Unconscious

The Collective mind also referred to as the Matrix or the
universal mind contains all of the thoughts, memories, ideas
and experiences of every individual who has ever lived. Like a

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giant mass, the collective unconscious is our planetary library

that is generally inaccessible to us during our conscious states.
The core application of PSI TECH's TRV training is based on
Carl Jung's theory of the human psyche and its relation to the
collective unconscious. This concept was developed in the late
1800's in a most interesting manner. Jung, an Austrian
psychiatrist and contemporary of Sigmund Freud, was visiting
a psychiatric hospital for study, which he often did. It was there
that he spoke with a poor, uneducated patient who was standing
by a window. The man pointed out the window excitedly and
said, "See, the sun is wagging its tail! It is making the wind!"
Later Jung was reading a book that he had discovered in a
library, an obscure German text that was a translation of the
Greek text that was over 2000 years old. In it was described a
religious cult ceremony in which the initiate, after performing
the proper ritual, would see the sun's tail wagging, and the
secret revelation would then come to the initiate that it was the
sun's tail that makes wind.

Jung remembered the comment of the poor uneducated man

from the hospital, and it sent him on a journey to discover the
source of universal symbolism in the human mind. In his
journey he recognized that throughout the world, in all cultures
and times, from ancient Egypt, to the Aztecs, to India, to the
Native American cultures, to Europe, there were similarities in
their religious prophecies, their myths, and their fairy tales that
went beyond their cultural learning or heritage. There must be,
he surmised, an original source that connected them all. This
was the universal mind that all individual minds connected to.
A common link between all inhabitants of the world, dead or

One analogy would be like air. We each breathe in air. I am

breathing in air as I sit before my computer writing this article.
It is my air, which I personally am taking in. You may be on the
other side of the continent, or the world, reading this article.
You are breathing in your air. And yet this air connects us all, it
permeates everything, the entire earth. This would be the
universal mind; a collective consciousness that learns and

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

changes from the experiences of each individual, just as the air

is altered as it is breathed in and out.

One example of how this collective mind operates was given by

a British biologist named Rupert Sheldrake. He took two
puzzles, the kind where you have to find the hidden picture
within the picture. He sent the researches out with the puzzles,
and recorded the percentage of the population who were shown
the puzzles that were able to find the hidden pictures. He then
took one of the puzzles and on BBC TV, in front of millions of
viewers, showed the puzzle, narrowing in on the hidden picture
so that they could all see where it was. Then the researchers
went out with the two puzzles again, one of which was the one
that was aired on TV. They went to remote locations in the
world where TV was not available, and presented the two
puzzles to different populations. Remarkably, when shown the
puzzle that had been aired on TV, twice as many people located
the hidden picture. While the other puzzle still had the same
original percentage of success. When millions of viewers saw
the hidden picture, it became encoded in the collective mind, or
collective unconscious, making it easier for the population to

Understanding the power of the group mentality could be one of the most
important aspects of your success, once you fully understand and learn to
apply this principle your business and your personal life will take on a whole
new life with an unstoppable momentum. I have seen people go from
$4,000.00 a month income to over $40,000.00 a month income with this one
principle alone.

A group of positive, super charged people can influence others around them,
even if those other people might not be in alignment with the group’s
mentality in the first place. This is an important concept to understand
which is why I am repeating it.

Imagine you are building your network marketing business, you are about to
participate in a conference call. What do you think the outcome would be if
you had 100 people on the call who strongly, energetically, enthusiastically

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

support and believe in you and 25 people who did not know you and at first
might not even like your voice over the phone? The truth is, the excitement,
the enthusiasm, the energy level alone will begin to sway the opinions of the
25, and when you speak, if your attitude is right, you are energetic, and
projecting the right mind set you will be able to convert the 25 over to your

The great thing about being on a telephone conference call, that is different
than a live meeting, is the 25 people who might not know you or even like
you at first, don’t know there are 24 other people that feel the same. To that
one person on the conference call, they feel as though they are the only one,
and feeling as though they have no one to align with them they will tend to
meld into the group thinking faster.

If it were a live meeting, those 25 minds will connect in the “ether” and they
will gain power and momentum and as a speaker you could lose positive
control of the audience. Those 25 could turn into 30, then 40 and on and on,
and no speaker wants that to happen.

It happens to comedians when they have a bad night. They tell one off color
joke, or even just give someone the wrong look, and before you know it the
negativity spreads throughout the audience and the comedian bombs.

Having an energized, enthusiastic, positive and highly focused group of

people around you, supporting you and encouraging you could be the rocket
fuel you need to get you to your goals and dreams in record time.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Chapter 9

Science and Mind Over Matter

Quantum mechanics, Physics, and mental powers, what is the connection….

I heard just the other day on a documentary show that there is a particle so
small that we cannot see it with the most powerful microscope known to
man, UNLESS we think about the particle first. The narrator went on to
explain that the particle exists, we know it exists because it seems to come
into view and existence the very moment we think about it, when we don’t
think about it, it simply vanishes from sight.

I was only half listening because I was in the middle of writing, however the
words hit me like a Mac truck, I stopped what I was doing to listen more
intently, by then the narrator had moved on to another point concerning the
main topic.

I have been searching for more information about this topic but as of yet I
cannot find it. Imagine a particle that is everywhere, yet nowhere until we
think of it.

What else could be that way?

There are so many things about our world and universe that we do not fully
understand, yet today science is proving these things do exist, but still
cannot explain why.

For a moment let’s take a look at science and its take on the mind over
matter concept.

In the next few pages you will read articles about random number
generators, quantum physics, and medicine.

You are welcome to draw your own conclusions.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Mind Over Matter No Longer Science Fiction

by Marlowe Hood
Paris (AFP) Jun 14, 2006

Sitting stone still under a skull cap fitted with a couple dozen electrodes, American
scientist Peter Brunner stares at a laptop computer. Without so much as moving a nostril
hair, he suddenly begins to compose a message - letter by letter - on a giant screen

"B-O-N-J-O-U-R" he writes with the power of his mind, much to the amazement of the
largely French audience of scientists and curious onlookers gathered at the four-day
European Research and Innovation Exhibition in Paris, which opened Thursday.

Brunner and two colleagues from the state-financed Wadsworth Center in Albany, New
York were demonstrating a "brain computer interface (BCI)," an astounding technology
which digitalizes brain signals emitted as electrical impulses - picked up by the electrodes
- to convey intent.

While no spoons were bent, this was definitely mind over matter.

Without recourse to nerves or muscles, BCI "can provide communication and control to
people who are totally paralyzed" and unable to unable to speak or move, explains
researcher Theresa Sellers, also from Wadsworth.

Dr. Sellers estimates there are some 100 million potential users of BCI technology
worldwide, including 16 million sufferers of cerebral palsy, a degenerative brain disease,
and at least five million victims of spinal cord injury. Another 10 million people have
been totally paralyzed by brainstem strokes, she said.

Scientists have been experimenting with ways to translate thought directly into action for
nearly two decades, but BCI has only recently begun to move out of the laboratory and
into the daily lives of those trapped inside bodies that no longer respond to their will.

Possible applications extend beyond the written word into physical movement - it is only
a matter of time, Sellers says, before the same technology is used to operate motorized
wheel chairs. "We can do already. But it is a complex problem, and for now it would be
unsafe," she says.

The frightful condition of being "locked in" came into the public eye in the late 1990s,
when French journalist and Elle Magazine editor Jean-Dominique Bauby, after suffering
a massive stroke, painstakingly "dictated" a beautiful and moving memoir by blinking his
left eyelid. "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly," published two days before he died,
became an international bestseller.

Had BCI technology been available to him, Bauby would almost certainly have been able
to write his book unassisted, and in a fraction of the time.

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

The Wadsworth system, one of several that detects electroencephalographic (EEG)

activity, is based on an algorithm that analyzes the brain waves and identifies peaks in
activity that correspond to particular mental efforts.

As Dr. Brunner concentrates on the "B" of "bonjour" in a keyboard-like grid of letters

and symbols taking up half the screen, a computer randomly highlights lines of characters
in rapid succession.

Each time the row - vertical or horizontal - containing the letter "B" is illuminated,
Brunner's brain emits a slightly stronger signal. It takes the computer about 15 seconds to
figure out what letter he is looking at. The system is doubly adaptive, with both the
software and the person using it becoming more efficient over time.

"It may not sound very practical, but for someone who is paralyzed it can make all the
difference in the world," says Sellers.

Indeed, for at least one 48-year old neurobiologist in the United States stricken with
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - an invariably fatal degenerative disease that attacks nerve
cells - the Wadsworth BCI technology has make it possible not only to communicate but
to continue working, even though he can no longer even move his eyes.

"He writes grant proposals, sends e-mails and can use the keyboard of a computer at
home," Sellers said of the man, whom she did not identify in order to protect his privacy.

He even wrote a message for the exhibition in Paris, which Sellers projected onto a

"To Altran," he began, referring to the French innovation consulting firm that sponsors an
annual competition for public service innovation, won in 2005 by the head of the
Wadworth Center, Jonathan Wolpaw.

"I am a neuroscientist who couldn't work without BCI," the message read, typo and all. "I
am writing this with my EEG courtesy of the Wadsworth Center Brain-Computer
Interface Research Program."

Source: Agence France-Presse

Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Introduction to the Global Consciousness Project

From the Global Consciousness Project Website

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is an international effort involving researchers

from several institutions and countries, designed to explore whether the construct of
interconnected consciousness can be scientifically validated through objective
measurement. The project builds on excellent experiments conducted over the past
35 years at a number of laboratories, demonstrating that human consciousness
interacts with random event generators (REGs), apparently "causing" them to
produce non-random patterns. A description of the technical implementation is given
under procedures.

The experimental results clearly show that a broader examination of this phenomenon is
warranted. In recent work, prior to the Global Consciousness Project, an array of REG
devices in Europe and the US showed non-random activity during widely shared
experiences of deeply engaging events. For example, the funeral ceremonies for Princess
Diana, and the international Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan, created shared emotions
and a coherence of consciousness that appeared to be correlated with structure in the
otherwise random data.

In the fully developed project, a world-spanning array of labile REG detectors is

connected to computers running software to collect data and send it to a central server via
the Internet. This network is designed to document and display any subtle, but direct
effects of our collective consciousness reacting to global events. The research hypothesis
predicts the appearance of coherence and structure in the globally distributed data
collected during major events that engage the world population.

Displays of the data take various forms, including some that show the real-time activity
as nearly as possible. Available now are regularly updated tables of statistical information
as well as simple and easily understood graphical summaries of several kinds. For
example, a graph may show the cumulative deviation of data sequences from their
expected values as a composite across all the GCP sites around the world for the past
hour or the past day or, say, for the engaging moment of a semi-final "shootout" in World
Cup Soccer. One of the display modes is a movie, with music based on the data,
represented within a global "map" showing regional concentrations of large and small
deviations using dynamic color coding. Depending on contributions of skilled
programming, more complex analyses of relationships among the sites will be developed,
using, among others, techniques developed for studying brain activity.

Learn more here: Global Consciousness Project

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What’s Missing from Western Medicine: The Power of

the Mind - Part I
Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D

In this four part series, I will describe what’s missing from Western Medicine that
can get us well or keep us sick, and offer practical tools for harnessing this power.

Part I: What Western Medicine can Learn from the Scientists and the Mystics

What distinguishes Western medicine from all other healing traditions on the planet are
several key concepts: the separation of mind and body, and the notion that all of nature
can be explained via a materialistic world view. On the other hand, every single non-
Western healing tradition recognizes the inextricable link between psyche and soma.
“Dis-ease” is not limited to the physical body; thoughts and emotions are causative
factors. And healing necessitates addressing these elements of our being. Getting well is
not just about fixing the physical body.

Our thoughts are omnipotent. Thoughts are powerful vibrations that can make us well or
make us sick. Negative thoughts can make us sick and keep us sick. Positive thoughts
can heal us and transform our lives. These concepts do not come from the realms of
pseudoscience. In fact, there is a tremendous body of scientific research that can support
these notions.

Most notably, researchers in physics and engineering labs have been conducting
experiments that suggest the profound effect of consciousness on the material world:
how our thoughts can affect us, literally, and physically1-4. For over 25 years, scientists
at Princeton University’s PEAR Laboratory have demonstrated powerful correlations
between human intention and machine behavior. They have shown that untrained
individuals can influence the output of random mechanical and electronic number
generators, just by “thinking” in which direction the numbers should go. These effects
were found to be independent of space and time. Effects persisted when the individual
was thousands of miles away, and, when the individual influenced the machine before
and even after it was run.

These ideas are millennia old, and have roots in many of the world’s ancient traditions
from cultures outside of our Western culture, and are implicit aspects of healing traditions
throughout the globe.

However, Western medicine has remained unaware of these notions, and, unaware of this
research. Most medical students took the easy college physics course to get into medical
school, and were never exposed to the paradigm-changing observations that modern
physicists made in the early part of the twentieth century, leading to the models of
quantum mechanics and relativity.

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These models dramatically influenced our understanding of nature, and, ironically, given
that they were the result of sophisticated, technologically advanced research, led
scientists to become more philosophers than technicians. And in these new notions of
nature, were parallels to the ancient traditions of other cultures, to the healing traditions
of other cultures, and to mystical, non-Cartesian views of life.

These notions are not new; again, they are millennia old. The ancient traditions of
Chinese medicine and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), for example, draw links
between bodily symptoms and emotions. In Chinese medicine, the lung is the repository
for grief, the liver for rage, and the kidney for fear. In Ayurveda, the vata dosha may
yield arthritides and worry, the pitta, ulcers and rage. To even consider a separation
between these elements is contrived.

In Part II, I will continue to describe the dichotomy between Western Medicine, and the
concept of inherent connectedness of mind and body.

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2006 Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D.

What’s Missing from Western Medicine: The Power of

the Mind - Part II
Part II: In Part II, I continue to describe the dichotomy within Western Medicine,
and the concept of inherent connectedness of mind and body.

Not so long ago, before the advent of the pharmaceutical machine, with its vast offerings
of new fixes for our physical failings, physicians were the consummate healers. Voltaire
described our role as that of the amuser, to keep the patient amused long enough so that
nature could do her healing work. And Sir William Osler, considered one of Western
medicine’s founding fathers, maintained that it was more important to know the patient
that had the disease, than to know what kind of disease the patient had.

However, Western medicine is not employed in the business of healing. Rather, this is a
disease care system. For, by its very nature, our Western medical model makes people

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sick and keeps people sick. Indeed, Western medicine’s approach to chronic illness cures
no one of anything. Pharmaceuticals merely suppress symptoms, interfering with the true
and natural healing mechanism of the human organism. Skeptics, and those who espouse
our dominant biomedical paradigm, relegate inexplicable cures to the realms of placebo
or perhaps an initial incorrect diagnosis. And, in fact, they are ignoring that most
powerful mediator of healing of all time: the mind, intention, consciousness.

All these ancient notions, once lost, are now seeking resurgence with the advent of
unhappy consumers, and truth–seeking scientists. These scientists are the
pharmacologists, experimental toxicologists, and immunologists doing low dose research
to support the veracity of the homeopathic phenomenon. They are the physicists and
engineers mentioned earlier. They are the parapsychologists and
psychoneuroimmunologists, lending credence to the notion of mind affecting matter, and
mind affecting body. They are the open-minded physicians and other researchers
conducting research on the power of prayer, and on the healer phenomenon1-9.

Some examples of how literally our minds can affect our bodies and our health include
the following research outcomes: positive thinking lowered blood sugar levels in
diabetics, lessened asthma attacks, reduced colitis symptoms, and improved immune
function in HIV-infected individuals10-12. And not only can our thoughts affect on our
bodies, but our thoughts can affect others: numerous studies have demonstrated the
clinical efficacy of prayer, most notably the positive effect of prayer on patients in a
coronary care unit13.

In addition to this concept of the inherent connectedness of mind and body, as suggested
by both ancient wisdom and modern science, is the existence of some ineffable source -
entity, energy, connectedness - that embraces all and affects us all. Some may call this
entity God, or Allah. Others may call it the power of intention, thought, or energy.
Healing traditions throughout the globe draw on this source as a conduit to healing.

While we may delight in acknowledging this ancient wisdom, and be encouraged that the
ever growing field of complementary and alternative medicine has lent support to the
notion of mind-body medicine, we are still missing the link. Until we can realize that the
mind is more powerful than molecules, than pharmaceuticals, and that we can apply this
concept to actually heal our own bodies, we are not realizing the full potential that lies
within each of us.

In Parts III and IV, I will describe techniques for harnessing the powers of our minds, for
healing ourselves, and even impacting on situations and circumstances in our lives.

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Copyright 2007 © S. Chip Bridgmon

The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

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What’s Missing from Western Medicine: The Power of

the Mind - Part III
Part III: Our thoughts and emotions can get us well and keep us well, or get us sick
and keep us sick: practical tools for harnessing the power of intention in our lives.

In Parts I and II, I discussed how ancient wisdom and modern science describe for us the
inherent link between mind and body, and described scientific research that demonstrates,
unequivocably, the effect of thoughts and feelings on our physical health. In Part III, I
give practical tools for harnessing the power of intention in our lives, for healing and

Our thoughts and feelings affect us, literally. They can affect all aspects of our lives: our
health, relationships, even finances, and can make us well or keep us sick, help or hinder
our relationships, and contribute to either our prosperity or our poverty. Fears about
finances can keep you poor. Thinking you are fat can keep you fat. Fears about illness
can make you sick. What I come across most often in my work, is the impact of thoughts
and feelings on health. Our thoughts, literally, make us sick. Negative thoughts and
unexpressed feelings can create energetic blockages which become foci for disease.

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The Secret Law of Unlimited Mind Power ©

Our culture doesn’t readily support being in touch with our emotions, especially ones that
are judged to be negative. Many of us spend our lives not even knowing how we feel, let
alone being able to express feelings. Instead, we may medicate ourselves with activity to
avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings. Workaholism, food, alcohol, addiction to exercise,
dependence on pharmaceuticals, and even relationships, are some of the ways we can
avoid knowing our feelings and ourselves.

Feelings are normal and natural. Anger, sadness, fear, whatever you are feeling, is
completely normal and natural. It’s what we do in response to our natural feeling state
than can become harmful to us. Keeping uncomfortable feelings inside, literally, can
make us sick. And as I’ve written in Parts I and II, science has proven this age old
wisdom to be true.

When we can learn to feel our feelings, and “just be” with them, rather than keeping them
stuck, literally, inside our bodies, we can harness the amazing inherent power that each
and every one of us holds. We can transform our lives: we can heal ourselves, our
relationships, be prosperous, and have happy, joyous and balanced lives.

The following simple writing techniques will help you to get in touch with feelings, and
to transform negative thoughts and uncomfortable feelings. All you need is pen and
paper. You don’t need to have experience writing, an advanced degree, or expert spelling
and penmanship. In fact, the less formal education you have, the easier it will be for you
to access the power of these techniques.

Getting started: ideally, get a notebook or composition book that can serve as your
journal. But paper and pen are good enough. It helps if you can commit to this daily
practice, and start your day with it. If your schedule doesn’t permit, any time is better
than none. Soon you will feel attached to this daily routine, and miss it when you don’t
do it! If you can take your journal around with you during the day, then it can be a
source of comfort when situations arise that bring up uncomfortable feelings for you. If
not, just find pen and paper.

1) Stream of consciousness technique: write all your feelings down: fears, resentments,
anxieties. Whatever you are feeling and thinking. If you are not certain, then write just
that. Literally, whatever is on your mind. Even if you are feeling that you don’t want to
write, write that down. The point is to be “in the moment” with whatever is going on for
you. Do not censor or judge what you are writing, or worry what your handwriting looks
like. If it looks like chicken scratch, that’s okay. The purpose is to get it all out. Take
your feelings to the limit. For example, if you are worried about money, write why, what
might happen, your innermost and deepest fears. If you are having a hard time with a
partner or co-worker, write about this. If you are angry at your spouse, write about this.
Again, do not judge yourself. As you are engaged in this process, your mind will
naturally have reflective thoughts in response: difficult feelings will transit to positive
responses. Write these too. If more feelings come up, continue with these until you can
write no more.

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2) Non-dominant hand response writing: After you have written feelings down, write
with your non-dominant hand: if you are right-handed, use the left, and vice versa. Do
not censor, and, most importantly, don’t worry what your penmanship looks like. Just let
your hand do the writing. Don’t worry about what to write. Just write whatever comes to
mind. See what happens – you will most likely be very surprised!

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What’s Missing from Western Medicine: The Power of

the Mind - Part IV
Part IV: Our thoughts and emotions can get us well and keep us well, or get us sick
and keep us sick: more practical tools for harnessing the power of intention in our

In Parts I and II, I discussed how ancient wisdom and modern science describe for us the
inherent link between mind and body. Part IV is a continuation of Part III, in which I
gave practical tools for harnessing the power of intention in our lives, for healing and

To summarize the first three parts of this series: our thoughts and emotions can get us
well and keep us well, or get us sick and keep us sick. Both modern science and ancient
wisdom confirm these truths. In fact, our minds are more potent than matter, and the
impact on our health can be immediate. In an earlier series of articles in this publication,
“Food as Medicine,”1-4 I discussed the importance of wholesome food choices.
However, even the purest of foods will be received as poison by our bodies if negative
thoughts and feelings plague us as we eat.

What follows are two more simple writing techniques to help transform negative thoughts
and feelings. The first involves releasing resentments; the second involves the power of

1) Resentments: resentments keep us stuck, blocked, more than any other emotion. In
Chinese medicine, anger is a source of many physical diseases. A specific writing
exercise to release resentments is as follows: Make 3 columns on your page. In column
1, write down all the people you have ever felt angry or resentful towards, as way back in
your life as you can remember. Kindergarten included! Don’t just include people:
include institutions, organizations, and even societal injustices that you may feel angry
about. In column 2, write down why: what were the circumstances that made you feel

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this way. In column 3, write down how this situation made you feel. Be specific: not
just “angry” or “resentful,” but, for example, not honored, not respected, not taken
seriously, etc. In the process of writing, you will discover that these feelings will transit.

2) Affirmations: In list form, write down all that you dream of and desire. Limit yourself
in no way whatsoever. Your present personal, financial, employment, or geographical
circumstances are irrelevant. Do not allow any of these situations to limit your creative
imagining. Write about your ideal partner, job, home, vacation activity, financial needs.
For example, if you dream of a new job, describe your ideal job: what you do, location,
co-workers, how much money you make. And, most importantly, write in the present
tense, as if you have all these desires now. Imagine how you feel in these circumstances.
Write these feelings down.

And finally, if you are without pen and paper, and are feeling stuck in a negative mode of
thinking, or feeling uncomfortable feelings, (like fear, anxiety, frustration, or anger), you
can shift these thought/feeling patterns just with your intention to do so, and a simple
technique. Imagine the scenarios you wrote about above: your specific dreams and
desires. With your eyes closed, slow your breathing down, breathe fully and deeply into
your abdomen, and imagine these ideal circumstances. Visualize them if you can, note
the feelings you have about them, feel any sensations you may have. Note how the
negative feelings have shifted. The point is to turn on positive thoughts, and turn off the
negative ones. And remember, you can do this anytime, anywhere.

In my next series of articles, I will discuss the simple and lost art of breathing: what
ancient wisdom teaches us, and what modern science has confirmed. Proper breathing
techniques can have immediate and profound affects on mental, emotional, and even
physical states of imbalance or “dis”-ease.

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2006 Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D.

Patricia A. Muehsam,, M.D.

903 Park Avenue, Suite 2A New York, NY 10021 (212) 946-5700

I’m a holistic physician blending Western medicine with a number of holistic practices. I
help people to get well and stay well. My belief is that each and every one of us is a

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unique, body-mind-spirit entity, and how we heal is unique and individualized. I see my
role as your partner in your healing process; my goal is to help your body-mind-spirit get
into balance so that healing can occur.

Among the tools I use are acupuncture, homeopathy, vibrionic medicines, nutrition,
herbal medicines, Chinese and Ayurvedic approaches, microcurrent and infrared
therapy, self-hypnosis, yoga, pranayama, food, and prayer.

I offer in person or telephone consultations. There is no charge for our initial phone chat,
in which I will describe in more detail how I work, hear what your health issues are, and
then we can decide if I am right for you. If I’m not the right physician for you, I will do
my best to guide you in the proper direction to someone who can help you on your
healing journey.

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Without continual growth

and progress, such words as
improvement, achievement,
and success have no

--Benjamin Franklin

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Make every part of your life a success incubator.

I was on a conference call once and a couple people asked me about my
unique hobbies. They asked why I like martial arts so much, is it that I like
to fight or inflict pain on others? Before I could answer my they asked,
“And what’s up with your Omega 6 airsoft thing? Isn’t that about combat
also? Isn’t it sending the wrong message, a Peak Performance Coach that’s
into battle?”

They were only half joking, playing devil’s advocate; but still expecting me
to answer.

I thought for a moment, and said, it’s a lot like life, in the ring, or on the
airsoft field I am met with some very thought provoking and real situations
and the result of the wrong decision not only brings me defeat it also as the
very real possibility of bringing me pain as well. The same reason I like to
rock climb I guess.

In everyday life it is easy to just “SKATE BY,” not do much and just float
along. You could make a mistake today, and not feel the pain of that
decision until months from now, and in the mean time since there are no
perceivable negative results from those actions its easy to delude ourselves
into thinking everything is ok. In the mean time while the result of your first
mistake is catching up with you, you are running around making more and
more mistakes. That is how so many people hit rock bottom, they are hit my
a tidal wave of negative results from months and years of bad decisions and
mistake all at once, and some don’t take it well, and some don’t recover.

On the field, in the ring, on the rock face or the climbing gym, my mistake is
met with immediate consequences, and I learn from that. I learn to quickly
and accurately assess my situation. I learn to think a head and to analyze my
decisions rapidly. I learn to look at many different angles in a blink of an
eye. I learn to make decisions that could be met with serious consequences
if I am wrong. I learn not to repeat my mistakes. I learn to trust my
decisions, most importantly I learn to deal with a bad decision and work
myself out of the jam I got myself into. I learn that I can’t just sit around
and get mad at myself for making that mistake and analyze it for the next
month or so. I am usually 3 or 4 stories or higher above the ground with
double that distance to go to the top, if I keep reliving my mistake I will

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never make it to the top. I have learned to let the mistakes go and to remain
focused on what I do want and let go of what I don’t want. I have learned to
take responsibility, I am the only one responsible for my situation, and
blame has nowhere else to go but with me.

I modify my decision making paradigm often making sure I am using the

most accurate and timely paradigm available to me.

I learn that sometimes even the best thought out plans can go to hell in a
hand basket in a heart beat under serious stress, so I learn to handle stress
and stick to my plan. I modify my decision making paradigm if I find my
plan sucks and falls apart under pressure; I form a new plan on the run. I
have learned through my life, career and the hobbies I enjoy, NEVER EVER
enter the game without a plan, winging it NEVER works, always have the
right attitude, and never ever accept defeat, see it as a temporary set back.

I have learned to focus my mind under intense stresses on the thing that I
want, to focus my mind and thoughts like a laser. In the end when the prize
is won I don’t relish in the prize, I don’t care so much about that, for me it’s
the journey, the lessons, and the experience that means the most. The
trophy, or the end result of being in first place, yes its good to win of that
there is no doubt, but winning without growing is a waste of my time.

When I am on the field or the rock, I am up against my toughest opponent,

and that is me. To finish first but not give my all, to beat my best time, or
best event, is almost as bad as not even showing up. I might as well have
just stayed home.

In the ring, if I loose my concentration for a moment I get hit, and hit hard.
I once got kicked in my head so hard I had no idea if I was still standing or
down flat on the mat. If I maintain my focus I can see clearly the openings
that offer me the best opportunities, it is almost as if my opponent is moving
in slow motion. My mind stays sharp, clear and focused and I attack when
the moment is right, or I create the right moment, with faints and openings to
draw out my opponent.

The same is true in business, you can’t just sit around and wait for things to
be the way you want them to be, you have to create your opportunities, you
have to create your breaks.

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Some people say when you are in the ring you have to exploit your
opponent’s weaknesses. I have never been comfortable with that. If I am in
the ring, this to me this is play time; YES it can hurt, but it is still play time.
If I know my opponent has a weak knee or elbow or headache, or whatever,
I don’t use that to my advantage. I stay away and try my best not to
aggravate those injuries. Exploiting my opponent on this level of play is not
necessary, he still has to work on Monday, and he and his family don’t need
the added aggravation of having to go pick him up from the hospital, and
having him miss a couple weeks of work.

On the field, mental clarity and focus play a major role in my gaming. If I
am in a sniper role and I am not clear and focused I miss my target, the
failure of the mission could be the result. I target key players in key roles
and positions, and their elimination will badly cripple the opposing team. I
miss that player due to my lack of focus, and I give away my position, I am
surely about to be met with a great deal of pain and discomfort, especially
since I am very deep into enemy territory and the rest of my team is a couple
hundred yards behind me. Me and my spotter are about to become human
target dummies as 7 or 8 guys converge on our position to notify us that this
round is over, at least for us, and give a message that we might not want to
get caught in this position the next round. And believe me, that pain
definitely crosses your mind, when you are planning the mission for the next
round, it takes concerted effort to clear that image from your mind as you get
ready to do it all again.

If I am on the assault team, and we are room clearing, and I miss my mark,
or don’t see the target in my sector, or over step my position and shoot my
own team mate, each of these things can mean failure for the team. If in the
middle of a firefight while room clearing I lose count of my rounds it is
likely I can step into a room on empty or worse yet only a couple rounds
giving me a false sense of security. When a team mate is empty and the
team is counting on that team mate to clear his sector, it could mean the
whole team gets eliminated because they are left vulnerable and in the open.

I learn the power of having the right team around me. I surround myself
with people that are better than me in areas I am weak, and together we
become a strong unit. This applies to every aspect of my life.

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On the wall, it is me verses the wall. I love rock climbing, my hectic

schedule does not allow me to get out and hike and climb as much as I like,
however I do look for climbing gyms in the cities I visit.

One day I was watching an extreme rock climbing documentary show.

There was this man who literally RAN UP A MOUNTAIN FACE. I was
floored. I was firstly shocked, and at the same time excited. I had never
seen that before, often thought about it, but determined in my limited
experience that it was not possible, and yet right there on TV this guy was
doing just that. He ran up the sheer face of a mountain.

I had already been using the rock climbing metaphors in my seminars and
now this gave the metaphor a whole new twist. I grabbed my digital
recorder and put my notes in as fast as a I could talk.

Today, X-Games ® has a speed wall climbing event, it is amazing to watch I

love it.

When I climb I try to emulate that, I pick and chose my route and I’m off
and running so to speak. I am NOWHERE nearly as good as these people,
but it is fun for me. It teaches me to focus and to plan and to adapt to the
changing environment. The climb is different when you are up close and
personal than it is when you are on the floor planning the trip.

All three of these hobbies help me in business, in many ways as you can see.
I apply the many lessons I learn as a success coach to my hobbies and the
many lessons my hobbies teach me to my business and personal life as well.

As you may already know by now this ebook is not just about persuading
others, it is also about personal development, becoming a person that others
want to follow, a leader, an influencer and a better person.

It is about creating the world you live in with the thoughts you think.

It is about SUCCESS.

I wish you all the best in your life, your business and your world.

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Is the glass half full or half empty?

To find out the answer see the copyright page.

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