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Videocon Industries

Videocon Industries

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Published by: sunny160388 on Aug 29, 2010
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Analysis of Company

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Prof. Mr.Srinivasan

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Sunny Agarwal

Videocon launched its DTH product called D2H. Electrolux. (5) DTH: In 2009. The table below listed shows the detail of the Videocon Industries which are as follows: . making it one of the largest consumer elextronic and home appliance companies in India.Videocon Industries: Videocon is an industrial Conglomerate with interests all over the world and based in india. PlanetM. Videocon group brands include Akai. etc. air conditioners. Poland. and Mexico. (6) Telecommunication: Videocon Telecommunication Ltd has licensed for mobile service operations across India. microwave ovens and many other home appliances. Toshibha. (2) Mobile phones: In November 2009 Videocon launched its new line of Mobile Phones. The Videocon group has an annual turnover of US$ 4.000 barrels of oil per day. Itlay. Poland. Next. Videocon offered LCD and TVs with built-in DTH satellite receiver with sizes 19 to 32 . selling through a multi-brand strategy with the largest sales and service network in india. washing machines. (3) Colour Picture tube glass: Videocon is one of the largest CPT glass manufacturers in the world. It launched its service on 7 march 2010 in Mumbai. Kenwood. Kelvinator. Sansui. operating in Mexico. As a pioneering offer in the Indian DTH market. and China. The Group has 17 manufacturing sites in India and plants in China. refrigerators. Philips(TV products). Itlay. Kenstar.1 billion. (4) Oil and Gas: An important asset for the group is its Rawa oil field with one of the lowest operating costs in the world producing 50. It is also the third largest picture tube manufacturer in the world. Hyundai. Moreover the Videocon group operates through six key sectors which are as follow: (1) Consumer electronics: In India the group sells consumer products like colour televisions.

power US$ 4 billion(2010) US$276 milion(2010) www. 10. 5. Customers are aware about videocon s products.satellite television. . Cheap price.Videocon Industries Type Industry Founded Founder(s) Headquarters Key People Products Public(Bse:511389) Conglomerate 1979 Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot Aurangabad. 3. 3rd Largest picture tube mainufacturing in india. Videocon has largest distribution manufacturing based across in india. Videocon has largest distributed capacity manufacturing base across india with 17 facilities and plant in china. Company has good brand name. Mexico. mobile phones.com Revenue Net Income Website Swot Analysis: Strenghts: 1.40000 units. Maharashtra. Globally acceptance. 2. Videocon has a network of 400 plus service and 85 mobile service vans to give better service to their customers. Poland.petroleum. Large brand basket. 7. 12.internet.Italy. Manufacturing capacity is 1. 13. 9. Multi brand basket 11. Tie up with the matsushita electric company of japan add to the goodwill of Videocon.videocon. India Venugopal Dhoot(Chairman) Consumer Electronics. Strong backward integration. 4. wireless. 8. 6.

No proper approach to largest customer. 6. Phillips. Growing semi urban market. 9. Due to financial facilities even the medium segment is going for it. This provides a great opportunity for ac manufacturers. Focused on unconventional channels. Competitor has a new innovative substitute product or service. No exclusive show rooms. 3. Less investment on advertisement of Videocon CTV. Moving into new attractive market segments. 5. A new competitor in your home market. 7. Opportunities: 1. Fewer margins to the distributor/dealer. Not providing good service. 10. Brand reputation is not good. . CRT technology is losing popularity. Less focus on unconventional channel. 11. 2. 4. 5. 7. During the climate of jaipur becomes hotter day by day and coolers do not fully satisfy the customers requirement. Videocon buy Thomoson color picture tube manufacturing plant. 6. Videocon takes over the Electrolux. 3. 5. and Malsushita is intense. Purchasing power of people is increasing day by day. 3. 12. 4. 8. Market condition like slumps in market. Brand trade barrier. Brand loyalty is more of LG and other company. now more and more people are going for it. 8. which might lead to conflict of interest unless effictevely managed. Weak promotional strategy of CTV.Weakness: 1. Threats: 1. 7. 9. Increased trade barrier. Videocon exploring whole new segment. 6. Industry is in increasing phase. 2. 2. Videocon international is going global. Competition in global CPT market especially from integrated players such as LG. Price has come down. 4. Entrance of global competitior like china. Wide brand basket. 8. Samsung. 9. Mergers joint venture of strategic alliances.

So main conclusion frames that company is there for enhancing profit but due to this company has struggle more and should determine according to the swot analysis.210.Product Current Scenario: VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES LTD.68 crores and rises in sep 08 but in sep 09 the profit is decreased.389.53 25.50 Sep 05 427. VCR.Moreover in sep 05 the profit is 427.99 0. Product Name Year Month Sales Quantity UOM PRODUCT REPORT Sales Product Value Mix (Crores) 5.67 48.22 Sep 06 818.15 0.32 7. In crores) Profit margin Net Profit Sep 09 400.66 Sep 08 982.26 93. . Audio And Sub-assemblies Audio & Other Electricals & Electronic Appliances Oil Crude Air Conditioners Gas Natural Service Income 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 2009 12 12 12 12 12 12 34137037 5807763 452115 437662 141657384 0 Numbers Numbers Metric Tonnes Numbers Cu Metres Profit Magin: (RS.17 55.88 671.51 TV Sets.16 2.68 As from the product details and profit margin the company is not performing well because profit is not obtained as for the previous four years.13 968.11 Sep 07 855.46 10.

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