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1. The Book of Lies (James Moloney version) was published by HarperCollins on may 26th 2004 it
also has 402 pages but I have only 125 of these.
2. The book of lies is a fantasy book and so is the rest of its’ series.

Part One
1. This story is set in the imaginary kingdom of Elster which is in the time of knights in shining
2. It is in the time of knights in shining armour.
3. Marcel: The hero of the story has a massive rivalry with Fergus and woke up in an orphanage and
couldn’t remember who he was at first thought his name was Robert but Bea told him his real
Fergus: Pretends to be really tough but I think he’ll change but at the moment he’s pretty stuck up
has a fake memory of himself.
Nicola: Also has a fake memory all she ever cares about herself with the fake memory but gets
better as she learns about herself.
Bea: Helps Marcel discover his real name and seems to be a great friend to Marcel she also has an
uncanny ability to be overlooked (great for hide and seek with the orphans).
Albert: Is Miss Timmins son who is the master of all the chores and tries to keep the orphans in
check (Marcel and Fergus).
Miss Timmins: Is the owner of the orphanage they all live in and is Alberts’ mum.
Lord Alwyn: A mysterious man who created the book of lies and gave Nicola and Fergus a
different memory and would have done the same to Marcel if Bea hadn’t stopped her
4. Marcel wakes up one morning in an orphanage not knowing who he is but as Bea informs him of
Last night Lord Alwyn tries to use the book of lies to give him a fake memory but Bea interrupts
(after lord Alwyn is gone of course because all the orphans are scared of him)
Fergus and Marcels’ rivalry ends up being stupid because they find out that they’re brothers and
that Nicola is their sister, but they don’t find that out until after a horse race which Is how a man
finds out about them and rescues them but because of that Marcel gets a ring on hi finger that
means a giant monster will come after him if he leaves the orphanage grounds so Marcel can’t
come with him.
They day after Nicola and Fergus have been rescued Bea get herself caught stealing the book of
lies by the giant beast Termagant they run into the stables hop on a horse and try to run away with
surprise they can’t control the horse it goes over to the waterfall and because of the book of lies it
grows wings and becomes a Pegasus and when it lands becomes a normal horse again. It’s a good
ending to the part but I would have liked it to have a bit more suspense (I love suspense)

1. I think he achieved his purpose of having a book that younger teenagers can read can read and love
but older people can still enjoy it too and I don’t think he has a moral in the story in part one if so
then I must have overlooked it and it wouldn’t be very obvious.