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table of 50
28 Cover art by
E. Marie Zeleny and Terri Rumin.

projects and online extras

• Enter the first-ever Artisan search
36 Art Journaling
• Upload your challenge art
D aw n D e v ri e s
Sokol • Share examples of your own art
Pages in Stages: Part 3 journal “Pages in Stages”
40 Paper or Plaster? • See more art from Patricia Gaignat
L e s l i e B ri e r and Ann Wood
A plastic pumpkin
makeover • Get more hat-painting tips from Kathy
44 Dead Man’s Party
M ic h a e l d e M e n g
56 departments
Skeletal assemblage

features 56 Chronorevelator
4 Musings
28 The Workshop J e a n C ampb e l l
Steampunk style 8 Who Did This?
Patricia Gai g n at
Faux silkscreen 62 Altered Metal Journals 10 The In-box
34 I Made This: Castaway Book Art J e s s I ta l ia Li n c o l n
12 In The Mix
Sara Na u ma n n 66 La Flora Fedora This Just In, Now Read This, A Look at…
Making It Stick, and On Our Radar
50 Artist Profile: Ann Wood Kat h y C a n o - M u ri l l o
22 Popping the Question:
S u s i e M o n day 76 Texture & Layers
Have you ever created “guerrilla” art?
96 An Artist’s Journey Li s a K e s l e r
With paint and stencils 24 Muse Flash
L o r e tta B e n e d e tt o M ar v e l A pastiche of creative inspiration

44 76 60 Reader Challenge Announcement:

“ A l l B u tt o n e d Up ”

65 Calling All Artists: C l o t h P a p e r

S c i ss o r s Artisan Search 2 0 1 1
68 “Make it Pretty” Calendar Contest
J u d g e s ’ C h o ic e

74 Announcing the 2012 Calendar

80 Reader Challenge Results
“ A Ha u n ti n g W e wi l l G o ”

88 Marketplace
94 Classifieds and Ad Index
98 Homework
Tips, prompts, ideas, and more from
this issue’s artists

September/October 2010 | C l o t h P a p e r S c i sso r s ® 5