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Easy Reading Bible Studies

Easy Reading Bible Studies

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Published by: leory6027 on Aug 18, 2010
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Note: We need to learn lessons from the good and bad experiences of the people in the Bible. We see
behind what ‘seemed to just happen’ that was really part of the great war between God and Satan. We see
how a loving God is trying to do everything He can to save sinful man!

Do we need any special help in understanding what God is trying to tell us in His Word?
1 Cor. 2:14 NIrV
- “Some people don’t have the Holy Spirit. They don’t accept the things that come from
the Spirit of God. Things like that are foolish to them. They can’t understand them. In fact, such things
can’t be understood without the Spirit’s help.”
Note: It was the Holy Spirit that inspired the prophets and helped them write. We need the same Holy Spirit
to help us understand what the Spirit is really trying to tell us in the Bible. It is very easy to misunderstand
or twist words to make things read the way we want to believe. [2 Peter 3:16]

Is it important to take time to really study the Bible?
John 5:39 ICV-
“You carefully study the Scriptures because you think that they give you eternal life.
Those are the same Scriptures that tell about me.”
Acts 17:11 NirV- “The Bereans were very glad to receive Paul’s message. They studied the Scriptures
carefully every day. They wanted to see if what Paul said was true...”
Note: The Bible is the most important book in the world. We should study it carefully and with prayer. We

need to try and understand: (1) Who first received the message? (2) Why it was given? (3) What did the
message mean to the people who first heard it?. We need to try and understand the meaning of each verse in
its context (what goes before and after). When we want to understand a topic, we should put all the texts on
the same subject together from all the Bible. It is wrong to take just one verse, and build a teaching on it
without the many other verses that talk of the same thing.

Did Jesus encourage others to use the Bible to better understand His life and work?
John 5:39 ICV -
“You carefully study the Scriptures because you think that they give you eternal life.
Those are the same Scriptures that tell about me!”
Luke 23:27 ICV - “Then Jesus began to explain everything that had been written about himself in the
Scriptures. He started with Moses, and then he talked about what all the prophets had said about him.”
Note: Jesus made it very clear that it was important to study and know what was in the Bible. If God wrote
us His messages, we need to understand what God is trying to tell us. In the judgment, we are responsible
for what God has been telling us in His word. Saying, “I was too busy” won’t be a good excuse. Jesus
said: The words I have spoken will be their judge on the last day! (John 12:48 GNB)
What is the right attitude to the study of the Bible so we can have the Holy Spirit to help us
John 7:17 ICV -
“If anyone chooses to do what God wants, then he will know that my teaching comes
from God. He will know that this teaching is not my own.”
Note: People often choose to believe only what they want to believe. (Paul warns against this in 2 Timothy
4:3) So, if we really want to know God’s truth, we must have the right attitude. We must really want to
know God’s will. This is why it is so important to pray before we read the Bible. God’s Spirit needs to
prepare our hearts to be ready to accept God’s will for our lives - even if it is not what we like!

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