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Easy Reading Bible Studies

Easy Reading Bible Studies

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Published by: leory6027 on Aug 18, 2010
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Note: Jesus is now doing everything He can to save us. The text says that Jesus is now pleading, or
interceding for us. Jesus is both our Intercessor and our Judge. If Jesus sees that we have put our lives
completely into His hands for eternity, then we will be safe to save.

How can we be sure our sins are forgiven so when they come up in the judgment that we have pardon
written by our name?
1Timothy 5:24 BBE
“The sins of some men are clearly seen, going before them to be judged; but with
others, their sins go after them.’
Note: If our sins go after us into the judgment, they are not forgiven and will condemn us. But, if we
confess our sins now, then our sins will now each have ‘pardon’ written by them in heaven. So, when our
name comes up in the final judgment, there will be nothing against us that is not already forgiven.

How can we live a life that pleases God and gives Him the glory for all that we do?
Philippians 4:13 TEV-
“ I have the strength to face all conditions by the power that Christ gives me.
Note: It is Jesus living His life through us - by the power of the Holy Spirit - that makes us like Jesus in


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