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(MUDDASIR ALL ‘Srinagar, June 22: Once again, the goveraments faim that it was coramit- ted to. promotion of Kashmir, a local 1an- ‘guage, has fallen flat. The Tecent job advertisement for the post of lecturers notified not even nuage. ‘Gat of more than 600 posts advertised by the sic service commission ‘month, Kashmiri ‘hasn't found a single post. Interestingly, the lan: (age bas been included 18th schedule ofthe Indian constitution a well rc for promotion of sbeligee ata Raskin dopa ‘eof Raahmir Uetver. ‘Shafi Shoug, theres so doube that Rashmir, Oe ofthe rest and od eat languages of South ‘a oon tl fe ie nee, Les ‘emnment over the years. “The Fromaion ote Tang ben simply nor the recent job advertisement isa clear index about 1” eta the Sgnoranca™ about the important af the Kashmir: language at th ba. eaueratic level was also re- Sponsile forts downfall Tae authorities need to full {ear coment towards language, Shouy said, ‘Kachmin was introduced at the University level in 1972, tll date more than 7000 dente avy qualified tr pect graduation degrees in Kessvmin, Hundreds ofthem hhave completed their doctor, ate dogrees and many of them have qualified various level ests including NET and SLET. Every year more than S0studente Come up with PC degrees ip Kashmiri and Savi namber do oot grad Ste inpvate cere tonoven Pd aco argevery year" aaid Shou Students and the have a ‘bleak future” given the afical apathy of te su thonties towards the lan guage, lamented another freee ofthe department fe said if government was really concemed about the KASHMIRI LANGUAGE GASPS FOR BREATH tae aie 1 een Seen iplbe is fat eine een CAE for future generations,” hesaid lg asics aeieteonc alee eey Sunt ees oe ee ee siey loach eae Sree me He added that the ernment Was fein hate oF agents getind fx etr evel Promedonal activites in 2006 government advertised lecturer posts atplus wo levels forvan ous subjecta. The PSC ondlucted interview’ or ‘various subjects land accordingly the ap: intments were made, ut the interviews ws withheld for Kash Scholars said even the Bed has not Kashmiri as ‘an optional subject,