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,]Pa:ssialli Is E"!(~ryilll:ing

2 Success. Is in YQl]I' DNA

3 Buil!cll Your Personal Bm~d! ij. A WlThQle New World

.5 CreaJt'e: Gre~l Contel1t

6 Choose Your P]art'onn

7 KeepIt Real ... V,ery Real

S. Cr-ealt:e ComnU.lillfty; Di.ggJ.Ilg YOUtr :rnltemet '['['endli 9 The! Be~'t M8)rl\:;eting Strategy Ever

](I Make !!he World Listen .~] Sumt MomcettLril1g

u. Ron w.i.1!:l!'l. U

] 3 Leg.~cy 15 Orealrer 'nan OJll1'el1CY

'CQlUlJdusion: The TilllJe Is Now. the Message ];s Forevet Appendllx. A: Did! Yeu Forg.~ ANyth~.lJig?

Appencilli: B:Pi:Y'e BusinessldeasI Won' r Get 10- They're Yours AbOlill.lllhe AlUlJl1{lF

Other Books by OaJrY VaYIDi.erchuk (red!1:\;


Abol!ll the Pllldls]ner

;rJi;il:' ~~ n A'Ii"iI ~·dg.·II]"'lilJljIl1"til!l lilli, ,-.1:\. ,U 'J'f'J' lI.~ 1ll.1l ~LI lJ;.~

This book couldn't have happened W]til0l)lLt so :rnl.l£!lny ])eop']ce First mtndj, foremost is the' '~¥,a[JJderfi:"~, til;art sorrounds me: M:y aJ"naring and: world-class l¥i.fe~ Lizzle is ]]'1.y parm,'er in enme and, the pmoll. whose: $1I,.I,pp-iJI1: a]]ow$ me to accomplish so m!l~lil; ,IIUY :~r:e(jt.\ 1"~Duu',a ,and. Sasha, ar-e my whole :~:u:fe and wltilout the~ll, I w,ouhlu,'t 'be bllf'itbe ]]1,ffi[JJ J :il1I.U; lM.y :!iifb]f.ngs~ liz and AJ~ are :Illly dearest friends and] ,[' adored eivery' S~OOln!rj growing u.p wilfu, them, And. my new' and most gn[n,a,zin,g love, .lny newbom, M:usha----i$he :fuJDS S"RD.O'WIl me ,a, love ,l .I.l~ver kulew was OWl there!

AHem: :my funnIly there is ami. ~m,azung team of people wh,o ~ve: h.e;~~oedl, ]])1e to do this:

Brsndoa W· """'I["iik.:>, iLl]'I;1 'b..,. .. j. ';i:'.;':iI" ....... ..(I O''''''!I}"P ·mp the ,~~~-..:I.....,...... ,j, ... , ..,11 ... ,"' ..... ' ..... U .. ';~1 '1_~'I;1 ' ...... ~.:I'" .... 'g . ..:I ..... ,.'"","ji ,0. "~ulU!I,,I\Il~, . , IW ,,~iI> c cr,,; l' . 'J IIJ ",,-::;'I!, ,ILlI. ,,",,,u,'I;.!1 ~ ,b'~, 'T 'I;;' • 'I;;i I!.. ~ ,1.1, IG t;;;'U!I;,!\~U ~.'I.o! 't!! L!' ~ L!' ,IJJ ~ _ "I;i~. , u,J .1 JI",/U.l~"'i~ ,!l,.h . .!' 'If'!' JJ~.

1l.e '\-V.ine L i,bm.ry fort; .Bobby SliHf.~n. ~]1y cousin, is ]11 .. 000 of all ohler. brother and one' ,at:' ]],1)' closest ·fliie':L1d:s,~ ,Matt m,y- assistant, is afriend and :p~rsO:l.l WI.10' .re:;.][y :he':~,1Ps me

th ~' . db" d I) tha I' .- fu'll---~' 'I'~ cit

. I' ': _" "-. "-. ': .... _: " --,_, ,=' ' .. = -'.~' - ,,'." I': '''':' I' ", .. C'I', .' ...... ,.' , . 'j' '- .•. ' .. .r .

]]'l'l):re an anynne on a, c a,.y w . ay ~!ns a,:D"n!_ ,or rl " run,:so ,grate, . ., am 1nJ . .y ,u _ Y itO

]na,ve him on ]]1~ ~I:]L Erik Kastner and John Kas~:u!tll~ni:s shewed me the' door of the' l~llte:[!l1et aad 1m;s:~ ~,ll1)ll,ge impact on .I.M.y views ~ndl ,~: adore theNl like fi!lITli:uUy"

:~[lud]y., '~]M:~' book J''(~U, taJr:.t'~' :8Ibout to reardl, had ]].01 :~y,er of g~btuug ~~IJJ ':[U' of j;"Q'l] WI,Olout: the EllfIlUlzi:m,g t~ln m Hmlh"~[~S'l11dl0'. The :fal:l~a~5tk Deibbi.e Sder ~iElJW lri1 .. e ~,peaik ~t ~l conference and Slid to hersel :fthatt De: was goha,g to ,puJb,]]sh me; she WIilIrS ]"jgJ~,t and her 'fliie':L1d:sh:u() and push anrj.1mugit]~ ~lUF.iillg this Pl'O~gS have: made this book hers as ll1UC:t:u. as, it

" , . ,

is mine. Bob Miller' s' VlS.lO]l SUPP011ed, this project from the 'Very be,ginn]ug when J first

~~p'ed. by to hang out iu his office The second I sat do' in Austin, Texas, with the SWplm,anieLaud;o 1 knew' she was going to help me write tb~:s. book, ]' could see d, in her. fSl~e E: knew ]],1.]1 c;"RD;arrm. ~.ndl, charisma w'er'e net .g'(llng '[0' be elrnl.O'l],gh, to win her ()rvt~:F' .. but atiter she :sa,w 1}a,SJd the chops, ~he jumped onboar.d,. A ~o~er~s])e~~al thanks to the lEIJdll.e:s at The' Bl"oolks Group, C:E!frolin,e', Niki, :H11ca~ and. of (lourg~ Rebecca; you ,guys are li.e best and, 1 til;fl[rhk you for your 14/7 efforts. To Peter. Klein, net only are :you a wonderful father-in-law, but your ,i~~]~lits W,' '\!',e:ry ]l[,eU:,pftut And finaJDy~ 'mhi~ W'QI1M, not. 00 me' book l[ is WiUlolLn the thoughtful comments of Travis Kalanick, who gave' me Ute' perfect. feedback in the 1alre ]11111in,g-s"

To isiU of these people, J arm deeply ,grat.eful

How badly do YO'll wanlt 1!0 cl1II,sh if!' ],ijl lit an ,~H-conSllim[llgfe.el.i:~g'? Do YOI1 Sl~ awake m: I1lghl1, you:r [)!mi~ swirn:l]'[i.l1g wil!:lmidlea~ and d['efUl1J.:;;? Are you w]]]]ng Ito dl;) wharev~r it Wtkesf(llll" the (:lance to live 'ellitlir,e]y on jiDw:rr.' OWll[erml'?' If so, you·rel.u:cky. You'r,e ~l,IcJky I)eC<l.MSe you l!\leUIl all ~ge of I,lltlMu!.ltchedOPPOl'l"JI}:uty furanjlQ]le wlith e:I1lough bustle, I),8!Henoo, and b]g dl"eam;r;. I shoaldknow, s:ince61at' s aU .~. had (10' wottk with.

Theee years agn ]w~s an anomaly, a guy witll vel'yl.imilIed! ~ht[Jd.{'Ig_y skins w]oo I!I!seci soci~~ media s.ites ]uke Paeeboek and! TwHte·r iUld Tl)J!:[!J.lblr to build a fu.i.ghly fuUining ~[ldprafitlbl.,epel'wl]a:l. brand. Bock men, OS! 10tt ofpeo1pilIC Wle['~ unwi.IUng ro (I,QCe[]'U il!luil! [he b'I!IlS]I1l;lSS wortd---tlLl;m soolety-w,aschpging, and .if I had tried to tellyourhat Y{ltl c:Q1iAld hi.ld a. h8~m:!:lS tbat createg wealth and the fM:OS·! :I'D.ilIPIJ~ne!lS you' 'lie ,ever bQWH wttfu :Il.othtingf'lllore thanpa~skm ~nd a WU]]ll.lgrl.ess. [0 work your face off, you mlgllil: not have beHevoo me. Now, tl.l(lIJ,l.gtn.,Ol·e OPPQl1I,)t[l[UeS a:re endless-vl d(liNi't thi.l1Jk enoughpeeple MVc;i yet ,gmspedi just how much sodelty and business and even tllle[!nienlet have ch!l!ll:g,'e~Il.d my SLQl}'uS about to become a Iot less unU~1iJ!aI. If YOliil w@lltiu badly e[lough., it can become yQlU stQl.ry', .i:r1I1 Ii ~O( leS$ ti:me mud! f'dra lot ]~S mQney.

Here'sl'riowfust dUlJ1.1,ge l\i;llS takfl:~ hold: I hel.ped 1mke .rn.y d1!d·slocllI.l. hqrllOI' steee, Sho:!Ypeit"'~, Di~col![ln Liqaors, aI[ld blc;::w itap ROOmn.four m:i]~liDll dollars lol'iJI:y million dol.!,!'Irs.un ei.gM YMr,fl (199'8-2005). I'mpreud of tl.llllt Bmasi.d.e [rcuna ton of ~d work,. itf.ooli; lni:mon~ of dollarsin advertisiag will mile New York TiltU3Ji, Wt1ile Spectator, a:lld Qll.~er pulbbceutions as well as radio sm1tioll;.';i Bll1:dI~(lCa~ TV" O.)IMpare~8t witllwlum. I :started bu:~[dullg .m.y pel'SQnillil [)nrnd :lin Pebmary 2iOOo_to tillS day li Il~:;;co~t me far ]eli~ i'[!J.I]1J.(Hley (less tlm $15,OOO}llLall .il1lJ. sweatt. and r:rn. having lU(lIrefun ilh![~ I'ye: eV1er had i:llI. HIY Ulfil1. You've got swem, ri.ghl? You may not have counectiens, ,or aM. e(b;rc~:l:iQlM, or wea.]ltJL1, btllt wiD eI].Qugh. passion and sweat YOI1 'Oa1l1 make anythf.llg happelJi.

You .Ni1~y ha'ilepi1kedl!lp ]111:5 book because yQI!l w~[!I( mknO\'i' tJLle sec;~ l:Ol~ly $UC(les:!il. Wcl], Hly OOCt~t IS thalt ] live by three prelty ~hniP'.le rules:

Love yO:U!r f:El![J]1J.Hy. Work St!lpedlani., 1, ive YOU["p.a!S:!:lfOIl,

Th a fsit., Notice th~lt I dou't me:ll1!iom&e lI:ute[,Ilet,Q'f ~o(:i,almedi@ tools, ore,v~ te;dlmo'li)gy, even tlll).~gh d.lq' have be~ crucial lloeverylJltiing]' lie .;:!C'{jmM.p~~:si,e;CI,un IJlle k!lst few y~ars. nat's because I :m~Sl,lre: lUY SUiJOOSllby how MPPY I am, not how b]g [he hsjneiils is Qr ho'w much ]'[lQl1ey['ve made. A~d thanks tofQUO'wl:ng ~},(::~se three m]~, ['11],]00 pem~e'lH hawy-

n(J,ll 'n bei~~ev·e me? Tfu.i,nikif s not IlOss:~lble?[ :ll1,'()m.lS,{l yO"lJ! :ntis.,

If'yeu don't ~]re.!'!dy live theml'stpri]].cipLe, gm on it, beca~~e wh>E!Jt I'm going'W jell YOll :i:l'n, i:1lds book is·WQUii]]]e,ss ifyolJ,'.renot wik~,ng cue OfyOl,lf f.aJI.Mjly_ YOliiLrfal:u:u]y always (lomesllr(lt B'nIIl ifyol1've g01 D@( [:):rioirHy str~lghl, aud you're w{lrking h;EUrd, ,~nd YO!],'oo lltiUl1l0t WO percent lTI,(MP[)Y" it's p:mb~b~y beeause YOl!ll'l.'e netliving Y0l,lil,' P~SS'I[IIIJL A][d _t, myfi"]e:nds,:dthoug}' Is (l\I]ly ene-tbird of the seeret to SlI,Ioce,ss,us tile wll{ilek:ey [0 staking y01!1!I claim in t~e :lThew business wo~d we live in [:orn:~y_

live you:1" p~:\!io.IJL Wh~lt does illlat nleilltl~alJyway? It meanstihal whenYQ111 gel. Ul) for werk eeerymomiag, every sIJlg[ern.m.·l1Jlllg. 'YOM are pumped beeause YOl,] getto Udk abOl)[t OF work with orr d!otl-le thing tha~~Jltere.sts you the most in 'lhewo.rld,You don't ]]ve for 'I{~c~li.O:l]s becEliUs.e YOI,li dQllJ't need iI. btreakEI1)Ul wh;flitYO:l)Jl're dQlung-----'wOll'ld.n~!JiI;ay~.I]g, ~[JJd relaxing Irre QlI1lf: ,(Mnd the same. You don'teven pay altteulUi{m to how manybc.li1JJS yo!,]'re working becsuse to you, it's not rea]]y work You're making money ,but you'd do wbatever :iilti;s you're d(l,ing fOirffffle_

noes th~s sound li:loce YQu'? Al'e you living',. or jlil5team:illg a .[ivfng?' YOliil spend so 11l1l.!n!Qh~ime at wQllli~ why was1te ]t doing <\I!nIyth:ii[lg other lilian what youlovemost? tlfe is too :shQirtfQf that Y Oil owe it to YQl,u'S!elno m;ake ;a1M:a,'ics]ve chang-e for lIEle beotlt:er, snd ~U you iave:I!Q d,o is g'O online and! Slalll1!ls:ing the (DO]::; w~iti[JJg fdE ymI&ere.

ln 'I:Illi,!'; book I'II.ex!p]e:in S1!ep by !>l~!) how~o use ~JI '!he; soc]al netwQi§(ldng t'OQ[s on the [nteillet to take whalWve.r ~t: is that rocks yOl!Q:r wodd-tl~e ;a~ti¥]rty (hatt you WQ[I]d do e;very miaute i:f!dd7 the' toP]!;: tim you JUS! ean't shm up about,. ilie product that YOl).l. would ]]kei(llpIIJJti:mJ. everyom:e'!il Filands-and build 'utinto not just Q bil]siness but ~ !}Qwerfu[per~Q]la[ br.E!Jlld that makes y01!ll, <!liU[}le M:1QIle<y a:IlJJdI,IIIO'l:eUIlliPOl~t bl.·.ing~yol!il ~U tle~app]uess YOll. 'cou]d ever \lj"~llILrom: these ·of yO'![Il ~I:ready ]i.v:ung Y()Il!!I:f pa.ssiolTI b:ul hM:IlJgry tD boost: Yi(ilJif business i;;v'enfudhe.r. you'U find .~ome jf~hideas OIl~OW [D do 'i:I!I.:EIl, BiS will anYQlle :unterested u'[JJ dev1eiop:il1ga sifO]!lg bl:and :idenritymr I[I1l ,a[ready llxlSldngp[·odlll.G1 or seIY]oe.

AliII.1Q:l1lg fie ropi.cs we']] cover;

,", How [(II ,crrrrectlly chanuel YOlJrpas5~01I. :i:mIQ a b[og fo]]oweCl by dlO1,J:!!8!lld;.S Qf poopl.,ei:l]~erestedJ .1,1]. ooIlJSIJ,I][l:i:mJ..g YOliir personal br:1ll1d

• Wl!.atl"~~fuil!Jlstle [oob like_

• How to geit the anention of advenisera :i.tCI:iLllg t.o· give YOl1a. poruen of the;~r b]][l!l)U doI[arsin adrevenne,

I Why bu:u]ding a~ersoll@1 brand thrQ!:!gh :SOGi~1 luooi@ lS (:111~i!!!.lti)~lIUfus~io:l1I.~. survival orndadV1!l:l1I.oeoulellll, nO'[I1JaJtte:rr what your field,

I, Wiy you shouM nl~ep]aR-s to gn.'DW a business around YQl:n:pe['SO:I1I..a~. brand ~I]d leave your >CUlrffl[ll[ job even if you'.m~]]ye!tll(p]oyt\d.

'. How ~od::1~ uetworking gives yowllie· dati! yeu need to find ]}.e next $rO(';i;E1I. trend a:l1I.dIIna:l1l.()i,al QPPOl1!lil.ltty,

I Why savvy iiioci,aftn~orJ!.cel:s, !i\:re grei¥tcoclirtali.~ PallY guests, ud fuoc;DW you Galil

become one, toe.

I How romo:m;:i(i:ze youri]]ller~cti()ll wiidleve:n}l persoIJJ. j'<CiU. mlk ro rOuble_ .' The best m.lWti.IJJ[g si[raJtegy ~y,er.

I Wlm!er,e[0 fis.l f~r diverse S<ClUim::es Oofre'lletlw.e_

• How ()()ll1Jpuh~s ShDU]d uSie ®od:1l.] nC;:1f!il,l,orks, h~' sfu{!(pe their story a:I1ld ;il!trl5lil!g]}.el1 thei:r brand.

I HOoW to bumdlegacy., WhlOh i.s,:1I~wl! than 'CI1~Tell(;y and themortst to a s:uc~ssfiil.I., lasting brand and b<l!iliii~ne(ls.

Sod a[ media gi.v,e el1l.trepreneiLIJS a'l1I.([ businesses ,miD l1il.1'~.recedel]led dJiilllQe roengmge wilili lilieir customers and CQ(ILUl1l1!.Il~Care their mes-~ag'e_ nose whoc:!a:1ilL hamess their pssston [0 !he unbeliev.alb]e :reE!dh and! po,wer of these tool:!) areia ~ position to ()l1lsll1 ]It on alevel tile w'o.rld has never seen,

Ev~o:~e knows the Internm I:,e(mesents Qne of me b.iggest GI[IlINr~1 shlift';l since tile p:[,]I1l!:ing :prellS, but I think soOde;ty has been s]ow to rooogn:~:reU''pres.'eruts. tihe bii.ggesr :!lhm~n hlStO'IY ill l1QW wedlQ b1[ll$]ness .. Like, ever. It's mamred fr·om a hElivelll Eor codil1ig geeb to a secoud hO.llIle for :mQs1tAI]1[erica:u. who sti~1 spend GQllIltlieJlS hours sholPp.ililLg O1!!lI.i:llce: but who aTe ~I,w .ilmccl:,ea.';l~.Ilg] their soc:.Uiil lives there Wiim[ks to n~twQI'k.i]l.g :sUes hire .Facebook, YQ~.ThJbe, Fliekr, Tumblr, and TwUW1"_]umalkes iQtaill sense tiI'l;1I1 if tfuis ]5: where [he 'eyebaft~sare: going, this is where 'bl]s·Eness has !to go_ MOlThey goes where ~op]ego-'wh,ere there ]snn aadience, ~dlveillSerll a:re eager to fb]]ow _ They used 10 :spe:l1.d tbe;i[" money 0:111. tr<!'!diticma]lilL.led[a-radio, television, new:spa'pers.. a:l1I.d .Inag~n~_ Those platfonns ~ b$~ng ey~balb 00 the (l.ll]~n'\\l world by al~ second, a' media GQI:npa:l1l.les never O.IIIll[e:menled rllle leaner, meallie>]" business model they neededto sltny ~l.ive_ Uey're de.a:d. If the :SUn'nvors 1:111. the [!t1Id:it]Qi~1 media don't adj'~$( to this new (lOlnl)mM:o:r,. thirty yem fm1l11ilLOW rOUIl" kids wm examine rilll~l ilJJ[l[l]SJeUlIIIS wUh tile: :!lame (:t:lrio~~[y they now re~el:v'e fOE d1:1105:11U1" bones a[ldf~~s;iI:\l.

] 'm going 'to m.aike a I CIt. ofm.ass]ve, boid s'talle.l:l1l.!enlts :in thisbook, butlet me a$~w.reyO:I[Il ~1at I'mnot trying to be a shook jeek. [ wo:uld'lJ]'t ~y @IlJyth:ung tudess I' d til:lol)!ghirlll)]lg aad ]wJrd about Iu.

Advenisers ~nd iC:QImp:ilI1~.~ n~ to $p~lld~lQJilH~Y to' s,wya~lVe, so wl1Y $hQ!I,I.ldrrn.·~ ill1ey SPC;]l:(i iit 011 yOU.? Byooi.ldllrlg: ,~. :Pe1'S.'OIl!a[ brand I1s,i11lJ.g :l)oci~lliIlleclf1l Ilem~rks>yot].'re ])\raclkally d(llj~lg the'..I1Jl a fl!!V'o1"_ Since theo!dyilliveslnllenlt: it tUe:':' 00 'I![se these $,ilt:eS to grow a blj1.')]l:lessus rid:iCl].I{lU8 aEIownlS ofrrhne Md hiustle, these platforms !ITe QI~I] to whoever hall got ]lle chops m get .in.l!!h.e ~f]I.e, That's yow, ri.gin.f?

Bm" Oary, WI]The: of yl)!~ i:Migilt be saying, :my passion fSil1L'[ somctfui11lJ.g coo] and[e~il Ifirliendly ]]ke wine. ['minto World of Wall.emjl ['m obsessed wi.Q. belly d~1l1c;ing_1 rregml~.I.y !priss off lM.yw:iife becauseI'd m1!ier hoDe up inthe basell]e:l1lt with my friends p.l~y~ng~ce'r-d;s ~Il do ~[Jjyth:ing else, I wanrto btliMa business" bUlt the'l'e:' s no .m(ll.~.ey to .1'J,e made lnlt[lat P']IJS, r vegot rent 01" amo.rttgage,kid:fl a:ndeMe:']Y·~l:ents. smdc;.luloans @[Id carpayme!1.E:s,

Yeah. 'I'I'e:lI], so d:id PtrezHlUol1, ~nd ZeFrank and V'e:~·OI]]c.EI Bel~l;(lJllt, ~~d Hea&er Cock~ {me] Jessiea .MQ:I'g_flll1 (go.ftlgyo1l1=Slelfrypepad.,!com),. Dey mmlly crushedit, wn.d yQ!:! can, [:OQ,. Do it now.

Bl!I!:l, Gary, S·O:I1I.lflOl1e else IHlght say, have YOlii kept liILP w:uJt!b me news over the past few y.earS? nee:oo~en:l1iY has bk:en mr. beatJing, alet rof :peotp]e h@ve ]O~l jobs" 'COllsumel'S srenot ~pe:l11di:llg like theyonee did, and advettisersare f;a!r more conservative than th~ used to be- 1']][1 re:~d! thf.s book to ])iIOlI].ahem~ fQ:r Ule ®y w'hm[lmow for SUT.-e it' S Ii gcIQdi.1ti:me 00 SWirE 11 busine:ss"

It 's .11€vel' a had ,~i:I,I'I'e to stem (I' btl~iness tmies:fi )IOu 're .slar.iing a mediocre. bw;fnt:'s.s_1 *i:~k economic downturns .~:eIP['e.sent a huge QlWorm:[llHyfore'i,i'e:ryO!~.e 1tO gel [fltei:r focus Oil <'!!l'Id start W c:.Ill1sh It The ll;e:rsoll wfuo .Q;!:IDl diDlHluate dU[' roup times i(; jheperson w~o can dominate, :pel'iocl Yes, we've seen alot Qfpoopl.e close 1,11) sl1.(1) Ye£I!rll" but ifthe:y had offer'ed a reie1fNJ;1I1 .o,n,d difJ8r-e7jnatedprodi~c.t orservice, had been ;ad!a[)_bl.e:" @[Id most of ~n had bown bow to, te[[ uldr s~ory, they woJilldn"U hay1e fu,,,..d. to diose. I bow that" s au l,1utpQPul ar rui:llg to s;!'I!Y" but 1 [h][Ik Olloe aitld ~.Inld:ersw:~d hQW our O,]Uure haschanged and. w~at the: next\l or lTlo:[-needi~. 1tO do 10 make diii :I11@rk, Y01!ll.'U. ~g[t:e witliD[I1H':~BOO:~li:llg~OO:lThQrnfes like tbe Q]][e:lfuatrece.I11tly elTldJed k~p ~Ilki~ds rof l!)us:mnesse:s ~:l100i1 1!i£l!t .\lho'llid have SlIlnk: ~.~OI.Ilg time:1lg:t_), .01100 the winds shrift, there's only room ~e:ft fei!: tIl·e: be:.\ltWhart kind of b~ull~s di.d YOlltp:]e'r:tO.l] sWlni:IDlg, amediocee one Qr o:~e:lhau'ski.clo;=ac$s? You kIl:Qwth,er:igliDl @IJJswer. F'(),]~ow ~ftle sugges[lollS laid om i.ll[liD:is book p,dyour b:u:,slness will be smnding ~rldpr(IJf:i.Ulbl:efQr as teng as you want .utOO be, Plus, Y01!ll. will hl;aJve a.chieivedlTJ.lo.OO p:mfe:ssi.OI]~. !Jiap!pluness t11.l~rI YoOt] ever i:~:l~glned,

MBj'lbe you'.reot]t of work a.iLld you're llfu.ilTlting you .migh.t dabble \VitED ',\jonu:: 00:1" tbe ide9$ .inlbh: b-ocd:: eve.!}' day akr YOlll send om yuur resume !Uld!mak:ea fe'!W calls (til:e mdi1tioo:;!l ['eslune, Ib~ the way,lsabout to become Q'itlsolde" but Ill·Oife on that LaiWFl Tell me tillis, tholllgh.: Did you jill Hlp up every meming eager ~'O go tOo ~tjo!b'yot:! Rosl? If'net; why <lire yOM ~{)oki:~.gfbr another o:~e:jll111l likeut? Y ()ll1 have <lirl I.mbdle:vable: opprornlll!ty. Use all this extra tane YOll h.a!ve IQl'einn:venrt yourself QiI: follow a tomlly diffu!t'e'IU patl1 Iftrom the one you Weire on before, maybe one where the only thing m ~eenduSrl' t a

(;us.tom.-engl'.a.ved W:!!JWlth~t lr~c]s "Thanks for YO!,]I' service:"';llJtld @ s,~rif~arJ:id.;m..!Fr farewell di:~:f];erlo s@:~d you offi]!looreh:ooment Yon GfllIlJ do be1lil:er so ~Qng as you're w]]]:iing to~:~ ... ~ ~nd bireathe YOm"!S<S(OIl Do that ~lJIldYQIl.·1l [1(1 longer diJferelJilime between YOllr worl1:: life and yourpersonsllife, You' ll j'~5( live, alma ]ove d.ohl!lg it

A:s far those of yOl!l! fiirtiiU employed. ,eve'll ·~.~PP!]~Y enlpl.,oyed, tbls book is for you, teo, MQ:~IIlJy words, if you W~llitlo fHay relevant and com.petitive 1U the co:m.irlg y'ears--l dQn'1i care if yol)!!'re ][i sa.ftes"t.ech,.fin~cc; pub~lsJhting, joumalisui, eveon1p.lannl.ll!g, "tiyl!i1s~lless deve:]O])iM:liI~nt. retail, 5t1rv.ilOe,.you~;El!me: .U:-you. wi]] still need to deve]o!p' a:~:d grow your~rson1!1 bl!lmd. Every"Otlle-:EVEiRYONE---1100dls to start 1ili:inki:ng of me[lTIstllves as a "tiyr~j[ld_ Itis ]]0 ]QI~g,er an Dp1ti.(I.I].; ]i!. ill aaeeesshy.

My DNAl:I11ade me want oosta:m businesses ;1!IfIIdgo b.ig aITld bo]dillnd con,q:M,er tile world ~ml ,erus.llD. ]]n.e 'co1tU!preliti.o]![ ~I]d buy the New YQlM Jets, and there ~re ,a lot 'OfYOlll :r-e.a:di.l.lg' u[ri~ book who see wfuat I've done and ilhuuk, "Yed, ]h@[':1l ~wesome!" ]' 'lie got iii. lotto sJr1aJ1e wHh you .. ButifthafSrlot you, I &imi.k~: can BW.lllelJl youeur, Mayoo Y(llJJr DNA i~~ola]~y diJfere[Jil fr'Qm :mine, YOl!l! just WaJn~U1live c01l1fonah]Y,p:mvi,d,e fo!l" your Iil)v,ed Ol1.eS,pr'epa:oo for thefulnJoo., and :liTI!ot worry lOOI.IUUGl1. Y01![''I''e set The aver~ge lJ,g, $a]1ilry ]S IDUl[I!]J:0140-50K You Ca:Ill earn~al doing ,(I job youlove or ~. job YOli!! bm,e, P]emJ~e (:hoose love!'

Of OOUif$e MI.Qney ane! seclI1[·tly maners,llnd I IUlll very aw~re (hat ]][l~l.lY reop~e~ive 1)'.alYoheck 00 :p®yohedk.. Let tnt;; :r-eiterO:1!t,e th!lLt ~e process lam g.'(l!illg to be: mlking ai;lo'lIt 1trukes a, [Q:tQ[llme;, amtd! focus, b1ill.t nQlI a kit of dioI[ars, if any" "nl.ail,my frit;:.-ll{t$" is tile g:Mle 'change['~ ev,eryone has ,a. shot, not just. 11h~5e wlth e;liltn:a cash ..

Leam tQlive ~OlJr pass:i.Q<n, (!:U!d you·lI. haveall the m()]!l,ey yon need !p,llIJs total control ov,erY01![r Q,WIilI dest~.ny., That' 5 111. pretty ()Q'flllf"dIDtable pl;acew be, wOl)!!Id][I't yO"lJl. say?

Whalt if you. just don't have: a hard om;,inessiu;sHnot? 0:0.1]."1 W01.TY; $ldUs are clIeap, !)mi~5~onis I,l['keless.]f YOl!!'repass.uon.8Jle nholllt your (lQlJJ(e!lllt md YI)l!! knowirand do it better thamtany()l~e else;, evell will :few formal bws:inesi\l s.kill:s YOl)!! have the potential to ((reaile 111. nlu]]hm~do~hm business, Here's why:ld':[l~y you. love to ·.f:i:sh, ;EJind! y'GU halPpell! to bow alead ~boilit W,or]][l['l" In. fa.c<t:, you're embarrassed at fuow much youlike worms a:~d like to wU,about WOrEill:fll_ But there' S~Q w.ay you. (mil make 11:l{illlJey on W(ln"!il$, :rugiu? \Vocmg_ Yom CD Ilse&e Internet to' bllii.ld a 1)~.atfb!l1n where you. can 1t:(IIk about WOr]][lS to your heart' s, cemem. Passio:ITIis. OglJlla:gUonf;. ]fy(1)ll d}DIli(':[ :iit ]l1It:o creating 8Lfl:Mlzing (lOI1l:ent a:Ild d:i,s(ribm'e (halt ()01m.1IelJ!t usiagthe soc;ial medliatoob 1 disGus$i~. this book, !3omoone like me win.o :I'OOks at business devdopmem will e\l'~llitJLl.@llyfind 'it and become a fan, ne day ] l1ewr YOlill say that you. ca:n use :iI pa[iaCIUIm: kind 'of wm:nl to catch 80 JIen;e:Ilt ]][l~re ll!E!5S[fi1:~11 y,ou r:Might otherwise, I'm going to ~ee the business OPPO:roJ..Inity and contact you, Togelher' we cresteanceline show 0[" a w:r~Jtilmn. hlog or a:I"II. alU<i:i,Q podcast ~rQlj[ll!d YO"!1Il'iPi@ssion to reachtbe li'i~h]ng mar.k:m:!)l~ce.a billiol]"doHari~dm:l'try, We I.aunc~ ]he cOI:U:e:nlt,Bl1d peopl,eaJle[y dmwn (II) you, we build a 'C01UnlliilDl.Hy by (ap~ltal:izi~g 01] ~U the soc;ualnledli,a~Qo~s aad wchiuJ.qlUes alt <QI,U di~pOSfl]" we WQI.'k ~s muy l'D.ourgas ~os~ibk,. amtd~ext tfu:iMg we klJJow we [ulIVe the b[ggest li'i;!lhl.l1g hJrec©miP!S!rIYi:~.

~e Gm;m1;lrYillsJdng to ~dv~l1is.e OIl QUif site. Frcm tl:1J~"e we start bui.ldling wo:rd ofm.Qi~tI1 ~l"'Id O]}el"'l~llg l[.~ more 'ITev,enu.e str~a!fI1LS> and kCl.chi}~gl Your ])\S!SiSltlllfo'J" wormsin nmd.e:1111 with my :pE!s.:[l~ollfu:rl.'lwz dey will. lm~v.i.mbl.y result III a bU$i~e$-s that ,cmsJl·esit lluunks to tile ;El:ccessi.bility m:udJre<lm of sodal media ~l"'Id~e zero' cosu,al.lYQl.l1Je can do ]Mis_ Sal.esm,8J1l 8wve wFrto rocked selling fer Ulockl;M,ISle!l." needs to find One Man SWill tilt:

Felli:lli f!l'IJJ ilndbl,lild aJm:iU:i.QIlHiollarlMovle>-l1eV]elV business. Joanne Jogge(lwho cihfOI][c]e..s her ]111;a!f~th(,'!lltr~~.fI~ng~ needs t:o find Marketer Marv[[I @nd 'cn;:~.'l:e a! runniag blog ufu@tli::]Us it aJIld.aitra~ts Nike as a spQ:l1:-50r_ Tnereis fClio.nlbr everyone: inthe world of sceialmedia, whdcln ]s&e S:Sime as Slilying thl!lltlh~usroomll fOT 'eyeryQ~e .i.ll.~od!ay' s l)'I!IlSll1eSS world_


Everybody wias .Intllese sCe:l1arios,. Sum mld Joanne 1]111I.Y seem like Ole bi.g wiul:le!l's becaase tIlley'.re e[lj~:ing some:fiml(l, yet off illl:lilJe backmO:M11, if Steve: pi! MW1!in are their passion, believe me, Dey'r-erockblg thlllt pany hard, lnr.a.c't~fo:r all the Web Ifa:lne ~llJd naltn.onal TV '~l}[Jearance~ and oover,a;ge I have received,ifs the ]b.ehnnd..;thc;:..s.cenes bl',and bui[d:iinglbalt ha!\l givenmemore ~PI)l:n.e!lS tha[ll !!l'l"[ytbing ,e~S>e-

Maybe: you're l:eadi.llig thissnd ]}.i[llki:llJg, Cool, J '.1.\1<1 (j b.tlsines.spersol1, J dem 's l1£fve ta .~hil1k afJ.(ml' my passion, ljus.~ have to find S-OJ1MOne else who's p.assionate and use their cO.~t'en~ /'0 Cl"~al'ea business_ Maybe_]f your PillS~:UO!ll., youl' tnJl?hllUe~siSfoll.uslJi>t Jbill1ls~ne::;s d'eve]opmen(andrn.!llLkeui!l.lg ~d :I)~des> YQu[Ileedw,flglll!.fe Q'~U wfui;aJ(il fs and do 9~lin~(ej,lJd, 'othe1'Wise' you'll. fail If yow do have [!11m [)!!.ssi.{UlJ for biZ dev, however, YOl)[ ]"111m' ]11Qt need ,ill partner m all, ~ d.:idn't

The message!:i in. OlLis book ID:,(:: tumeles:s: DII) whl!!l makes you MPIJY. KJeeput s:i:MJlpi!e'. Do ru'll.ereseaI'ch, Work hard, Look a:h.ead, Remembe.rr that whe:~[ !>taJ1ed Wi:lThe Ubr~ TVi:M1. 2-0106,. Faoeibook WaS :sun a .cQ]]ege p~ay; I did!n't WUllilW be the artie!)]' g:IUY!p>f.ld!d~~llg. w]ne to !,mcierage kids, :[!lO' 1 ()(J!1Mn' t use it to bring an I;ll[l!;diiellce to [illY online s:h.ow. Twutlrer. had just been bom <!]Dd~iO ~e knew wFrtal it ~~~S_ Once ufuese :\!iocj,lIlmerwo:rklng p.~atfonns cillUgh.t on w:~,th 9!e ge;I"D!era[ J)o;p~I~lion, hQweY,el',[ was all over ~em and knew how to l"IDl;aike them work forme; but they QiJ11y accelersred my Sl]Coes5----,tih.ey di!d!IlJ.·t create; ]t Kee;p thaili~. mind ~s you SlalltopU( yOl!il.f dlreams Imdp]~$i~to !W"lio[l_ ne [001:5 we're going to dis~s$ .im! tJ[i:l) book win spread YOl!il.r ideaJs and YOIU§pc;:JsollJid brandmcee

!:rraCUCIiJi ~.[! far lesstime ~d for far Iessmoaey thas YQ~[IiJl[gh:t halve been .ab]e ¥o do. oWn:erWlSte, 1m! they am only as pv'Weljul.cttJ thepe-r:sonwho MSeJ1 Ihem"

Tbe;jrp>Clwer isalso only as :~lrcmg BJS theiJrrn:o~,t reeem lncarnaMon. Tochrn()~ogy wn.d i:mtM!o¥·a!tion and ool'lsUJer demand are wo:rkingto~the1"at sud], a ft:'ellzieClpac:e tl£l!l by tile time you read Uris: book SQ]!Jl·e (If tile 'capl0Jbmilies £!jllJd :r:eacl\L of these !P'IMfO:[!luc~ will have ~I.r:eady cil;8)llJged.. .RegaJ.'d~es:s. of what oha:nges we seein t!h.eli!t{le detams In the user i]]1terface or l:uldlivldual feaW['e$ of ~hel>e~oo~s,thq WQ:Il 't B:ffecl ~[]e blgpicl!JI.',e-Y0ll!! ~Iill pimp your ride, bu!t tll;~t. doesn't cilJ]lnge the 6-5Senet: of how you travel (11 }lOP car, Tillese 1!0i)1:s willmke: yot! to Y01!l!:raud:iell.ce,.whleoo you. can fQn.OVi'llIeall, reach out, !UTId IMake me[ln listen,

I can shO'w Y()'U how [0 use social media to plaeta gardemt. or b:ui.M a w}Tho!Je !lev,;' }louse_ Some of you. WaJIlJt to be Inar_YQ£ of the who![e damn ci.ty, OIllJd 1 ~:E!il'l help yO'u gel 'I1l.ere_ B~!t riO :mavt'er }low mOO.e:::t]y or }'nigh yow set your sights, you ll:;lve to keep tOlld:i~g ElIlJd. adjlJ~shl'lg and nl;8Jklng .hl1ipro,veM:lents once: I"llli gone_. No. matter I®ow sMcce~sful yo'l,l get, you cal'l[lot $I,a~k off or ~i1egr;;lS$ ]~going [to grow ,~e paint is goiDlg to. peel, ;a!l'Id the rroads will S(iIII'([Q cmmble, SLOP lus.fl:ulIl.g, ~lldeve:ryIJhilllg }loll!! learn here wi]] be useleS$, Y·our sucGe~~i:llelllf,rdy Uil) to YOl!ll.

I-Jer,e's fIe deal: if yO!U. w,ant it badly ellJough, the m.o:~ey lS ]:}There, ]:}The sl)Ilccess is there, and De&lftimrnerut An yo!_] have to. do, is take it 80 ~lIJut wfuti1lIij:lillg, qWLI! crying, i(!JIJIU will. De ,eOCmllSe\l_ If y(}U d:eadybve afuU.;(Ji:me job, you 'C!1l1lIi get ;aJIOl done betweeu 7:00 p,1'!.( and 2:{I0 A.M~ {9:00P_M to 3:00 A,M.if you've go.t kids), so learn 10 I o '!Ie working duting those p:~wn hours. [ pnm.luseult won't be harduf Y01i1l.'re doing wha!t you love nlor:e fl,~1lJ aJnyUling else I don'tcare if your tp!i'lssiollJ isrehabili!tauin.g abandened ferrets; If YQl]~ea!r.l1tl;l 1!ap ]lJ!toeve:ryt[ling tho di.g~.l:d world has, yOt~. em. turn w8te:riDlt{) w:i:ne-you. 'can &al1dof.l:lill what yom love ~l:1to ~. ],~j]ding bus;iness thatmakes Ii crDlp~.oad ©f ]llllQl'Iey> aad sUU be true W, youI's.elf.

Ulltimatdy this book ]$ ]lot ;abOUIt .rn.akiing a 1J1]]~_foll dIJ]](l]'$, dtillollagh it just m:igfut Ilel]l you do. that It's ,ab(lllJt erll$'luung yQ'~ own l'lBPP]l1eSs byenalillilillg YQu~oHve every day pi;lS!lUonate~y ,and pr,odm::,u.vely_ ]~h1l5]n~SU$ not just about making llJiOUey, and [fyol![ 'I1link H is, yOl,!!'~.'e bm:l~eu. ]fyou':re a[ready f,@m[l[BI"witftl thThe sooial nl.arkeiUng t'OOls we'll. discuss in 'liil:ill book, .~ hope you' Upa!y anenti@l'I to the big [)wCU1J[re_ ]:f s tee easy toforgel what .rea[[y l:IillaIlers OllQe yO't!'r:e diggilillg deep' (IJJ ]lese u'

Learn lQ~.a.V).ga!e lte digiml. 'I.-'i'atel'~ of socimllrll1.kdingto b1!lLild a IJIlJ$ !'l:l1iid p:romlf1.ote a persona]. I)r!rn.d based 1l!I'' Wb8!t you ]o'!;'e[liJlost. and you. will "m[y be ]umuted by }ThO'w far you wronl to :!l! Soclalmedli,a w(llsr-Faoebook, TwiUer, F]lclt;V, ,and all tbe :!:elll'--<l:relModeirill-da_y gd.~5 that WlU CUlly yow to the :~ew world, yOM to $hare~I'01U l)ass.i(!l.rIl., dlfJ,erelUi.arr:e yourself IDl"OIlJJ YOIl!!" >coll1lpeti.WF.S, and deliver your brand ~Q the;l.]e audienee.

My :!lOO'r~1 to SILICCe.'OS, is jllst one g:uY'!l way of'dotiillg thfllgs, of CQ1!J].r;se.,~ll.[t do thfngs MI.y w~y--adapted. UJ' what worksferyour DNA,. OifCOUil'se-mnd [(lital.~:Ufppl[JJesS,ls yours.

I am. ~ walking OO,I]('UOU, NQ' enebelleves in billlself Ul(ll!e tilll1r[l[ do, yet. -r mwell ~wa!r~ of how !1l11llUjpQIllUl!: I :re;;l[~.y am, [ ,co(!ddln't CIiWe less wl:laltpoople!li.k sboutme, liJ.'M:rn do respect and :pay anel1ltlol] U)wlln~l they ~~ay., Wl~['I view'en'i posted QQ.lTIime:I!Ii.U:i 011 a l'e{ieHlt ep!i~Qd.e of nj~tiQn (one of De video b.~Og-501:l the Internet) £~yi[lg. thait 1 was oIblllaxi{IIJS ]n the fonlLrn.s of tIn.€: ~hQW, ] swyed [J~1' U!tllt:i] 4 :00 AM. ,~po~.og-]zing to every o~eoU:lelM_ I love building busiuesses aad lBlij[lci1illlg :l<ew ve:l!Iill!1l.res" but tlleon~y I',eason I Y.e!h~e M:Hlll!eyi$. illl~t I'm. going to need a lot 'of H when I !bIJlaY the Ne·w "{O['1ie Jets (I' m ]lot kiddling,] [-ea~[y do 'Want to owntfu.e Jets! This has been all! obsession oflJilli:n:e stll!(le thlrd g;md-e). A[ld;;l~thougfu .. (he story '0'[ haw I became whal!: ABC News (:(l][ed the "Social Medi~ Seunnelier," Slat:e:~fermd 00' ll!.!:l "the wine gl!J!:fl)l for the YQuTube era," a]TId N!ghtline [IU1!ed "itll~ Way!tl~'sWo['ld wine a:f[c;uoM;EJjd~)"·~si1l.1 senne ways the l.nOSI OOlTIIHon,uli:afl;:es~gll(ld S:I:Qry evef told, it's lI~S.O unheard of, notOI:l[Y because tlln.el,echI!li.Qlogy that made ttpoS-$l!:de did:I!Ii.'t exist ont]] a few years Qigo but because no one else hasmy DNA

For a !bu$~.Ile:ss guy, [ [alka [o( a.bo1lil[ DNA, and this book wuU bel!li.oe:xoopti:oR That's beeause Lftrmly be[leve that the: pam to yOl!J1:f sucooS:$fu~ bus,i]lleSill liler~.~y liesin pe lWlsts and b!:m~s of your OWffii double helix, In faet, I :;;ho~ldp.rob~IMy just credirr; tile $IJClL)es£: of Wille Lib.r.rury TV, tile .c:mHl'le winte,.tastiMg vkko bl.og th~Jt put I!Iile on the $oci;aJ1 nl~fketi:l1g. m~p,. to .my nlQlm and dad, who g;sJVl;: me the .DNA thalt e.'l!Ii;lIbled meto take m.y career to' B! tbiulldemM;'> level. lrilltmagailll~ ]O1!$ ()f ambiil:io1!ll~5 ~eQP~e have been born wi~ g~t. DNA and ye>teve![ma[~yfo1!ll.1l!d! Jill.lemselves at a pl.'ofeS'5kll1al. SWindsttill.,fh;Jstrated, mi:sc;;;rahk, sluucl\::.Why? Becsuse they weren't what they lo:vedl!li.lor-e tlran .auy1!:h:i]TI.g elsein me W():I1d!~ tley weren' r do~ng what they were IbQllFillW do-

[got.luaoky., Frum a very 'early ·age I bew and aQce;pted me d.ictH:WS 'Off .my DNA, wh:idl were OOa11] was born W be a poople ~1er$1i)1l and to build b!li~:ines$e~. Those wel!e a:rrnd have ~I.wayg bee"Dl~ny psssions, lknew I wasmadeto be alLl e~lrepreneu:r a:undl!liOI once: did I try jo be aFlytl:ll.l'Ig.e~se, as ewdmcoo by the EJ"aud F.;i[lfe~1!:ed report ~fds I'd I;):f]llg hesne that Illy motn~r ocmni.ptions. EVeI].@:l01! ] I1m,ed 10 make mymothercry, [ a]so knev,;' til;mrl I had to be mfle,andiftbat IllLeant hfdling&e .B'ecl"'e.~l Baseball GUide :im;.klle my matl1i book , da.5S $.0 lco!!'ddrendl up for nljfl!li.ext base!b!l!.U !oal'di;r~dlllg, thaC~ tiw w.ay :it bd! to be- Too m,unypeoll[e: ignore their DNA,lloweveor, [.0 cQlnfonn to what thef.r fu:lnilies OJ sod,ely expeas of I:!hem. A lIot of peepleslso dooide ulml pmfess~011;S!I. Slll'm::e$S .1'rtS!s(O, leeka ,eemtilill w:SJY- Thaf~ how $.O.lHoone born to des~gmr b]k;e1i wind~$ up 'becQiNtli:lilg ~

I~:wye!r. lOr ~rQ:m.eQne whQ,~oves, exp~imeM.ti~g wurth m~ke'UlP' w~l'ks ev~ry d~_y pltC!h:iug somoone el!:se's ov,el:priced tl!l(i!:~d~o[l1Ja]b around tile oounrb.'y, or semeoae who canllQ! go ~ d1!iY wUhOl1rt; do,wmL some iidemrs f"©T 1J},eIJ next ,oenl spendsmost of ffid.r time ;rut pe l\idln e'll:len'genc.y 11' do;t:l!S!rbuenl T,ome P£lfl' sinsaae,

I've been dYll:lg 10 do tbls book, ]1[O[ becauseI thhlik[can he]pe:venycme who wallrts to beeeme al',]gh ['m pmw s!Il['e'[ (:an-ourl be'Causeurt d]'~'!,Ie!> mec:~'azy to k[low&al there are sH[[ ~;ooph~ out there who h;wve'!l,'tfig/Jred outthat they don't have 10 ::ietde. There is no excu~ fg,r O![Iyon,e living in the Un~~ed Stares Q(r !lllyw-he:oe else .r,ig1l:t ]lOW r.o s]og through ]Dis or her eIl1ire[ffe working at jobs they hate, or '~r .... en jOt5 they :shlJply dO:~'1!:lov,e" in the nalrn.e of a pay Me ilk or ~ 5e11lS,ofl of ,res;pl)l]s<i~lilirty. The' [Ilrre:[rlu~l m;flik:es .H. pO$sible foranYQ:IH\~ to be 100 pe['CeI[llrl!llie to tlern.selves and malke se:riOl!ac5 caS:~ ·I)yUJmlug whn!ibeylove:mQst ~ntl) Uldr personal brand, There 110 l.oJlJge:r las tJJ be a differe:.ll(;e between who you .a:I"ean(! what YOl)J1 do,

Now, a'. cudd]Yi!lnd cozy 3JS th~.sml~.Qw-Y01!W-b~l$llll<e:s:sage ml,gtur :Se{llllL, makeno Mli~talke-!ifyol!!! do ~!h:ings the way l jell yOl!!! ~Q do them, Y'c;I!,I'regoing~o work harder Ul.n:rn you'v,e ~ver worked in your ]lfe_ iBut I'm of theopfn]on ]};E!l h~rdshl.l) s.ha,rpes. 1IJ;lj_ O:)[Ililtlg from n.o]}:iml.g served ·Il1iYf'm:u:Uy wdL ]1 aiso glille :~n~ the .bl)!!:~ge!r to W~lll it all, ~I:ld tbe wisdom 10 kmLowUtm none ofutml};E!Jllel.'!l. ['(]11 OOIll\1fnced, .in.fa.clI,til;s!t lfthiil1gshad boon a I:iltlt]e ~si~ for my f(!llIIIl[Y iII 1!Jhe early ~ys:,] never wourldllave g(lIDt:eI1. to where I £!!m~ow _ T otell fu!lt $tOI1{" we h;l'!ve: 'lei go back to tJh.e Old Country. nloved k\re fr·om Belarus, In the f~ITl1le1" Soviel Union, .i:l]. R97KMy father,. Sasha, was; insp.i:red to ool'l1le to Ihe States by a greal,;unc~e who }tad el]';ed years; befoT{L He came baek to Belarus 00 vlsit hls s:i~t:e1' ~[J:d thall':ll ~QW Wljf falfuer [] [lhat AI]'n,el.'ic:~ was <\I. ~tac:e where Y01!ll eouldbnild a life for YOlj[rse]f ~C:(lord:ing te your ow:~. mles, and Y'm:! didn'u ~u).ve to wait sb: hours inline to buy ~.I~J! of bread. either, A nataral erutrep.rem;:l!lI:f., lruy flU~1er knew ]i11m Ame:r]C!'! W!ll$ w:l'tere hlSfimnli.l.y':s 'fuume ]ay,. A:s Jews we Wltme' given $pecinl.pel"IIIDssion HI ;'iee!]. ~syhml aib:rl)Qd, and ~tjt:er lM{lfltbs. of working thl'l)ugh roo tape aud Goo~.~ng, our heels 1m Austria $ld]ml.y, w,elllla]Eyl;EUlJlded .i:mI. Quetm:l>, New Y~rk. Unfort1.11l1ate[y,m.y grenl~l:!IJJde dieCllmex:peotedly rigInI befQreOllif j!l)1i[r.~q beg~n, yet hh: chi I d!r-enwere kind 'to U~O'.Ill, D~d" th:ree·ye$"-cU me (the~ mamed OellnEl!dy), m.y gmlldmotlller., and llJiY greal-gntll:diparm.ts-uu[iJ we could move iml.1i:o a smd[o ~paWI1le'Jl[ ~IT.anged by a Jewish:l'ol)md!atioll. We !U!llve:d certain that the :su:ee<ts w'ere ])a'il~ wi]}. 1)Il'Ove~brial. gold,

Grndma get mugged wUhin ~bOllrt sb weeks, 'fiIle was mlJikfllg. p;CI [he l.)ons;rrm.cHQIJI job m.y dad h;mJd a!l1:,anged. before ,mIr.riv:ing 10 lhlS (()l,Intn:y evaporated wuthin a few l11Qmltbs.,. Again mygre8Jt.;pnde':s J!@mHy h,e:[lled OU[by ,offering my dad a job as a st:O!l)k boy III ,Cine of rueir .HqjUJJi stores in!rk, New Jersey ..

Tim!e~ were to:ugl,[ :stiU get emotional when] thl[lk ~bQPlt tine time my~arellits wa~ked areVi' miles toand 1"1.',01]11 Kmsrtto brllrY .rn.e netene, brm lIW'O Star WarsaaiOl1 fi~u~ fOIr my shiP b~rthday.F~l'fmllilies, 011 a ti.ght. b!JJdge:~ ]fke s;i:SW1", E~~:zabeth,. was born by !l(lIlf-,fhnt was a big de~l I don't remember a:I1lj'Qne cQll:llphai:mI.i1lllgIJlUcil

~bOUitrn.Qney, thougIm" ,cn' aJbol.!~ any1)]lti:mg ~15e f(l!r' thait malnter, Wellad Ql)J1.r he~th sud we l'D£ld oneanotlher, whalt more did we: need?

We assimilated '(jfI,li[ckly-·rn.Y!pi~re.I]l$ ehanged rn.Y ll£l!I]H:l to O~ whel1L we m:rivedl-bl1ltu[lsidie [he l'D.O[]1H~, it ''''':!IS still BeI~rus, No W£IIJ' 1;1Hi'S .mYlrlQither lo~f down fOT d:in!tle:r~]ke tlOcse A:mlericau moms, In eurhouse we are sruffed 'calb~ge e:lTId smoked he;rll.'"lllg, We never took medicine, ()Inl.)! lee; and if you were l'ea]]y :sk;t, yOl!Jt ruJb.fu.ed vedkaon your clltest[ never w~ted to teJ!] ,aI1yoo.e[ had gaUem. ,a cut or burn on m.y hand beeause they wOl;llldiul:medlla!tely Sl,liggest.[pee en U.

My dad was smarn ~rud he b,ewhow lO hustle, SO][ di.;b'[ ~e ~ong for himto work l'D:i~ w~ IU~)O ,and oocoillle man>Elgeor,. then OCHl'wner of l!l:e SIM(I[[ ]]quor :\lwre ]u Oa'~" By ].983,. he had ooU!gbra store (he size of p office wit][ a p~mtn,er in Spr.i:mgftleld, pd later he I)lailt liIat same store l)[P' to f()Ulf~10l!ilsud :!lquare~L Yealn;: later, aifit~ 1 got lllvolved .hil t}l.e business.we bll:u]t the crunenltWille Hllral'Y om the !.l!Un.epropelty. U':!ll fcny tllol)J1'.~a:~d :square feet, a far cry' t1i"om the m"1g'unfil. :!lOOre. whlcl was caned Shopper's Di:scoliil.w[ LiqU.()IFS .andlooke:d exa{:<Uy wfu.m!lYOOl1i wo"dd thlnk a SholPper's Discount .L]q~or$ shol!illd look]]ke.

My :par'OllitS we>r~ hll1!tlgrj{-t:uungW}' 10 p:rov.idefol' 1lhei.r family., and hUlllgry 00 wi:m, My dtId w(YrkedJ Il:iis !IS;) off', s,o llUUci'n that I .l'eoEllly didn't getto kil{l"!!l" him '~.llItil] was foul'teelll years old_ Yet I have tremendeus :[~pOCI.for whalt he dfd for us. T11QJ11b to his hard worll::: ~rJJd .c:hlll!tzpah,. we beeame the e;Pli.rome ohhe A:I1il!ericaJ1l success :!l[lO['y.[nl.9I']B., we were broke ~dl COllldn"t speak Ellghsill; In R 985, ] was t! kid on lilly bloCk to have Ni:rl1l,elldo. V'OI.:! call :lee why my dad. is my hero, ~ gr~titll!de fOF what he. did d!ril'lles :my own ~lllllbhlOI1~O take,rn.y 1t1l~!,jjness to highe;r and hugher levels

On the surfaeemy dad! and] <l!re. very di~.t,ml{lli1gh I have a lolt 'Q:fhisfin~: and hustle, I'm a ]ot I:ikemy mOI:U, slll.peremo:t:iOll~I., pd a. true peQple.perS{)~l> ope!lio ,everyone frmn d~ one, bll!t~ery Slr,ong (111 &ei:~$lde, Dad fs iI.IDPgher gllJYto, gel close to, He: is slower to I~l yeuia, bl!lll 'Ollce he does, jI'Ol.'l. IUe f.s!D1LHy,. ] :re.siP>ecl him 10 no end, but I wish more p,eop]e: cc(}uld gmm know hi.IM_ The other big differ,ellet: oolWeen 1.I:1! is ~t~.e allows Ids emenens ml!ead lns de{)is:u()I~s_ 1 ~[Ill all atOlil!l !pf!SSiQII,. but l!eUing your eIllIQtiolJla] trigger fing~r make your bUSlllies!l eallsisa big no-no :UIl :rn.y beek.

Ob,se:Mng me frcm all eav]y ag,e,,~lO'W,eve:r. no 'Olle could deny tha!t H:IY dad's l\n!trepreueJ![r.ial DNA ran :S(fong duulIJ.g~. me, The only thingl loved more. tI}a:l1il1l!:nll~:l1ig II Jbilills~ne::;$ all!iim:a!k:Ullgm.OI.ley was the Nm'l' Y(l.M Jms_ .My ne;ig'I'D.bora~.wnY5s~jd tl:ialt~() !3e!1!.50n was SJ!:Fe~ .bt the: summerl w()u]dwasfu heir car, i:1i1J. the fallI'd rake boer leaves. a:ITId r d shove[ l' snow tluollghthe w~nt:el", '[here W:f!s, one spri:~g when I CI!IIl the :fiower~ .i:~. l' ~ar,c1,tlle[l r.~llig her d(lor:i)ell atrud sold a bouquet baek [0 her. I']'I1 ~Wl kind o.fp:roud. ef tI'D~l jni![]ative~ !fu.e p.rofit.~l,ar,g~n was anI.azil1g .

. B.y the time .1 was cigh~ yearsokl, ] ThLad $ev~lem011@d!e $tand~5 aad wa~$ rakingim cr,azy amounts o:fcasb fo[" I.lOnlOOIlJe who W:!lS still teo !3C'.8!r-erlro fide oSI. ~1Iik:e_ My few." was'bl.ern.aJtuc c(ms,ideri:mg tt:mt I:UY fr~nclluse:\l 'I.-'i'e!fe ]o.;mled all ~w:~dI~e ne{~g]D.borIncoml

Eve:r.yO:m!e oO'IJ[d hear me OODTI.ingfr{un a m][eaw~ as[[Q@redi a:rOl)l!.lJ!dI OM. .my Blg, Wheel 110 1)](:11;: ~!p' my I]]cQlley .

. My :r~!I!1 bu:sjlHl~~s .edlUcBl1ioll hegan. when [ caughtOOs.eba]] rever. My .mam. hild~el:l me to ~nea m~kel, where I bOUg[llt some p~cks of lbaseba]] ~rd!s as well ,as;py of the JJecl;e,~t lJaseooll Card Price GuiatL]:ureve'aled t1Wt fUJe:re was ~twal val:li1e to the cards 1 l'D£ld bQtlghit. I >calLl sti]] [1t\fM:emb~r lhefee]]u:g asl realized rUl@lnlY wodd was c.b(l!l:lgedL It was the SiS!fM:e: fee~.I.ll!g:['d ~er later wleu[ saw ~:lhe mro'k:elPQire:m!llif!~: fOl" wine, whenl ~aw pe [ f~:r 'Ihe fi:l::Sit time, and when] wmclled the flrst video b~og, G~rn.e ,over. Good-bye [e!ln~dle: smnd!s, helle baseball 'cams. We ~llov:ed 10 Hl!ll[lterdiOIl O),lmty, New Jersey, when 1 was in ei.g:I' Baseo.a[[ cards: were om! lil\-.e Donkey Ko!mg mrn.y new :soilool,al1d wiithiu weeks 1 was. raJdng in tl~e: Gough.

OM.e diaY' thelocal mall personnel PlIllllOunQed. they were hosting a ba~~bIi!U 'card s~'D.ow, ~l1Jd no way was [ g(lung tomiss lL .~ .. wa~ !I][~Y a hund!l'ed~dona!r pl~e'rlbi!!ltlk:s HI sell:i:mtg QaI'ds to :my eig]D.O:.gnHlle GliEls\jmalres>~o I~lu:>t:eFedi 1.11) my ceurageend £lsted! my ds:d!fQr pe biggest Humber I (:oold 1I.1[i][1I; ·of-!! thuusand dall_s, Unbel:ievalh]y (tho1,l.g]li][ fu:i]!lds:iighlI thali"s just who :m!ly dad is), he it to, me. Tile money W£lS burm!:ing a hole .i:m!. :Iuy p>ocke,t, :\';0 ] imlne{·e1Y 'we;I1'l 00 Cesteo a'mi.d spent U Oil! :\';ever~loo'l(!es ofcalI'ds_ I bew they weren't >ai.'l!l:r but I wasil1:lDat[en~ (the last time .~ WQ1!illd eveJJ.· be th~It)" 81J:re eI1lough" w~en F o~1~ed the!llland hlOk'eod!lill.p thei]" val!ue ]11 theplice gu:ide I fOliillJ!di out ]ley were worth only aJbmlit two hltllldl:'ed do]~a['s- nil, msn, I w~s' illtJlOl!II.ble_

My mom drove ~:nytwo lNIrtln:el.':'l, Jason Riker :Bill:! John Cfu:Ulr-~k, and me. W the mil'll! se we coda hy iEI. mble~t Ute show. We l'n,adag['e~ il'lhead ofllJI~e tbat we wOliill.d!IJJ·1 bw.y a ooble i:fU cost :mOI:·e til an [Wenily bUMS, We ~s:lted fOiF lhe promoter, and tlris·:potll1Jd Ita[fan dwdle OOmi.les <out "Hey mister," I said, "howmucl'D for the ~how?" A }1l![l]Jdred a:l1ldi :l1fry bMCli::S. $l50" [ handed OV1er the: money, $hook ll'D:e g!1,IY's EJu:l!mJ,and walked ,awa:y ,ignQr:imtg .my :friends' gap]ng ]]!louths. My bra:ill was te[hng me IDl:i:s was atemble idea, but my grun SSJid, "Go for it," and l'ye aJl.way;s li;st:enledi t<omy gut

IB:y tl1:e tim:c[ gut ho:meaud to]d my d~dland m(i'.l1l1 wha!t I bad d(llEle ] was al:mor;tun tears, ~1lilt ~e to fQ'ftn. they did:t1'~ th:lfO'tJtlle me, eeen thOll.g]1]'m sure they wanted to, Ins.tead. my dad said h'e hOl~edthat losing the mQM.e)' would be: worth the experie.mtce. He's a wise miElII,. OO.y &£1.[ WeI1l[O :uny FOOm!l ddeil1:n~m;:d to show bi]))) fUl@[[ W~Sll1' r in this ju;s(. for fUJI;: cXpe'l'ic;.ll!IJe .. The fire w~s bunnng, iwnd &ere wasn<o w~[ Wali going 110 ]ose.

Tbe'~exlt ~y we set 1)[1) our mble Il!!nd 1lIle firs!! tfu.i]D.g J d:id was market ['esea'I:ci'n-I wan:k~ areundthe :\';how check:ingol,:l( wllat everyone dse W:ElS selliag] then ~djusted, I'e])f]ci:mi.g everycard we had ]lat was]e 'forless than ~lJJyQne else wag se~.bl1Jgut We CI1II$he:d H and IMade straig).tca;.$h,Frorn thenen, l didl every show I cow.ktrY]y 00;01]1] ~lJJd fellow 'cam d~lel' and best friend Bffl~dJOIl WI!]'i]1ke·S. mom WQ[J]d drive lIS in tale snowo:r r~lnro Bridgew.tliter, HfUsOOrOl)l!.gh,. Edison, RairiWn,.1!!1L1Y'!-'i'he[·eEllner1f) WaJ:'i ai. sfu.ow> ~l1Jdeve;1'Y time I'd dom:illM1!te. I had j!!]st ~e-.!l!r]1[edol1Je ofm.yilr:iiiltles,501111in b'l!Ils]l1ess-s,carc:iity ltI'.rreeds desire. My lllrmegy was S.i]Dlpl:e, r d b'uy sets tfu~u weren't Mien Honed ~n .BecJuw· S !il:I1Id prilllllol·e them tecreate :{I. :mtlarket You're tfu.i:l'l.klng, jeez; OaJlY.

whalta SI},a![Im arl1ti:lll yo!:! were. Not at aU, [ was !1IIll O''pli:nnist. A pe$s.hni$~ WQfI;dd have :S~ me (:anis w~re llallilistedand assumed [[l.ey were worlhles-s.~. ol1tJhe (IIDer haltld, qU.i[:e i:ml:llJJ[lce:rntl.y dookled thalt ~nhe-s~ cards Wletren't .i:~~le ~u.ide,. they had eo be va]lU~ble.

I paid-my dad hack his thensand dellarsinaboat tllll'tle orr f.o1,l:rrmlQJnths., and J GOl:1mml.ed ]:0 earn that kjnd of .mQlmi.ey eveIY weekend lceuld, Then lru.r~ed fif1teen ~:md gut dra.ggedQl1It. ofthe 111l.a]]andil]to "lhel.iql!llor store.

To go ffOUll sdf.made baseballr:ud king of HUII(:erdon CQlPty .[:oni:rug;i]l the dough to gro]].t bagghlg ice for two bl!lloeks <!]lbOl!llr W;eJS a hard falllit waSJ.l1l'u UI1itU] I turned s~.xt.ool1l Nt[ wa~even allowed up on the nom: and beeamea cot-5h]ew. Nm too ex·dli:ng, bt!!lilt b~l Ilal~rs of :lll.lovel.ingice 8:11J.d dlill.5t1li1g S:he]-v~.[ c.o1llIdll'11 d:l"~IiI!k al1J.ytbing. we sokll {IllY p.arents wer·e sittrid aibOl!llt ~ftlaO. but l wa$ good iilitr>egYtrg[t~til'i:g daoo, so when business wacs s]m'i' ['d flip through. t.:ade :mllga:zines te 1)aS8 [heLlEllle and ]}.en use whm I'd ]e!'!!fllced ill) h.dp Cus,tQil]len, One of wQsem};E!gazilThe.s, w,as Wl:Hf: Spectafor. Now" Ul.e stro:U"e waf> ,eaUed Sho]yper·s. U]SCOllln! U~UOl's [~r ~.~&Q:rl., MO!ll of ·our b~l; came frem semug tile k1rd sm.if. Boor, too, wasil hrng seJI]e:l'-lIfue beer cooler taokup :Elboult 33 :per·CeII.! of tile entire sto:re, BllII] learned two th~[Igs from my time behim,d the c@sh :r-egi;f;te.l'., First, ~nks to iWtJ1ll! Spectator, ~.lea.!T1ern that there was >aJ. who~ecu]tundca.chel to d[inking wine a]1d ~tpe.'\J!)I.e collected .it the swne way I ooll'e~ted haeseball 'ca.ods, S"lar War;.$' toys" allld (lOIn[C books. That was me. [ abo started Hortic;i[!lg a [iI:ElUem:p-eop]e woald Gomein to "ttII1lY the:nr Ab50[Yl or the]!" Jo]n.mfe '\~'/a]ker pi ]b!ew that I or Py smf.f colild ool.k '~:mtilwewere blue f.I1iOThe f.t!:ce aibol!u tbe otier brands, '~.ey were still waltl.[Ig (ml witl"l. ]heir Aibi!)ohlilQr {heul' Johnnie Wa[ke.r. Those 1)irB1[1ds were just too est~b]]shed, The w~ne bw.yel·,. tIlQugh. wo:tdd o&[Iwalll:: .inkiol-dng l:"l little lostand ~l)e:md ten minlill.tes 1!e.1]la1tiively !}e~l'illg at labels >SiS IholU,gl hoping abottle WQu]d JlIl·l1itl out filnd ~r:rure 1t1m.:ellli from. makimtg a decisi,g[l. ] knew from my e:li(perience with the baselbi!U 'cam bm.:ines$ thatpeopk WiU"It to be 1O~c] whm's good. ain:dI va]u;f!bk.and dun "lhflY e:mjoyfee[hlg ]ikc: 1)]n;ey've: beenturned 0111. to SiCmmdh]ng not ,eve:ryOl1J.·e can .atllP'reoi.ate.

The: w:i~e,l)lllJli.keilie hquorcustamers, wereope;n. to :~I:ly sugges(lon$ ] l'n,ad,. ~l'lId I realuz.ed that they :l'eptreseim.ted QlWPol11l!i[!lilY, S]),cll;!:il1l.g that ~o~i~1 trend w~senough to 1i.l)[I11 wbat Slaned our 3JS acasua]~ulterestun wine into a:[!lQbseS!llon.[~ad stsned QUl!: ;at Shopper"s. :mSCiOI,]Ilt. Liquors ha1!:i]][g ~vely second of my time lihere, burt :Il!OW I was de(,ewl.l1il.lled UJ: turn illlep]aoeei[l!lo 1)]nem.lI!.[ one w~ne sllnopi]1l Ame.rica.

No one had any illusions "!1'n.~t I was a SdlO]n:rr ~S,[ startednny Sel]:k~r year of bigll SdlOO1, so Umrl~de' S{lns,.e tome duumy :phlil s:l1louild 'be to 011111 illlt~ grad'es U) gr,siduate ~[ld sifan WOloongfid]411]1H~ alt the ]lqIlQI], store- Some itimeinPebJro;rulJl_ .. yes, FebFll,l;rury (sony., Mom" yo!,] bow it's blue). _:lny nnome!' asked me wl'Dat Qo~~ege I was p]~mr.llLing to attend, Co]]ege? As: luck woald }];S!ve ]Jt,. ;EU ])o:'lward. [oom Mcuntlda CoJI~geil1 Newwn. Ma:!lS8!chll1:1leDts, shQWOO up ]n the m~il a few days I ate I' _ I fined :n[ OUlt, ~f'ld MOl)[l1It lda l!Je~m!1e my home in the f.aJU. By&en, tho:ugll, nny U:fe w~s Ole store, and I'dcome home ~hMioSU every week~d to work there.

'In Septe>1uber l 995, I W:sJS hIDlLgilJlg 'lJlJllimr. a friend's dormooQIJill when heturned on h:is l.)omplJlte:r aJlld ]ntrQ(l:l!IL()ed me [,0 this n:i'D:imr.g ()(dled ~:lhe [nteillet I let my frlends bumble ~l!J1:[ld ,chau rooms Jt[y~ng to :lnee:t gl.rl:s Jl()rr a little whme, 1illle[l ticked them off and ~pel'[l !he next Hille h(IQ['S,I.n,mting dewnbaseball card! trading fO:I1lI:[I1[!'i ~l]dfi~ur:nl1g 'QllIt how I was goj:mr.g to use l;il]stl' to grow the stere, Therewafi 110 doulbi[un I.ruy m]nd til]s was goin.g to be t~e fllU1r.e of business, It would 1t:$kem.e Mlntiler y,e!U' toget the oourage 10 @PI; d;a:c] aibo1)l!:l s~lJi]1g wine Oll]]ne, WhaJt canI say, .my dEld WtlS ~. Sicary glmY_ At fill'S! he: resisted, BIJ[ he be]~evedi]1[ me, and as soon ,as hercle:rrnted[ W!1l$ ·CJft'La Die mroes_

Wi:mr.e[fbroo.Y_OQmlaJl[lChed In June 1997 (We s,tore it:se]f would:mt't take on tl\J.,e name Wl:nelLlbl'ary wnUJ 19'99). The sl,ore brOl]ghlt hli. ,a!bout 2 or 3 rnil.h,Q[I per yeuun 19:94.1 came cmboa:rd al:1t:e.r gTadua!tlng .in]99S amrd grew the busiaess [rCHM abol!ilt 41, nlill:i(llM to [00 m]~~fon In a yea:r.Wiltll Oop~l]t .Q'fl;ftuHun 01lUne ~d;lS" By 200[, we were doing a:]}ourt 20 million NothEldL NoitNtd! at sll. life wa.:,'l good! and business was oogrn.~[I!g~ Most glIlY:1l :Illy age woy]d havetillolll!gbit. ]:hey :i'D,ad. it made,

Then, Q1!!I [II}! th~:rtieth bi.rili.d.a:Y. November 14. 2005, I w~s dr.ivl[lg .along the New $e1'sey Tur.J]p~ke (lImLnny way to]ug ;aJbOUit .my d~,. md lrea]lzed that Ill;.';lpe:rfuct. ~sllfe seemrled], I WBS;mt'tenJ!]re])y hapIJ(ll_ ] knew deepin my S<01,]~ 'lhEifI illle:re w~~ no way I was ever g(lli:l1lg W buy the Jets in stayed. 01111 the retail .palt1l1, U was time to go big.

We bad a. IJmu:~metr d!e(p\TIilllu.el1l[ ~t Wlne Ubrary by Iliow~and I~ad seen Er.ik: K.aSbJer @f'ld Jo}'n:mr. Kass~mali~$ s~)elJJdfng their hllu1!1 b~ks spHtlogfQodaUoveu·lhemsclves fOOf:l1l 1~V1ghl:llg at these th:ings i;iEIlled video blogs (the hvo big Q:mf!es ~t me time were .Rocketboom ~mdl .~heshoww.t.~h :t.efr-ank). I had beenrrry:ing lofigl![1fe out h(lw lolev,er.a:ge l:fuJis :lIIlewmrledhllu to slri.ow])eopllethaJtilere wasmorete drink olJll.[ih.ere thlUll YellQww:it r d also nQlJ!COO 1il;ar[ illilte8 like MyS:p:ll.ceand Hfg;:ikr and Yo!,]T'ubewere beWmLli:mtgpQ(lIJ]ar. !)lUes thalt had nOIDlllg: w, do with comm.elJOe a:l1lde.'\i~ryiillli!t1g to ,do WUIt!l bei:ITI.g ~ocial a:mr.d :!; storles and meettng people, and '1jh~t was someth:ing[ wasgocdar. It wastaere, onthe New Jersey TlJimpi:kc;~t [ bad my aharn.mJlJe;mtu. ]: wasn't gOlng 10 1JIL:se v]doo blogs~o :seJj] wlne; I W,1!sgo:]ng to l!Q;·se V~de>D blogs to build a whole new world for wine, ~[ldfQr myself 1 walted to get the :store tl1l1)ugh "!1'ne hO]lday :s~son. andthen ]~l!ILnched Wi.[I!e: Ufuinrry TV ill Fellm.l~ry 2006, three mQnt~l:!1) Illlter_

y eu've just :oolld a piece of my S{OIY that moot Jleople dOl1J't bow, and U'$ the Inost .i[[lpOI."Uln(paJ1_ nl. $fl.yH @ga:in:. W]ne Library TV wacs :[[evc;,r ~bouil. selling wi~.e em. pe [UiremeL]t waiila[wa_ys. a.bol!lt buj]dinglb:rand equity_

SOlluepeopl .. e ]1lli.ghtpoinl Ol!ll~ tha~ W[ weren't l1'[tel1e-skld .in se[hl1Jg Wlnc;[ WOllLld[l'lI ~IlGllilLdel.illi\;:s bllY iten the Wine Library T\' she, Believe me, ['d make ]1llQOO .nl()]They d!o(!'!!tepil:ogr~m v,dIDl Wine_oom than] do w:iJth I:I1ly ~~Jlks [:0 Whn.el.ibr.a!ry_com..B\IU I'm. a IYLJ~~:ne-5S:1'[1~]f:somMJ]e want~ jo buy wine frem nl!f~,. be my guest H.oweve:r, $0 that n·o o:~e can a.ocuSie ·'11!J.e TIllU:Ilder Show" (nl}" Ill(:!k:rrn,ame [(lr Wi]le Ubrary TV) of being allexw~ded sales ptt:dh.,[ make sure Ulalt W~ne Lib.I-.a.I'Y o]lly GaiITiesfltl.een o:r :fewer ca:secs ofwh:atever. ] Utllk albO:ililt If]' give ~OIn~thi!llg a good [,ev]ev!' ~Ildit sells OUit,. everyune has logu elsew~ereto g~l :ut lfwe gool. ofWum;: Library TV were to sell wi:[[e, I'd make sure uolurve enough prodlllC1! on hand [0 !ierve my CJm.~wnlenl_ Wi~e Ubrary> Ol)Jlr store, dOeJ3Il'( ~p COlmllle:rci~1 benefits fro:rrn Wi:rrteL:b'a:ny' TV because Of~l uptick ]n ~Ie:s dille to my blog; It l',ea:~ broodeql,l:iJty ben.eflu because people c(l.rrn.e~o the st>ooo to' see wha~ [t'5aboil1~ and wllD.ere I work Somelirnl!es IheyjYS:l cQ.rrn.e to tbim:k me for IDle cOl1i:e'!u Oil :m.yJ:!!gg, wh:ich :[ :rea[~~, treallYJ!~p.l1ec]ak_

Dev.e]op1]ng yo~r IPtITSonal. brandis key to ]llQIlJe>tizing your ~assiQIJi. 'OIlJ~~ne,Wlle]}er you':re del.iveri:~,g y01)lrconrel]t~·y '!I!lde(l..p', Oil" hl.og,U'1Il tle au&entic you, Ule one hl1:ing that ]S .~u~r~llIteed to dtffeooJl!tiaJte you. :fro:m everybody e]se, ind:!Udi:l1Jg 1!l.ose woo :sh!u:tl yourldcThle or b!J$~Ile-ssl]ilJ_.odeil.. The: 1)]]j:mg that lM!ostpeop]e don'trealize ]$ tharin uoday' s. WQiE]d your bl,l~:i:nThe$~ and your peesonal bl:and need! [0 be ()i]De ~nd the ~;airn&l. wheithe:r you're selling o:rgpilC fish foodocr"fiu~n:cfal advice or just Y01i111 ~p]lli(llJl,

Monetiizing apel'w~.nft bll4ll:d! is I1('1:t a ne'l.'i' e(ll.ll:c~'t A lot of tile moot sliJI:coess&1 e[IJt:e[1a:nnme!l'IIt[igJll!:l!eSun tlte world .:ill'e personal fuiru_.(1 gen:UlIJ~se;s.I:uke Opra.[l, HO'W:E!ird St~m, ~nd EU]jeriL They bliJl:iH their empi:r-es.Qut of being who illwy areand never bai!k:i[!lg down from it B1!Il1! the rnflj'C)[ benefl~ of~erl.lollal brandi~.lgal'e not liMlited 00 1!Thlle A~]]S:l ()e[dJIF']ltleS- ]nfa.(;l,pel'~o:~a[ l!Y1Imcdiingi:s whail. gives everyolle:all UI1JI)B:;oodenJtoo shot ;nil jo.i:mti:nlg the:ilrfank$., :1"0[' example, fllim.k aoom wtiJ,(lI( some peopk lM.lght consider' second-tier celebnttes lite A:;lb1to~ Kliltdle~" {ir Kerry Rllm]es_ K.lJ[cher W~ ~J:reElidlyf.!'liI]!lIQIJS; fll.'om hi~ stints 0[1 lel!evi~~~on~ [lot to IlJIenl:iQl[[ ills I:I1larri.s:ge 1IO Demi Moore,b11lt there is :I1l('l doubt tlH!lt his b~d has blown up :!l[I1CC he started .Ie~gi:ll.g sOIdal nmwQrking toob. Rhedes, the New York ~'ets foo:tball phlyer. has ooen using Twitter WUlth inCI.'ed:ibk;

:l;luc!Ce~$ 100 lMake hu~ brand!'. D.;to.!C-~:evei enreMahuM!eillltfigl![~ like WiIlW.hC£limll" Brooke n~lTh:e, Levar Burton, IDld Fred Durst at!'e bu:l]d]ng gre~l!: oppo:mtll,lill:iiti~ mal will likely ~)t'o;pel.l:heanfro1U B- to A-kvel stams, How d()~: bow? Becsuse I ($1 see haw m;aluy [_'Ieop~.e ~re f()ihJw:ing them 0[1 their Tw:u[lte.r ~C:OO~l]lS, Now,. uSII,I;SJlly I advise peeple ]:0 ignO['l;: Ole q)uan.tU[y ef poopk~ following "!hell] Bind focus, ins!ead em the qWllIJIy of ]]neir i:l1iter.a;ctio!tl$ WH}tllose fo·].]o.werl>-ufs a lot monf; :i~dicaltive of how well their bffl~dus dQing. Many decision .I:nak;erl>, [}Qw·eveI, still aren't aww:eofili:is imporl:ant detai~, and De.ref'ore thepreoedu:ng oolebrities WlU benefit from fhose nke~l!!l's we're s.ooI:IJJg'_ When: the eyeball:. go. OPPQI1l1iI]Uy follows.

last, but b;y no .IJi1i!eaJI1;flleasl. ~r,e lili.e peop[e: whom you ]]lli.ghit haee never heardcf who a;repUltiug ol!iltgrealt (;OIJ[et}t and ]ever.agUn:g soda[ media and klil~illg ~ilt, lUte Dave Morin @d;[J!ve!l110f1lll. Chris Sac'Ca @Sacca, JI!J$une EZ8lrik @Ijustine, Billd Kevin Rocse @: kevinr.osll'l_ Their pe'FScmal brands are skyl'ocketimtg, !il1lTId mere's no reason to [ihinik[lh;art eVei1i!JIJally they won'l becemehausehold n?fI]H~S,

YOl)l!. Sf.\e where [ 'm going wi1ili.IDlS?' bl!1ih the:ir b:rand'S om 1!elevlsi.Qlli.and movie SGIFeeIlS, radio, m.agulnes, and new:;pa])ers •. and the :I1iew one will do me s;allJ1lJ.e Q[!II.i~e at]lowe:1I' !l)Qst, wutjh~Q n~dI for ill gatekeeper'g ~Jlprav,a], Getinto P'Q8~o()n, becausethe big ki]]l:n:gi:s C'lJ:m.ill!lg around tile oormler. The field (J1IJ.aybe different,. I)l)I!.t the ~eicS jwst the ;;;a~ue.

If Y:OIl w mch me 011 Wi:mte! .eem, Y:0Il·.11 f1.,gllloo OUlt mypet:ilioW!Jl. brand ])'rmty ql!!lic;k[y.,['m ilie wine ~y whotells it ]ik:e ]{ is, in :pl,afn .E:mtgl.i$h, It's a brand tihal I've been able lei d.evel)~) fro.m a very ~ly, tbp1i::s, togrow.lug up ~n the w]m:: ]udl)l!.stry. I'd arUend $] ..• OO()l"a~head ~a.$tl:ngsandrub elbows with e:x])eri!euced. CQUI1IQISSel,lI:s who had lived a. ]Qlng ume in lilhe Wllle. 1!:reIlches_ Uris meant thaI: they had lOlIeS of expelti~se '1:0 share with a re[ilitive ]lJ}eWDCmlJJe!l" like me, Italso meaIlllt ~ih.al1hey eamed a load ofbagg<'lge ][1 tale form 'of ~;l["e()(mceiyed netiens of~OIw thing~ should be,

They'd. swirl ;sind SM1d~and !ilurpand spit @nd the:~ :!l1)(}111!: [be same classic ter.mtli]]lQlogy eVt;irytll]1H~,. howtjhe 1;l(l!1!l~.uet was rosepetals or tfu!efinush w,as silk] wmn.ld gUok my llCt:~eun my glJa$s, suck In a mOl1ll.Q:ful of a:i[~ and wine, and the Oldy tirnngmml:i:ng UITol)!gh :I1ilY }lead would be, "Man, til:is :re,gJUy laSWs~]keBig .League Chew ," QF, '''If. Uris isn'1 a Whall(ihru:nnca]]][ bar,[d!o.ll'lknow what is." ]'!:'s not[]Jmt I couldln't spom e:~ A"lIo"Z w]ne"ms!ting lexicon atll!d (I]dn't Illl])predare the CQ.I1I.lplex:iity ofa:l1L exeelleut v]!Iltage. [mew my M~lbec; froml UIY MQI1Il,epl,lki~IJJ(l~[jusi d~dll'( see wEry I had to use lilie :!laJI:lle wc;uxis to deseribe Hl}I experience wh.e:un drinki:lillgit On 1101" of thalt, eVe1)1one, indl,l.d:i~.,g iW1e reviewers, was dr.i:lliI::i[lg ;and ,adminng the ;;;:a:t:I1Ie damn S:lll!ff. If O~l1dy]lS!y Snlll\!lgnOIl BI;mJ:c werefealt!IJ:~ a's "!h,e bestt whire of]'998, we'd see a sUl'ge in dema]]dfo:.ilt atthe store. NeveJr lu~ndUnat as (aras ] was coneerned the Bahi,eh WilS ~. :I1il:ill:i(llM tJime.$ better anda betiecr deal sin~e it ~Qc$t ~bo:u!t ha~f]]ne prioo_

It waselear to me tUIil lU!).'e .industry was srucll:: In a mit, and n:ly experience in the strare told me OlaJt peop]e were dy:ingfor 1l<Qt:I1I!eOl1fl to lake tbJe:I]lYsoory ou:t ,ofw]l1ll: b~yinlg aad make it fun, And] tl.l()Uglin.t,. tlln:iiil ] rCBiIl. do- So[ became the w]ue gllly.alld Ulafs how J built

my ]}!t1@I. brand,. nQ~w:iili wbme pe-.r se, I affCJl' .mype!r$Qna] brand, not wine, en W]ne L:ubrary TV, Every 'epi,s.{Ide givesme a c'l]41l1ce to share lM.y (i(ll1Js:uder~ib[~ expem:9<ewiili ODor ]),eop]e ]nrefesre:di~. 1illle .saUllle thi.llJg ] {a:[I1J., w:I'Dich is ~.Qads afitlL They also gh'e; me @. chancejo s}~s!re mY:lie;U',. W~lch me fbI two 5eoo~dsand. youknoweocac;Uy W~g I aMl. a:~d what :1. sml.lJdfOr, AUfth~JlltUci1!y :uskey_

Now, ~t ca:~ defill]tely be a dlQub]~edged :!lword, I know ]hel:e a:re pe:opl.eOUl there WlbQ llliM.k[ 'In. a jerk wiili ~lJykts ~pil lbuC:k::~t~ my ~bleli1iiterec] with toys, ~~dl :my oo~·or:llil ]a:~gl.lIa;ge_ I'm.~,Q'!Jd, I'nn:l over ~le top, r U1 hY]}er,. ,]3..1).n lam who I Olm, I'm, for-rea], @l1Jd over~l1people like that. Poo.p\l~ wnllch"and dEley li.!'lteJf!l, and] dley eve'lliearlll a ]}:i:~gQr two ;EIIlld SQM.ldime:';l agree wi]}~le tIlalll:e:][ yes, tl:ds Rew;:;l,ing does ta~1[e like I! ra;cqllJ,dba]L [give winelovers the: pennisslon to ]fke Py kiad of w:une ili,eylite,. wlm!eUle:r H'sWhlii['e L]llfim.del ()]' serioas BQrdeall]x_

I CMUivated anoOlel' beandtno, of (lOU1'Se, theene thaJt got me this boo1\:: d~1 pC! the keynote speeches and the 0()IJJSliIlh:i[lj.g;,:lIS wellas helped me a:I1idll:llY brother, A~., blillild V,aYI1e:rMedi~_ For almos; two y'ea:rs I was [)atiel'l!t I ]e~ people get to. kno.w me a:1i1:c] U'U:$l :Illy w]m~ guyp.erSQ'MJIIiI. brand, Then in Octob~r 2:007. I d~~d!ed .~. needed 10 s'CrOi~ch :my imt:l_ The wo.rld wac~rre~dy to know that li Wn.cSmtl,Ore 1:!ha:[I[lhefuIliIlY guy who bows a lot ~bOUit wine, ] woke up one merning ~IIIld tillOll!lghil, II 's lime to .talk' hi'!;, mind I started ~ir.i[lg videos of IIM~ wlklugaboulI my real passion, building li)rDlnds a:lld~,nt';!'lS,

Regard]ess of whkh ibrll:lldpeotp:]e; Oil'e drawn to, my p{lpul,aI.ity ~remsfr·om the fad ~t[ k'l1lOw wllalI 1il.e he~] l']TIl wl.k::ing, aibol[lll, and 1tk~!!t[' m hO.[li.est" For @Umydutr']S'ma !!.'I1ld l\n!t:edll]l:lment y~l.ue. if the: ,crpnlte:~l I was pliIltti:llg 0l!l1I wasn't ,any good and cowl,dilll'. Ibe I!:nJUst'ed. no Qne would 1j)e. w.atdli11lg_ NO' one.

To everyO:l'le who is fre~kung OUlt because Uley f~r ~Jhe uoiseeud dfst['li\!cti.c;Ul of aU the.llddit]o:!Wl ccmtenlt 'Ollile[n].erFtld" you. ~ relax, Quali.'Iy is a b'emendJolls filter. Crearm aJl.way:r; J]ses, llJl1yfl['ielld:s. IlO matter how moom.y Cl!l.pS of coffee Yio!.] PQ1111',

COIlSI.1iI1ille1"S want Y01!l! to td~ them the truth, Slllre,tiley want qua]](y OOlJid service and va]lle ;l'!illldellireFilaimuent •. b\llu above a]]they w;m1Jil to rnowlfu~n thep~n ili.eY·J:e dealing wiiliis fu.el:ng honest Entrepn::!Jleur~ don't rea[~y ba:ve a choice-the lines between Ul:epriv,(![e alJl1d Ole pylbb;: a:!"e !beoQming .i:~.crea$ing[y blulnd, IUlld WWl p(lQP~e able to sha~e ]heir eXpell.leo11lOeS and tiloughits and oa vlde-o bl" sgllmy.ing1il.,em ~U over the [nrenu~l wi_in I1}Enltltesa:fter ~ftley h;ruppeJtl, lihe days of king ~b~e to eonthe OOJJJSWlller Will.{ll,ll l:e:percUs:J;l](lItlS ue pl:'ettymuch (IVer'. S(I! no nTIaJUt:eI ]j)),QW yotl shllIlu;: and 1::0]0.1" your ])er.son~1 bl'ID!id, hon~ty has gUlW beat YOlU' core,

I C:oMle oul:inel'iv,e dli!!Y~ awe~k to taste ~dI r'evlel¥ wunes, Some wines are jremeedous, wJllJie:msk ]]ke horse Qr~p_ Do the maker.Jil ·of the w]ues, ] 1)8])). like me? Ptr'Qibably not Do leare? Nope. Do [se]~ wll1!i!e ofthe QlFtles fuu] 1i:iNlk tas~e bad?Yo!l.l [bel

[ dQ. bec~lJs.e ~o!1llillght t.otally di~agJI."ee with me {5Q1.~1Jeone: nt tlit~ w~.n~ry w:llQ~n.e!de: them su['e d:id}, A]] [ 'In doi:lilJ.g 011 .IH.y blag is be'~ng :rnys,tM and voi.'c~ug :mIlyopnll]Qu IOlJd a:lTId dear- Vlhell youlauncl] yo:wrr vld~, b]o~s, Ql"pood(;~~mi, you're going to do the SIlIJIJ.,e_. That gQfs,fQr everyonc;i:Dl!c~.ud]l1g d:ll)seO:['YQi~ Vi' IDlQ ~re used to, kee:p,]!J.famu~.ti,QI] dose to the v~t, 'oryou will lose, o:Ile w,~or e:IlJ!other_

Let's s!'!Y you're in real estate ~[IJd you ~ove itPaIt of [ftllfl f~[-eswt,e gameis [ea:m:iM.g top~~ some serious :[ll)lll on a ]ClSer prope:~1Y 1 rigblt1 Y,Qupdch d as ~ "'~harm:ing iEixer,,;up~er"o:r iii ,g'eIM'~usl waliung :fm SlQlne, Tl:C_ " EYen the a:p-peali:ing ~!ooper1!:i,es g~[ t]ll;: lU'Se-coklood treatment :Bi]1!l what if you $31t dowIJI in frollil of a (lP1er,a a:I1Id posttlCl. a series, ofy~doo h.log$ reUing people wlml you. :rea[[y U1QiJ,I.g]n.t of the IlO11le5 or 'C(llmm;::ml.E!Jft s:iJti~$or lot.s you '~"'eore sellil1J.g? Whmufyol,:l. said someth:ung ]lk:e,"I h~\1e g©:tO"IJJe ug]y house to selil $eriOll!lS]Y> fu~ks, you.'vl;: got. [0 see ilii~ o:l1i!e if only to t .. k~ in (me of thelast slJ,1wuvitrl.g examples of red shag 'CQ!I.peting m,u:cl~ed wiwW:ix-d,e;el:-Birutle['" wOOO];@IJJd~LI'eah:re chandeliers, "[he sellers all'e sl)[pemk:e and I wO[l!klJl.Qv,e 1rO ge1I thesn the 5)360K they Off]gin~lly w:anted, b1)l!:l I'~e ~[ked to them a1}ot!!l ]~ ~nd~ey l!Jlnc]e-rsltBilJld~~t [[ley !I'Ieedto set ~lei:r sugh.1!S lower !'J.eCOJt]se thls sucker needs some ser.iQl).!$rf:'llOVa([QIlS_ I'm drinkilllg you should Utke a look at ituf you've go:t !I~10~[ :$275K to spe:l1J.d,plus some extra ltI'WIccks for ;aJ OOll(raC1rQl.l', And llF.ung YOl)!lrimagina[i.(lIJl. Lots (lIfut "

Now, I bow there are lawsi:I1J.I'eal e.state 1ill£!it M1igliD:l makeithUird [:0 execute 11I:is:idea_ C[eaT·~Y.] w~5,pushlng the [l.mUsun the ]astpal:a~'a:p:I'D.,Bl!!It 'Would tlat kind of 1r~sparel1cy lIilUr!: your business? Maybe aJturslI YQu'd have a hard time gem:ing sellers tQ list with you- Bll!l[ ]magi.lle what kind ofcC!~n yo:u.'dearn tfYOllil beca]ne me mosttrusted [M1·e:smte .ageM.t in to'W:l1J. beCal!l-5e no one wOI1~d 'e,veJJ' dQlJotiliauyoliA' d try 10 sell th@l[l a l'D.otlse y01!!l did:11J. 't think wu 'Wodheve:ry dime fol' whkh you. w~oo m;king? Yourlistiugs wOl]~d go ~r~ because seUe.r.!ll Wgu]d be cO]lfid.e~t tiuliJ prOlle'J."ties weren't gojng to ga1J}er duston "!he ]1J.l,arkelt~ yo~r &S![esw(lu~d ,go w:p because buy~ wouM know they weren't guin,g to have 00 deal Wi'Ulll ~l'Iy bs, 0111 totp' of [ftla:l, YOl)!l.'1:[ have tile satisfuc(i,OI1 of d.o.iM.g :!lometl\ij:ml.g yeuIeved ,e:ntu.I.'e[y yOM:f w:8!y_ A:mJIOIl top of thai, you"d have builta solid person;Eil. bra:n1d---4:he. ne-bs rea]-e:staJt.e ag'elJit_tbat YOIJl, ~ now car.ry w:ith YOIl wherever YOl]go !I]!J.d IJseaslev~ragel!g find b~.gger and betJt~ l;[ o;ppo.litl!1!1li.lIies, .inC;]!Jld:i:m.g oook-wrWlilLg teleVls,iamt ~p;pea:m]!J."'es, and a V!I['tie>ty of om.flf media ~1)pea!r~lJI(les., Do it Do it.rigill[ :mIOW_

On.e reel-estate age:m,i wlli.o ]sbl!1l.i.ldil1J.g <I. pQ'W,er:fi;ul. OM.l:ine wersoill£ll hra:l1J.d is !:all. W~ll ntwVl'V!l_i,a!lliwatl!.c:~_ Ev,el'Y video b.I,og lIi,el;s!l]ndhes as he druves·al"(jl]lld the sueets o,fv.~1l1oolJve;r.w]iDere lIie'g based, dispe;.l1J.1>e'.Jl [a:mt':!3 [fuioughirs on the real-estate business and the sbH~o:[l:.he ma:~:el ol"oli'fe:rs general adviee to I)['OP~' buy~r.!ll Md sellers, He's liv,e~y,he'!l bow]e{igealble,a!ld he's: CTiJJ$hlng h, hi g-lIim.e_

When you're th]niki:~.g a)ool![l your ~ersonal brand, dQJ1'~ WQrry!:lat~ll will b a ve to ]ool\:: ~I]JYlhJllg ]]kern:ine in Qnj,erfo1fYOlmlOc:rusl it You'll !l}l1)Jlsh it ~s ](l1l1ga~ you (lfllI!1lCe11Itr!lJt:e 01i1l bdllg YOlUSe][ B~ide:s, yQW can't be~]keme,[ ]]ke wines thalt you dem't llike VilTIli.te Castle and (he' New Y art.:: Knicks, and yo·u p.rl)fuIb[y don'], r dmtler dri]1.k ,a VB Ul1an aNty ift!ul jlui.ce, pd! I hoorve.r my veggieJ3_ An efthese qu]rks snd [)re;fe~aes have !.luped :1!1l1Y bfiUld, YQI,U braml will be unique ~dI [[I1c;:resling because you are l![l!1lique a:~d In(eTeS(ing~ Dm]>t P1H 011 ,all:itot~o U'Y~o ]miitate me or.arI}.iQiIile else who's ]Wdl :SOUle suceess willil :soc:ial .rn.3[ketin,g_You w.mlll)se because people C@ll s,ll.lJlf outa pOcser fi:,orn. a mile away.,. 1 l'rLS!d 10 'i\I,alt :lIl.Q]lg tiJ:ue 10 find ,3 1)I,atfur~l I)h:ru[ allowed me mc['eare :1!I[Id share an aiUlweutic p:er"SQl1:8!1 ttwmDd_ Before I l,auuci:J:ed W~ne Library TV, I saw (halbllog(s Wec1'e; on the rise aMd [ bewtlThere was ()p~QiEilm1:ilty (here wd was desperarew~l In on. it Burl look~ In tile ooiDr'or and asked, "OUIl you write? No, _. Da:I!1llIl!"·' Now. ]co!l,dd Fri;~ve It\i.ired S(ffileone to '!.lirrire e~eg!'!lltblogposts f(lirlneand :piI~lended they weremine (nooo to some celebrities I woeH]'l r1;8!1111(l:.I~ove~lQM bMJ: eat tllat out, weknow YOM'.e not writing tJm.c;iseM,eets 011 Twiltlte:rr' yourself), but l knew ~]f!!l if l w~sg()]ng to geitpeolP:leint'tlreswd in me, ,eve~'t!h:i]lg wa~gohD.gto M.aVl:) 00 OO~1e stl'mglli from me". Ui[lfil1tered !Uld u:[[pol.i.shed_ Creat~:ng a:~d dissemi.lla.rung .ll1iyci!)nlte:~n wOMld be the 'OIl[Y tElLing wm I abs.oI:l!iltel.y Goukll ]]01 Wld wO'lldd :I!1lQl ddega.w_BesJ!de~ if] W:ElS goiug 10 spemJ the lime bumdl:ng a gazill.i.Q]1·,lioU:E!lr business ~$O lIlalt ] oould b;1JiY ~e Jets, I bad W do 1'1: in a way MUlfl w,as ill!ll.thelliticslly me and that 1 Qou[dn't wait to doe'!le:ry d>S!y- So I wailied '1;1IlJt!] I fOl,lind a. medliulM. that spoke to :my DNA-video bl:Qgr-jIU1ilJp@d on it, !lnd neverlool\:;ed back.

Embrace your DNA, be YO'l,lJrse:lf.put out awe~cn]le coo:tent,and [loople wi~] be i'~1tere:sred .i~. yICJUi. iDave to' s~y_BeH,evl1lme, i:fyl)l!l'n~ thlftu good, llOOlPl1e ~oog.ujng to find you, l!t]Thdi til1ey're gain,g to follow y01!ll, and tlley'.regolug, 1):0 talk, A[ld gelUng pe()p~e to talk is the whole Wi:~l

Lever.agfng sodal nelwor:kiugp]a.1J:fO:rlnsi:l1,tQ d'fective oond!U[[$rbI" YOllrperOOlla[ brand ]5 ~U f!JJ;OUil ooildling: word ofmO.1,l]h_ 'Rlere\') nQthn.n;g newDn that Si~ae thefirst Sllt land:ftds of ga;aJu We1'e handed ,o ..... erin e\1chamtge for a new .oX:, 'Jbill!s:iness OWIlc;:[S h~ve ,always know~. _I what mek CI(l;jlloomers ~nd the,irfr.iend~s, f~m]Ey, o:rOO]]eE!!gues ]}:i]lk about 'lhe~r :r~Sla,ura:l!1lt Oir C!'II' Oil' v~caltic!iIil Spell or cl.ealling servieeor deslgn ·Ifi[ a]wUiYs ulia!ut-ered oooretha:1JJ any billk!.;:II:d! ,o:r radio ad theycou:ld. buy, Buit tl~ere have al.ways beena lfinit:e ]]:I(lIM.ber ·o:fpeop]e lilielr custo~1el'S ~d frie.llds, f,aJIM.Uy, or oolieagrLWs could talk IOo a.bol!a:l tfudr exper.ioem:e wi1!1t [heir prodlucts or services.

Now, thou.gI'D., ue[nren1i.el ~l1d BOcl:S!1 nerwo:rks.-and the inSUllit ~ccess to oldiu::

I.)Ql]]mlUl]ti~ (Pd!. t]1e mmhon~ of lJie:op[e who will eventually join 1i:lem) [hey p.'(livide~a ve 'pumped word ,of mOl;l[h Uil) lUke :Ult was on ;:;!ter~id.~. Thieconsnme[· is no longer lim:iooC! to talking about llD,er' expel'tenae with yOUf personal b!l'alld to the poop]e .i:~. her imm,edEate CLr'o[e: o. even nn randcmencouaters dlJil.ri:l!1lg her day .. Now, if sle's got ~. Twiltite:r aQcounlt, s:l'~ecamt tell five trllouS18!lldipeoglile that sJle just read! YQurl''i.cIUS blog p;oslta[)ol!n.t bl'OOdiing Si@mese, cats, Almd] $~nce those aren't just five theusand ralld.o:nn peop]e, tlle;y"reflve UlfiJt.s!Uldpeol])\le who have de:Ulberme~.y told your T1;l,,!'1litt~rl'e-.Sid!e[· they

wallit (:0' h~r wha¢ she thinks, chances an;l ~'U!p~l'b tIlata good! :p-er'ce:nooge of them are g1(ling to be: (:I,Ul0US elll.ough to cl1Jeck QUIt your b[og for ihemselves. Alld like in. ~ JbiIl]ck~l]d=mOI1ar bllJ!;\i~ne.S$.half tille battle is; gdtl:mtgtlllern. D!Il the: dOQr.IIlhey like you. mro:1y wm tum righl.around and reprOsl your oo!' g, commeat to all o:fmhepe:Qple ifo~]owiMg tlle.n1l.1, Ane! so 011 and :5() forth, Now,~ow ]o.n11: d[d~lt take you, the Su~.ese C~[ l)ireeder, 00 reacb thom;a:nds upon tllOWrS!Ulds of potelll(1aJ bleg readem ;and custemees this way. f'Or free noIess? Tenminetes, ortaJi:e,[f;} .rn.llJJd.=b[o'W]ng, ~lJJd every d:Q!Y [I};aFe ~lJId more too:l:s;;me' be4ngcrea1tedl to C1lIr.ry YOUlr'perSQ:Il,al brandij]dh~r,

You may not h~ve g[alted your business yet, bm Ule<re's 11 good clThanoo you've ,a[ready creaiWd a personal ~~l'!U1id with.c:IUl: even realizing it Yo.u beeeme one the second you create ;alnry kind of [nrerNltll aCC01-l]![~ th~t puts you. inthe public ~e- Fa~bi[)~k. MySpace, TwiIDter-sooi;SJ1 networking :shes, yes., b'I!IU 1)e;rOOIl!;id 'Iy.ml1ding :sHe:s,~Qo_ Don't think so? Let's say YOI]'oo ,EI shu(t:e:rb[lg and you use your fa.oobook or F~:ucb aecount ['0 post. yot~r fu,estphQtng['~pl]_~. You've ju&tlJlJ.,ade Upoi\i:s.ihle for s,olJlJ.,eonl;: whosepsssienis business deve](li]yNllenl with in ~dtv~11lSjmtg [0 :see them. N exit thing },(1)[ know, you get an e-nl~naskinglfyou. W~l1it to eam cash by ~OQting stock p[lotos ][1 Y(1)Jlf ~rea,] .m.QW th:us mtli.,glll seund p]e.]n".~!h~sky. 'burl i~ happens eve>l'Y day" I've seen it with my OWlffi eyes- YOM Eliave to l)Ilndea'smnd :illlat we're ]]y]ngi:w. ,a WOE]d l~he~'e wordofl:l1J.outh ]sa[[,g ,con!tent totro;ve~ faster andfuwher lliJD.aIl elfer before, It's [Ui\:.5s;ed aroandaml ;SJrOUlld lJt1ililfnnally it falls ]uromerug]nl hauds, run te~]illg )'iOU, 01100 Y01m. jiOln m.ifl wo.dd you.·ooullpl,ay, se you'd belle. be~pared.,

Maybe you U~fnk Bat youhaee :~Q ne~d to ereste gl. personal. brand because you.~:i~e yOUf job Qf yOllll. work fo:, a corporation, What, you. thullk YOliil'.ro ]nvimtdb~er? Even if the eCO!llOOlY were soaring, [ would fue:~e:mng you. ID start 'Ms:iing social llledila tJOQ]s to ;1lh~ your ideas w:UJththe wodd an:d!make yo:urs,e[fa n~coglllZllMe ~nand, What if you.'n~ Ii trader mltalLlnnVeS!tffiue:lll Ji:n.n IDld Slldjel)~y you're Oll,l! of work and all you b~uve: to show ]5 a bu~~.~crap re,.sume? .Hold i,l. yo.umigllu wall11t to reas..sure me, my rhiunuf is aweSOJne. Tell n:: this: Is it apdfQfa tldyligl of where you've wor~ed and for how leng; witih a couple o:f :!ltr:negk: buUet ])Oi:I]I~, Eli:ighl.i.ghiting what yQi~ did In each job? Yeah? You're t.oa~t Ke:ep YOllll]'pdf so that the HR depamnel]t :I1as someth:ill.g for their :fi]es, hl!.a.! otlherwise 'l:mdilIi,Oli1.a~. 1:6Jm:l1les al'e: guing te be irrelevenr, and S·OQIL Eve:mt if tfu.ey·.re net yet,dulil resume Y(1)ll're so :p<rOl!i1di of ]Qrnr$ 'ex.adlylike: t!leones be']ng waved !l["()Ul1j b:y tftll;! oUl,er w« l'Dll1!ndr,ed .anal·YlIlts :iin your cil}' CUlr.[~I1IUy l'D.l1!llIting fOf jobs.

.Dev,e:]Q\pI]ug YOUIrperscm;aill brand ·USl tIThe SJl!lne ith:Ul1g as If'l,I:ung and bllea!tihi:~g y,our reSlJme. every second tiluH yO:lJj'~m working, YQurlalest ['!i!,leet and CQIlf[lJIJ.ellli: on Faoeibook wd m~t rece:rul b~.rOg ~{l.$[.? 'HlIU\; yoo:rresulue :~OW, Th,aCs bOlli' yoo. ~re gQinllg to ~lJJnJOII,I!tl.ce to the wOl'M YOl!.!]' nd~s alffidQPll.llons, Ule verytM:ings t[t@l mll,ail:e YOlil ~ilIJJiC])lJie a~d .~eaJI why alirm-o:r better yet"a pac.ssionat:e: (ll]trepl:en.ew.r Che:rry=plc;,k]ng top ta]~~lo b11lli.ld a. who]e newkund .of i:lliveSlmenll ,com~1tElil1y-wotlld he dll,lnnfu not: 1tO hh:,e yO:lli_\;: ~bOUit hoi!il,l d]:lIe:re~llt YOIllT s,ih;artiOIJl would ]ook ifYlQu grOt [a:id offb:m ThtS!d be,;m k!ee:ping l!n:p! your ])er.!llOlu~l. llJr~n:d ,and become wd~e5lwb[iS:fuled as a hOI cemmodijy. .Befofe,u't wOllLld

ThL~ve jaken h01[l!:rs of phone 'calls and 'e-rna]~s lQ;llJtU1Q1!II[J;ce you Weft: ,availabl!e', 'foday. tliI1.irri[:y mU111!.1res a:fte<r geIDng illC bad new$ you" d write Q, bKo,g PQSit, !he[l sendouta twoot ~[ld a S((lIUJS upda1!e {lnf!J.oebook ~bouJt yOi~ shU!Jltion, !llLldiDlllllThed]ately every lm.l;1lJna,ger ,i:~, pe i:ndustn'y wouldlknow YO'nll w'ere 1oo!k.ingfor a job alma, since tiley' d £!Irea.dy befu:rnili:Elr wili. y01!J!.r brand, ilii:~k, Flmlll, nO'J.l:l' con J gef. her onboC11rll1.ere?

It's a f~ot ~rt h]~n:lJJg deetsions are nlilfd!e every d;$)' because o:fpen;on~l, C'Ol,IUTheC!tio~.

If Y01!l!'re ,a sales ]llalla.g~r all Crest, 'e'V~ :P!!;Ist you :m@ke: ollUnecor[dd have alL1agelThdla, wheJille:r it':!! to [eve@1 yOlU tbo!.lgh,t; Q<~ Y01,lJ i:~,dllls,1):ry-"'We'ye gotte come up wHI:I a Inresh ~ppl,'oa(:fu (1::1' pa.Cli::."I!glllg·-or w reveal you:r ]houghtsull ge!tl~ml,-"I &ink I wallitlO rotk'e UIP' ]00 hodkey ." You GEIlllJllot afful'dro be OI~(HiimellsiOI]!d,; everj1hlIJJg Yl)1,I :sayilll;[!J1 yQ!:! lili.i:illi::is iueile'V::!llIt is noi!ilO' l'e]ev£!!IlL Think of ~U that oillli]le OQIII!I:De.I].wry you ]lo~!tas your h .. :~f of onelong, fri!l;\[Jjdl~y ]ul1ich llllreFV']eW"_ ]f amanager Is.biring and has the: choice between ti¥'O equally qll,l~l,i.:li'iedi. candidates, sIDe'~goillg 10 'choose the one Wi1!!11 w:ilQm ~he's esperienced BOlIne kind of bond, whebher d's a :mml]!d belief III ['eV.E!trn.plng[HleWQ'IJ11'p.!l!srtc i~dll~r1l' er ~ :r;hli\]'edllove llor ]~~ l1.ockey, Through your 'C01l!OOftLt you're m,.ing Sl!Jfr.-e dtmIl ])eop]e, can get tok~ow you. peusollll!.l1y and profes:-slonally, NOVi',. b.ecaU!-se YOll!rp.ersolt1)1 ltJil!iil:~d~s a:lrendry wd[ Down aJ[ld~l)octed, if Y01!ll need! a job ,and '!here is apositienthat :~eed$ to be filled, you'][ hkely be tllefifst onecalled If you've b1llli,U yO'l:!Jr br~nd rtght, ]hose 'esmbbsihedfinl$. win be O'l!il oll lack because ]he brnz d!e,v £,1!I!Y who~as bOOM Ifo]]ow.i:~g Y01i1!-;~(I.I1il,eone[i:ke: IftL~will have ~I.readyinvtited you to ~!1iJiI:i(;ipate in a:I1i. exdrtJingnn.,ew venture, Yom days (If wO']4;:ing l,o pll,l,t~lQlJJeyi]l. S;().I1ileone else' 5 .~Ck~5 n:re over.


B~J:!~ne.ssim ~e furore [5 g'Q:i~.g to be a fieJId d~y fOir everyoue wUh t~]em! because t]n.ey'll. nolenger be forced 110 ,e:d$1 whhlll [IIle 'CQllfill~ of Qld~glU;atfdIJlsiilru[i(li~s,F,oreXIll][1ploe, l;werY0l:le who i:!l $(:[<eamimg that jOt:ll.'l'I!ilIftfS:~l li'iJ dead because newspiS!pe'fsnndli1Il~g:azines <'!!Ile folding~sin£i!1tlJ:e. 'In'rie !)]dpl;(l!tfom.1S are i:ln.oulible,. but that' s the best I;h:ung ili~l eould }l£liPl)el~. oojQUI.~ua.]ust!';_ ..• ]llle good O.11.'eS,allYw~y-

Theplattorms aJOO !l[llkul:lg because the readers !!Lre go,img o[llill!e:, wh~ch meaasthat the ~d!moneyi:!lgoing onliue. SQ of CO~e joymal]sts sheuld go onliae, joo. Bwrl '!helr O])!PQrtUilJiltyis not ~ III wo:rk-fo.r-h:ke, wl\J,ere they s.'Crarrnb[~ toeam ~.few bueks he:rre, ~ few bucJk:s there w:f.ilnLng pUeJcesfo:rr vari~s C!n]]I:U:ptlb~icli\ti(ll]lts, nor fl!S a staff wrHer earm:ng ]lelllllle!1l wlffi:ile thecom(plmJJY ke>eps a d:i~prOPQrth)nate aunlCnJJ[I( of [be ad rev,enl:!t:: b:UOl)lLgb[in on the backs ,0fpo.o:rFYI)a:id. talent,

UNLlikepe:o;p]e;in most fl.eldsc, jmu:IlJa]lS1!$ are ci)l.m~ta.wtl.y briUnd equi.'Iy thmu~ 1keirwork_ So alltalented joumalists havete dQ'uS take ~dva:mwge: of llh.etecfu]D:cIlQgi(lal @lJid cuhueal sllti!llts '!hat ,are s;inking me~r med!i,aIJb~for:m.~ ]]ke ]~ky ;slips. go :il'D!o b-Ms:iiness !fOil Hle:m:se.lves •. and 'cmsllD. iu, I mekelt sOl([nn:d so easy,U']gftn? ] know ]fs~gt BUll gu.ess what? U"s d:lefiiJltlUre,and[iho,sejouf!l1al:iSlS and repo:rterfl, wh:o get wise: to tha'!: [:ruth are tbe ~es wfu.o are goingto s:ll1In'ive_

Now, some reporters ~l1d journalists alee ~'I'Q!bably net busi~.eS!l savvy enoagh to I;a!u[loh a new hl.n:S~lle\lS ()IW tlU~i:f own,[fuOllgb those who, P05:SerlS that ra!l'e w.li1Ilb<il!l~l(ioll of ifie:Djfel:litre,pl'e:neuria~ :sp]dl and 1.1;:pcm:il:lg ohopscQ[J]d.teal.ll up @nd fo:lTIlakiller on]ll1tl ]1!ews w[iborut ~Ily biz dey partlle[shlp at aU They're to will really big, BId jO'l';!'!I.i.~!ts wUh less business sense bm lwasshr.;: mknt won'[ be ],eij eut III the cold, ] g;~aI:,anJtoo thaJt Mm01'e: blillSUUJ;:llS d!evel.opet:srooogu:U:lel the: huge PG:t.mti~l . .I.1lJ tills ]1I},arkiet, mey aregoing to. start recnlui.tin,g rep t~de:~t 00 join t]n.ern im newvenrures.

Vi{H'MI( migbtthese veataresIeeklike? We'v,e ~Ire:lldy seen 'UlQlt ~ln;E!ll, lean, tig]Dt bl!lls~ness lllooe[Sc-like .Pol.Hi.(;o'_com,r~I.-d.,eal'po]]ti~~:'-oCom, :!leel\;:ilJJgaJp!h~.GOI]1l., a:~d ]llinywlv:i]]e .. i;QM1----<:a.w work The new g.>enel'aJtion of anlime new':8 is g'Qing to be m.are democ:mti(;. Maybe we'n see: aoour-perSQM jOl!l!IDal.i~[ stltli'flea:m IU[P' Wi~l affifi:llD. ltms:iiness !)SlrI»er to ,ereare U]oo.aI.lYSOOQP_WIII- .EveryculJe owns a 2,0 pe:nJem::i!~e 1.11 tile; compuy (olbv.i.ous.~y yOi!Jl iQaa.lh~ve a feny-persoa WaltH !a]J!d ;eve;~'o:me wOIU]djlJstawnf'ewel:p.oints). llhey WOU'll'ejpODit breaking ]lews ~lfi.rst (and [~t's, be ho~e~u, bow lUl]cJm ofwhau YOlill read i:~. tbe palP:er these days brn'Oketlle day hdore or.d:ine O!r Olli TV?), Railihe:r. 1ill.wy·.n fCWIIJ~5 o~. lmr5~.Ilg social media to PUtp Q~t wmvocaiove a:l'l!~liYsi.s., TIley do ~lIfOiF a year <UTI.d bw.ild ll[P >ca~ now &'n"1)l) advierHs~ng, whidl wOI1~d stream .1.11 becauseas we: all k][{lw" lllQI:ley if'o]]QWs ey~hi1lll:!l, and these guysi!lCe g'Ood! e.I1IO'lJ!gh. to draw a]or ofvie:wers. W]Ul, ~nue ~[l pktce tbey wo:u]d 'eveun.mal~y be abk: to lnre ][lore great jOIJI!1.1a]:ists;!lI]dl.~l.Il:lcl i:~v,e&]:i.gmive repor1l.i:~.g_ These .repoJ.t~ won't g~t pa:id $80,:000 W go to Afgll.aJl]sbll,

~ey'U getp..ald a 7 PeIl'cel]tequ:urty of,~ "nl:il.te~:I1~m.i.]]]OJl-dQU@f-~er~y~r" business that's Q:mtly goi:l1J.g to grow and grow, allld ~om~ of tlC :W])ClI1ri1m.g from AfgbalLl:i51~n wU]] 'co-me from ::i:orneone local anned wiID a cOlillbinaHoll cell phom;:/Flup Call] (they're c:omil1J.g,yoli W!llrl1) who s·treatm~· the new s live,

Th~H;: ~re lets of ol~er waYifl these new b't:!~unesses .coil,l.M ptaIY out Wfu;~t':!> to 5(()P me ten luo~t PQPu[~J1" jCl'n[r~Li.i:a.") at the Wllfi S{l'ee~ ..Jati.nml feom ba:mtdll.l1Jg to~etherimt G0l1j1ullcti.o.l1J. wuth a business :p;w.lner to cre~t:e jj}_,ell' own online all-star t:emtm? Or IMaybe ~eyeOI,l.ld~a1i1[J;ch. an ol1J.l.iJllu~ new;s~~per .i:~. wh~:dil every tllMe an a:~ucle gets ~ d.ick~lhrot:!gh. thejOlillr.llinl.i.8t who wn::J:t:e it gets, l'WCI bucks. Sun; there wd! be writer.[l who I1J.ligl]:t t.ily to ! ffiu: sys1telNl ;!'!Jlldeilh](:oil questions wm l[levi.wbl.y come iI,I~)', but >l'!iny01u~ who goos, downthat pnlh~sgoing toget exposed, guarsnteed, Th.ere have always been ])eop]e in ev~ .industry wil~.l hidd~ agendas, but now till.ere is nop]&>oe' fo:rIDe111 to iidie',

News lS .:iI]SQ g'O.i:~g llJ get moeeleeal, ~nd we're guil1J.g 00 see news 1)1r!)il!r~zzL There will be a '~I:son~1 brand called! '[he News MruveTklk, a newer versien o.fGC1Fald,>CiEtiver:1l,. whQ kc(}me~ know:mt for jI,lHl(p!i:mtg feniOes wi:th his cellpho1m.elFhp Csm ,and bn~~ki1m.g M@jOf stories ., Wh~l wm that be worth? PI.enly.

News has bOOI]~ctionullg under a Gornmun:istilOregiJue, bln ca~1Iimli:sm a]w:u!J's wi~.

CrHi.cs can argl,[e W:itill meand :say 'llltElIt these rle'\!I11ll!odel:s demean fi'Detrarll:ln.llg aad llliSigfut <,!![ld eill!1!.calt:ionit Uttes, to. be a gTe~t j.Clurna]]sl, aad pC}rh~:p..5 that's true, bl) aool.ll[ ~(iW ll.i~gs s:ilouldl be :in$tead of emb[·~ciP.ighow [i11ings ,af,e does[l't doanyo:~e ~n:ygood., The (:ih.aI]g~s~.ffe()tiug the news ~1.1,I:sin~ s s are~ernmIJiC;:OllJt. F~dlamel1J.t:il~ s!l1tp~ly and] dema]1d is Sbllfl:il1J.g. QUQn.!ilty is l![p,p.rice ]S dO'!'i~IlJ, whlcllmeu:!l fIe c~t. strl)J!cture~s, to ~h!r.illil;:: ~.iltli.cally .. And ]~kenJtgr not, IM.!liI1Y ~oopk's respect for q'ITI.~d.[ty reporting bas eroded. '[Ulis upsetsme a;;;.rnuc;:h as the nexl guy. but the fallt lS [lil~nifs n tre:.Ilid tfu,~li~ having a l'n:i!llge impact on businessand needs 00 be netieed and accepted, To explilJl'e !![~dI !lna]yze ~U tile smde;:: of tbis :!ltOl'Y WUtillm.e ,d!epthut d.ese!FVe.s wo~ld l.lImfon.1i1Lmne]y :reql!.!! way l1J.lore space tQl!1f[l this book allows, but] l:1i$c$ure YOl)J1, 1!l:i:s :is how tJmi:~.g5 mlre g(lljnglO "oil The oalyarguments I g~ .i:mt this debate, ~1:ytfu!e w:a:y, ~re from Jcn.~I.TI!:1I:~]st:s and lnd]v]dru,sils wi.1tlil an e:l'noti.Q:Il~] mllUloiuuernl to 'llieid~ of ]nkgn~l@per and the: rO:~l,auoe of Si.pplll[g a ou])of (loffee: l¥h~[e:read]ng the: Sunday nmeIL Moot bus!inesspoople Ik:now[ '.III. ri,g)L

If the u'ad:iru(m,~~p~a1tfoons.are :S~l1k]llg :ships, Denjol!J1:mB!l.tstsal't~ :sa:i]Q['s who ~eed to jl).rnlp. If they're not :strO[lg e.~o:t:lgh to gel!: lo&e new s:~ip. ye~. they'.I\e gning to dlrown. But tlose who EI["e: grealt :swiltll:mer.[l arre go.i:l1J.g [Q sail very. very far, 'TIl£!!l ~s the W&y bw.s~ness has ~~wayJ;; 'pl.ayoo and a]w~yswm, [to sa !1llth :lit tile heart of tlln:i$book:---itlle g;fJJme: is cllO![llJglllig, m:n:d your olPlPo:mm:i.'!y lS iifYQU take: h.!dlkman h;~s not y~t been e[[mln~.OOcl, but w·e·'r·e~fling un.el'e. A 1'01 has been made Q:f lInow the :mtlus~(lal1d~.ewsiJ]dU$lriIflS hiSive been turned upside dQl. ... fl] by 1.l1itmll;:1 technology, but allyon:e' who [h:lnk's the rev()~II,.IIt:iion is gQin!)l 10 :!>top there~8D1ni\!'e, The m;s:ssfve J;;~. ~l;Wlige 1il;m!t is rocki:ng[l\!.e news .i:ndrUstryi:s gning 10 reek eve['yi:D1.{lustry [liU!ft :oolies Q~ lnnnan il]J(e!:acti.Q'.IL And caJll YOl)!l thi:nik of a:I1ly business 1illHl!t .~Smt' [i:l1 SOUle wny dependent on llD.ul:IlI.!l!Lli:Jnlera.otion? 1 c~'l The cha!llges&~t will ! by me lntemetare ~5Ii!lld.nrl1l.el1ital.lyt:ra:lJisfl)trln~tiye~o CQi.llitel]Jt aJlldCQmnleFOe as theP.irintill1g 1J'~5S. ]'1:' s mJ. w:~cll·e new wQIf]d.; build your ~ersonal brand a:rn.d get ready for ill ..

If you don'tplsn ahead ~[Id decide wh~re you WaNt m :B'O., you.' re til big trQ[!b]e, My il'e> is thait no'm.att~r how IIIIud you ]:uke; Y01!llr joh, yOoU :shOlUld ai]JJl to [eave; it'i'i' yOour OVi'llJb.rand and business or partner WltJh SiOmeOllle to do so. becal! ;asl!olllg, as YO!].·oo working for $omecme else YOoI] wi[[ never be ]hdl1g ellltlrd.y true: to YOl!l!rse]f and yot~r p,ElSS~OU, That s!I]d,[ wm never [ell a:IlYQllJe to quil.&e1rjob, especi~lly if they've got oU'ner ])eop~e to sU!ppo.ll.F,ami.~yl]rs!t~ rell1lf:'mber, I w~m. hewever, tell youto start :pl,altll.liltlg to qlllH ,YOl)m Job if YiOruCiIi):mJ.' r allswer yes to the tbUow~:ng clleckUst:

l , Are yoo. l'tBPPY '~"'H.h your ~l'e!lem jdb?Uke, I'eallyl.NII)PY, LUre you don't bitch and 1I11.Qi!lnevery Monday .lTI,oru]ng albo1iil.t how mueh y,ou. wish it wer,e' F:i]day nigIlt

2. DQ you. work fQf a oo.l1J.lpany tharsllows you. to have a pl1bli(l ~1e:rSC:lllaJ el:the[' .abou~ yourifield o:r ynurtrae p.assloll {wh:icl1 w~en ]'mUm)ugh I'll. have (lonv]uced yOi!Jl slo!,]ldI beoneand o.<e same, Imu ]']1 (ll1IIl you. :S01ue ['),I!ll:Gk f'O:r ]]J.Qw)'l bJ. o-&er words., {ljr,e' you ,a][owedllQ Thi;El!ve a b]og, a TwiUer ~crorul[ll, or otThi!el'w[5e brmiIJid yourself ~nthepuib,]].c eye withan ~d!el.l]:ilty that is se;· fi'(lln Ulalt (.'If tile corpOl'.ation?' 8Q1]l1.ei]]J.dusrtl'les,~H:::e fiuanceandIaw, wu]] not ~How this. IfYQurpaS(;]Q!.ll ir;finanooorl.!!'W,dlo· you Iove yeur field ell.,olUlgh lO ]]J.l£iJk:e: that ;sacrifice',! DQ }"01Ul 'l:Irti:ilk yeu'Il love II as ml]c;:b ]n rte:Il Oil' twellity years 3il1!dI not .regr'et .. m.lS'5lllg iO:U~: on aU the iQI~pcnnanitiesil1In.el:ent llll. sooi,a] :med~a?'

3'.re nOlI aJUowed to dev~l.opa plllb.I](l persom;~. !litwOO'k. are you.alowedlm do ~o during yol1!:r Pe:JfSOllal/U[l1J.·e?

IfY01m ~sw,er ]]J.O to nambers 2: and 3, ] d01ili't carefutow happy yOlUl are ]]J.ow,. Y01m :!;;ho!Jl.]d do everyU:ing you can 1!:,ofI:[Ddanmher :pl.aoo to wo:~: ,or ~(a:m the gl.',(mndwo:~ to l;aru[loh yo:tn.· own bw,siness, because ev·enU!1a.lly y01!J1. aeegoing to su.ff,oCi1!l1e. AllY (lOIUI)Q:my O£lt clamps down o:Il.i1L~ best taJlel1~ and doesa' ~ alloVi' them t"(l ta]k 00 the pJibbc is hol.d.i]1J.g .~t talie.l1l.1 back frO:lu where the bl!llS~lleSS world is go:ing, and you. 110n"[ WlUDl 1'0 be len lbehnnd, WHhoutthe f.wedlmn t~) de:vdQP a .~ersona.1 Jbi.ra:nd, yow. wmr.:~.d yoorsel:f at a :!!tI'Ql]Jg, di~advmJlnage w' ~e Gomp~tJlit.non thalt will. have been purn.p~llg, out thatcoment md MI~k~nga name fortl1.(illlsdves,

If Y'!)!l!I.trf) n!l)l~ ha~1!pY til Y{llIrjob Ibu~ you '(:1[[[ still bu:u]d brand eql!l!.ity at worker au h01ne by blogg]ng Qr creating podcasts aJb~'IIl;t wfui;wt YO.l.!~oye,[ sUU want you. to .I)Ia!ll toleave ~llJdl;a!ll!nch your own 1i:Iu5,i:mJ.t;lss because ~lfe is wayiOQ ;short to spend It wor!k:ing ina job yOll! dlQll·[lov.e, I'm no:t as werrled aibo1!l!:l yO:!:!, tll.ol)!lgh, a'5 1 ~IU ,aibol!Jl1I SOlnoo~e who's ~8!ppyl)l!Ilt not allowed to talkto tile public, lbecuseas long a!) YOl!ll'recreatiug ,com:elU ~l]Jd bui.ldi.[Ig yOl:u: b'ra:~dI y,01!I!·''re bu:i]d:ingfutureQPportun]Ity.,

81!11 ill' YQu":re no:t h{ljPPY at work, snd fa.oe~ess. and have been forhid,dJen to~[k aholn Y0l,:lr .1)a:.,>~io:IJJ to the world, ,gel ~le hell Ol!ll! as soon as you ~I.l, YOl]'ve got no clWl1!ce

Q~ef1iV.I.~e of c~ting .~. perso.l].~[ brand,. and withoult (bne, ycn~ "re p.[Qofe$s<i.ona]~.y d~di:1i1I. the waler.

Loek; :I]]D@l1cial security fs :i:~ulJ:ortwlt, b'l[n.tifyo!] [cr'!le: SI1e1l!kel'S ~ndYOll! k[l()wmOFe ~bOUit them ~nd ave more passioaste abollit them N[I al.lyOrte else QI~ earth, you calli IMilIke m.Qll:ey [<lUring albol!llt them. ] believe thal with everYQUill(;e QiI'my :soul

Recel"ltl~ Tara SWlgellanlllOl(U,ced s]ale was her day jo!b·t:o de,v~t;e herse[f e:nn.[i:rel.y itO B]ollid.e!Dhic~el:llbol)ll~tiql!ile_'OOlll, where she is bliJ:i]d:ung a pa:!lsi.O:l1ale co:m.m.\liIJity of'flber groWlers and amS8!; s.]ln,e :!leU:!) Fri;~lld-dyed. or[ga:li1I.k Y.:1!lrrl ~[Id1 b]ogcs ~boutkI:lUting, d.yeing, and o'l!her domestic arts. She's cJleSirly CIlU;!)h:illg It Wly can't Y(llJi7

T Q meuetiae you I: pe:r-SQna] b([~l]dillltQ a 'bus~ne:ss usi:[Ig ~(mi~1 ma:rk:ev.i:IDlg He1r'I'i'QrkS,[V.i'Q pill;mLr,s need tn be In. plece; :product and eontent,

We'v,e (alIk.erj~bo1,lu hO"i'l'locl'loose yo~rp[()dWCI, wlich ~Ql]~d be wh~uever ;\101,]':00 ooQstpa~s,iillnale about, WhaJT.ever h is, u[ shedd go w.i.fu.Qll.u qual.iJty counts ill OJ. 111~jOI.' way, You can hustle 1lJ11@ maeket and network all yow want, bm if your :}iPQI~ dlri:IDlk t:aJstes like 1!Ill.~h. OlE' if Y 0'11' reputnog (~m bad l:I1fOF!l1:l@lion, you' regomg [.0 lose.

Great ,content is whal you're gui:[ilg to ]JufM:pimQ your :!looi~~med]a uetworks W dlt'!I'!c'i' eyo'bli\Ilr;(~) yOlJ1rr blog. Itex]sls, !1(oS a :rresuU o.fllassi(l{l1. plus expertise, so make Sl.I:lfe Yol,]. (l!1j]i I.:0!lk abol!il~ your prm:'1m;;,~ like no one else. DiI) YOl)[l" hOIM!ew(lI]']{, YOM shmll,d be readling and ~bSJo:~!ing ,every r;i.l.lg]e~ow:-oo you C{IIJ], l'ind.-books, tl'aJde jOllilr~Is, llews]e1i:l:err;, websites, ."IS well as mkl:mg classea 0(1l;d m~elld][lg ~ecWeS;!llldc()nmoo;lllCe>5 (y!l)U'n:~:~ftS'f) gUlng r.o VIS'Dt ~ndinl!:er~Cit with onherpeopl.e\') blogs onthe S{!!lne sllh1ecl, but mere':5 a method to lth£!!t,\¥tukh w,e'U geit [Q ]atel'). YiQil!aoan even ]])],~ke: tle teaming p.roCegS ])aI1 cf your ccmtelliL l'lh:i'H of all those WOl\::iIDlg bl.,ogs that ~hir(ll1iide d]s:l!s[rol!l!s. (;Jul.inary experiime.l1lR.r;. TI10rse are fun, rIghf? And !1!: pedf~ltI'.ida:IDl. whQ adrj}uJts~eis, oolJJs] changing his Blppr,oarn. to' ll''WClUes b8S!edl on dIe newest :r;tud1es cOI.n:i:ng f[(l'MI the APA isn't giv:i!ng lD.i;s .~~tlellts'if'lnlli.lies reason lU,'!,t to ]:ro~st hum. he's ;s.iOWlllg.dl!l!fll that ~e"~· o:m top of dn!el.a!leS[ resea:rcll.

Tllere':SOIJJ~.yol]e res,! I can su.ggest ifYOllil w:gJjnt tobe abcsoll!'u.ely !>I,lire mal ]]n.t': pi!il:ssi.o.llJ ~rQ1iItnCll¥hliDh YQ:u'r,e bl]l~dfl.lga brijlnd is also aliioneti.zahle pl1)dJU.d. C~n Y:Q!,]·1!l~i:l1ik of81t leasllifly blog ropilC~thalt y~u'l'e ~mpoo to wrhe ."Iboult if? Thall's ai:101([[ tihem]ni!lll:I[n.Dunu:mber ofpostJi yow'U. need 110 give yourself el1i;)'l1g~ tuneto gel ~.fueJfu[" De :sUllatiQl.I1L

That s~ld, I'm. (;OIIlvincoo [hat ifsome1ill.l:i:llg IS yo~r lmepaS5~Ol:l yO!l.l. cu.fiud five hundred things-five bUl1d:re.dunte:re5Ung th~:lJ!gs----:to !lay aoollilut Mo~n poopl.,e talk themselves out of ~IJ.ocess before they even start, Th~!]I'lJiEIs:sfoll .I.S stickers, but mey mi:rn:k, "Th.ere's no w:ay [can makea h'l)Ilfl!dred gr~nd ta[kJng abom stickers." That's wThty yow'r-e goung tocrps.fu. :nt:-ibeca.'l!n$e: you're the type ~WllO':!1lg0Ing to sq. "Stick eel],'? He[~, Yell,. stlckers!"

Great OCUlt-elllt is alsoall about teil]ung SIQl.r.u~,. and tbaf~ true even if you"re in retailor .B2Horc()u$UlIIIe'l" servlces. :~f you.':re ;l! real-estate agel][and your a!l.'e!ll. is 011[11:" N e'W Jersey ,UThen YOl!]. ~l1nl[l!.ld want ]:0 leU n~e eV1el.ything aoom Oiull:: Wn,al makes it~ml.ique., Tell MI.e the story oli~e' r.own,~ot just the fuOIJ1DJ; YOUW~lJjllO :5eJ1l Make~e: car,e about tilt: p.l~ce as mnehas you do, If yOl!Jl 're a docto:r. tell me aoom iilllt'l ]nteresting (!!1!sell you ~aw today_ Tell me ~bi)ult thel:!l'end;\l you're seeil'l,!1Gir give me ailvi;Qe or yO'l,1r~pln~.Qn ahOMI Hill shots, If yO'ul'p;l!ssjon ]~ ~ales.ta]k 110 me ,aibO'l[I!.1! why you. ]ove it, Y01ll!.r favDrite'ii't:l iecl'rl1l].icuue:, YOl)l1r mOSlt .im.ter,eSlti:ml.g cl:ielllts" ~dI. yoor b.i.ggest (!baJUel:lge.s. Tellme your !lWEY> Imdlif YOI!1're' good, I'll. 'come ba(;k for InOTe_ The:~, I'Il ten Hly ~Jfff]" a:lTId ]key' U G(j[l1je, ane! where my ffienels IDTId I go, rue don1!lr~-in the: forI]][ of ad reVeIlue, :spollsofsh:ip.s, oundul1vi.1!ati.QlJJsm b:~dI~l YO!J.I!t"]1tl-w]~~. follow_ CONlUlllUiI'l~Cale wi9 nlt'l, beeaase whoever :~:';lm14~: !:lestcomU11I,I]1[I,c:llJWr will wln_

Do you have ~ny idea lThow m3iIlyp;eop~e ]Ilitit'odllloe tbemselvesteme wi1l!11,"Hi,]'m gni[!lg to be the NleXl O~"? I'm all ~bo!lt beingconfident; and lrespect anY{IIle who',fl g(l1t big <'I1r:MbWcm_ BI_IJt~e1!'s f~ce it, not everyone is gO]l1g to be OiP:~,· Evelyone has the anllhy to achieve grt::at :!1leilf~9W;1!lreness,> b\ll( we aU OOC!lskmaJIly lie to ourselves, Some of W;5, however., lie to Q:ursel.ves nlO:[~ than QUler.s,

~ell y01!! slUm tfu:i1lllking about yo.ur~~v~liliD.ood a:nn.d youll"pa:ss.i.O:[1 and&e oomel1it yow.

WaIlltiC) cr'{lat:e,ma:y I :!1lugge1ltlookiinglll thern.lrror and me followlllig: OJ!llVef.satiQINl with YOllLr.seU,?

"Is oochllo]ogy (or candy 01: llliE!!fll::e(~IlJgQr s,ocoer)myua:lti.Nll~tepas!;;]Oll? "Y,es,

"Okay. Ml 1 good e:mough to be the best blogger albO'll1t t~ for ~dy or uHllI.'ke:1!ing o:U' soccer) in title wo:r]d'?


lf'you G,Si1Ji1liQ( anll<sw'(\r both ofillo~e questions-:A:llJl[ Sllremy ]X!5i$~.Qn ]$ wl1at[mh:i:mt1i:: it Is, ,WlId Can I mill:: about ill: bener than ;jIMyQn~ dse?-with ,Silli le[l[pha.tic "Y,esl"yOM are not gIlillng to W]U,. YO\ll"n"e not even going to comein flJlilll, OJ mti:un.UTh, or tweUl:h,. w~:ricl1 a;:a:1l <'111$0' bepe:rfectly .respe~b~!e> p! p(l\.~[(ions_

BWl djd]]l'~ I S!lY tbalt ~nyo.lll~ who ",· ,~ blog ,around h[s pftSsio:n can l]loneUze? I di.d,_B1LU :<!.lOI of people ~ good! at:d!dud:ing 'IJIJeIMselves._ A:mldif yQU &'0 ]n1!:Qth:i:s de]ud.inllg YO'!,]f~elf~ y'ollre not going [;0 make lhe:money aud you're MlgOlngw be hfl!PPY and yotl'regni:nIlg 00 be JUSl!: anotJm!er boring blog 011 the]nternet

You can monetize B1I1Y passion, b1ll!.lb::leve~ 2!!t wlrnkh you can monetize wHI. he aff-ed:edl bydl.e size: of your u:icMce aud whoiler you :!I!l'e able to. differ'{ll1tiat:e yourself .enQugh frQIMl the oilier p~ayer.\l i]1[ut There are alet o:fpoctel~, out there:

today, hQi!i!i'ev~1", that ca:rIl sust:'!in ~. nice rQl1y"[o.sev~llilY-flye"OOl]1l>l'!lnd-dlo~[ar"\~-yeaV busiaess,

We'y,e all wa1lched and read a:und ]fs1lened 10 boring 'bIggs. Mo~u oflhe:.nnl O'lll dllere,i:~.

Ifact, are 1:ea:Uy boring, ]$ it becaase [he $tar doesllJ't klL10W whalt he's wlking ,abou'!.? No-he's 0\Il m.ess~ge, l1e':srelevallit, he'sinformative, TlThep:rroblef]l ]$IlJ'1 tlla! he ,dOe$m't bO'W what he's taJk]lI:l!gaborut [('g, dll;~l he's tallang ~bQlJt 1i[ at ;[Ill I-J.e [)mb:S!bl.y should be abo1!ll1 :\'iometlling else, ~omdfu.i:lJJg th!lJt makes liDIm. shine, ml;~lge(s lim. ,eocc.i.redl,[lh;~t E!Hows lli:s 'pe1'so'naRUyand Ms .paS'1!lon til) burs! thrQU.gi1.1 yOl!ilr moni1i(llr and demand tfilat yOM .!mY ~Uellition m)m.;1I!ti:e:D' whether he's >l'! 0[' 011'1 extreveet

A lot of peop]e add d.les~ bhJlgs oollcefr websire:sfQr v~s.l!,I;l'Il ]Ilieres!tand 10 offur >l'!I different w:mJY for their aadlenee ~o geli:lID.ifo.l1l.luniollJ, and 1ili'lIIl.'$fiIl:e~But:add:ing video or ~mdlo, elements just for the sakecf ]helM isn't gltlllm.g to send you I.' brand !rn.d I)l!aswm~ss 10 the moolNJ.. The only way these W{ll:!> WQlrk ]!l i:l"you"re 1II.s]n:gtillem.lior illl.e'D:[ job- Even tHn.e dl,lme~$t lntI'QVert hli);.':;!JDzzazz ab<out S'(mlethlnghe is [)!0Jssioll!IJte E!boult" E!llJd when he's; using HU;l nl~h!Il[l1Ito talk abol!iltil ]if yQ1!J1 watch an engjne>er ®I:kingabout', Wld. it":l, one ofthr'ee pr,ob[e1n~$i:\'i in pl,ay.: he's talking ~bol1it the, w.r'ol1glopfc,fute' 5 us:iug ~le WD'(lI.[!Ig mediiulll!l." er both. If I Slle:mtt rol. b01([r WDiOh h~m,. MI~be we'd dlS(love.r that fuism.edliUllu Is wn'U:tl.l1!g, ~dhisp.a!s~~kll'l. is hasebal], (jet liDill!l.l writing ~boult ba:seb>£lH, all1d[ giLIa:rallitee he'll gd fuenel' feedlb:ack QITldfinpda] flesuilu tha:11I fu.e everfutad whell taJki:l1l.g about englneering;

There ~ poo])l,e wbo lbe['Qng~llfiront of a >camera, tille:rear,e people whQ belong .i:11I .1J!D'un1t, <\lind there al'l;: [)eople who bel.o:ng OIlJ tfu.e air. D,eSle are thee~Jt!raQlro]m!,l:y ~eQP~e, The om.ina!)' ones, t1~e ones ]]kethe V;;l!stmaj01'[tyof jjU$lm;::s~peop]e and enirep.I.'em;;iI!il:!"S out there, dOll'[~av~ tile ~,owmWII DNA Thalt doesn't nlMIl &ey won't sUlXieed., ;mJS ~ollgas l:I'm.ey are realistte ,~bQut what Sl)1!.'I1cess Is golUgtO~OOli:: Idm. TI:l~ exlt:l'aordittl;Qll)i people will nl~kes minions of dollars Irnd the o:rdi:mJ.iiiI1' Joes wm earIJJIIIO'l:e .i:mJ. the: ]lllidffivt\·c[uglil!Te Imllg,e. Is tbat d!s:a!ppoiJli[lng?' Th~.nk ·o:JfU ilii~ WillY: Opr~l, wl'kois wimoUil iii. dOllior e:xtr.::'!ol:dllJJ<U'Y. buill liDer bra:~d U5~ng [llle f.ight medinmend the: ['lghitlCOl)lc. and slcmad.e I)illion[l, ~[Id themass~vel1ll~jic;:.rHyn<ulde zero" TodJay, eve1ybody else ~Ilmake $4O~OOO to a million, so lcmg ~s rillley' call nail ~he ccrreet CQinlbi]1lation of ~ek medium a:I1Id ~ScS[OIl. In most of the OOUl]uy, earning nlJ.idlflyefigu['~meSlns YIDu'l'el:iyi]]lg pll'e'uty '!-'i'eJI], ofi:e.ll ,exaocUy as well ~s YOli1l w()u]d w.ere YO'lll :scllLlepplllgimo $O!l.n.eollJe else's office every dElY_ No'w though, you'reeiU1l1un,g&es;~memllO:mley rn.llCil1lJ.g ,abollit somefhing you @l'e (;['azy ~bout U·~. ·a. good deal. Tate it

K:I1IOw yourself. Choose the: ri.ghit medium, cheesethe[[ tQ])ic, c~~e:I!!~e awesome eentem, ;E)jllJd you can meke a ]01 ,of mOl1l.ejI being, ha~IPY "

y,O'~'re going to' wO'.:k yeur iC(lI~,terut ~lltwQ ways, The flrst 1$ a:s alare, cr~til1g :ui:, JIQs.~i]!l.g it. alLld ~nOW]l1g ]ltKlp]e 10 (lome to yot! as they d:iscQver It The ~eoondl [5, to l)Jlse in ~8 a k!ls~o ll:lirOl]gh CO]]UlJlents on 'Qtherpoopl,e'l) CO]1J.!er.ut thalt r,e[ares to yours, inserting yuurself i:muo existing coaversatioasand a.(:'1Iivdy ,crealtil1g reasons for Y'OIl[ aud!~ence to oome to you. OJ 'CQlll:'SlI'!, Y'QU have to gi.vepeople a pl~.ce lon~dI your ki]]e;1' 0Qnten[~ so I!et'~, go '!here l1ext


So you've' g'OI~.killer p.r\)d!Uat or service ;w.~ CQlltrel1ll, now you':r-e going triO dei~]ver j'Ql,]f I1I.U~ssag;e via a blog. ln the o:~li:~e worhl, y,ou'vc;: got three fo.r]]l}~t~ro cheese Jrom, tll(l!Ugli. :!lome poopl.,e Mligln do a c(J.lubl naltJi on: video, ~ud:iio,. 0:1: written ward,

There is .ai. ton ofil1l.foff!l11!!!tiJ(lrl ~I:re~dyou~&er,eclleta:i]]ng the m~1111.!Jt]aoe of how to use ,o~l oftl:lese pl~ttbI'.IM.s" Ralthe:r then waste y'Olur time Fnere :repeating wFri;Eljt's allt'e.8!dYbeen SlJ!k~,. I've: :mcrOmme:~d!ed in lliis chapter s,C;U:I1JJe: ,ofrthe beSlre~o1.J:n:es av~il~lde. [,dl11l1.llcftl rather nTI~ke SI.l!fe you mHl!e:rsm:nd the gl.oba~ .. i:mpl.k:!l!tioa1:~ of the5ep~.altf'Ott'ms. 1'il.lart said, tille next mll:r~ cllalPt:ers 0:rffe:rge:!I.1eiral. desclr]pt:ion~ ~nd ex:~I:SJlla.'l:U()i11[;.5Qf all the: bl,.ll~df[lg b[o(:ks you'll need tobaild a s~c(le~s:ful business through socfa] media, ]:111. ~pte!l."]{1 you'll. find an :i:l1l.-depth 'example ofpersolla] b['ood b1.l:i]ding :thatlnOO~Qrates jlusl abO"l.l!1 every C0I100.Pl w[ldEeC~nl.iql!rH:' w'e discuss,

TblS s'ter in IJi)ILild;il1l.g bl)Jls:~ne.:ss is o[lce agai.VD. a]] ~boui working wi@D. your DNA To .m.yrnin(] themost eff.ecti¥e oollilentnledium :us< vid.e:o, md th~t"~, 1)]TIce one] p:refer to fows en, It's just ~Siier to' grnb roop]!e';;;aUe:JlliQ.lll ud d!iaw the:l1l1 ~Ili" espooiBlUy a p1.lbl:ic who reads less ~Elil]d lesa I a]SQi llhi1!llk:lmtlng perOpk see yOM is l!i Dlll,ajOI: pillS when YOI.l!'W 1lJying to se:~~. a personal bra:~.d. Do:~'!mi[l:k ooy s'l)n.bJe:ot ]S ojjf':'HI11lUs fora vidoo bl.Qg. If yourpass]on Is sales, do, a show about ~I!e:s. Can you imagiae Soun the Saliflsm;ij[l who picks II new se][lng oprmnnr~Jty every day? On M( he: sells flowers, (1,[1 Tuesdayhe heads to the flea nl;a:D'lket, and so on t[u'Qugb.ollll the week. Or m>!1!ybe be Wkes ,;l! new job and >ct.uroruk;~es his rise to s!ileS:l1l.l;m:Ji o:f De yt'iar. lf Y;QiIJ're ![11. aQeo:unOCml, you can stm. ])11[( Qi!Jrl a v:ud,eo. 1 SUire ~s hell don't want tereadaeeauetlng :m!lJrer:~al:s,. but I'd W:a.rl(:h~ video if you were gOQdl.e!tlo~ghI!Q make SrOulWnlngHk:e 1:l~1~Il~e sheets Qf oper~ting, pn;l.fil i:uere5]:ing and yauiafused your show with pe:rsonalityandeve:rytiting tllalt nllake.S yOl!l pique,. DQ til..'1illllld your audieuee will fine'! you I glilEif.::l!ntee ]t

I use vfdoo becaJl1$e]~ove rota]k~[ld I've g'Ot a b~g periScU]a~uty and that mediumis @D.e :~lQS't Jfu:I1I. fm" :m,e. :B'n!l again, do IlntCQlll!l9!n:'Olll.iese yeur DN A. If you're :!lclf-C:rOnsc]oUJiii~ !I1J."Ollrt of ~ GSiI11lera fum have ]oo.,rn.s, oll :pers{I:lThaftHy pl:rm.:s II CODllpel.ling voice. don't force YO!.1lrselfoo do a v']deg blog, do, a:maudio podOO$t TIti:ml.k:atl0l!ll~ It; if S HOil justcar buffs who l.iiiirte:11I. to Car TlIlk:'~ Chell: pC! Oack,. who have a weeklY radio SIN}W bl!lm ~0JI~o It podell!lt (I:ITI. NPR.. T.~ey·re $orul1.ny. >chariS:~lmlc"!tl,ow.I.,e:dge~ble they .c;o!l.dd l~n:: iml. ]hose B()..$(Q1l ac:oollils about nQtblllg but ca;mbwrel,ar!l ,:'III daylolJig £IInc] keep people's ~Uention, DQ the s;nr1'l1ie thing for ])~Q~ogr,alPhy. Qrcoffee, o:§ sO£!p,or sCl!ba divung.[fyol)Jl

l'n;~vea ,\lq! .. IJ~aL'Y vQf~e orYOIil1'f1: s;"h.y buta br,ill:ual1ll w;U',ut:@", Q~vi,ously 11 written. bl,Qg :us t]ll;: ]Jelt'l;:c(mlledlhllufor you", By now [llilere ave [,)']em,ty of ,\lWXe5S st(ll]",Ue5 ;aJboUitpeo;ple who Mlil)lteti~ their aweWmle' blogs, Whyca:Il't that be you?

There alre oilll.eradv!i\:m:t8!geg to bl,ogs" Tbey inceease ~e ab.ility fQrpeop]e tof[nd yOl!Jl tiU'o1i1gh]:mtern:et searehesbeeause ~,ek comeatehaages ~nd e}rpands dai]y .. Nm so w:uth ~, website .. PiU.b]i~5h~ng a weibp{lg'e O~IJJ be '!,I~~abo.ri:llte[lsiveilltl.d evenrequire :~~rlllin:!I new :so,fiwa:re., but 11 ,~iEI!rmt ~pl,llt u~]' a blog page" U':sea-sy, h's 'cllst(JIIDliza'ble" and leeS free, Whaltmor,e dio you want1

EvenrrYOi!Jl {llooady have ;SiIlJ eCOlUUleooe We>bl$Ue 01: ymJ!r foc1JJ:S is 13213, you, need to start ~, blog (though 01100 Y()]I! see how simpleit Isto do, you ]llliElY diltch YC;IlU webs,i[e TItink of Uliiis way: your website is far ()OIM.mllll]~Ung IOglsti,cs a]ld ['adl,i,Wiling: s~l,es; YOl!ll:r hlog is for COlllJII]!.1ttl]CS!ting th:ee{lse:ll!ceo,f~rour b!~d. It ~Uows yOl!Jl uoe:xpand om YQI,liI: topic l[l way,\l that a ,\ltalr.i:C website s]miP,ly can't; FQir eJi;El!IMJI~e., .lfyo1iJt B!re a ~ofiWa:r~CO!llliPi8!IliY,. your webs~t:e will ex:plain wlal~~rQdlll.CIS and serv[ces yOM llD:Qivide, bl!~ en your audio .iPoocast }101m ean d:iS:CJ1!sS your iliol,ligbts eneurreet softwa:re ~.ds, or yQU ca[link\ryiew cOUl.~I,~ylead~r.s who use your p:rrOO.~clS.. and even ;some who don't. to exp~Qr,e the 1{11)[C~lOreqUy.. Giving: [;leDpleunreresb::din s,oftwaI1e tbe OPPOItt!l[l~ty 00 get to know you ~s ~. living, th[llldng, lllit~tn:llg l'nl!JllMan being wheel ~PP~c$ to ]mow ~verytl:hing, tbey 'W:!'!II]( to bowalboliAt softwiiU"e wm make 'U'Demthatmucll Rlore ]]kely to wa:mft~:o d~, 'I_l,us,il1~s$ witbyo1!ll,

Your fullQg w]]~, be your .ma:uttl~ol:l1J!e. your ~e[Jjtr8ilkllcati.o:n wnth a nQ~e%ceptiolls O]}ell~door policy w~ere i8!nyone C!U11 find Y(1)l! .. U ~[so serves as s,torage for ~U(he 'COHIWMt you will. cr-eate, e~sen1!:ially Jbiui.lding ,(lnarchive where people can s,ee how yow, ~CI yO'l.:!lr bl!1!s~m;:ss. haveevolvedl and ,exppd!ed. It is t!hep~aoo where you. can talk asleud m1Id ~, loag and ~s Qilellalld~s in-depth as you wam.

To keeiP'peop.le (lQming to mi,\l home" you ~eed to be constallUyreacll:i:llg (11m! a~d imtter.a:Gting with the cmline COmMl,l!1I:mtity ofpeopl.e~~11te:re5'redin yoyr :~s~~on who arealso yQl~r p01i:ellii,a[ CO!lstibents, To dOlha.t, you'll. need to step Ill) to Qi,lle of themallY ollb:liI~ !)Ilmfo,ml$ where. you W]][ do 1!:l!'le b<1!ilk of your mll.aJrkedng ,and social netWQiffl]ug,.

In Deoember 1008. 1 5(perul $7,500 oo'Qffer free QQde;s fo.1" W~neliJbi.l!itry,.(l'CINi via tl'lree' .ma:rrlcelti:n1J.g!.advern:iising i)hill]l]ei~s-a~erfocUy plaeed billboard on the New Jersey Tl!1m~rnke, direu ]n~n, and r~dl()c .. The hl.I.I.board. h.U'Ol!Ilgbi(un a Fttl!Jlndl'ed and sevtmty o:mer,\l .. The r~dio c;ampa:i.g~. did ~bolJlt two lnmdred and JQrity (irderll" TbJrotlgh di:['~t mail we:gol a litUe over fi'n:me hundred, :~ TwuUe;roo ol!llt-fo.rfr,e~ free ~h:ilPrp!i]].g code rold got :!Ievemeem hundred$ in fC!lty~ei.gij1Jt hours .. Whau[l],is ~eooote 's]D(lt:I~d prQve '1:0 you is nun 'plmfor.ll1~areeVe.ljlWn:i:llg, lI:11idilll'$[ [lIle old O]].es !i\:1:e SQft:en!lIlg,..[fll.,ey don't ,adjil.1s1 S'O011, they W:UU be g~e {If @lbest ]rrdeY~I1It:. A;s [t Js, ilies-e ~diticma]p]atf'Oi1,II!s :shQft!]d he o:~ly used by the b[ of OOlU.])8!llleS who can a:ffQ:rd iillle scale ..

Television, :I1iewsp~ers, and mdi.o used 10 be the g]oh>SlI.~kl!tfor]1J.l$.. T1h!Louglrnhese channels, cempaaies and!i'I:IIil.d(y. oonnrec[,edlnd:uv:idlU;!lils, could di~tribme theu[" ,cont:e.l'[l to the wor[d w[Ulilin ~ :rew days., Now, thOll,gllIt, all of tho~epl.aJlfo]lnsllIt;aJve: been

Qversh;E!id!Q'wed by t]llfl bi.ggesu g]O'h.!lil. pliEJtfQf.IU eveI', the: h:uiemetWHhin this g]db~l. pklllfoHIIl ,Hire sooi,alrn.w:ketilllg sUlbpkll[lTom:l:ll. ~[Jjdlbese are l:1he [O(lIs yOli! ':00 g'Oing~o u:,;;e teo di:lltribtllle yzyw:ki]]er (lO:~len( and YOUirperson;Ell. fu!r'@ud to! the masses, [lot in da.yS,b'ul .i:~. seconds.

The d:iffer,ence be(w~nprgm{~lrlng your brand v:ia tl'ad:iiOQn~1 nnarkeluLng a~d ~c]vertisi:l1lgmed]lIJm:s anddolng ~t 'lJ'la social lleoNi'orki:l1l.g p~.aJtfonIIS is like ~.e difference ktwee[l send:iinga Illessag'e byPo.ruy Express and C:haJtJt:ing 'on Instant Me<.\ls,enger, Sw'·e. yOUi >could use the, former, bnt th~'s ~good cRUU1Ce: iliewdpienil wm have moved 0'11 a:~d [(If[gODt:eM. ahom you. by [he [Lme the mesS1!!ge: arrives a.uHs destnnatDon.

We're b'llrdel'i]][g em gooi~lffiJJe('WO'~ pla.tfbrm o'!ler~()il,d_ There a['l~ fUllY or sixty plartlTorm~s thalt people are Ol!:ne:~.tly '1)Il::;~l!lg to distribute' business WIllent,. ood by the time tfuJ.i:s bookcome5QlJ!t tIl.ere will !be mo:r~. bUit ]}.er,e.®re Qnly a few m:ElJJQr p]ayers WUJt!l wh:icll you need ll;l,fan:nul~a:rize YiO[l,u·s<e~.f- Some have funny n;mJI:I1LeS,blJJl ·Qthenvise they a!l'e~o diff-l;:Il:e:I11 From t:lln.e hammers ~l'JJd bucketsof pa:in~ aJnd faxmaehines Blnd wlepho!tl~~hat peop]e ha ve~sed furgelle:m[im!l::l to build businesses and s!p~d '!he word aiboult wllauthey 1iD:S!vero offer. The rest of ljltis Ci]@pter offers an oVe'l"'!lkw of iJhe .~eadling social mad::eti:mg !)Imf,um~s ~E!Jnd theoptim.a]. way te use l:!helNl.

All other plmfo:rm:s k.!l!dlm·l!lh:is O'Ue-y0111 honlJ!e, you!!" de1'ltina1!:i.o[![, your blog Word~){re"'lS ~lJid Thmli)lir are: the becst aindmos! PO;P:l)IllUif b]ogging p];DI(fonnSCUI:m:;lli1:fty available, TIler.;: areothers of ooon'ie-!B.logger and e~[,)BCi.any S]X A.paJ1pirodJuots .al:,e good (and 1I1e['eUS smoke at Sfx Apl1l:mit, SC) by 1ii.e 1ti~le ]:i]is book 'COUles out liliey may be III me game}-b1)[t tIlese om;: two that l~a!ii'e: used and liked, Worrdpl:'ess ~s the est!!b]]shedleader witll the m.os:t l!!SeFS- J.t$ deS~gl'D.lSalitije busy, d ['equ.i:res ~. fewmOH': stepiS to ge<t your OOmf~ent 1)lr.~:

Blnd s:I1Slred,. bUl .it's not d:ifficu[tto [eil:l'!I1. With. senne ~)~c:hce,. ill fact~ Ihea'e a:re some roI'IlI.yi~oo.res:l:Jln,g opti.cms avai],[:!b~e to ski[~ed users. ~Ithough 10 Illy mind [ft'Il~re\~ no r.~so:~ to b01)]]/er 1l>ew]1l1i1lIlg ~t sk~]]edL Ont) oHts ]][ic~l fCi!!tul"es is an eXiOel~ent and e;asy .ard1:ive gyslem witll ~1!1. searcb (~labl.lily, SI!) people {::i!llJ11f[nd 3!Ily1!l:i:~g you'v·e ever I)Osted- A~d WOl'dpreSJIl a]]ow:s for some: sophisticated cust(ml:i:zaltioal [,0 y:OUI" page. I'm ~. big f.ru1Ji O'f the "themes," too- These are ~.e desi.gIJiQlufonsyollge:t 00 cll~5e ft:.QIl1i. when yQt~Cl:ea.reJlOllir 1Xlge, @Ild[thlnk they're rea[[y de:gaTI!L

Tl,lim!:l]r, on the: other llUdi,i;s a very si:mp~y des:iignedi siledhal!: is $upereasY~Q use, You Q11l :post vi,d·eo B!l]dpfucoto~ on Word!pl.'e'Se5, but TlIJmbll" directs you to a lemp[a;re designed 11'0111: the kind of conilf::llit you wi$h W, ~-eme, whe1:ftler texl,photo, [I:lJJk,. video, ocr' music. HU ··O~te Post" and you're geodtegc,

It's ;sJli~tle kllOWI~ fact, too, that TI)l:mblr lS, the on]y bloggjng ·p[aJtf.brIIl 1illU!i[ will host your dO!lnaim IlaNlle for free, Whlr:::hca:~ ~ve Y'O[l hl.!lndlr,eds of doU,S1fS ~lyeaf'_ WI:l;S!t this means i.s thalt you C~[Jj id~ti:fy yourself'as Sa[I.yd[·,.wm. (yon kflve to buy yQUr ]][@mefr01l1 GoDaddo/ _QOll];fii.I.'sit)ills~ead ·of Sa]h'ydtre.5sdesi.gIl!er.W:~)Mr., com. YQuha,vet!l.l;S!t o~ti.QI]J. on ·W(lrdIJreS4l,. loo-saUydre.. s\r .. CQ:I1i.l or SaUydlres'sd_~lgm~r.WlOn:lprc::ss .. C()I.~j.___:bm .lfyoo:l'brg'O ]}.ecom~~ny [)a111Ie, YOl)Jl Qve [I) pay .I'D.08!Ong fees.

A:m.Q&er advi!I[i.wge to TrulLul)l]" Is the .reb]pgibnctUQ]1[,. On WQ\l"dpl.r~s yOliahaveto write a ne:w POS[ ~bout a S(QI.jl YOl1read in order ro tellothe!L'S ~b{luil. it When aOOQlUllt IJse:['S see $omebods pa.n ~DnH~lhullg~t theyli~e on Tumblr, they Cl!Illl~il!: ~.bultrQn ~bove&e story ruml says "reblog," whfc,h a]]ows men] 10 ''tl!1!Mlbh:'' it. With that ru'D.ey're using yOlJtr blog ]:0 extend ;'lomleOlle else' S stO'1'- That I~ 'e'-'l:nclil.ylhe: kind {iff 2, I] word o:if' moulli YOl(!! W.atllll to i:ll:!ll)iire in yQur audieuee so ]ley will. dQ the same for you,

E-mailmealtGary@vaYI}e;;nnooi~"IDOIU[Ofdem:ils~bouil.thepreSS(ionfell.e.ll(le I'm. gxl!i]![g to have to ex.])I~in why I'm afan olf1rliJLIMbl:r_

W~en us,in,guhiis pkiilfo:rrm, ]he IID1!Oi!lt .i.mportilillil. thing: te ilJQnsideris o.e '~eri[Ufe!L<fa(le o:f yow.r blog_ Consid,el: the '"ifol]zyw:I_lJig" h~tto]![~ as [he disp]ays [0 yOl!JLr !llDrefrOIl!(---1they <'!!Ile what wHI. tumone Vlsil!: Illit.orepeal]blJ!lllle\lS_

These Ut:lCredlb[y ulllpmltalJil buUon:s are .~[I aOOlllt capmre_ "Subscribe: to Em,ruil," "'Prien(j Me Up'." "Foll.ow Me," "Become a F,:;Inn~[ of these: are: w~s t'O SlJlggeS![l1l;~t ym]f users pmlJlM.g lhcir ]nl!:er~ctlon withyol([r br.8!ll:dL When you're wQrking }1Qliilf butt eff o:Dl: yOUtr social networks to your OOl:l1J:IM.!]U:iity llltO yOUI' domain, iifs SO~l;art they will click en ,one: or several of these buttens, Ifyou.triedgetJt:llng pt1ople: to friend yO'll or ftil].('IVi' you via 1F~(l:ebQokor Twi[Jt:e.r., you'd. come ~cro~s ~s spam,[n the [l)tp :mly It!.log ] now have;El. buttou (halt says, "Buy my book," Can YO'WJim.mJ.ginehowotmox:iou I'd look if I S'enioullw"OOts 6v:ery day 1I,J:I'g:ing ti];aJlcal] to adion?lnstead, 1 use 1heo(ber. tDO']S im .my rooibox h), br.img viewers back to lIlY blog. where] knock ru'Deh' socks off with :my oQn(.en1):, which ins,pi.res 1hem ttl hi~~e "Buy My Book" ca.]].;tc;l~.I!Ii:!Itiml button and ecnvett ~ blo,g viisil :into a chance tD:I"nlJi(]:ler bu:i]dl:l1!Y b.raJlld ~m:l.Il1!Y revenue,

These are about word ,ofmQ1)[I:h_ They ~ [he b1)[Uons on ¥()il)[r sire ]lallMaKe ]i! easy for your viewe:1l:5 to ~hue YOlilr OOI1i~enlt wWb their soc:ial nelWo:rks---:"8U1I:nh]e Upon;" "Digg," "'Reddlit," "Fa.cebooll.::' "Hnail Thts_" YoP use iDllf:IMOO ]~dI you:!': IJ~SefS to the we]], er:M..power.i]![g them tOC])Plo'kly oodlea:..5my dlsWilbl1l!:e your COIJ[e\I]! for you If &ey find! it exc:.iltingand ll:1tel<~ting_

If ylolJ~eIl)lLll:cell[ai:~ aooU!lllow tQ use any 'of tille p]atfumlS discussed .ilill. Uris book-or anYIDlng: at ~n, reamy~[I.y(1)[ have to do us googl!e' Y0I,Jr q.M.esti()l.ll Someone Q\lIl1he:re kls hkely had the sameproblem 01' q1lilery you do .miltJhe a]![c5wer is idmOl'lt Ce1ia:in]y eut the~:e for you. tcQfind. YouTube is iO,fteal all even

b~er reseuree hecause i~ ofienpr(l!vldes "b~)lw,.,;tc!" ([l 'Vist:!a] form, You ~l'I ;alIso use Twitt,er to' great effecL ]'[1"1. not d'iB::Gl:i:lilJ.g YOlll [~J' Ooogl,e and

y olmTufue Oll]d Twiner lbeQall,lse I'm, by[fu!e way. [ 'm dOIJlg it!: because] wron,l Y()IJ.I to ~ee for yourself how a]] the .i.rnfo.rm;E!!tiOl'·1l ever Deled is rig]n.t au your finger1Jips. :1. I< now you. wer,e ~QPll.lg IOu SQ:rne·l:hnk:~ail:ld B~$JOUiOCes, but if I'm go.lug to' teach YOl! to fish pr~per]y,[Cili11'[ ba:ilt~e }1Qok for you, '[hat S!'!!kl" you know where you CMl reach me d.i['edly~ g~ry@v~ynenllledfa,'com,

You'v,e slJJ:r~ly heard! of Fa.cebook.In the past five yea!t'sul:':;: become the faS1!:eSll-g['{} soc:iallill.etwo~:klillg sitei:rllhe w(l11d" atl:l:a:cti.l'lg e'l,l~ryOl'le fro~u p~teea.1S keepi:lilJ.gwbs OIilJ. the ]!lext [)iI!1ylo gm.'ood:mn;S1S,l'elliIJlIUng; wi1!l lhcir Girl S{)OllIt noops. F]'O]'nlFacefu.ook yOlla. ca~ :[lh!ITephowgra~'l'Fn:s, articles, videos, {IS wd[ as In:fOf[lilJ.ation ;E1bo!Jt wler,e you' ve lf~vekxi wd whatrmrsic you·relis(en:ingw.~oweveJ much ofyourpriv!lle ~,l:fe you WaJlllt poopl.e to DOW. [Cs, a:I1I. easy, fun p~aJtforll1J., ye1:ut a]sQprovtdes YOl] W[j]l twuplaces fr.QIn wJdd'D. YOlll can [alk ~bQlJt yom" business: (1) y,QUl' norma] profile, WhlOh nl]gfu.t also roll people [lll;SJ'l you al'l;l a :Iuembe:r of the gfQ1)[P KH.esurfiIDg for Enrrn;:jprneul:s, tb~t YOl!ll~ook a pe.r.somdi.1!y quiz .revef!h[lg~ that the mQ'vie Qh;a!r,a,cter Y01!il.ll1J.ost reseI'[lbk: ]s Chewbacca, and thalt YOlll ~reloo]king fonv~rd ro hear.ung Broce: .i:m. concen Kn~orro.w ]!light, and (2) a f":!l!,

lfyolla. ue ]n I:Qimnnerce,if you. are reading m'oi:fl book. yOUJ ]n,S!ve to have a Faoelbook lI"!nl pag~- Why, whenyour userproflle can oli'fe:r IDl.e ex:a.ot same :ullfuul1iQ!tiOIl'? Because your profile ;only has £I;thoIJJSa!ld-[,lers;Ollfi'~eolldli:lllit 80 .ifyow':re like me and try.i]]J.g to b:ui~d brand ~l!Ili1!y, you. don't want tol1,ave W U.1irn down your' ni:l1.dee;n tJil(l;liilc$a:mJ(i pend:ullg friend .reqrQe$ts, wh]CJ'D. \V'Qukl be had business and aiso m~e you look like a jerk, Wh;o~ver heatrd of a l):IJ~5i:Ile.sS w]~h ,afive·1ll101uandi·cYstoll1J.,er ]imut? YOM]' f;8illi~ge ,a[so DlUOWSYOI!il 00 i>a:nailiIJvery,one III (Ule: shot andallows peoiP~e to imell.'iwl wimYOliir page. If l:I'm.ey JOin your page or I_ji(l.~t anymi:llg ,0111 it, U siows up on, me ne;'Wsi7eoo- "G>EI!ry V,ayn~I][!I·r. fs a .fuI1. ofC::ltrpellter Bob"-and my fri,ends see,. wbiidl ean.leadto GI!ilr.ioJl[ty, w.llLi!oh can lead loa visitto C1l1'];1en.ter Bob'!) [,lag,e, where tlley see~nt';l~.ness~["e]atedi ststus w'~d::lltel1),.l)botor;ofh]s cr~&ma:ll$h]jp. his b]ogwFn.ere lliey can wi!lLuch video of 1'n:im. wo1'!d[lgwh:i~e: hetells how be MIlm!e l!lr~w]tlb Irti.s newest des.igl'!l for a~:~-legged dining ["00111 talbok, whfc;b leads to an O'pipoltlm.nli:ty to' make a sale, EVe:.I'I.i'IlImUy '!he director of the .A.:Illerican Society 'of FIJ:nll1:u[lI,In;Des~gner$ mlghit visi! Carp.t}ll1ter Bob"s, b]og a:l1!d i:nviue him to $.pea.k ;lIl the group's nc;.xi!. eonfereuce. ,[he~ DweB rn.agazine ealls, Next m'n:i]]J.g B():b knows" he's eami.lJIg money bt~nd!ing: lus beall,lhfu~ lalb]eJl as we]] as profiting fu.y ool.king flbiOlllt hiS lal~']e5 B~[ :ElJM!lindlite CiOl,lllit:!l'y, Thanks, Fac:e'book.

If y.ou· ve: been U$[llg~ a regubrp:rofi]e or (ilieilired It gr~u!P' for yOllJr busi]lJe~s, d()!n't take U dO:WIl, S:U~llp]y leave ~.lill on your old p.rofi]e orgrol[[]l [)!SIge: thalt feoofi to YOl!llr new fan p~Le.

Thol!gh your 'fain p~g~ ;;;hQ~ldl always: st.ny on~ lill[n.~UI1e.$, :some ]}~op]e use: their p~oll1d uro,file page:;; [i) udk abOUilweir bt~s,inless,. too. nat's e::~iirel.y In:p to you ~llJd YOllLr DNA. What you dowutl:l F~cefuook (and Twitler, which we;'M~ mi.]!.;: afuOlilLt next) s:hol.dd be an ab'So~UJte reflliecti()\l] of how you. live in your daily ]lk, Experlenced 1i)l!a~wm;:iiispeQple OlJ:ready ]mow that most netwotking:!lil1d brand buu]d:ung[s done .hil c~~u~1 e[lVll.'.QIlIlle11W-at the ~U g'$llle. ;@l a picn]c.wh:i~e l1nlm[lgUl]g the dogs when they crQ,.~S leashe's. lfyouta[1!:: sh.op at every oockltaillla:niI}i, strike up oOllve.rsa:tiQl1$ with $ei!! o:~ ~i.rplD!llJes, QJ hand your 'Wid. OUlt atY01iJl.r oot:ls!un's weddi:llJ.g, then. YOIliI' perSO:mllJil. pro::lIle sho.l,I.]d also updallee:veryoo.e wh() (i.QilillleS 10' you afu.Clut what's goi:liIlg 0:1iIl with j',our l)'I!IlSll1ess.Ws jl.l:[;1 an eXlensicm of 'everydsiy life. You !.'JiI:lO'l!Lld !)(X:a:s:iona]]y mfx. Ull. ]Nough,and ]m peop]e I:mI. BO Ufuey gm afeel for yQ'lXf ~>ersonal:i1!Jl. It's OO~ll.y IJ{!Iss1ib]e to i:mtclude: a heSJlthy mix ofupdate£. ~ike:"'] love !lcra])!.I)lefur br,eekf~srt." wi]} "Just ~o,]d :my :mtlill:u(llMfu unit," or "In ['WI() ~Ol,]rs 1']l1 ~osting 81[1 ·o[l~illJe sem]nQf on ]nt:er~cU '!Ie m.edi,a. Who,'s :un?'" ne n~OS1r ]nltpQffitlltmn[fu.i:liIl.gto :rern.embe:1" ~s to ooamhel1iti.c, to be YOLU[gelf. 'UtEit @u(hen.t]ci.l!:Y is wll:lt win give yow y01llr g[1e~:l:es~. chance of $UIJOeS:5,

There a:re privacy Seelltil1g)on fa(leboQk ]};EIit .a[~(PiV YOtliO 'COnl!p~11]ueruta.]u:w gr,oups o:f (lmlltaa.s !II1L(] friends so Jill1iE!!t SQ:me DEIlIli Oldy see cerrain pam of your FmJcehook iPi!, like [heilJiforMUlllIQn page wh~ you.fmllgtut pwt your [)mfessi.QM.a~. ~l:i:flwry, ,!Iud not o1!:fuers,. like y:our stall1!lls· updates where yOlil! ]'ni.ght.~eol1!tion you':re liD.ullgo·ve:r. ]'d ]ove for yOlil! to ignore !p.r]'!Il1i'C}' lle!tJting.s because I don't runi:mlkufs useful taplaee resttictions 011 YOlUf ~liIld, !bUl!: :if it m;aJkes yeH:!. unCQilnfQrtabl~ to eXpo5~ yours-d.Ho the world tIl:l,flflmllMCh, gQ ~head atllid lise meflUer, nere is am. :inliD.el)eni business C'O$t, b~u b~cSi.lle.5S costs should ]leV~rtm:mp~er.sonal costs.

B'ytlhe li.lM!eyolIl. read il'lis,. Twitter wi]] havebesnmea .. uUliu vefflh---'r,eotp;]e WlU tweet just like everyolle googl!esalld. x:erQ~es. Like Face-book, y~u use Tw]tlte:.r t.oput Qut. CO:mI.~ellt, ~Ibe~u( bite-s~zedl---~40 C:h;mJra~ters, max-and tofoJIQl'l' oilier [;)oopl!e's bU~sized C(}l1ttell!l.

Some poople reaet to Twitter with d:isbe]jcf "WhO' the~eck wantstc know that ]"]111 01i1J.mllY way to get apedisure, orthalt I'miltbilliCi:mtgfish ~tiC:k:!iifQr diner?" But 1i~e day I :sawult J. knewl was sm:rung alt the pu]se ·of S!OCle<ty ;Uwas the most gaIne.ciTI.nngung webs,iite ['d ever seeil1i :~.U(l{1' tD F.aoobook, You I:h]ulkreop~e a:r~ oO[lfuse(] by itnew? You shO'wl.d IWvo seenpeop.le scratching their headsover itin :W07 w~eu ] :f[rst sW!rl:ed! Ms:ing all\! mlkiIIJg abautit, Here's what I klJi()'w: l]1LaJIYpeop]e do W!l:tllt to know all the d!eta:ib, a.bol!a:l wha:1Y,Q'I,]··fe doing and []l~nki:lID.g, they juslt don't wanl to ad]!llit [I:. We've all got our yoyeUlllsti;c tend~mtdes;. 'I'witrer :i'D:S!s justgiven !Jspe1"11I~$~lon 00' C'.S!velll to' tbem. !But [he fad that you C;all] share }lQ1iJI.r di.ll!llJe<f' prl;'f.e:re:mI!ces wDltlh[l'nol.llSJ!!llJd$Qfpe()lpl.e lllsrnn(anitlously igllo:t even in the~O])Jf:ivereasol:ls Twineri$ pe:!ih;aJps themes; :powe:,:[ul brand-builrling toolull )fOU[" toolbOlK-

F~rs!t, i~ lms ]n~redib~e c;:M.dor,lle'M.ltll]t power .. When someone re-tweets what you. s~, ]hey're !.laying Y01!l'r~ smart ad! worili ~i8Jy~ngau~n1):uo.l1 to. That CQ:1M!es wit'll a lot of'valne. The r(l,t'!'i'·eet enables aJllyoneto s; w hi!ileverCiOlllt:emt:l Uleyfil1d~rofol)[lJ].d. 01' solid (If Ilum1l:yor good tJm.fQwghoulttihe 'WOl'tldun ,11 very quick and effic]e:ll1!: way. Tumlbk hal.l the

1tl!uuM'e' OIpti-Q:IJJ, wh1011 is s~um~]!U". bUlt 1'wH'U:er~;s :;lizzl.iug :l'n!Ol a!lldl]la]nslream ~nd "!1'nere are w.a:ylJ1lJ.oreeye~~hl, onfL 'F"om &e beg.iUIIling 'ut was d,eVl;;lopediQ be ~IDll0bfle p~aW;II:IM, 00 even lhQugh Faicebook l];ElS an app yo!'] can use froMl yoU[·p.~~ne, TwutJrer las SQlJlucl"l fu:m~d eqrurlty ~~read.y in pl,aoo u theon-the-go sod;fl~IDletwQrk that :mo£tpe(llple~5e itfiirst

Second, it'sa piress: rei~Ms.'e O])!])ClrhnHy, a:~~.owi:mtg companies find bUSlne:';ses to have a dose-!l" I'da.tio.~h]p with their OOIJiSU:Illel:. It doses tlle 8m}; degl:(~el;l of one degree of !lelml'aM!I)Il, It's alsa becemea b~srnc lOQlforl.n:d!uslFYleader~ ~Q let the world bow wJnai. they're doing ail'ld"pe1'ba:p,:~ m.{):r-e i:rn.:PQrii;llllt:,wh;~t'$ on U~eirlJlond.. A!ld it ~Uows (!Qrn.pall.lie$ KI l'e..5p{)ndbIlimedi~le1Y~o tl'netr wstonler$' OO[l(l;e:nll:ll. f'Q[' eXaILn~'k:,as $OQU as 1 read somebody's post Wit my s,]l:ippingmtes We>1'~ 100 e)(pen:s~ve> I was i:m]~led!laltely ,~l)]e 1!0 :l"e$ch Qi~t ~d address tbat [person's. 00llcerM. we'n be s.edng mQl:e and more exm]][p[es of compaaies :re~.ctill1g to a grQulldsweU eftweets, such £IS whe:l1l Mo:u'in got hil.l.m::nered by mlOlll~blo·gger~ for milJJ ad that they pel'ceived ~s di$!t'e:\lpeufu.l .. of' arrt:1lDluuelli( parenting, 01· wh~ Arn.aZ'(:l]1i fe:mtded o:1f .9JCC1J1:.!ll!:tiQlmt:S ofcell:FlQl's1~lp 'VIII what the New York Ttme» dulbbe(] "tweelt~.r@g;e" because a "'caltal.Qging e:rn'~r" erasedtheusaods of oooks., mall!]" of illIlcm gayandlesbiflilJi [ill(ml,ed,. from its ~aleS~IDlki.IJJgsandm,afll seucll !)Sig.e:.. The 1illlimtg is, l:ho,'D.,bllll(lUl1flSSes don't have m,> nar shouldthey, Wali! l.nltUICall~li.1Iy $(ril\;:.esU), pay attenaon to wfut~t IJeOI)~·e:are· ~~aying_ Tle real bearmy (1:[ Twitter a:mtd Facebook (aJ1ldal~ tllt-:o[lh~ soeial :!lH:es) i::;lfuat tlley offer a :I]][ass~uve O~PQl1unity 'fo:r every elltl'ep",en.e:l[r a'rld[msiness: ·to~eeili1' o::m:smml tabs, on w:l'D,i:!it 'lhe~r custosners are thi:nldng B!bollit tlhern._ 'fhisldlld ofim1i:eraJction with the cm.l$'l~IJ1IJ.e1" shedd be E1i.~ppt:,lliMg ]U every bm;~necss every si:ng[e: day,.

Third, TwitlDer is a resea:ICtrl aILld developlUetI.U LQo~~hauaUow5 yOl!ll to crowd!s,01!ll.rce_ Who, needs focus. groups. or eVe'll N],e[s,t'il] r~!ti:ngs when you can sirn.p[y (wool 01.llt tbe ([l!!Lesti,{):rl. "'Are Y01)ll w@tch:ing Poodles Dtm.clPlgwilh the 8111rs and! sho.u]d .il slay 011 tile <'!i.r?"al1d get a di!t'ecl ['esponsefro:lll yOlill.r viewlers.? YOl] can use Twitter to ki;iepabreast of what yo1!.l:U' Qo.mpebltio:ni:!) u[p' to, a~d!rhe.i[" w;l;ltome:rs"reactioM:ll"toO,. S~ks :re;Ce>111!lly opened BI shoe d~i8!rm.leruti:U[ New Y,ork and worked with. the post office to ass:ign Hu!:S own 2:i.[l1 code. lf I were work:ing !lIt B]ooIDllil1lgdla]e's or Be:rgdo,rif. I w,ouhl have been i8!n oyer SeaI'dl:rwitter {see l!IlPCOUl][lg ]nf(}110atiQM.)00 $ee wbatpeopl,{l W@[tl :;laying ~bouJt this M; progrniln,

founb. it ,a[~~J-ws even yearmost muud;aJnc;: qlles;[i(l(mJ.:-sroOOcomeOI)pOl"tun:iiitie$fQr couversaneu. Goog]e n!([ YouTnil.beQrereHeb]e W:E!lYs W gel lufon]lalion. ~I illley're o~e"way ~u'eets. Yon ask, youget yQwr !U1swer, the end, You ~1Ji send OUIt e--mlil:ilr;,. bl.llt ]hen yOIl'.re lim.ltedl. 1i:O the ]mm.ed!i,ai~ group of ~gl.e!l)p~.e youknow _ ElM! if youtl.l{,ee1I "ls mere 11. PDwe["p,g~nt expert ou[tilere?," yOl!Jl'rere!1!dring 'out to ~ho1!ll1l!U1ds, of peop]e, a'I1id ]}.efir~itU'ning ~ley'·II. WIDlLtW' know wheIDI. they respond ir; w-hail ym.I·re~re$ellting,and to whom, wfu:kh 'opens 'mp all k.iind:.5 'of clDJIlIlCes 10 ron:: ~bOUit what yOM do and wfuto yow are illind b:iingo., yOliA're lYui.lding braJl1dequmlty, TwtUer is ~.lwo--w;mry streetIDat takes you .really Ifa:r> te'I1llyFast

Fffth, U'!l a grea!vdi:ide wfuticb to sp!read your' COIl1LUlller,ce--dlrivel] I.IlIl:eU'I:i~_ [fyoY.'r'e reading this book, yo:u.'v~ got ,",ommeroe·drive.1lJ. i:rutentiOIDJ.c5-YOW WaJIllt 00 build a b:mmtd, sell] a p.roClrICit, runda. jofb .. Gel!: ltM,osei:mnellir1ons on Tw:uneIJ.·"and~lolill'II k: amazed ;at low :peop]e; respcrml.,

The: I)~(;!t use for TwH~ea:,. "!h~l1igh, isroll)[rtlpeo;ple to yO!,!!" blog. Make YO\1lf ]1I0·.charadeT Wi"e~ts tompel.l:i~.g mud thoughtfi:l~:a.l1d enough tocomri:mioe pool])ile to find eurmere aibOUI[ you @ud ,con~sume YOl([l" oomttent, V'Ol]. canpoot greatct}!tlil;e1H em. Twiltu:J---'seve.f.a~peo!p'k h;a!ve used J'wimter tn IHc:ood.ibleefftlctio Jb,~jld D~ir brand e(Jjl!Uy~~.t because of the [4fJ.,Gbim:.~cter ~~mn you Friave tntweeteuta 1m ]11 ordee to MVf;:' tile sal'll!e a:nnotmt ofill'DJlaClt wilh your ~Ien( as you w'ou~dwitill your blog, PI~"'~· !i1.1w,a_ys Ule risk o:fbei:ml.g :perl;!ei:ved all ~]lalJli when you tl¥eet tha.t much, lthinkit' s more efucie[!llalld e;lIeC'i:uve to~jnk tweets to Y'Ol([I" b]og .. Evel1iihoseindi.v.idluals known for peiT ~';miCie Oil Twiner Fri.a¥e~:Unks 10 '!)logs" (;I}[~s Sacca ]$ ~ mll;aJs,k\r tweeter, bl!U lITte does kee:p' Ii! [brlo!!:_ Gnl:ml.1ted. heo[l~y blegs ;!libOUit onoo !I. mOl1ltftl, He hasn't a$.~edfur ]]ll.yQP~.Il!lon. ]binu:[[ think he could build ,eV~milOre 'tJirMd ,eqll,l.iJty if he b~og:g'ed.e' day_ Thalt w()i1!!!11([ give ])eop]e; even more ~SOfll:.$ 10~},aiIJJg with ][i:m, 1'0 each bis iOwn DNA,. however_

If' you're not using Twitter beesuse you.'r-e til tine camp tbiart be[ieves. it's s'lupld, you':re go~n;gto lose OM!. n doeS:Il1"t ullattl;)l' if you think it's strlpld, U':[> free GOI:m)]un:ication, nat III and of itself bas value, aJl]d yOl)!! SlllOl)!!ldtaike adv~tage 'of it Use TwilDrerll,e same way you 'IlLS!;: your cell ph()ne or a ]l},a!l ()irr OS! GPS-ifs one III Qre: tool 10 get you. dQ~eu 10 Ul!e :peop]e and p]ates Y01!l! need,

F ori:U(pwl'ati(!iEli go te CIU!is .BJ'o~[I· s":50 Ideas {)n U !5]ng Twitter for Business.": h:otI)://www"chrisb:rorgal].camJ50..;id~-on..;u&inl.g·n'i{itter:..for;blls:imlJes:.'fi

For a very ~ow OQst oK ellitry and 1ti:m.e. Twitter allows&e eoasumerjotell every l1'er~Q!tl In his world what he uIninb ]s cool 01" cl.'appy or llJi:eresting, Da your j obr.ig][t, <mid evennually yQucan be 1)]ne 'cooli:mi:lereSrii~g :Sllbjoct lllaat gets cir(lu~altOO, which wm b.r.i]D.g viewersto .your b~o~> wh:icllTt willget the mlcenrt1.011 of ~]eQP~e wItl deep pocke1IS_ Te:mi.yea!l's ~go ]1: wO!JI~d h~v,emkell yotl. montlln:sifnO! yearsw gf:l1eraJteLhalt ki]ld ofwO\fd ofmQuth, Today :iJt la:k:efl seconds.

I wantto s:nare with you the !best business tweet of ~U time: ";What CP 1 4000:r you.?"

Yoa '11. be amazed alt theresjonse yzy~ get. You're-in hl!l!.-$lnellS tn serve your CQ~.ull.UIl[ty,Di(i:mi'U ever forgetit,

A:!! of Ma.y 2009. wbiell this book weontiQ [pl'eIllS, Seardl.1'vi.'iUer_oorn ]$ the most i:mtl'pormrlt site ontheImemet, 8ea:rcl'n_Tw]Ue1" gives you tln:e W'miarrow~n (Ill [he ])lIal.seof sulbject mLl~Uel", FiOr example, [et's S{!Y YO'lI· work for WymllTt CcrIlSliltlllLerl.Jea]ltbcar,e,. speciflcally for Adv:il Go te S~~~h,Tw.i.1!i!.e:r.,ct}1l1 ~lJJd e;.mi1ter tln.e word headache, Q{r elTIttlr ]he word ll:l1ili.e selitrcl1 box on the J]gh'l: of'your Twliuerpage .. YQU UIlIJ:QW see [hat twenty peolP'k In the ~lISlth!ree Inlllll.!ite.S fu£lve used the word headacJ1(~ in th~r Jtwee[, iacluding a WOlll@1l named Jllliaa W~Q wrUes, "Tenilb:lJe herJ:d!aclle_ S!Ome01le handme a,'" You CMc[lCk Olill De button ~l;sJt l'iay~ '·Follow_"lf[Jhey chcose to fo,]]ow

you bac.k, YQil([L Cg)[I nowpr.i.Y.ate.]y d.i~tl]D,f~ssage (DM) ller or p1!llbbdy send her ~ f@rePly, wW] a IM.essage 1)11ilil.lIllghlt~d ]ikel:h[s:"Hey Jillian, ] work fur Advil and saw &Ell Y·(;l]· have a llD.eadache, Sorry W hem!f ]t['dlove tosend you a bortle: of ourp.rOOuct. DMlJ1IJ.e bac1\': W:iilll YOUtr ~d!dlr,e5e~ if you're :in1tereslte>ct.. Mostpoopl.e will jrump 0111 the chancete getifiree p:rom]C't, and yow have jl!lt~!1 created lDhe mosti[[[ti]][l~te experience w:uth a I)ifiUld al1.1yOrle: [}~S ever ktlo'W[I,]f I doa seall'ilh .ri.ghl no:w. I fi1nd thatflifteel"l IJeopl.e III the l~s:ttwefl!l'Y~u:ree uJ!]nlUte~· have ~id th.ey're th]['s,1iy, This :is ,(I g,Q]de!!l 0PI)ortullU'Y for :someQne i]l. illle sports drink bus:inIeSS, or we bonledl wai~r ltJIJIs,iness,. Dr~e wine bllsinesll.

B1!l!.1 Flow do yoo. avoid poo'pillC, Qir WQi~e,. :lloll11d:i[[[.g like SlXlirn.? EVe'l'ybody I'n;sJs a differelllt ~d~ of ""In at's, aM:[[[:(I},l[lg-.I. don't :lJ1IJ.ind hea:u]ug from someone ]l}Ioorested i:[[[ sendingme free: st1!llff that I call £!ie.wany use. And re:Illenmbe:r that tile (nl~Y wa_y you, the Gontentprov.ider,e1!:[[[. enured alllyone is if &ey choose: ro foIIOo'!!;;' yQli1-You. (:Bll[l(H DM t}lem oller\'!'ise. It's the equ:illillelJl( of e:xte[ldi~g your :!land :atr.JJd mJUow.ln;g S0111eone to choose whether 1to shake (yoo call ~[i[a:i]lily use @reply, but teme tha.t'sl:ik:e y.e[hng. "Hey, YOIl!"ins.tead of offeir.ilng a. h~ds~l.aike;H':s just a little le-sspo]ite), Ym,] ~hio WatIl!t 1to pitch your .~:n.e.llsage ina very]Jiro.!'!!ctive, 0001 way,. YOlm':re [lot (e]]illg ~mll,anto.go buy []l(l $tuff; you.'['egfvil1g, her ,!]! Ghanl00 no try it If she want;; it You're ~Iso not hiding, YOtif ~Jffi]~a1riQ][[ with your clI)l.llIpa]'[ynnd brand. If $OI.lllOOllecllOn5e8 to f(l;IlOVl' you,. &ey'.11 :see Q:[11 your p:iOfi]e: that YOou'te a [111!lIlag'ef' on the AdlvH braIu;t .[fyow srn_y altJovebom'd a~d ~(l,lJ:eS'l, :mQllt people will be wiJl:i[[[g to ]]st,en to what yQU have to say ~bouJt your product. But. the second YOl!il DM someone I'Hlidi 1ihey decide yeu 5011111(1 s]hIIIl". ~ey'n n·~fo;l]OVi" YOll. Th.d.r bs de'tect:Qris hener dla:llJ. OOly spamfi]ter y'ou·'ve; 'eve:r :seen, Don't betray "!heir I!:nJUSL

If your blQgus yourhame,. p]alIfQ.rmsIDke TwiUer and haebOQk are yo;u!rv~catio[[[ llD.o[]lJ,es. You ~r.JJ·1 do ]mli.g fonnoonterrnl onthese sttes (well, yO'll can, but U'~. HOi! ,effeotive <'!!l'Id I don'[ ['e-oQmJI1~11d it}, aMd you need S(ime]}I~.ceU'natus'ee ptl.B(!eW do bl!lls~ne-';l$ wherepeople dlClEii' t h~ve to be Ulieitnbers te see yow .. Your conre.rn.tpel·.IM.a!tle'l1ltl.y resides o:~ YOl]f blog, and you use &ese 1~~a,tfOl1ns~o d:Ustri1)ilill.te YOMll'bnl!ll:dl amd bring, ¢}'es ba,ck :!lom.'e.

WllD.en ]lIs book becameavailable fOf pr·esa[e,[ used both Twuurerand FaceboOkto br.i[[[g eyesb~{lk to m.y b.log am.d,crnciaUy., 1!:o Ct)I1JVelt ]11Y ~n.,f:o-,adi:olli bl,llUollis ~:llitD bl.'W:ld.~l:m]]d]ng o!ppo:mxFl:i.ties, Her,e's, how: I posted a v'ideo 0:[[[ my blog e:xdted~y ]llak:ll1g the(lllnOl!l!.IJ:C~Mle[l(_ I Utll\cedl!!b(,'!~1it W[lllLlI the book us abol,ll( Mid why it [n~ns so much to me. A[ong w~th theexpected ~~'r.JJks [Q B&.N and Amazeil],. I ]Iliduded a line: (halt said "Pass Tlns Boeken to Your Friends," wiOl ]illks ]:0 TW!U.e>r atllJd F~(l:e'booll:: be~~)w .. [fyou chose Twitter, you found a pr,eWl'iUen.t:weel [:0 send om fl£lilultlc!uc]et! alink h~cl< M my blog mdl in pa:D1tiCMl.m: tille v:ideQ ,rulltllOU[lCI][[g lIfu.e book. ll'you ~l~se facebll)m:, YOl].lcame !l~10DTl a mes~ge b~)x Where YOl)1! could wrilre ill post, the'll u!pd~le yO'U[ iP@ge with the UnklO m.)! b]og alilached, ][[[ addi.tioIl, Iundl)]Jdled a bmtoll Olli. ]llY blog that said "'SUPPOl1 Gary·s. Book," wlffikhled YOIl1tO a new])'~ge in whiehI tili!M.~ed yQU forYQl[I!1iuil:ll'esl ~lJ:dpifQ\!'.l;ded ,a wldg:et Qfmlle ~ook ~,1I!1 YOli1 G(;u~d ~dld to

yQl1lr ,own weOS:Ui!e 0.1' blog. That :p-age: alsoincluded the links to Twittee ~d 'Pill~ebQok3 ~nd. as ,~ways.~ny e-mail addresa

Though. aSyOl!l C!1tB tell Pm III huge 'fan (if ]"wittrer and Faoebodk. ttey ~I.·,e beeoming lhtQ!JsehoW names andthe ,colllp;eliHoll! ther-e ill !il]~dyfienx, :sO' PIM. CQn:slde:r1ng a! ne:tli' :strategy_ Wlly [J:otex~lo:re :SQll:le 'Other Fa~:ebook~ld;:e sHes eveniftlQugh they l'a;ave fewer [ish .inthei,r I)cmd? True, the po.mads, are sl.nal]er, buttheir balis Ilnllill't ~'Wa]l.n]ng witfu Q~el:I1&~er.fIIlJ!e[l. ei~el:, wh]clht !He;alIJlS you have III mllJch beUer chance ~t w~[king- alway witlht Iii hefty catch. Sottile sites that I'M. wartollll1g i;:~o",enYi!Ie the following:

·PI.8xo, a 'pmf'essIQrla] s:ute

• H.i:gfu.Five

• Bebe, wbil(ihls bigjn !he UK pd the &i.r~biggest soci.all nerwork behind Pa()ebo6k and MySllac;e

'i' F1'~.lend~P.eedJ


llhis photl?sharii.llg: siteis d,eff:i:lilI.itely a pond werth flshing Ill. U has aton of p! I)!:.Se:rs,illllYl!!!gh]'m 1ll0! Q.Ilie oftheJl1 for the sole reaseu ilia! photograph~~ don'l speak to :lilIly DNA They do alet for plenty ofothe'1~ people, ]:lhtough, Any p,lmfo.l'[u 'iftulfl hasleads of search cBI)a' is an lInpml!llllU place to find I.n!lllJeeli[JI,u11i.ty.,i1Illd there are: mm~olls oftpeopk: on F]lcl-;:r. As wlth a1] c(mlent~ you work t~e wlilI.1ierul on [h:l:S: ;;;:uWilill.. tw'o ways,. You ~anposu phQt:ogm:phs so thalt wh~poople did" Q[lth~l they find out who you are .and dlell fQUcrw yOllJ1 mnk 'back W yQUif bl.Qg, QJI"y-o:tll 'can che!>:. ou otlhter ]X:op]e' sp:I'IJJQ[Q$ iWJdleave ccm1l:ments that i]][r.igue poopl.e enou:gJm to ]~.I]k back to you. If y-o:urpas~:ioni:!! slol:l1i!e!tbung ]:lhtalphOlrQgrOi!Jphs we]]. like bi~rds or jewel:!'}' or he:irstylilill.gor i:lilI.teri-O:f design,U' s a :pl,a.oo where you. caM do, a lot O'f good. daM1~ge, If I throw ~l w~ne ~Ity·, ~. can PQst pictures 0·[ [lhe evel1lt, whfoilcou]dpiqrue' someene'slnterest. Or, if] :Pl[t M.P @ label {If every w:ine I dlSCUSSOl1ilJilY :show, I GOl~~dcOl1l.Qeliva.bly dra.wa lot more uaffDc to my bing. In fa-Cit,. [lOW that I [hunik ~bout ft,. :it'siR:~aM.e thalt I have[l·U done this ~Ire~dy., AtJiIyone who cares a'!)ol,ll( wiNle shcu,dd be abk: to If:i:lmd meon F]]ciCr., so I'd better g'elOJ11I i;!ha1!,

I adm][e Moo (WWW,lllOO.C'(llm) bOCBlI,Ise they~ve used fUokll"and Face!book to :ooi:lilI.vem eld, 1ti['c;;,d prod:U1LCls--bl]s;imessca:ms, n01!e,cal'ds, aMd llUoker,s, Custo~en;. caIIlI. use tIleir own photosor llilpload :Uri.lagesfi'Dm ami}' (~fMoo's partner ~:ure:r;. You catne'lle:llll. p:r.iNl! ~. diff-ea'cm1! Lmage on ev'ery card w.itllin <I.!d.owilill.g 'yOM wl!et: peop:]e c.llQQse Iheirfavo:rii:t:e Ofie ,and ~liM.g a .. ready~made cenversarion piece around your ~rro:IllI.d. It goesta ~ho1i'i' ~l~t any prod'l(IId can be: buge wllen ~I)pr(la(lhed f:ronn.l a. new!e.

These a1re bOI~l video "datfb:rl1lsi:fuat I use and I.i.le. Y'ouTube islike til~ OCMf.II:---'UC~· ll.liIlge, yOIJig)Q Olllli]].uil. mil yOUC!it~ come home wiltllD a boatftoad offl~h.. But you're aft so I.)OlIlpoting ;E!ga:uust 1:]1[il.llo(l[l5, offi:sAer]]l!en.Wdd]e:ulS~ll!lLch smaller, which allows yOl!ll to seeand be seenwith g-reat:er ease. It also a1]ow~ yow 10 brtIlllid YOl)[f player, se i[:hal £!JllYone who watrdles the video sees ,on[y YOlilrlogoat the: 'i)ottor:M., whi!ch I think has v.!l!lue.]fyol!Jt Mc50 YOlliTllibe" Q.e YouTube logo >S1ppe.arrsaJt the hOlliJi.lll of all of thcir vldet').,5_ Viddll!el" a[s;() ~1.lows Y!1lu~otag yOl!!!f video" wblDh means you ClilU ~a.rm!U1kim])~r!n:ll!ll!mJome11m; for yOUf viewers by p]ao~.lJig a hnle d!)t wi] the video SIr~ln ]~Ilk;e.dto it key wQ:fd., allowing for eas.ier seal.·~~es 5.llQuld sOlneo:~e want lCl see Q pamo1l1afpa:Dl of'the video Wll1)llOl!ll] shti:lllg mlWl!lgl:i. &e wl:lo~e: thll1g .. FQr eX;ijl]jpk> if ] do a th]rty~.rn.iImte wine sho'w aJlld a1l1 di~oo~s$iNlg &ree wines, and you're ol1~Y tm:e['es'ted In ]}e'1)}:ird wine, you (lim. go SLf>S1i.gln to '!hail segment of itihe vtdee because IT' U have Nll~r~ed within me v:idoo s~m where :my review ef eaehwine be,giNls ..

YOl!ll.Thk ha:s a~a!rg:er user base, wbieh call ddi~Hdy be altl ~dvu]:@ge. YOM ~Il embed froMl e'ulilier s:ite, 'Ih'bil!)h is as ea_'5Y to do as c,opying !it[ld ~~s,til1g the:el.nbed code, 1 dQ give V[dd]er aIilI. (:[IJ(husiijs,tic &l!ilmibs-up f'OX' the way fit [ms ~re ofi1U1l users, Have YOl!!! ever wOllder-eCll'D:ow certain v:id,(loi5. getf'eakreCi Q[I lihese I:l[~es' hoolepa:gle!ii?' Y ol.]Tllabe I:::: so l'n:U1lge pd SQ SWaI11IIlOO wtth video Sll!bmlSi\SfOl1s thaltfearmred videosaI'e [lsua]]y iEI. resl).l.U cf l'aN.domlu:ck~ biz dev.illud ~l1side deals, Because Vldd]er ~s ~ma]]er> howev:er,tl:l.ei:r sOOlfns qlllicldy .ab]e te as.se5S new talent on 1J[ldf netw{u~k and ~1l~iPo:rJt thattB~enu by fea'iul.'1ing it QDl: thei]" hOl:1wpage .. Vfdd]e:1" dliJ~I:l>' 'iV,aU for you Ito make .it~rng; tlley·]] YOlla ShOll for a day or two if 1)]n.ey think ),00.'1.'1;: gooo. e[lOU~l. T~ey're gr.t~alt at .udtmlti.fY.i]]lgmle1}lt QIl,

There is no w:aJy to OV5rS1!:ai~eljjhe ~m~)OiDl!a]]l!ce of US~I:I1l, one ef the higgest l!lImllld.-bulld!lllig prodl!llctsihat I've used, If::! ~p~.atForm that dow:li yOl!!! to ~allJ:~ch ]]ve videe, but th,e CQO~. !pall is uatut also has n chat :f\:ll[lctJionIDalt ;E![lows you 10 ,unt.emct wi]} your aadleuee ]11 rea] time, much like ;!'!I radio C£iU-]11 S:\ow-

How dl()e.~ tlll;lconW[1!1 youPOS!t 0]]. Ustream differfr·orn wh;s!l you~OS!t Q(Il your v]deo I)log, If 'IlI.1;Slt\'; yQllf' :I1l1edlDln7 Thfnk of yOUf blog asa 'for~1,ail p.reseIIi.wtiol1, a I)'repaI'ed s~ec]n abQtlIt ~. p.[edetea.~miined. wwicin which Y(IU "cmtrol 1J[l:e1ll1essa:ge and ~U tile OQlllenl Once YOl,l'Ve said yOom ~p,i!ece, YQu"re done. If a!llyQrn:e wI:shes 00 cha]]e:I1lge1"Ol!ll. or ~skfQf darifi,catUQlll or COIWlI!mJenil:, [hey cerminly ~an> but S·Olllll;e time WU]~~~S5 bdore they get [heir iW:SW'(lf. By the ti:1ll1fl you gel back to tihel.M., you. u'lay have to l"em][Uj the1nw~ult ID'meya:med you in ~e1l'i!t'sl place, And if yol!il decide wa.dd'l"e5S tiheir questions In a fO]]ow..JIIil.:pv]d.eo, you. have uo hq1e mat illley come back: m hear 'what you have 1!:O say.

YOltf Ustreamvideo allows yOlla. to' l\lJjk albolln Y01i.nE brand the w~y Y·QU might art a lI)oc,kltnilparty duri.llig~ wlhii:c:bi you. gel a cl;miIJJCClCD work the rOO.l1l1 ~Ild find out whaf s em everybQd.y'smIn:dL By re-SiPo:I1J.dhlglOo chars whne you Uvestreailll you. CS![leSWb~.lS:fuI the most [pO'!!{·el'1ful-.anld e.rn:powerilllg-i:ll!teraC'li.Y'e bffi!rld expe:rie;l1lce liUly 'con;SUll'lIeI bas ever

bQwn,E\lellliv~ te]evi:S]C!ll can't pl~o'vide thiskind ofu~1:l!ll1.edli.acy, U>~· .s() s(icky-peo!P']e lov,e to know [ihey call 'come Udk toyeu one-en-ene. Best of ,a]~, it costs )'1oumcQthi.lJJg, U stremu is ,;;UlOr[lher elasslc example of ,mI[JJ ]]![[ermlelpl,atfmn .. 1ili1!!1 co~u the brand aMd p:u-o:dl!il,et. :~o(hing to use ye>tPI.'ov~d!es a!mui:llg .rerumoni:mrv,eSlnmenll

N.aJlaiha ];'0 an artist known J!o:r her '",and-ieCl k!lnd~apes ,and wh:ims~a~] cThLEI!r~C!te:rn_ She Is .ri$~ng in ]) as a resl!lU ofU(l~ng socialmedia tnols to eoaneet wlltih her @u.d.'ie:[Ilcealld en~ge with her co~lecroES and! ])otent].a] buyers. A:ll BI msuH, her business has: gI"'OW]"I. 50 [peroenti:[Il six :mornID(il and her bush'o,eSc5 lle!wOl:k 80 percentlll.a:dd]uon te Twi1!rer, she IlsesU:su1(ll,un,lv to ]~ivestl'eam her pa:i~.lIi:ll.g~n the sh.dio_ It beganas ID1i expel.'.i.n1H~HIt but witbin fl. weed{ slin!e had v:uevt."ers bl,ly]ng d:irectl.y frorn~er LIVE: online. Since theun., she ~H!;'lusediu as a too.~. for snmdi!eI cSa]esand .audio]u;J" By ;aJ1.low]ng hc;r viewers to w,lIIlch her create Sm]M~ithun;g, it inspireslhem te ltIuy diwa([y,. [he[ll a:und IDI1ere.

llhere are a :fewadd:itiolil);1!~ tool@, ll:ialtC$l adds. rea] boost to you![" wordl·iOf~nlO1iA1ili P'OtenUal

Just as ][ would be: a sliD.:8irne [0 dec:ide that Chardonnay lS yourf.fl!vOfHe wine when you' v,el.lan'lMy tried anyother vu:i.eml, yo~ should try everyp~.atfQrt:l1i. to see w~}~d~ ones work 'hes~ for yOIl, Nnw ,Wll¢:[Il[ was just geml1Jg smrted,. Chri.s MQU,UIY camera gJ!IlY, had to r,;p~d ]n,cn.l!fS every Ililgl:lt .f.lld]v]dllJ'1!lly ull~.ipadi:llJ.g the b]og ONi1!:O every sing[ep]a,tform we were I,Isi:[Ilg_ LucJkily., there £lire now two s[~es um£lital'e go.ung [o~mikeUt:b ,11. [o:t ea:-S]e'f for yO!]-

Pfng .. f.llI1i:fl a !lervke thait allows you. tel I)Osta limlted amount of(e;l:.t:, such a.s a status: l!!I:pe]a[e,Qlle(iIMe, ~ml then a1U.toluaticQ.lly di~trilYurH,':S ]!he wpe]a1t:ero ally of -elver thl.rly seeial :IlJ.etwolli:]ng sites, .including Tw:itlt~.Fa~booQ.k,. Thmbl:r. Plkkr. Wo.Edgne~s, Jaiku, Friendf.eed. MySpaoe, andDeLlclo.us_Qln'ent]y the serviee doesa't B[~OW for video, lnd ~cco:rding to the s~i:e that I;lrp(!b]]dy is ,com:ung s,ocm,

IJfyon ·OlIll'e a video hl;Ogger, YOl1.rn:!J~t have a T~be1\AoglIJl .. account, U':s a websilre~1;mJ( atlows YOl1.~O ~!p,I.o1!d ~Ol1ir v[doo onOO,lhen ,d!isU!lbllitel'l1l H~ ooUiIltle~s v.i.(Jjeo-s.iaring sHes for [n-~. It' s ~ho a tracki:llJ.g ~e;rvic:e, offeri:[Ilg ;!li[JJa]ytic.~about who is wah:h:in,g yOi~ vn.deoc~. what sites, Me] l'n.owofflten_

I use atna]ytuC\lv·ery Farely and [ urge you :I1Qt to re[y ·~OQ ~l~dlQIl ]}.em eUher, e-spe:ei,aft~y if you've: gotgC!()d busi:l"l!e~inst:in(l'ts, A ]0:1 of tunes me :S(1lJts Md pementa.gesre~1lJt:ed [1) my,iness jl1l$(. dCI!IJJ'l Sl]PPO:rt l-'1'halt IJillY :i'~$lt~llC! ~!ys 'us

true; a[J:d['~~ 1!:Imstmy instincts QlVer Ill[.lmib<ef,[l 'everytilM!e, Wh~lt .iJyoUII."~Uidlf~ics leU you thar you'veonfty had seven vfews (m Break.cQlnull rwC!rn.onths? Are you. gzy.iin,g W' si:opposling to ~1~E p]ntf(}11n? Thed!aiM are te]]rrng you (haryou shouMprobab]y drop it, but wha[ you don't know is ID1E!l QllDe Q:fthose sev1en v:iel'i'enJ is. aprodueer f(u The '['ada:)' Show, There's no :~So:nl [0 think that can't ha~pell,

The numbers >C:±In bea tr@p ~t changes your bdlav.i.Q]'., Peop~e [lee ]}.'ey've: olldy gQ,tte.l1.fiiy viewers Ina few weeksand decide&ey suck a:1ld! 1)]1;ey stop uy~nga51 hard, Or [h~irr video calc11e.S 'On and! gets. watched a thousand times litnnd! they illI:illik th.ey'vt': ~n;m:dJe it, and they tryi:ng as hard. MetricsclUll:le u$efu~, of (Jourse, but the dfec( ofYQllrO'IJJ~i.lJJe .i.I]JH~raai.QJiIi.s,and the eiX:cItement bu]]d.iing oow:E!ird yOl!ll:f brsud l5:I1'taocurateFy :ref.1eC!~ by the: number of viewers you hSlve, It's not ~bQlJt hQWmall~1 vliew'en;;. you have, .U'$ ~bOflllt how :passi.Qnn:me they ,~['l~:, If Y0l1l1111st U.1;e them, aJlJJa]yocs SIhDl!ilI.d n}luahn a. m]n,;:)l]'~[eagl~e ,d! Focus the majo]']lty ofYOl)n:fai!Jte.rr!ition !():Il yOlllf overall,

F'a,ceb©ok COnD:lJ:ect isa :5e:nr]c.etill~l allows new users .Qf yoursH:e to skip ]]D.e~O!llg .!)''Ooes..s ofregls1ter.lffilgpel:soMI.idol!!luaitioru--ihDVi' :I11~ny hundreds oftimes ]n,avl;: yOM m~ed :in boxes .asJdllg for Y'CJU[ name, add:ress,~~sswo['d, and so on, by nDw?-----bypull:ing ilrn-om tillei.r F~ceooQk p~ge. ]t will a]sopu]] Facebookprofilie dam te save them [he slog of~;ijv~_ngto[m 011[ yet. a:ga!IJI. a]] of the perseeel !J]J!d, poofess~cmali:mfO:rlrnatiO:mt QIlIU) the mtew s:-iiw, So F~ce:boo:k: Cennect ill a tuugetil:ne-:'J:aver for yOlTIl" v!lewer~,,[n additiOiffil, when n F~c:eJbook membercheks "Counect with FaJL:ehook," an anneuncement will be sent to her iI]'lendl!l'P'aaebooli:: newsfeedl a:~CI on hel' wa]~ ~l she is, ]ThQW ~. user of you'· site. By now you sholiAld know wIriy lIhat" s a good. thing------p~op~.e wilill sf:I:I11m:lij' tastes to:Y0ij.f new user :see that newsfbed and thillk, "Hm, what's that?" and then c.Qilne :!'ee Y01!l fOl"&emsd ves, If YQtI're~d~.~ng y:c)UI: stary well] ~Il!d! pumingallt awe~Qrne cOl1te'llt,':s nOlJea~Qn [hey W{m'l retum ami bring w!QOOrn'tle111:l:s with 0.(\1.:111.

We're going 10 see aletmore olfPaQebook Cennectin rulefu.kre. 11 ~Uows :!'l.Icii qsick :unoora(j(ioil aJl]!d site' buildiagthat i1 has the: potentia] to become a~ o:un[]Ji.presel]J( Q:lTId :mec.e.!)SiI!ry as YOQ[" cell phone and e-mail a,oCOllltlt

For <\'I. (loml)l:ehen5Uve~]sl}/ moretools !IiI1d applkaJtiiQll:!l, gOiO www _!.)ome;whaJtfral1]k, i;!(llm/2008!12/socta]~mediJ!!.-]]llY .html

A:nn.d ~ei;!l\::(l:uJtthe;;;e blcgs:

Tecl'n:Cruncl'!i. ReadWrHeWeb Gig;!!Om SOd~lni:mtles Endgase1t

Eve:r.yili:i:lID.g we?ve ta~.ked abouti:!1 this book so t'ar-pa:-5sj.on, kn.l(}W:ingy,g'l.]fself, ]}t\r.sotliSiI. ltJiJ!iUH~~llIg, word of nnQU(il---lli;mJS al.lI'I'ays beenimpcrtae; w eyery :;;;IJ,.I0c~sMbiJ!].cs~.Ile-ss,hl. fu:i:!)lt:Ql'Y. These soeial netwo.rki]J.g sHes have only chal1lged&e' ~!lle by giving >C1lI(repr'el.lel!.l.rc!l areawlJi to d.itub the Sll1lldng tr.a!d1itkma.] :me:dl!! ~llId adv,erti.s~ng p[a!t1iQfI:lilJ.S .i~~. [aVOT (If a OQlml1iunicat~on mOOlodi that opellis theiR up tn m,u4:m thall: wClI.]~d1 have been iMCcessibk, ullWjl),l:~t B! few short years a.go_

Thethingis, just havinga p"'eseuQe {Ill these p]atfQmlS dOeoSn"ge!t you atnyful1her ~l:Iead of the ,cQJlllPdltiO.llJ. be;ci!lIJcse;I]lJJQs·t ,ent!.'epre>n.eUifs arre getting wise tothe needef .1'iLS!vnllg a T~l'iW~ir and F{!!c~book ,a.c:GQUJIJ(,. 1lI10l 1rome.I~!~on a]] the olililer,lmfarms we'",~ diseussed, So how an:: you g(li~g to d:iffu'ell1J:i,me yo1!.!.r,\'leJf fn;nn all the o~er dowllIs? (''CkHWllr5''i$l:, of OOllL[lIie, used .h!l the beSEpOS!3:ul,de way.) YOliil.'re gQ~ng to do Y01![r ,C()1lit:e:lll beUe.:, 11116 you' ['e:gorling 10 dout YOtU' way us.i:~g tihe tool~ wejliil.£t d~SCl.]ssed,

Virta:~llins cpgiveyoW" body a. rea] boos.t, but dl.ey won't do YOUlTIlucl'l good if yOM dO[l'1i also lnC(li.~QJ.rate exercise, ]:Impel' nu~[-[Ho[l,and eve!ll vaecines tUm your heal.fuy }'n;Sibtls, Tile: SPle go.esfoil': all of tbesepliO!tfomlS.~ch Oll'e ]nd:i""idl!ll,a[~y gi.ves, yotilf ])>erS0l1>a!1 br,SJlld sl[~ngth a:I1Idrea.c,ll, b!llt if you. 1!n;.$e 1ilI.lelM, ]l,ey ean u:n~ you :into 11 fQ:rct;:wbe~koned wi]},

The: other ( you're go!ng W dais OOC:~]H that just ha.v:ung good [icllltenU a:~d Dnt:enlel .a;ccess is nOit ell(1)J1gh totase yOlU business to the top'. Ther'eMe 11. ]ot of peo.p]e who have good 'COlllteNit, and everyene h~s the same acce!1lS t'O ~le S1I]J.l(l tools 11$ you. do, Whalt 1ili.ey don't kaive (~hol![gh they ili.l1!kthey m.!gbt), iOil:ld what. we'll roU:: ab<owt In tale ]'lextcha:wiel', makea aJl1&e' difference. Afu:er all.lo:ts ofpOO]Jilei c([~ ])1>aJY the [il1]!il'I1!O, bl!llu 1lIJ.ol everyone CSiD. be BlUy Joel,

W e:'vemill.ked ~boultp;ulY~l:lg ,~elJtli.oll too y;oyr DNA, but whi]e tile: QQIJi(:ep;tof m:!Ithe11tidtyi1!c]ose~y l',e[aood it's nD!m ]}_,e s~[I1J;e_ Y'O(II: DNA dkW!tes j'Ql,]f !)i8JS-$~OIl-whaitevt\r in i. you, W51'"e born to do~ bei[lg aMthentic,and be,illiJ.g perceived as :sucll by your audience, re][~ 011 y:ocu nbili,ry toO 'enstlln~ that every de>cis:io!ll you IM~k;e when it Qcn]~e{i to your 'bllsinessi:s rooted ,i:llJ. bei:lliJ.g true to YQQI,'Sei,[

'Foil" ex:i1Un!p]e,[ wouldlove lO (l;Elnge the 'openintg of r.ny 5~'n.OW_ It s;LaJrts oll'flhe :;;al11le ~llIlI(l$t eiv,el'y tinre, '~HELLO EVERYBODY ANDWEl.QOME TO' WrNE UBRARY TV,[ AM YOUR HOST GARY VA Y~NER~CHUK AND THJS, MY F]:;UENDS" rs THE THUNDER SHOW AKA THE INTERNET'S MOST PASS[ONATEWIJ:-.rn PROGRAM_'" It's [101 eX3(:!ttly what S(Hne w][le ~QVl;:iffS acel,(lo(lking for LIl a wine expert, @[Id I lose illiboyi 12 of'my v:uewer(i righlt off the bat becal!llse [ yell and s.'Cream,~]ke amaniac, For a 'b!]sinessmanlike me,ld'n,at lllUl!II.lber ~~imQ~e[<ab]e, [de~per.atcly WaIll! to cha.nge title O])ennn;g of m.y show 10 :some]hi[!J.g ~. htJt:[e ealmer, more :refi]J.,ed. sometli:lliJ.g ~U!t won"t scare peopk ,aw~_B1Il!1 IC!IiIl'[', becaase nun yelling, SCreall1ilng, :!!1.1!perex'c]lred guy is: who 1 ~III" If IU]ed to tone th:nng.~ dow]! atnd m*erl1lyselJ ~ppe.tll,illiJ.giQ thalt .1l:lus!;i~ug]2 ])flocent, 1 caagnaranteetbat eve:ryiilll:ung ]'ve built unjti~ now wo:u]d $(01111 sl.ipping away,. becal)Jlse :lliI.oweve~ ti~ne['d get ]nfr,ont of1J}.atFhp OU<l I'd be pl)Jlnil!ll.g onan act l'm.l!II.Qt !)lIiltti:nlg 0.11 aperfonnance when 1 do !the shew or my !;D]ogPQsts____':[' m j'u't be~ng me,

One (!If &e fi~]]:ues( 'qjuestions I get is, "What klnd (.If :Illic ·do you use?" To, that I reply , why are you. even!ll.galbowt ]:]nat? V.OI,liI:conOOIlil has llOithlng to do wiU'D the mic, the cam.e:m, 'Iftl.e Ugillting, or t~.e set. Tfut,e day 1 filmed my fi:r,s( Thunder Show [ sent the: stock limy OWE to buy a $4H)O video' CaIluera fn):m Best Buy (now I use a fan~ Sony thalt 'C~l a Ifel\' thQusand bucks, butmost of my reeear shows, 1 tllJ'Pe 'Calli a $1.50 Flip ,C@]U >mind they I)()()klf:'ille). W!ltcih lfu.e show,. whalt do you see? U's. me, sometume.s aM i!lIwe,-SQttne :mnging [r,om my dad 1!:OO Wayne Grelzky to Jil!ll.l O~rner, ,-~onle bottiles of wi~e" allda Jets: sptt ~noCket. 1 (H1]yi[lv~t effert a:I1idll.1QU.g'llt JnJil)' what [ care ,~bouit ,:lind w~at 1 need to >erealte gr'ent oo!ntel](,

Mybwsfness b[og. GmJryv~yueoohuk,com. ]s even less dressed up. A ]01 ofhllJ1!es I'M!. mming fr(:llIl my office. Whiicl\t is t]SI!aa,l[y a me!lS, Lcould clean lilt up 00 ]ook more p.uof~s,i.onaj.and po]us;hed, bl)[[ull sef,:lnS w:rolliJ.g to do tha'!: just because the .FUp 01:1]1 ]S

IlLIlLun:i:ng_ Tbere's no]ki]].g S~l.'ipt:ed pd~o:&ing staged ,abnUlt I:UY blegs, and I a!~way:s" ~I.way$ do(dy O'E~e' take, No :rnlios. IlQ[W'eal\;:s, nOltilling,. :Peop~.e wan, ill]. and Ollit 1iJ,f dle office", ~ wave 00 folks pas::;:ing i[ltlhehall-wiln1[eve!l" fu..sJppe~s d·[l1j.i[IJg is what :my ~udlenoe: will $ee_ I've fihnoo posts frQm baIDQIJil-e:S, fuol,e) rooms, 1!llle stroot, even :my edUor':[;l office-;0!uywllD.ere a:I1LkJlea ~!lIl:lk~ me, SOf][lelil:l1J!e:s the :[;l():IJlLlciq)llIali,ty :[;lll.crc~_ SQmle:(ilM:e:s the light is bad, As ]ol1gas .~. ge:t nly :point across nd fee& like 1 delivered the Mle~sa;g;e in an a.utillenti,e way,[ don't care,

O]]'ce UP@1l ~. time the most .~O:P'liilhu: eelebrtties we[1t~ ~()~ed up ][1 such :sUdk, sleek ]XlIclli;:ages .11 was ,aiImosl .illJJPOSiSfb[~ to get a feel fOI" theill lL-ealp.erS(llliEll.ill,es .. EVe'l'ymove was d.Q.feogral)herj, even fI.eir h)"Ie~l.veJl, m-nCl even when tille)l wer,en't OM [he red 'Q~el peywere rOO<arpelready., Those days arelong ,gcme.. Thecelebriti.esof taday, the: !(Ines whQ sremakingit hl)Jlg)e by C~e:Oti~1g wi]}. U'n.elrfn~> whet!lll~r (II]]~he :S(;ffleUQf online, ~ all a!bo!lukeeJpl.nngil real ~nd l\{':~[Igtllem;)elves_ No matter how big 01" slMd YOl![WlUlt to go, Y01!lI.f all.lltbenJt:ici.1Iy will be an &eroot of your appea~. and is w~u!!l WlU keep people Gom[llg~ ~ yiC)"U:r s:iiooand :[;lpreading the word about yeur tpe:rsIPllal br~nd" s~ice, or whalt~verYDl![ am offer.ing_

'[[YOLl want 00 dom~nl!!.te nfue :[;loc~nl mooi,E!I game, ~Il of your effort Thi;E!S to come f['!():lll pe heart; and it can't ,come from the heartin tiepa!\!s.i(lIM~te. 1.W'a.1LI(l(IW1., w~okheE!!I1ed WilY i.n needs to if YOll!l'.~.'ebyfng Wbe iIInyoneb"1.lfl Y'Qursel[ Al.1lthe:lui.dry iswFrial wi][ make i[ possible fQE you to pw.l :in thekind Onll1,1:gt[e neooS$a1L'y to erush it-


[' ve s9id over m-nd ov,e:r that .t:ll'youlive: yeucpassion aln:d work the sodal uetworklug taels to ]he max, oplj)() ]:I) :IUo.neltlze will presem illl.el1l.1!)le:lves. I've also sai.d thaI .ill. order to crliilshit }lOll!. ~ave to 00 sure your >collit:e.!lUi:!l the best ]!tl ~tscaJtegolj'- Youca:n ~W~ l:!lake plelJlty of gQod InOlley if you'r-e feueth h.e~it in BJ car~egory. (liF niruthl).estbfl![t if you. really want to dOI:Il~llate&e c.o1l:l.pctiti~malld nlake blgbucks,. you'Ylegot. to be the; best Do (h!!lt, be pm, and 110 «me wi]] beab]o to touch you

Witfu. one ex.ce:[p;tiOl1_ Someone W]Wk:s:;;pa.::liSlonandm[BlH alld pomer tionte:.Jmt ca~ towny be:sJ[ yoo. if ]}.ey·re wi]]UI1:gtQ wo]l]{ loager pd hamer tiaIl Y01m are. JI'I!lcslfte: i:sit Wfthou[ it, you shol!!ld just p@ck 1lI1) your OCIysand go lThome..

Now, I'm betting that mo,.!;;(:pe:op:]e wl'n.opkk ~p tll:US oook consider 1il.el'l1J.selv·e:s h~rd wo.rke:rSII M.aI1iY are ~!I:'ob0ibl.y j l]&lI sick of the kme:r ~lOl!il:rnaIldunrnexil!le schedules a~d demanding bosses ~ft:e>l.l found in the ~orpor,ate w'Orldand [[lin1\; 'entl1el,ue>neursh:ip will somehow beless,[ hate W df~ppo][ljt:, blilll 'ifYOlI·.re ]o() f'drall,ea:.stel·I]:ll].llfllJnJe:r,e" you'.re barti:lilJ.g u.~ the w:rong tree. T.l'D.ere D1lligbi[ 00 a ]:itJtile more fl.exfb~.hfY w your day :[;lhofll]d Y'Oli be at liberty to devOite yourself ftnll"tnme to b'lIlildi]![g yow:rp;en;O!IU[ br~.d, hUll o~erwis~,a&s! you're doi.[Igtfu:i:[;l right. YO'I(II.'H be hleed:ing OUit of ym.:II: eyeballs :all your cQ:ffiJ.lpme[·_ YOij might have &ought your old boss wa~ bad, bl).!!i if you. W'.!lJnt yQUf bl!!s~ness 00 g'OaJlyw~el:e> YOl)ltr new boss had better be lit shrve drivett'"_

Too .manypeopled)OIl·t want to swallQw the pill of'worki:nge:'lIeljl da\y" every C:~Ilc.e tlleygeL If YOl)Jl're making ]1Iloneytt:urQugh sloei,a[ :ooed:ia, you. don't _ge[ roWOUikforliuee

}lQlllr$ and U]~l pl@y N]n1ttlndio for tbe ~t of the ~venung. That' S< li:~ :;;ervic;e00 fui;arrd, work No OI1Ie:mr.l,ake.$ aJ.miU](l{I1L dQ]]1!I]'S will min1:i]Jll~1 eliJ.QIIl 'I)Il.nk:S:Il they win the loUery_

The cool thing albQ~t h~~iUe,. mough,is tIlal if's !l):mtern:(me tiling [ eqll~illi:l!e~ [he pl~_yung ReM_ Pifteeny,ea:rs ~g() yQU could liMlve bad arock-solid ]deaof YOIl,ltr DNA a]ld your l)a~sJo:mJ.., but mere w ~Sil ibilh(llmJ. UJ! O.rrD,e ~hance of you adua]]y , ]11 .i~mJ.. bw.S~lless~he: p]atfbnns ~nd CJh~lle.lS were just too :~HQW ~I]d glurr-dedl by :somep:retty tight wukkeepers. Now w'e ca:[lmke ad vallitageOlf 1)}.e e%p]oskm. of!Tern:eudOl)i$. :fre:e di, pl£lIt:for.m:SQIl the lnteml;'t:, wllll,ch wre: a]SQm,akllll:g the galekeepe!l's mor-e andmore i:n1rclev~mLAnd HO'I'i' it's no' ]Q!l.l~ra ~~ec;uali:mtter,eSl stm'Y if you m~e[t big W:i]illOll[t Ifiuli1y C() or n1l:0lleyor anedJl,l.catioll, because eVe'fY(lImte GElJU do It The andy diffe!l'e]]li8!tor in the gameis Y"O!l!I!:fp;S!S1)ion and! you:!: b~5Ue,DQJiIL't ever ]ook :Ell' wmeone else who hasmere ca:pUa~. or ered dum y.ou.and th:in.k you shol)J1.i.(ijll·f bother tOQompel,e~ You may only [}~ve: ~~ Illmion-C1o~h.!l· bl!,n;$~I.l.e~S" all!dl you]' bi.gges!cmutpe-litor :mtl.ay h~ve a ififl}'-.l11ii.I.I.i.Qn.Gollar bl!ils~Ile.,,,s, but ifyeu ,caM Qurtwcn';k hjnl. or her, you will win. over time.

A:Ilyllil:[Iginsan.e has a pl·k~. If you're serious aJbol!.nbu]]d:~ng Y(lUr .Ile:[SQllal b:rOIJl!d, 1l'm.e:rewlU be H.o,Umefor W~l Thel'e willlJ~mJ() time fGII' Sc-rabNeoT book dub orpO:k:~r or l'D.ookey. Tlu;::re WlU be time formeals, a:I11d (latcbJ~ngmrp wutb your s:igni.fUCi!1lnt oither, a:I11d pl~_Y[llg W:iilll the kJid~s, a:ndlother'!W:use you wm. be ~I:l fro:lll of your c()iI"n:1DUIter until .3 :00 A_M. every .:tl]glill lf yeu're lJuelMp[oyooor retired aad have a]] d;!]y to work, maybe YOlill ku.ock off ~~tmlibi.ght.i:l'n:stead. Expect this m be .a][ ~OI~Sll![I;lJ[lg_

The: thing is" [-fyou're living yOMr passion, you'.re goiffilgm wamto he eonsumed by your work, There's HQ room for ['e~~ti!oll m. the [1!O(lH'In.;l:h(l-oocmcll';"l,r:Mh~l)opwrfll."iE!il1d.;wat(iI]~TVkrl.lld of w.a:Y. hut yow. won't need it ¥·ou·re net to be stressed Q(U' tired. YOl1'['e goi:li1J.g~o berelarxed ~mJ:d! .~n'!tugZYmrecl. The ~ss~ou aJtld~ovef(ll[ wh~lYOl]. do 'WI.II yo!.l1!O work IDle~ol!ir~. neoeS51l1:ry 00 succeed, You"lI losetraek of &e jime, go to bed .re~.llm:at[ltly,. a:md '!Iiraln;l up in tllern.oming: 'e-X(:lteCi to do it an overagain. You'll be ]]Vingalld Jbi.~thlllg your content, ]~fI]l.I1ig ~velyth[l1!g: yow can albOl!ilt Y0l![J" s1!IlbJe(!lt:,. Blbou~ yOfllll:~QO[S" <\IbouJt YQflJ["COlll(peti.tri.oJilL, and talk!]1I.gIi1J.QIJJS'lIO])' with other iP~pleinrter,ested .i]1l. tale same (hlllg you ,an~,

A:s l'riard ~s you'reg,oing to pl!l!.sh. youroolJ, d{)[I'1 p]p OJiIL seeung results right a'l-'Iray.

I'd :say thau [ihiis leads 'I!IIS te the number oneissae (halt trips up 11. letof o1tllnenodse :!!aV\')! emlrepreneUI'S tty:iing to build ]Jhei.rb~'and Qn]~ne_

NinelYpe:rcent oflfu:epoopl.e I fu.earfiali1J.l ~re .il1ll. IColllp]aimtt '1uodle, 'l!II.::;u~lly to ~e tune o.f, "I'm worldng halrd ;a!llJd I'm crun.iilh:lngU e,[Idl no1!·8 IJJaprellllng_Wl~t gives'!" So I }low long have YOlJlbeen at [TITUS? And ~1ey'II. IJsua.]]y Im!!:wer something !Eke, "$]X weeks." s~x weeks? You don' t 'blil.ild ttl~:UI1e.!)s~s :un s:iix weeks, or [WO m(ll.l1J.tliD.s, or six n101l00_ Ifyol)J1. CQl:1tac'l: ]J[le wuif[li!ll £I. year of s:t:Mting yOl!IT bl!i:Sln~s to 'conl~)ola:h!i that Y01!Il.lrnave:I1'1!: l1II.l£lide me money yQU ~Qll!ght yQU WoOluM,. YOU.'re no¢listen:ing .. [ said llat you. eould make ~. ron of mon.ey be~ng ha.])Ipy; I didln.·t say yeuceuld do it over.ll.i.gln_

People liston tome utlk ~bQlJlt whatut tskes temeuetize the;]f personsl brand p,d sometimes 1 illi1i:llllli: ti!u:yfiUerOUl( tile pam. they don't wmtoo h:e~. '(hey [ih:illk, 1 've got lite

pa'!;Sc~Q.~, I can. do hustle like .r!ohmly else. Patience? Leave that jor' the other guys-Pm gonna tur.bocharge this S/JCi£e!':, But pmience lS line sec:r~ s~:rlilte, OitliIJe }lOlll. put 1111)' )I(lur :\Ide, you. don't wantte s,mn and :stop, backtl',aok ,(lnd seeond-gness, U'U make yeulook i:~:flecure aJIlldifooli:sh_ ]f y()il!a'n:: p,artklJit~ Y©Il'U be mQJelil~e[y tn [,1I']!rn.and [)~!)are a:~d make Slue everythting is i:~p~aoo befese making the bigmove:-~ that aIIJe going to~lo:[teUze your brand 00 the ijiUe;;;t

]Bve;Iyone nl~kes a Ib:jg deal Q'Wr ~[lefacl ~[la~ ]{ OfJJ[Y t()~k :me eigbteen ][IQ:~th:;;. frmn lle time I laul1clrled Wum~l.i'bmryw_OO]11 to getting booked .cm&e; eQ1l1El![1 O'Brien show. 1 sla!l1:ed rop~ng in 2006, IblllCk Ibd(m;:mos<U l)eOlple W~ W!lJtcling onUne vldc;;,o$_ ['IIUSl[I!re if[ startedthe blog today, nO'w tha!t more ],1!eop~e ~veuPho:~es and a['{~ watchi]]lg Q]1[1.i]The videes, It w01i1lld ULke me evenless time 00' get on ev,eryolu::'S; ra.d;w:, Yet ~sjf£ls,~as !he resalts seemto havel:u~:p'pened, [Mil a~sl) you ]};ar[ the whole process moll': a. hell of ~~(lI~g time.

YOll']] recallthat I W:EiS (liJiily s~xlt~en w][ell 1 starred 'W()irldng 1ill.le floor arr S:h(.lp[)er's DisooUfltLk.llUQfS. selling wine jocustemers, which meant ~1£!!l I sun oouh~n'l dn-i.nk the smff] knew, th('lIl~l, ;arppfec:ii!lftl:~.g wine, l!l.]TIcdi [illerefor-e ~dng ~Me to !!len it alTId discuss ]it cQlJiifidtmtl.y, m~t d!evel.opin[g agl'ea:t palm,e- I read a1] the ms(i.l1g nCll:esi]]l Wine SpectawJ' and SUl11ed te learn !to lde:un.1tify:ll~vor pFOiII~es: of tilings that] could eas:uFy ru][d <'!!l Sfu.opR:Uw,~tLke p~r,p~pg1I.ya, .Clle~'ies, ciloco]ate, a]TIcdi bl,al)'k'i;leITies.,] didn't stop ~el',e,. tIl.O'l~.gh_[ sought own :rnoreexotic f.btre,l:lkeca;.ss;i$ and bbtck :~sJ)be:rry p~(}r .. '-e ~Ild star ifruH (rece:mt"l:I.y[ discovered g.oj] h~'ie;_!lj, _ ,g,o.o.d s!tufll Hl)[l~erewB!s mere. CiiitiC.ll noted E1l:inl:s of cigar, O!ndi d]rt,. @Ild even swe~ty sock lH wine.]: knew U'n:ey were guessing-there was 11!~} w·;lIY~ley·d S,l!M~koo. Oil ~. sweaty so,ck-IDDd I thoug1\U, ,Well, :if l~m goil1g to S£ty msses like sweaty s[lir::ks,,klf1.', 1 k110W what It U'lsfes UU? So I gave .Inysdf m:lI.educ~(ion_ .By thetune I wa:.-~ lWC;:ll1!y-QI.I1Je, I had a:~illl()redilb~:y deve~.ol)ern.~late,e'l,ie~ ]hough [ hail]l'[dll'UnkIM.1JIch w]ne at aU

~ell[ s(a~ted developlng "li'n:e idea f.or bl!ll.i.ldi~g Wine UbratL'Y TV. ~l1d~ater Garyvay][en~l.lIIJk.CO'.lu., ] k~ew that 1 woyM haveto U:!lO the same kiind ofp~tie:lThCo and mdhodQ]O'gy tol .. earn. the soci,a~ med[a businessas I did to [earn the wine ~~l]:Slllecl>S,

It w.aspatrie[lce ~1a1!: be:i:p'ed 11lH::growW~Ile: :tibrmy, teo, I was tv.lel1(y,;rwo, yem 'Old and .~.'U11[l]ng ,are.I"Hui]]]oo-dO'lIar businesa ] did H W][Jll good o]d~fashkmed llilJS,1tI.e-every (;u::;,tQll]l;er who walked ingot mcnetized to rue fuUe£t[f ~1ey walked .i]l[ for (Ille. bottle, pey usua]]y wa[l,;:ea Ollt Wi1!!ll ·tl'n:ree_ And [ was bcing paid $27,000 a year. Most young p;eol)]e who take abusiness frQrn.OOil,.ll" to ten m:i]UOll feel theydlesene a. wateh andl aJ car ~nd a oooi a:~rtuitlJeut ar~ rew.8!rds for their sB'VVille::;s and hard work GetQver that YOlLl come last, Before you :inve&t in yourself, y.ou haveto lIlV~S( in. your ]Ollg-f.el!lufinul'·e_ Thatmeass }"Ol!l1.r IU'oflw s.houhl right. back :nllit:o Y(Jurres.eardl. yOIUT content, a:~Jd your sitaff sbolJ]d yO!] have ,my. The soo~,er yo·\,I start CfI!&"I1l:i:~g in, the !>horte'f' wi:lm.dow )'01)[ }l,Slve in whieh 10 ilJeme~l YQl[I!:r S,l!J1.cce.~&_ So hold O'ff ~s ~ol1gas YOl!l!. C.ml_

Thfs is why, asamb:uUous aad it!h:irsty a:-s [ was for megasuccess as .~. biu:uness deve]oper. 1 dkll[l'1 :Iu8lke: a peep a:~Y"Vhe:re fuefitrs[ yearand a ~I:f fuu ] ~~~s ai:l"]ug tbe ~how. ] didn't 1!:n}1 to,mak:e one biz dev deal I pro()bab~.y c-01,lld have }Thad SON:le \ll;!cce~s had I jl!.lmped "iliIe gUim., bU!tby l:ema:iningpa.1!:i,elJJl and making sueeI knewexadly what [ was d'Oing, I W;f!S ,ab]eto a!lI'Iold ooiktl1g ~ny s[ep.s bac.kward orl..ce the s~eakil1g ,engagelIle~,w" consalting O'])!pcnbmities., ,andadvertisefs smned SI.lJ)w.i]l.g 'Ill]}.

HO't\· did :SOllleO[le like me, who is so o!byi.ol[n.;'l~y not !!,p~tie:ll~ guy, ooollIUY :il:ee']s f(;lf !3iJ' [ong-? B~u5.e ] was]OOper'oe:nl.U~;aJppy .. ] ]oveCl what 1 was do:ing. '~'k:l]ew dOWlil to :my (;ore thatt 111Y business w:EI!sgoi:llg W, ex:pl.odle, but even If I had fallen U>Ellt Oil my face, I w(Jl][d have had no reg~~~ because I wasdeing e\.\'::acl~Y whatI w\Ell1t:ed to do, the waJY ] WaIllf:eid W dio, it

Now do yOl!Jl.get. w~Y lt's SO, so lmpOl'l!lJnu for YQl)[ tocemer yOllI' business Oil YClt]f ~ScS[OIl? Jf yOIJ. en1ter .::t. I:riic~e because Y'c;I'u're :tbl.IO'Wlllg &e do]]~, yQU wo,n'~ keep it tip, [fs toamueh WOK, and you. will gel tired and flil,!:strated.alld y(n.~ wil]. eve-nh,;~lly :fold. y,ouhruve: to th~:nkabQ!!1lt blJndi~ng your b[~and in terms of ~.m~&cnJJ" net ,~ s,pr.i~t [[ will $~!lJl)(~lo[lJge:rto see results, butin se'\!'e~ orrune ,orfifteeJJl YemJrS you won't craek, you'll. sUII love whalt you're dOling.

~ai ex:,u;:;]:l)y are you g'Qing to be doing tM;Ei!I':r; ,going to be so lime £!jn:dlabQr i~te[ls:ive? You']1 be s'wdyi:li1lg Y(lur to:p!i(:, .I.·,es:e~n;;bing yQ'lJ!:r :p]atf'Qlrms, dnd'li[lg YClUI: blog pos'W, doing wl:l!ttever h. tomes '(D ~1ecome the Ii':menM)st expe:rI: andpersonel ~)rn-a:liThdi ]11 Y(llJJf field, Bu:tmOls~ Q,f ~U, you will be c.re1tJting a comnl'l)m.i.~ .


ereate oonlll11uu.i.ty: dlgging your :iot!e.rnd tr,

A[ot ·of :pieop];e get wra.p~)e~ IlP in ,d!e~i.g[l~ng their ldo,gr';land w:r.~itung Of talP'i:~g 'lhe~r Qontenl Bult 'crel1l.ti:~g your content is the e~s.y pa:l'i!., Of OO1!l!.r,sf;: y:oul" :pr.c:d,U::t~l'DJ(ltU be as good ;E!SU Call be; hl!l!.l :Ult s!h.ol!l!.ld! also be the least ti:l1l1e~C(mSl]l:Iulng e!e:rrn.leuto:l"you whole endeaver _ Whail: YOl)!! do aflter YOl)!! tape a show OIf w:rJiWor record ]S the who~e g,ijlJ!l,e_ Oealting OOiITIRlllil'Ul:ty-----itfl1at's where the bulk of you]' hlJstleus gui:~g to go and where the 1:i1lil.I.k of yo Ill.' :success WlU 'the determined.

Creal!lllJg~ omnl.l]Ull]lty is about slarti~g co.l1i.vers;atkl:[I$. V,'he,n you move intn ~. ne'i'i' house, yeumeet your ]]!dghlbors !by go]ng OUlt in ]}.e even:ings and shaking lands wi]} peop]e: wa.]kUngi:fu;etir dogs or taking ttue:ir [UI1S, QOI:np[~me::~ti:~g [loo/ple on flld.r gal.'df:(~s, i:m.trod.ll!(I:ll!g your kidsif you nOlThCe a f;£llllf~y pl!ay~.ngl_[l 1!illdr ylitm wUlhch:i]d~~en of tile $a!tlu: age- If. yow go toa OOl]f~rence, you meet YOl)[r fellow 111!lrendiees by i.ntrodill.c.lng your,seJf l!l'l1d Il!!!.'IM:'1S witile'lleryQ]]e e]se who':fi m[ al)()wt You trade anecdetes Blnd :unfOl1na1tiomn.,~and out YOl![l"' cm:d_ .('rea1tinl.g 00.I1l.1rn:I;IIJJHy Q'~li~e works e:xa(:lly the S(l[ue way, 1'0 ~rie en ~Udle11iCe fbiD' your [person!!!.l. brand, you're 'to gd 101;[1 Dere,. shake handis,and j()lll ,ev~ cO:ITI'Versation ~Iready .inp~ay Q[';o.1,I!tld [he wo:rld al)crUll your mpric, .Eyery, Singfto. One,

lar'ed MOl1llz i5:11 :r-eti'reaprofuss:i.Q]].a[ $oooel'pl~yer wtuo~H,es hea!vmy Oil! just abom ev,el:ypl:ortfoHlI.l we've diseassed i1D.[illis book tQ build his brand Q]Ddi America's 1$[ Onl.I:ine Sooce:r ACElId!e!l11Y. JMSoccer]O_CQ[I"I, Though he bal'oly understood f'a(leboQlk and d:idll1't have I!l TW[Uer ~COO1!l!.1JJl when he 1lmmted, he nnw C!Q:~srnd.ers De[l"l }lis bi.ggest asset, I,Is[ng&em to fb.l!I!.ild a C:Q:IllMl\li[lfty of SJoCC'(:f fW1S and friends, ~; lI:il!ffic to his site, and alert :foUowers whene-ver he posts a new blog, video, Q<F(I()dC8ist (filat's .r.ighl, heuses a]] "[gQ~O bed al!: 3:.00 AM, ww::'e till) ~t 6,;00 A. M,,, and spel:ld. hou!'s W.l1i.l:I:llel.liting 3.Jndtalking withpOO])ile aoom soccer. N o:t sell.i1lD.g ~u'!rn my sMff, bW:t la]ki:lID.g al:iolllt socoet _ They will find our! whau I do Q1l. theirown '\wrilhoot me s;~mm~J1g them, "His e>ql!lli.p'ooenlt'?' A [ap\op, hts f anooe" s six-.year·old came::m, ;!lJ P08 !tripod, a[ldlli:s i.Ph,one, Is he C:IllIl'ih~ng it? In his ow:m word.!)l,'Tlu having a b~asl'! U':l3'!i'ml to m~[poop!!eand p]ayen: no wl,a'lt:er what, bl!il.t bl!.:I;!l~.ness,wi5e thepote.l1i.ti,EIi~ .. isjast :SQllry. ]t lakes alot o:f.M.ood, swea.t,andiea:rs, burif'you I!ove h ii."helliit' s all womh it,"

Every ,sl1ibjec(, no :nnartl.e'r how small, has an 111Iterruettrencll, You :~eed to find it (gooog; a w,ay [.0 stan), Ev,e['y rui.gln ~fter ~"!l'p.i:m.g run episode ofnry s~ow, I'd :sp.e:.I1i.d tile ]]ext cigh~ 0, ninelll;l1Ursi:llJ.tlln.e [l]teme:1! wine tren(:~es. d:uggillD.gup asm:uC~i~fQl"il.nationas

!):Qssibl!e .abQiJ,It who w~s' taMkung about WineaJIld wun'\>relu~ed s1!ll.bJe~ts ~(1 prodUCits-w~lat meywere saying, wllitt':l:etihey were gOI]ng, w~o they weire read]ng, wlTIal tlhey we:re dr]llki~g, what ithey were bl!lying~ w]n;B!t lilie:!l w1en:e sha:mm.i.[Ig_ Md then I'd ~mnreac~li[!lg OW:L

A~ a eertain point, your i).l)I!.osullel>s will ~mrl:ga:inin,g eyeballs and y.our C:(I.nlUllUlltl'y focus w]]]choa:~ge~ ~er,ea$ m tjh:i~ ])0'1.IlII.Y01!ll':~ 1.llll1:nalting (;0]]0001 wilill anyone whomlght have an [1Jrte;rres(i:~ YDlU pass,iO\ll,I,ateryol,lJ will spend these laJt.e .. ujg}].t hours respending to thepe(lpl.e wllito Iri;ruve respended to you, .

. Bl!I.ilding ~[ld s!I;IS'tain:ing C(lI]lU1l'I,[I1!Hy is .8! :~evel'-end]n.g IJa'fit {If dQ:i~g b1!ll;s~nel;ls,

I 'WQIl[d read bundreds ofblogpoos!l::s ro:td leave: OQIMmen1!Somm;sJuy 'of'llhelM_ I'd l;lpe:~d time en wi:mle' fOl1!il:Ds"lld~d whm other peOI}I.e: said andthen C(lIIlUlllent on ]};ose commems,

Yeu're gO']ug to do exactly the same thing, Here' s hew:

fh's,t, Gre~:te y()i~ b~.og .1)~Sl ~]d dls:tt!ibg:te :iit thrQugb T~beMogu[ (vide~) or P[ng,fHl (]:linb) so '1]MlIl YOl)J1r C1,1Im,telU aJppe:.1l1rs (11:1 every SOOi£l11lli.erWOl'klng phlltform. ~va;i]aNt:t

Next, s:mrl: ~'aIYilJ!gaUeenuiO\llt.o o:uherpeople's CO\I1ltellL You're goi~g to use the tOO']5 we dlSCI,li~ed :un the ]a:s( d:l~pter, Mke Tw~ul1Ji:er Seuch,w seek OiJ,llt everymlemAon (If yOt~f topic 0\Il the ]1lIif.eme1, a'mJAi YOl)J1'.regoing to CQIM:rn.·e!tlltQIlI every :~fngJe b[ogand fOljl,J:~l [10$[ ~nd tweet 'fuhat you. can f:ind. Now. YO:U.'.re :mo[ go]ng to SJII)' someth:ing jlust Eor t~e sake (If :say:ing $Oiuetlling" YOl~ "rean eJ:~rt, right? Y 01!l love YOU]' lOlPrnc and you' vebeen d.o.i~g your research, 8~, you~esJve ex:,~rt, llItl·i.gl1!lllg" iliol,lighifu~., tpl.l:Qvoc;;'!IH ve, lllltcl]:iigent (lommeilW with your nID1lH~ and .a.limLk biEllck to YOl!U b].og,

Last. yeu're g·oing to call1Un:e,[fyot].':oo asgoedas Y01lll ~holJ]d be WheJll ji01!Jl':re talking ~bOUit YO'llLfpaSS](lIU,tpeopk ~E!ire goingto beintrlgaed b~ wllal!: you [u!ve to say- Even if Pey don>t foUow Y01!llinunedliatelly •. '.Hhey see YOl)J1 a:ppeu 011 the'ir :sUe often e-n01!1lgh, they 1lIi.l;£lr_Y get curious el101!1lgh.1!:O folkH.v you. back [Q yOiU[O blog. That'swhen you.·ve got thern._.

y oun,ClW lin,O'W~0 solldifj{ yQ:Uf fan base? .Pay O!IJ1itel1iliol] to theM). ]' ¥e~']cted I,lip the phoae IDO talk wpe{);p~e: wlilen it seemed warrro:nedof &pprop.r.ime, The dl;8!l:kbOe'rd be~:i:md me dlj[r]ng ma:mLy wi~e blog episodes Js for .myIU'i'rd~Clo:re fa!l1$--'w~ievera!ppeaI'sthel'e is a'e QlJI"ins:ide joke jUSt.fQlF them,

L iWe geslrlill:res like lihese 1ili@l say, .~ey ,. 1 :see yoo here, and 1 appreciate :Ht:, CaJTY' a kl;t 'of value.

You just b.rol!l.ght sOIUOO]!I,e wh~)'s lnt~l-es:ted in YOUfWP]C to your blog devotedto til;m)l tQPic .. Wilait you do now ill ex;s;c([y the same a.~ 1 used to do when Siorn.·e.pne wOI1:~d walk in

I.ooking for .~. bettle of wimle'il!nd ]' d send them home will t-wo c~~~-you :monetize the !'leek OUlt of evel'yime[1I(;1ti,omt.ln. mis 'cac';le~ you're net giyi:mtg peolde some:tJlting 00 d~~.nk. yo!]'regi.v.i.ll!g the(111.1 :somel:l\i.IJlg ro think afu<mn, ,EJj[Id ldltlma1!!IbOiI!l!l If yQt~r (;Ollt:ent i$, :!!l1Il!l]jJ; $l1!dl ]nt:eTI'lSltingnnd eye-i:;s!tch:~ng and ent.erta]n~ng-,all:ld if you're tile li)es,tU( sbou]d be-m(ll.~t people who OOmtl,e 00 yO'U!f b~.Qg win be QPP¥ to become .reg1lll,ar :r~ders. vkwer~,. Qrli.stel1er!)_ Makeu( easy for&em_

We eeveredthe .i.I]lf[lortance of userill!t:ena(le !I:Ild ~114(}.!i\!cHon buttens III 'ch!l:~1!:er 6, Cal].,;tQ"\~l~,tio!li] b~iboo:n:si:~dude:

.' SIlIbSCrlb~UQwspoo])il,e to' opt !]D, ro gerti:llg au e":m~n every lime YOlilPOSi a blog

'·'Po][ow Me4eeps viewers e:p:p.ri!led ofyot'!lr tweets and status II,Ipooies

• Join My fan P~ge-:.!'I!I.U:lO!lJ:I1ice..'I! to illle vlewer':!; newsfeed! [(hal!: they~i]'!jk enough.

of Y!1lU to !be a fan ,and h.eJ![ll$P!1ll Y!(ll)J1.r site (lImt iOi~herpeopl.,e·~, r@dar

• Sha:ro-1Jl*~S .It ~sy :for viewel'SWPQ5U your lhJik em :ra:cehooli::, MySpa.ce, ete,

• TwUt:e-1" TIl is o. -EI:I1Iil!]] This

Yow:r [on;gHa'ln.gua] Is to, get ~tloky a'~(j create mereand more OPl)(l[1UlUltle.S 1!:0 QQmmm1:uG@~e., Your audience jo~n$ yeur fan page, TJ.ey eommeneen your blcg. 'finey twe~tal:ld hmlhle yo'U!rposts" A:I1id S:liOW~Y bwl sliiWel.ytl:leirmendr5 toike ~QtiJce,. I[ml:d start doingilie ~1:Me:, Q]'!jd the:irfij'oe'lld$ m~e notice, a:nn.d s;1[ncd!denly your ]]Jttlle:conln1:llll11ti~' of om;: ~xp~ode!l inte a nUl.jorme'IDl1lpolis,

the power of' one

H~w do y,ol,l.klloW when YOilia've bu]]t: II. 'COtll.l!tl:lllJ:llity? V!il.en o:ll:e [)efSonUS Us'Wning, W]m~ L:ubrary TV~:tud! five v:uewers !lit first

D\o[l't ge11 obsessed witln. how mallry fli'1e11.dS or fans are f'o][ow.i:mtg YQli1-.:tbe SlIaJ:S are Oll]Y .margjnall.yimffi)OI.~t.Wha.u' s :innp-o.rtallit is '!!lIe intef]J~ity of your OOIiTI:lll\1iIliUy'S 'elt:lg'.Elge!l:ll~.t aad interactiou wUh you. At tlns poim the quaJi.1!y of the eoavetsancnis :m.l!llichm:ore :r(:v1ea]ing than the Illl,lltll]bcef of' peop]e having it U' Y(lur ,a:onrellil ]S m_ingpeo!p~e talk elmtol]gh so they st~ to[l1Jue SQI'I1H~ nOls,e,] gn:J(lIToIHlee you're going: to see mzyrepeople ~5how [l1P'00 your ]liIlrJ:y- As ]ong a:!l you're see~llg yOQ!!" ~lI,dencegrow, BvelJ! IDi.loClesUy, ove.r thelfim feur or :five If.loo.t~s, YOl!ll're d()~n:g Whilil you're swppos.ed '1:0 do.

The: day you :!!lee ~l ene person is, reading or wO!tch:ung 0:1" .~blOOl'llinglO you is, a day to ce[e;b'r.!!!.te_ ]t's <\:I'D amaziag to know SOlue(llne give1la crap :E!bollit what's go:ung 011 .i:mI. your WQ1ld" yo,un,"I:ife, YQl)lW braJin_ Don't ~a.l~e peop[e foll' gratnJ~ed, The word~of~mOl!l~

power in one ,i:~terested pe['S'OJil ]nISi;;;· ullbeUevable reaeh, Be,I:ue;y,erne, Q:[Ile day you'U miss your sm~U,i~ti:~u~le OOlTIill]Jl,lu:iJty where Y'CiU could ~n'Y en stls,mined oOllversaJt:ioll:';l and get 110 know [,RlQP~e:reany well [ knorw 1 do. {BU([ s,ru]] try' tQ getin ]!i1ert: &llly,)o

Now that YOIl hi!'!lve ."I, ,comm:I!U1LHy yo:u.·v~ gat S.lOrnep]{l.{';eoo ]Jil1it a killer lM.arketing $ll:ailegy i:~tQP]ay. n,e onel use is ~e bes,t In the world ~l'1Id ia~ m;:v,erfll:i]edi me,


l,he best Inurll1;,eting ;stra,tegy eve:r


telll t:h.ewo:rldli:sten

Any topic can be truTIled~nito iii p.rofii(abl.e, s!I,I:stalnah.l.e :!lloci@I.}[l11ed~,a-dl:ivell business, Let's see how we eeuld (Du]U [ng,eihe1.· all~.e (:00]5; and iIlQIJJ(l:ept:s, ''''N~'ve d:UsclUs5edi. wf.rur jo hi.ld a ~u:l'ii:ness around sor:M.eili:ing reallyfua, Hoy;' albow:t. _.


Let's say YOliil gtarton a Monday, So on Monday, [ftlefirst day ·of "!he, reSlr ofyol.l]' Ufe" you dodle fdk,\,v:ing:

1. Go to Oo,Dladldy.,eom., mtdl '[n'y tOl)liilY YOl)Jlr naJt]le,as :mnli'i]'Sl·'5(J:1Ple_('jQm_ If if s not avarlhlble:, U'y' YOlUlmaltlltUv .. Nm'i',[ gOit hlC:ky w]lth II na:me like Oany V~nel!Chuk_ Are you aCP'A Qmed Roberrt Smi,th?' Sorry., &obelt Smith, YOlu're SlCI:eWOO, O'bv.iously someone haS~l',e:adYWllght Rdlilel1:smlith .. cum or mb·eH:smiitllcp:!U)OIn_ Now's the time to gd iIlreat! ve;, HOlWabQlia1!: Bobthe:Budlge"l:m.@n_tv?

If YOIl ~Il'l come up wi]]] ,anyillliug .ii!pproP'fi"]!I·1te (If ~]] of yol!ltr top ~d~s are 'l(!]lB.v{tilabl!e:', e-mail me at g!lll'Y@v~nennooif!"(iom and we'Il ltir.('linst.Q!r11ll together.

BM.Y both _001lTl aJl1!d , tv ]fpOS~lb~.e tt~aJI]se you 11eV'el' knewif you' 11 need them a:ITId ]here' s nO'Qb~~ga."I:i(l(ll to ~all.l:[Dch both. WhHe you're mit buy the mUl1es fOI" yOlur (:hddl',en if Y(IU can. In addition,. noteth<lit eV'eiEy lime yOl!! hea!r aib(1)lll a newp[aJtool:.llTl[lh;art looks like W~g,\()ingt.Q goma:inSlream, yo!U.']] ~ullve tol1egls't:e:r YOUflliser name (Tw~tter.,oolJJilBobthe:Budge1!J!~j.atn"Fa.Qe:bQok,c:Qim!BobtheB1,.Idg'etinall, elc.).

I see nO~OO:[l to buy a!tly o:then: domai]1. address, hke .Q:r'g Olr .me, but Lceuld be !n]smken abO:lU[ tlhaL As with almost evel-Y bit ajadv,ice I ofl'ef' in thf,s hook, if )4::I,ur ins,~i»,cJ iellsJlol,~ lhero 'is a betlerwQ)' to do things,. by all means gO' wNh ~ll'. PWWJ me WYfiJ.ftgl And i/¥Qtl do,. 1 'd l{w,e ,W hear ~ow 1Q_~ eltd te

2. Next, s1!n11 a WOl'dp~s ow TU![I]b~r iiI(lOO!]IIt, 'nl]SIS the b.1.Qg 5:~Jte ~~ is g'Q.i~g to Ilm.i't the domain you jrust b01,'nt

3, Next, h~re a web des:igner,.[ kIJJow. I bow, I've sa:id I:hart p.rOOuc[:ion vaJlJ.e!l do!]>t matter; This is the eXJceplri.QI1I. uavigated ~llM.mio[l baldly designed websires, :~'ve 1,)Cnne tome conclusion that hiring a des:igner lomakle Sl!Ue thaityo1!l!' ve go:! ~)i)CeUe.[l1t uset i:[DK\rfitce;iIJJ me' foml of .pmperly !P']ailled. [inks and 'i)"I[llons, is a w(Jmlwl:iiile :i~\!'estlnent T"~1:iS~S theene place 'i'i'here: I'm "te[Ung yQU \to spenilmoney. YOIl Wallit to cwate ,con:t:elU from a hQ.I1J.le base" and ·a~[thh, netwurking ~s to g;et new "CU!i·'· into ~he. '''s,nore,'' If it does.:[l1'lI ]ook ]]ke a nice store 0.1" the prodlilcts W:'en.'t on theprQper sl~ei'!te5,. YOliil wcm'l GOI1Vrut, no Inii!ltle:.r fu,0'W m:!J!,ch Jm.ustlie and ;s.w'eaJ you :pul ill, Imagine spe<ndin_g mne

lll)1ln:dr,edbol!ITSprC)ll'Iotil1g thenew :store ()]J;el]~ng iJlmdl the'll!ftlQ1Iil~~(b o:f people shQw.i~.g 'Ill]) blillU ~~es were lackluster. Il"s 1[)e(;!lll)1lse YO'lU desi.gll was not on po~nt.

AserVI!Cle Uke this will c~st you S·mIl1e !Cash (l-5k), blllt if you're-en a ltnldige'l:, dOl]'t ~WeElt ]l Don' r .lJr~!ltofrl~Lll:lcfuti]lg y()!~r ~5U:e jl)l~~[ because you can't a:ff(md adesigner, SiaI1 for free ~[IjdJ cus.tomll:ize later once you. ~ron. Ii\Jl'fQrd it

IJfyol)1l use WQlroP!I'€$S, there are tons of flee Wordtptess "1J11emes,'" 0Ir. s~te des]gn~ to cihoo;s:e from_ l st!lU(hinik ~. p["'Q,[es~:io!ll~I. d~lgl1er willg(ve you a beUe·[" ]ookand feel, but lle W,ordl.:wes.s themes ~I:l~ very g'Ood-

4_ If y!\'):u'te fillLuiJiTI.g a vid.~o blog, bu:y dhe $150. :FI:~!p Canl-somelluing small a:lTId ligllnt, prefu'ab,l.y l' defUniUon (HDJ. tlltat you ~I] use ,aJJyitime, a:I1lywhen;: you' Fe· i:~:!)lp]red.,

:5, Create a Fa,Gebook fan 'page,.

6, Open a l\l.litte.r !itoCCO!l,llU WUi!lll yOU[' domain HatLUt't

7.. lfyou·.re dOl]n;g video, open a Th~~eMogl~l. account. lEY(lu're dj)iinga wrivte.ll blog, Slgn up f(llF Ping_fm.,

S, StartpUIJ:upnng 01!IU tOI.lltC,'I1J.t Lefs sayycn.lJ.'m tharis;f[Iatlc Pee:] have good SCrooM IJIrre$e.IlC~ mil doctdle to do a series of videos ta]]ed FU[JJ~a(;Ul ft:OI:U~:he 'CPA Every [[i.git YQ!.] PO!!lt a '!.ddoo of:yoo"e~f exp~.a]lli]lg tall( rules in YOI,U"!.][JJlque,il], eetertaiuing way. ec'!ucati:l1J.g y,Qllif ~rudlen(le yet .a]sQ :~v,ea]lng why you ~re 'P.ass~on;S1teabo1lllt wl'tSlt{;om.e ll.i:llik ~ diry, e;r;ote11c sUbject,. Ta[k albout whatever yo:!.] like, as ~ong !1!~ir does[JJ't yon .in.lro:ub[e witH! yQUr parenlt CQmpany,Porex-lUTIple,exp]a:inh,Clw the recent c.hang~ .i~. tlltepr,esijelltia]. @di[!;l:io:l1lIMi.ght. affect file ord~nary tilxpayer.. V\lh~trea][y ~l~ppeen$ If a p~Ollmi$ the' AprIl 1:5 dead:l:une?Whalt :S1T.i!lloogi.cfiSICaftiss,1!.les should a sl:U~11 GOlnl)a]!J.Y c:on$fde:r before decl.,ding to gr(lVit?Pl!.lt ;aJS much GOllwntOUl( tbereas you can, There are peoele In YO!.]I.' ii-eild 'who will bate you. because YQ1,l·']] be off-ering~p\1i:icm for free for wMichdbey o;fl:eoll ,ch!llrge .. That's ohy- When v~ewers need ~Cc(1)[llillng he.lp, whom atL"e they goingW wanlt to, do business with, tiThe ,guys who, hoarded il1J.fOIl'!lIlIl1i:io.ll 0Ji" theper:;;Q:Ili wlm,QP:rovedllli:l1l1sel:f tQ be open and hone-st @ud genCEOti?

f'lm:l. a way to .incorporate some :pe!l.'S{I:Ili;a[ stories and! detralls lntoyour pos.ts_ Use ~[JJecdo(nesfr(n:]'[ YOI,lir Ol'lf[JJl:ifeJ t(),iUulJI.~aJte oolm!cepts. Let Y'Ol.1f ]}f,lfsOJ1;0JI.ily shine s>o[ih;mJI: evetlltJu.aiUy peopk: who have 11I.0~eedfQr aecounfing ]llf'(l!l1.Uat101.1l ue OO.lllling to hear }/Ol)Jl jl!Jl.'!ll because :uC1i you,

9, Tweet or ~osJt your 'COI1l00][[ via PUllgJin.Qr Tube:Mogl)!!.1 to d.listri!b'l)1lteiu m aU OfYO!.]f >cho&e[lpl,alfQrm~~.,

10. Go jo SeB!och_Tw.iner and SOl:lt searching acc:(lu:Ili.ti]1lg terms, like '1.:aIXe>S," "401. (k)," "UCCOUllits ~ilyal)]e," and i!!]lI.ythl[JJg else th,al :Ilili.gtut be rel,el\'~t m your blog [OpI.,(;_ St. fo']]owil1J.g 1M. an)" of these, keepl:ng ]nlmli~.d Ulaf Tw~Ue:r does not ~Uow you to f61].QVi' ]1I.10Te than]Ope:roolli( of the people who ~refui~o,w:ing you, or becUter yet,. @rep~yl:lll.eNl IJ'lmbl.k::~y -

It Nexlt" go to B[ogsea:r-cfut_GQog~.e,com. for go to Geogle, dick em «More,'" !I:Ilid choose "BI.ogs"tiI'OIIl the J)u]].-dowl1J. m.¢IliU)_ S(anlypi:ng i[l general. terms, ]]ke "taxes" a~d "'flling," ~d se@Fol1 all the dbvi{)us .keyw(II.'ds., For every b]Qg wllel1e you find iii;mti.Q:11J. of 1hes.e tenns, YClu're gOJngiO [eQ've: a COl1:Ullle[Jit. a~dI Y01,lJ :~irume. which $h(lu~:d. 'be [lilked to your hC!lne:.~ge.

12, Search the~enu"aGcO!l;ln1Uilllllt" Q<~ Pa(;ebQQk" (;]]ck enthe tab for "AU R,es'I;d,t"$," mel] chdk Oil. "P>S!ge;$-" The:.rre arehundreds of f~n ]l'iS!ges,. s.'OI.Mce with ninemembers, S(}lm;: with ]!11(lIlilS~iUH:~S," JfO]U aSIn~uy active "u~es a:spossfb]e:, bUll In_e: S,l!JL1'e ilOkoop hckoftli1e]n ~Il Whe:11J. you're done, hrit t.he talj,fOE"GmUj&kS" ~nd do the ~am,e thing. AlthoughI don't l'elOomme:l1I.d cre1!!ting y.our own group .• ]here'~. nereascn yOliJ!. shou]dn't get your U;!t1i1J1e 0:111 ~rIYpreex]sti:l1J.g Q.I1,es that alI'e' 11e[eviElillil to yourpassion.

13, Rinse Plud repeat

Yow will dJ;Jo steps :5 and 8 through l2 over snd over and over agai:l1I.for aslongas your b.rilllld ex ists , If][u!il s01!J!]]dI~, tedious or repetitive, just close ilii~ bO()k and go do YOllir i)eS!(:Q ,el.~I()Y the Ulf.e YQI,lI·vegot.becal~se Y01!Jl're not CJ[]il oUlt fo.!' tb~s, ]f you're to llMsde, thou,g,'ll, you']] find! you dOll[ 't get tired {If the hitll1t because every oonVelSaltJlon yOM :start DiP' is al1o'lhe,roPJM1nuniity 00 talk ,a[1Q'1Ji!t :somelling you love more timn al1y'!hil'lg eJ!se, Wilalt' s b()l.r.~ng a~Ql!IlU thal!?

LDon't forget to include ;[11 list ofd. of y.m,!r social Ilieitvi'ork links (such ::IS TwiltJte:r,OOlu/G.aryVee) on you!!" e~:fI1J.,a1~, krti:eerhem:d, and 1b~5llless cif!Lfcis,

2, MaJke SUl'e yotl have a big fm button QIl your sHe that Gays, "Want 00 DQ B:u:une!)s witl1 Me'?'" or S0JilI1e{hrlnga]oug those lines.

We' :re~i:HingQ[tIlli;s bmud bu]]d]ng asa l:HaJl'!I.'IIll.D.I1J., not a sprint, right? 8ori.g1l1 now, bUltt,oll w:ii]] jrust be there as, a reIi1Jl:il1lderQf where. YU'M're ulltinlate~y gOI]ng willil your ~irud. It''sunMke]y you're: gp]ngoo' get biz dey offu'l1l[.ighlt offllieMl, b~il yoru.l1~ver bow. MQre likely, Ill' )'IOU buHd! your OO.l1J.1Tl1J.tllln'tyYOt] will see: thefQl.low:ung pr·Qgn~ssioll:

• Ern{l:uusiB£,tk faas

·Pree pl~oduct o·fTers from ~m$~:nesses. thQlt netiee yourgrowing f~1l base

• Biz dev d!eal;s from lnd:iv.idll,lflls, s:I1J.l;~11 e,I1o'Ugh~o see t!h~~eed. 1.0' do business with you while Y'Ol!Il're stiU ,affo,rd~b~e

O.l1J.e of 'my favoD:ute maMm~i:!l .. Ally~Jh:in,g lS bener than zero, " but 1r!t1le (0' :my CQIlUB(JjC'lO.r:y natue, let :~le jl!i'5[ say iliatlthe you ho]d Ollit to moaetize YOl!.!:r blog, !he better. EV~O:ll1ie' sfil1~ndal s:ih1ati.o:I1i. lS, dlfferel'lll a:Ii1Id youl1J.layfeel competled to taki;: seme ef the first QilIers· you .wet, f.l'Q<:l1l1 ~dver!i:liett's" fo:r eXQltnlpl.e_ 'JI.ry to w~il,~QI just lbe~l)Jlse the :su'ong,er and bi.ggel' YOIIU ~md[(511iO~t. the more caslm yo:u. can dJeme:l1J.d when tale time is r:ight, 'tim because as :llOO:I1J. as you lRartfOGl.Isi~g 0.111 .Ul()lM!etizlin;g, bymeceJ)s,i.1Iy YOl!ll. will start fOpay less altJtel1.ti.o:l1l. to your ,eQllIte:nH a:I1I!Ci YOl!lLr CO.l1lulIll!ll1iity.

W~ell YOfIJ.'I'e ready., though, the pp:p.omw.i.tie:1l. [0 monense YOl(!]' personal b/fPd will blow your mild,

Up IJ,IIl]:iIIlQW YOl(['ve been focusing on 'bUi.ld!llJig YoJi[r br~ndl by crealtlln;g killer content ~ndgeibtillg ~:l,SJl OOlIte'll]: some: [li!lGHoml by building y:our OO.lllmllt!inHy one e-mad, Qlne l.)ommelH, olle tweet, one sroms I,liI)d~1te at ajirne, Once!ltQ:1!I! fee:! you"ve gwwlJi. toa [JoilIl where YQlJ[f ib:ra]1di is sti.oky and YOiU[" audience has I:I1Hlde y(mr .cl(lllit:e:l1i.! a r,egl.1hrf. ,ev~ ]leceSS:1IIry, .llart ,of theIr C()l1Uill!illlii.ty ~r.JJd '!heir (lI1l1:imle expe:rjemilCe, you can stan t.o ~otive:ly ereatereeenne S1!rel1Jms. Ulili~e :~nl:1rl,e be.gill!nln~ when Y0l!il threw Ql![l a. fuiig not i]lliQ a 'bi.g !lund! to capture in ~~. many members Oof1!:le ~oci;aJl. medi[a schooi offi(il:l\i as pos;slb~.e .. you·re ]lOW ,going to drop in your line 10 a '~jel:y of s!t11~ller ])Ondls.. Be patiltml [I] 1!:ilillH~, if y01!J1 l.)ontJI.I1lIl;:. to hustle" you'll grow your presence and imp[:Qve your skills to the point where pefislJc---,l:eal]y.,rreE!Uy bi.gfiS:~-w:u~~ be jl!!!:rn:pi:ng ~!f!lltighUll:l(:O' your IDl;S!r.JJds_

Some r,eve.lluepouds 1IQ cO:ll.s]d~inC:]fI]detitle fo]~.owi~ml,g_

A lot ias. been made' iOf~e fact that, ~f.1!CI ne;'Wspa:penl ave bdng C!J.ll)pkd, beeaase (:Q!I'[l.])<:!IIlle.!l aJreplllJI:ill!lg ~leir ad~ 1IQ S:8!ve lllloney during tt:ul!,'; recessien. Well, cf oourse they ~re;. the I.)OSl o:f :['!!IJdio,mll~ga2:ille,andml.ewspa!p6f :S!dvertisi]![g s:~c.e is HOU .i:ml. line with title rdl,!![IlS][I !today's, w(il'ld. But (l.OiNil!)@11ies need to sell If&ey'l',e g:oung to stay B!Hve, which memns~~t even iftheill' !:J.Md!gc;:its are somewhat ;slnalle:r llianlJlley used to be" they have to spend lllQlley to remind COll$umers theyexlst lfthey wl~:Ii to se]] aproduclt~ ]ley have (() The di[furl;:Jm(1e now is tlm they're not~oing (0, w:Elste thdl: money I:Iy thro, [( ~ga]us(.[ihe W,1!11 ~CI seeing Wfui;fll sticks, TIH!I'e ~fe full!l!.ndlreds (lif billiOl1Ls of doUSirs I:Il ad reve;llueOlJlt ~1eretlhat need! ap]aoe to go., m1uCll!hey're w.i:l1ldi[lgliJ[p onlune because it's the bestreturn QIlUnvt\Slmlt\[IJ( adveni$en! ca:I1lf.i:lldl_ReM.lernbel',. where p;eOl)]e-OOl1sumers--go, :m{illJieyfo]]ow'!',. ~[Id the peopte a're :r;pe(ml.di.ngmor,e and m(ire tinle in thehl.Qgosp:fn.el:e_[f there's an aetive, energedc,pa.,>s,iO.l1l£lle oorn.mul:l:Uty spen.d.imi.g [ime on Y'Ol:lf blog, these is, ne reasoll onEarth why ,advenisel's wou]d:mi.'t w,a!llt!to s.~lJid a p;o.rui()lM. of ~U ~l~t ad reveruue;: there, lQO.

:for e:x:~'I1I~,]e, you'.re SaUy Gardener (1)011'111 1[psnne New York. You've decidedto monetize your pass:iO:mi.-vegetab~e ga.rden~~- You've ]e:l"l; IOOI]J[meollU and ~ltmil~ cOllversations withtheusaeds of oUler :{!Jv~digarde.l].en; and g[ljllled someU"ami.oll as tile mQstex!pe:~. and e:I1ltermil]~Jlg vegeteble garde.l1ier Omi.I.illeL Yow":oo good, Ri;la[[y good. PI;lQP~i;:J who oo~Id!IJJ't telll].w difference between a s~rig ofpaJI.'s,ley and (:iu]aMtI'O have come to y'oUl' s,iJte to watoehthe 'eplsodJe: w~ere yOl!!!: use a w:ruH:[' p]stol. to defemi.d your last lQma!to from a .hl![lillgi)' squirrel, only IQ loselfue tomato to :il:i:ll panne:r ]H cr]mel.'l!II.rkillg bellum;! yow. i:lill. the ~~ladow£.

Your first ~IlSti:lIIi(:t W len tih:inting of w~y;;; to bring dollars ¥Q yO!l;llr si~e'nl.i,g)t be to stgn 'I![I) :fQr oounething like GQog[e: AdSeuse~ which allows you tOPQst Ooogle ~dlvertls,~lJ1IJ.el1ItsreliUrtedro jlQUl'oopik_ I']II not a big fan of these beCflUStlilt dfs1!n\>eIS fflOl]"! your ccntent and! make~ yOlU rt@ge hdc cheap ~1lIJ]Id durteredl_ U a]so dDe-sn't pay [lIl:E!!l welll ['In di,s:a:ppoinlt:e;d illl~l ~o lM.a!l1y g;oodl b.1,OggC7l,'S, have b~Q:lJ1IJ.e dep;ende:[!lt 01111 Dlt-tM.{mear,e t'ar nlore (l.f~alf ve: aveeuesro 'lJ1,]['s,~e_

Here's a beitt~ idea: #l-da$sy banner ,gJds (ii, [~decl1;n;et·work-net), wJhi.i!ch appear:nrl tM.e !top O'F bottom of YO!.1Jrsi:le (doJa,'u o,verdo~t!)_ #2-00 to G'Oog~le.'con:l. search your subject IlMUIJ;:Jf', ~[JJd oheCik every b10g ~Ild webs:ute to soo whiidl {lQ:lnpau]e;s pay for Ooogle AdiSellse ads 0000 p05led.Cold~G!'![I ever}' relevi!itllli'lic()mtpn:rny tbat is s:plf!!ce OIlIi, Google Ad:8e:,I];se-th:e:y'r,e ~1:re1!dy s~)e[JJd!llg: Ufue ad mOM!ey O§!l the Web, 'whYDThOl spend it Q:[!l you? YQlil!. catnl'ind ,EI video (1:111. tlns tOP]COIl OaryVayn:erch~k .. oo:ll:l.: }ltl!:p:I!J!jlJlyvaynell::huk.,com!seaTdv(lo~d+CS!Il_

Next, !>lal1 t~kjng s(,e(ps to gel on the ]e:cmre drCU]l Have yal,li ,~ny ides! how ma:ITJ.y gard,en:illg ooMfltlrellCeS and flower shiQwsgo c;m every week in this contry'? Come l![P '!.'i'ill e'11I.] theme or [:armc, ca_]] ll.e sho,w's eoordinators, !li:lMj Qffe[" togivea mlk for ifI."ee" What does, thar get you';) The s@lne s.Qda] ,eqll;.liiity as yQlI ,get w.ithY01lir fanlta.'Snc Qll]iue cOl1i:eut lit gUves you. a chanee to; (a) talk ~bout what yOlilllov,e,. (b) build cn::d,and. (e) ,dlo it i'1IIi.m,llit o.fallll1(erest:ed audli:enoe,. !(lillie 'of WhOllllllight beUl!!e 'CO()iro.:i[l£lllQr fOir a! eonfereuee ('IIff .g@rd!en :shOVi' and who, ;aJfter 5tlelng you mlk, :uni.ghl. be c0'.l1l1~d~ed w[Jay you 1!0 speak: at their venue_ As f01" 'tlDe confereace where YO'l!!! just offe!l.'edl!~' yoU]' services iforfi:,ee,uJtllIi.l~Y Wce~iveor six times, but If YQ'IJ'·~·'e Billy g'Ood. at what you. do, YOllir lludlence wuU SUM ex.])e!Qting Y0ij: itO ~])pea:r !lit these evell!ts"and the OOll!fel'ell(l:e will ev~ni!JUf!Uy he willi:llIi.g, ,e'Ve:1]. happy"00 pay you .. h. :In.i.glut 1!akea. Whlk:to g~l ito that point" l!J.l)1[ YOlill'repa.tient R:ugja1i?

You cow:lda]sQ Ct)ll;slder do:i:[!l.g an ~ffi]]arepr()gram_ Tlli:!'! is where yil)l.1~,~t a [~Ilk QiEli yQl~r sHe to another s.i.1te tha.I: sea~,sg~rdel:l ~mdlUiClS. far e~BmiP]e, and if I.lQl:Uoone cl:icl::s ;tlluou.g~ @Il!d buy:s, you. gel a ~mm.issic;m_ 'n:i:s CS!ll!make you some ::;,weet GfIS:l\L Thl!}k abo!,!{ut-a 1-0perce:lH corn:ml$iSlon ofa ~3>OOO pre:fab greeul:10USt;lUS $60RAnd W~lIU did you have to do to eamJl U?Notill. whole lot. A'[:u1)e for ;s!ff.i]]at(:1IIi1;m:kdi.[JJg: pl1ogl'~ns ]5 Com[UE!ls]on Junetion, Amazol1l,ooo'. ]n;S!(i. an ex.1!:ro.rne~y popu]u ,a.mli;mrtepliOgr~m, 8:lTJ.d Ufuere m'e1lIi1~nlY others .. gust do a Google seareh for"affihElileprogl.'ams," to find them,

One of my favorite we'l);sHesisloadied w]:th affil.imes !.'Jut .Ill![[!l£Iges to do it ][1 a lro~y ChISflYW~Y_ Checkout www ,UIlCi~1te_Com_

Q]1[e way [ "d [ove to ~ee more people "me~tereven1l1ei:llt:o, C;:1'eatetl~e,]r own 2!Jffii](ate deal willi ,aIlo;th(:lrlooa] b1J:s~n~5S, Sa]]y Gardener to!.dd ca[1 a ]o~ nll,.l['s,eryal1d~'o(lI{ u~' a deal where s]~e gels 10 ])<ercelH of every clkk.,;thrrQlIgb mind :'lillIe to lhe'~rwebsik from lTher It!.log_ Feethose of you. who this seemslike sel.I.i.IJJg 01,1[ or Mler,cen~ry, yOl!il shouldn't :pm a.llyiliing OIM you!" [)']og tl]Qlt you don'[ believe in. The[;efll)re, you're ]1Q[ guing to do an affili:aJie wttb .8! OOlMpa!l:ly w~ol:le preduct yOWl wOl).l:l,d[l'n buy YO!J,ll'se[f. ]:11 fact, one way to defu$eany critidsm fo.r .;iI[[owing ads orr [lffi]]!l,oo ]]ulk~ O]]to your blog is 10 :unchldle: a:n. exp[anati.oJI. 0[1 your sute as, to w.b.yyoli.l':re will:illlg~Q :support tllese:pa:ltic~l.aif (lOlnl)Pies,. :If YDl!II.'n~: ho:~,e~n aboutw.hy yow bel (eve .hm ]l)e product Pee:] why Y011.'ve decided 10 allow selling o;p;PO:D11IJl[i1tk::; mil your blog, llu)St peo~le wcm'tbe put off. Beskj]es, society ]s geU! lJ~ed oo'prQd!u~t p]a0eme~ti:1l movies arn:d!te~.ev.i:!l[on; I exped we'Ulbe seei:ll,g Ulore of it in ~nfbnIl!S of media.

Devel,o:PI aprodllJC1l. tn sell, sut'll a$ great gatrdenul'Ig g~.oll!les, d,eccu:allve object:>, :lioa~$, MI.QSqUi.1IO l'etpell;m:ul, wfu~te"'er yO'll love and th:~n!k: you Cl;[IJi do Ibelref itftlU arnyolle else, Ewell ]]}.oreim., sell s(:hwag" C~le Ii). T ~shin for five tn]QkSiil!tld se]]i.t foOr iteH" lf'you've got OOM. tIlQl]sa:nd .~aders Q[' viewers, ~Ild .rn.ayhe l:! tIlQl'lS:E!)ndi bUiYlt that'sl]'!.re gnUld,and ttcest Y01] @~mos1t nnl:l'nimtg to ~p'rodl)m!ce, .PI.MS,I!1!QW you' ve got !poople w~ring or 1I1sing or di:sp]ayi~g S'Q.rn.eti:llllg with YOUl[" I),]og namealld ~d)dfes:s,glv1illg YOll free nllU'iketing ~ wo:rd of mouth,

Hit l!il.P 'QnMne !U1IdI primt[ :I'H£!!gazimtes @nd oth~ b]og.\l al,OMl contributing, Irnticles,.~f I:h~ :aJoou't lllit:e.l:~sted lll~\S!Y!llg you, offer to :rec]pro(:~te by nle~tki:[If.lJig 1kem 0[1 YOl![f blog, ApprQa~ fboo-ii):]]d·lillllltritio:un. nOlD.:profits ~bo!llt wnting for dle'ur :ne'W:s~etlt~. TaU:: 'KI yotlif looa]ftmIle1'" S w;sJrk:d abO'IliICoJ:l11rlbUlting to theirp!.1b]]~tiaIJJ or blog if they don>t ,al.r'eaJdy I'n.Sive one.

[nl;oire people to come crill and garden. wi]}. yo·u aInd give illlem. achanee to ask ql!l!.esijo.~:liYOl]rf.'irsl les!lons W]U go for ,a .rel!anively h)w rate, b1)[1: ~s word gds a!fOl1!IJJd thatycnire goodi. ,and HlQlt peopleare !'i~l[lg resultsin Ue[f gm:del]~ a&r worki~.g w:i1!:lrn yo!,], your r~tes can go liP', Makeilnn event to bl'oadeN YOlll.' ;EI!flipe~I.~emu '~pwUhl!l.~o{!al chef who is aiso bu:i]d:illg it pe'fS(i.ll!a~ bf~nd., O~!ce the gardelli:l1i.g POrti01l. of Ole <k!y is" eve['Yon.e joins t()gelfuer tccook ;sJ.I,eniflic ve:gem:r.i;anll]llc,h, lmt[t:e SOJIl!eQI]])e from ue ~ocal f~ bimlk I!I Wilk: about ho'w a!l1!di wne:repeople Cfl!1JJ dQill<'IDte fQoddhlCY gfQwilll &ea.f gardens. oCoordi:n4llfellieid 1! forloca] S010Qls tocome spelldtl~e{ur ]110.r.[!ti:~g willi yo~_

[f~ ·;dll'loot a cJI]~~e to remind y~ll that good b~oggilllg ~a:rI .leo:d. to book deals, f'rQ1U W!cld~ng every reeipein IDl!efirst YOI'I!IL[11H':lQJl JuU[I 'Child's lWasleri~g the Art of Fr.erlcl1 Cooking to a :satit~cal H:!!)( of SU,Jff Wh:ire People UkeQr a eollecnon ofp.~Qtogr~ph:s:of crazy. gr~5Sifood (Thl.s Is. W:Ily You"re F~O. blegs ave ]ong beena hot 'COUlllllQdHy .i:mt tile world and hav,e proven the:ir potential asooslt$ei~]e;rs, V]deo l)1.o,gs, too, have ]e{[ to TV op'po,mn:ni.'lies. AmlUlda Congd!Qn. who gQrt hell" SlWrrl: video blegging and hQstiwg ROQketbool:11, has aJpp~dl on m~ly TV shows (ifo.l' a. wlhtik ~he hiild a d~[ with ABC a:und HBO dlo1!D,gh. it ]; tha!t d~dn' t wor:kQut); Perez Hilton, oe[dbdy blegger, bad his oWTlooalily show ;aIn(l CII)Util.ll! .. IJ;lS.tQ a!PPMr on TV,. AJ]]dy Srumbe;rg 'CU]l ]]1Ioorrl:el hit wiil his ilJmnedy ~:roClllpe Lonely P[anet before b~omlng a smr Qf ,")tIftJr'fi'tly Night, Isve.


As yow.r ~l]ddeill.oe gffl"l'!'$ ~~d your b]og starts togeit real ~UentiQni~. the form ofmoo:ia (love'l'age, ad revenue, rondr.eC]jUe;)IS for $[pealdng aufilnmi.O,lllS" ,exiP~ct~o sitan gmti:~g ~l!lI.'esU fmUp" and advioeJiJ1)lu manyo:the:r ga!rdellj~g bl.ogge:rs, All]riiit you'll W,~llit to offer yourtime for free, but if you're sitting on ~. heavy k[IJQw]edge base'. Y.Qt~ !'iih.Qil!!!ld eVel1!U!l:S!Uy SiUUt ro chaJI''ge :fOI" yourtune, If you come alCfOSS acs legit aJIlCi henest, people will [~pond f~'Vo1'abMy .• espec:~a.lly sinee you. have now '''lived it"

How woUld this process ]ook ]fyoor ~]assi.{uJJ were board games?

Pretty 'coo]. a;cluaUy,

1. St~;1I vi!deo b~.ogca~]ed B01l!l:'d Game TV,

2. Send CU,It run e·:m£liil roo everyone :~n yQQr addressbook ficskling .if you can bOl1'OW 'ev~ry g!U1Jle 1!1I1.ey til &elr aUlic .

. 3.rtevliew every ga:nne.ExaJlJIlne the pflck@glng. [ftl~ origlins of [ftl~ ga:nne, thJiI1g) you llke abQUlh, mings )'0·\,1 den'tlike, the: history o.filioe game.,

41, Post it wiD P eBay I!!ffi~laJte ]U[lkfor 1!1Ile .gllme. You'll gel ~l QommlSlll]Q:rI every time someone bl!D.ysftoim the liuk;

51,1)0 itihat for $ever~1 m01ltlls, m~kiflgali1nt]e mouey.

61, Launch CoUect:Qf .Pr.iday where you.t~dk albol!lll a valuab]e or r@r"e game you don't eli',en O'W[I,l1J.l£!ybeorJIe< rt!I.l;8!t"~ 111' far s~~e.I.llile'J.''ltuew the jersou sdlingit

'7. KiLl0ek[he be]] 011111 'of yOU!i oon1eult for afeWlIllolliths.and it's. ell!tire]y poss,i[ble Il~l :someo:l1J.eftom :T:he T@d~J! Show is g()]ngw, ,ask Y01!ll to ta]k albourt b>lXl!m ga!mes OT yo!,)1' blog iQil1J. Iheirpl'ograJll_

8., YOl)[ get a ~n :[~.m Pi!!fkerBrQth~aS:king ffyour.·U talk at [heir CQiIllventuon 01: be tilelr SDQk~p~rSOIJi.

Anyone wllllo lSi a.bI'e to build (I ga:rdenling show wit! ten thousand V]e'lvers ,~spe;n::fectl,y j~d:fJ.ed in resJClh:ing ol!ll1 [J:'l' the big bOY$- AU you have 110 d.Q ~s buy a stack of ga~,l1eon:i:mtg ln~ga:zi:I'D:e$,ffifp [TI}[1)l.Ig~ the p!Slges~o ~e: who advertises, and OLen Tw]tter or Faoelbook stamsout, ".Hey" B,MW, w:futy ~I:e you spend,ingfii,fty grand 0\1], a mll~page adin Name and Gmt'iRnand g.e.ntill:l!g ]Utfte: returnon y(mrilllV'estrlnellit when yOM could pl,a{l:e someihing witll :mtle fb:L"jl!ll$,t a eou!p:~e of,g'!;; :!'lind ge;1cl:azy ]to]:?"

There's ~e :mtlore thing YOIU, {!!lli do, bWl~1 'Wkes a very l)aJI,1:!iCIJl.l~r k:i.nd of DNA to pull it off. l,all]ncil you!" site.Put out a few days" worth of ki].]er COlllte:llLt Pi~ck up Mle phone and <C:±I~[ b]g ilJorpQ:r~!ile advertis:inn.gage:~c[es and tell them what you've jUSI doni}N::p~,a:in to 1]lel]], :I1ow your ex:p~lli5.e ~1!Il:dl your passion ail"ego.i[lg to make dis thing, huge. Tell tlh,eITI you're giv,ing them an incredible chance to buy QUit the ~how!f'o[' the next year while you're $!:iU llinkllOWE_ Ina yes!r you'lll1te ~Me: to sell :'Jp<l!ce for U1:ree grand D epfs,ooe', Ol![t ~!lf.m;:e you need theI]lOl.le}' now you,' .relooklllgfur 5<OlMeOlleto 1I1Vest and grQ'w wiUlln. Y{IU. Shov;' S,~~POI1 today. and you'll l'epayU'n,ern wu[h ~:~dlyll1g ][I,yah:y (hrol]gh[il.e COUl'Se cf your C£UlJee!l"_

So:und.$ Ol)ll'l:rageO!tlS? ['ml itelliwg you, than p~ay !;!lin phlY sOU1ewh~. Ten people ~CI[llg this booll: will be able to pu]] it off. When yeu do", .~e1I me know ;at gary@vaymter,l]1J;edj(l"CQ.I'[l.

&$ you Gain s,ee, there .isIats OflllOllq 10 be~1,adle, ,a[beit i:[JJ. drihiS alnd dr~b;) to begull, by ~i'Ph.on:ing off money from ,a.]ready"e:x!SEin,g sotlr,ces.

Somepond~ ['velMe<llltionedi m:e sha]]ower th!U1 others pd m~gl'nt net giveyou tbe ki:l1d1 of 1.'l;:tJJ;l!'11 you dre<rnl a~o1iil.t .right away-:f],fty bucks here. three hund~'ed then~;.B1U[ ~(i'W much ]~ yOlln:. blog e:;uning you, m1O'!v? NQthing?And Y'Qu're NiUawayfUty I)'~cks?

Say [t with me: Anythi.lJig~ is betl~ than zero,

ThaJt doeSiIli'Ul]leml yQU. s!bo1!.lld dOal:W~1:iing to, earn a buck, bm nei1)]ner ~QU[d yOl)Jl. wa[k .away from dollsrs i.fyolJl. don't ]rua'!,l~ any, Too mID1Ly~eop[~ th~.Ilk they're big shots whenthey're nothing in thegrand scheme of OLi:~g~." Don't dr:iink YOl!.n1'o'Wll Kool-Aid, it will negaltU'iI~lyump.a:cJt YOllr busiaesadeeisiens, Bven 'lfYOll.n:r Pl'i)ilil(Jl'JJS art: buge, si:;u1 iS~OW> start,aU, bui.leI gl'ad.1iM!ny, build SIM!llI't The mOIl1i.ey win be there, :!'Iud mtll(Jre .im~o.rtta!llit, so will the;oPP0!J.1l,1I1:uties_

hve~ve f(lUwillb it

You tn(lw[ like oo~traCllC)lJion, son[ !lhou]d]D't: surprise you tI1at one of the III!OSI i:[[1'P:0I1U!f11 ceneeptaI w:S1l11l YQUIO keep inmind i(l d:i!il:ll1~(r.i!ca]lY Opl~osootQ SOllU~ of tbe ide!l$ I've 5[lmred with yotl until now,

I'vere:peated ,over a:nDd over b,atull order W bll]]d ~. w][I]][i:l1J.g business, you haveto go wide' hog wilth YOl)m 1)~5SiQJD_ Trl!le_ I've S8iid ]]nat if you. don't plan ~·ead a:nn.d decide exactly wl1;8!t yO!]. want snd where yOM wantto S,{Ie y,emf bM5~ne-ss ~dl 11,[1), you're hroll:len" SW]t!l.'ue, gut what is ~Iso true is ~t as commineCl andobsessed ~md gom!~ o1ie!tl~:ed as (lrltrepreneJ)ILrs need [:0, lJe,oey also' llaVlerooo WnlEllg 10 :prDlC'tice what I lOa]] "reaotionE!!ry b'I!IlS]I1l;lSS," wfuich m heart us abcrlllt lbdrlg: ;ijllld mJb~e 10 ~datpt and c!l.l8:rlge:, Tlris is where lIThOS! compml][e$ nell h~snl.l.e!ls:peIiJP]e lose tlegBlme, by rdus,i]l_g t.oadl:IIi]lt "lhe~r Mli$takes,or negl.eot:illg 0:110011:: a~ea.d 10 see wh,a)[ eeuld negatively impad their busiaess, Nothlngin H:f'e ever goo~ ,exactly me way you. think: it win, .arnd ~t g'Qes for all Qf your cBr,efu~lyp[a!lmed ell"fi:reprelleuria] d['effrn.s. ~d goa]s_ReaClinIllBry business. allQ'WsyoM to m;mike a 'couiP,le of'crl,]cialmoves WIle:I1i:he ]a]l,ds~pe: S;m:11S to ~ange,

Y(m'd be surprised mil h.QW lUoSlllY ,eIli1Jl.'~1trl;).llel]l.'s a!'en' tgood altadjusting (.0 ehanglng erlvirQrlmen1);.5"an.d ifs a major reason why so ~:ngnD.y businesses dQ[I'la.ci1:ieve th~e!ir fidl Iloteuhal I see it all the dine, Someoue willi;ilnd ia]eM! :she'iS going to be De Martha Srewa:l'it of. lk:id~fi~.f}lldly s.andwiches, OllJJd~l.1elll allof a sudden d:iscorve:rs[:hal somewhere the way s,~ereaciled 11. ,e:ore group of bee:r=dr.ill! dudes wfuto are rreligi.o1!.ll.s]y WB'It." [h.e show. Instead afemlb:radngtlJu!Jl de]!I1ogr~ph~c: andadapti:nlJ.g, she rrefiuses~o a(:kl:l(lWledigeutand k:eeps .mali::ingf.ish-~[l:f!!ped pime[[to cheese, Ma_ybe sle does fine wim her b~og catering to illle kid.d:i!e set, but can you l1iJC;iW :[I"IUC~l b~g'g't\r this a!lnbHicruspel:sQ:I1! 's business eould have be-eM if she h.adlgi lien lJ[Pa. day mJ. weektoprepa:re ~1I.I.ldwichespel'feC!t far la:i]gat-ep,arllies?

A~rfect r'eal~Ufe examl)]e: of ~l brand l:!hiBil dr,ew an llllrlOOessliWYli:nD.e; .~.Il the :sa:nDJd lreg$rding lIE Po&i.ti.Olhing i~ Criswt late 1 990!l,. itlu:;up$~le 'Ch!'J)mpa;gn.e was ellJ'thl1si,Els,1tica].l.y ~licrpted. by the: lip-hop WnD:UlJll!llllli.lY, B.Uit.~n:stej;lxi of ,emlbraiQingwn,d lev,el'aging the ~nel1it~ocrlo the m!WElg~.IlJg di:rootOf lnd]cntedim!lJ:l :i:lloorview wfth illle Ec-onomi.H ]:}\jEll he'd pre:ferw d:us;taJnce his tirndfironll.'~)lpers ndlli,e~r .fJ1jIliS, ~yl.l'i!g, "We can'tf(liFl'bjd poopl!e from buyingut, I'm :51,1['1;: Dom Pf}l'ignOI]"~. or .KnJg w'cru]d be dcllgfuJ.ted to lmave (heir I.'lu~lness:' He had the !cham.(!e to cul1!:ivme ~ gulden O])ip,grru.llliry to 'c~'tun:re MI;fIjor m:rurll:letsilline @[IdinSt"e8id hekilledie, becaase smart :1IIrldiml1Menit:!ia] e:nD1terl:a!int5rs~:uke

$ay~Z were ]"]ghtfu]]y offended bythe gUIY~s anitude and org@lJIi~.a.ll e:fi'edtive b9YOO:U ~ga:illsl [ihe 1b'11U:d.

Naw, rem:cUon~ b:U~$lness ha~ noth]llg to d~} with social rn.,ed:ia----.eve:ryOJ,mte in b<Ms:iine~s SllO,l,dd pr;;u:::t;iooi:t 'eVeI1 ,ifthey"ye dec[ded to cOIl]p]ekly l:gII10re sociall neitwo!~s (a sru,pil(i idea but ,one that a,~ot of e1ltahl:i:she;.d bimndis are fo]~owi:mtg). On the other hand, 0]] of1!il.le1Je $oci~d m~1!WorkiIl!g:;s tlJLroo=ooost your ~b[lHy to be reami,(maI:Y, not ,an~y by el'lalb]ling yO!] 10 guide Yol)!i.r l!:ml:mtdl to where i1l: ]],1I!1tIra[lyl'its or where you disco."ve:1r pockets of ,i]J.ter,e£,t, bl)ll[ bygivi.lJ!g: Y0l)!i. a Jot of powerto put out :l]:re.s_ For ~rn.p~e, I w~s seen ~II ove!' ESPN afterllln.e Nfl .. draft boo]ng the Mal'k S~I.lche.zpiclli: by the New York Jets, It lookedl]ke I wa~$ ha1l:ing on theptck andthe p~ayer. which wasa't true_ J didn't Ib~ow the deta:ib of the!T@d!eand wben¥ !>!il.W rt.he t~1. gofi"Oln :sevtmleemt to' five !.1lI Uw r.allking,s,. I ~ss!limed thiU: [ihe Jets bad given IJ.~ .a.whccd!elot to. get S~m:Jh.ez. and that's whalt was me. Turns Ol,1it[llu!!l wasn't the case, Regjl.l.'d]~~s,[ fellt baddu!!l e;;veryQl1e. i:mJ.dudlllg: Mali: Samihez: ifhe h~ppe:Iled 10 be wMehlillg, m~$~nders1t()Ddrn.y reaction, Five years agIO I ool)!i.ldlJl·l have rEhied tihe .ITI]s,peil'l;:epli.(lIJl, but 1ilin.anks to social nledlla" the Mond~y after the game ] was able to use 1'I1i)' b]ggest '~Y:lmEonu, Wi:l1ie Ubnuy TV" to cbu:Hy wE!i£l!I~. thQughrt,

A mOIre re]ev~ut 'exa]J1:pl,eC!llIl be f'QUild ][1 the WiIi)' DOI.DlIlO'S used YOl)ll.1"uk 1\0 rresl)Q:tldoo roe lID.egalti:ve ]l'ubhcity they :suffered aile. two empl,ClYe~ shot vid:eoof ]]mcIMs.elves dQi.ung :dli.sgI!l!$Ung WUh[ihe foo(llbef(m;: ~ervi:mg U w' CUs.1):Q]!llel'~" A lot of p-eop]e pOI.unted toilllal st'OIY ~s evidence of the dow:[n:,;~de to SOCla] media beeause MO idiots were a:Me:oo b] 11 negative: Ulllageo,fa COnlp.any OlJlt [:(.i,tll(lu:sand,s of COnSUI.l]j~l'S '!.'i'i&i[I m~lllll~. Bult tl.e DQm.i~[nO":!l b~'and di,dI[I'( g'e,t hlll:li[:, AI1YiCI.l1!e W~t!ll M~Ja ~ra:iin knows 1ili.:EIt :luarOmts wok everywhe:re and tllrJ,al: [litis cmlll.a h@ppen. :un any,I1I.'a:[nt, froi~l fast :food to l'eSe[1I'aIUO.ll:SQI:dy., Noone w!uds,poo])l.e :lD'l!e·S;.s]ng with :food, ~dof cO'urse tale el:MJI~o;rees.!e' sllould be, :pUIl]sl'ted, bln[i]!eir ~coionsdlidl[l'l ~'un:r1! [_he b:m:~d_ 1(]. f~c(,. [ think Domino's helped tfudr b~mtd by sJil,OWluggreat :reacl:iomtary lhusinessll1;!lonots_1 l:ellpecl how "f~s,ttITI:ey got l[J[m illI.e ttenehes and [e!l[JQi~.d,ed via tlre samemedhn» as tbe (iri]1J.l.eillliil-t wafi ilJQUllmUt:OO, wiQ. a You'Iube v[deo, Good for CEO Patrlicll:: Doyle, whoi][ hi:!ladd~'ess appe<l!l:'S to be a (wetty tr~ClUi{ina] COi~orate gJ!I1y ~I][e~.y trying tofighJt fi:re w:itl1. rure (next time, Mr. Doyle, try eo ]oolk:i:rrnlf.1~e CQ]nera arid lose tl.e :sGriIP'l; iit makes a big di.ffurel'ace). CEOs and business ma:lMlgel'S dcmtt need [0 have a powef'mtl!eetiug wit][ 1ilin.dr .rR d!epam:nel1l W discuss how (0' l]4!!IJJ~b' .;!!. ])IJf(l,]),I.em.~]ke thds one; they shol!l!.ld know whaJtthiey WWl to !lay.,and then say[L Sl.Iocessfu]]y deE!hng with a siUWJUof] like thfs ]$ ~U ~bOUit slPeed,. hO.lleS1!jl, and lr~l'Is.p<.aIrency ..

I saw tbis a's !I. gl'eaE!nndy for Dom.ino·s te nip (hi;,; sitlLl.a't1on on :U[$ }'Dead, ney. ~[Id every o1i11er 'fbs,t-food :re:.!lta~t, :!lhol)ll.ld Ope!'l. up &ei.r b(:oh~ll::; to a livestreE!!l:I'!1.illlzr ~rlYottle ,~!iUl watch from. an.ywhere,ilwl.~dil]g, wllHe w~Wng ][1 line tl) Q.rd.erpl:z~Z!'!!" Tome, Rdi!q1;t]Ug in tlris w~y to. th .. e realilIy that .ce]]phQ.lley!'ii and FUp emus (which IU'e going to ][u~.rge, wail l!'Itd see) are: a].w~rys to make tfuejf wayoohl:nd the: seenesof ffmty rre-SlafllntIilLt wO'l.ald he an ol!ll.tstaILldi:l1l.g exaJ:U!P;~e ofreaC!tio!t];w:y j)1~Shl.e.SS,

Thankste social :IJi~orkimg pl'@tf'or,®.l:S" your story is ,gOLl]gtO get,iQld, 1.Il1:fiUe\l:~d., wlle~er YO!JII:ik~ ]Itor not Yeuean DO kmge:r co-nrrrn] thernessage, but that's not a. bad tb:ung uuless yQ!:! wo:rk, fora dosedl ..!ed. ,PR COI.lliiPPY. As far as I 'm (lor.lcenledi, the bigg,esthl).m:Ue for 1110$[ (;orporat:e; braads today ]s the:ur depel]d.emce ()I]1[ ilie~r !PEt people. 'TIley're l,errified of "i1D.e l,ulfiUeTedm.ess~ge" but wllal they sl,cn~[d do is cl]oourage ]Jt,Every e:mpl,oyee of' every company should have <"II, F.'1iceooQk B!COO1llnt where they CP talk ab.Ql]l: [l~eir work a.~d rule CQiM:l]XIIlY (lll add!ili.QHrO w~~eve.r else they wallO- Le1!p'eo(pk gr.i~,kl them ~i.r!heir frustrations ,Don't w~d fo:r e;x:iui:lIIl"terviewstof:'i.n:di 'out Wh@l Y'OI,JI: sitaff .really dl.:i:m.h; t:ff!:P i:mltoD.e pll~.S:e 'af 1the c©mp!S!fIY ,311.ld !>taJ1m.aldug changes, right aw,lIY _ Yes, there are websltes dtdh:atedl00 a1]owi:mg peOlple to ~~.r ilie[r diny ]a1llI'ldry,bliIltpeop]e shouldbe <'I1.lowed to ~H!llJig 1ftleir dlrty~.aH]D.dry on meilr rOW]] c]oillle!:;:]]ne, Empowel'ilng yO'ur elM .. p~.oye'I'$ to C(I.I"[Ul[1,!![IJlcate is a gre~l ~.i:llg. If you s!l,]~)llJ'ress "!heir urge 10 Wl:k" yow"r-e (lI.Illy weakening your bmffilcdl from within by linli.tin,g your aeeesste infol1I1alrim1i_

W~en yon UQlW wh;atpeo!p,]e @~ sB!ying and ili.iml.king aJbowl Y'Otlr brand,. you. ~m. ~ddr,es.$ it If yoo. s~fidsehood, YOI.'! CU!II. eorrect jt, 1:f you seepraise; you can ShOVi' ~ppr'ec:ialicm_ If you. se>e ilJQnfusklm., you.{m11. 'lQ!!1l"emiPower.m.c;.1lit doesn't sro~wI1:fu your stBff or y,our (;m;,tQ:l]:ler~, either. It usedto be that yO'll were ~l 1!henn.eocYQf I:ihemedli.a, wilfu no sayull ~ow it lQlld yow:r stomy 1.!J[I~e$s it wafi will.i:m.g to pl.,ekln:p on your versiou, If you didlJi't likeli.,e pfdl!]A'ei[ .painted, YOl[ wlerekli.nd of siooik_ Now you CaM. fight tilt: nleCl~ailtse]fwultih "i1D!esetoo']s, willi yOI,l~'l)]og ,~I]d Faoebod.ll::and 'I'witter, Now you can do a live plles~ c{mf-e'!~nQe Q]l Usb'eaall. wherea'S ten yearsagQ you. cou[d !try butut was ~Iways a .. ~:Ilb~e w~l~lfuer some~n,e ~""Q!,I~d shownm:p witl'D. a TV lI1ame:m.

S(llmJeellltrepl.',el.l~rg ~re :~ny~~Ho cr~ming tI].eml.e:xt bigt.h:illg,. Not ]l:le_ I'm. abol,[t identifYing the :Il!exJt big "tth'n:ing ~llI'Id jlill.rn.p[ng,a[~ over iII, Tome.,~o[llng YOQ[" BlbmHy to act 011 w.axi!llg snd w!ul! ~ociBlI and! c!:!Uur,a[ ~d(i is am.ajQl"re!ilCit.i~['y b~Sllle$S move.

Some people aTe bom with gwd tteI1Idis(pottiJm.giJ]]tl!l!.iliQr.I_ My whole ]ufe I've bOOM ~bkoo ~ee sQlno1ili:ing <l'!Jlld just feel thail Uit" s guiml.g to be btiig. ] felt .il fbr baseball cards,for toyoo][, for w:iue, f~ribe[[ljremel aud video b]oggimg, at[ld I'm. sure I 'U see tile :mex( trendthat C(lImlle5 <'i:I'OO:I1id. IloQk:ev~~ere for :in:spi.r.ation, .Recenitlr'y ImliQt!ocea[J11;s![ certain klds ~reus~ng m;air~el's tl;) drawtatroo-5 onUli;:.rrn;scl.ves ~d create body gr@.1i'flilti Occas:~o:nally I've used my fony~E:ive",ml.l'lule d:riveIQw(lIJ'k [,0 liN,onder, wha~ does itl:llLea:~ m~l tids .are dr,awi!ug their own laJtJtoos? How do I c~~mlizeoll it? Wlmrtl ]s the O]}pcn1l,1iIliUy? Then w!1:i]e on the: Thunder Cruise (~. eraise for my fans) :~n A!Pl~.~, we docked ili1J. theBrol~mas ,and I nettced ,a bugel]ne at theldds' jattoo Mation ~t the AUa:mti$. If I wereia me .ink ~1~5~:lle,..5S, I'd w~t to creare an O!f'ga:mI.i,e,. nOllltO!:i:]C, k:id-fr.ier.l(Uy, :!;ktln-fr.i.enril[y hrand of .i:ffiIk mndcap1iw:re !h.e nn.arke;t of kids who w.atlJlt to des:ug:Ilt!hei.r OW:l1i WlOos. 'Tile tremendOl)!~ liIt(\l ~tthe' booilit:o]d me that tp:E!lfelJlts aore cl.eal~.y r-eadyfur &iii. rm not the .right guy to ~I'IVeIDl! th.elJirod:l~CIt teflll Jtll:E!1[m.8!l'kel. need, bUlIifycm do It, ]e1! me bow.

Bdl1g n~actkmary means Ulalt~{Oil(ll.'['e. a!l.wa:y:s thjlllk:ing .aboult ~le I]]H~ni:lmg bC?h:hn:d cu~u; 'd:1Pge~ Let's :\lay you're ail apPitY and n friend [e]]s you she"'') (;a.l.loe,ill.lg eable, '¥,OU hem' Ulai!: ~d yeurradar ~hnldd go off_ Cam}dl[lg Cflb[e? N () one WQlln.ld have CaDct\hld cab]e [we) years, ~go,. what' s gOi~ng (m? If yQil!!l haven'! Ji'igwredl it. Q1H ~I:ready., I'll tell youwfuy it's :ulnpomla:l'!it itmeattl8 that ti'ne day is almost MJere when these will beno differ~(;e bemree:1m waJt:cfuiNi.g TV~md. online video. Ca.b:]e <1)11 Delu;at[ld a:li'D.d NeUli.x aJl]d Ti¥o .aJnd YouTlIlbe aJl]d Hulu have eacll pl)l!shed~eenve:lopea little falr! by ext~.di:lmg theUfe of I:M.o·v:ue-s and 8how8 a:Dld by lM.akil1gnn{:twocr:k progtwu:w.i:li'D..g s(lhrediu[e;s ~rrd!evaUlrt, blilll the: next pbas~ will be 'eve:n IJmcQfe d['a:ml1~Lk;~ Evellluall.y CQlmL1Cas,t or Tune WlilCmer ill goiNi.g to ~1i'D.(1!1l1100 !I. Niew chool!l:lel thalt airs online videos. YOlll']~be ~bk to use YOllif remere to se'{U[Chi b~ swbj.e(;t N~w the kid whQ draws w.nooson lli$ ij![J[l will be able to type ]n"body graffiti."aud flNid foriy-f:i.'!;'1e differe;[!l1i: shows ~bolJt bod!ym O[!l the lntemet. He's: going to create lris OWI1 TV wmch]ng e;x:pel:.i!eI.lOO, llOt just wa]]ow what the TV statiems have de[~d.edllo feed hinlL [fYOM ~ppe:1i'D.. to bO$ISJ gmffiti. wideo hlo,g ~l a~Eil!'S:t w~!>re:itoh:ilmg live;~c;lll!s;ai[JJd~op[e, Y0lln.'re s~cl!e~dy gOlng~o have t.he po~enHa]. wreatifuJ hl[mcdireds of dNJI1S001ds_ For :l'loml;lc;n;::pr.a(>[ici11lgreaeetioll;f!!ry b'I!IlS]Ill;lss-stOlliTheone wl'n.ous ]ooki[!l.g dead and ail;sJpling. to m~.el$ and lak:ung adv~l]jtage ofnev,!' op:pormlmi.tiesw (QlIlilIUunicate----:[ti1E1'( puti:la lot ofmed:ia do]]~ :into p~ay.

Thal:1ks to sO(liualn<t!(:\:'iIo:rldng we now have ",coes~s W pow1ernl, real-time, streaJu]~ned dsita fl'ml cailli aUow us to steer Ol!n:r shi~11!l veryaccll!ratei~y in responseto tremcdls ~nd to U:Ufn cha]]~.ges fn(l;) hl]geQPpOl1l![1:ut]e.~_ BllIll reaClio[lM'Y fui~s~inlei'lS :isl].·t ]llllJ[ted tQ,~l)1Is]nesses devclop,edl tlu:rol)l!gh :so(;.i~1'o:rms,. Whateve1" the next business l)he:l1loll~eItl.QlmL turns O:I1il[ to be, your rtillcliO[lary busi~e5J-5 skms will be C-rtLtncallo,calp,iJUd.izing "nit is g:rea.ter CD.r.rency

It used to be lll,M (l[IJlypet)lple .hl 1l1epubUc eye had ll)WO[TY about eontrolling 'lhe~r ~lessag;e_ TIwy used reams of stylists and pubhdstrl tro sh>E!lpe l!!"l11age. anal even tbe Mledi[!I acted :~lore!!Sa guiUdimJI than ~. ~l1ilICbr--tl.o o~e km;l'>' alboW:l(n~l:p,re1Slidel1its' affairs O:u anaetcr's dmg habU ora tyCOQn's lJackroorn dea[s. Thosediay:f; are longgene, notjillS[ for celebrities bl)llUoor all of l!].Cs_We'r,e aU III thepuhli.e eye: now, swf.[I]m~l1g a:r"OfJ.INdin a clear glass :tlshoow[ of om" own lIlia!ki~,g_ With e;veryMna:u] aJndi vudeo and blegpost a~d twe~t ~di ~"!a'tJ)n.s upd::tte, we a:d!dllo the :~I-time doc1!Uu.entary of our li Ve:5, Fo.ll the perso:~ who Ihlnk$ offuti]JllSehf or bet:sdJasatvIa]1Jc~d I'el.ue:lnber, eVe'l'yOlllC needis 10 start ]MiNking of the!l:11sdves ,(IS a br,and-@u:l >!'!Ibi.hly ws; yO"ur gIre<orl ide<1!is and share yQt~r trU!.:nl:lpl]:S is a. golden o;PrpQ.l1I.!J[i.1ty. The downside to u:ig,. of CQ1.Il'"Se,. isthat when yO!.l m.e-';lS l!!I:P Oii tb~:ngs go WOOIng, th~l'"e's~o longer ml'lYwh.ere tOo [tude. The 'Pllb]]c (!;('!j[l itFelio[ when it Waltllt:s to be, bUlt nllthe'..i wan test itsgenerosity, I ull.'ge you. to s'wttr~i[llng yourself to lihi:mlll: tlllfOI~gh the OQI1SoeQjQe1l0es .of every business decisien you make before yOM ~ctyany make iu.

P~rhli):p$ that soundslike ,obvuolU$adyioe" b~l[knOVi'fm a ram that m~lliy peopl.e have a ~;1I!rd tiUl.e tllin.kiwgli!):llg term. 81.11cooscSfui t')rntwpr,el'lew:r1'l arelikegeed dU:lS5 pl>!l!Y~l'"~.; [[ley <call .Ir.nag]ne the various possibilities alheadalld how each Ql.11H~· will trtgger[i]ek next ~lov·e, Too :millny peQP~.e,110WeV~e, can't thiinkpglst ill1eirfil~t :Ililove (worse, $ome don'[ careto, Hke >!l! small number ·crfCOOs wIri.Q ]!mow they'U be g'(ll.~e in oree Yea'usandjl.lst wanlt the stock ]).riGe~Qg,'Q up no maner thelcng-term I.lrupacl 0.11. the OQ:mpany). They're ~U ~borult w)),sil::s goodfor their business today. That l\::indof]]l.i:d:ing IS at tlltero~loh lot of .rea:l]y ~T~ judglM:ellJt ·,[hekil1id that win sink aJperSO'M~~. brBind, Achlevingl.OCl ]}elX.le>nt iapP]Ul;l5S IS ]]xe w[lole PO]l1it of yC!Ql" passion, of <coIlItSe,bWl W my mind lkm ha:~pi]D;e~ is 1.I11f!.chfe;vabkufyo:u <km'lreCQgI"Iize ill1;EJf[ wu(h every dl%is:iQi~ you make, yo!.]'re building nlQlffl U:1P just a husiness, Y·OI,]·re b~ildi:lliJ.g a ]eg!lc.y .

Po:r aU of usmade {If armb~tlOIlS, G()IM:pet:itive, bl1:~gry DNA, the l!!I.r,ge totekeoue hr~[Idis as far as tlliley will go is seeond M,ainUie_ Bllt lei me I).c!;lSl!IlOO yQ1U. tha.rt: ~,f you're Goming 'ex(\l.W$uvdyfrQIU the. mOIl61Iizing ,angle, you're going tolose. How Y01!.l Jbill1li.ld you!l." bU$~m; .. !;lS, is so much more :illlporWil][. {ha]] hOWMl'MJch Yoljil. make wh:uk: doing :it Yes, ] WmJit 11;0 buy the Jets. Yes, lun1l;end to croBh it.But as I bui[d .rn.y liu.!'IllJJdam:llMake Mloney a]ld work to ,ad'!ieve .my gil)~I.s.,] ~m ,(Ihvays bY!JeI:·awa:re 1lhateve:~tfui]1[g]'m doi~g i:!;l beIng rec"OO'd:edl f.oret:em1iJty., [It doe-s betheeme a ~ittle UlalaU&e:clll'sing[ so:meUmes do hlimykeynore~s :is gmn,g to becomepart oifmilY 5,to:'1'. ye[ 1 have [:0 'emlbrace :iiI! beeause ~f:s just how llll.y DNA expresse:s; HselJwlleJm I'm ons1!nge; ] wa:l1lt te bepro1!JldJ of W~[ I do. I want my kids and Mly gralm:Jk]ds ,a.mlg~ .. eal-grpd!klds to 00 proud ofl]lJ:e. T~l:iS Is wFrly every deeisien lm.akeis weiugh.edl .. lnterms ofQI.I!rl1ency Oll1di.legaq.r _ WiJl1)]TI:is business de:aJ1

oo;flike memoney? Yes."! (}IDOO., Wu]] I bepreud of how I I:uadt;lU]~t money? Yifl$? Okay,. men,l~t' s do thils..~f llteanSWe1'is na, 1 d.o[l'! go there, ever_ LegliliCY ~I.way:s wins,

My obsesskm withlegaay sho!.l]dex!plai:~ .. to you. why Ii:~slst on 10 rolswer every e-mail, rweet,p]ng, 01.1 OQIMII1J.ent BaCik hiJ. the early d;sJYs [ used to reply within a GCI!Jp]e QfhIDfUlI.'S_ Now 1he' volume (;!(I:rnt'espond.el1!ce l1~s gotren. so overwhe]ndngth;s![ it tak~ me a feWlnOllit:hs toget billet lopeol)Ie;, i:lrWI I g"l)]{!jr@lllee YQl)l,[ ,~ways, try u)_ If I ~li.z:e 1']111 fa]]lng bcl[i]11d ib{lcaW'e I'm. j)uS)'()r I R~~ve a brU!l;;d traive:l! schedllJk,]']] shoot off a. short vu:doo 'eXI)]ai]]:i:lID.g whaf s goillg o:Il,~Ild. p.r-o;r.n:use to reply loe·veryolille as soon as ]Joss.i.ble.

Now, m!.[ot of ~<eOI)[e 1!l.i]D.k l':Iuoul of myrnindl fur k:eepi.l1gtlh:is U~1<. [Ill the begllllltl:i:l1J.g pey thougl:u. it was kind of 'CUlte, bt:!!l uowtheythink l'~l.~[Isam;:. After aU,[ 'm Oil tile ~50c;ialndwork r~dill!!". Im~_y beO:fli[yatl1pltl-Z list celebrijy, but il would be fair to say ~1;s![ [' ve done a]] righu EOT .I.nyse!lf aMd that I've secured 1Ul. ~:Ilterec$ted. ]oy~~ al!llidienoe [hmu.g~. oo.y '[a!· brand o:fpersever~rI(le IIllld hard work Su['e~y., same wel]-meEl!r:llllig friellids sug~t:ed .• people would '~llIders,mnd If l bd to delegate: my oorr>esiP!l).I1ld!e!tl~ ij)rev@:~ s(anpi.{:k~llg~nd ohoos:ing whit) gets ;aJ.p.erS01lilll r~ply.

Tbafs [lot IrI.QW it wnrks, Not In .my world, ,anyw.a:Y_. No UlI,BIDte,r how 'big you get. e\Ie1'y e-mail, every 'CUsiQ[M!er,. eVlelY friend, e'llery singleperson with whom. you come i:mtOC{lllilaCllnalut:e:rs and deserves respect a:IldaUenl:iiQ]1J., Not because youneve[O know who's g1()i:l1J.g to be .;;1. good. c:Q!nltnct or resourcelater on, that's de(f'illUe]ytme, bliIt j~:n bemuse- If someonetakes the time to reach OM'!: to yOM., if s your ob]ug.!!l1ti.o:m to recipr·Qcare.

That said, thetruth :is ~l my e-mail VOIU1!ei:sgeUlng~o 'I:lhie ])Oinl whel1e] :fear ]m~y l1tS!ve f{l. make r;OMlle .a.djU$lrnellits in llLow l~[)Qimd to correspondence, bl)[t rest a.~l!,Ired.~);E!t ~. will find a way tnremaia aoces5~b]e wmyfi:lien;d;.s aud f.mJl1s,

Legacy :~s the :lMortar 0'[ SlJcces.sful., lasti]![,g brands. I've known I;h:is si]![,ceIMY days .i:~ . .rl'lWJH_ There w~s (me ye!lll' where I fQw:~d 0'111 that ~. C1(n;.stome:r .I:~. W er;rohestel:, New' Y ork, }'n,ElJdn't ['eCeave4 her 'CB:Se <C;1:fv"i]n_lte ZunfandeL It W:SJS DecembreJ!' 22 rurld &ere WBS no w~y Fed!Ex wa:!! going to deliver the. wine ][1 ti:l11e :for Chri$.ilM~s .. My dev!E!!rI:I1l1ell!t had OOIOe:uvoo the oo,rn:phri[lj~ but becaase tJhi..e CIIJstl)lIIe:r w~s~ea:tbe1" a. r-eguLan- nor the order ]X'[al'[Y large, they lrnadn'llmQugh!ut wmy OSlUellliQIl. By UI1.ifl tune I got w]nd of the p:mJb.l.elJf!l there W!I:S on]y one 1!Jh:imgldl WI do. I [I:1I'C;:W ,a GEIse of Wlliite Zillif.::!Jlldelill my CS!r mJllJd drove threelrours in bli] :snow to 'llhe wo:man's house D]d ]rnenIUO'.ll (halt she lived]n .;;Inomtler SWiie? ~( :nt was 01,lrt!ij5~:e!lt time of&e ye::u'? TIl.m!llrJIY time WaSII]1I0~ more val:IliLBl,de: (Ill tile store dllni~g dlo;se sb: rQ'lJillid..;tr.i.p hourn?' Allidb!e~fe'Ve me, tl'alel',e was ]11.0 angLe., '[he Cl(!lsrotn.e.r W;fl!S au o,]de:r WlQlmoo who lived far alway i!l.:I1J.dl was:m't a'b<om to start hosting a kill ofpartJies Ollldu·:nl1g us as her e;xc]usiv,e wine ~W1pplk['_

Yet I knew Oat it was l.!,rJ' to me to sdwe tone at the Sigre, 8.M!dl1! this w~s 11. perfect way to dlQ~t Our Gor~o:rmJte i(ll~hure W:EI!'l cemelllted[Irle day I de(]:~vered the 'cas~ Qfwi.l:l~ to ruulIl '~VOlna]D_. ] f~.]]owti1e :SQ]D.le 'pihtil.{l::;ophy wheim I .answer every ,5ll1g]e one of my e-mails, Maki:l1J.g cO:IlU:l:~c;ti~S,. C["c;:~H[lg ad COlJ]ll]![uillig m.ean]n;g!liIl]I]![terat!UOIll W]Jill otM.,er poopl.,e,. wheUle:r ]np~QIl orin ru~e dlgHai dom~in, is&e only reason we"re llD.el'1e_ Remesnberthat, set the: rene, IIlrl(lblJli.ldI :Iega(:.y.

T oday's el.l(f1eJ)!·ell.eU!r~ are bu][d]ug «l[IJUJp of~. foundatioM tbat has chal1.1.geCi 01,lr SQI::&ety forever, SOlne:l!hi:mtg thalt goes rnu(:h deeper than Twitter ~Ild Tllan[b]r IDTId Y01J!Thoo. The g~lesl paradox slllITO~nd[llg pellll:e'tum is, U' asmach ~s it aUows 1!1:S toisolate !rn.d 1:i!J:nilt eurselves 'only ]:0 wh~l we believe i:simmeClf1!JtE:Jy relevaet to OUir s:pe~;ifiic needs, so does it a~~ow '1)[:-$ to connect at I! QJnd estendourselves beyond (11.]f ifanbesit horizons, People still umtder,estimate the reach of this th:i[lg. The ]mtteluot is a.illy [Ol1:1le;e[IJ y~ old or :S(l'--if s :so }.iO$g 1.1!: :h:as:mt'~ even had sex:-yetH hills ~[ready cri!Jlllhed m;atHY of the biggest oom.m.u[l[cati.ollp]a1rfouns kIlQWllll~O hll,mumkind, wLld it's not done, llhe[ntemel is, aspowerful as oxygen, blJll!: we have net seen Hsl.iu~] c~paJbrihties_[t's got ~. lo:mtgw:aJ.Y to go, and it's goi:mtg [orn.orpb andreveal a]] kl.[Ids of :S1,u'PI.'i!!i~, You've got lIO be [_)['eqJ!fI!red to eV'olve and adapt al.oIJJg with 1[,

'~a(ever you (10" dcm'l :~C1 tM~ book and take 'eve:ryUh.i1llig] say wort! fQl:W(lif(J, I've o:ffure;d you a. bhl~11Jf.~nrt of the< Si.~I)-by~swpp.rocess of talking of wha.l!: the [nt.ern,et has to 'of.fer yO'll! :now. which Faa;;; worked well "fOT me, BUll in sb: months tale e[[JjIl'l~lt will h~ve clllD!ngoo ;[!ga:nn, Ifyoru. $ee $Qm~tlh:~ILl.,g-!l!p]'o:nIl> ~~l1:d,. a :flocii1ll p.s!UernOaatmakes your radar ;~Q off, YO'll! silol,dd ab.soll,ll!e:ly ful~ow It Don't ~ver !be ~:fth1:id tOPllt yowr reet'lLl tha[ water,. whether I've saida word alboi!JltU or [lot Listen tOYO!.llf DN A_it w:m allways, lead yQ~. in the rIgiD:[ d:il'ecI:'on.

If flere's any message I W:mJrnt you to' take ~way.U'$ that true S'U(lOOSs-fiiU$lC.i,a[" !)eri.ion.8Jl~ andp:n;)~sJofiiEl[-Il[esab()rye alliH~.OIl,l]ng ~(o1![r fammy" working ]nardi" n'l'n!d livi1llig your paS:llh'm., ]mt telling yeur story,. In ,!!!, t:lII.'!stle, a:~c]PilJtie'llce. ]1lIi ~arillg fie!r(lely ~bol1it dn!e bi.g ~nd ]i.e small skff_ In v.aftu:iing ~.e:gacy (lVer rOurre[lcy, S:Qc~a]m.,ed:iil1! ]s a:mt i:m.]JI).I1alr.ulpan of Itf01 now,. maybe it won>t .a~ways be. These oon:cepts. how'ever, are forever., [10 m:l,~Uer whalt then:e%[ blllsi~es;s~l,at.fQr.~l or s(ld,~~ :pfu!ellC!mel1:(m.~rI1S ,OUllID be.

aIPJu~:ndh; ;a.~

dld YDU. ~orget ,anything?

[ dlQU.g]a.t It \'N)'I.'I~dI be: .hdp&l. 10 a cIl;edd:ustof ~U~e steps. Y0ll!! want to takeaa you 'tIl[aIld YOl![!rpersQrJJ!d. bl:and:

L[d~ll:ty yourpassion.

:1, Ma:ke :[ll;me YOllcan think of' au [eastflfltyaweS(l{Illeb!.og HYJ)li.cs 10 CI]S1!llOO sHck~n~~s_ 1 .. AI]S'i'N~r the fu~.[( questions:

'. Am I SIJI'f;': m.y~~~s;foll is what I think :iiti:[l? '. C\D!n[ ta]kabol.llI .Ub;etler t1I1£!l1]. ~Iliyo:tle else?

4. N yourpel'sQ~all brand, '{Olll dO:mI'u l1>E11ve (0' refer 00 it al1jiwlme!:efn your (lOml1!erut). 'tIl!lrl Y0ll!! should have a elearidea Qfwh~U it us. for (:Xwnp]e, "The ne-bs rea]=esuu:e ;E!gellt," "The !lJQlmqisselJr of cookware," "The. c(!!ol guide 10 Y01IHlJg"adu][ books 1)t)ys wd]lovc;:; W read,"

5. Buy your 1ll!Se'JI' name-_!lJOllill <\IirJJd. ,tv.ifpQlS<llfMe-;E!!1: GoDaddy_COf]1J._ 6., Choose youfml.ledhll1lJ: video, ~ud!io', wrun:eoll wOlrd.,

7, Stda \Vord!pn:ss or 1\111.11 blll'acilJcn,llnt

K Hire a des:~gm;lr.

9. ~]]!c~ude ~. r~cebOQk Connectliek, Qn·to~AcUollbl,l~s. Sllnaroe .fllnC1tio]J.i'i. ,and a btJrttol'llliati.I]Nites peop]e to do blJS:~11e'JS5 Wit1l1 Y(1)!lin a PUOIU]Ilt\rut place !(m your bl.og-

.Ul. Create afa,cebook fanpage.

ll .. s'i.gllil:!p fQrP' or TulbeMo,g;J!ll1 and sel!ee<t all of'the: p]atrfomls to whtoh }l0lli!. w,anit~Q disu:ib!.l!(e your GOIlIU~(mlt OlOO$~ng T'i'l'iUer Bindi F~(le])ook is hnper,aJt!iv~; '!he ODers yeucan sdect a.(ic©rdiug, HI yom needs IDiJ!d piI"efereM:ce,

l2, Post your GO[l!(,el1lt.

B. Start .c,[e~timl.g ,comn.1:lII;nn:i.11y by leavingcommeots o:un .. otherpeople's b]og:.~ and f()111nlS ~lJJdreplyi1lJg to OOl'lln""eollits to YOl.!TOWnoommerut.

l4. Use TwIUer Seareh (or Sea~. Twttt:eJf') ·toflml,d ~S' ma:l1iYpoopleasp'o5Sible(a]~]ng ;<Iboult your 1O~i,c. and co:m.mUn!Ciil:lIe w.itll dlem._

l.5 , Use BlogSleatrl)'il. GooglJe,cQIM. jo flnd.mere blogs. mat are rei ev!U1I l to your :sulbjeot l6,. Jo:illL as ml1,ainy active facebodkfuml page,!) and grow!):;; relatiagto your blogtopicas


l7. Repeat. :[l1;ei.Pcs 12 @m)~gb ]6 over and over alila over and over and over. ~ a Do it a:g:ail'l.

19. AlJldagain.

20 .. W~e:1l you. fed you!" personal. brarJJd! has gained sl]fficiellit a:tJt:entiQrJJ and s~l!)ki]l,e:il~, :stan reaching o.lIt to a,dvemrjs,ersand b~:gi:l1i.,

2l. Enjoy the ride,

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[t blews my mind that tillS ha$Il't~eeoll done on a serious level yet U;ii~rn._tv a:und ~us;lhuva!l:~ f.ree [phufomlS 'IlIl;OiI ["~pUCSJt:e live rei eldsi ol"li._tihey [)«:Ivid.e dle perfed. Q])tporU1!llltyfm ~.greait SElkspe~.'SO:I1I. to sntlt WI efficient ou[iue QVC fil1ld II. oo.lrn.ific host (or hOIl,l 1!Ji1e !!lhow YOl!if~elf)" mix. [!llilLl1}';l up by ~nv:iiltillg gnJ.esl!..'l!-'nlll,lernlOfll, erutrepreil.l(:UfS, <,!ruthors-and talk a])c)llllwllatever you.fil1dirute['e$lI:l'Ig OIF usefulor You dOIli'[ even need ve;l1I.d,o:r I'datiOll,~h[ps [:0 sta:lt 1!l:is l)[p-jusl affiHate .li:l1l.k nil of the pl:odluct:!> yow tIiriDll.k arewerth seJI][I'Ig. Evell~ny vendors WlU be begging to get airrime un yO'UI' s~ow, fu ~dldhioll. you. wO'u[dn't need B, call center to bandle CJU;stOIn~ a!lld sales, While Y01!llor your host reI~edabQ'!Jtap,rodll,](:it> a box would a:ppearal &e bcOUQIM. of the screen with a bMUon iSlHO'Wlngpeo])l.e to soort eli.eking: 1I'n.rQ1!Ilgh to make 1thdr pMrclJia.w_Need]es~m say YQ!:!' d have an ~ochlve ~l1Id [)~kl)mdm;;tl;i into ean::gories so illl~l 5,1lQPperst:Oldd easily find past episodes aad shop te their heans' (lQrutenrt

[ th:uu!k[!lle lea l11~el .i:lm.&e Uniil:f!dI Star~es is aboutto bkD'W up, and for the person who wants toeducste and e<lltermi.Il[]n.eml1~Sses it!ll~re will be: e~.orJ![l.()MS opportul1u~y to 'build ~. !!lH:e mud luke Wfne Library TV. Offel: fl. tea-of·lIfue-:fI1I.cmth c;]lI.!ib a:l]d YQ!:!··lllbei:11I. serious bw.s~ness-

Wherei:\l the 'l:Wenl:y-Jb'lllr"~PUlr " :S1) show? I tm~d]y see tills as a C()~.~¥ge plar_y-f:ive to ten ooUege seniors deh~ti.llJg s:po:m wliri:le l.ives'lreaJn:ing {)111 Ustreamlv oom a dC!rhlil morn, Obviously you eeuldn't compete wu[h the [l:kesO'fESPN,. w~o canpueehase Ule ligbt 110 U~~ SJIQlis ll.i.ghl.i.gM reels, burt you could cermf·I1~Y give radio swHQ:I'I~a :I1i1,aJjQf run fOlf illu~i.r I[ljQI]~, Ihlild up B, few maj!Q:rpers~hlies W· V]~'i',e~"S, I WQ1!Jlld love to see two btrl)Jtl1e11"S (] wlsh AJand[ couldl],[ld~l.e lllMe [:0' dothisl) do Dill onl]m;: ca[[-in tW(5l1ity~fC!ur-hQlJr sp!(),~s·w[k "how, lllllJch like :BSPN'Jij Mi~e aud MH::e:, or even tbe': hit ill New York, M:iikeand the Mad DOR Or beC:QI]llt;: the: online world's· DO:[l Imus, AdVe<rOs,'ers would! ·e'!l!.l!: l!Jlp me clD~lu;e log~t l:1heiu [I~IMelne~HollJed OJf!la ~:Ilow w:il1;ih ~ fu.lIJUJ:dir,ed ]!llOlillSpd ]~s;tel]ers and]ne: ·"Thfs; hCU,1[" broug]ln.t to you. by Spom AmhOl:ity ." H;E!s a nice rlfngtou~ right?

This one has m.ypanties I:mI. a bllJlJioh big-time. A]~ you .llldepende[lll bookstor~ scr·enri:mg ~l fuQ()i.::llOvers, s~ou[d bring YO!] i!lleir business because you can offer ]lllorepoerSOJ1i1!1 ~,Illellt!ion amid bow].edge, even ffyou. can' t cOTIn:pde OUI)l'fce? Here' 5 your chance to "~w:e!il !he big boy:!> down: a damy book reviewvidoo blog Gettwo or three of yomr I.II!OS[ e[JJh~l't:;!~ll'ung,ruost l)Q.o:;sio:ma(e assQc]ates. m ~[k aibol)lltlle boob iW.leyl·ClVe, what's oom:i~g MP, what's l'n:or, wb;('lt's nOL Al!:lhe same llime,lowea" theprice on your onelnmdred top"'seJ]]][Ig biOoks_ Spread ynl1nJi' ne.ighfu.orllood charm to ~[le wo:r]d, By us~i[l.g your b~ogl;o ~1t(pand yOUlr' reach beyond YOl1[' ]oca~: lI1l@fket, you will ex]Jilode your brand and j'(lur !tII!IlS]I1l;lS5.

Whalt 1ili.e hock is this? Jmst lUlexmupk of the land of des]:in~ticUli 1!.n;I a big cQIFpO\mti.o:n. ooi,gl'[[ launch to get afire und~ &ei.r brand. If] were a b~li'J:dll.Il!a~geT O· d h;)v~ to ~ay a COO WOl1.]d g~t on tlns burl brandraanagers are l1sually the oneJl in ]},e trenches), I'd create a O:li'J:e~(}ff web~He uo~eve.ragei:mlterest In mylnallJld, where OOIl!Jumer..!;l call go for i:~fMlln~llliO:mlalld even S8!mp~.e8.R ]s comp]meJy separ1lJte ffOmUll::~omepag·e and £IUOWS you to '[rail\:: YOWT Ga!mp!rign a~d howmuch effe(lt it's. having. You're> th[nk:ung you've seen speci£ll. sites for brands before_ Not Hkei:hus yOM haven't, beeause this onewolillid l!l'.D".ing dle ]1ow~rofFac~b(}CIki:llltopl.s;y,Wo. Bu:i]d ill fan iP~ge for YOM]' brand a:ml:O'un~i:lllg a g~l:ne er I,xnnes,i that gBtspeop[e to! stani1lIi.ter~Qting wil1:h your bWMlBy pa:mGi~ling, l:I'm.ey gel free S;;lU11P,les ~rJJd other perks. COluhi[!l.g the re1!oh of P.acebook with praduct :!!ampl.i:lllgus somo1fu:ing ~:ll!ll very few, if ,allY,. CCl,m:panieiii ,aH: d!oi:ng., and lit's aoollil time pey S'lan.

About the Aufhor

G'ary Va.y:me~JhlUk. has ca~1tJU:red IlttenUOIl with hjsp.i.o~ee1·ing, muUiJa:ceood! E!pp['~ach 1\0 personal. br.iilnd:ung .and ]H!l!s:[m::ss_ A:fI:er Ilr.i:m.arily uWiz:mng maditiQlJJa.] adlvel1is.iltlg tec;:hu:uque:'l 10 buuM fuii~fiun:1Hy' s ]o~1 I'eitJllil wlue: bl,llsinress ~Ull!to a natiomtail ]nd.l)IlS!lli·Y ]eE!der, Gary :rapidl.y .I.evel'a.g'edl. sooia~rned]a tools ~uclD. :as Twitter aJlld Facebook lop:ro:mQte W~ne L]l,n'ary TV,hti;;;: vkleo bleg about wille, Gary has a]war_ys had all ear]y.;ro..markm ~ppl.'{iacln., lalilnchfng W]ne Libl'alI'Y'S retail website in 1997 ~d W]lle Llibl'alI.'y TVimi. Februry ·of 2006_ Hislessensen sooi,a~ medua, passion, U:aJ1SllalL'en;ey, and rea~tjjon;B!ry l!J.l)lsrnm;:ss litre noft t~} bemissedl

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