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S WWW.TECNOSMART.COM.MX TecnoSmart E-MAIL: TEL: 1-95-25-85 GRATUITO: 01 800 823 52 10 ZKScftware The Advanced Biometric Solution The ZkSoftware Fingerprint Reader is a USB fingerprint reader designed for use with ZKSoftware's enterprise software applica- tions and developer tools. The user simply places their fingerprint on the glowing reader window, and the reader quickly and automatically scans the fin- gerprint. On-board electronics calibrate the reader and encrypt the scanned data before sending it over the USB interface, ZKSoftware products utilize optical fingerprint scanning technolo- gy for superior quality and product reliability. The ZKSoftware fin- gerprint reader recognition engine have an unmatched ability to authenticate even the most difficult Pixel resolution: 600 dpi (average xy over the field) = Scan capture area: 14.2 mm (nom. width at cent), 48.4 mm (nom. length) = Reader size (approximate):81.4 x 49.5 x 20.5 mm ‘compatible with USB 2.0 (Full Speed) specification * Supply Voltage: §.0V £5% supplied by USB . rent — scanning: 180 mA (Typical) . urrent ~ idle mode: 140 mA (Typical) * Supply Current — suspend mode: 1.6 mA (Maximum) = ESD Susceptibilty >15 kV, mounted in case Jepeey judiobul4 fee ‘Temperature, Operating: °C - 40° C Humidity, Operating: 20% - 80% non-condensing ‘Temperature, Storage: -10° - 60°C ‘umidty, Storage: 20% - 90% non-condensing Scan data: 8-it grayscale (256 levels of gray) Standards Compliance: FCC Class B, CE, ICES, SMI, MIC, USB, WHOL cere |@2)