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WWW.TECNOSMART.COM.MX E-MAIL: TecnoSmart TEL: 1-95-25-85 GRATUITO: 01 800 823 52 10 ZKSeftware pry oni SR100 High Reliable Fingerprint Reader Features: @ All information and transactions of the users will be stored in the master terminal @ Slave reader captures the fingerprint image and transfers it to the master terminal for verification @ Buzzers and indicators in master terminal and slave reader will give corresponding prompt once verification process finished @ Anti-pass back is applicable in master and slave devices. ZKScftware Master models: F8,F702-S,F703-S,FU702-S are available now, Installation and Connection: Specification: ‘Sensor: ZK optical sensor Bui buzzer LED Indicator: 3 Color LED Indicators(Blue Red and Green) Blue: Normal standby mode Red: Access denied Green: access granted Communication: Integrated USB and RS232 with Wiegand output Optional functions: EM/Mifare/HID card Operating Temperature: 0°C-45°C Operating Humidity:20%-80% Dimension (H x W xT): 129 x 70 x 35 mm 399888253568 Detailed informaton of connection ports GND] RXD__ | 88252 npatverminal RS 232 output terminal em] avin ander [Feria woe Il peestueerexcitecretiiny \ | Te) peer minster | Seal out eral of > | @| GLeD [Gre |Ssstiapacemmator || @ ‘Signal caapad terminal oF >} Je] RLED juceounaienve tant | eecn iio 3] fe] woo [Reem _[stenel impor rerminat ore ial ue eno +] Jo] 01 [woo Wiesed bo enor || ® Wiegand OV input terminal =] Je] Gxp Fwor F gard DT oxaparterminal| | @ ‘Wiegand DI lapuciemiaal ee) =12v e ‘ 2V GND fereened yround wire GND ‘Screened ground wire OND| xp [GND c os 1 ground wire ONU 7 aa 2V power ouput leeminal | bs oe 12V [epoca pote) ° (postive pole) . exp | rs2azeeperserminat || @ usp. i. e e @ USB- | USB communication USE communication i USB | USH communication’ USB comen 2 FGND _ | Screened ground wite ZKSoftware Inc. 22K Mansion Wuhe Rd Gangtou Bantian,Buji Town,Longgang District Shenzhen China 518129 ‘Tol:88-755.8960 2345/46/47/48 | Fax:86-756-8960 2675 « a \desln and specnton declared ar rujoto change “Copyght ©2000 Seirare in Al ight rented