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Generations of Recipes

Generations of Recipes

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Published by: ra$h on Jul 09, 2010
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For Appeal To The Appetite

Chill ingredients before mixing - except for molded salads.

Provide tartness in the body of salad or dressing.

Use salad greens other than lettuce sometimes. Have you tried
chicory, escarole, endive, kale, spinach, dandelion greens,
romaine, watercress, and Chinese cabbage?

Sprinkle orange, lemon, lime, or pineapple juice on fruits that
may turn dark - apples, peaches, and bananas, for instance.

For tossed green salads, tear greens in fairly large pieces or cut
with scissors. Larger pieces give more body to the salad.

Prevent wilting and sogginess by drying the greens used in
salads, draining canned foods well before adding to salad, using
just enough salad dressing to moisten. For raw vegetable salads,
add dressing at the last minute.

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