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Type of Measurement: Continuous Point Interface

Material Measured: Process Material (choose one)
Liquid Liquid / Liquid Interface Solid Liquid / Solid Interface
Still Upper Fluid Dust
Specific Gravity:
Turbulent Heavy
Lower Fluid
Foam Specific Gravity: Light
Instrument Output
Density (pcf/kg/m3):
Local Local Instrument Only
Particle Diameter:
Remote Remote Only

Specific Gravity Range to Choose one: psig bar

Pressure Range to
Temperature Range to Choose one: °F °C
Dielectric Constant to
Viscosity Range to
Buildup Potential Heavy Medium Light None
Any unusual forces (describe):

Installation Information (please provide installation drawing on back of this RFQ)

Input Power (Volts/Hz) Location: Indoor Outdoor
Electrical approval requirements (Area Classification):
Ambient Temperature Range to Humidity (approximately) to

Noise Hi Lo None Vibration Hi Lo None

Agitation Hi Lo None Measure during fill Hi Lo None

Distance between transducer and transmitter to

Interface / Output requirements
Process connection type NPT Flange Rating Size None
Vessel construction material
Empty, distance from mounting to vessel bottom to
Full, desired span measurement from bottom of tank to 100% level to
Fill Method (Screw, belt, etc.) Drain Method
Open Channel Flow: Primary device type and size
Head height and maximum flow rate
Vessel Type
Vertical Cylinder Horizontal Cylinder Bypass / Stilling Pipe

Sketch your process below (include nozzle dimensions, schedule and location if applicable).

K-TEK RFQ-0014-1 Rev a (11-2009)

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