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Music Moderately slow B B/Dt LEH eee. Eee I've tried to mend the love that end - ed Tong a~gosal-though we still pre- A/D Gmai7 ByPt Em/RS our love is suce-ly coming 10 We tried to le, but you and 1 know bet-ter than to let each oth-er Mes Fisust Em? A7) D c G80 G00 x60 fT a) EB sent this letter hop-ing it will reach your hand, and if it does Thope that you will FRm7 fe B Eng7, B/FE AIG un-der-stand that T must leave in a while B/pt A/D, Gmaj7 B/FE ef, eee eg ep ie — know this smile is on-ly there to hide tice ee em jo t - ie N.C. Bra Double time feeling Bea ie loco 5 — rent LH F decrese. rubato Synthesizer Moderately, with a strong beat We'll talk of plac - es that we and times that we You'll see the day an- oth - er and wake up with You'll love— a-gain, I don't_ know bat ir of spent to- geth -er pen - al - less and Sun- shine pour - in’ right down where you lay. know that you'll be hap~- py in the endl 1 al Coda 2 *D.S.4(no repeats)at Codag — & # Play extended teoproviation bared oo B79 chord before returning oof