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Survey of Northern Pakistan: Languages of Kohistan Volume 1

Survey of Northern Pakistan: Languages of Kohistan Volume 1

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Published by: juliesheil on Jun 24, 2010
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More exploration could be done into the state of
bilingualism amongst Bateri speakers. Interview subjects
reported that many have ability in Pashto and Shina. Some are
also said to have ability in Indus Kohistani. More should be
known about the levels of bilingualism in these languages. It
should be noted that the language attitudes of Bateri speakers
appear to be strongly positive toward their own language and
there is currently no evidence of general language shift.
However, further study should also be done at some future point
to examine how the new road, which is presently under

Daniel G. Hallberg


construction, may impact the general language situation in

More might also be done to further explore the similarities
and differences between Indus Kohistani and Bateri. The two
appear to be fairly different lexically, although not as different as
Shina and Bateri. What other kinds of similarities and differences
exist between Bateri and Indus Kohistani?

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