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Survey of Northern Pakistan: Languages of Kohistan Volume 1

Survey of Northern Pakistan: Languages of Kohistan Volume 1

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Published by: juliesheil on Jun 24, 2010
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From the evidence at hand it would appear that there is
neither a strongly negative nor a strongly positive attitude toward
Chilisso. Although most interviewees identified Chilisso as their
language, their responses were elicited mainly in the context of
discussing Chilisso as a language; if Chilisso had not been
discussed, it may be that people would have identified their
language as Jalkoti (Shina) or the Kolai language (Shina). It
should be noted that most of the interviewees claimed that they
do not speak Chilisso in their homes now, but instead speak
Shina, the major language on the east bank of the Indus River.
Most also felt their children would likely speak Shina most of the
time when they grow up. A few said that both Chilisso and Shina
would be used. Some also said that if forced to choose, they
preferred that their children learn Jalkoti (Shina) instead of
Chilisso. Chiliss people and Shina-speaking people do
intermarry, and in such cases it was reported that Shina is often

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the language spoken in the home. The majority also felt it was an
advantage to speak Shina since the Shina-speaking people are in
the majority on the east side of the Indus River.

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