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Strategic Management Report on Cocal Cola by Noor

Strategic Management Report on Cocal Cola by Noor

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Published by: Noor Khan on Jun 20, 2010
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Control is done through the evaluation, which is based on the very objective basis. Certain criteria
are fixed in advance and if these criteria are not met then the employees are asked and evaluated
for the reasons and corrective actions are taken by the respective managers. Different departments


have different criteria and different reporting and controlling systems. The reporting, evaluation
and control system of sales departments is follows:

Sales Person’s reporting system:

Every sales person directly reports to market developer of his area. A sales person is supposed to
give him a daily report of his activities and he is free to ask for any kind of assistance from the
market developer.
Every salesperson is given an attendance punch card, which records his arrival and departure
time. He is also given a route call card, which he is supposed to fill out. This card includes all the
details about the visits of the outlets, time spent on these outlets, sales made on these outlets, time
spent on these outlets, sales made on these outlets, time during traveling, names of the loaders
and salesperson’s time in and time out of the vehicle.
Apart from this a sales person is also given a form to fill up for the next days order to be loaded
in the truck. This basically tells about the total sales of the salesman according to the brand and
the size of the product. This basically is used by the human resources department to evaluate the
performance and calculating the total salary of the salesman.

Sales Person’s Evaluation System:

Every salesperson’s evaluation is done on quarterly basis. Evaluation helps the company to
promote the people to the higher levels of the organization. This evaluation also motivates
salespeople to work hard and get the promotion or at least the monetary rewards, which are given
not only to the best salesman but the best market developer and the best sales manager of the
Performance is evaluated on the basis of performance development plan. Performance is
measured on the basis of achievement of the targets, which are set and communicated at the very
beginning of the year to each sales manager, each quarter to every market developer and every
month to each salesperson. This performance development plan evaluates the sales people on the
basis of call slips, Route call, Call

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