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2010 Nevada Hunting Seasons and Regulations

2010 Nevada Hunting Seasons and Regulations

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Published by: NDOW on Jun 07, 2010
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In Nevada, upland game bird species include blue and ruffed grouse, sage grouse, chukar and Hungarian partridge,
snowcock, ring-necked and white-wing pheasant, California, Gambel’s, mountain and scaled quail, and North American
wild turkey.
Small game species include cottontail, pygmy and white-tailed jack rabbits. Falconry seasons are in effect for waterfowl
(all migratory bird stamp requirements apply), dove, chukar, sage, blue and ruffed grouse, pheasant, snowcock, Hungarian
partridge, quail and rabbit. Nevada provides both fall and spring turkey hunts.
Youth seasons include chukar and Hungarian partridge, California, Gambel’s and scaled quail and cottontail, pygmy and
white-tailed jack rabbits.

Tags, Permits and Fees:

In addition to the licenses and permits listed on pages 8-10,
the following tags and stamps may apply for upland game

Resident Turkey Tag


Nonresident Turkey Tag


Application Fee (non-refundable)


Resident online convenience fee


Nonresident online convenience fee

Predator Control Fee (non-refundable) $3.00
Upland Game Bird Stamp*


Nonresident 1-Day Permit to Hunt
Upland Game & Migratory Game Birds


Each Consecutive Day Added


*Required to hunt sage grouse, blue and ruffed grouse,
Himalayan snow partridge, chukar, quail, Hungarian partridge
and pheasant. Not required for turkey or crow.

Hunting Hours

Sunrise to sunset except for quail in Pahrump Valley of
Nye County (8 a.m. to sunset); for turkey (see page 46) or
season and bag regulations brochure.

Sage Grouse Applications and Permits

Permit applications for the Sheldon NWR special sage
grouse hunt are generally available in August at Department
of Wildlife Offces and on the agency website at www.ndow.
org. The application deadline is usually in late August, and
the hunts occur in mid-late September. Please contact a
regional offce for more information.

Hunting on Wildlife Management Area

Non-toxic shot must be used for all species when hunting
on wildlife management areas. (NAC 503.183)
The use or possession of shells for a shotgun containing
shot that is toxic, or larger than standard-sized T is prohibited
on the Overton, Key Pittman, W.E. Kirch, Scripps, Mason
Valley, Fernley, Alkali Lake, Humboldt, Steptoe Valley and
Franklin Lake Wildlife Management Areas. (NAC 504.135)
The use of shotguns capable of holding more than three
shells is prohibited on all wildlife management areas unless
it has been plugged with a one-piece fller, incapable of


removal without disassembling the gun, so its total capacity
does not exceed three shells. (NAC 504.135).
NOTE: Special frearms restrictions are in effect at
Wildlife Management Areas (pages 52-59) and National
Wildlife Refuges (pages 60-61).

Snowcock Harvest

Prior to hunting snowcock, persons must obtain a
snowcock hunting free-use permit from any Nevada
Department of Wildlife offce. Permits may be faxed to
persons planning to hunt snowcock once appropriate
information has been collected from the hunter.

Sage Grouse

The Nevada Department of Wildlife is conducting a
long-term study of the state’s
sage grouse populations and is
collecting wing samples to help
determine the status of the sage
grouse population in Nevada.
Sage grouse hunters are asked
to remove one wing from each
sage grouse taken. This diagram
illustrates where the wing should be cut. Please keep the
wing dry and away from fies. A paper lunch bag works well.

Small Game/Upland Game


Nevada Department of Wildlife

Small Game/Upland Game Laws & Regulatons

Deposit the wing at any of the Department’s wing barrels, at
check stations, or with Department employees who contact
you in the feld.

Blue and Ruffed Grouse (NAC 503.185)

The head or one fully feathered wing must be attached
to all blue and ruffed grouse until the carcass reaches
the possessor’s residence or a commercial facility for its
Persons harvesting blue grouse are requested to deposit
one wing from each bird harvest at any NDOW offce.
Persons harvesting ruffed grouse in Humboldt County
are requested to report harvest in person to the Department
of Wildlife Offce, in person or by mail at 815 E. Fourth St.,
Winnemucca, NV 89445. Phone (775) 623-6565. NDOW
is requesting blue grouse wings for age and sex information
and a genetic sampling.

Mountain Quail

The Department of Wildlife is interested in collecting
harvest information on mountain quail throughout Nevada.
The Department requests that hunters contact the Reno
Headquarters at (775) 688-1529 or your local game agent
to report your mountain quail harvest.

Falconry License/Training/Fees (NRS 503.583)

1. Except as otherwise provided in this section, any
person who practices falconry or trains birds of prey must
obtain a falconry license from the Department upon payment
of a license fee as provided in NRS 502.240.

Practice of Falconry (NAC 503.210)

When practicing falconry on game species, a licensee
shall comply with the provisions of Title 45 of NRS and all
regulations of the Commission. A species of wildlife which is
classifed as protected by the Department, or as threatened
or endangered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service,
that is taken incidentally by a raptor may not be retained

Small Game/Upland Game

Edible Portons Guide

or possessed by a licensee. A species of wildlife which is
classifed as a game species by the Department that is taken
incidentally by a raptor during the closed season may not be
retained or possessed by the licensee. A licensee shall not
intentionally release a raptor after any wildlife which is in a
refuge or in a state or national park or is on privately owned
property where the licensee does not have permission to hunt.

Falconry License (NAC 503.235)

4. A person must possess a valid falconer’s license
when practicing falconry. In addition, a person who releases
a raptor at game birds or game mammals during the open
season must possess a valid hunting license issued by the

Fee to Hunt Certain Upland Game Birds (NRS

1. Except as otherwise provided in this section, it is
unlawful for any person to hunt any upland game bird, except
turkey and crow, unless at the time he is hunting he carries on
his person such documentation as the Department provides
as proof that he has paid to the Department, for the licensing
period that includes the time he is hunting, the fee required
pursuant to this section.
2. The provisions of this section do not apply to a person
who is under the age of 12 years.
3. The documentation required pursuant to this section
must be sold by the Department, and persons authorized by
the Department to sell hunting licenses, for a fee of $10.
4. The Department shall determine the form of the

Upland Game Bird

In the case of game
birds, the meat of the
1.) Breast

Small Game

In the case of small
game mammals, the meat
of the front quarters as
far as the distal joint of
the tibia-fbula (hock), and
the meat along the backbone
between the front and hind
1.) Shoulder, 2.) Hind Quarter (Thigh),
3.) Backbone (Backstrap)


Nevada Department of Wildlife

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