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=============================================================================== [IBR] 1. Installing Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf 1. Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf requires Battle Realms, included in the Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf box. If you have previously installed Battle Realms on your computer, you may skip to Step 7. 2. If the Battle Realms CD is not in your computer's CD-ROM drive, put it into the drive. Doing this will run the Battle Realms Autoplay program a screen will ask you if you want to install Battle Realms, visit the www.battlerealms.com website, or exit. Click on the Install Battle Realms option. 3. If you have Autoplay turned off on your computer or the Autoplay fails to start automatically when you insert the Battle Realms CD, you will have to manually start the Battle Realms Autoplay program or the Battle Realms installer. a. Open "My Computer" or Windows Explorer. b. You should see the icon for your computer's CD-ROM drive, double cli ck on it. This may trigger Autoplay. If so, skip down to step 4. c. To run the Battle Realms Autoplay, double-click on the AutoPlay icon and skip down to step 4 for installing Battle Realms. d. To directly run the Battle Realms installer, double-click on the Set up icon and skip to step 4. 4. When you click on the option to Install Battle Realms, the Battle Realms installer launches. 5. When the installer runs for the first time on many Windows 98 computers, i t will install files it needs to correctly install the game. If this happens , the installer will need to restart your computer. After your computer has restarted, the installer usually restarts automatically and you can go on to step 6 below.

If the installer doesn't restart automatically when the computer restarts, just go back to the beginning of this section on installing the game. - When the installer runs on a Windows 2000 computer, it may warn that a n old version of Windows Installer was found. This may be ignored - just click the OK button to continue the installation. 6. Since you are installing Battle Realms for the first time, one option will be available, Complete Installation. You may also specify the hard drive location where Battle Realms will be installed. 7. Once installation of Battle Realms is complete, remove the CD from the CD-ROM drive and insert the second CD for Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf. Doing this will run the Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf Autoplay program - a screen will once again ask you if you want to install Winter o f the Wolf, visit the www.battlerealms.com website, or exit. Click on the Install Battle Realms option. If the AutoPlay does not run, see Step 3 above for information on how to continue. 8. One option will be available, Complete Installation. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation of Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf. 9. Once installation is complete, you will once again be taken to the Autoplay menu seen before, only now with the option to Play Winter of the Wolf. ************************************************************************** Uninstalling Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf ************************************************************************** Winter of the Wolf makes irreversible changes to the Battle Realms code, and thus cannot be uninstalled separately from the original Battle Realms game. By choosing to Uninstall Winter of the Wolf, you are choosing to delete all Battle Realms products from your computer. ************************************************************************** =============================================================================== [IDX] 2. DirectX 8 +++ Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf requires DirectX 8 to run properly. DirectX 8 is included on the original Battle Realms CD. - After Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf has finished copying the game files, remove the CD and replace it with the Battle Realms CD. After a brief load period, the following menu should load automatically. Play Battle Realms Install Direct X Uninstall Battle Realms www.battlerealms.com Exit

To install DirectX, select the second option, Install DirectX. If you don't know what version of DirectX you have or if you have DirectX at all, confirm the installation of DirectX. If for some reason the installer does not install DirectX, you can install it using one of the two DirectX installer files provided on the Battle Realms CD or you can go to the Microsoft website (www.microsoft.com/directx) and get the latest version from there. +++ What if you don't know or aren't sure what version of DirectX you have? Don't worry, if you run the DirectX installer on a computer that already has the current DirectX on it, the installer will NOT damage the existing DirectX installation. It might give you newer versions of the DirectX files, but it will NOT replace the files on your computer with older files. Note: ONLY for users of the DirectX Software Development Kit (SDK): This is just to remind DX SDK users that, if you have installed the Debug version of the DX runtime files, the installer we supply may replace these files with the Retail version. Again, this is just a reminder ONLY for computer programmers who are writing programs that use DirectX. +++ Manual install of DirectX 8 using the Battle Realms CD: You can manually run the DirectX installer from the Battle Realms CD. Here's how: 1. If the Battle Realms CD is not in your computer's CD-ROM drive, put it into the drive. Doing this should cause the Battle Realms AutoPlay program to appear - a screen will ask you if you want to install or play Battle Realms or visit the www.battlerealms.com website. Click on the Exit button so that the AutoPlay closes. 2. With the Battle Realms CD in your computer's CD-ROM drive, open "My Computer" or Windows Explorer. 3. You should see the icon for your computer's CD-Rom drive. RIGHT-CLICK on this icon and choose "Explore" so you can see the files on the Bat tle Realms CD. 4. You should see a file named "DX80" and one named "DX80NT". The first one - DX80 is for Windows 98 and Windows ME, the other, DX80NT, is for Windows 2000. Double-click on the one that is right for your computer and follow it s instructions.

5. When the DirectX 8 installer you ran is done, it will usually want to reboot the computer. If it doesn't, that means that it didn't replace any files. If you have already installed Battle Realms, you should be able to run the game. 6. If you have not yet installed Battle Realms, you should move to the previous topic, Installing Battle Realms. =============================================================================== [TSG] 3. Addenda A number of new features have been added to Battle Realms since the publication of the game manual. While the game manual should be generally correct, the section below contains the latest information as well as more detail about key features of the game. Corrections to the Battle Realms manual ---------------------------------------- Page 42 - Blood Bond is a bit misleading - it only partially transfers the Ronin's wounds to the target, it does not make him invulnerable. - Page 47 - Reinforced Plating also affects Ronin. - Page 47 - Glue Factory has the wrong explanation. Glue Factory reduces the st amina required for the horse's Trample battle gear. - Page 50 - The Blade Acolyte's Inner Strength battle gear can be obtained from any of the Three Brothers. - Page 51 - The Leaf Disciple's Scrye Leaves battle gear can be obtained from an y of the Three Brothers. - Page 52 - The Staff Adept's Dark Canopy battle gear can be obtained from any of the Three Brothers. The Staff Adept cannot hit multiple enemies at a time. - Page 54 - The Infested One's Rebirth battle gear actually comes from a Dark Blessing from any of the Three Brothers. - Page 63 - The Zen Master Blaster ability is actually called Zen Counterpunch. The description, however, is correct. - Page 67 - The Scorched Earth battle gear description is incorrect. Scorched Earth actually functions as a remote sentry that will explode when enemies walk near. This is similar to the Serpent Cannoneer's mine, but it is thrown by the Pitch Slinger, so it can be launched from a short distance away. Also, it is much more useful at revealing line of sight than the mine is. - Page 69 - The Wolf's Bite battle gear description is incorrect. Wolf's Bite inflicts a large chunk of damage on the enemy. If a non-Zen Master enemy dies from this attack, it will turn into a wolf and follow the Werewolf for a short time, assuming the Werewolf is

not already fully-stocked with wolves. The Werewolf does not turn back into a Berserker. The new wolf will then fight alongside the Werewolf, but will slowly lose health until it dies. - Page 70 - Rice does not grow faster when a Druidess is near it, only when Gaihla is near. - Page 72 - Fight Club is actually known as Fight Crew. Corrections to the Battle Realms tutorials ------------------------------------------- Tutorial 2 - According to the second tutorial, Geisha and other female units cannot train in other buildings. While this is still true in the original Battle Realms game, this is no longer the case in Winter of the Wolf. In Winter of the Wolf games, players may upgrade their Town Square into a new training building. Two units may be produced in this building; one originating as a peasant and one originating from their female or healer units. Dragon Clan -----------Town Square -> Royal Academy The following units may be trained in the Royal Academy. Peasant -> Guardian Geisha -> Battle Maiden Serpent Clan ------------Town Square -> Assassin's Den The following units may be trained in the Assassin's Den. Peasant -> Enforcer Fan Geisha -> Witch Lotus Clan ----------Town Square -> Flesh Crucible The following units may be trained in the Flesh Crucible. Peasant -> Reaper Channeler -> Overseer Wolf Clan ---------Wolf Ball Court -> Forest Temple

The following units may be trained in the Forest Temple. Peasant -> Digger Druidess -> Dryad New Hotkeys ----------NOTE: These are the default hotkeys. You can edit all the Hotkeys in the game from within the Options menu. Please note that all Hotkeys can be edited in the game and that these are default values. <CTRL> + F - Toggles on and off the "Follow Unit camera." Disable by clicking on the mini-map. <CTRL> + A - Selects all units on the screen. <SPACE> I C - Go to most recent Combat, Fire or Idle Peasant Event. - goes to idle peasant - goes to combat

New Selection Functionality --------------------------Double Clicking on a unit selects all units of that type on the screen. After assigning a group with Ctrl + Number, double tapping that number will take you to that group and select all of the units in that group. Player Profiles --------------Player Profiles will store your name and other information for your use in onlin e multiplayer battles. Each is stored separately and maintains its own hotkey settings to facilitate sharing of Battle Realms with players who may prefer different styles. In addition to hotkeys, each profile also stores a default map preference when hosting games, your favorite team color and your favorite game settings. Teamwork -------When allied with a player, you may choose to send him rice or water by ordering a Peasant that is currently carrying resources into one of their huts. Once this order has been given, that Peasant will assume that you wish to supply the ally and will automatically return to that same hut every time he fills up on resources again.

New Multiplayer Modes --------------------There are now four multiplayer game types. Survival Standard game mode - A player is eliminated when all existing and potential units has been disabled. The player may still have buildings left, but if he has no Peasants or Peasant Huts, the game will end. Razing A variant of the standard game mode in which the elimination of a player's town will eliminate the player, regardless of his units and building potentia l. Kill the Keep All players start with a Keep. A player is eliminated when this Keep is destroyed, regardless of how many other buildings and units he has available. Famine Each team is given a large pile of resources to start, but cannot harvest additional resources, except for water. Players must win by building the most effective town and army with these starting resources. Ending Multiplayer Games -----------------------Whenever a Player's town is eliminated, except in Razing mode, the player will have two minutes to build another combat building. If another combat building is not built within two minutes, the locations of all of his forces will be revealed to the other players. This is to prevent forced surrenders and a variety of other time-consuming and annoying endgame scenarios common to Interne t games. Changes to Yin/Yang Acquisition ------------------------------Yin and Yang are earned through battle, but the amount varies with the distance from your town. The further your forces are from your town, the more Yin or Yang they will earn in battle. This rule does not apply to Peasants. AI Personalities ---------------When choosing AIs for Skirmish or Multiplayer games, take note of the name of th e AIs you select. Each AI, named after a Battle Realms Zen Master, employs different strategies. Some use battle gear more, others simply prefer to harass the other players. Experiment to learn the strengths and weaknesses of these different AIs - not only will this help you defeat them, it will also help you pick AI allies for multiplayer games that better complement your strategy.

Influencing the AI -----------------In multiplayer games, players have access to the Look Here and Fight Here comman ds. While primarily used to communicate with other human players, they will effect t he behavior of any allied AI players. - Look Here will order allied AIs to send units to the location specified. - Fight Here will order allied AIs to attack enemies in the location specifie d. =============================================================================== [TSG] 4. Troubleshooting +++ The Game Crashes before I can even play! Game crashes like these are often due to hardware driver problems or problems with DirectX. Fortunately, the cause of these crashes can often be quickly fixed with new drivers or by changing some settings. If you are having problems with Windows or programs like Internet Explorer crashing, the computer may have more serious problems and may need repair. +++ The game crashes and the error it gives says something about a DLL. If the DLL (Dynamic Link Library) has a name with "D3D" or "Direct" in it, DirectX 8 might not be correctly installed. To remedy this, please try installing DirectX 8. Even if you have tried to install DirectX 8 before and the DirectX 8 installer told you it was successful, you might need to try again. +++ When I play the game, I play for awhile and it crashes, but I have no problems running Windows applications like Internet Explorer or older games. This is often due to old video card drivers. As time goes on and as people who make games get better at using video cards, more and more of your video card's abilities are used and this can reveal defects in your video drivers that, before, were not important. If your video card drivers are more than a few months old, they may be causing the game to crash and they should be replaced if you want to play Battle Realms or any other new game. - Replacing video card drivers is not difficult, but you have to be patient and follow directions from the card maker carefully for the best results. An important step in getting new video card drivers is knowing where to go for new drivers and, for that, you have to know who makes the video card or who makes the chips used in the card. For example, if the card has "GeForce" or "Riva TNT" associated with it, the manufacturer of the card's chips is Nvidia (www.nvidia.com). Matrox makes video cards with the Millennium G400/G455, etc. ATI (www.ati.com)

makes the "Radeon", the "Rage 128", and "Rage 128 Pro" set. For users of the "Voodoo" series of cards (Voodoo 3 and 5 work with Battle Realms), 3dfx, the makers of the Voodoo chipsets, is no longer in business, but their website (www.3dfx.com) still has the latest drivers. If you are unable to discern the maker of your graphics chipset, please refer to your computer's documentation. +++ When I play the game, things happen on screen that I know shouldn't be happening. - When buildings, people, or other things look white or really dark, if objects flash or do similar strange things, this means that there is a problem between your video card and our game. The cause of the problem could be your video card drivers on your computer. +++ Problems with Internet play Your computer must be able to access the Internet before you can play the Internet portion of the Battle Realms. That means that the computer must be able to connect to the Internet using a dialup modem or a broadband connection like DSL or Cable Modem. +++ My multiplayer games keep telling me I have sync errors. How do I fix these? Battle Realms is a synchronous game, meaning that the same calculations mu st happen on both computers at the same time. Should the calculations on two computers turn out differently, the game will desync. Testing has shown that the primary cause of sync errors in Battle Realms i s computational interference created by running other programs in the background. Norton Utilities programs are particularly troublesome, but smaller programs such as MSN Messenger and other instant message clients have been shown to create sync errors, as well. Please disable all other background programs before playing multiplayer. =============================================================================== [FRP] 5. Firewalls and Routers When a computer can access basic Internet services and can play the game, Internet play is not usually much of a problem, unless the computer accesses the Internet through a router or firewall. Often, special appliances called "Fireboxes" combine Firewall and Router into a single easy-to-configure device. Unfortunately, firewalls and routers are topics where the facts quickly become pretty incomprehensible to people who don't work with them. This ReadMe file will not include a section on what TCP, UDP, IP, packets, or routing are in the context of Battle Realms. In general, most firewall/routers can be easily configured so that our game can be played through them by at least one computer. Also, the person who configures them can use the information supplied below to either make the needed changes or to tell you why such changes can't be done. Note: The typical home computer users may find some or all of the information below pretty meaningless.

+++ Resolving problems between a Firewall and Battle Realms - Firewall problems are easy to define. They are problems where certain types of Internet services or data are BLOCKED. Battle Realms require s that UDP Ports 7174, 7175, and 7177 be open for communication in both directions. - Not only must UDP packets be able to pass through the firewall in bot h directions, but computers on both sides of the firewall must be able to initiate the flow of data- important for "stateful" packet filtering firewalls that generally permit packets to flow in both directions ON LY once the flow is initiated by a computer behind the firewall, but ten d to block connection attempts by hosts on the outside of the firewall to hosts within. +++ Firewalls and GameSpy - Battle Realms uses Internet matching service GameSpy for all non-Dire ctIP connections. Gamespy provides information about how to configure a firewall for use with Gamespy. As this is written, the URL for that informatio n is http://www.gamespyarcade.com/support/firewalls.shtml. Read this article carefully. +++ Resolving problems with Battle Realms and Internet Routers (gateways) - Routing problems arise most frequently in situations where one or more computers use a gateway router or firewall/router to access the Internet. If the computers on an Internet-connected network have thei r own real routable IP address leased from an ISP- even dynamic ones go t using DHCP, there should be no routing problems with Battle Realms. - However, if a computer doesn't have a routable IP address, but, instead, depends upon a router that uses Network Address Translation or NAT so that the router's one real routable IP address can be used by all computers on the LAN for Internet access, there are likely to be problems with Battle Realms unless steps are taken to allow other computers on the Internet to initiate connections with that computer. This is because, with only the router having a real routable IP address, there is no way for computers on the Internet to send information specifically to computers on a LAN served in this manner because the only IP address they can send to is the real routable address of the router. One of three things must be done:

1. The cheapest and most straightforward solution is to have the router send all packets coming to it from the Internet on UDP ports 7174, 7175, and 7177 to a specific computer. This means that only that one computer on the LAN can play Battle Realms because only it can get connection requests from other player s outside the LAN. 2. The next simplest solution is to have a pool of real routable IP addresses for One-to-One Network Address translation. In Oneto-One NAT masquerades, the router substitutes or "masquerades" the non-routable IP address of a LAN computer with a real routabl e IP addressed assigned to that computer from the pool. Computers and other hosts on the Internet can send data to the router using the Masquerade address and the router will know which LAN compute r to send those data to because of the One-to-One NAT assignment. 3. An extreme case that should really work well but is more diff icult and expensive is configuring a LAN computer to use a real rou table IP address. That computer would either need two network inter faces (one for the LAN and one for the Internet) or it could not be connected to both the LAN as well as to The Internet. +++ Battle Realms and routers that use NAT: - Battle Realms does not have full functionality for computers accessing the Internet via a router using NAT- even One-to-One NAT. Users with such computers are limited to joining games hosted by others since these users cannot create their own games (they can create games, but other players can't see, much less, join these games). =============================================================================== [TSG] 6. Getting Technical Support Before contacting Ubi Soft Technical Support, please carefully read through the manual. Also, help is available online at: http://www.ubisoft.com/support This site takes you to the Ubi Soft Solution Center. Here you can browse our FAQ listings, or search the solution database for the most recently updated information since the game's release. For an e-mail response, you can send in a request for Personal Assistance from a Technical Support Representative. If you are unable to find an answer to your question using http://www.ubisoft.com/support or this manual, please contact us via one of the following methods:

Contact us by E-Mail: You can contact Ubi Soft Support by e-mailing them directly at support@ubisoft.com. It may take anywhere from 24-72 hours for us to respond to your e-mail, depending upon the volume of messages we receive and the nature of your problem. Contact us by Phone: You can also contact us by phone by calling (919) 460-9778. Note that this numbe r is for technical assistance only. We cannot give hints or tips over the Technica l Support line. When calling our Technical Support line, please make sure you have the game active at the point where you are experiencing difficulty. Be advised that our Technical Support Representatives are available to help you Monday - Friday from 9 am - 9 pm (Eastern Standard Time), excluding holidays. While we do not charge for technical support, normal long distance charges apply . To avoid long distance charges, or to contact a support representative directly after these hours, please feel free to use one of the other support avenues listed above. E-mail responses usually receive a response in less than 2 busines s days. If we receive your e-mail, you will receive a response! Contact us by Standard Mail: Please do not send returns directly to Ubi Soft without first contacting a Technical Support Representative. If you need to return a product, review the Replacement Policy / Warranty in this manual. Ubi Soft Entertainment Attn: Customer Support 2000 Aerial Center Suite 110 Morrisville, NC 27560