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I have formed this Seduction Manual out of the clay of knowledge I have gained

from my countless socio – sexual explorations.

This Seduction Manual is my automaton, my robot, to consistently answer

newbies’ questions.

The end goal in seduction, in success, is to make it natural. When it becomes

natural, you have no need for any seduction manual and can handle anything
women throw at you.” This maybe, the most excellent book you have ever read
but this book merely serves as a guide and just like any guide, it exist not to grant
you success but ILLUSTRATE the means to success.

(You can skip the introduction and jump to the juicy part if you want)

1. I love myself. I walk through life without apology.

2. I do not make excuses for anyone or myself.
3. I don’t need to explain. I create my own rules and
live with courage.
4. Winners focus on winning, failures focus on failure,
powerful people focus on attack, weak people
defend, and offence is the best defense.
5. Winners never quit and quitters never win.
6. Survival of the fittest, the strong shall live and the
weak shall die.

“YOU”, by the very nature of rejecting my life’s

learning’s, have caused your genes to be weeded out of
existence and your penis is going to look like this:
Seduction is not about learning a skill, it’s about removing your barriers. Mating
(Seduction) is as much a skill as digesting or breathing is a skill. You are, as a
human, a social and sexual being. You are literally BORN TO REPLICATE(fuck).
Unfortunately, due to conservative religious brainwashing, there have been lots
of people who somehow acquired a lot of inner roadblocks / mental barriers that
prevent them from getting sex like any normal guy: Insecurity, Shyness, Fear of
offending the law of God, Negativity, Low Self Esteem/Negative Self-image and
Self doubts, etc. The key to seduction is simply removing all these inner
roadblocks, and then you can easily rely on your masculine instincts. But, your
masculine instincts has either been suppress or distorted so seduction is re-
learned as a skill.

[Insert Picture Here]

I have dedicated my life to exploring and

understanding humanity.
This is my humble yet ambitious attempt
to solve the greatest mystery in the
This work is passionately dedicated to twenty very much loved girls in my life
Michelle, Faye, Rita, Daphne, Beryl, Mariz, Aubrey, Jane, April, Vanessa, Leah,
Christine, Josephine, Roda, Alona, Analyn, Grace, Lenzmar, Lorenel and to my
sister Lourdes.

The first draft of this book was published year 2007. I never thought that someone
would read this book but how I was wrong.
This is dedicated to my lost love Josephine. I could never again regain my lost love.
I could get every woman I wanted except her. I thought no one would ever read this
book and I never expected it to be someone close to me. One day, she just went
away. I tried to look for her but she quit her work and studies and all I got was a text
saying she is now in America and she could have fallen in love with me, Diego
Manuel Montenegro, the smart industrious guy who wanted to be a venture
entrepreneur but no, not “Alchemystic, someone who seduces women for psycho –
social experimentation”. Unfortunately, she’d googled me and discovered how
horrible of a person I am, I felt so bad; I sent her thousands of text and e – mail
messages but no reply. I called and called but no answer. Finally, I travelled to her
new place, we meet and talk and talk for hours on only to endure the torture of
watching her husband constantly kissing her and fondling her breast. It was too
much, it’s sickening, we both said goodbye. The most depressing thing of all is I truly
love her. I thought I had become intelligent enough not to fall in love but sadly there
is no such thing as being enough. Enough is never enough. Now, I have to pay the
price of my mistakes. This is my last contribution to the world. May this book enrich
your life’s success!

Education used to be attached to life and sexuality, that to be educated was to be a

Now, education, being de-sexualized, is pure trivia. You bubble in circles in a
scantron, regurgitate the book or paraphrase the professor’s words back to him in an
essay, or memorize phylum, orders, and species of taxonomic nonsense for
scientific labs. You procrastinate when studying because you know that it is not
knowledge, just trivia. Compare that to your eagerness to learn the information here.
In this book, there is no trivia as everyone knows the knowledge in this book is
connected to Nature and to life. This sense of decline in education would be
corrected if the departments (especially the Humanities) stopped being trivia,
stopped being political, and embraced the natural order of things wherefrom the
fields originated. The greatest dupe with women (and in life) is not the Nice Guy, is
not the Janitor but The Professor who is cocooned in the doctorates against life.

The story of Alchemystic

So, Who I am and what did I experience to become who I am now? Alchemystic is a Non de Plume
of the strategist tactician Diego Manuel Ouano Montenegro. Basically, I am a Nice Guy and no
amount of hypnotism, aggressive persuasion can ever change the way I think, or so it seems,
Nevertheless, I did not give up. I knew that I already lost everything and nothing could ever change
the way I feel about myself. I knew I was still going to have fear but then it dawned on me, what if I
could somehow make it seem like I have no fear? What if I could artificially create the absence of
fear? Well, I did! I decided to try the next best thing, which is artificially inducing the lack of fear by
removing the reason why I felt fear in the first place. Let me explain, the reason that cause me to
have fear of rejection was due to fear of loss but I have a fear of loss because I felt I didn’t have an
abundant resources of girls. I knew I couldn’t change the way I feel, so I change the situation
instead. How do you remove this perceive scarcity anyway? The answer struck me; I didn’t have
abundant resources of girls because I never did try achieving, an abundant enough number of girls
to lose the fear of lost. So I tried pursuing, approaching women with actually of no other intention
than to spend time with her. I made meeting with women a habit. I force myself to make it a goal to
have at least 1 date per day for 1 year until it becomes habitual enough that I wouldn’t actually be
thinking about it that much anymore. Anyway, as I went on asking women out I found out it was
actually not as easy as it seems but I still regarded it as fun and easy. It is a game and it is supposed
to be fun. If it isn’t fun then you’re obviously doing something wrong. Take it easy, relax. One
rejection is naught but merely a drop of water in an ocean of rejection for I only get 1 yes answer to a
date for every 140 girls I’ve asked. But, I did not give up; I continued asking women out, 150 – 180
times in a day. I received so much rejection that I felt numb whenever a girl rejected me. Rejection
didn’t bother me anymore at all. I now realized it was a numbers game. The simple answer after all
along was not to be average. Average guys get average rejection conversely average success. The
secret to getting an above average rate of success with women was to get an above average rate of
rejection and no other way. But it was even harder through the dates because I didn’t have any
special techniques, lines, scripts, moves, tactics or even any game at all. I was totally clueless. It
was mostly a matter of trial and error. I had to go through being stood up 10 times for every dozen or
so girls that agreed to a date with me. Do you know what that means? I had to get rejected by over a
thousand girls before I could manage to set – up a decent number of dates. But still I continued, at
this time I was already getting 2 – 3 dates per week but still that wasn’t enough to make it a daily
habit. So I tried improving my looks, my interaction (rapport) and the way I feel about myself
(confidence). I could now see myself as an attractive person and had overcome the fear of loss and
rejection. I didn’t care anymore what I said or what I do because I knew that I would always have a
lot of back – ups. I started to experiment. I started to have fun! I found out the more bad I become,
the more the girls were falling in love with me. I continued experimenting, adding more and more
“badness” until it came to the point I was having multiple girlfriends fighting over me. I was having
sex with multiple girls at the same time. Once it was just a dream, now has become so real. It was
surreal; I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I was an ugly Nice Guy who had no
experience in sex let alone kissing a girl to having multiple sex partners. It was amazing. It started
out as a numbers game and as I gained more experience my chances went up. It was no longer a
game of chance; I could now make girls attracted to me by choice! Attraction is a matter of choice
and not by chance. Whoever said attraction is not a choice is an idiot! I have now realized, it is not
about what you have, what you look, what you say or not say and it wasn’t even about what you did
but rather how you felt about yourself. I now understood the meaning of the “Inner Game”. (I was
already successful having only an inner game in a conservative culture while a reported serial killer was on the lose, Do you know
how challenging is it to get a date on a conservative culture with reports in the news about a serial killer on the lose? Just imagine
how better I would become if I master all those systems and routines? Eyyyy…?)

When I discovered the secret of the inner game; I have developed a great sense of self and a much
higher level of confidence (not perfect by any means, but a hell of a lot has improved). I've
committed myself for the last five years to doing whatever it takes to get what I want (wealth, girls,
power etc). All of a sudden this does not seem appealing to me. I feel willing to give up all the hard
work to follow a completely different path. All of a sudden, the thought of having sex with women or
"succeeding at all costs" makes me really uneasy.

Seduction games with girls/coworkers are something I used to be able to play very well, but now I
want nothing to do with them.. I feel like everything I wanted in life is being turned on its head.
Maybe I'm just blurting out non-sense here, but the world has really been showing its dark side
lately, and I just don't want a part of all the bullshit. Is there anyone out there who honestly feels the
same way?
Where do I go from here??? All the seduction techniques I've practiced over and over seem so
insignificant. God, I had everything planned out, I feel like I'm back at square one and then some.
I've got no idea what I want out of life again... anyone have any input? or have I gone completely
wacko-jacko? Nevertheless, I have compiled all my knowledge into this book.


Bad Boys always cheat on their female partner and the women love them even more, maybe it is
because if you have only one prospect, the chances are, you will be thinking about her day and
night, you keep playing different scenarios of failure and making her like you in your mind over and
over again.” Obsessing about a particular girl, and whether or not she likes you, is the KISS OF
DEATH! If you're worrying about whether a girl likes you or not, chances are she doesn't - or rather,
SHE WON'T. She won't because your "worry" and your obsession with what she thinks of you
demonstrates weakness and is translated as an unsuitable genetic material with no value for
propagation and will actually push her away. When you let yourself fall into an emotional fixation,
you begin to analyze everything your girl does, every word she says, every move she makes... and
try to relate them all to you. - that's called desperation. And it'll show. She's going to see it
(consciously or subconsciously) and nothing repels girls away more than a desperate guy. That's
why you have to keep multiple girls at any given time, so if one of them gives you trouble, the heck
with her, you have other girls wanting to have sex with you:)
Being in love with one girl at a time, especially if it is a one-sided feeling of emotional fixation, will
give off vibes of desperation, paralyzing your ability to think clearly, feeling constant fear of being
rejected and lowering your self-worth when your feelings are not returned - all of which will repel a
girl even further away from you thus forming a self-reinforcing downward cycle of more desperation,
confusion, frustration, insecurity, anxiety and loneliness.

The truth is - yes, exclusivity will bring added value… for a while, but soon enough, this added value
will subside into routine and being taken for granted and will eventually degenerate into boredom.

Women equate the quantity of women you have as a measure of your attractiveness and value. A
man who has lots of women isn’t afraid to lose women and women can sense this immediately in a
man. This lack of fear in losing women is translated as strength or power and damn! Women love
powerful men who can make them feel weak and helpless (penetrated! = defense pierce). Women
can “sense” desperation “immediately”. Nice Guys luminously emit lights of desperation. Loser!

In getting a girl to have sex with you, it is essential that you must strike a disturbance in the
equilibrium of power because you need a greater power advantage to lead the relationship to
romance or else it is going to get stagnant, boring and eventually will drift and break – away into
oblivion. Wars are not won by having a balance of power. Success is achieved by having more
power than the opposing party. Do not get even, get everything.

You know what’s twisted? The most twisted thang is the situation wherein the girls whom I have insulted,
ridiculed, hurt, use and sexually abuse are the ones who keep calling and calling me over and over again so as
they can get close together again with “me”, while the ones who I have been nice, polite, friendly, helpful and
respectful; never, ever, ever called back again and just disappeared completely. Why are women such
heartless bitches with Nice Guys? Whhhyyyyyyyy? I'm literally at the end of my wits when it comes to
dealing with women. Whenever I do anything remotely gentlemanly (i.e. complimenting their beauty, giving
gifts, obeying their commands, opening doors, offering to carry stuff, showing interest in them, etc.), I'm told
that I'm "too nice". WTF?! For some reason, I always thought that people preferred being treated
nicely...maybe I'm strange though, it never fails though...they end up hooking with complete assholes. I then
get stuck being just friends and all you hear is them constantly bragging about how great their relationship is
and how it’s like a fucking fairytale while they continue having sex with these bad boys. Well, I hope you’re
fucking happy getting your self-gratification at my expense. You should just go ahead and kick me in the balls
because that’s exactly what it fells like, but I suppose you would know nothing about that! I used to be such a
Nice Guy to be around with, very courteous and helpful, but I guess chivalry is dead now a days. Now I have
become a total asshole because of bitches like you. Oh, it's not just that. After staying awhile with the bad
macho shitheads, they start complaining again about how they can't find any nice guys. HELLO!!! Wake the
fuck up! Why is it that women say one thing, and then make the complete opposite response? These crazy
mind games women play make us prefer spending our time with drugs, alcohol, and gambling. This is just way
too damn frustrating. I'm getting so fucking sick and tired of women and their bullshit. They seemingly bitch
NON-STOP about how all men are losers and pigs who only crave sex. YES MEN LIKE TO FUCK. GET
USED TO IT. Well, you want to know what WE don't need: cold, frigid, conservative shy, virgins. They can
all frig on each others pussy for all I care. I'm sick of how they think any guy who isn't Brad fucking Pitt is
automatically a creepy sleazy man. You know that lonely (possibly old) guy who was hitting on you? IT'S
NOT CALLED "SLIME" OR "SLEEZE"; IT'S CALLED "NORMAL". They want human contact with the
opposite gender as well you know. Yet, I suppose it is inherent in their genetic composition to torture Nice

Statement from a woman:

In my early teens, I would have as much fun intense emotional highs (i.e. sex and other related fun)
as I could with as many wild and crazy, unpredictable, mysterious, spontaneous jerks who are also a
bit adventurous, funny and not so bright until I reached mid to late 20’s. Then, I start to look for
Nice-Guys that went to college even got his Masteral, had a well-paying career or business that I
could settle down with. I began to control him by giving him sex as a reward to meet my every want,
need, desire and wish. He then becomes a castrated stupid robotic zombie that I can just rub a few
times and get what I want. This would help make up for the fact that I was not attracted to his boring
lifestyle and still manage to get something out of the deal for myself. I then continue to misled him
with wrong information and false assurance about how Nice it is to have a secure, sensitive and
respectful (subservient) husband but then I would go cheat on him with another guy and continue to
blame him for being a faggot. In the end, I would receive everything I want in life: marriage, babies,
money and some hot new guy for sex. My pathetic husband deserves it anyway for being so boring.
In bed, he “routinely” sensitively does gentleboy acts of sweetness including smiling as he looks
lovingly into my eyes while he cums during sex when we are in a cowgirl position,(note: I didn’t
mention about me cumming), so I exploded with disgust, I grabbed his cock and inserted it in my
ass. At first he was terrified – yes! TERRIFIED. He thought something had possessed me. And
damn right – something did possess me, it was sheer MADNESS. I fucked the shit out of him that
night. And then he sighed and said "Oh that was nice". Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!. WTF! Do you know any
man who doesn’t get a little rough like spanking your ass? Yes! And he is my Husband. Finally,
since he never gives me any surprises, I decided to surprise myself with a present for my birthday.
Ta-da! Divorce papers as a birthday gift to myself. Bye-bye sucker.

“Inside the heart of a player lies the grave of a naïve Nice Guy killed by heartache”

Women are never loyal and never to be trusted. Even if their intentions were good and never
meant to hurt, they can't help it, it’s not conscious. In fact, they cheat all the time, you just don't
know about it. It is not because they are immature or that women lack character or anything like
that. It just that, they have a biological imperative to cheat so as they can have the highest
success to pass on their genes, which in this case is having a Bad Boy as a sperm donor and a
Nice Guy as a security donor. It is an automatic biological function for the purpose of survival
and replication.

Jackpot! You’ve hit the right spot.

What I really get tired of hearing is that when women get older they become more attracted to nice
guys. This is true only if she has gained 100lbs, has finally broken up with the Bad Boy, and has a
couple of his kids whom she needs some loser Nice Guy to help support.


Even then she will secretly always want him back. It happens to me constantly, and these chicks can
go to hell as far as I'm concerned.

It is not that Nice Guys finish last. It is that Nice Guys, when it comes to the woman's lust, do not win
at all!
“True Mastery” only comes after self – improvement, the same is said to be true for the Martial Arts
“Jujitsu”, you start learning the techniques first before you start building on your own strength, and in
my case I started building strength before the techniques. Now, this must be what they mean in
being a “Natural”. Think of it this way, you’re not going to be able to have sex with her by acting Nice
and you won’t be able to have sex with her by being cruel either, so what have you got to lose? The
answer is of course, nothing! That is how I accidentally became a pick – up artist.

To a Higher Learning
To a Higher Self
To a Higher Glory
Humans are basically design for survival and replication. To kill or be killed; that is the fundamental
law of nature, survival of the fittest, the strong shall live, the weak shall die. Winning is the primary
purpose in life. Replication is the penultimate purpose of life. You are reading this book because you
want to replicate in the highest level of existence. We are driven to survive to a “higher plane” of
existence and we replicate to continue to survive in another “form” of existence. Humans are
basically social creatures but there is what we call as a tug of war of these two drives known as
Dynamic Social Homeostasis. It is a matter of Cost versus Benefits. Does the end justify the means?
The answer depends on what the purpose is and on what extent. Humans are hard wired to be
attracted to a person with the highest survival and replicability rate. The only difference between
men and women is the emphasis.

What is seduction? Seduction is basically subtle mind control and mind control goes by many names
persuasion, manipulation, sales tactics, marketing skills, magic tricks, advertising, logical
argumentation, politics, influence, education, fortune telling, learning, parenting, values imprinting,
psychology, socialization, military and even hypnotism. They are all mind control. Everything is mind
control. The mind controls the body. Control the mind, control the body. Seduction is not an art but a

Ethics of My Seduction:
 This book doesn’t allow the use of false promises of marriage to get sex.
 White lies are tolerable.
 A dumb female will not gain my respect by withholding sex; she’ll just be an idiot for
depriving herself of pleasure. There is no connection between respect and sex, neither is
there a connection between self - deprivation and respect but women can not differentiate
between sex and respect because they treat sex as a medium of exchange just like money.
 Increase female attraction through self – improvement over hypnotism.
 Physical Violence only in the context of role-play.
 Raping a girl is only allowed for definitely sexually repressed girls.
 Marriage is an unfair contract full of responsibilities, pain, suffering, sacrifice, compromise
and loss of freedom wherein sex is the only reward, unfortunately in marriage: sex is
oftentimes neglected due to various reasons like obligations to work, friends and taking care
of children and many other things so fornicate as much as you can. Live your life to the
fullest. Enjoy it. Life is short and we only live once.
 Marriage is only for people who no longer have options. People who have lots of time and
options chase their dreams, ambitions and do not settle down. When people become sick,
old, or ran out of options, they start settling down.
In high school, you thought women would ‘mature’ and stop liking the jocks or jerks. In college,
you thought women would mature and dislike the frat boys, sports guys, and start to be attracted
to Nice Guys. In your thirties, you thought that women were FINALLY wisening up. No, women
didn’t mature; they just ran out of OPTIONS. No matter what her age or relationship status, a
woman will look at those Bad Boys and LUST. Women indefinitely remain women.
Do you know where the word settling comes from? From settle of course! Meaning - to accept
something that is less of ideal. Marriage is something that is less of ideal for guys. The problem
with Nice Guys is they always settle.

Know and get to understand yourself before knowing or understanding other people, How can you
define women and what women want if you do not define a man? Men and women are like day and
night, one can not define one without the other. So, start defining you yourself, like for example who
are you? What are you? How did you become the person you are now? When are you really you?
Where do you usually become just yourself? How are you are feeling? What are your strengths?
What are your weaknesses/flaws? What do you hate/love about yourself? What are your dreams,
wishes, ambitions, fantasy? What is your fear? What do you want? What do you need? What are
your priorities? What are you thinking right now? What were you as a child? What do you like/love to
do? What are you going to do now? What woman do you want/need? Remember, you have to have
a solid unshakeable image of yourself so that you will not be influence/manipulated externally and
this in turn will demonstrate power. You can not have an answer if you don’t ask a question!

First and Foremost, “Self – Improvement”

"The very first step towards becoming a successful Pick – up artist is of self-improvement... By
focusing on a program of continual self-improvement you’ll evolve into an attractor. Your strategy is
always to think about, focus on, and accentuate your positive traits... but work on and eliminate your
flaws." “A perfect woman doesn’t want an ordinary guy; she wants a perfect man as well!” There is
no fault in aiming for high standards, the fault lies in your failure to apply these high standards to

Note of Caution: In self – improvement: there exist a “Hierarchy of Needs” that must be fulfilled and
one must always remember, to strike a balance between the three generic areas of concerns:
Health, Wealth and Love. Only after gaining confidence through self - improvement, will your
seduction skills with women become more natural.

Secondly but Primarily as Important, “Inner Game”

Primary Inner Game through Positive Affirmations and State Control Techniques, Bio – Feed Back,
Auto- Genics, Confidence Training, Ego Boosting, Subconscious Implantation or any other similar
Positive Affirmations are important in establishing your primary inner game.
Having little or no self – worth is synonymous to considering yourself as your own enemy thereby
causing self - loathing and self – destruction.
People are attracted to anything or anyone that can make them feel good even if it is about causing
more pain to lessen the feeling of another pain. You must first feel good in order to stop making
everyone around you miserable so that, in turn, “you’ can attract people by making them feel good
when they are with you. This is also called as “vibing” or “grooving”. Vibing is done through state
control techniques like fake happiness and other similar stuff but be forewarned, “Attitude is not a
substitute for self – improvement”. It you did the self – improvement part then you would naturally
feel fulfilled and happy and so; no need for fake happiness or fake confidence.
Examples of possible affirmations
I love sex
I am handsome
I am funny
I am becoming more comfortable with social situations
I am learning more
I am intelligent
I am comfortable with women
I am relax and feel good
I have power over myself
I can do anything
I can get anyone/anything
Examples of possible feel good state controls, happy place or peace of mind reservoirs
State Invulnerability and Renewal
This includes but is not limited to Achievements, Happy Moments and anything positive about
yourself like getting good grades (accomplishments), being able to flap your ears (skills), being alive
(comparative well – being), getting ice cream or a car (possessions), craziness (personality
characteristics that you are proud of) big biceps (physical characteristics), beautiful girl who smiled
back at you and said hello (social connections) any kind of specific memories that put a smile on
your face and make you feel good, etc. etc. This is important to keep your self – motivation.

Always, always establish your own rules to follow. Again, I repeat, make
a set of boundaries because boundaries demonstrate power and again
power is attractive especially to women.

 Nothing is impossible, just not yet.

Getting inside a girls vagina is like hacking. In hacking you always find alternatives routes or
ways to get inside a system or in this case a vagina, you can either go right or left to avoid the
obstacle or go to the bottom, you can also fly over the obstacle or run right through the middle of
the obstacle, you can destroy the obstacle or be the obstacle yourself, in anyway your going
inside. Just think of it as a maze okay.

 No problems should ever be solved twice.

Time and Potential Opportunity is your most valued commodity so we should never be solving
the same old problem twice. This doesn’t mean that there are no other alternative solutions,
what I am trying to say is that we should give people a choice whether they are going to try an
alternative solution or follow the same old standard. People deserve freedom and the right to
choose but other people’s selfishness forces us to re-invent the wheel. We must share solutions
and information so that other people can have time to solve new problems instead of having to
perpetually re-address the old ones. Sex, Love and Relationships have existed for such a long
time yet; “we”, eternally battle the same old problems when a lot of the solutions were already
discovered and use by some early attractive Alpha Males. I am writing this book to share to you
information that has existed since the ancient times so that you can have time to continually
grow, develop and solve newer problems. Sharing this information can thereby, help me find a
refinement or an enhancement of a previously old solution.

Have a goal and focus. Remember “Communicate with a direction and purpose in mind. You
don’t communicate to make her understand but you communicate to get a result.
Visualization in achieving your goal is the key to success with women. Logical Thinking is limited
and is set by rules. Imagination is better than knowledge so you have to unite logical
thinking(day) with imagination(night). There is no limit to what you can visualize or even hear,
smell, taste and feel. The body can achieve what the mind can see. The basis of positive
visualization is that your subconscious mind itself will be the one to calibrate you body to the
desired position or state to get what you want. This is similar to a gymnast conditioning herself
just before her jump to set her body up for the desired outcome or automated motor response so
as you will not make a mistake and succeed! “Mastery of Automated Motor Response through
“Mental Rehearsal”, also known as “The Attraction Habit”. You don’t need to memorize hypnotic
lines if only you can condition your body to say and do things to elicit attraction automatically.

A girl who is willing to get together with you on a date is a girl who wants to have sex with you! Why?
Did it ever occur to you that the 2 - 4 hours she spent on you could have been spent on some other
stuff like dancing with her friends, studying, manicure/pedicure, sleep, laundry and other things? She
could have spent the time with other people or things and yet she decided to spend it on you and
what did you do? You wasted “HER TIME” talking with her, watching movies with her, shopping with
her, eating together, attending mass, fetching errands and doing household chores together when
she herself could do all these other things with other people. She can virtually do all those things
mentioned above with other people like her friends and family but instead you “PUNISHED HER
DECISION TO STAY WITH YOU” by being a sweet, kind, caring, understanding, loving, gentle
friendly NICE GUY. Basically, *YOU TORTURED HER*, you moron! “YOU” made her regret her
decision to spend time with you and you wonder why she dumps you? If she wants to get attention
and affection then she can just gain it from her loser NICE GUY friends or from her family but if she
is looking for sex, did it ever come about in that tiny brain of yours where she might look for sex? Do
you think she can have sex with her female friends or family? And even if she can, do you think she
would want it to? Of course not! When she looks for sex, she looks for it in a lover, her BOYFRIEND!
To be blunt, keep her “sexed-up”! This again is another reason why BAD BOYS always gets the
girls. Sad but true. Women were never meant to be loved, they were meant to get fuck and
pregnant. Men on the other hand are meant to be loved so that they will stay long enough with the
girl to raise a family. The all too common mistake we make these days is we let ourselves love
women but it is not women whom we should love but ourselves!

Summary of Lessons:

1. Women will not love you until you love yourself.

2. Judge by actions not by words.
3. Past behavior is a good predictability of future behavior.
4. Only the Bad Boys get the Attractively High – Quality girls.
5. Rejection is better than regret.
6. As you think, You shall become.
7. Experiment for only the curious have something to find.
8. Learning is never ending.
9. Power is key to sex.
10. Habit is all.
11. Use your animal instincts.
12. To grasp full knowledge is to embrace both the light and dark side of the information
13. Diversify interest.
14. Breaking up is a refined sense of loyalty.
15. Combine emotions with logic, fantasy with reality.
16. Ignorance is bliss: There is no comfort in the truth, pain is all that you will find.
17. Capture opportunities immediately because tomorrow never comes.

Another trick in getting women would be the psychological principle of observational learning or also
known as social cognitive learning. Monkey see, monkey do. We tend to assimilate success the
same way we assimilate information. Make a conscious effort to stop non – real interactivity like
watching T.V. or playing solo computer games because we have a tendency to assimilate wrong
information quickly. We can copy the success of other people just by actually seeing or hearing it
from someone else or in this case from reading about other people success. The successes and
even mistakes can be assimilated subconsciously. This is also why it is important to read Romance
Novels because the story can be assimilated in your mind and you will actually be living out the
stories of the books you’ve read without actually realizing that you are re-enacting them. It is a
concept called “Characterization”. Another example is by listening to the success stories of other
players, there are other examples but you get the idea of what I am trying to say, don’t you? My
older sister said that if I actually wanted to be good at English then I don’t actually need to read how
to speak English, I just need to read lots and lots of English books because I would assimilate the
way the writers write; their grammar, spelling and style would be assimilated into my mind
subconsciously. My sister gave me more than just a way to learn English! She accidentally gave me
an idea that anything can be assimilated into the mind subconsciously including success stories in
how to seduce women.

The problem with flakiness: Why do flakes happen?

A) Lack of proper etiquette arising from immaturity, stupidity, insensitivity to learning and choice
disregard for etiquettes.
B) Lack of respect
C) Playgirl Rules
D) Lack of attraction or significant appeal
E) Socio - Cultural Circumstances
F) Situational Conditions i.e. accidents, laziness, logistical irresponsibility, negative state of
mind and bad climate.
G) Boredom
H) Unknown Factors

What is the solution? Sex on the spot! The probability of immediate sex is closer to reality than you
think; some girls will not go into relationships but will have sex immediately. The standard of norms
only adds to the delay like asking for a date or cell number. Extract sex by progressively haggling
restrictions. Procrastinations only serve to strengthen inhibitions.

Techniques on How to flip the script on flaky women exist but flipping the script should only be use
as an option of last resort. A true Master Seducer would have been able to avoid getting flakes in the
first place instead of having to deal with flakes. Flipping the script on flaky women will only serve as
a fail safe mechanism. Prevention is better than cure. The best thing to do is to move on or at least
diversify your prospective interest through having a lot of options/back – ups. Tolerating flakes is a
rationalization created by Nice Guys. If we continue tolerating women’s flakiness then they will
continue flaking on us. Do you really want to continue wasting 1 or maybe 2 days of your life on a
woman who flaked on you?
The people spreading these garbage beliefs are probably Nice Guys who value women more than
their own time and self – worth. These Nice Guys are so externally dependent for approval and re-
assurance that they demand us to agree that it is okay to deal with flakes. But it is NEVER okay to
deal with flakes because Life is too short and we only live once! She is only a woman; she is not a
Goddess no matter how beautiful she is. But Nice Guys are too needy. Nice Guys are either too
needy for attention, affection or sex that they make excuses to elevate the woman to a Goddess
level. This chumpy, doormat - ish sort of behavior is representative of a Nice Guy’s neediness. Kill
the desperation and you will kill the Nice Guy.
The tactic of flipping the script on flaky women may give relief to your AFC’s frustration but that’s all
it does: “Temporary Relief” and the Illusion of an Achievement. Notice that he is no longer frustrated
but still remaining a chump/dupe. There is no such thing as perfection but it is never right to make
excuses and rationalize mediocrity.

It’s not about you. It is about how you present yourself. So what if you’re not rich? You can still
present yourself as a rich person to her without actually being rich. Just as the same way as you
would present yourself to be friendly and funny without actually changing your personality. It is all
about acting and presentation. When we say you got to have good looks, we didn’t exactly mean you
have to be physically good – looking, what we mean by what we said was that you got to find a way
to present yourself as good – looking or at least make her feel she is with a good looking guy.
GENETIC DESIRIBILITY. This is a form of cheating.
This girl I met was so ugly physically, she got small breast, had a very dark skin with lots of pimples
and was also fat and yet still I fell in love with her. What was her secret?
The secret about her was with her “acting as a beautiful girl” even though she wasn’t beautiful.
Introspectively I ask myself, why would I fall in love with an ugly girl who acts as if she is beautiful?
There I discovered the very simple principle that feelings are like memories and they can be
associated and/or summoned at will. You see, each of us has a memory associated with certain
objects, or in my case with certain people, our brain doesn’t only remember pictures or sounds but
also of our feelings. Now, these feelings(sexual) seem to have been connected to how a “beautiful
girl” acts’, so now even if I would be confronted by an ugly girl who acts as a beautiful girl then I
would still have the same feelings as I would to a beautiful girl. Playgirls call this tactic the Beauty
Queen Act. This is known as the principle of association in psychology. Emotions are just like
memories and just like memories they are processes which are stored in your mind and can be
summoned forth and directed at will. That is the basis of hypnotism! Dummy!

Catching women is like catching fish. You cannot catch a fish on an empty ocean. You can not catch
a girl if there is no girl around. That is simple logic. If you want to have fishes around, you either
throw a bait or go to an area where there are lots of fish. Same rules apply to women.

Pool of women or OPTIONS refers to the availability of women in your life. To lessen your fear of
loss and rejection always have a pool of women around you by dating a lot of women may it be
through picking-up strangers, Online, T.V., radio or even through networking with people you know.
This is also the reason why a habitual dater is so successful with getting girls. This is the reason why
you should date at least 1 or more women everyday for a year or more until you have a steady
stream of women. Anything done everyday for 1 year will become a habit. Just keep it a secret okay.

Conversational Skills – refers to your verbal interaction, rhetoric, flow, rap, chaps, spitting game or
whatever else you like to call it.

Subcommunication - also referred to as language compartmentalization, other names include

womanese, secret language, subcontextual messaging.

Another trick is mirroring. Mirroring is a subtle seduction trick you can use to get her to be more
comfortable and thus more receptive to your commands. This also, helps you, to; establish a
connection with her thoughts and feelings on a subconscious level. Being subtle is the key for this to

I saw in a movie once wherein a child with his older sister was feeding their goldfish and the young
child asked his older sister, “How do you know if a fish eats fish food? Are you a fish? This got me
thinking, what if I could also apply this way of thinking in getting women? Then I realized, the same
way of thinking can also - indeed - be applied when it comes to getting laid with women. A lot of guys
have such massive fear of rejection that they reject themselves before giving a chance for the girl to
reject them. They make rationalizations or excuses for not approaching a girl like “I am tired”, “she is
too ugly for me”, “I didn’t bring condoms”, “I am not properly dressed”, “She has a boyfriend”, “I am
still too nervous”, “I am busy” but these are all stupid rationalizations you give to yourself when you
fear rejection. Thereby, self – fulfilling their own fearful thought patterns and causing themselves to
have absolutely zero chance with women. A woman should reject you! Not yourself, Goddamn it!
How do you know if a fish eats fish food? Are you a fish? Why are you rejecting yourself? Are you a

I do not worry because it feels much better thinking positively about success and then getting
rejected than to feel really bad and then get rejected. If you were to choose among the two actions
then I like to think of a positive outcome because it makes me feel good and I would do the best I
can to save every last second of feeling good before any bad outcome. “The lesser evil” is better. It
is just the way I am. It is really just way, way much better to feel good than feeling bad and one way
of doing this is by relaxation and positive visualization.

Avoid compliments as much as possible with beautiful women as they will think you’re a loser Nice
Guy who is trying hard to make her want you. As what I have said, it’s not about you but how you
present yourself that determines how she would act and feel towards you. Acting Nice and trying
hard to impress a girl is what ugly guys do so basically you’re associating yourself with ugly guys
and therefore you will receive a reaction that women only give to ugly guys. No wonder why Nice
Guys always fail! Nice guys are not ugly physically; they are just guys who act like ugly guys
therefore by way of associating “You” with what she feels with ugly guys and relating it to you then
she also would feel disgust towards you. A compliment is seldom okay when the timing is right. Act
like a handsome guy and you will be treated as a handsome guy. There is an alternative method but
it is more offensive, which is treating a beautiful girl as if she is ugly and she will feel like she is ugly
thus you would become handsome in her eyes. Same way how Bad Boys act. Bang! Surprise!

Timing is also another important factor in determining the winner of any given situation or war. What
is the secret to making a baby? Timing! Yes, that’s right, you can not get her pregnant when she is in
menopause or when she still hasn’t had her first ovulation and there are times in a month when a girl
is just isn’t fertile. My point is no matter how good your tactics are if delivered at the wrong time then
it won’t work. Seduction is like baking; you can not whip the flour, add sugar, throw it in the oven and
then beat the eggs after it is cooked. There should be a sequence just like in sexual arousal, first
excitement then plateau and finally orgasm and resolution. Phases of courtship or mating rituals do
exist you know.

Case Study: In 1st year high school, I notice an average girl being surrounded with so many guys, I
could not understand why or how she was doing it. Was she the one making the first moves? Or
were the guys doing the first moves? So I observe and analyze her behaviors and found out she was
actually making these so called first moves by giving fake indicators of interest to lure insecured
dumb men. I copied and tested her techniques and found out that it works just as fine with girls;
unfortunately, it does only good to attract mostly ugly insecured girls. I also notice that all the guys
were surrounding her, chasing her and following her, the funny thing is, she ended up falling in love
with me in spite of all the other guys orbiting her. I was the only one different, the only one immune
to her tricks. She was busy throwing hints and signals to me but I keep ignoring them and I still
stayed disinterested and aloof, she found it as a challenge. She became sexually attracted, she
started wanting to kiss me and be close to my entire being but I still remained distant. She’s now
ready to relieve her sexual tension so she lured my attention by flaunting her sexy ass which got me
thinking in the right direction. She waited patiently but can’t resist any longer. She was taken away
by the great display of power and manly aura. She wants to feel my body, her mind is so twisted,
cute looks can be deceiving, she ask me if wanted to get wet? I said, yes and she guided me on a
tour of the city, we ate, we’ve watched movies and she paid for it all. Until we arrive at her house and
had the best sex ever! Game theory states that you have to win over the pawn first before you can
engage and win over the king or queen so as to deflate an already inflated ego of a queen but
anyone you’ve given interest in a group instantly becomes a queen to her social circle, in this
manner; attracting all of the ugly girls will eventually attract the queen female. Attacking the Queen
Female would be a mistake as you would be block by her jealous ugly pawns. This is the foundation
in opening a set. These pawns are known as worker bees or in playgirl terminology as a safety friend
or guards. Disarm the obstacle first before working on the target. This is also known as the “divide
and conquer” strategy by Sun Tzu’s Art of War. This is also a simple yet effective application of
group pressure taken from the principles of social psychology and group dynamics.

If, however Nice Guys do get a chance to be sexual: The Nice Guys lack enough experienced with
women to understand that women “arouse” way, way, more slowly than men so Nice Guys rush
things sexually all too sudden exhaustively, instead of incrementally accelerating the sexual phase
by comfortably leading at the right time and this gets them rejected by women because in a female
mate selection criterion, sexual experience/adeptness is also equated as attractiveness in a
subconscious biological level because a man who is able to arouse a woman and stimulate her to
orgasm signals that he does have past experience of other females. This tells her that other women
have also found him attractive enough to allow intercourse. The more effectively he stimulates her,
the more experienced he should be - and hence the greater the number of women who have so far
found him to be attractive, this therefore continues a self – driving upward spiral of success with
other women. Women are genetically hard wired to select the most worthy gene for propagation and
this entails women to only want a guy who has been found to be attractive to a lot of women
because having a lot of women is interpreted as High Quality therefore attractive.

Negation is another excellent tactic. Negation is actually a sales and marketing tactic now being
employed as a Pick – up tool you can use on girls to negate their resistance or reluctance. This is
also known by other names such perceived attribution, psychological alignment, identity interjection,
cognitive congruence, internal model, sexual introjections, “framing”, reverse product positioning or
“positioning”. Salesmen have been using this technique to destroy any objection on the part of the
customer. In this case you can use this to negate any resistance she might have in having sex with
you. An example of this would be a salesman tearing a small portion of the contract after the
contract has been sign and would say “Ma’am I think this might be the wrong product for you, I think
I should just find a better product for you and the customer says No, no, no it is okay, I want that
thing. So what happens is, she is now the one convincing you that she wants to buy the product. The
customer can not offer resistance because you are, already resisting yourself. We are our best
persuaders. In psychology, it is called reverse psychology or acting the opposite of your true
intentions. Repressing our thoughts isn’t natural and causes what is called, “a psychic disturbance”;
this psychic disturbance phenomenon is cause by our anti – repression mechanisms in our biological
circuitry. In an evolutionary perspective, there was a time wherein, men didn’t
restrain themselves. When we were cavemen, we were very uninhibited and
fuck any girl we desired but environments have change so fast, populations
have grown immensely. Society adapted and place restraints on our urges so
as to protect the overall survival of our species from starving and
overpopulation, they’ve organized religion, they’ve place social restrictions on
our natural drives, unfortunately, our genes haven’t adapted yet. We are
following an outdated biological programming. To mean, our mind has been
programmed to fulfill every urge we feel and punish any attempt to repress
our desires, we refer to this design as the “Anti – Repression Mechanism”.
This is the reason why they say forbidden things are desirable and we only
want what we can not have. This is also the reason why people fall in love
even more as we push people away during break-up and tell them to love
somebody else because the moment they repressed their feelings, our anti –
repression mechanism kicks in and starts to punish them and makes them in-
love with you even more. Bad Boys push people away constantly and Bitches
reject people frequently thereby triggering this anti – repression mechanisms
and causes greater attraction. This is another reason why Bad Boys always
gets to fuck girls.

Men have a desire to penetrate; women have a desire to get penetrated. They feel sexual attraction
to anyone that makes them feel penetrated. Their sex drive is correlated to their feeling of being
penetrated. The secret to animal magnetism therefore is to make her feel like she is being
penetrated and penetration doesn’t only mean genital penetration but penetration of her inner being,
her essence(mind, body and emotions). Shutting down the human part of your brain and just letting
the animal part of your brain run can make you connect with her on a deeper animal level, that my
friend, is called “Animal Magnetism”. This part of the brain is the most difficult to override even
through the use of reason or by emotion. Remember laws don’t exist for hungry people and morality
doesn’t exist when you are extremely horny. Horniness is the only emotion that can challenge fear
and also, “No thinking is better than negative thinking” so when you’re not thinking then you let the
horniness override the fear.

If you feel confident and sexy then your body will naturally portray that but if you do not feel confident
and sexy then use your body to portray those traits. It is another matter of .faking it until you make it.
You can actually fool your mind into thinking that you are confident and sexy by adopting a confident
and sexy pose.

Pleasure Maximization through “Physiological Response Facilitation” – refers to the manipulation of

physiological states to amplify/enhance already existing emotional or mental states. This book is
literally littered with so many riddles but this time I will give an example like “Sex in Public” for
instance; the fear of getting caught coupled with the intense physiological arousal that accompanies
such event will undoubtedly amplify/elevate the pleasure when the two of you are having sex! In
Hypnotism, this is called perception stacking or overlapping realities. In the scientific community, this
is also called as the accidental activation of the sympathetic nervous system.

You know what the problem is with Nice Guys? Nice guys judge beautiful women as all too perfect,
too early, neglecting their personality traits and treating them as God’s. They don’t, can not or will
not understand that not all beautiful women are good or attractive. Some women are just living
dead, cold, frigid, stone – hearted chemically imbalance bitches. It is important that you must
totally get to know their worth before allowing them to have your attention or affection.
“A girl would rather kill a Nice Guy than to die from boredom.”

The principle of association in psychology can be use in many instances so I could never fully
emphasize the importance of this tool in getting your penis inside a girls’ vagina.
The basis for behavioral modification is reward and punishment or specifically operant conditioning.
This is by using guided (preferably positive) reinforcements to direct her behavior to a specific
outcome. The basis for social control is also reward and/or punishment.

A short anecdote to explain the levels of seductive mastery:

“A true sword master uses no sword. A true master seducer doesn’t use any tactic, tricks or
techniques to fuck the girl” Verbatim by: Diego Manuel Ouano Montenegro

Once upon a time, I met a sword master and saw him fighting several thousands of enemies
without using a sword. So I ask him “Why do you not use a sword if you are truly a sword master?
And he said “Why should I? I was perplexed at first by his response and in doubt I challenge his skill
and superiority by asking him, if you truly are a sword master then you can teach me how to fight
with a sword. Then he said go ask the sword to teach you for only the willing will learn the ways of
the sword. Once the sword will speak up to you then you should know the fourth type of sword and
then and only then will I tell you the answer to your question. I only got even more confused at his
response but anyway I proceeded to just try for the heck of it. Anyway, nothing of harm comes from
trying and only the curious have something to find. So, I bought a sword, an ordinary Japanese
Katana and then I just stared at it and wondered how the sword might be able to speak up. I tried
asking the sword how to handle him or her for that matter but no words would come out of the
sword. So instead I just played with it, slashing and piercing at stuff. I keep practicing sword handling
until eventually I got the hang of it. I was getting so good at it that I finally manage to master it. Not
contented by it, I decided to take on another type of sword, a Broad sword. Only this time I tried
practicing it on a different setting to see if the same principles of handling an ordinary sword will still
apply. I tried handling it on a cliff, on top of a house, on a moving horse and even underwater and
found out the basic dynamics of the sword movements, I keep repeating the successes of the trial
and error and learnt from my mistakes. Soon, I had mastered it. I decided to take on another
challenge of mastering another sword, a flat, thin, flexible sword, eventually I still manage to master
the sword. I have mastered all three types of sword except the fourth. I keep thinking what the fourth
type of sword was but nothing could come out of mind. I decided to take a rest and give up. After a
few days I was called on service to protect my kingdom. There, I was with my katana, slicing through
my enemies like bean curd. I went out victorious on our battle, went home and doze to sleep.
Suddenly, a person who who’d gain my trust and friendship entered into my quarters and stole my
swords to prepare my army for an ambush. I was unaware he actually was a spy of my enemies. By
dawn, we were attack. I looked for my swords but I couldn’t find any. A soldier fought with me and I
barely got out alive. I lost my arms in the battle. In such hatred, I am determining to seek revenge
but I no longer had arms. How could I possibly take revenge when I couldn’t use any weapon? Still,
determine to seek revenge, I experimented for several years with whatever I can use as a weapon..
Instinctively, as a swordsman I experimented using a small branch of a tree as a small stick for a
replacement of a sword and still prove it to be effective. I continued practicing until I finally achieved
perfection; I could now use anything as a sword. I finally understood what the master meant in
saying that there is a fourth type of sword. The fourth type of sword was using no sword at all. The
greatest game is having no game at all. In seducing women the best strategy is really not to use any
strategy or any other tricks and tactics you might otherwise find in this book. You can only say that
you have graduated from being a beginner seducer to a master seducer when you have finally stop
using all the techniques you learn in this book like hypnotism and stuff. These are only tools and
should never be use to replace the real thing. The secret to fucking a girl (for free) is inside of you
and you just have to go figure it out for yourself.
*Psycho – Emotional Reconstitution is an original idea by Diego Manuel Montenegro

Women are always finding ways to get a man to be emotionally involved or at least be committed in
some way or another and one secret way of getting a person to be emotionally involved or at least
make them think they're in love with you is to occupy their thoughts; basically constantly thinking
about someone naturally attaches our emotional endeavor solely upon only one person. This entails
larger involvement/commitment ratio relative to your capacity at which you can stretch your interest
and this constant forced interest/investment traps us further in an exhaustive, addictive cycle of
augmenting involvement. This is a similar theme repeating across all platforms of seduction. This
also desensitizes our collected negative emotions and shifts it to a more stable positive emotion
through the process we call as “Psycho – Emotional Reconstitution” as part of our physiological
programming thus we associate the congregated feelings we feel with that person with our current
positive emotions. Another reason is that we have been conditioned by society to think that if we
keep thinking about a certain person then it means we are falling in love and in effect we have
calibrated ourselves to believe and act out according to what society wants us to conform. An
example of this advanced playgirl tactic would be when the girl tries to extract different kinds of
investments by making you constantly think of her such as:

 Social Investments – She will somehow find a way for you to get involved with her friends
and family. Forming new relationships is risky expenditure and any kind of expenditure
especially dangerous ones are a form of investment. Taking risk is an investment.

 Mental Investments – She will get late, stand you up or borrow things only to return it at a
later time or taking care of her pets or asking you to wake her up at a certain time or anything
that will cause you to think of her frequently for prolong periods of time.

 Emotional Investments – She will make you tell your feelings, secrets, vulnerabilities
basically your whole identity so that you will at least be attached at some level, which is a
requirement for further physical intimacy for her. In other words, there is no way to bypass
this route. You have to make the girl feel emotional connection. She has to feel that you are
attached to her at some level. It is a pre-requisite for sex because even though
contraceptives are already available, she still has innate instincts to protect herself from
having to single-handedly endure 9 months of painful child bearing and 18 years of child
raising implanted in her neurological mating circuitry. The only exception is if you two are
taking drugs and/or other neuro-chemically altering devices.

 Financial Investments – She will frequently ask for gifts, money and other stuff.

 Physical/ Energy Investments – She will make you do lots of physical labor like carrying stuff,
chores, physical challenges with other guys and even really, really rough sex.

 Time Investments – The playing hard to get part of the mating dance.

“Either way it is forcing you to artificially invest, care and take

Our investment attaches us to our interest artificially or naturally. This also creates deep, heavy
feelings of betrayal that can be misinterpreted as love. Any kind of deep, heavy feeling can be
misinterpreted as love and be rationalize and reinforce later on as true love. Guilt is an example of a
heavy feeling, emotional pain is also another example of another heavy feeling and sometimes some
inexperience, less intelligent players misinterpret the pain they feel when their unfaithful bitches
break – up with them as falling in love. Do not ever fall for this misinterpretation. I had once been
given a heart shape sticker stuck to my identification card that reminded me of her, the identification
card hung around my neck all day, so she constantly got inside of my mind and I almost fell in love
with her but I knew that it was artificially induced so I removed any remembrance. Delete Her in your
Mind, and you will also be able to Delete the Emotions. Remember There are different types of
memory and each memory can be anchored to anything; one of these memories is called an
“Emotional Memory” and memories are only in our minds so emotions are also only in our mind!
(And also with the help of our hormones, emo - kinetic memory and implicit memory, feelings can
virtually be stored for a lifetime). This is also known as “modified thought binding”. But I am not going
to further elaborate the topic because this is not a discussion.

Too many Nice Guys are operating under the self defeating presumption that establishing a
relationship with a single mommy as opposed to simply having sex with a girl and then moving
on to the next girl is the way to go.
The Nice Guys proliferating this garbage of a mindset are usually guys who; likely have no
options so when a single mommy finds a Nice Guy, she feigns interest in them. These morons
suddenly think they've won the lottery but anyone who has been with a lot of girls for a long time
knows that this is just a game; a set of manipulative devices design to chain any Nice Guy into
foolishly committing their resources. (time, attention, effort, money). Anyone with a ton of
experience with women understands how women are supremely capable of hiding their ulterior
agenda and can make malevolence look innocent. Malevolence that of being a user is something
women have mastered doing for ages. When 11 year old girls were busy sucking the penis of 20
year old college guys, you, as an 11 year old boy were busy playing basketball and computer
games. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? And now you are running to me asking for help! How
dare you?

Then they advocate us to go along and agree that having a relationship with such a woman(single
mother) is a good thing for them. They do this because they have very serious doubts about it
being a good thing for them and want those doubts relieve by us patting them on the back and
reassuring them to go for it. And we can't do that because it’s not a good thing for them and it
never will be. Almost any guy that makes an excuse for why he settled for a single mommy has
no game. Period.
No attractive guy can even begin to consider hooking up with this type of woman unless the
single mommy literally won above the rest of the pack. She would have to be a truly exceptional
woman and prove herself over long periods of time for a guy who has options to even consider
having a relationship with her, much less marrying her.

Women who are single mothers are damaged goods with baggage because they have been hurt by men before
and are more distrustful and thus are more vengeful at men, turning their hatred at any guy who tries to be
close with them. Single mothers who have children are more challenging and difficult compared to women
who have no children because their children is always their priority and this distracts them from ever getting
emotionally involved with anyone. A relationship with a single mother is like having a relationship with a
cheating, deceitful woman but only this time the competing rival is a ghost, an “artificially generated
competition”. This is an unfair starting circumstance that obliges, “you”, to give an “unreasonably” greater
investment on your part as a man without receiving the benefit of sex, which you, rightly, are supposedly to
receive therefore, a single mother, is considered as low quality.
A note about mystery: It is not just about intriguing a girl but lessening the psychological and emotional
investment you are going to place when opening up to her. It is okay to give girls answers or information as
long as she is giving more information about herself rather than you to her.

Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior because If you are constantly being mistreated,
you’re cooperating with the treatment. Seducing a playgirl is like charming a cobra, as long as you
play the flute in a certain way that moves her rhythmically to the sound of the beat then it’s all fun but
at the moment you miss a beat then she is back to being a poisonous cobra. Avoid playgirls at all
cost! Keep your sound on, even as little as a whisper in the distance, turn around!. Know the signs
and protect yourself. Dump them immediately! “Don’t ever settle for anything less than the best for
yourself because life only deserves the best.” It is not being cruel or selfish. It’s your damn life and
you will live it the way you want it, as a man, Right or wrong, see fit, HAS to be YOUR WAY
because you will never be happy any way else.
I have read and practiced thousands of player moves and styles to find a common theme, collect,
analyze experiment, merge, refine and enhance these techniques to a completely new level. I am
Alchemystic, I have inside me alpha genes, I have no rival, no one can be my equal. Winning girls all
the time… Yeah!

Cognitive Congruence states that superstitious attribution about us occurs because our thinking
should be consistent with our actions thus; we subconsciously designate perceive attributes to
ourselves. This is also known as the consistency and commitment principle. An example of this
would be asking her if she likes surprises and if she says she does then give her a surprise kiss
immediately. Refute by saying, Oh, I thought you like surprises. Alternatively, saying to a girl “Oh!
You’re having an orgasm so that must mean you are attracted to me, you are, aren’t you?” The girl
thus also perceives the idea to be true because the idea is congruent with her actions.

Never ask advice from women because they are terrible at giving advice.
They will only give you a road map on becoming a relationship material
plus they are very protective of their own species (I mean gender) so
they will only give gender safe advice that won’t harm their female
A man’s good physical attributes will get him an easier audition with women but only an AUDITION!

You don’t need to be a genius in order to fuck a girl. All you need to know is how to get your penis
inside a girl’s vagina? Hell yeah! You don’t even need to make her fall in love with you to fuck her.
You can fuck her, without her even having the faintest feelings for you. It’s not that complicated
really. You just need to have an open mind. Scan my book for further information.

Visualization is another technique you can use to know exactly what to do and what to say to women
and to gain the much needed confidence to pick them up. Visualization is not magic, witchcraft,
supernatural, hocus – pocus or anything. The basis of its effectivity comes from the principle of
subconscious autogenic process meaning the subconscious part of your brain is now handling the
previously conscious functions of your brain like asking a girl out, talking to her or making her fall in
love with you. What this does, is to remove a substantial processing burden in your conscious brain
and place it in the subconscious mind as an “automated motor response” thus making the processes
in the conscious part of our brain to run smoother. You see, our brain is like a computer, it has a
processing chip(neocortex), a hard drive(temporal lobe and other auxiliary lobes for long and short
term memory or cache), a RAM or random access memory could be related to the total electrical
impulses in our brain, and a swap file(the cerebellum). In a computer, a swap file is to address the
limitations of RAM. When a computer overloads with too much memory to process in its’ RAM; it
uses an extended memory processing system known as a “swap file” (pagefile). Our brain does the
same thing but unlike a computer, it can only use this part of our brain through repetition. If an act is
repeated frequently then it is dump to the subconscious part of our brain and becomes a habit. This
is also the basis of cognitive insight also known as intuition. My point in telling you all this is to make
you realize that you can turn everything into a habit. Nail biting, getting good grades, brushing your
teeth and even being successful with women can be turn into a habit. A way of doing this would be
to make a date with 1 or more girls everyday for at least 1 year until it becomes a habit. Sooner or
later without thinking, women will be madly falling all over you for you. This also helps you to feel
lonely as being alone for such a long time has made you numb to feelings of loneliness and this is
important as part of your self – growth and healing. Have you ever wondered why some people
always have girls and money while others have none? It is about maintaining a habit of abundance.
This is what we refer to as “havingness”. This is the secret to maintaining abundance, prosperity or
success to any part of your life. I ounce had a female friend who beg me to stay as a friend to her; I
ask her, “Why are you afraid to lose me as a friend? Then she answered because I would feel lonely
if I would lose you or even any one of my friends. I ask why and she said because I am used to
having lots of friends. To me, losing a single friend is already equivalent to losing a hundred people
and I quickly feel lonely. I am used to it. It has been a habit of mine.” From her words, I gained
insight. First, sometimes people are so used to being alone that they no longer feel lonely and fear of
feeling lonely can help motivate you to gain more people. Second, anything can be turned into a
habit. Nail biting is a habit, brushing your teeth is a habit, getting good grades can be a habit,
masturbation can be a habit and so does having sex with a lot of gorgeous women can be turn into a
habit! (Note: It was actually this making dating into a habit advice that taught me how to pick – up
women before I even came to know what picking up women meant)
Other benefits of this making dating as a habit include losing fear of women, losing fear of rejection;
losing fear of the unknown and losing fear of perceive humiliation. In other words, “losing fear” and
fear is the only thing you should fear. Darn it! When I am giving advice here, I feel like I am prep
talking to a girl right before a stage play. If I continue all these inspirational prep talk then this entire
book would just be nothing more than a really expensive motivational guidebook. The idea of
visualization can be better summed up into a phrase “As you think, You shall become”.
I don’t even advice you to continue reading this book because it is a waste of time. Just stop reading
this book and go get a girl you dummy!

Being a pick – up artist is more of an attitude thingy than what you look. If you want to be a true pick
– up artist then you got to have the attitude that everyday is the last day you will ever have. Just be
playful, experiment and screw with all the social norms. When you have that attitude in you that
everyday is the last then you wouldn’t care anymore about rules or whatever people think about you.
You just do whatever, anything just to get laid. This is the basis for the crash and burn method
(Deliberate Rejection) that pick – up artist use to gain confidence in approaching girls. Use words to
get yourself deliberately rejected by women and eventually you will be de-sensitize and also gain
cognitive insight as well as being comfortable with rejection. It is just a matter of trial and error just
like the movie Groundhog Day. Think of it this way; if you give a girl diamonds, you still won’t be able
to have sex with her, if you tease her, insult her, make fun of her and be sexual with her, you still
won’t be able to have sex with her, BUT, which do you prefer? It still sure beats the alternative of
having to buy her a diamond necklace. If buying her a diamond necklace will not get you any sex
then you might as well opt for the contrary. This is the same as the ugly guy mind set. If I approach a
girl, I am still going to get rejected and if I don’t then same story, win or lose, so... I have nothing to
lose in whichever case so I might as well just do it because, “The greatest risk you can take in life is
not to risk it all”. This is the secret as to why some ugly guys succeed in getting women. A Win-win
Bad moods are infectious. Good moods are also infectious, therefore; Moods are infectious. The
person with the strongest mood can, by merely feeling that emotion can induced others to feel the
same way. The only requirement for you to get the girl horny is for you to feel the same way first and
dominantly hold unto it, until it also infects her state of mind. You don’t even need to be working with
her resistance because she will be so attracted to you that she will just let all those resistance and
fear collapse, but, you have to be in a relax and confident state for this to work. In a group meeting,
the most dominant person (CEO, Manager, President, Leader can infect the entire mood of his
subordinates at the end of the day just by merely feeling the emotion. The higher the social value of
a person, then feelings that will be induce will be more intense. In short, “Intensity of emotions
induced is directly proportional to the perceived value of a given person.”

The problems with most pick-up artist are that they have a beta mind-set; they are Nice Guys who
copy the moves of a Bad Boy or what we call as Alpha Males. They use scripted lines,
conversational patterns, memorize jokes and negation-hits. They go through life, not realizing that
they are merely copycats. Sure, they do get laid now, more often than they used to but still they are
still merely second-class losers. What is the difference between an insult and a neg-hit? Nothing!
Insults and Negation-hits work the same way by lowering the self – esteem of the girl, thus making
her feel more inferior and thereby appealing to the girls’ INSTINCTUAL ATTRACTION TRIGGER of
being attracted to someone superior to her and ultimately resulting in sex. This is the buttons that the
girls wanted you to push. In other words, pick-up artist are merely guys who imitate Bad Boys. The
true Alpha Males assume likeability (rapport), assume attraction (sex). That’s the secret of the
Naturals or Bad Boys. I have spent my entire life understanding women and now I have finally
understood what women want. This book is my entire life’s work.
*(In marketing, this is called “Assuming the Sale”)

Another trick to neutralize rejection is to rephrase your questions to a more open ended type of
questions. Most guys make the mistake of letting girls reject them easily by asking a simple yes or
no question and the outcome is pretty simple, the girl just says, no!, but if you ask a girl an open
ended question then you are making it hard for her to say no because the question can not be
answered with a yes or no like for example
A.) Can I have your cell number?  Wrong
B.) In what way can I contact you or are you just going to let this opportunity pass by knowing
you might lose your soul mate?  Right
The secret to manipulating a girl to do what you want is by not letting her know that you are actually
manipulating her. You have to make her feel like she is in control and that she has options. One way
of doing it would be through false choices or simply giving her the illusion of choice. In real life, we
actually don’t have a choice and choices are just illusions. We tend to make ourselves believe that
we have a choice when in fact, all this time; the path has been laid for us all along and how stupid of
us to have not known!
I have learn this technique from my sister when I was about to enroll for college, she gave me
leaflets and let me decide what course I was going to take but unknown to my knowledge, I really
had no choice in the first place, both choices were actually what she wanted me to take and I ended
up taking a course that she wanted me to take because I felt I had a choice, I felt I had power. Power
is just an illusion. The person who thinks he is in control is actually the one being controlled. (*Women
love men who can project power unto them not necessarily someone who has power.) There are lots of different kinds of illusions
or false perceptions. What is common between all these illusions or fakeness is their ability to
practically give the same effect as the real thing. Basically, anything can be falsely imitated or
recreated so aside from false time constraints and false choices we can also create a false social
proof or an illusion of a social proof. Use the art of making illusions to your advantage! I don’t need
to give practical examples just use your brain to figure it out. It is a cryptic advice. Besides, it would
add too many words to an already wordy book.
There are thousands of advice, ideas, theories, lies and exaggerations, even from the "experts", so
never follow anything blindly. Play-test it in the field first and see for yourself whether it works or not!
If it doesn’t work, re-evaluate it, modify it or simply drop it, experiment and try something else. Learn
from trial and error. If you are unsure of the information just ask yourself, “How do monkeys and
cavemen seduce their women? Always search for related information and triple check its’ veracity.

Each of us has a certain stretch of territory or barrier around us. Scientist calls it our personal space.
We only let people whom we trust and care about enter our personal space, most of us anyway. A
few inches or maybe even a few feet away from her is what you call as the “Outer stretch” or the
outskirts of her territory. Her skin is her mainland and her vagina, the Royal Sacred Shrine of her
palace. First you are set off as a tourist, still quite foreign to her then quickly move and become a
resident, before long you have gain her trust, you decide to explore and discover what treasures lie
hidden, then you enter her Sacred Shrine and awaits treasures beyond your wildest dreams. My
point in telling you this story is to teach you the principle of Compliance Escalation or in what
salesmen refer to as Foot in the door technique. A person who has complied with a minor request
will tend to comply with a major request. A salesman will hold his foot in the door and say how are
you ma’am? If the customer will answer to his question then the salesman knows she is receptive to
suggestions and thus proceeds to an even bigger request like buying his product. Same principle
applies to seduction, you slowly lean to a girl, testing to see if she lets you on her personal space
and if she does then you know you have a higher chance to get inside her vagina. You constantly
and repeatedly escalate suggestions until you reach your goal while at the same time applying
operant conditioning. Get closer and closer to her as she gets more receptive. Just do whatever
gimmick you can to be physically close to her because:
 Touching or getting physically close with someone initially demonstrates dominance or high
value and makes you attractive to a female.
 Touching can trigger “Physio - Social Metamorphosis” by fooling our body that we are being
exposed to high social interactions through touching and this in turn adapts our body to the
perceive false experience by elevating the hormonal levels especially our sex hormones thus
increasing our sex drives without us being aware as to why we are suddenly feeling excited
and horny. This changes a lonely grasshopper into a voraciously hungry and reproductively
active locust same goes with Humans because we have an undiscovered “Vestigial Gene”
that help us transform into a more social animal through a mechanism we call as “Physio -
Social Metamorphosis”. Keep touching a girl from morning until night and her hormonal
levels will skyrocket so high, she won’t even have any idea why she is having sex with you
by the end of the day. This research is the foundations of Tantric Sex, Sensate-Focus and
Bliss Caressing.
 Touching also helps stimulates and stretch connective tissues, a touch can improve
circulation to help prevent or break down adhesions.
 Touching also influences the excretion of certain toxic chemicals (Nitrogen, Phosphorous,
Chlorine, Sulphur) and excretions of these toxic chemicals maybe necessary for proper
tissue repair and orgasm.
 Touching is also a dependable way to get a sense of how she feels about you in a potentially
sexual context. You can then decide whether or not it’s worth continuing to pursue a
particular woman immediately so as you can save yourself a lot of wasted time and future
pain. If she is upset with you on a little non – offensive touching, then either she doesn’t like
you or is a cold, frigid bitch. Both way, dump her swiftly and go for the NEXT >>> prospect!

*The concept of an undiscovered “Vestigial Gene” is an original idea by: Diego Manuel Montenegro

Women INSTINCTIVELY feel sexual attraction to a man who is in the position of power and authority
or if a girl feels weak and helpless towards a guy then she will instinctively feel sexual attraction for
the guy. This is known as the natural biological trigger for sexual attraction in women. If men find
women with big breast as sexy, then showing a girl that you are in power will turn this trigger on and
make them feel sexually attracted to you instinctively. It has been known that women tend to rate
guys in authority or power as being more attractive because they have a higher survivability rate.
Unlike men, women tend to get attracted to men having a higher survivability rate rather than his
replicability rate. It is only now we understand that women actually subconsciously interpret this cue
for having superior genes and thus signal attraction. This is one of the reasons why women fall in
love with Bad Boys. Now, do you understand why they say women ask themselves, how will Nice
Guys ever survive in the real world? Even if Bad Boys are not in an obvious position of authority,
they still make women fall in love with them because they make women feel weak and helpless like
they are in no position to control the boy or themselves. Bad boys frequently insult women and level
them down to a lower status so this in turn would make Bad Boys appear as if they are in the high
position of power or authority without actually having to elevate their own position. This lowering of
confidence and status by “altered perception” usually produces an “Apparent Quality” and this
concept of apparent quality is the basis for much of the PUA’s game. Bad boys are unpredictable
which makes them difficult to control and again appear as apparently powerful to a woman. The
woman will also try to relieve her discomfort and pain with pleasure and in doing so; she has also
become receptive to advances of the Bad Boy in the form of sexual pleasure. Now, do you
understand why women say power is sexy? Have you ever heard women also say they love men in
uniform? They don’t exactly love men in uniform because they’re wearing the uniform but because
these men in uniform exude symbols of power and security which women find attractive and sexy.
When I said men in uniform, I meant Generals, Lieutenants, Police and the like but you don’t have to
be a 5 star rank general to get the women, you can project power in your own sense, in your own
way. You can be stronger, faster or older than her, smarter than her, be better than her in game and
sport competitions in any sense of the word or have a higher social status than her. There are many
forms of power, each with their own types and subgroups. My point is just to be in the position of
power. Have you ever wondered why women fall in love with older men? It wasn’t about their age or
maturity really, but it was because of their position of power that they present which comes from their
maturity, knowledge and experienced collected over the years, extensively higher, comparatively
more so than the guys who were in the same age group as that of the woman. He is not wise or
mature; he is just a guy who is old!

Some guys they just settle for what they can have and get married. I on the other, seek to discover
new truths, principles, methods, tactics and style to suit my life just the way I want it. I have to share
you a story about a time when my aunt gave me vegetables and I said I don’t want it! I want chicken
curry and then she said to me “Why would you look for something that you don’t have and isn’t
there? My answer => If I won’t look for something that I don’t have then if I don’t have money and
won’t look for money because it is not something that I have then how the hell am I supposed to
have money stupid? Same attitude apply to getting girls. Winners search for solutions to problems
that don’t even exist yet. I answer questions that haven’t been asked. I reverse engineer people’s
experience, analyze and convert it into an idea. Everything in this book has a hidden practical
application for people intelligent enough to decipher them.

For women to approach you, a plan or design or in marketing what we call as product
placement/positioning. You have to advertise yourself in a way that attracts the women you want.

Lightning Rod Method is a tool used to refer yourself to certain qualities that a girl likes without
actually directly describing yourself as to be that person. Just like a lightning rod, it takes a hit but the
hit isn’t direct so it becomes safer. Embedded presuppositions and Political Endorsements work in
the same way except this is more subtle. In psychology, it is also known as “Indirect Attribution”.
Same principle as Neuro – Linguistic Programming except much simpler. Our brain is biologically
hard wired to race thoughts a bit further. (This makes you indirectly elicit values) The lightning rod
method doesn’t only apply to conversations or storytelling; it can also apply through actions. An
example using the lightning rod method through actions would be: pretending to love children by
playing with them. This triggers them to interpret this signal as seeing a good father image
embedded in their subconscious mind and women always want to acquire a good quality father to
their children thereby, making them feel an urge to make you as a father to their offspring and when
a girl feels the urge to make you as a father to her future children then she also feels the urge to give
you her future offspring via sexual openness or by being sexually receptive thus, create instant
sexual attraction for you “indirectly”. In short, this is the “indirect method”.

I will not tell you to memorize specific techniques or patterns unlike other seduction gurus but I will
just give you an idea of the general social dynamics theory. This lightning rod effect is also why
women tend to get attracted to men who are committed to work, school or their own wives. It doesn’t
care what or who you are committed to, as long as a woman will sense it in you then she will be
attracted to you.

Omega Males climb the hierarchy by ganging together into an alliance in an attempt to topple a
stronger opponent and eventually, they, eliminate all other competitors who are better than them to
create this false perception of being the Alpha, I on the other hand just couldn’t care enough if I lose
women to other men because there is always a fresh supply of women for me. I have no defense
tactics like the little trick’s in competing or AMOGing other guys. I love to challenge myself and excel
beyond my own self. My only competitor is myself. That is an example of a true Alpha Attitude. If
they want to steal my women, then let them have them! I don’t care because I can get lots of other

Love is like a chess game, it’s over before it started but also looking in a positive side; seduction is
also like chess, “You practice perfectly until it is internalized in your subconscious mind”. Practice
doesn’t make perfect but perfect practice makes perfect.
This is also known as cognitive insight. Cognitive Insight is a learning product from previously
acquired experience. It is like seeing the future. Cognitive insight is what you need in learning how to
succeed with women. This is the reason why dumb experience chess players are better than genius
amateur chess players. Same thing goes with inexperience seducers and experienced seducers; the
more experienced seducers have this so called “smooth effect” or what they call as being “so

Most seduction books focus on what each seduction guru previously lacked so if they lack rapport or
a connection with a girl then they will focus on it. In my case I am a Nice Guy who got brainwash by
a female set of instructions and have internalize maternal values so I have no problem with rapport,
comfort or getting a girl to feel a connection and feel pair bonded so I am not going to focus much on
rapport, or establishing connections unlike the mistakes that many other seduction gurus make. My
focus here is sexuality and power.

Sometimes, for women: Drive, Ambition, and the will to SURVIVE and succeed is more important
than the actual money or wealth itself and most women are contented with a man who is financially
stable and is willing to give a woman, the financial access to these resources. Sometimes the intent
or thought is more important than the gift itself.

Instinct of Conformity – Humans are biologically hard wired in a mammalian level to follow a herd or
a trend. Examples of this is paying for a bus fee, when you reach out to pay, suddenly people
unconsciously follow. Another example is fashion trends, culture, tradition, or friendster, myspace,
facebook and other band wagon type of popular culture. These are all related things: bandwagon
effect, observational learning or co-dependency instinct except much more difficult to override.
Instinct of Replication – Humans are also biologically hard wired in an animal level to replicate, so it
is not only guys that have sex drive but women as well. Women have this conspiracy to fool you
otherwise. The difference is in how it is manifested and directed.

In the more primitive animal kingdom, a male peacock displays its’ tail feathers to attract a mate. The
more colorful and larger its’ tail feathers are, the more attractive a male peacock is to the female
hen. The tail feathers of a peacock are called as attraction triggers. We humans don’t have tail
feathers but we have an attraction trigger equivalent to a peacock’s tail feather, which we call
“Intelligence”. Unfortunately, Intelligence has been narrowly and wrongly defined as Intellectual
Quotient or I.Q. This misconception of intelligence is making people confuse about what they can do
to become intelligent, and how they can display intellectual value to attract women. Intelligence
doesn’t only refer to cognitive abilities like memory, creativity, problem solving or analytical power.
Intelligence has various forms like spatial intelligence (3D or 2D), musical intelligence, mathematical
intelligence, lingual intelligence(verbal and non - verbal), cognitive intelligence (logic, memory, linear
or abstract analysis), social intelligence (inter and intra - social), kinesthetic intelligence ,Resource
Intelligence(material or human), sensory intelligence (Note: Some people have superb taste buds
and olfactory functions), Intuitive Intelligence (primitive clairvoyance or creative forethought) and
even Emotional intelligence. Women’s choices are as varied as the stars in the universe.

 Spatial Intelligence – refers to the ability to visualize 2 or 3 dimensional objects in their mind
in the most extreme detail.

 Musical Intelligence – refers to the ability to memorize, understand and express music as a
picture in their minds or vice versa. This is also known as the ability to paint words or sounds
through music.

 Mathematical Intelligence – refers to the ability to count or calculate numbers, objects and
even space. They see the world as one big Matrix of numbers.

 Lingual Intelligence – refers to the ability of a person to quickly and effectively learn to
communicate through various languages may it be verbally or through body language.
Average humans can learn up to 7 different languages but people with lingual intelligence
are estimated to be capable in learning up to 40 – 90 languages. But lingual intelligence
does not only refer to the verbalize part of communication. Some people can even express
language and emotions through the body. The law of comparative advantage states that you
can enhance your mathematical intelligence, advantageously, comparatively by using the
lingual part of your brain when solving math problems because this lingual part of your brain
has a comparatively higher advantage over using the less developed mathematical part of
the human brain therefore, can produce a “comparatively” higher processing power and
larger relative output. This is a practical example of an economic principle applied in real life
but I am just inserting it here as a tribute to the information that my older sister gave me.
Thanks to Lourdes Montenegro. Whoever originated that idea is a genius and only another
genius can recognize a genius.

 Cognitive Intelligence – this refers to our ability to memorize, understand, and connect
information relative to its’ practical, theoretical or creative use. This is generally known as
 Social Intelligence – refers to the ability of an individual to effectively understand, connect,
influence and interact with different people in different situations. Another type of social
intelligence is called Intra – social intelligence or the heightened sense of awareness of
one’s self in the area of thoughts, feelings or bodily functions. Emotional Intelligence falls
under this category but is separated due to its’ unique focus on emotions and its’ functioning.

 Kinesthetic Intelligence – refers to body movements including dexterity, agility, strength,

speed and coordination. (Examples: Sports, Athletic Games, Martial Arts, Theatrical Arts,
and even as simple as Walking). Women love athletes because they display kinesthetic
intelligence as well as health and endurance. When I say endurance, think of it this way,
“When women find you as having massive endurance, they usually think of endurance in
terms of love making endurance/capabilities” Now you know!

 Resource Intelligence – refers to the ability to effectively utilize money and human resources.

 Sensory Intelligence – refers to the heightened sensitivity of taste, sight and smell. This is
also known as the super human phenomenon wherein some people can sense the presence
of a person or objects several kilometers away. Some people can distinguish different
ingredients just by the scent of a food. Some people can hear sounds beyond the normal
auditory spectrum.

 Intuitive Intelligence – refers to the ability to plan, organize and even predict future
outcomes. Our mind has an innate ability to guess in advance any missing information. Our
mind tends to fill in the blanks and race ahead of our current observations. The quicker the
assumptions are, the faster the intuition. This is also seen in our ability to see and predict
patterns either through experience or knowledge.

 Emotional Intelligence – refers to the ability to understand, manage, express and influence
emotions of self and others.

Unfortunately, Intelligence is not enough, since intelligence is just one of the replicability factors that
signal high value. There are other factors of attraction to consider and replicability value is just one
of the two factors to create attraction. Another attraction trigger is “survivability value” referring to
ones’ ability to live long enough to propagate or at least an ability to live long enough to learn to
replicate. Some of these values differ in importance based on gender. Men tend to respond visually
to cues for health and fertility (large breast, wide hips and youthfulness) Women tend to respond to
survivability value like “relative social intelligence” (power *in every context of the word), “survivability
resources” (wealth), “survivability behavioral programming” (aggressiveness, dominance,
confidence, and persistence), environmental survivability (symmetry, size, agility, dexterity, motor-
sensory acuity and physical strength). A deep sexy voice of a man that women find attractive is a
“replicability value”, which signals the opposite sex as to the condition of a man’s full sexual
development, but of course these are not absolute, all-encompassing, black and - white truths.
Rather, we are speaking in terms of tendencies and popular preferences. Exceptions exist but are
very rare. In other words, it means women’s preferences are affected by the “cost and benefits” of
survival and replicability. Pain of the cost and the pleasure of the benefits motivate us to behave in a
certain way. Bravery also conveys power, which is then interpreted as “High Status” to women
because powerful men can be courageous due to the strength, and power they can draw on at their
disposal anytime. Powerful men are fearless because their power secures them from danger! To
Project Bravery is to Exude Power. Exude Power = Create Attraction.
All of these replicability traits have been developed to so great an extent [because] of a natural
physiological outcome of mate selection to select costly displays of attractiveness, plumage or
sexual ornamentation as an indicator of surplus strength, vitality, and growth-power for relative
advantages of such taste to confer. (Note: Growth power also refers to the growth power of
neurons). Why? To get the highest chance in passing on their genes by selecting the best possible
mating candidate, this is usually someone who exudes vast surplus of health and power. (Note:
Power in this book also refers to the power to survive and replicate) However, some statistical
anomalies do exist.

We tend to assess the intensity of our emotion by the amount of attention and importance we place
in a certain person, object or situation. Therefore, people with higher survivability and replicability
value produce more intense emotions in women. If the intensity of our emotions lowers our value
relative to that of which we feel our intense emotions….. , could we assume that if we can achieve
lesser emotional intensity relative to the other person through decreasing the person’s importance
and if this is True, could we also assume that we will be perceive as having higher value relative to
the other person if we are more unaffected by their actions or reactions? The answer is yes! Does
this mean we have to be emotionless or robotic to be perceived as having higher relative value? No,
it just means we have to remain unaffected by other people (calmness) and maintain self – control
(power) by diminishing the importance of a given stimulus (women). This is done by giving more
importance to ourselves instead of what others think (self – approval). We can do this by believing
more in our own value and worthiness of respect (confidence). Nice Guys produce little or no
emotional intensity in women (boring). Why do women consider Nice Guys as low value? Go figure!

Impressions are made in only 3 seconds. You have only 3 seconds to convey the right first
impressions to a girl. This is very important as first impressions last forever. This is also the reason
for the 3 second rule. The 3 second rule implicitly states that if you don’t make a move within 3
seconds then you are going to lose the girl either through appearing insecured, nervous and creepy
or you will be caught up with so much over-thinking that you will lose courage and end up
rationalizing an excuse as to why you could not approach her. Hesitation signals fear and fear
demonstrates low value. Women can and will only categorize their impressions of a boy as either
friend or lover. If you fail to imprint a sexual lover image in her head then you are going to be stuck
as a friend even if she decides to have sex with you. She will still think of you as a friend even if you
two get married. So, do not miss the opportunity, PUSH THE BUTTON right then and there
immediately within 3 seconds, you must make the right sexual “first impression” and let her know
before she gets the wrong idea and go or you going to miss the freak that she hides within her. But if
you do make the sexual lover impression on her, then you will have sex with her with no exceptions,
no excuses and/or no matter the circumstance or reason. This is where I formulated the overt sexual
strategy in seducing women. This is the basis why being sexual despite being a Nice Guy gets you
to have sex with them. Covert Seduction is easier but this is way more fun. This is also called the
Grand Master Style approach of seduction, tis’ a more direct approach. This will only work with
extreme overt sexuality with Nice Guy wussy traits like being nice and apologetic. This is the best
form of seduction to use if you are suffering from the Nice Guy syndrome. It is a fast primitive non –
hypnotic form of seduction. This was actually demonstrated in the movie American Pie. This is just
an alternative strategy. (*In order for you to convey the right first impression you need to control the conversation and the interaction.)
There are different styles or methods for different situations and people. What might be a good
method in one instance might be; impractical, impossible or inappropriate in another. Everyone is
unique so just choose your own strategy. You want her to be cumming and moaning loudly during
sex, don’t you?

If a girl ever blocks advancing the relationship by saying, "No, let's just be friends," say, "No, I have
lots of friends, I want sex” then kiss her or say “Yeah, sure we can be friends and rape her." By
continuing this type of relationship, you portray yourself as a supplicating NICE GUY, a wimpy loser
who has nothing better to do than hang around with a girl who is not that interested in you. The
relationship will never get to where you want to go - to bed for some romance, passion, and sex. And
even if by some miracle the relationship did advance to sex or marriage, she would be dispensing it
scornfully - dictating the where, when and how much. If she wants to throw you away at any time,
she can and you have to accept it because that is the implied agreement from the start. She is in
complete control; hence, she will never be satisfied with you. (Take Note: * I hope you never reach this point because
there is no escape! I may have reach to a point in my sexual mastery wherein I can have sex with a female friend but, “that”, [Sex with a friend] is the
Yeah sure, nothing is impossible, yes you can have
closest thing you will ever achieve so; Don’t ever go into the friend zone!)
sex with her, make her moan, make her climax but,
“Your emotional pain has warped your relationships with women and
therefore, has become habituated like an addiction!”
And this addiction will cause you to be dependent on seeking a twisted emotional fix from other
emotional pain for the purpose of distraction but just like any addictions, there will be cravings which
will replay repeatedly in your tortured mind and….. “The feelings it will produce will be unbearable to
ignore” and it will drive you to commit ridiculously malicious acts over and over and over again. Each
act will only give a temporary relief from your agony and so it is needed to be cloned many times,
thus continuing a self – perpetuating path of self – destruction that will drive women farther away
from you.
Failure is being in an unhappy marriage or in a relationship where she has no true interest in you. In
this case, she is not truly interested in you because you do not fulfill her deep and true burning
desire to be with a real man and have great, wild, uninhibited release of her sexuality through
experiencing extreme masculinity, extreme sexuality but how can she experience a man’s powerful
sexuality with you when you are sexually insufficient? The answer is: she can not, and that “is”
ultimately the reason for your failure and getting stuck in a Friend Zone.
First Impressions last forever, no doubt about it. You can use hypno – tricks but hypnotism is weak.
Nice Guys make these idealized versions of women inside their head despite repeatedly
experiencing dreadful blunders in dealing with them. Any kind of Moderated/Inhibited sex is not
pleasurable for the girl even if it is through Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism. “If love is not
rough then it is not fun”. You will be experiencing this kind of weird unfathomable void between you
and her which can not be eliminated and this can disrupt your chances of having sex with her. Your
“Idealized” Dream Girl withdraws her interest in you because the truth is….. “Women are meant to
compliment and enhance your life, but FOOLS use women to define their life. Nice Guys define
having women as their dream, a measure of success but women are not the measure of success but
rather success is how worthy you want you life to become, whatever it is and for whatever outcome it
may be, it all just depends on how you see it.

It is faster and easier to learn a new language than it is to change the way it is spoken and it is
easier to find a new girl than it is to regain back a lost love so if you make a mistake with a girl, just
move on, learn from your mistakes and start anew. We will never endorse going back with a former
love because it is wrong and will always be.
It is never acceptable going back with an ex – gf because it is an insult on your part as a
man. You have given enough care for her as to think of her feelings and not break up with her,
but she has disrespected and hurt you. You have “risk” yourself becoming a long – term
relationship material for her and she has rewarded your risk by hurting you. You could have
broken up with her if you wanted to but you didn’t because you cared enough to protect her

And what did she do?

She dumped you! You do not deserve this kind of disrespect. If a girl doesn’t care enough about
your feelings to at least keep her commitment with you then she is definitely not worth it. It is
not your loss, if she breaks up with you then you will have more time to entertain other girls, not
to mention that you definitely do not want to be with a girl who doesn’t care about your feelings
in a “long – term relationship” because it will just be pain or unless you are masochistic or an
insecured Nice Guy. Breaking – up or letting go is a refined sense of loyalty.

Nice guys are wholly insecured and think that receiving happiness and pleasure is wrong because
they feel that they don’t deserve to be love so they tolerate with the crap and bullshit games that
women play on guys so they usually end up in pain. If she dumps you… then she will dump you
again because she has framed you in the position of a “Loser”. To her you will always be
garbage! Past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. It all boils down again to the fact
that Nice Guys commonly tolerate disrespect because they do not love themselves. Is it any
wonder why women do not love them as well?

It is much easier to find a new love with the new things you have learnt than it is to regain your lost
love. When you get DUMPED. No matter what you do or say or learn, you have been put in
a little file box in her head under the category of 'Loser'. Do not ever go into this damage
control zone. Exceptions do exist but these are very rare and unusual cases under very special
conditions, looking introspectively, the same amount of time, effort and money could have been
better spent getting more and better high quality women and possibly even in lesser time, if you, just
move on. Staying in a friendship, time wise and money wise, is just isn’t worth it. Just Give – up,
follow the reboot principle, just live and learn. Life is too short too waste. I repeat: There is no
escape out of the friendzone. She will never be satisfied unless she gets rape but that will never
happen because of her subjective feelings for you as a friend, she will interpret the rape experience
as consensual sex thus, still, will only create partial satisfaction on her part. The experience will be
downgraded to nothing merely than aggressive and forceful sex with a “friend”. Women admire the
general effect of a rapist behavior but not the nuances of the act itself.

The purpose of asking questions is to get information and use it as a leverage to get her into having
sex with you. The mistake most pick – up artist do is they try hard to establish rapport when all they
really needed to do was just to give the girl, the pleasure they were craving for!. Take it from me, I
am a Nice Guy and Nice Guys are experts at rapport and establishing emotional connections. I don’t
really need to dwell on this aspect as rapport/connection is one of my strengths.

WOMEN are shallow – superficial creatures and easily fall in love so basically there are two possible
ways to do it:
1. “Make the illusion that she is with somebody whom she wants to be with.” This involves
making her feel the things a man whom she wants to be with ought a to make her feel.
2. “Be the guy whom she really wants to be with”, unfortunately this is harder for most guys
since this involves self – improvement so, the next best thing to do is substituting your
mating response with a given “altered perception” of her choosing.
Question: But how come some women are difficult, I thought women are easy to get. Why do I get
so many different reactions from women?
Answer: It is not because many women are different; it is because you act different around certain
This is why Cockiness and being a rude jerk works because girls mistake cocky as true confidence
and disinterest being associated with the presumption that men who have an abundance of women
are disinterested in women. Still, you know what they say “FAKE IT, TILL YOU MAKE IT”. Being
funny only softens the perceived arrogance of being cocky. The safest bet is just to be funny. I have
also tried several other deceptive approaches like lying to a girl that I am some kind of a criminal
gang member or lying to them that I was rich at some point in time or lying to them about being a
recovering alcoholic, marijuana and cocaine user. Lying about those things mentioned above is just
as effective as the real thing except, it only makes the girl fall in love with you temporarily but doing it
is stupidity. When you make a lie, eventually the girl figures you out, gets disappointed and then
leaves you. I think badness really appeals to women because it is associated with masculinity.
Feminity is also as equally appealing to men as Masculinity appeals with women. (*Both males and females
are shallow but in a women, it takes a different form or manifestation as mind over matter, emotions versus physical)

Absence of fear (calmness) and indifference (self – control) eliminates the woman’s
psychological control. Makes you difficult to get without playing hard to get and increases
your perceive value relative to the difficulty or scarcity.

“Self – Reward” should also never be neglected as you need a lot of motivation in seducing to avoid
doing a self – sabotage due to a lack of interest or a subconscious transfer of negative emotions
unto the girl.

“Smile” – This helps you radiate an inviting attracting vibe as happiness is attractive, it also fools
your body to release feel good neuro – chemicals plus this helps you show interest to a girl and to
exude a positive outlook in life without actually telling her that you are a positive thinking person.
This also pushes away sadistic girls who only want to see you in pain - suffering plus…. a smile
make a girl, “feel comfortable” and lessens the stress that the girl experiences and establishes an
emotional bonding with her. If these are not enough of a reason for you to smile then you don’t
deserve having sex with women.

Women love guys who are funny because being funny displays high creative verbal abilities, not the
kind you use to write books, although, that also helps, but verbal abilities needed to survive socially.

I have been reading this book about “I am Ok, Your Ok” and the book instructed me to always ask
myself questions when I get angry so as to activate my neocortex or the thinking logical part of the
brain so I would be happy or at least emotionally numb and stop the sad emotions that I feel when
the limbic region is activated. What was the lesson here? The lesson I learned was more than that, I
learned we can stimulate or activate specific regions of our brain. I learned we can stimulate or
deactivate the limbic region by asking questions and this is the basis for bypassing the logical
barriers into having sex with a girl! If you ask a girl to give you a kiss then your are not going to get it
because you will activate the neocortex and you’ll have to deal with all her possible logical
resistance like getting pregnant, being a whore and disease but if you say something like “I love to
kiss your lips”, and then kissing her immediately as fast as you can; you will be bypassing all her
logical concerns. Asking a girl for a kiss would also make you sound like a wimpy dork. An example
of sex within 1 minute(in a boarding house) a friend of mind sucks the girl’s ear, got naked, kiss her
on the lips and just started ripping her clothes for sex. That’s bypassing her logical barriers by
assuming attraction. Never let logic overcome her emotion.

An opposite technique to the logical bypass is the method of logical disruptors but this is done so to
destroy the emotional resistance. This is nothing merely than a reverse method of the logical

When saying something to a girl, naturalness, including body language,

facial expressions, timbre, speed, resonance, tempo, accent and tonality
of voice is more important than the content itself so don’t worry about
saying the wrong thing to a girl because girls get excited with guys
having a deep manly voice. Manliness like being engage in tough sporty
programs and having a deep manly voice are one of the natural
biological triggers that cause women to INSTINCTIVELY feel sexual
attraction. Never neglect or underestimate this lesson as you will regret
it later.

Younger women have higher standards than older women but their standards continue
to decline with age until they reach a point wherein the only requirement would be A)
Man B) Breathing. Unfortunately, now a days, it is rare to find a real man due to the
spread of metrosexuality, feminism, jaded justice, political traditionalism and twisted
religious conformity. A criterion of being a real man is still sure damn hard to qualify.
The feelings of hatred and frustration in women which has been created by their failed
attempts to change their husbands have now, been geared towards creating wimpy
spineless children and this misdirected outlet of frustration has cause the scarcity in the
availability of Real Men. In fact, women have become thirsty for real men. They now
demand of such a man who acts the way he was supposed to act: A man! If you have
the guts to become masculine, you will always be eligible for them because there will
always be women out there who want what no other men are providing. -> A manly

In co-ed sports arena’s, I have observed large athletic men had women flocking to them and making
all the first moves on them, maybe it is because large athletic men demonstrated health, vigor,
virility, strength and power which are all the traits needed to survive in the real world. These large
athletic men can just be a statue and still get a response. They are stuff with testosterone. They emit
such high levels of pheromone that they do not even have to speak a word. They don’t have to. The
women will go to him automatically. Another thing I have observed is that; most of the people were
either already in long term - relationships or has been married for a decade but that is likely due to
the fact that if you have enough energy to go out and do some physical activity/social interactivity
then you also have enough energy to demonstrate your attractiveness. Thereby, increasing your
chances of attracting and keeping a female mate. Now, if you are capable enough to indicate your
attractiveness by displays of energy/power then you definitely have enough energy to keep a mate.
It’s a matter of statistics. Men who are sick do not have enough energy for physical interactivity
thus…, lack the ability to demonstrate attractiveness that they get stagnated in isolation and hence
regarded as ugly or vice versa. Women are genetically hard – wired to find the highest quality mate
for reproduction(sex) or the most suitable relationship partner for child-raising(provider) to ensure the
highest rate for them to pass their selfish - genes. IT IS A PRIMAL INSTINCT! Attractiveness is a
fitness indicator. Healthy birds fly around, flapping, singing merrily. Women want to catch and place
you in a cage (commitment). Real Men are like beautiful, wild free birds, Women want a GOOD
CATCH. Good Catches do not fly into cages! (commitment). Only wounded or needy birds do!
Dynamic Physical Interactivity therefore will demonstrate High Quality and is regarded as attractive.
So what’s the lesson? Lesson: Demonstrate physical interactivity, demonstrate attractiveness.
Attractiveness = Value, Value = Attraction, Attraction = Pairing/Bonding(Love), Love = Seduction,
Seduction = Mating/Sex so therefore the mating ritual starts with attraction then bonding and leading
on to sex. Take Note: Fail to follow the proper mating rituals and obliterate yourself out of existence
through isolation and deprivation. In short, you have to show to the girl that your genes are worthy of
propagation first before you move to seduction otherwise risk yourself giving the girl buyer’s
remorse. Live, Laugh, Love.

Sexual Selection favors proportion and symmetry (Universal standard of beauty). Symmetric
patterns are a good way to indicate fitness(attractiveness) because genes grow in a symmetric
pattern. Any asymmetry is an anomaly or a mutation. Mutations are usually lethal to survival and
replication so we inherited the preferences for avoidance of these so called mutations or asymmetry
unless the anomaly/mutation had a beneficial effect to continuance of the genes.

The perverse – reverse law of the universe states that the rich becomes richer and the poor
becomes poorer and anything you value will be lost. Essentially this stems out because of certain
perceptions we place on certain people or objects. If we place a higher value on a certain person or
object then basically we convinced ourselves that a certain object or person is difficult to obtained
due to the “perceived” value, “albeit”, distorted, inflated false assessment given on that person
thereby, negating our strength through the annihilation of our bargaining confidence, a trait which we
need to aggressively pursue negotiations at the right price from a position of strength. *Take Note: I
want you to take a second look at the word “^perceive^”, meaning what is seen or observed but
observations rely on interpretation and our interpretations are not exactly always accurate. Value is
only equal to Appraisal. We actually deceive our own self but we can use this to our advantage by
deceiving ourselves that we can get what we desire because it has little or no value. And if we can
not change our desire then we can change the perceived value of our desires or vice versa.
The greatest barrier to achievement or success therefore, is not a lack of opportunity, talent, money,
looks or ability but rather, the fact that achievement and success, is perceive as beyond a certain
level, outside of our self-concept ---- our image of who we are and what is appropriate to us. The
greatest barrier to having sex with a lot of cute, beautiful sexy women is the secret fear that we are
unattractive. One obstacle to happiness is the wordless sense that happiness is unattainable.
Happiness to many of these people is virtually non – existent. The preference to wallow in despair is
frequently observe for people who carry this feeling of inadequacy. Use this insight as a tactic. The
perverse – reverse law of the universe is your enemy, befriend your enemy and use it as leverage to
whatever works to your advantage.

False time constraints as well as fake exiting are all tools used to create the Fear of Loss due to the
perceived scarcity of resources. This is why women tend to fall in love with foreigners, traveling
salesman, and tourist. This false exit is use in marketing to create a fear of lost during purchase.
This is the application and manipulation of the economic principles of supply and demand. This is
why diamonds are more expensive than sand because we are biologically hard wired to view
abundant things as being of lower value. Anything that is difficult to obtain is valuable. What is
diamond? Basically it is just carbon but isn’t carbon everywhere? Yes, carbon is everywhere but the
structure of it’s’ carbon atoms are what makes it rare, therefore, valuable. This also… is why a more
unique peacock stands out from the rest of the other peacocks. Scarcity is called by other names
like pea cocking, walk – away, intermittent reinforcement or being unique. This gave rise to ideas like
“You never miss the water until it runs out” or in this case you will never miss the girl until she is
gone. A man easily conquered by a woman has a lower value than a difficult one because of the un-
attainability effect it gives, same as diamonds.

I was a Nice Guy. I’m sure most of us were Nice Guys at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, no
one taught us that being a Nice Guy was bad. We simply realized this when all the Bad Boys had
chicks, we could hug only air.
So what’s the process of growing out of a Nice Guy?

Nice Guys, unfortunately due to their erroneous programming suffered an awkward and possibly
*shameful* first try at romance and robbed them of the critical early confidence they needed to keep
on experimenting and practicing their skills. It kicked off a descending spiral of inaccurate behaviors
that led to more, and more, failures with women as time passed, further stunting their social
development. More failure resulted in a complete loss of confidence, growing social ineptitude and a
withdrawal from the game of courtship, mating and even at the attempt of seducing women. When a
negative experience is coupled with a negative emotion it ultimately leaves a deep IMPRINT. This
deep imprint is so strong that it creates a distorted reality. This negative imprint restructures our
inner game to self – deception and failure. This is the Nice Guy syndrome/disease. If they want to be
cured from this Nice Guy disease then: they must break free from their bubble/comfort zone, slowly
neutralize this negative imprint by; challenging their own fears and beliefs, learn to attract their first
Fool’s Mate and adapt a gamblers mentality of try and try until you succeed. This is done so by
trying counter- intuitive stuff as an experiment and getting desensitize by the use of deliberate
rejection through the use of the Bad Boy behavior like extreme sexuality until they find that 1 out of a
thousand girl that would love to be kiss by them despite being bad. It is a matter of “kiss the girls and
make them cry” which a father advices to his very young son. I doubt Nice Guys have this
experience when they were young? Anyway, my point is: A Nice Guy’s downward social spiral
could’ve just as easily have been an upward ladder if he had been lucky. I believe that this element
of LUCK is more pivotal in our lives than most of us realize. The timing of the luck is essential. It sets
the stage for the interplay of key events upon which a Nice Guy’s self-image is manufactured, stored
and enhance. You see, there is really no fundamental difference between the Bad Boys and the Nice
Guys. Both are simply the end result of a chain of events that lead to different directions at a critical
point in their lives. Chaos Theory states that a single flap of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately change
the course of a Typhoon on the other side of the globe. Stated differently, your current status as a
Nice Guy is half “nurture" (or in your case, lack of it…) which means that it can be, somehow partially
affected externally. <<< That’s a clue you idiot!

I like to say a quote from Sigmund Freud (Father of Psychology) “Religion circumscribes choice and
adaptation by decrying the value of life and promulgating a view of the real world, which is distorted
like a delusion and all of these imply a preliminary intimidating force upon intelligence”

Nice Guys get wrong answers because they ask themselves wrong questions like How do I make a
girl still love me after I stop being cruel and funny and just be myself? The real question should have
been, “How can I continue to torture my girlfriend with my unmanly wussy unattractive personality
and why?” This statement and myth of being yourself is more often use as an excuse not to improve.
What most of us present to this world isn’t necessarily ourself, it is a combination of years of
erroneous social programming, superstitiously formed bad habits and fear based behavior. You
cannot be yourself without truthfully seeing yourself. Many women are attracted to Bad Boys
because they like the challenge of trying to change him.
Whenever a female enters into an obviously bad relationship with someone who is obviously a Bad
Boy and tries to "change" him, in the back of her mind she really wants to conquer him. It gives
many women a great thrill and a tremendous ego boost to get an untamed Bad Boy that those other
women couldn't train/domesticate, and turn him into a Nice Guy. This is another secret lure of the
Bad Boys. However, after she conquers this Bad Boy, or after the frog has turned into a prince then,
the thrill of the chase is now gone, and now she looks for another beast to tame. This is a common
cause of unfaithfulness/break - ups in marriage or in relationships. Girls do not want a ready - made
Nice Guy, they want a Bad Boy and change him into a Nice Guy. It is one of their greatest fantasies
plus this amplifies their feeling of being love by the boy through a show of willingness to change.
This willingness to change is symbolic for his willingness to commit to her and the willingness to take
care of a family and is part of her innate pre – programmed behaviors. For further information: Read
blogs about Nice Guys.

If you happen to be a Nice Guy who is afraid to make insults then I suggest you become brutally
honest. It is still as effective as being cruel but it is more ethically sounding. I had this experience
with a girl whom I got so angry because she was playing all the guys I know and so I decided, hey! I
have the knowledge of how to deal with playgirls and knowledge is power and with power comes
responsibility so I decided to protect other guys by attacking her (Teasing, being cruel etc.). Do you
know what happened? She said, I was tactless but that’s okay because she loves my honesty. Can
you believe what she said? I was trying to insult her and she said she love it. Later, she fell in love
with me and chased me to give me several kisses and I just froze out of fear! At that time, I was such
a very clueless and shy wuss even though I had Gazillion bytes of information in my head. I
accidentally made her fall in love by being cruel. The lesson here is being brutally honest is just as
good as an insult. A Fools mate experience accidentally gave me confidence and an idea on how to
seduce women; maybe this is what separates the Naturals from the Artificially Crafted Social

It is important to be rude, cruel and wild early on when meeting with women so that you can
immediately assess as to what extent is her worst personality so you can be ready. This is also a
good way to filter out girls who have no zest for life. If the girl cannot tolerate your test then, no need
to worry about her because she is of no fun anyway.

If you are a Nice Guy and you love doing shit for women like carrying their bags for free, opening
doors for free, being her free chaperon driver, being her emotional tampon for free, making her
school projects for free, agreeing to everything she says for free, washing her underwear for free,
telling her she is beautiful for free, giving flowers and chocolates and other stuff for free. Well, there
is nothing wrong with doing those things as long as it ain’t done for free. But, if however you continue
to do these things for free because you have a disease called the Nice Guyius Maximus then I
suggest you also do it to all the girls because if you do so then it will diminish the importance of the
act relative to the value you place on each women but do this only as a fail safe mechanism of last
resort. The best thing to do is still to be a bad boy. What is common in all these things is that they
are given freely, anything freely receive has no value and is taken for granted therefore, you will be
taken for granted and be considered as worthless by the girl. I am not saying it is a bad thing to do
things for free, I am not saying that you shouldn’t do things for free or give things for free, although in
actuality, economically, it is, but because there is no such thing as free, everything cost something
and every expenditure you make will be another item that will be withdrawn from your so called
“potential opportunity bank” so you must place a price on yourself. A valuable person doesn’t
waste his “potential opportunity” incessantly on unnecessary people or things. I am just
saying that you must place a value on yourself and that value is “Being the Prize”.

Consider any signal of interest as null and void unless she has sex with you. Signals of interest are
easy to fake. (Note: Most guys rely on reading signals of interest but this is where they always make
a mistake) You don’t score unless you win! This is sports metaphor used to explain having a high
score is useless if you don’t win. Do not completely show any signal of interest unless you have sex
with her, this may include giving her gifts, compliments, attention and affection. Partial interest is
best. Do not accept female friendship unless you receive sex or money from her or unless you have
some special techniques and/or other underlying conditions. Having a fear of loss signals lower
status to the girl and thus you are perceived as having lower value. Losing her is painful but keeping
her is a waste of your time; a lot of other girls are more worthy and deserving to receive your time,
effort, attention and affection than a girl who won’t have sex with you. Having a fear of losing people
are one of the characteristics of ugly, unattractive people so by association of those characteristics
alone will make your appear ugly as well. It is no wonder Nice Guys do really finish last because
they are so afraid of losing people that they “ACT” kind and polite to keep people rather than simply
for the pleasure of giving. The emotional validation Nice Guys *need*, requires high maintenance
and this neediness is so stressful for women.

Nice Guys are so insecured that they focus on their perceived competition and this will cause them
to get distracted in worrying about keeping the girl liking them. Instead of focusing on having fun; the
Nice Guy focuses on negativity, weaknesses and competition so this becomes a self – fulfilling
prophecy and ultimately dispels any fun and fun meaning the chance to make the girl feel good
enjoying to be in the accompany of your presence so as you can attract her. WOMEN DO NOT

Nice Guys are so dependent on the reactions and approval of the girl for them to make sexual
advances that they fail to procure a follow – up appeal to the girl’s sex drive. Nice Guys give up
easily on their sexual advances when they receive no response from a woman thereby ignoring
fundamentally the essential preparation time and actions necessary to arouse a feasible or desirable
amount of attraction.

Offence is the Best Defense – If a girl discovers that you are gaming her then it is time to make her
think that she is actually the one gaming you. She will be so busy defending herself that she wouldn’t
find a time to attack you and figure out that it is actually the other way around. You are going to
come in acting like she is actually the one trying to have sex with you. This is what they mean by
stealing her frame but do this only as a counter defensive measure when you get caught. No girl
ever wants to be labeled as easy no matter how slutty she might be or vice versa. Make pre-emptive
strikes to keep her off balance.

Supporting Statements - also known by other names such as grounding or opener is a little neat trick
to deliver a logically consistent and believable answer.

Mystery effect – anything that eludes us, peaks our interest may it be an eluding information or
control. Same as the “cat string theory”.

Regression tactic – women are looking for a father figure and some of them may even be looking for
brother figures. We can be reverted back to our
childhood and feel the helplessness we had as a
child. This is also called transference and anti –
transference attraction. A child knows no
boundaries and so should you if you are to attract

From “Childhood Sexual Abuse Cases: I have

learned that after they experience much childhood
sexual stimulation, these women who have been
sexually abused as a child repeatedly attract rapist
again and again even when they are adults
because of a strange and as yet unexplained
phenomenon of emitting such high levels of
pheromones and hormones that can be felt as a
glow of flashing messages in their bodies: “please
want me”, “lust for me” and “look at me”. Women
who have been sexually abuse seem to get rape
again and again despite any efforts to shun rape
because they unconsciously give off a magnitude of
sexual vibes so extreme that can be sense by all
men as an erotic aura as they move, smile or talk
This reflection of their inner desire for sexual
attention is so strong that it calibrates their body to
a certain state wherein you would feel their need for
sexual penetration so much so that you can not elude your gaze away from them and get all hot and
horny. Sounds like magic? No! They have been so accustomed to frequent sexual stimulation that it
created such a strong subconscious desire to maintain getting fucked regularly. It automatically
calibrates their body in such a way as to give off signals that cause attraction. We now know this to
be an automated motor response. It is not magic but conditioning with anti – repression mechanism
at work. Still, this is basic understanding of physiology and psychology. There is no difference with
Psychology and Biology. It is just the same thing. What differentiates a genius and an ordinary
person? An ordinary person can see the similarity between two similar objects. A genius on the other
hand, sees the difference between two similar things and sees two completely different things as the
same. Murphy’s Law states that a genius can excel in any field. Their brains are so flexible, open
and just so imaginative that they can go beyond knowledge and answer questions that no one could
have ask. Einstein always said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Pheromones also play a critical role in attraction, as well as the xeno – sex hormones a.k.a. the
natural identical hormones found in some plants and commercial products. They are chemicals that
are not hormones but act like hormones. Use this knowledge to your advantage by not using
overpowering scents. Certain aphrodisiacs do really work.

You only have 36,500 days in your entire lifespan. Now, the average lifespan worldwide is 28,251
days. We spend 3,650 days from age 1 – 10, and by time you reach college you have consumed at
least 6,570 days. Subtract it form 28,251 days and you get 21,501 days. We spend half our lives
sleeping and resting so you divide 21,501 by 2, then you have a result of 10,750.5 days. Assuming
you would live that long and you don’t eat, drink, work and sleep, you still would only have
somewhere around 10,000 days or 240, 000 hours. How many hours do you think you have already
wasted reading this book? How many hours have you wasted feeling depressed and doing nothing?
The reality is we spend at least 50% - 60% of our waking lives working, eating, drinking and doing
other things. That would be an estimated 144,000 days left for sex. Still, that would not be enough
even if you were a master pick – up artist or some celebrity. You would still at least spend 25% of
your day having sex with a girl. Not to mention the time and effort needed to get the girl to having
sex with you, which we could safely assume to be about 1 minute per girl. But the reality is most of
us will take longer than 1 minute to make the girl have sex with you. So… this subtracts more of your
time and decreases the quantity of the girls you would be able to have sex with. My point is how the
hell are you going to have sex with 100,000 girls in a single lifetime if you are going to waste your
time with every girl you meet? Assuming you even have the spine to approach a girl, you wuss!
Even if say, you only have a goal of having sex with 1,000 girls, your remaining lifespan would still
not be enough to achieve that goal unless you go with a prostitute but having sex with a prostitute is
cheating. So what if you are madly in-love with her? If you can not control your feelings then the next
best thing you can do is to control your actions. You may not be able to control your feelings for her
but you can control your actions by stopping to be her friend and moving on. Feelings are just
feelings and will not interfere in any way of you doing things. You miss her but you can do something
about it, which is to get your lazy ass up learn from your mistakes and move on. My suggestion
would be to stop reading this book, go out there and grab a girl you moron! You do not have to
impress a girl; if however, she wants you to impress her, odds are she is “USING” you to inflate her

There is no such thing as flirting. The flirting they teach you in books are just emulations of mating
behavior or artificial flirting. It is just a slice of human behavior discovered, named and identified after
being observe in couples who are in-love. It has existed before it was named. I don’t believe much in
flirting. I have learned that flirting is a natural instinctive reaction when we feel attraction to a person.
Unfortunately, we have also learned to repress how we naturally express our desire and that’s why
we need to re-learn to flirt. Looking from an evolutionary standpoint to the past as
cavemen; when we felt attraction to the girl we would usually bang her head
with a club until she is unconscious and fuck her or sniff her pussy and
persistently hump on her uninhibitedly without caring much for how she feels
until ,”she”, submits herself for extreme fucking. Now, you see? That’s the
problem with us Nice Guys is that we fear doing those socially inappropriate
things so much so, that we get held back to the realization of our full sexual
capability thus, we become detached to our natural instincts to attract a mate.
Dogs get to fuck and they don’t even know any hypnotic pick-up line. Years of
absorbing wrong information from our parents, media, friends, school and
especially “Religion” have made us the losers we are today! Ever wonder why
women have sex with physically abusive Bad Boys? It is because they are the
only ones close enough to resemble a true human being (Homo sapiens
sapiens). A REAL MAN! If you think human beings are civilized then you are
participating in the mass cultural delusions of superiority. Honestly, we are
animals and are no better than dogs. Just open your mind and lose your
inhibition, follow you intuition and just feel your instincts into motion,
disconnect from all beliefs, and breakaway from tradition because if you do so
then your big, round, long hard penis will be inside her smooth, pink, soft and
wet, vagina. Yummy! I cursed our puritanical society for hiding the truth. This
is the secret they have been keeping away from us.

We have an innate disposition for neophilia or the attraction for novelty or new

Avoid boredom at all times. I don’t care how you do it, just do it. An example would be to take her
on an emotional rollercoaster. Anything like giving her laughs, making her happy, frustrated,
embarrassed, or angry. Variety is important. Enrich her life spontaneously with anything unusual.
Why do serious relationships fail? It is because relationships are meant to be fun. Serious
Intellectual Nice Guys have to remember that women are EMOTIONAL creatures. Sadly, women
end their relationships with Nice Guys knowing that the only emotion she felt was THINKING! A
woman should never be completely comfortable with you. The moment your relationship becomes
predictable is the moment she starts to pursue other guys. You should be the one to design the
cause of the trouble, discomfort or turmoil in a relationship or the woman will be bored and she will
make a dramatic conflict about loving another guy. Better to distract her with other dramas of your
choice or else a girl will automatically love another guy as a good source of exciting assortment of
drama in her life. Predictability is boring.

Women culturally mass brain-washed us that they are innocent, weak, fickle minded so that they can
play their games, keep us off balance and make us wanting for more, Use their own strategy against
them with a hot/cold behavior or with a mixed signal of interest. Reversal of roles is what I like to call

A note about Role-playing: Role-playing a relationship can blur or distort the boundaries of reality
and fantasy and can artificially induced feelings on the actors and actresses. Role playing as
husband and wife can actually cause you to feel like a husband and wife, as well as the pain of
marriage. Role playing is used to artificially re-create feelings that never existed before and to
amplify them in other situations. This is a similar idea to the hypnotic concept of “over- lapping

The longer you wait for a woman to have sex with you, the higher your time investments will be thus
placing you near the point of falling in love with her (point of no return) and actually risk becoming a
long-term partner. Higher investments equal higher risk and higher risk comes an increase in the
“perceive” and “real” fear thus, increase fear of losing; that means it is difficult to escape from an
investment even if it is losing, in “relationship terms”, this fear of losing from an investment also
creates the fear of losing or breaking up which results in, “you”, fearing to back out, getting
entangled up, stagnation and eventually you will be trap in relationship/marriage as a rationalization
because you now “fear” a “perceive loss” of a potentially huge investment whatever or how little the
returns may be. If she won’t have sex with you then throw her away and find someone else. Why?
During the first time you meet a girl pheromones are released causing attraction excitement and in
your first year of your interaction with her; the dominant hormones release are epinephrine
(adrenaline), testosterone and estrogen, these hormones; are responsible for the initial attraction
excitement that happens in your first year of interaction but after two years of interaction sex
hormones that once cause excitement for short term attraction is replaced with feel good comforting
neuro – chemicals like norephinephrine, dopamine and endorphins. This is the time wherein you
start to feel fewer emotions blinding your judgement and you now see each other’s previously
unperceived hidden flaws. This is the phase wherein couples break – up and lose interest with each
other. But if continued after “four years” these feel good hormones are replaced with long term –
bonding neuro – chemicals vasopressin and oxytocin required for raising children and family. This is
the reason why you should never make friendships with women as these neuro – chemical
processes can affect you regardless of distance, age, status or circumstance. Whether it may be
friendship, love or a competitive partnership or as an enemy, “YOU” will undergo this process and
cause yourself to bond and fall in love with her by merely being exposed. In other words,
permanently-monogamous relationships are not necessarily natural. Relationships were never
meant to last. They are partly a modern, social construct. Or, put another way, they are a social
construct, the evolutionary purpose of which lasts for as long as Nature considers it useful. Love
doesn’t make relationships or marriages last, it is comradeship that makes these relationships last.
People rationalize everything depending on what they believe is the cause.
If you fail to have sex with the girl then the girl will rationalize it as being meant to be. This is called
by other names such as a mental escape hatch, plausible deniability or simply a scapegoat. More
hesitation means more rationalization and for every rationalization there is rational reinforcement.
We see only what we think we can see, or at least what we want to see. If a woman gets rapes,
sooner or later anything good or bad will be attributed to that event. We humans tend to attribute
anything to everything as part of our evolutionary learning mechanism.

Female Secrets 101:

1. Women who have been raped will rationalize any action that has happen to them to be beneficial
as a way to relieve “traumatic discomfort”.
2. Prolong exposure to any kind of feelings will cause desensitization and the resulting
desensitization will replace any prolong discomfort with pleasurable feelings eventually,
3. which then converts her to become your very own sex slave with reinforced feelings of pleasure
on her part,
4. and, establishes a continuing drama of victim and abuser known as “Mutual Co - Dependency”.
5. This function will enable you to establish a psychological connection or relationship with her
6. and also is essential in lessening her anxiety and regret.
7. This is also why insults and negation – hits work because the pain from the insult will make her
receptive to pleasurable good feelings like feelings that comes from sex! Duh!
8. Plus it if she is “sexually repressed” then, raping a woman will in effect transfer the
restraints/control of her own sexuality to you and thus making her feel free.
9. Rape can also “demonstrate physical power” and can cause her “Natural Attraction Triggers” to be
turn on.
10. The “sadistic act of rape” has a “masculine appeal” in it that many women find very sexy and
attractive because masculinity is equally appealing to women as feminity(girlyness) appeals to men.
This is also a demonstration of Extreme Masculinity with confidence. Badness is equated as
masculine by women and that is the reason why Bad Boys/Jerks always get to fuck the ladies.
Extreme masculinity makes cute, beautiful, sexy women horny and really, really wet between their
legs. Extreme Horniness created by the overt display of masculinity will override any logical
resistance. The Attraction created by the extreme demonstration of masculinity will downgrade the
“rape experience” (from the point of view of the women) subjectively as nothing merely than rough
sex without consent. When you are a powerful Alpha Male, who needs consent anyway?
11. Women can have plain old sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime but women don’t want to have
plain sex with anyone, anywhere, anytime because of the very reason that she can! For her, getting
sex is easy and of no challenge therefore, she only wants to have great sex or at least have weird
strange sex with the man she wants and also…. sometimes this weird strange sex may just so
happen to be in the formed of rape a.k.a. rough sex without consent.
12. It is also quite flattering for an ugly woman’s ego to be rape by a man because it would make her
feel beautiful.

Rape does what the first alcoholic beverage does for her: both relieve her of responsibility and guilt.
By putting herself in the hands of her rapist – by making him an assailant – she gets him to do what
she wants him to do, while seeming to be forced to do what he wants. Both ways she wins, and all
the while she’s blameless, at the mercy of a force stronger than herself. The pain she may suffer, the
bruises and indignity, are the necessary price she pays for getting the kind of guiltless pleasure she
may be unable to get from weak, boring Nice Guys.

In chemistry, atoms or molecules tend to undergo this so called molecular homeostasis or molecular
balance. Everything has balance in the universe. In science movement = heat and heat is multiplied
or reduced by the quantity of molecules over space and time. You can not destroy energy. Energy is
only move or transform so if you try to convert energy into matter then the amount of energy needed
to convert matter into energy will be equal to the amount of energy released by the law of molecular
dynamics (Chemistry), in which matter will move from greater to lesser concentrations to achieve
molecular homeostasis. Basically, the amount of energy release is equal to the amount of matter
needed to stop the energy and inversely energy is created by converting the equal amount of matter
into energy in the form of heat. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is a
law of Physics, which, can be applied at a sub – atomic level or at any level. This is a unification of
sciences, the ability to see the similarity of two completely different things. What is the difference in
throwing a stone in a pond and the sound of a ringing bell? Nothing! Throwing a stone in a pond
generates waves through the medium of water; the ringing of the bell produces sound waves
through the medium of the metal. Both produces waves meaning, waves can travel and if waves can
travel through a medium then sound can travel as well. If sound can travel through a medium then
we can send sounds through a certain medium. In other words a Telephone! Everything is the same
because everything is connected. What connects Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology and
Psychology? Why am I telling you all of these pseudo – science? Why am I telling you all these
things? Is it to transcend your mind to a whole new different level of awareness? Maybe?

In sociology, you have race, nationality and groups in a dynamic environment.

In Psychology, you have your personality, body and the thoughts of your mind, which are neuro-
electrochemically generated.
In chemistry you have quarks, atoms, molecules moving under the law of physics.
In Astronomy, you have planets, stars and galaxies, which were form from the laws of chemistry.
In Physics you have force, speed and even mass of an object relative to distance over time.
What is the common thing that links them together is their movement.
What is in their movement that makes them similar? The stars and planets act like molecules.
People act like molecules. Everything acts like molecules therefore everything acts like chemistry.
What is the shared idea? The shared idea is obviously that they are objects of matter. But what is
the hidden idea? The hidden idea is objects occupy space. What does this mean? This means that
anything that occupies space moves. Molecules are in constant motion. So, the question now is how
do they move and why? That is the right question to ask. They move to preserve a balance, they
move from greater concentration to lesser concentration meaning that the creation of the universe
will ultimately someday stop and then re-started by way of molecular homeostasis. Ever wondered
why scientist could never reach absolute zero? Scientist could only somehow freeze molecules near
the absolute freezing point but never the absolute freezing point. It is because the principles of
physics, stating that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction could be applied even at
a sub – molecular level. Meaning when atoms lose inertia…., they combine together into a super
condense state, merge, bump together and create friction and in turn that small amount of friction is
enough just to keep the temperature just above absolute zero. If we can apply this at a molecular
level then we can apply this at a grander level like predicting the outcome of the entire universe.
Which makes me think that the massive universe will eventually collapse to point zero, and by way
of the conservation of energy, re – start again through what we know as a Big Bang. Size is only a
matter of perception. Big may not really be very big in the grand cosmic scheme of the cosmos and
the Big Bang may only seem to be big due to the friction of the massive amount of matter collapsing
relative to its’ mass and movement. F = MA. (What we call as Big Bang and the theory of relativity)
Therefore, there is no meaning to the existence of life since the universe will exist again and again
How is this related again to seduction? Nothing! It just sounds cool. It is fun for me to make you
waste your time in this science bubble because you are an idiot who is reading this book instead of
doing something more relevant like going out right now to immediately put into practice your
leanings. The science thread above is just another example of fluff talk! You idiot! Go outside there
everyday and talk with at least 50 – 200 women already with the only thing in mind of making her
enjoy your time and make her smile.

A woman would rather be sexually used or abused by a man than to be sexually neglected by a man
who exudes such high sex drive and if it happens he doesn’t respond to her, a woman feels ugly,
neglected and insecured. How could a man with such massive passion, libido or sex drive have not
chosen me, so she asks? This is the secret seductive lure of a Don Juan. This can give a feeling of
being ugly to the girl like an insult or a neg – hit. Remember how Tubby kiss all the girls in the
cartoon show called “Little Lulu” and Tubby eventually ended up with him getting a kiss from Lulu.
That’s exactly how it works. The band wagon effect leads people astray by making them feel that it is
natural to follow a certain popular crowd. Seduction in Latin means to lead astray.

Rules: I never accept being second in a priority. A girl only deserves a signal of interest only after
sex. A true signal of interest should only be given to yourself. I don’t score until I win. When given
ambivalence, depart immediately. Never be afraid. Do not make excuses for anything or for anyone.
Do not waste time. I make the rules in a relationship. And,
I ALWAYS have the right to:

1. State what I want regardless of whether I can get it or not.

2. Express my opinion and feelings.
3. Make my own decisions and change it if I wish.
4. Decline from explaining my actions or refuse to give an excuse for it.
5. Turn down a request without guilt. I can say NO.
6. Accede to a request but put boundaries upon compliance.
7. Not be discriminated against.

How does one act assertively? When defending your bill of rights remember to take four steps:
Be Direct. Don't beat around the bush. State your mind (thoughts, ideas, needs) without excuses
and relax. I do not know the key to success but I know the key to failure is pleasing everyone.

Charming a person is more than just complimenting a person but satisfying and understanding the
psychological needs in general. A person is likely to be persuaded if she thinks she has some
interest to gain, mostly her self – interest.
To better understand and connect with the person you must observe every part of her body including
her mood, body language, voice quality, smell and notice every tiny part of her body by extending
your conscious awareness, focus on the whole of the person, and let your subconscious mind
summarize everything to gain a psychological viewpoint. Establish rapport. Identify her sensory
preference to effectively utilize sensory manipulation. The whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Always stay away from inept or incompetent friends or people because these are the people who will
bring you down. Surround yourself with people who are better than you and learn from them.

Eye Contact must be established to telegraph sexual interest to a girl. Eye Contact will also help
exhibit dominance to a girl but it depends on the timing and the girls’ mood.

Paraphrasing is a type of verbal mirroring use to establish a connection/rapport and make her feel
you understand her words without actually understanding her. This is part of mimesis. Nice Guys
don’t need to establish rapport! They are experts at rapport.

The art of haggling can be applied in getting women. Make her lower her price before showing
interest to negotiate from a position of strength. Always make the girl prove her worth to you before
giving an offer but always make sure you have something to offer also! Get to know the real selling
price before making an offer. This is the basic buyer and seller dynamics. This interaction is true for
any frames and for any dynamics. This is applicable to any “real social dynamics”.

Mimesis – subconscious creation of mood or feeling which is then reproduced by the other person.
Simply this is called mirroring.

Contrasting a.k.a. “The bad cop, good cop strategy”. This is use to amplify or differentiate you from
other guys. An artificial play of contrast will help you to magnify your attractive qualities to women.
Just as what Marquis de Sade would say “There is no pleasure if there is no pain” and inversely if
you are constantly in pain then how would you know what pain feels like? Practical Applications for
these tactics do exist but I know you are busy so I am trying to make a really short book to help you
save time because practical examples will consume a lot of pages and the ideas are all the same
anyway. Virtually my book is an extraction of the patterns that has been repeating over and over
again in many case studies, stories, real – life demonstrations, experiences of other seducers which
then has been analyzed, reverse engineered, compiled, converted to a scientific idea and
compressed to help you.

Transitional Phases or “Set – up points” are phases wherein you need to stop and turn the sexual
switch a bit higher. When a woman says stop, it doesn’t really mean stop, she means, you need to
create more attraction first before you do it but most men don’t know how to create attraction.

Archetype – a mental structure that operates on an unconscious level. Example The Alpha Male
archetype and Nice Guy archetype.

(Reference Point, Rules, Mental Conditioning, Parameters and Conditions, Beliefs, Inner Game,
Fundamental Character, Central Paradigm, Mindset, Attitude, Core Values, Groundwork,
Foundations and Internalization), what’s common with all of these words? These are all words to
define your programming. How do you run? How do you work? Are you programmed for success or
are you programmed for failure? We can be compared to machines; a machine with an erroneous
programming will not run successfully or will not run at all. This is the same analogy with getting
women; you will fail in getting your penis inside a woman’s vagina if your programming is flawed.
This is commonly seen with Nice Guys.
They are programmed to think being “NICE” will create attraction instead, they often find themselves
disappointed. They go overboard; they think they can buy love. They bring roses to a “lets get
together for coffee date” and or try to shower her with attention and lavish gifts. For all his efforts; he
is usually dismayed and worse, most of them even have a distorted definition of being “Nice”.

They think they know all about romance and seduction, but their timing is all wrong, and they either
come-on too strong, too hard and too fast, OR, they are so shy and unassertive, that they hang
around pretending to be “friends”, in the hope that somehow, someway, they will get the courage up
to ask her out on a “date”.
Nice Guys aren’t comfortable with himself or any part of himself like his sexuality, for that matter, he
is ashamed of it and detaches from his true self and sexuality, in turn, as a result, he projects a wall
of “Feminine Guise” (sensitive, nurturing, helpful, peaceful, and passive). He thinks this feminine
guise will make him become more lovable but unfortunately this creates repulsion for the women
around him because a woman wants a real man, not someone who thinks he can. This is also called
the “toxic shame syndrome”. Instead of accepting who he truly is as a man with needs and flaws, he
hides his flaws.

“A lifetime of mistakes is better than a lifetime wasted on doing nothing.”

Flaws are not mistakes or failure. (Note: Do not misinterpret mistake as failure). There is no such
thing as failures, only mistakes, there are lessons in mistakes, Rather than failing, mistakes are
better than failure because mistakes create “feedback” so we can learn and fix our mistakes.
Failures only exist if you give up. In a way, mistakes are just brilliantly disguised opportunities for
success but Nice Guys are so afraid to make mistakes that they continually use the same old
repeating self - defeating thoughts and behavior conditioned in them by society. Nice Guys do not
recognize their own failures, Hell! They can’t even recognize a mistake even after you tell it straight
right though their pathetic faces, they just make excuses and blame other people or things, and
therefore their self – delusional denial will cause them to fail in learning from their mistakes. Nice
Guys can not recognize that being “Nice” is a mistake when it comes to women so they do not get
any feedback.

They think girls want sweet, kind, understanding, caring, gentle and loving boys but Nice Guys can
not, and will never understand that if a girl wants all those qualities then she might as well just look
for it in a female friend because being sweet, kind, caring and gentle are characteristics she can
extract from female friends, it is true that some women want gentlemen, but, these are women who
have reach a certain age in their life, these are old women (30 and above). Women’s Biological
Clock and Nesting Instinct activates at a certain age and you do not want to be caught with these
women as she will try to domesticate you for family and raising children as part of her natural nesting
instincts. You don’t want old women because their vaginas become black, dry, hard, rough and
really stinky as they get older, meaning no fun at all because of low quality disgusting pussy! (No
oral – genital sex for me). Or unless you are sick, twisted and have a certain fetish for sick old dirty
women then no problem but this book was design to attract young healthy fertile females between
the ages of 12 – 30 years old in well developed industrialized countries and 9 - 20 year old girls in
poor third world countries. Old women are too easy to get for sex. You do not need this book if
your targets are old women with wrinkled, black, stinky, dry vagina.
They haven’t realized that being Nice would only work if you want to receive tokens of affection like
cookies or candy from your mother or your *old* grandmother. Take note, I said “Tokens of
Affection” from an “OLD” person. Nice Guys mistake affection as attraction. It is all
because of this erroneous belief that causes a lot of their problems with women. They are like that;
they are people with a faulty brain circuitry. They have been designed to attract old women like their
mother or grandmother. Never ever show this book to a woman as she will be
alarmed and frightened at the incredible level of genius thinking being utilized.
Nice Guys are so submissive that they attract dominant, sadistic women. Nice Guys are “helpers”;
they have this messiah complex or knight in shining armor syndrome and deliberately pick women
with problems, neuroses and personality disorders. They think that by “helping” a woman, it will
make him a better more attractive person. He thinks it will give him a sense of accomplishment, and
the right to become lovable, for all his efforts and sacrifice; he is usually disappointed of the results
of his investment.

They complain about women being “horrible”, when so often the kind of women they attract are of
low quality such as: users, abusers, playgirls, egoistic attention seekers, aggressively masculine
girls, dominant sadistic girls, teasing bitches, whores, old women and sex-withholding marriage
crazy bandits. Beautiful, young, healthy, caring and decent-hearted girls find Nice Guys as being too
low in value, that they reject Nice Guys and go with Bad Boys instead. If you have a fetish for Bad
Girls or the Sado – Masochistic Dominatrix type, then you are reading the wrong book. Again, this
book was design to help you attract High Quality women.

Nice Guys are so unassertive and afraid that any kind of conflict might spell the end of a relationship
that they constantly and repeatedly “give in” instead of negotiating and compromising. When she
doesn’t appreciate their sacrifice, they will complain that, “Everything I did, I did for her.”, as if this
somehow elevates them to the status of martyrs. A woman doesn’t want a martyr. She wants an
equal, caring, adult partner. Nice Guys due to their anomalous brainwashing from their mothers have
become so polite and boring. Women want exciting, adventurous and unpredictable men. Nice Guys
are so easy to control that they no longer pose any challenge or interest and become “repulsive” to
women. Sincere, high quality women are contemptuous of these wimpy losers and will treat them
like shit!

They have these delusional beliefs that women are perfect creatures and should be treated as such.
The possibility of availability extends beyond just sex. Since Nice Guys have been conditioned by
their families and society to never do anything to upset a woman, they are hyper-vigilant in
responding to the moods and desires of women they don't even plan on having sex with, that by
doing so have therefore, demonstrated low value traits. Nice Guys are hyper-vigilant so, they are
easily affected by the mood of the girl that shows disapproval that , “they”, try to please her right
away in order to remove the face of disapproval; thereby come out as easy, weak and of no
challenge to women, resulting ultimately to their woman leaving them. Trying hard to make women
want you is a low value trait women find “Instinctively Repulsive”. Nice Guys over – value women but
women know that they themselves are neither perfect and the significance Nice Guys placed on
women will cause her to become self – conscious and worry whether or not a Nice Guy can handle
the Ugly, Imperfect bad side to her. This self – conscious feeling in a woman triggered by the Nice
Guy will also cause massive stress, distrust and anxiety to women because the woman can not
show all of herself completely to the Nice Guys thus she can not relax and feel safe and comfortable
being around with someone who obviously lives in a fantasy fairy tale world. This ultimately drives
her further away from the Nice Guy, plus anything that seems “too good to be true” for women will be
perceived as fake. Perfection doesn’t exist. Bad boys constantly push women away thus reinforcing
again the belief that women love bad boys and it is true they do love bad boys.

Nice Guys place women above them and “they,” desperately pleased them like GODS, putting aside
their own needs and wants. Instead of appreciating her, a Nice Guy worships women. More than
loving the woman in his life, a Nice Guy NEEDS her. “She is my life, my only source of
happiness…”YECH! What kind of a burden is that to place on her? That she has to be responsible
for YOUR happiness? Get a grip loser! You can't be happy in a relationship unless you're happy
being single. “Women want to share their life to someone who has a life” but Nice Guys make
women the center of their lives. When Nice Guys revolved their world around women then the
possibility of having a life of your own is no longer available. When you do not have a life of your
own to share then women will not share their lives with you as well!
Nice Guys are fearful of being single so they attach themselves immediately to any girl in sight
without first questioning her worth. Nice guys do not make assessments. They do not qualify or filter
female partners so they received all the horrible things as well. The problem is not being single but
relinquishing your power and placing your happiness on a girl. He forgets that we are only humans,
humans are mammals and mammals are animals; so therefore humans are animals and just like any
animals we are not worthy of any kind of adorations but Nice Guys rationalize and use their
adorations as a foundation for claiming that “no one will ever love her as much as I do”. Instead of
being a profound statement of devotion, this is a subtle, but nasty insult. It is akin to saying to her:
“You are a difficult person, and only *I* can ever truly love you, so be thankful I’m here. A Nice Guy
is so insecured that they cling to her for fear, that if she is out of sight, she may become attracted to
someone else. Nice Guys are wholly dependent on women for security and support that they
constantly seek for approval, validation and emotional support from the woman. This becomes a
disadvantage for Nice Guys because women are expert manipulators especially at the art of
emotional warfare and manipulation; so the moment a woman senses weakness in a Nice Guy is the
moment she will, remorselessly, use it as a weapon against you to get want she wants may it be
using you as a mindless worker drone to provide for her needs or a zombie prisoner of love in a long
term – relationship.

A Nice Guy is so insecured that he constantly vies for her attention and acceptance; this can be so
emotionally stressful to the woman, not to mention annoying and needy. Another thing about Nice
Guys is that, “they”, constantly give women attention in the hopes of gaining her reciprocal attention
because of this generalize thinking, Nice Guys tend to believe that women will also reciprocate their
attentiveness but this is wrong! Sure, some women do reciprocate attention and some even really do
love attention but only initially and up to a certain point, from then onwards, it is just a downhill spiral
of agony: take note; “Overly and immediately reciprocal people, male or female are crazy”. Attention
and affection is like a drug to women, they get addicted to it and oftentimes will give the Nice Guy
false hopes and false promises just to get their “fix” of this so called drug they call as attention and
affection. A drug which a Nice Guy “generously gives” away “for free”. When women receive
attention and affection freely in a relationship then sex as a medium of exchange is no longer
applicable for something that is given freely!

Women quickly doubt motives’ of Nice Guys because a Nice Guy possesses little or no actual
power/authority to exercise a controlling influence “directly”, so he compensates and resorts to
various forms of manipulations to get what he wants like being Nice but this “Niceness” comes off as
fake or insincere to women and therefore a Nice Guy gets dump again.

Nice Guys don’t know how to be happy and even if they do learn how to be happy, they have been
conditioned so deeply with wrong social programming that they have actually become used to
feeling bad about being happy and feeling good. They are so used to feeling bad that it has become
a habit to feel bad and thus role - play a never ending drama of sadness, conflict and insecurity. Due
to this anomalous social programming; they have become so externally dependent on other people
to make them happy that they sabotage their own relationships with people through passive hostility
due to negative feelings of envy towards other people and this infuriates them at happy people when
they feel bad, plus, Nice Guys rationalize this negative behavior as correct. Thereby, becoming
alone again and even more so miserable. Miserable people make “other” people miserable which in
turn, also, make other “more”, newly miserable” people and ironically start an ever “increasing ripple
of miseries”. People hate feeling miserable and any other negative emotions so it is natural for them
to move away from miserable people. Nice Guys never learn that they have to feel good in order to
stop making other people miserable.
A Nice Guy needs to change his belief before he can truly ever become a seducer.

“And Worst of All, These Wimpy, Loser Nice Guys….”

>>>These Nice Guys are spineless wimps who don't stand-up to women. They have no boundaries
and let women walk-over them. Women don't want to have sex with weak guys they can push
over. They don't feel secured with Nice Guys. She doesn't feel safe knowing she can push you
around because if she can push you around then it means other people can push you around as well
and you will not be able to protect her or her children from harm. A dangerous threat like a ferocious
Lion trying to eat her children may no longer exist but that “INSTINCTIVE FEAR” is still embedded in
her mammalian brain so she does things to know that you will stand-up to her and for her. These are
tests of character. If he fails to make the girl feel safe by standing up to her then she feels unloved
and contempt for those kinds of guys and punishes him by being cruel and withholding sex. Making
a girl feel safe is making her feel loved. That’s why they always say that women reward bad behavior
by having sex with Bad Boys. Forget what they said about not being a jerk or asshole. They are
idiots! Just accept the fact that Alpha Males can act like jerks because they are powerful. This is the
reason why women fall in love with Bad Boys or Alpha Males. But you see here’s the dilemma. She
will continually test you to see if she can trust you that the boundaries are for real. She may even
react to it intensely. She may even lie and tell you that you are wrong for setting up the boundaries.
She will constantly push against it. She will make objections to the boundary you have set up and
check how strong really is the boundary? When you make a girl feel secured then you made her feel
loved by you. Setting boundaries also creates respect. Security is tantamount to love. When a Nice
Guy fails to set boundaries it communicates to his partner that he doesn't really respect himself, so
why should she? It all boils down again to the fact that Nice Guys do not love themselves. Is it any
wonder women do not love them as well?

Case Study: A friend of mine used to distract her girlfriend from his other flaws to avoid break up by
wearing this really weird socks that her girlfriend hates. Her girlfriend is so busy fighting over things
that are not important that she gets stuck in a relationship with him, without her even realizing.
Anyway, if you can not “STAND” for something then you shall “FALL” for everything and if you have
failed in everything then there is nothing challenging left for the woman to win and stay. Break – ups
happen this way. No more challenge, No more interest/attraction. This is the same effect as the
vices of Bad Boys. All these, are, merely alternative imitations of Bad Boys. This again reinforces the
age old Truism that women love Bad Boys. Bad Boys are hard, resilient and resistant animals.
Having resistance means having enough strength to at least resist at some level, which is basically
what it means in Latin taneo to maintain; “Weak people don’t have enough power to be defiant.”
Supplicating demonstrates weakness. If you can press your rules on the woman then you’ve just
demonstrated power. This is an example of how to use a boundary to your advantage. Just as what
my friend would say, it is better to make the girl fight over things that are irrelevant than to make her
fight for things that truly matter like, “your relationship with her”. Just stay calm, relax and secured
when she tests you and you will have women spreading their vagina wide open for you. You might
say "it seems kind of harsh to set such strict and cruel boundaries because you are not perfect and it
would be unfair on her part because she is your love and love is perfect, beautiful and all". But, tell
me, is there really anyone, who is perfect?

It is never about confidence but rather how we act when we are confident. Confidence prevents us
from yielding easily in the face of pressure, places our needs as priority and asserts dominance.
Alpha – Males have this confidence to assert their dominance in any situation, which demonstrates
high value and thus perceived desirable by women INSTINCTIVELY!!!!!!!!!.

Rules only exist to those who do not have power. Follow rules and you will enslave yourself with
your own weakness. Living life allows you to dodge failures but mastering life allows you to end the
laws so that you won’t have to dodge failures.
I keep making mistakes again and again and that is why I succeed. There is no such thing as
failures, only feedback. Whenever you somehow fail then start troubleshooting, calibrating and/or
fine tuning, tweaking, experimenting until eventually you will figure out what works and what doesn’t!

Finally, after many, many, many years, my lost love saw me again. She wondered why I don’t care
about her anymore. She wondered why I am so happy. She noticed the new me. Before, I was
obsessed for a girl. Now, that same girl looks at me and stares. “Something is different,” she says.
“Something in your eyes… in your face…in the way I feel being with you” Shrugging, she smiled and
said “It must be the cool breeze”. I kissed her, grabbed her hair and said, “Your hole is so gonna’ be
drilled bitch”; then I bang her to the wall and had her clothes ripped to shreds. After that she said,
“you’re such a hot man, oh my God, I love you are the only man who figured me out among all the
other guys”. And I said, “No you don’t, It must be the cool breeze".

You’re saying, you don’t want to rape her because you are afraid that you might hurt her feelings?
Say what? Why should you care about what girls feel? She doesn’t care about your feelings. Do you
think she cares about how you feel when you don’t get to have sex with her? Of course not you idiot!
So, why should you?

Written by: Diego Manuel Ouano Montenegro

a.k.a. Alchemystic

Alchemystic conceived the ideas and concepts in this book. This is ultimately
the product of his genius. Substantial portions in this book were crafted by his
very own hands!
All Rights Reserved. Reproduction or sale of material appearing in this document, in whole or in part,
in any medium, including electronic, CD-ROM, or database, any packaged commercial product, or
published in print, is forbidden without prior permission from Diego Manuel Ouano Montenegro.

DISCLAIMER: The material in this book is provided for entertainment purposes only. Use of this
material by the reader is done solely at his or her own discretion and risk. Diego Manuel Montenegro
will not accept any legal responsibility for such use. The user understands and agrees that reading
the information contained herein does not constitute an actual achievement in your attempts in
successfully seducing women but rather a rationalization for procrastination. The material within is
not a substitute for psychiatric treatment, psychological counseling, or any other type medical or
professional otherwise presumed viable. The reader hereby agrees to hold harmless the authors,
editors and publishers of this book from any liability or harm arising out of reading this book or any
attempt to apply the knowledge contained herein. All readers are responsible for any use or misuse
of the material presented in this work.

Indemnity: Upon reading this book, you have tacitly agreed to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless
the author and his network against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation
reasonable legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from your use of the Book or your breach
of the terms of this Agreement.



Why Not "Just Be Yourself"

Why read the Ultimate Seduction Guide?
By: Manuel Montenegro

Every day I read loads of tips and articles in books or listen to radio analyzing interaction. Every day I
interview new women to get more information. Every day I do research through the net looking for the latest,
greatest sex and relationship info or watch television dating shows to observe, study and extract any bit of
information. Every day I read books and magazines about dating, relationships, and women.

I see it all. The basic. The intermediate. The advanced. The good. The bad. And the ugly. Man, do I see a lot of
the ugly!

Undoubtedly, the most common advice I hear, whether it’s an advice by some famous talk show host name
Oprah or from some popular self - help sex and relationship book or even from some 16-year old freshman
college friend of mine... is JUST BE YOURSELF.

If sheer volume were any indication of quality, then this tip would surely be in the girl-getting section of
Guinness Book of World Records

Unfortunately, volume is no indication of quality when it comes to relationship advice. In fact, much of the
time it’s just the opposite. "Just Be Yourself" is the one tip I’ll never use. Not in real life. Not even in my book.
Not anywhere.

Just be yourself (abbreviated JBY (Just Be Yourself) from now on - because I’m a lazy typer) is a dangerous
or, at the very least, counter-productive tip for a number of reasons.

Be Very Careful Whose Advice You Follow. Why?

JBY (Just Be Yourself) is the advice you’re most likely to receive from someone who has no clue about how
women, dating, and relationships work.

It doesn’t matter if that person is male or female, young or old, single or married — it’s the stock relationship
answer when one doesn’t know or can’t think of anything else to say... but doesn’t want to seem as clueless as
he/she actually is.

Ask your friend what women want, your sister, your mother, your pastor, or Dr. Expert. They’ll probably hit
you with some version of JBY (Just Be Yourself). Why? Not because it’s the correct answer, but because they
themselves have no idea what women want.

But they have to say something, right? And besides, they’ve been hearing JBY (Just Be Yourself) for their
entire lives. It must be the right answer. How could something so prevalent, be wrong?

As a side benefit, JBY (Just Be Yourself) is also an answer, which allows the advice-giver to feel a sense of
smugness or superiority... as if simply seeking relationship advice in the first place is somehow indicative of
lower intelligence or underdeveloped social skills. And oh how people like to feel superior!

But what happens if you challenge them a little, ask for more details? Tell them that you’ve been "just being
yourself" your entire life and it’s pretty much gotten you nowhere at all with women. In fact, you haven’t even
had sex in a year.

What about that?

At this point they’ll probably shovel you the stock follow-up answer — "You just have to be patient and
eventually you’ll meet someone who’s the right person for you."

Oh, and don’t forget, "And if it doesn’t work out between you and her, then it wasn’t meant to be."

Be Yourself — Patience — Faith

Be yourself - patience - faith. That’s about the extent of the advice you’re likely to receive.

I consider this to be utterly Ridiculous!!!

What kind of advice or help is this to a person who’s been struggling with women his whole life? A person
who goes on a lot of dates... and never gets to have sex? Sex is love and love is sex. Remember that a girl only
truly loves you if she will have sex with you. Saying Just be (JBY) Yourself, is a sick, pathetic advice to a
person who’s lonely, depressed, and unhappy? A person who’s obviously doing something wrong but has no
idea what it might be?

Rather than simply JBYing, and waiting patiently, and having faith, perhaps it would be more beneficial if the
troubled person would decide to TAKE CHARGE and actively create the kind of life he wants. To understand
the mistakes he’s been making in the past and how to correct them in the future. To learn the correct attitudes,
behaviors, and thoughts that will enable him to attract and keep the woman or women he wants.

Be Yourself - Patience - Faith. This would be useful advice!

But then we’d run into another problem.

A Convenient Excuse For Not Doing Anything!
You see… the second major reason that JBY (Just Be Yourself) is so common and a potentially damaging
piece of advice is that it gives the person in need an EXCUSE for not doing anything. A convenient excuse,
validated by others (after all he asked), for continuing to do what he’s always done. A convenient excuse to do
only what he wants to do, or what feels comfortable for him.

A convenient excuse to sit on the couch every everyday drinking coffee and watching TV... because, after all,
he’s the kind of guy who likes to sit on the couch, drinks coffee and watch TV.

You see being a Pick – up artist is not about being yourself. And it’s certainly not about pretending to be
someone that you’re not. It’s about becoming the person that you want to be. It’s about self-improvement and
reaching your full potential. It’s about feeling good, being happy, and learning new things.

Time and time again I’ve gotten text messages and e-mails from people telling me how the information in my
book has changed their lives for the better. How they now understand "the game" better, and how their social
lives have dramatically improved as a result.

Yet — get this — when they tell their friends about my book, about all the powerful information compressed
here, and how it changed their lives... their friends pretend to be least not bit interested because they are
envious and want to keep all the information.

And their friends may even think the whole idea of "learning" how to act around women is ridiculous and try
to make them feel bad for even suggesting such a thing but later on, they secretly try the cool tips and advice
they’ve learned from this book. The nerve of them, to tell me I am wrong and then imitate me.

These so called friends will then preach JBY(Just Be Yourself) to the person, and try to convince the person
that he doesn’t need "tricks and gimmicks" to do well with women. Yeah they are right when it is the right
time but for now these tricks will serve as a training wheel and it is their problem if they have some ethical

And Those Friends of Yours!

These oh-so-wise friends of yours including your own family are the same ones who get tongue tied and
paralyze when they encounter someone they are attracted in the street, school or work. The same friends who
spend most of their time drinking beer and feeling sorry for themselves or surfing the net, playing computer
games or chatting with some virtual loser online (A character trait of self – sabotage, common among people
who fear intimacy due to being alone for so long) and other rejection buffers. The same friends who insist that
you should buy flowers, write love notes, be "friends" first, take her to the most expensive concert and be Nice,
and/or giving favors for a girl like making “school projects, picking up garbage, giving cellphone load” or
showing a lot of interest in only one girl and being faithful. Crap! Bullshit!

In other words, these friends don’t have a clue, yet have the audacity to preach JBY (Just Be Yourself) to those
who are trying to improve themselves and understand what really works.

Talk to them about anti – repression mechanism, body language, attraction clues, desperation, tantric sex,
confusion, confidence, conversational strategies, or any of the other Basic Stuff in this book, and then just
watch as their eyes glaze over like a dog desperately awaiting for snacks.

Are you actually going to take advice from these people?

Why are they like this? Why won’t they allow me to be happy? Why do they force me to JBY (Just Be
Yourself) when is not working for me? Why can’t they understand that simply learning and implementing a
few simple "tactics" could dramatically improve my life?

Because they’re a bunch of selfish, envious, lazy idiots!

It’s All About Self-Improvement

Becoming a Pick – up artist is about self-improvement. And self-improvement oftentimes involves work. Take
a look at all the info in my book. It would take HOURS just to read it all. Then you have to spend more time
absorbing it to memory. Then again more time will be needed to implement and practice. This takes a
considerable time and effort.

Make no mistake about it... you’re not going to go from a Loser to a Winner over night.

Do you think that Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player in history by JBYing? When he failed
to make the varsity team in High School, do you think he went home and said, "Oh well. I guess I’m just not
much of a basketball player. But I’m sure there must be something else I can do."? Do you think winners quit?

I don’t think so. He grabbed the freaking ball, and practiced, and practiced, and practiced.

What Do Women Do?

What about women? Do you think that they subscribe to the JBY (Just Be Yourself) mindset of dating?

You tell me... Well,

They spend hours working on their hair, their makeup, their skin, and everything else imaginable before going
out. They spend untold fortunes on clothes, shoes, accessories, diet pills, and anything else they can find to
make themselves more attractive.

And have you ever read Cosmo, Glamour, or any of the other women’s magazines on the stand? Just look at
the covers.

• 20 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love with You... Instantly

• Is Your Man a Cheater? Take Our Test and Find Out
• What to do if He Has a Small Penis?
• How to give Him the Best Blow Job Ever!

While you were busy playing sports, watching cartoons and playing with toys; remember that women were
busy studying, gossiping and reading magazines about Men and discovering about 20 Ways to Make Him Fall
in Love with You... Instantly and they have also learned how to be tricky, lying, manipulative, devious,
scheming, sneaky, cunning, calculating, shrewd, and Machiavellian creatures. It’s time to catch up and shift the
game’s balance of power to our side.

Plus, they’re having slumber parties, giggling, and professing the merits of playing hard to get, not returning
phone calls, flirting strategies, not looking desperate, body language, or whatever. They’re learning the "game"
and how to play it... and very, very well in fact.
We’re busy JBYing... and they’re researching, studying, and practicing. Is it any wonder that in most
relationships, it is the woman who is in complete control? Is it any wonder that most guys, when they do
occasionally get in a relationship, make a complete fool of themselves?

Is it any wonder that YOU’RE having so much trouble with women?

I think not. In fact, I think being an "idiot" is the norm for men. I think most guys are completely clueless. You
may say I am a dreamer for trying to change the world but I am not the only one.

And that’s why those of you who are smart enough to read this book are, destined for.... Greatness!

Those of you who regularly practice what you’ve read in this book, those of you who’ve dedicated themselves
to learning and improving, are guaranteed success and should be commended. You are in the Elite minority.
And if you keep at it, you will reap the rewards.

And, oh man, how sweet the rewards!!!

Note: Why place a prologue at the end? Shouldn’t it be called an “Epilogue”?