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OilSpy Oil Spill Detector

Selective system for Floating Hydrocarbons
& Chloride Solvents
Quick reaction times
Easy to use

OilSpy detects floating hydocarbons using a patented polymer Membrane response times:
membrane. The membrane dissolves in the presence of a pollu- Crude oil 2 - 13 min.
tant and triggers an alarm which can be transmitted by cable, Gasoil & domestic fuel oil 2 - 3 min.
radio or phone link. Premium grade petrol 4 sec
Kerosene 26 sec
This high technology membrane is stable to natural Chloric solvents 8 - 10 sec
atmospheric influences. Its recommended operating Acetone 10 sec
time is 6 months, but it can be stored for 1 year. New lubricant oil does not dissolve
Heavy fuel oil Nº2 does not dissolve
Detection threshold (spill) 0.1 mm

OilSpy for SURFACE water OilSpy PIEZO for SUMPS & CHAMBERS
Standard OilSpy is very simple to set up with fixed or floating OilSpy PIEZO is equipped with a membrane installed
system, which can automatically follow the water level variations on a float which follows water level and holds a counter-
and doesn’t drift or require any calibration or adjustment. weight. It can be also used where space restrictions
do not allow the use of buoys or slides.

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