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Getting Noticed in a Competitive Market

Getting Noticed in a Competitive Market

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No SEO, no marketing, no hassle no fuss, no fee. Why wouldn’t you? Free online advertising with massive traffic. Now we just need you!
No SEO, no marketing, no hassle no fuss, no fee. Why wouldn’t you? Free online advertising with massive traffic. Now we just need you!

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Published by: Tammy Chater on May 20, 2010
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No SEO, no marketing, no hassle no fuss, no fee. Why wouldn’t you?

The great thing about having a website to sell your product or service is that the world is your oyster. Potentially there are millions of users just waiting to step into your virtual shop or office and do business with you. Surely if you are offering a great product at a great price then the orders will come flooding in and your business will be a success. If you’re competitive; keep the price down, rely on volume sales then the orders will come flooding in. Of course any one who has ever had a website knows how unrealistic this is. Marketing a website can be more expensive than the good old bricks & mortar of the high street. Whilst there are millions of potential customers there are also millions of competitors, many with a much bigger budget than you can afford & with established, ranked sites. To get in now you have to be prepared to work extremely hard, to spend a lot of money (although cash alone wont do it) or quite a bit of both. Right? Wrong! Solutions come in the form of free classified hosting sites. These are becoming increasingly popular as a sales medium for many small/medium businesses. The problem with some of these Classified sites is that the format can be difficult to navigate, or the ads are not displayed in a visually appealing format. On the positive side, they are usually well ranked, get thousands of visitors and advertisers. You can leave the SEO & web marketing which leaves you time to concentrate on your business. If you’ve dreamed of having your own business then the risk is small. You can start up with just a small amount of stock and no other start up costs. Our Free Classifieds has the advantage of having a shop

hosting facility. All Free Ads are fed into Twitter and in turn often RSS fed into relevant Twitter feeds on target sites thus maximising exposure. Every Tweet contains a back link to your advert further increasing visibility. Every Free advert can utilise the elegant picture gallery and embed video linking. This is an invaluable tool when selling music film or gaming. Many manufactures utilise Youtube as a marketing tool to promote their products. By copying the embed code directly under the video on the Youtube website and pasting it in the FREE AD easy editor you can create a stunning advert in a stimulating way which buyers respond to. Alternatively you can create your own video for selling your house or your service. Shops have the advantage of having more FREE Classified ads listed at the bottom of the page. This enhances the users experience as it helps navigation. All ads are displayed in picture format with a drop down text description. This allows the browser to see at a glance so that they can target items quickly & easily. Why YapYapOK? – Because we yap your ad. We Tweet, blog, write articles, & create links to your Free Ad. We spend time & money so you don’t have to! We also have a forum to help the seller create a link to their ad or even their website. This is an opportunity to interact with buyers, & allows the seller to engage in communication which in turn is visible to all users. This creates a transparent trading environment enabling relationships between buyers & sellers to develop and gain the confidence of potential new customers. Our hit rate is ever increasing & we are now getting thousands upon thousands of unique visitors every week. They are searching for everything from cars, to homes to Iphones. A vast number are looking for shoes. So we need your stock to satisfy our users demands. Register now & list your stuff. You have NOTHING to lose. On the contrary, if you already have an online shop, then you already have the pictures and the descriptions. Just copy & paste, increase your online presence & see what happens!

New or used. One or a thousand its easy & its free. This Free Ad site with Free business listings works! By the way, we think we’ve thought of everything, if you don’t agree, then tell us. Our business is growing yours!

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