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Photo Information:
Description: Tvarita is the ninth Nitya (Eternity) in the cycle. Also called Totala Devi. She is
called Tvarita ("Swift") as She grants fruit to the sadhaka quickly. She is of auspicious form, in
the first flush of youth, and dark in colour. She has 3 eyes and 4 hands and Her beautiful lotuslike face smiles gently. She is clad in new leaves. She is adorned with 8 fierce and great serpents
of 4 kinds, and with waist chains and anklets. On Her head is a crystal crown with a crest of
peacock feathers. Her arms are adorned with bangles made of beautiful peacock feathers. She
has an umbrella and a banner made of peacock feathers. She wears strings of (red) gunja berries
around Her throat, and Her breasts are smeared with red sandal and kumkum. She holds noose,
goad, dispels fear, and grants boons. In front of this Goddess is a black servant carrying a mace,
who is worshipped for the attainment of the desired fruit. On either side of Her are Her two
Shaktis Jaya (conquering) and Vijaya (Victorious) who are like Her and who carry and swing
gold canes. The 8 Serpents are: Ananta & Kulika, fiery in colour, each with 1000 hoods, Her ear
ornaments. Vasuki & Shankhapala, yellow in colour, each with 700 hoods, Her upper arm
bangles. Takshaka & Mahapadma, blue in colour, each with 500 hoods, Her girdle. Padma &
Kartataka, white, each with 300 hoods, Her toe ornaments. Her Shaktis are Humkari, Khechari,
Chandi, Chedini, Kahepani, Strikari, Dumkari, Kahemakari -- these are similar to the Lokapalas,
and the Shaktis in the 8 petals of the yantra. Her mantra is <strong>"Om Hrim Hum Khe Ca Che
Ksah Strim Hum Kse Hrim Phat." </strong> Tvarita Puja Taking up a position facing East, and
having done three pranayamas, one should do the following Nyasa: Hail to the Rishi Saura on
the head: Hail to the Metre Virat on the mouth: Hail to the Devi Tvarita Nitya in the heart: Hail
to the Bija Om in the genitals: Hail to the Shakti Hum on the feet: Hail to the Linchpin Kse on
the navel. Then making the anjali gesture near the heart one should do the following Nyasa: Cm
Khe Ca to the heart Namah: Ca Cche to the head Svaha: Cche Ksah to the peak Vasat: Ksah Stri
to the armour Hum: Stri Hum to the 3 eyes Vaushad: Hum Kse to the Missile Phat. Then one
should do the Tvarita Nyasa: (Head) Hrim Om Hrim Namah: (Forehead) Hrum Hum Hrim
Namah: (Throat) Hrim Khe Hrim Namah: (Heart) Hrim Ca Hrim Namah: (Navel) Hrim Cche
Hrim Namah: (Muladhara) Hrim Ksah Hrim Namah: (Thighs) Hrim Stri Hrim Namah: (Knees)
Hrim Hum Hrim Namah: (Legs) Hrim Kse Hrim Namah: (Feet) Hrim Phat Hrim Namah: End
with a diffusion. After placing the yantra in front of you, visualise Devi Tvarita in the heart. Take
Her to the head, resolve to do Her puja, place the flower on the yantra centre. Worship the triple
Guru line first, as being in the three circles, then Devi's servitor who is in the west of the Yantra.
Worship Jaya and Vijaya on both sides of the door. Worship Humkari, Khecari, Canda, Cchedini,
Ksepini, Strikari, Dumkari, Ksemakari in the eight petals. Tvarita Devi in the centre.
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