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ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION 2014-2020 The European Commission hereby awards this Charter to: (CENTRO DE FORMACION SOMORROSTRO The Istution undertakes to respec the folowing princes om 1 + Greer ct ef tatty can i i nt ie {rcpt oom eno When Participating in Mobi Atti - bet wety + Ran neat an tat tt wl na te ‘ya ann ssn od + Roe gure inarng eb prs ang During Motity + Rose sop np set ero mies ter Mobity *Acpttata cate kagegeearctom et on “Siteennater genet eco Soph sutanae aan tera sta trisha buy =n Parting uapean ad erat Capen Pets “Spacer esata ort hn pg For he Purposes of Vsbity- Ditto Care rte ee eas ey Sener mene ea ete ‘honest cas epoedby om gan sng cay etnies case het rere er eaves ten favalbeaton pen eonmano ny strana He bu ost eat |