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Outline of the lecture: Introduction to BioGeometry

given by Dr. Pier Paolo Alberghini, Architect, OAA, MRAIC

1- What is BioGeometry?
a- BioGeometry is a science that deals with Energy and Shape; it uses shapes,

colours, orientation and sound to produce a vibrational quality that balances

energy fields. BioGeometry balance the activities of daily life, achieving harmony
with our inner and outer environments, humanizing modern technology,
integrating science and spirituality.

b- How is BioGeometry related to Psychology? By definition Psychology is the the

systematic investigation of mental phenomena, especially those associated with

consciousness, behavior and the problems of adjustment to the environment.

BioGeometry investigates the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our living
energy system and based on the Physics of Quality uses the subtle energy

principles of geometric forms to introduce natural balance to the different

energy qualities found in any living system.

c- The Three energy balancing qualities: BG3 :

1-Horizontal Wave of Negative Green (H-G)

2- The Higher Harmonic of Ultra-Violet (HHUV)

3- The Higher Harmonic of Gold (HHG)

2 The founder of BioGeometry : Ibrahim Karim

- The inventor: Dr. Karim

- Brief outline about his education, accomplishments and how he

discovered and found the Science of BioGeometry.

3 What does BioGeometry offers?


Various fields of application in the balancing of:

EMF (electrical, cell phones, etc.)


Animals (ex. chick farm building)

Salt water treatment for healthy produce growing (ex. potatoes)

Rebalancing of water energy (work done with Dr. Emoto)
Health energy balancing with BioSignatures

Rebalancing of Earth detrimental magnetic grids (i.e. Benker energy grid system)

4- How BioGeometry is applied

- Building and safe environments, with application of special proportions (i.e. golden

mean), BG3 Balancing Attachments to all materials, Balancing Wheel for all materials.

- changing the quality of EMF in a beneficial energy (example: Switzerland)

- Using Magnetic Earth Grids for elements of construction placement
- Health rebalancing with BioSignatures

5- BioGeometry tools and products:

The tools of BioGeometry: BG3 Pendulum, balancing Wheel, Energy Balancing
Attachments bars, BG3 Dial, BG3 Cubes, Medallions, etc.

6- Examples of Buildings erected with BioGeometrical principles

Slide show of the buildings, with details of applications of BioGeometry tools and

Egypt (Hotel-Spa, Houses)

Canada (Hansen Project, Shand project, Watts-Sweete project)

7- Question and Answer period