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Mac Mini 2014 Oct cannot wake up after sleep | Apple Support Communities

I may know whats going on with the wake from sleep issue. I have a Mac Mini 2012 but this fix (see below) should
work on any product running 10.8.2 Mine is at 10.10.1 and it worked. First off you can tell if your Mac Mini is in
sleep mode by looking at the small light on the front of the Mini. If its pulsing... going from bright to dim its in
sleep mode. If you put your Mac in sleep mode, or it goes into sleep mode it will wake from sleep BUT ONLY for the
first 4 hours. After 4 hours it will go into what is known as "safe sleep". The light on the front will be off and you
won't be able to wake your Mac. The only way to wake the Mac when in safe sleep is to hit the power button and
then wait a minute or longer as your system will need to pull the data from the disk and load to ram. This is causing
the issue where its not waking from sleep. You can move your mouse or hit the keys all you want but it won't wake
from sleep. This is a real pain as you have to press the power button on the back of the Mac mini and wait for the
system to come out of its slumber. Here's what Apple says:
1. With the release of the OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.2 supplemental update 2.0, a new feature was introduced to
enter safe sleep after four hours of the computer being connected to AC power. This is an effort to comply
with the European Energy Standards (ErP Lot6). This will only occur if there is no wireless or Ethernet activity
and no activity from external devices such as USB storage devices. This is normal behavior for the following
MacBook Pro (Mid 2012 and later)
MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012 and later)
MacBook Air (Mid 2012 and later)
iMac (Late 2012 and later)
Mac mini (Late 2012 and later)

I have found a fix that puts an end to this nonsense..... Go to the Mac terminal (Google if you don't know how or
youtube) and run the following commands (Very easy to do and if a novice like my self can do you can for sure)
1. When in the terminal mode type:
pmset g This will show your current configuration of your sleep, hibernate, etc You may want to print so you
can restore these values if needed.
2.Change your standbydelay to 86400 86400 is number of seconds which is 24 hours. Heres the command:
sudo pmset a standbydelay 86400
3. Change autopoweroffdelay to 86400 Heres the command:
sudo pmset a autopoweroffdelay 86400
4. At last but not least change autopoweroff to 0 Heres the command:
sudo pmset a autopoweroff 0
Run pmset g to verify your setting have changed. I rebooted my system and checked again to make sure. Since I
made the changes no more going into Safe sleep!!! You can change the values to what you like. I used 86400 secs.
(24 hours) I hope this helps!