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1) Watch the trailer of Ant-man, identify and write down the adjectives
expression used.
Imagine a soldier. The_____________, the _____________
You get that like powers see everyone is going to be a chaos.
So, how do we stop him? I know a guy.
Scott, Ive been watching you for a while, you __________.
I believe everyone deserves a shot and redemption.
Absolutely, my days breaking into places and stealing stuff are over
I want you to breaking in places and steal some stuff Make sense.
Are you ready to become a hero?
Now, the suit has power, you have to learn how to control it and these
are you ______ allies.
You are ______ _______ _____.
When you are small you have ______ ______ ______, you are _____ ___
So you need to know how to punch, so you will show me how to punch?
Show me how to punch!
That is how I punch
You try to hide the suit from me, now its going to blow up in your face
and destroy everyone you care about.
Scott get out of here
If you think you can stop the future
You are such ___ _____.
No, I am ______________.
I know, it wasnt my idea.
2) Invent a new superhero and give her/him super abilities, completing the
chart below.
Superheroes name
Super Abilities


3) Share with your Classmates your superhero and explain his/her abilities.
4) Finally, share with the whole class