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Her obsessive feelings started to scare me when she

had a crush on him all the time. When she was a

little girl she saw a terrible accident, her mom died
in a car accident. Now I think she is a little
distressed and needs medical care. Moreover she
grew out she became so sexy and appealing to most
men. This was her secret weapon. Everything
started when she was in my biology class. She sat
next to me we quickly became friends. Nevertheless
all of a sudden, she was talking to my best friend
Antonio. To my surprise, she bought him flowers and
stopped hanging around me. It was so annoying to
see them together everywhere. That was the
moment I found out I was in love with her. She was
everything my heart could desire but I could not
have her. One day I noticed Antonio was flirting with
another guy. Then she hit him on his face and
screamed like in total pain. There was no doubt, she
was insane, and her thinking about him all the time
made me realize she was crazy.