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OSPREY US Commanders of World War II (2) Navy and USMC € | Arnold & S Sinton - Illustrated by Darko Pavlovic JAMES R ARNOLD is an established author who has contributed to numerous military publications. He has many published books to his Credit, covering topics such {a8 the Napoleonic campaigns ‘and the battles and armies of the American Civil War. ‘James lives in Virginia, USA. [STARR SINTON has a degree in Anthropology and a Juris Doctor degree. He has been ‘a military lawyer, a special ‘assistant United States attorney, and an attorney In private practice, and has published numerous articles in various US government publications. A life-long ‘student of military history, ‘Major Sinton has provided replica uniforms for museurns ‘and done extra work in Hollywood movies. DARKO PAVLOVIC was born in 1959 and currentty lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. & trained architect, he now works as a full-time illustrator ‘and writer, specialising in militaria. Darko has llustrated ‘number of books for Osprey Including Men-at-Arms 262: ‘Axis Forces in Yugoslavia 1941-45" and Elite 60: ‘U-Boat Crews 1914-45". CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 3 BIOGRAPHIES 4 US NAVY © Husband Edward Kimmel # Emest Joseph King © Chester William Nimitz © Thomas Charles Hart © William Frederick Halsey Jr * Frank Jack Fletcher © Raymond Ames Spruance * Robert Lee Ghormley * Richmond Kelly Turner * Thomas Cassin Kinkaid * John Sidney McCain + Norman Scott ¢ Willis Augustus Lee Jr * Charles Andrews Lockwood Jr * Mare Andrew Mitscher * Theodore Stark Wilkinson © William Daniel Leahy * Harold Raynsford Stark * Alan Goodrich Kirk US MARINE CORPS * Alexander Archer Vandegrift * Holland McTyeire Smith * Roy Stanley Geiger Julian Constable Smith © Lemuel Cornick Shepherd Jr BIBLIOGRAPHY 57 THE PLATES 58 INDEX 64 Fst publsned in Great Gran n 2002 by Osorey Publishing ins Cour, Chapel Way, Botley Oxford OX2 LP, Unted Kine ral (©2002 Osprey Pubshing Lis ‘Al rights reseed. Apa rm ary ar dealing forthe purpose of private sty researc, enticism or revien 8 permite under the Copynght Designs and Patents Act, 1988, no par ofthis pubseaton may be reproduced, stored in 8 retreval sytem, cr transeted in any frm or by any means, electron, ‘octal, chemical, mechanical, optical, photocopying, caring o otherwise, without the prior wrtten pemission of he copyrart owner Enqutes should be aderessed othe Phere. 150N 1 24176 4752 (CONSULTANT EDITOR: MARTIN WINOROW ter: ita etchings Design: Alan Hamp Index by Alan Pater Bographies and photograph captions by James, Arid and Roberta Wiener ‘Color plato references and commentaries by Robert Hargleand Star Sinton ‘Ongintea by Electronic Page Company, Cwmbran, UK Printed in China theough Word Prin Li. 2 09 04 05 06 10987654921 FORA CATALOG OF ALL BOOKS PUBLISHED BY ‘OSPREY MILITARY AND AVIATION PLEASE CONTACT: ‘Osprey Direct USA, c/o MBI Pubichng, PO. Box 1, 729 Prospect Ave, Osceola, Wl 54020, USA -ma: Osprey Direct UK, P.O. Box 140, Welingborough, ‘Northants, NNB 2FA, UK Ema intoBospreyarect Artist’s note Readers may care to note thatthe original paintings from which the ‘color plates in this book were prepared are avaiable for private ‘sale. All reproduction copyright whatsoever is retained by the Publishers. All enquiries should be addressed to Darko Pavlovic, Medecova 3, Zagreb, 10090, Croatia ‘The Pubishers regret that they can enter into no correspondence, ‘upon this matter