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MEMORANDUM THE WHITE HOUSE ci Saturioy - Ceteber 5, 1963 ap ocoan Ricts — Tictont of Communist Tnvelvasent You ashes: bei the extant to lubteh he Cuba (onnaniséte or ot ise medgn geeups were Snvelwed 4n the linxiean ricts this ve “he CFA analysts attscne’ (Tab 2) coneluise the were sparked by dounesde polttsar Thode’ sritary rale ime restricts groupe, the suet uanchoteettone Rot mdsterménded by Oubans op dorists, 4o supplying some money to aHulent OLA bel: by the students eculd have been ebtadnes cher id act start the trouble, Hmdean Goauniste, oltes ali eanitsiicnd on the disorders ence “ine + 8 Mrotalerso* grey a amayr free propersd post they vere ropponaible fer touching "ea: igidall pepewtne Le gatedned ond Guatenaian exttoniss orgoniaatteng Sotece durday the Clyepie genea, Bleo‘ahed, Walieras Fy Brune Péglial called when he was is Washington for 4 Fund meetings. He had talked with President Diar Ordar, vows that he will establish law and order and:see the Olympics through, Diaz Ordas says that the riots were ie carefully planned, A good many people came into the country. The guns used Were new and had their numbers filed off. The Castro and Chinese Communist grou: were at the center of the effort. The Sori Gommunists had to come along to avoi the charge of being chicken. ~ aod. sittse! COPY (iJ Literary ener ee MEMORANDUM i SONENAT TorrretemycE Acuicy Rirectorate of Intelligence "BS Qctobex 3968 = 3.0. 12358, Sac: SULINGT:. Addendum to "Mewseen Huudenk Geieis," 4 where Octoze: 1968 4c no hard ovidehae that olthex the cuban gr Soviet embassies in Mexico City siaytermindad the cuxrone disturbanea: by tha mest jg Cospita cereatcd allcgations te that effect ean Government. We have unconfizmed reports + that they have given worel and possibly some financial agcictance, Mexican Communists have opealy participated a tha iota. Le Be dn the algo. cvidonce thi An in other the disords. aciwavex, ‘and there is. avidensa that’ many kucwn apts ders, has’ ne firm at the Commmniote instigated the prevant onivis. countries ,.the axtrenists have capitalized on re and musbers of the Mexican Communist Pasty (ow, the Comminiat youth (scm), the Comianiot-ordonted National Democratic Students? Cultral (GNED), ang the mrotuly, and Castroite groupe have all pariiatmated in varying wave. ee a hy dumunds, by ef their pr. & 6 PCY hag gone on rocord ab andorsiny the stua. «party leaders have privately atated that none ‘dncipal functionaries siculd become aimectly in- volved in the violence. known Communint gtudonte aro assoviated with ‘the National Stelke Counéil and other organize- fons thhat have arisen during the digturbances, ax aru ‘Trotukye dstu und menbers of the othex Communist groups. “whe Jct hos also instructed xepxesentatives to state organizations Lo partieip: the Mexiqo ate in any local student activities in cupport of City piolusts, : terse} * Haliays) 1.cka}eayfe “sagen S. wha serongest circumstantial evidence that the ytudents have veckived finencial aid during the disturbances io the appearance ef extensive ads in Mexico Ciry dailies, 1 deayeaysy Copy URE wihence a 1oteyayey whieh would cont many thousands ‘of doliara.. Sunda. coula : easily some fom demcotic opponents of the Diax Ordaz govern ment, howevex, in view of tle diggruntienant of dome former Qestetais in both party. and, goveinmont who have Tallar grom Favor. The atudenta similarly would Nive Little difficulty in obtaining theiy weapons stocks from Ample domastte sources. ea 1.3 (a) Lara ayy CRE Linrary fo raase aatnbo25¥es 2 1Q:47 PN 18-3-68 Fla Sy Repeiven Tot. THE PRESIDENT 61 z= Tos. TH ES ie SECRETARY OF STATE 23 DIRECTOR, Cin 91.» PSOOT 5 16 one DIRECTOR, DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGEN “DEPARTMENT OF THE ARNY 1 € DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE 21 WHITE HOUSE. SITUATION ROOM, ATT. ATTORNEY GENERAL (BY MESSENGER) FROM. DIRECTOR, FBE TIES IN MEXICO. 0 2 IN HAVE FURNISHED RELIABLE INFORMATION PR PALLS SOURCES! USED BE! IN THE Past. = e 1 R FOUR, NINETEEN SIXTY EIGHT, THE FOLLOWING WAS pataruen Fro A SOURCE WHO IS ACTIVE IN TROTSKYIST AFFAIRS. THE LIGA COMUNISTA ESPARTACO (LCE 7COMMUNIST SPARTACUS LEAGUE) AND. OTHER GROUPS OF THE TROTSKYIST FOURTH INTERNATIONAL, MET IN MEXICO CITY DURING THE PREVIOUS WEEX. DELEGATIONS FROM VARIOUS STATES WERE PRESENT. THEY FORMED A SINGLE JOINT SHOCK GROUP CALLED THE OLYNPTA BRIGADE WHICH MADE ITS FIRST_APPEARANCE OCTOBER TWO, NINETEEN SIXTY EIGHT, AT THE PLAZA OF THREE CULTURES. END PASE ONE PAGE TWO (c-e- Pp ep eg » EAT AFTERNOON MEMBERS OF THE OLYMPIA BRIGADE POSITIONED a THEMSELVES AS SNIPERS IN APARTMENT. BUILDINGS OVERLOOKING THE PLAZA. <.OTKERS WERE ON THE GROUND FLOOR OF THE CHIHUAHUA BUILDING. UNDER THE SPEAKERS BALCONY WHICH (TKEY WERE TO AVSOURCE-SaID SNIPERS HAD R BEEN GIVEN INSTRUCT IONS TO:SHOOL2AND KILL: GENERAL “JOSE. HERNANDEZ. TOLEDO, IF OBSERVED, = HE HAD. COMMANDED: THE MILITARY FORCES WHICH “IN THE RECENT”; PAST HAVE OCCUPIED THE. UNIVERSITIES OF SONORA AND MICHOACaN, ~ THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY ‘AND -VARTOUS SCHOOLS IN NEXIG) CITY...” Aen anMecNERAL HERNANDEZ TOLEDO APPEARED IN THE PLAZA TO = SNOUNCS TO THE STUDENTS THEY. VOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO MARCH’. 3 FROM THE AREA. “THE OLYMPIA BRIGADE OPENED FIRE ON THE GENERALS PARTY WOUNDING WIM AND THREE OTHER OFFICERS AND THEN FIRED INTO & GROUP OF SOLDIERS BEMIND THEM, KILLING AT LEAST ONE AND WOUNDING MANY OTHERS. UNFORTUNATELY, at. THE SANE TIME, POLICE ON THE THIRD FLOOR STARTED TO CARRY OUT ARRESTS OF THE NATIONAL STRIKE COUNCIL AND SINCE SOCRATES COMPOS" LEMUS WAS ARMED, THEY FIRED WARNING SHOTS TO DETER Hit FROM RESISTING. THE ARMY HEARD SHOTS ON THE THIRD FLOOR FIRED INTO.IT. IN THE CONFUSION MANY LCE MEMBERS FLED ER INTO THE CHIHUAHUA BUILDING AND WERE GIVEN REFUGE TENANTS __ a ' x Copy LIM Library PAGE THE SQURCE REPORTED SNIPERS WERE FIRING oN THE TROOPS FROM OTHER BUILDINGS FROM VARIOUS ANGLES. THE LCE GROUP HID UNTIL THE FOLLOWING DaY aND LEFT THE CHIHUAHUA BUILDING IN PAIRS WITHOUT BEING ARRESTED. SQURGE LATER DETERMINED THE OLYMPIA BRIGADE LED STUDENTS WHO BURNED BUSES AND STREETCARS ON THE NIGHT OF : OCTOBER TWO. 3 THE BRIGADE HAS PLANS TO COMMIT ACTS oF SABOTAGE DURING THE OLYMPIC GaweS. “IT IS MADE UP OF EXTREME RADICAL TROTSKYISTS KNOWN ONLY TO EACH OTHER AND THE LEADERS OF THE TROTSKYEST GROUPS. THEY ARE SAID TO HAVE . CONTACT WITH GUATEMALAN GUERRILLAS AND CUBAW TROTSKYISTS WHO ARE IN MEXTQ) ON A “SECRET MISSION.” AUTOMATIC ARMS FOR TERRORIST ACTIVITY HAV BFEN SUPPLIED BY THESE..-:- = i" LATIER GROUPS. ae A SECOND SOURCE HAS ADVISED THAT THE LCE IS ONS, OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TROTSKYIST ORGANIZATIONS WHICH FOLLOWS THE PRO-CHINESE COMMUNIST LINE IN MEXICO. THE SECOND SOURCE ADVISED THAT MEXICO CITY DETECTIVES WHO TOOK REFUGE BEHIND ARMORED. CARS DURING THE FIRING, REPORTED THE SOLDIERS INSIDE WERE SMOKING MARIJUANA AND EMERGING LIKE CRazY MEN AND FIRING WILDLY. END PAGE THREE PAE FOUR 48-B-t Ppp ge tee A THIRD AND FOURTH SOURCE, BOTH STUNDE: S covism THEY WeRr BRIEFLY HELD By TROOPS at THO ua? E HE SOLDIERS ACTED DRUGGE = AND WERE LOOTING Stoass, BEES Urey na VOTE a A FIRTH SOURCE WHO IS AN EXPERIENCED SENIOR POLICE GRFICER, REPORTS THE FIRST SOLDIERS TO aRRIVE AT THE M AZA 5 Fee ba cieahG THEIR WEAPONS. WHEN GENERAL HERNANDEZ z : TOLEDO WAS WOUNDED, SOURRE OBSERVED PERSONS FIRING INTO THE FLAZA FROM SURROUNDING BUILDINGS, Some WITH AUTOMATTC. WEAPONS.” "HE OBSERVED PERSONS FSLLING IN GROUPS OF Mit co GR FIVE AS THOUGH KIT BY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS: FIRE. THE SOLDIERS NEAR HIM, AT THIS EARLY MOMENT, VERE FIRING INTO THE AIR OR INTO BUILDINGS FOLLOWING THE LEAD OF TRACER = ROUNDS FROM ARMORED CARS PINPOINTING SNIFERS. " SOLARE BELIEVES WOST EARLY CASUALTIES WERE CAUSED ay SNIPERS. PEN THE FIRST VIOLENT CLASH ENDED, ABOUE FOUR ZERO 70 RAVE TERO BODIES WERE EN THE Plaza, BODIES WERE STILL BEING HeKOvED nao BUILDINGS ON OCTOBER THREE. SOURCE EST IN F DEAD AND ¥ 3 Ae a ee MORTALLY WOUNDED CouLD SPF T ERD” BLS HOLD FOR acKs TKS x ik PROM UTES CORT Copy Lat Library