Gary Gibson

Game Development Proposal
Project: Create a video game (most likely a 2D platformer) and enter in the TSA video game design
competition. Competition is to develop an E+10 game (category may
contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language, and/or
minimal suggestive themes) focuses on the subject of their choice. The
game should be interesting, exciting, visually appealing, and
Figure 1: Sonic the Hedgehog an
example of a 2D Platformer

intellectually challenging, with high artistic, educational, and social

The Benefits: First off all it would give me a complete look at the video game design industry, including
knowing the whole process of what goes into the game development. The compotation is based off of
the story mostly so it will also give me a look at the writer perspective of the video games.
The Reason: I know that I want to do video game development at some point in my life, the thing is that
I am unsure of is if I want to do the
programming side of video games
or the animation side of video
games. This would give me a great
opportunity to see which side I
would like to do as a career
opportunity. The second reason is
Figure 2: Cover of Road Rash 2

great in depth look at the game

development.The reason that I am passionate about video games is that I have always love video games
since I got my first Game Boy advance when I was seven, however as the years went by I had set down

Gary Gibson
the consoles and let me enjoy life, it wasn’t until about sixth grade when me and my brother pulled out
my mom’s and dad’s Sega Genius and played Road Rash 2 that I had resparked the passion form many
year ago that has not gone away. I also believe that Video Games the under aspirated and most hated
forms of entertainment, however it’s the best form of entertainment.
The Audience: People at the Capstone Showcase and the judges at the TSA Compotation.
Measurement of success: Tier 1: Works; Tier 2: Make it to semifinals at regionals; Tier 3: 70 % of people
who play it like it.
1. Brainstorm (1/7/16)
2. Concepts (1/18/16)
a. Design
b. Scene
c. Characters
3. Storyboard (1/18/15)
4. Implement (Needs) (1/25/16)
a. Scenes
b. Main Characters
c. Main Aspects
d. Levels
e. Menu


5. Fine Tone (1/31/16)
a. Glitches

Gary Gibson
b. Aspects
c. Opps Moments
d. Story
e. Scene
6. Implement (wants) (2/3/16)
a. Character
b. Aspects
c. Graphics (better)
7. Final Product for Compotation (2/7/16)
8. Present At TSA Compotation (2/8/16)
9. Add more Life to the game (5/1/16)
10. Present At Capstone Showcase (5/12/16)
Technical Paper: I would love to do my technical over the psychological effects of video games. This
would be included both the positive and negative psychological effects of video games on a person
including the psychological effects. One of the main reason I would do the psychology effects for my
technical paper I find many aspects to the psychological effects of video games fascinating because
everyone responds to them differently however there are still very similar reactions and many reasons
why players do what they do in videogames. Also knowing the psychology of your audience will help you
produce the best game you possibly can as long as you give them what they want.
Another reason I would love to do my paper of the psychological effect that video games have on people
is that you have to know the effects that a product that I put out there would have on a person. Because
everything in this world has effects on the consumer whither it be psychological or physical effects. I
also find the psychological effects to be very intriguing, due to the fact that they range in such variant

Gary Gibson
Mentor: Brian Knorr is going to be my mentor.
Brian has a passion for developing high quality software applications. He
has designed and developed enterprise class web and mobile
applications using leading-edge technologies, created open-source
application and testing frameworks, and been leading the architecture

Figure 3: Brian Knorr my mentor

and development of applications on iOS and Android using Objective-C,
Java, JavaScript (Titanium), and Webkit (HTML5, CSS3). He is seeking opportunities to improve your
business by delivering innovative software across web and mobile platforms.
Job History: Co-creator of the highly successful Oily Tools mobile app on iOS, Android, and web for
Young Living distributors using the Titanium framework on native mobile, Foundation and Component
on the web, and Express/Node and MongoDB on the server. Consulting as a Mobile Architect for the best online outdoor retailer, helping them
bootstrap their native and mobile web efforts using the Titanium framework.
The Service Vault: Consulting as the Lead Technologist in the development of TheServiceVault web app
(mobile first) using Twitter Bootstrap, NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB. Building out the backend system
for processing ACH debits, credits, and processing credit cards.
GameStop Mobile: Led the development of GameStop’s iPhone and Android native applications, both
with 4 star ratings and many rave reviews in iTunes and Google Play with over three million downloads
and close to a million active sessions per week.
TripCase: Led the original development of Sabre’s TripCase mobile application on iPhone, Blackberry,
and Android platforms.

Gary Gibson
UISpec: Founder of the open source Behavior Driven Development framework for the iPhone that
provides a full automated testing solution that drives the actual iPhone UI.

Watij: Co-founder of the popular open source project for automated testing of web applications.