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Alcohol Laws Australia

1. Prohibited from purchasing alcohol if under the

age of 18
2. Prohibited from utilising a fake ID to buy alcohol
at public or private events
3. Prohibited from selling alcohol to minors (SA) / if
not accompanied by an adult for the
consumption of a meal (VIC)
4. Informal, formal, fine or court dispute if you have
supplied a minor an alcoholic beverage.
5. Refused entry from restricted adult pubs, clubs,
pars or party if under 18, and ID if required and
requested (varying and specific age-proof
6. Prohibited from purchasing or consuming alcohol
on licensed premises if under the age of 18
7. Are allowed to drink on private premises despite
age of consumer, given that it is supplied by an
adult family member or partner
8. Must have a liquor license or permit obtained
from the territorys state government to sell
The alcohol laws and restrictions from the five
Australian territories and states are listed. They are
all similar, with some varying slightly for additional
safety and regulation. Some are federal laws, for
instance law eight.