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Mastering Manifestation

Adam James

2014 Adam James

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Introduction - You WILL Succeed Manifestation is Extremely Easy

Chapter 2

Fundamentals - The Ultra Powerful

Subconscious - Why Most People Cant

Manifest Their Desires

Chapter 3

Fundamentals Part 3 - The Importance of

Beliefs - The Power of Beliefs - Exactly
How Beliefs Create Reality

Chapter 4

Clearing Subconscious Blocks Removing limiting beliefs in 15 seconds

- And finally manifesting your dreams

Chapter 5

Clearing Subconscious Blocks Part 2 Subpersonalities - Parts Integration How To Be 100% Aligned

Chapter 6

Cultivating Positive Fuel Creating

Inspiration Peak Excitement Theta
Visualization A Secret to Highly
Effective Affirmations Magnetism

Chapter 7

Cultivating Positive Fuel, Advanced Vibrating Success The Power of Love

Become Magnetic to Everything You

Chapter 8

Cultivating Positive Fuel, Super

Advanced Your True Nature is
Limitless Chakras/Energy Centers
Sex Transmutation Kundalini Energy

Energization 5 Tibetan Rites 100%

Connection to Source Energy

Chapter 9

Conclusion Creating 100% Alignment

With Your Desire - Action is Necessary
for Manifestation - Block Clearing and
Positive Fueling Automatically Create
Inspiration - Take Action on Your
Inspiration - The Step-by-Step
Manifestation System - Manifestation


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Chapter 1
Introduction - You WILL
Succeed - Manifestation is
Extremely Easy

What is manifestation? Its the ability to

create your reality. The ability to have
practically anything you want. This
ability isnt exclusive to a few people. I
could tell you that after going through

this book youll become a special

unique being with superpowers and a
limitless ability to create a paradise on
earth. The latter is true, you will be able
to attain powers you cant even imagine
right now, and you will be able to create
heaven on earth, but you wont be
special. Anyone can do this.

Were all naturally born with the same

abilities. From the drunk at the bar, to
the bum on the streets, to Oprah, to
Master Monks from Tibet, to starving
children in Africa, were all the same,
were all from the same source of
creation, we all have the same natural
latent powers within us. The only thing

separating the drunk at the bar who cant

manifest his missing keys, from people
like Oprah who can manifest world fame
and billions of dollars and Master
Monks who can manifest fire and water
from thin air, is knowledge. Knowledge
is the only thing that separates the great
from the weak. The quote Knowledge
is power couldnt be truer.

You see, manifestation is extremely easy,

when you have the proper knowledge.
The simple manifestation formula youll
be learning has stood the test of time,
and above all it simply works. Its
common sense once you understand it. It
can be used on anything. From good

health to peak cellular functioning

health. From financial security to filthy
rich billion dollar incomes. From
attracting your soul mate to becoming the
most sexually attractive man/woman you

Heres a limiting belief well shatter

right off the bat; Manifesting something
small is easier than manifesting
something huge. This is not true. When
youre in tune with the universe, when
youre in alignment with your
subconscious and when you have enough
positive fuel, you can manifest even the
most impossible dreams and desires.
Though when youre not aligned, forget

manifesting even a dollar, or a single

good relationship, or even losing a few
pounds from your diet. Its not gonna
happen. Alignment is absolutely key.

This is what this system is based on 100% manifestation alignment, and how
to achieve it in the fastest, easiest,
simplest way possible. The formula is:

Removing Subconscious Blockages +

Cultivating Positive Fuel to Supercharge
your Manifestation = 100% Guaranteed
Rapid Manifestation. Youll fully
understand this simple system and how
to use it by the end of this book.

This system is foolproof. Follow through

with it and you WILL succeed. The only
limitation is your imagination. By that I
mean you cant manifest something you
cant imagine, or something that no one
has done or imagined. For example, if
you want to manifest changing the size of
the sun, you wont be able to do so
because no ones done it before and
because you cant imagine yourself
successfully doing so.

Though, there are things you can

manifest, which other people have
already manifested, which you currently

might not even believe is possible. You

can manifest weather changes. You can
cure cancer and any diseases naturally.
You can defy the laws of physics. There
are many videos on YouTube of people
levitating, defying the laws of gravity,
and surpassing physical limitations.
Gurus and monks can levitate. This is
possible and its been done. So this IS
something you can do.

If someone else has done something, then

you can do it too, because all people
come from the same source and possess
the same abilities and powers. That
being said, you can easily manifest
wealth, health, love, happiness, etc.

Things other people easily manifest, you

can manifest as well because you have
the same powers as them. The only
reason some people manifest more
easily than others is because theyre
more in tune with their soul, more in
tuned with their true nature, their true
source, less riddled with blockages,
illusions, limits, fears and lower levels
of consciousness.

This book will show you how to become

one of those people who can naturally
manifest things with total ease and
finesse. Itll free you of limits and
illusions, and itll make you a master of
manifestation; A master of creating your

reality; And youll achieve this

transformation with more ease and speed
than you think. So lets get started right

Chapter 2
Fundamentals - The
Ultra Powerful
Subconscious - Why Most
People Cant Manifest Their

To become a manifestation master, you

need to understand and become closely

connected to your subconscious mind.

You need to know what it is, understand
how it works, and start working with it.
What is the subconscious mind? Ever
heard the saying we only use 10% of
our mind? well, based on that
statement, the subconscious mind is the
other 90%. Its the part of your mind that
works below the surface of your

It stores your past experiences,

everything youve ever learned, all of
your memories since you were born,
your emotions, and your deepest held
beliefs. Learning how to access and
control the subconscious mind is the key

to achieving absolutely anything you can

possibly imagine.

To make good use of the subconscious,

you need to first clean up your
subconscious of the crap thats been
dumped into it throughout the many years
of your life. Most people suffer in life
because of an unregulated, uncontrolled
subconscious is the reason for all of
your self-sabotage.

Why do you want a new job but show up

late for the interview? Why do you make
project plans and business goals but

never take proper action?

Why do you join a gym or start an

exercise routine and stop yourself from
continuing? Why do you want to get in
better shape but never eat the food
required to build the body you desire?

Why do you try to quit smoking, but find

yourself lighting up again? Why do you
set New Years resolutions, but then
break them (or not even attempt to set

Why do you intend to meet and date and

attract high quality members of the

opposite sex, but you always sabotage
yourself from doing so?

Why do you feel inspired to take on

great projects, then procrastinate and
sabotage yourself from following
through to the end?

Its because you are being controlled by

your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is your true

power house. As Ive said, it stores your
past experiences, everything youve ever

learned, all of your memories since you

were born, your emotions, and your
deepest held beliefs. Its what causes
you to think and act the way you do.
Your habits and thinking patterns are
stored in the subconscious mind.

The words you are reading on this page

subconscious mind, and stored alongside
the trillions of bits of data in there.
Everything you do is controlled and
regulated by the subconscious mind. We
may think that we are consciously in
charge of our lives, but in reality, it is
the subconscious mind that dominates
our lives.

95-99% of our daily functions are

performed by the subconscious mind,
while only a mere 1-5% is performed by
the conscious mind. Driving a car, riding
a bike, swimming, walking, are all

An example that can help you better

understand the subconscious mind is the
process of breathing. Before you started
reading the previous line your breathing
was controlled by your subconscious.

I want you now to try and control your

breathing for a few seconds. Focus on
your breath and breathe in and out. You
will be able to do so of course.

This time it was the conscious mind that

was controlling your breathing, but when
you let go of your focus your
subconscious mind will take over again
and youll breathe automatically.

Basically the subconscious mind is your

autopilot, and when you learn how to use
it for more than just breathing
automatically, youll be a force to be
reckoned with.

You Are a Slave To The Subconscious

Escape the matrix - Master your


The subconscious mind is much like a

computer that awaits programming from

Unfortunately most people dont regulate

what goes in and out of their
subconscious. They let the media,
advertising, society, and others opinions

of them dictate what they think and


If 10 people tell them theyre funny and

likable, theyll start thinking theyre
funny and likable; if 10 people tell them
theyre stupid, theyll think theyre
stupid. They let external forces control
and program them.

This isnt their fault. Most people never

had a chance; from the moment they enter
into this world, their parents and
guardians force their opinions and views
of the world onto them. They push their
views, religions, ideas, and beliefs

down the childs throat. You are a

Christian You are Jewish You are a
Muslim You have to become a doctor
You have to do this You have to be
that. Then comes society saying You
have to go to school, then college, then
get a job, then get married, then save up
and retire, then get sick and die.

Next theres advertising and media,

making you subconsciously believe that
you need to be in good shape to be
attractive; that you need to be
successful and own cars and houses,
that women flaunting themselves on
magazines are goddesses rather than
normal people like me and you, etc.

The fact is, you do not need to and

should not accept everything forced onto
you by external influences.

Question religion, question it all.

Question existence until the questions
are solved
- Jay Z

The harsh truth is, you are not who you

think you are. You are an accumulation
of everything youve learned. Everything
your parents taught you. Everything you

picked up from your society and culture.

Everything you observed on TV and
movies. Everything youve read and
come across. You are nothing more
than societys trash can, which has
dumped beliefs, ideas, religions and
desires, into your mind.

If youve seen the movie Fight Club (if

you havent, go watch it!) you can pick
up a lot about the nature of modern man
by looking closely into some of the
messages the movie was trying to

Youre not your job. Youre not how

much money you have in the bank.

Youre not the car you drive. Youre not
the contents of your wallet. Youre not
your fucking khakis. Youre the all
singing, all dancing crap of the world

I see in fight club the strongest and

smartest men whove ever lived. I see
all this potential, and I see squandering.
God damn it, an entire generation
pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with
white collars; Advertising has us
chasing cars and clothes, working jobs
we hate so we can buy shit we dont
need. Were the middle children of
history, man. No purpose or place. We
have no Great War. No Great

Depression. Our Great Wars a spiritual

war... our Great Depression is our

I felt sorry for guys packing into gyms

trying to look how Calvin Klein or
Tommy Hilfiger told them to.
- Tyler Durden (played by Brad Pitt)

What do these quotes imply? Without

going too deeply down the rabbit hole,
theyre implying that you are a byproduct
of your community, your peers,
advertising, the media and society.
Youve been programmed by outside

forces to want things you dont really

want; be someone you dont really want
to be; to do things you dont really want
to do.

In reality, its all an illusion. When you

truly understand this idea, it can either
send you deep into depression, or it can
free you and empower you in ways
youve never thought possible.

I dont want to be a product of my

environment. I want my environment to
be a product of me.
- Frank Costello, The Departed

(played by Jack Nicholson)

Heres how to empower yourself and

break free from the illusion: Reestablish
control over your mind Regulate what
goes in and out of your mind.

Stop being societys trash can. Develop

such mental mastery that you will never
again be dictated by the opinions of
others, or the manipulations of the media
and society. Become the master of your
destiny and create the reality thats truly
in tune with your highest nature. This is

How do you do this? Gain control over

your subconscious mind. How do you
gain control over your subconscious

Thats what youre here to learn. Well

be getting into some of the most
powerful tools ever discovered to reprogram and take control of your mind.

Chapter 3
Fundamentals Part 3 The Importance of Beliefs The Power of Beliefs Exactly How Beliefs Create

Beliefs The Secret to Life

Beliefs are the determinant of what one

experiences. There are no external
- David Hawkins, I: Reality and

Everyone knows that your beliefs create

your reality. What you believe to be true
is what youll experience in your reality.
If you believe people love you and want
you, people will love you and want you;
if you believe that youre unattractive
and awkward and nervous, then thats
the experience youll create in your
reality. If you believe you can create
financial abundance, then youll create

it. Youll attract the ideas, inspiration,

confidence, and synchronicities that
manifest abundance. The thing about
your beliefs is that they can be
consciously manipulated.

In the following pages, youll learn

exactly how your attitudes, mindsets and
beliefs affect and influence success or
failure in every area of your life. Youll
learn how changing just a few beliefs
can totally transform your self-esteem,
attractiveness, relationships, financial
prosperity, spiritual advancement, health
and even your cellular makeup.

Youll learn just how powerful the

subconscious really is, and what its
truly capable of. As you expand your
awareness of whats possible, youll
unlock your own subconscious minds
latent powers. Youll have a higher
understanding of how your all powerful
subconscious works, and youll ignite
infinite confidence in yourself as you
start to understand just what youre
really capable of, once youve unlocked
your subconscious mind.

Your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs positive, mediocre, and negative, all
have a distinctive energy that affects and
programs every cell in your body. Every

cell communicates with and responds to

not only frequencies, but the spoken
frequencies of words, like belief
statements and affirmations and even
emotional frequencies.

Whether you realize it or not, youre

programming your cells in and around
your body and your life in every waking
moment and in your dream cycles every
night when you go to bed. What you say
to yourself, and more importantly what
you believe, creates your reality 24/7.

Though its not what you (consciously)

believe, but what your subconscious

mind believes. You can believe that

youre an amazing person all you want
but unless your subconscious mind
believes it, you arent an amazing
person. Youll learn more about this and
how to fix it, in the coming pages.

All change comes from within. Once you

immediately change your outer world.
Mastering Manifestation will provide
you with many tools to help you easily
uncover the limiting beliefs, attitudes
and emotions that are causing you to
block yourself from attaining your
reprogram yourself to take on new

beliefs and mindsets that support your


The Power of Beliefs

Beliefs have the power to make you rich

or poor, the power to make you
irresistible or disgustingly repelling to
others, the power to make you prosper in
life or kill you.

Example #1 Man dies from Placebo


In 1974, Sam Londe, a retired shoe

salesman had cancer of the esophagus.
Even though the doctors had surgically
removed all of the cancer they could find
in his body, they were sure it would
return. Back in 1974, this kind of cancer
was believed to be 100% fatal, and
there was no chance Sam would survive.

Sam died a few weeks later. His family

and friends were devastated, but no one
was surprised. However, after the
autopsy, even though there was a tiny
amount of cancer, it wasnt in the
esophagus, and clearly wasnt the cause
of the death.

He was diagnosed with esophagus

cancer, even though he didnt have it. He
could have easily survived the type of
cancer he had. He died because he
believed he had esophagus cancer. He
died because he believed he was 100%
sure to die. His cancer was so tiny that it
had no chance of killing him, but he died
because he and everyone else believed
he would die. His belief that he was
going to die, killed him. His belief killed


This is the power of belief. First there

was a small amount of cancer in his

esophagus, which was nothing. The
doctors had successfully removed all of
it. So there was actually no disease.

However, once the doctors believed

Sam would die, and Sam believed he
would die for sure from his cancer, his
fate was set. Even though he didnt
actually have cancer anymore, his belief
that Im going to die was so powerful,
that it caused him to die. Your beliefs
are held at a deep cellular DNA level,
and if you believe something completely,
all the organs, tissues, bones, and cells
in your body will respond to the belief.
In Sams case, he believed 100% that he

would die, and every cell in his body

responded to this belief, and killed him.

This is why hypnotherapy, is so widely

used by doctors and medical
professionals. Hypnosis allows someone
to program new beliefs into the
subconscious mind/cells. Many medical
professionals all around the world are
now successfully using hypnosis to
retrain cancer patients to change the
belief I am going to die into the belief
I am going to live. The results have
been astounding.


Beliefs truly have the ability to kill and

to heal. So if beliefs can heal and cure
cancer, wouldnt something as easy as
manifesting money or sexual/intimate
relationships or a healthier body or the
successful completion of a dream
project be a piece of cake? The answer
is yes.

Example #2 - Gaining muscle without

working out

Did you know your subconscious

mind/beliefs has the ability to give you

an athletes body, without you ever even

working out?


Visualizing yourself exercising can and

does work as well as exercising. Two
groups of people were chosen for a
subconscious mind research project. The
first group had to work out with weights
at the gym. The second group only had to
imagine themselves working out with

The results? After many weeks of

weight training, the visualizers

miraculously built more muscle than
those who actually lifted weights and
did the hard work.

When you imagine something in your

mind, your subconscious mind believes
it to be real. This is why many people
get horrified during scary movies
because their subconscious mind
believes whats happening is real, even
though the logical mind knows its just a
movie. Your imagination creates beliefs.
By imagining yourself exercising, your
mind truly believes youre exercising,
and so it sends these beliefs to your
cells, your DNA, and so your body

actually shifts according to your beliefs.

The point is, lifting weights doesnt do

much. There are many people out there
who lift and lift and lift, and take
supplements and shakes and do whatever
they can to bulk up yet they
subconsciously believe Ill never be
buff and so no matter how much they
physically work out, they cant build

Similarly there are people who dont

work out at all, and they even eat junk
food, yet they have fantastic bodies and
even abs.

The reason most people gain muscle is

because society has enforced the belief,
and they themselves believe If I lift
weights, I gain muscle this is their
belief, and so when they lift weights,
they gain muscle. The weights are
unnecessary, and just a tool that
enhances their belief.

When you lift weights, you 100%

believe that this action is increasing your
muscle. You can also visualize yourself
lifting weights, and get the feeling that
you really are lifting weights, and youll
equally create the same results; possibly

even greater because you can imagine

yourself lifting 50 pounds instead of 30
pounds. Or run 10 miles on the treadmill
instead of 3 or 5.

Again, watch the video if you dont

believe this. The video shows how we
can easily substitute physical exercise
for mentally created exercise, and gain
the same results.

So if visualizing yourself exercising can

increase muscle (even more than
physical exercise can) then wouldnt
visualizing yourself successful with your
goals, also easily create that in your real

life? The answer is yes.

Exactly how your beliefs create your

reality The 6 level process

Now lets into the exact process of how

your beliefs create your reality, which
up until now, you had no idea that this
how your life was being created every

There are 6 levels to how your reality is

created. This is one of the most
important things youll ever learn, so
read carefully.

Let me give you an example of how your

beliefs create your experience. There
are two guys, equally average looking.
Both of them walk into a bar. One of
them believes Im too shy to meet
people and the other believes I can
easily talk to anyone The one who
believes hes shy, sits in a corner
drinking beer, while the other one, goes
around, staring conversations with
people, laughing, having fun, meeting
others, flirting, getting numbers, making
friends, and having an amazing time.
Both walk in at the same time. Neither
have any previous connections to the
bar. Both look average. The one with the

positive belief ends up having a great

time, while the other one ends up bored,
lonely, and frustrated.

It all starts with your beliefs

Level 1 Core Belief: This is where it

all starts - your beliefs. Your beliefs are
primarily created by your parents, your
society, and the media, as you were
growing up. Everything you experience
in life is filtered through your beliefs.

How you interact with yourself, with

others and with the world is determined

by your beliefs.

Many beliefs you have are totally

unconscious to you, and are running your
life in the background. Your parents
might have installed beliefs into you that
you dont even know of, and theyre
secretly ruining your life. Beliefs such as
Life is a struggle You must work hard
to achieve success This is what having
kids and marriage is all about etc.

Your beliefs create your attitudes

Level 2 Attitudes: Your attitudes

come from your beliefs. Theyre the

lenses that color your world. Everyone
has different lenses. When a group of 10
people listen to the radio, there will be
10 different responses. One person will
think I dont like this song, its too
mainstream another will think I LOVE
this song another will get upset because
the song reminds them of an Ex, another
person will think I like the beat to this
song, but the lyrics not so much and so

Your beliefs create your taste in music,

art, entertainment, and everything else.
They create your attitudes about life, and
determine the way you see life.

Everyone sees life in a different way.

You have the ability to see it through the
most ecstatic, powerful, successful,
colorful, exciting lens possible.

Your beliefs create your attitude/the way

you see the world. If you have beliefs
such as Money is the root of all evil I
have to work harder and longer to make
the kind of money I want I just cant
make and keep money then youll have
a bad attitude towards money. Clean up
your beliefs, and you clean up your

Your Beliefs create your attitudes. Your

attitudes create your thoughts

Level 3 Thoughts: Your beliefs create

your attitudes, and your attitudes create
your day to day thoughts. This is the
waking trance most people are in. When
most people see a beautiful home or a
beautiful car or an expensive item theyd
love to have, they automatically think I
cant have that, its too expensive They
believe Ill never be rich and their
belief creates an attitude of them being
financially insecure, and their failure
attitude automatically creates the thought
I cant make that much money. or I
cant have that home/car/item And they
stop themselves from manifesting

financial success, in almost a split

second, with no chance of winning.

You can change your self-talk, by

choosing to think more empowering
thoughts instead of negative self-talk, but
this isnt a very good strategy because
until you take out the roots, the beliefs,
youll continue to screw yourself over.

If you put a layer of flowers and air

fresheners and soaps in a garbage can on
top of a pile of garbage, the garbage can
might give off pleasant scents for a bit,
but after a while the garbage under the
soaps and flowers will decay the

flowers and soaps and the foul smell

will return.

You can change the way you think, but

thats like putting flowers on top of
garbage to mask the smell. Take out the
trash (limiting beliefs) and the smell
(your problem) will be gone forever.

Your beliefs create your attitudes. Your

attitudes create your thoughts. Your
thoughts create your feelings.

Level 4 Feelings: You must think

before you can feel. For example, if

youre feeling depressed or anxious,

youll find it difficult to stop thinking
depressing or stressful thoughts, which
then activate the feelings attached to
your thoughts.

For example you might have been in an

uncomfortable social situation or public
speaking situation or somewhere you felt

You might have tried to think your way

out of the situation, but you found it
almost impossible because once you
start thinking negative thoughts like Im
gonna be awkward or what if they

dont like me or I might get rejected.

Then you start feeling anxious, and once
you start feeling too anxious, its very
difficult to go back to feeling calm and

Or when youre feeling anxious and you

start procrastinating, you might find it
very hard to push through that
procrastination threshold.

Your beliefs create your attitudes. Your

attitudes create your thoughts. Your
thoughts create your feelings. Your
feelings create your decisions.

Level 5 Decisions: Advertisers are

told never to advertise to the logical
mind, but to the emotional mind. This is
because psychologists know that people
never purchase because of logical
reasons, but because of emotional,
irrational reasons. Meaning, people
make decisions of what they want to buy
based on their feelings.

Every decision you make is based on

your feelings. When you feel sad, and
fat, and unattractive, you may make a
decision to work out and take control of
your weight once and for all. When you
feel insecure, you make a decision to
avoid talking to people. When you feel

confident, you make a decision to talk to

people and be fun and outgoing. When
you feel creative, you make a decision to
write down your ideas and take action
on them.

This mostly happens unconsciously by

the way. You may think youre
consciously making the decisions, but
its actually your subconscious mind
causing you to make these decisions.
Everything happens instantly, 6 levels
below your awareness. Your decisions
are created by your feelings, and your
feelings are created by your beliefs.

Your beliefs create your attitudes. Your

attitudes create your thoughts. Your
thoughts create your feelings. Your
feelings create your decisions. Your
decisions create your life.

Level 6 Life experience: What you

experience in life is a result of all your
decisions. A person is fat because he
decided to eat the food he knew was bad
for him. A person is lonely and loveless
because they decided not to go out and
meet people. Now why would someone
make these decisions, even though they
know these decisions are bad for them?

Its because their decisions are guided

by their feelings, and their feelings are
guided by their thoughts, and their
thoughts are guided by their attitudes,
and their attitudes are guided by their

And thats what it all comes down to:

There are 6 levels through which your
life is created. Your life is created by the
decisions you make, and the decisions
you make are created by your beliefs.

Change your beliefs, and you change

your life.

You dont have to focus on level 2-6.

You didnt have to fully understand what
I just said, though if you did thats
wonderful. All that matters is that you
change your beliefs, and Ill show you
how to do this simply. Once you change
your core belief, everything afterwards
automatically changes. Once you change
your belief, you change your attitudes,
thoughts, feelings and decisions and
your life.

Congratulations, you now know exactly

why your life turned out the way it did,
and how you can make the rest of your
life exactly the way you want it. Your
past decisions created your current life,

and your decisions were determined by

your beliefs. Your future will be
determined by the beliefs you choose to
hold now.

Summary of beliefs

Your beliefs create your reality. Every

detail of it. Your reality is filtered
through your beliefs. Your life isnt a
result of what you want and desire, but
what you believe. If your beliefs are in
alignment with your desires, you will
succeed. If you dont learn how to deal
with your beliefs, they will deal with
you. Youll be forced to deal with them

indirectly through disease, financial

issues, relationship issues, self-esteem
issues, confidence issues, and so on.

Our reality, our bodies, our goals, our

truths about life, our memories, our
possessions, our guilt, our fears, our
loves, and even our tastes in
entertainment and food and drinks are a
reflection of our beliefs. Our beliefs are
consciously available, not deep or
hidden, but they may be invisible to us
because we take them to be facts about
reality, rather than beliefs about our

Mastering Manifestation will provide

you the tools to uncover and master your
beliefs, and thus master your life once
and for all.

You can keep trying to succeed in life

while ignoring your beliefs, but until you
change the core beliefs, your efforts will
be futile.

Best case, youll start making some

change for a few days, and then quit.
Worst and most likely case, youll work
extremely hard to achieve your goals,
see progress, then (since you didnt
change the core beliefs) youll undo all

the changes you worked so long and hard

for, and youll return to your old ways.
So now that you see the incredible
importance of beliefs, its time to learn
how to easily change your old limiting
beliefs and create new, powerful ones
that empower you.

Ill now provide you some of the most

powerful tools ever discovered, to help
you attain total mastery of your beliefs,
subconscious mind, and your life. The
first half of the book gave you a deep
understanding on how your reality is
created and how to become a
manifestation master. The second half of
this book will give you all the tools you

need to make this transformation. Once

youve read through the next part, and
youve learned how to use the tools, you
can stop reading, and actually start
taking inspired action and making rapid
changes in your life.

Youll receive a step-by-step action plan

which will cut your learning curve down
tremendously. By following the path of
someone whos already been there,
youll make changes at quantum speeds.
Success is guaranteed if you follow the
exact step by step manifestation system
Ill reveal at the end of this manual. You
can and will tailor it to suite your own
personal wants and needs, and youll

make all of these changes at a pace that

feels good for you, and is enjoyable for
you. So without further ado, lets get to
the tools.

Chapter 4
Clearing Subconscious
Blocks - Removing limiting
beliefs in 15 seconds - And
finally manifesting your

The #1 reason people cant manifest

their desires is subconscious blockage.

Their subconscious is full of limiting

beliefs/illusions, fears, doubts, limiting
emotions and memories, and a whole
host of garbage that stops them from
having what they truly want, from having
what their soul wants them to have which is everything they can dream of.

To manifest your desires, you need to

clear your subconscious blocks. This is
pretty much mandatory, theres little way
around this. Yes, there are people who
have achieved their dreams without
clearing themselves of blocks first but
this requires intense levels of desire and
will. You might have heard of the small,
90 pound mom who lifted up a car off

the ground to save her baby who was

pinned underneath it. This is an example
of when a positive force breaks through
all possible blocks and limitations. She
was fueled by an extremely powerful
energy - love. When youre fueled by
love, anything is possible. Another very
powerful force is sex.

Your sex drive is an extremely powerful

force, and for men its more powerful
than love. For women its second to
love. Well get to this later on but for
now realize that unless you cultivate
extremely powerful positive forces that
can shatter through all limitations, youll
need to do some clearing work. This is

how you naturally and peacefully

manifest your desires - by clearing
blocks to natural manifestation. Most of
us dont have a superhuman level of
positive energy that cuts through
limitations. I didnt either when I first
started mastering manifestation. I do
now, since Ive cultivated sufficient
levels of love and sexual energy and
other higher energies within me, and
youll learn how to do this as well, but
this takes time, and when I desperately
wanted to manifest my desires, I didnt
have time to cultivate these higher forces
so I had to simply clear myself of blocks
so I could manifest my desires.

Manifestation is like removing a dam

from a river. You have tons of desires,
wishes and dreams you want to manifest.
You already have all the fuel, all the
inspiration and all the skills waiting to
come out. You have a river of positive
energy waiting to be unleashed. Yet you
can currently only access trickles of this
positive energy because theres a dam in
the way blocking access to the infinite
flow of positive energy. This dam
represents your limiting beliefs and
subconscious blocks. When you remove
this dam, this block, you allow the river
of positive energy - your goals, your
dreams, your skills and powers, to
naturally flow out. This is what it means
to let go and allow and open to

receive. You let go of your blocks, and

so you allow yourself to receive the
flow of wonder and goodness that was
always waiting to come to you.

Plain and simple, everything you could

possibly want, all the feelings, skills,
abundance, is already within you. Its
already been manifested in your mind,
its already been manifested in the
metaphysical realm. Visualizing your
desire JUST ONCE is enough to
manifest it. Just one visualization sets
your subconscious and the higher forces
of the universe into motion to create your
wish. The thing is, you have to allow it.

You have to be clear to receive it. Its

not enough to say I allow my desire to
be manifested. I let go and allow!

No, your limiting beliefs and fears say

otherwise. You might say I allow this to
manifest. but your subconscious says I
dont deserve to manifest this. Im not
good enough to manifest this. Something
bad might happen if I manifest this etc.
and since these negative energies vibrate
more powerfully than your positive
intention, the negative energies manifest.
This is good, because it shows you that
manifestation. You just dont manifest
good things. To start manifesting the

things you actually want, you have to

remove the negative energy making you
manifest the things you dont want. Once
you remove the negativity, the positivity
instantly arises. This is because
positivity is your natural state. Only
illusions (limiting beliefs) block your
natural perfection.

So in conclusion, clear your blockages,

and your desires naturally and
automatically manifest. This is how I
manifest things rapidly now. I simply
visualize it once, clear anything blocking
it, and then watch as it manifests into my
life oh so easily and quickly. This works
every time.

Again, I believe time is extremely

valuable, so the clearing process Ill be
showing you will work extremely fast.
Whereas it takes most people weeks,
even months to clear their limiting
beliefs and blocks in an area of their
life, Ill be showing you how to achieve
total clearing in just 3-5 days. Yes, days.
This is no small feat. 3-5 days from now
youll be completely clear to manifesting
your desires. Matter of fact, if you spend
5 hours doing this, you can clear
yourself completely in 1 day. If you
believe it takes longer, well my friend
you have a limiting belief because I
know first hand that clearing blockages

can be a fun, easy and rapid process.

This is how all manifestation work
should be.

The technique well be using to clear

your limiting beliefs (along with the
fears, habits, and other emotions
attached to it) takes only 15 seconds to
do. Whereas most well-known belief
change modalities take anywhere from
15 minutes to an hour to clear beliefs,
this technique works in less than 15
seconds, and the effects are just as
powerful and permanent. In fact, the 60
second source connection technique
done before your belief clearing
sessions amplifies your ability to clear

limitations exponentially.

The full technique is in the appendix,

and youll be putting it into action after
finishing the book. Its best to wait until
youve finished the whole book because
you might want to gain a full view of
how to manifest your reality before you
start removing your limiting beliefs.
Though if you like, you can scroll down
to the appendix and get started on the
process right away.

Chapter 5
Clearing Subconscious
Blocks Part 2 Subpersonalities - Parts
Integration - How To Be
100% Aligned

Clearing limiting beliefs is a very

powerful practice for clearing blockages

and is usually enough to clear yourself of

blocks to success. You might also want
to clear at an even deeper level by
working with subpersonalities, which
are subconscious counterparts trying to
stop you from having what you want. For
every part of you that wants a certain
change, theres a counterpart, a
personality) behind the scenes that wants
things to be the same.

Theres a part of you thats wants the

perfect relationship or to be very
attractive to the opposite sex, yet theres
a part of you that wants to limit your
attractiveness, to limit your confidence.

Theres a part of you that wants to be

limitless and attain total enlightenment,
yet theres a part that wants to limit you
and stop you from going too far. There
are parts of you that want health, wealth,
happiness, greatness, and there are
counterparts/Subpersonalities that want
to stop these good things from happening
at all costs. To put it more simply,
theres a part of you that wants the best
out of life; this part is your higher self;
then there are many parts of you that
dont want change; these parts are
subpersonalities. Clearing these parts
allows you to naturally and easily make
the changes you truly want.

Clearing subpersonalities can be as fast

and simple as clearing limiting beliefs.
All of your subpersonalities can be
cleared in less than a day. Sometimes
clearing Subpersonalities can clear tons
of limiting beliefs that are attached to it.
I like to do both limiting belief clearing
and subpersonality clearing. Both are
fast and easy and I like to be completely
sure theres absolutely nothing stopping
me from having what I want.

This is how you achieve 100%

alignment. By aligning all parts of you
towards your goal, so that not a single
part of you sabotages you any longer
from manifesting your vision.

subpersonalities is in the appendix, and
will be put to use along with the belief
changing technique to fully clear you of
blockages. Towards the end of the book
everything will be summarized and
concluded and packed into an action
plan you can put to use, so just keep
reading and soon youll know exactly
how to fully clear yourself to manifest
what you want.

Chapter 6
Cultivating Positive Fuel
Creating Inspiration
Peak Excitement Theta
Visualization A Secret to
Highly Effective
Affirmations Magnetism

Once youve cleared yourself of the

blocks and limitations that have stopped

you from manifesting your desire, you
can rest assure that youll naturally start
to manifest your goal. The reason for this
is that youve always wanted this goal.
Youve always wanted this life change.
The only thing stopping you was the
limiting beliefs and blockages in your

So naturally once you clear yourself,

youll automatically realize your goal.
Its like the dam in the river. The water
was always in full throttle, ready to flow
full speed, but it couldnt pass through
because of the dam in the way. Once the
dam is cleared, the water will naturally

flow through at full speed. Similarly

youve always wanted to manifest your
desire, but couldnt because of your
blocks and limiting beliefs. Once youve
cleared them, your desire will naturally

That being said, you can greatly speed

up the rate at which your desires
manifest by applying some advanced
techniques and teachings. You can speed
up your manifestations by cultivating
positive fuel. Once youve cleared
yourself of blocks you can fuel yourself
with high amounts of positive energy to
achieve your goals at rocket speeds. You
do this through the practices and

techniques Im about to share with you.

The first and most basic way to speed up

visualization. Visualization is the use of
your imagination to enter into situations
in your mind before theyve physically

In other words, you can use your

imagination to travel into the future
where youve already achieved your
goal, and enjoy this new life before its
actually become a reality. Everyone can
visualize. If you imagined yourself with
the perfect body or with all the money

you want, or you fantasized about

someone you were attracted to, you
know how to visualize. This is
visualization. The use of your
imagination to enter situations you
would love to be in.

imagining/visualizing your future is a
powerful way to manifest it. The reason
visualization works is because, again,
the subconscious usually cant discern
between real and imagined. This is why
people get scared during scary movies
and why some people cry during a
movie. The conscious mind knows its
all acting, but the subconscious

perceives it to be real. This is why

seeing mental movies of your
future/visualizing in your minds eye
causes your subconscious to believe this
is whats actually true.

Visualization also activates the law of

attraction. The law of attraction states
that what you focus on is what you create
in your reality. If you can feel as if
youve already attained what youre
seeking, then youll magnetize it towards
you. Visualization allows you to feel as
if youve already achieved your
outcome. Even visualizing your outcome
for 60 seconds is enough to start to
manifest it. The only reason people fail

with visualization is because after

themselves to a higher state, they usually
bring themselves back down by thinking
negative and limiting thoughts. This
wont happen to you, because youll
clear your blocks before engaging in

What will happen is that youll visualize

your life exactly the way you want it, get
yourself up to peak levels of excitement,
and then your subconscious/higher mind
will provide you with all the insights,
inspirations, actions to take, and
guidance needed to accomplish your
goal in the best way possible. Youll

naturally take action on this inspiration

and guidance without much resistance,
because youll have nothing stopping
you from achieving your goals once your
blocks and limiting beliefs have been

Youll keep visualizing your outcome,

and youll keep receiving more and
more inspiration and guidance. Youll
easily take action on your inspiration,
because you wont have anything
blocking you from doing so. If any
limiting beliefs come up along the way
(in the form of excuses) then youll
easily clear them and continue moving
forward. This pattern of visualization,

followed by inspiration, followed by

action, followed by more visualization,
more inspiration, more action, will
eventually lead you to your goal. This
will all be broken down and explained
more clearly towards the end of the

In the appendix is a powerful meditation

for visualizing yourself into success.
(Ive kept all the meditations and
exercises at the end of the book because
youll want to read through the whole
book once before engaging in the
practices, so you truly know what youre
doing.) This technique incorporates all
the factors of highly effective

visualizations, including using all 5

senses, entering a powerful state of
consciousness for manifesting your
wishes, and using your emotions to
power up the visualization. This practice
will quickly magnetize whatever youre
trying to manifest.

This meditation incorporates the Theta

Brainwave. Visualization done in this
state is 10x more powerful, because
youre sending images directly into your
heightened levels of focus which will
also greatly power up your visualization.

Another way to speed up manifestations

is through affirmations. Affirmations
are suggestions you repeat to yourself
which train your mind to believe in a
new reality. If you wanted to become
rich, you would affirm I am rich I am
a money magnet My wealth is
exploding day after day This activates
the law of attraction by having you enter
the reality where your goal has already
manifested, before youve actually
manifested it. Youre affirming a new
reality and as you know, your
subconscious cant tell the difference
between real and imagined, so by
imagining that this new reality is real,
your subconscious starts to create it
more and more.

Now many people fail with affirmations.

The main reason is that they dont
believe what theyre saying. And how
can you? What youre saying isnt true.
You cant force yourself to believe
something that isnt true. Affirmations,
done the way most people do them,
actually cause more harm than good.
Every time you do an affirmation, and
deep down you feel its not true, you
activate subconscious triggers that keep
you stuck in your current reality.

Heres the secret to sidestepping this and

making affirmations wildly effective for

you. Imagine that your affirmations are

true. The secret is to imagine yourself
going into the future, and then doing your
affirmations as if theyre actually true.

So just like you go into the future and

imagine your goal as already manifested,
through visualization you can also go
into the future and imagine yourself
repeating your affirmations as if youve
already succeeded. Your imagination
creates your reality. Your imagination is
limitless. Your subconscious is activated
through imagination/imagery, and your
subconscious is the creator of your

Heres an example; there are two

overweight people who want to lose

One of them sits in front of a computer

or a sheet of paper repeating the
affirmation I am slim, fit and healthy
I can lose weight yet they feel fat, they
feel like this isnt true, they can clearly
see the fat on their bodies, they might
force themselves to believe what theyre
saying is true, but their subconscious is
saying otherwise and negating all the
effects of the affirmations.

Then theres the second person. They go

into meditation, travel into the future in

their minds, about 2-3 months later
where theyve achieved their perfect
weight, and they visualize themselves in
front of a mirror. Theyre slim and fit.
Theyre full of energy. Its all in their
imagination, and since the subconscious
cant tell the difference between real and
imagined, they really feel like theyre
slim and the subconscious really
believes theyre slim, even if its just in
that moment. Then after they achieve the
feeling of actually being slim, THEN
they start affirming that theyre slim,
theyre fit and healthy.

They imagine it as true and so it

becomes true. The subconscious offers

no opposing beliefs to negate the effects
of the affirmation, because what you
imagine to be true is true. This is a very
powerful way to work with affirmations
and it makes perfect use of the law of

You can combine both theta visualization

and affirmations by going into a deep
state of meditation, traveling to the
future, visualizing your outcome, and
then repeating affirmations to further
solidify the outcome. Do this until
youve manifested your goal. Again, the
appendix contains a meditation thatll
guide you through this process.

Chapter 7
Cultivating Positive Fuel,
Advanced - Vibrating
Success The Power of Love
Become Magnetic to
Everything You Want

Quick Recap: According to the law of

attraction, to manifest something, youve

got to feel as if you already have it. This

is as simple as visualizing yourself
having already manifested your goal,
which should be easy if you truly want
it. You dont have to feel this way 24/7,
even 60 seconds of focused visualization
of what you want is enough to activate
the law of attraction as long as you
dont negate your positive visualizations
through negative thoughts and since
youll clear your limiting beliefs and
blocks before doing visualization and
positive thinking, staying positive and
free of negative thoughts should be

So thats what weve covered so far

clear your blocks, then visualize

yourself as already successful, put
emotion into your visualization, and
youll attract your goal fairly quickly.
Weve also covered that you can
improve the power of your visualization
by doing it in a deeply meditative state.
Another way to speed up the
manifestation is by affirming the things
you would affirm if you already were
successful. So if you wanted to lose
weight, you would imagine yourself
already slim, and then affirm that youre
slim. The key is to believe its true, and
to do that, youll have to imagine that its

Youll have to imagine that what youre

affirming is true. If you simply read your
affirmations in the present moment, you
wont believe them, and they wont
work as well (this is why most people
fail with affirmations); but if you go into
the future with your imagination, and
then do your affirmations as if youve
affirmations will increase ten-fold in

Make all of this happen in your

imagination. Your imagination creates
your reality. Your subconscious is
activated through imagination/imagery,
and your subconscious is the creator of

your reality.

When all of the above circumstances

have been met, youll magnetically draw
your goal to you, and all of the new
beliefs, tools, books, knowledge,
people, inspiration and guidance to make
it happen.

This is the way to manifest almost

anything Again; clear blocks (limiting
beliefs/subpersonalities) then imagine
and affirm yourself as already
successful. All of the inspiration,
willpower, confidence, circumstances
and everything else needed for the

manifestation of your desire will

naturally be provided by your higher
mind/higher self. Manifestation is as
simple and straightforward as that.

The next few sections will take your

manifestation abilities to a more
advanced level. Youll learn how to
supercharge your manifestations and
magnetize them at an even faster, more
powerful level. Its important to make
sure that you firmly understand and
practice the steps/ideas above before
methods/teachings Im about to share.
The fundamentals are more important
than the advanced teachings. If you ever

find yourself getting confused or

overwhelmed, go back to the basic
formula (Clearing blocks + Visualizing
and Doing Affirmations = Inspiration
and action = Successful Manifestation in
due time)

Once youve gotten that down, start to

work with the techniques in the
following sections to supercharge your

The first manifestation supercharger is

gratitude. The science behind gratitude
is simple. When youre in vibrational
alignment with what you want, you

attract it to you. To get in vibrational

alignment, you have to imagine and feel
as if you already have what you what.
Now, when do you feel most grateful?
When you get something you want. How
do you feel when you get something you
want? You feel successful. Gratitude is
the feeling of success.

If youre trying to lose weight, and you

see pounds melting off, you feel good,
you appreciate that you lost weight.
Gratitude is appreciation. Gratitude is
the feeling of success. Its the feeling of
Hell yeah! Im awesome. This is
awesome! My life is awesome!
Everything is perfect! YEAH! Its a

feeling of loving life. Gratitude is love.

When you appreciate something, you
love it. When you appreciate yourself,
you love yourself. When you appreciate
the universe, you love the universe. Love
is the most powerful energy in the
universe. Love is magnetic to all great

Being in a state of love, you

magnetically draw great things to you.
This is because when you feel
successful, when you love your life,
youre already in the state you would
be if you manifested your desires. Why
do you want to manifest whatever youre
trying to manifest? Because you want to

be happier, to feel more successful or to

love your life more.

If you already love your life, then youve

activated the law of attraction, and
youll draw more things that make you
love your life even more, and its just a
chain reaction after that. Desire after
desire will start to manifest in your life,
because youre literally already in the
state you would be if you had manifested
your desires. By appreciating yourself
and your life, you vibrate success, and
you draw more great things to you that
further feed your feeling of gratitude. By
appreciating your life NOW, you tell the
universe and your subconscious Life is

great, everything is great and your

subconscious/the universe finds ways to
further make that your reality.

When you maintain a state - a vibration of love for life, youll automatically
attract more things that make you love
your life; thats law. Now you might be
thinking But how am I supposed to love
my life with all these problems? It wont
feel right. I need to manifest my desires
first Well, realize that love is a state of
mind. One person can be poor, have very
few friends, and not have much going on
their life, yet still be extremely
appreciative of their life. While another
person can have wealth, fame, success

after success, yet still be miserable.

If youre not the type of person who can

easily love and appreciate their life,
thats okay. Its a skill you can develop
over time. When I first started this
technique, I had a little trouble. I
couldnt really find things to appreciate.
Then I started appreciating little things.
As I appreciated the little things, I
started to see bigger things manifest.
Then I appreciated the bigger things, and
more and more incredible things started
manifesting. Now Im constantly in a
state of pure appreciation and love for
life, and things manifest effortlessly for
me now.

So heres the technique, its very simple.

It was created by Abraham Hicks. Its
called rampage of appreciation. All you
have to do is get a sheet of paper, or
open up a phone note or a document on
your computer and start listing things you
love and appreciate in your life. You can
set a timer for 5-10 minutes, or you can
go for hours, whatever you want. I do it
just 5-10 minutes before going to sleep.

It might look something like this:

I love and appreciate that I had such a
good night of sleep last night.

I love and appreciate that I know SO

much about manifestation and that I feel
so confident in my ability to create my
I loveee and appreciate the universe!
I love and appreciate that Im generally
healthy and free of diseases
I love and appreciate that Im coming up
with more ideas to take action on that
will bring me financial success
I love and appreciate my body
I love and appreciate the cells in my

I love and appreciate the muscles in my

I love and appreciate my brain
I love and appreciate my subconscious
I love and appreciate being so smart and
I love and appreciate that I was chosen
by the universe to gain all of this
incredible knowledge
I love and appreciate that Im starting to
become healthier and healthier
Eventually it might look something like

I love and appreciate that I made that

million dollar deal tonight!!!!
I lovee and appreciate that I kissed
him/her after wanting him/her for so
I lovee and appreciate that Im so
I lovee and appreciate that Im so
magnetic and attractive!
I lovee and appreciate that the cells in
my body are radiating and bursting with
happiness and joy and ecstasy!
I loveee and appreciate that my energy
and vitality are through the roof!!!!

I lovee and appreciate the absolute sheer

unstoppable enthusiasm I have for life!!
I lovee and appreciate all of my brilliant
projects coming to life!!
I lovee and appreciate the new Ferrari I
just picked up!!
I loveee and appreciate the amazing
book deal/music contract/movie contract
I just captured!!!
I lovee and appreciate being so fun and
positive and charming and hilarious and
badass at that party!
I lovee and appreciate the extremely
deep meditation I had today

I lovee and appreciate being so fit and

healthy and attractive!
I lovee and appreciate being perfectly on
track with my spiritual disciplines and
moving along so smoothly on my path to
I lovee and appreciate the unshakable
peace and bliss I have within!
I lovee and appreciate meeting Brad Pitt
I lovee and appreciate how perfect my
life is on all levels!!


It gets more and more fun and enjoyable

by the day! Youll be bursting with joy
as you keep this practice up. Dont be
discouraged if the level of joy you feel
when first doing this practice is limited.
It gets better.

I do this every night before going to

sleep, go to bed with joy flooding my
veins, and wake up in the same state I
went to sleep in pure joy.

Another benefit of this practice is that it

keeps me at a very high energy level,

and it makes me realize why my life is

so fantastic. It makes life worth living. If
you constantly manifest things and take
no time to appreciate them, youll never
be fulfilled. Youll constantly want more
and more and never be satisfied.
Whereas gratitude/love and appreciation
makes it so that youre already fulfilled
and subsequent manifestations are a
natural result of your current state of

So instead of trying to manifest things to

fulfill yourself, you naturally magnetize
things that further validate your inner
fulfillment. When youre already happy,
when youre already fulfilled and you

dont need anything, everything you want

comes to you more effortlessly. Yet if
you need and crave things, you repel
them. This is the law of attraction. By
needing and wanting something, youre
sending out energies and telling your
subconscious that say you dont already
have it. Whereas if instead of spending
your time wanting and desiring and
needing your goal, you spent your time
visualizing and affirming your goal and
being happy with your life, you tell your
subconscious that you are already happy,
youre already successful, youve
already attained your goals.

By trying to become fulfilled, you repel

fulfillment and all the things that lead to

fulfillment. By finding ways to become
fulfilled NOW, youre already in a state
of fulfillment and you start to magnetize
more things that further fulfill you. When
youre in a state of love and
appreciation and joyous positivity,
youre in tune with your source energy,
your higher self and soul, all of your
hearts desires start to magically manifest
into your life.

Tip: If you have trouble being happy

with what you have now, you can use
your imagination to travel into the future
where you have everything you want,
and then appreciate your life - so travel

into the future where all your goals are

complete and imagine yourself being
grateful and highly appreciative of your
amazing life. This is another powerful
way to magnetize your desires.

Again, love is very magnetic. Its said to

be the most powerful force in the
universe. Love your life, and you draw
more things that make you love your life.
Love people, and you become magnetic
to people. Love your body/the cells of
your body, and your health, your
appearance, your energy and vitality
shoot up. Love your emotions, no matter
how painful, and they start to become
lighter and better feeling. Love your

thoughts, and you start thinking in higher

ways. Love your work, and you
magnetize more ideas that take your
work to a higher level. Love money, and
you attract an abundance of money. Love
women, you become magnetic to women
(Men.) Love men, and you become
magnetic to men (Women.) Love
someone, truly love someone beyond
neediness, insecurity and lust, and they
start to love you back. Love your ability
to do something, and you improve your
ability to do it. Love the universe, and it
showers you with love and gifts and
miracles and greatness.

Practice the principles of gratitude/love

and appreciation above, and youll

become magnetic to all great things in
life and youll start to quickly become a
manifestation master.

Chapter 8
Cultivating Positive Fuel,
Super Advanced Your True
Nature is Limitless
Chakras/Energy Centers
Sex Transmutation
Kundalini Energy
Energization 5 Tibetan
Rites 100% Connection to

Source Energy

This final chapter on cultivating positive

fuel will take you to the highest, most
advanced levels of manifestation
mastery. Itll make you a limitless
creator. This chapter is totally
unnecessary in terms of being able to
manifest your desires, and you can
completely skip it; but if you want to
reach your highest potential, and
manifest your goals faster than you can
imagine, this may be the most important
chapter you read. A fair warning though,
what youre about to right might be a bit
too esoteric or mystical for some. If you

feel the following material is too out

there for you, please feel free to skip it.

The finest emotion of which we are

capable is the mystic emotion.
Albert Einstein

You see, your true nature is limitless.

The highest goal of humankind is
enlightenment. Many people are
confused as to what enlightenment is.
Enlightenment is to be fully connected
and one with your soul and higher self to become your soul, your higher self,
your infinite self. This allows you to

access 100% of your mind, as opposed

to the 10% thats currently available.
Your soul is the part of you thats
connected to the infinite universe. Its the
part of you that transcends time, space
and limits. Its connected to your infinite
self, the source of your life. You came
from this source energy.

Reconnecting to this energy allows you

to reclaim your infinite power and
wisdom. When this connection is fully
made, you become enlightened, and you
become limitless. The more in tune you
are with your limitless nature - with
source energy - the more effortless and
effective your manifestations are, and the

more perfect and harmonious your life

is. Manifestations happen almost

Achieving this connection is much easier

than you think. Its not reserved for
mystical yoga masters or Tibetan monks.
You can and will use the simple
techniques that have been used for
thousands of years by monks and masters
to attain enlightenment, but you dont
have to do anything too special or out
there. Just a few simple meditations
and life shifts. You can still be your
normal self, still function normally in
society, and still wear your normal
clothes and talk your normal way

except - there will be a part of you that

has access to infinite powers other
people cant even imagine exist.

Lets look at the man who levitated on

live TV. Some of you might think theres
some trick to this, but there are many
other videos of monks levitating and
countless gurus in India who can
levitate. You can go visit them yourself
but its easier to just ponder the idea that
such phenomenons are possible.

What I do is quite phenomenal, but Im

concerned that the initial preparation I
must do will be possibly disturbing to

the judges and audience. I have to align

my chakras and get into a very
meditative state.

The first step to enlightenment/attaining

connection to source energy is to
become whole. To become whole, you
need to energize and align your chakras
- the 7 energy centers that lead to
wholeness. This is done in many ways,
through yoga/physical exercise, through
certain meditations, through raising
energy from the lower centers to the
higher centers, and a few other

Before we continue, what are chakras?

Well as you know, everything is energy,
and you are energy. There are said to be
7 main energy centers in your body.
These energy centers have been
documented and worked with by
traditions all around the world for
thousands of years from Indian mystic
masters to Buddhists, Taoists, and more.
These energy centers have been
extensively studied and confirmed by
one of the most famous psychologists of
all time, Carl Jung.

When these centers are clear and

aligned, your energy flows properly, and
you experience less blockages, less

disease, less pain, less negative

emotions, less problems, less of
everything that limits your life. When
theyre blocked, energy flows less freely
throughout your body and as a result,
problems occur in multiple areas of your

Now, theres actually no way of telling if

these energy centers are real. You dont
have to believe theyre real, to benefit
from them. I didnt at first, but after
seeing the amazing results working with
them has had on my life, Im definitely a
proponent of chakras. And thats really
all it comes down to; does it empower
you to take on these ideas? If so, then

take on them. If working with chakras

can significantly improve your life, why
not set your judgments aside and work
with them? All the problems in your life
can be solved, and all of the joys can be
gained, by working with the chakras and
raising energy to them.

Heres a brief description of each of the

7 chakras:

Root Chakra: Located at the base of the

spine, the first energy center, sometimes
called the root chakra, relates to our
most basic survival needs and our sense
of belonging, whether to our family or a

larger group. When this chakra is clear

and energy flows through it freely, we
feel secure and confident that we can
easily fulfill our needs. On the other
hand, blockage in this area can cause us
to feel anxious and worried.

This chakra, which connects us to the

earth, gives us vital information about
whether actions were considering will
nourish us or pose a threat. When we
have a decision to make, we can listen to
the signals of the root chakra:
Uncomfortable sensations are a message
to be alert and reconsider, while
pleasant feelings indicate that a given
course of action is likely to meet our

needs for safety and nourishment.

Sex Chakra: This chakra resides in

reproductive area and is associated with
creativity and birthboth literally to a
new baby but also metaphorically to
new aspects of ourselves, projects and
ideas. When this chakra is healthy, were
tapped into the source of higher energy
that helps us write beautiful music,
develop an innovative business, or
create a loving family life. When this
chakra becomes congested, we may
experience a block in our creative
powers and a sense of dryness or

Solar Plexus Chakra: The third chakra,

which governs our will, self-esteem and
sense of personal power, is located in
the solar plexus. When energy flows
freely through this center, were
confident about our ability to manifest
our intentions and desires. When the
third chakra is blocked, however, we
feel powerless and frustrated.

Heart Chakra: This energy center is

sometimes referred to as the heart
chakra because it resonates in the heart
and relates to compassion and love.
When the fourth chakra is flowing and
open, we feel deeply connected to
everyone in our life. But when its

obstructed, we experience loneliness

and a sense of alienation.

Throat Chakra: This energy center is

localized in the throat area and relates to
communication and self-expression... the
ability to voice our dreams. When our
center of communication is clear, were
able to express our truth without
worrying about what others may think. In
contrast, with a congested fifth chakra,
we feel anxious about how other people
will react to our views and are likely to
censor ourselves.

Third Eye Chakra: The sixth chakra,

also known as the brow chakra or the

third eye is located between the eyes.
Its the center of insight, where we
integrate all the information and intuition
in our life. When energy isnt flowing
easily through this chakra, we have a
sense of self-doubt and distrust. When
its open and clear, we feel deeply
connected to our inner wisdom and trust
that it guides us in our choices.

Crown Chakra: This chakra resides at

the crown of the head and is therefore
sometimes called the crown chakra. It
connects us to higher consciousness and
pure awareness. The seventh chakra is
known as the Thousand Petaled Lotus,

which bursts open when we remember

our true nature and experience


The first step to working with the

chakras is simply to meditate on them,
and imagine yourself clearing and
healing them. This can be done in
anywhere from 5 minutes to 50 minutes a
day. Quick meditations with total faith
are more powerful than long meditations
with little faith. Meditating intently on
your chakras for 7-10 minutes a day
should be enough to cleanse them. They

can be cleansed by breathing through

them and sending light to them. This is
all part of the main meditation Ill be
revealing soon.

Now this is just the beginning. The next

secret Im about to share is an extremely
powerful practice. It can be used even if
you dont work with the chakras, but it
goes hand in hand with the chakras (as
youll find out once I introduce the
Kundalini Energy.) The practice Ill be
sharing is Sex Transmutation.

Whats Sex Transmutation? Its the

practice of transforming sexual energy

into higher energy, into spiritual energy,

into life drive. You redirect your sexual
desires towards your manifestations.
Whats sexual energy? Its the energy of
sexuality, your sex drive. For men,
sexual energy is conserved by retaining
semen instead of ejaculating it through
orgasm. For women you get yourself to
peak sexual tension without releasing it
through orgasm.

So instead of releasing your sexual

energy through orgasm, you get yourself
to a high level of sexual excitement and
then you redirect the arousal upwards to
your higher chakras and use it to fuel
your body with high levels of energy.

The practice was first brought to the

public in Napoleon Hills Think and
Grow Rich, but its been practiced for
thousands of years, and in multiple
ways. Ill be showing you the most
powerful (and easy) way to practice Sex

The benefits of this practice are

incredible. To name a few:

Extremely High Levels of Sexual

Magnetism/Sex Appeal: Theres a
strange thing that happens when you start
practicing Sex Transmutation you
become irresistibly attractive to the

opposite sex. Its an energetic attraction,

beyond looks, body shape, and other
superficial things. Heres a quote from
the Spiritual Master Osho explaining the
Sexual Power gained from Sex

When energy goes upward you will be

more sexually attractive to others,
because life energy going upward
creates a great magnetic force. You will
become more sexually attractive to
others, so you will have to be aware of
this. Now you will attract persons
unknowingly, and the attraction will
not only be physical; the attraction will
be etheric.

Even a repulsive body, a nonattractive

body, will become attractive with yoga.
The attraction is etheric; and it is so
magnetic that one has to be constantly
aware of it, constantly aware. You will
be attractive... and the opposite sex
will be irresistably drawn to you. There
are subtle vibrations that are created
by your etheric body: you have to be
aware of them. The type of attraction
that will be felt by the opposite sex will
differ - it will take so many different
forms - but basically it will be sexual.

At its root, it will be sexual.

But you can help these people. Even if

they are attracted to you sexually, they
have become attracted to a sexual
energy that is moving upward. And they
too are not ordinary sexual beings:
upward- moving sexual energy has
become an attraction, a magnet.

- Osho

Now Osho speaks of the intense sexual

transmutation as something to watch for,
but Im sure you wouldnt mind having

the opposite sex constantly staring at

you, smiling at you, showering you with
affection and being irresistibly drawn to
you without you doing a single thing I
know I dont!

Extremely High Levels of Personal

Magnetism/Charisma: In addition to
intense Sexual Magnetism, you also gain
a special personal magnetism. A
magnetic charisma. Your confidence
improves and you have this magical air
about you. Everything you say, your
smile, you subtle movements, the scents
you give off, the subtle shifts in your
voice, everything conveys a certain
magic, a certain special quality, a certain

Je Ne Se Qua

Better Eyes - Eyesight improves

considerably with the practice. And its
not just the sight that improves but also
the endurance of the eyes. You can then
spend hours in front of your computer
without your vision getting fuzzy and/or
your eyes getting tired. In ancient times
they used to say that masturbation
causes blindness. Its an exaggeration
but there is a connection between the
two. The floaters around the eyes also
reduce or disappear completely.

Blissfulness/Contentment You will

start to feel bliss, which will cause

dispassion and distaste for sensual
pleasures. Sometimes the bliss is so
great that you lose interest in everything
around you. To increase this bliss its
best to practice self-inquiry (hold the I
thought-feeling) as taught by Ramana
Maharshi. The bliss is similar to the
pleasure you get from sexual activity but
more refined (subtler). Its better
because its continuous, and has an
invigorating effect on the body.

Courage/Fearlessness - Fear reduces a

lot. Itll become hard for you to be
scared, even of dangerous things. In a
dangerous situation, youll be aware of

the risk but you will also be able to deal

with it carefully instead of panicking and
worsening the situation. You will start to
feel what real masculinity is like.

Better Memory You will find it

easier to remember things and you will
also remember memories which you had
long forgotten. Never mind old
memories, you will also start to
remember dreams which you had a long
time ago. The mind will become much

Better Immunity The energy reserves

of your body are much higher now so the

body will find it easier to deal with

illnesses. It may happen that illnesses
actually increase in the beginning with
the practice, probably because of the
body healing itself from ailments, but all
will be better in time.

Intuition/Spontaneous Understanding
The mind becomes incredibly sharp
and able to grasp things easily. Youll
start to understand things intuitively
without thinking about them. The
answers will come to you naturally on
their own.

Lack of worry Your worries reduce

greatly. You will actually start to find it

difficult to worry because you feel
perfect or close to perfect. This will
give you a sense of security enabling you
to deal with difficult situations without

Confidence Youll develop vigor and

confidence. Shyness leaves you and you
feel comfortable with yourself. The
increased confidence can easily make
one conceited so be careful.

Lack of Anger/Irritability The

greater the bliss, the greater the inner
peace. The blissful feeling makes it

nearly impossible to get angry. Suddenly

everythings fine. Nothing bothers you

Suppleness The body will become

more supple and flexible. Notice how
flexible young children are? They
havent wasted their vital force as much
as adults and so their bodies are strong
and supple.

Calmness An indescribable inner

calm develops. You will develop the
virtue of patience quite naturally.

Genius Levels of Thought According

to Napoleon Hill, when youre uplifted
through sexual stimuli (which occurs
automatically when you sex transmute)
your mind vibrates at ultra-high levels
where genius thoughts are constantly
attracted to you

Ive provided techniques for sex

transmutation in the appendix, and more
resources for you to research this
powerful practice.

The practice well be engaging in is a

bit different from the way most people
engage in sex transmutation. Most

people simply stop masturbating or

watching porn or stop having sex,
without taking the proper steps
necessary to prepare them for this
powerful practice. There are millions
like and people are
starting to discover the massive benefits
of not masturbating/transmuting sexual

Unfortunately most people fail because

they dont really know what theyre
doing. They give up porn and
masturbation and sex, but they constantly
fight their urges and try to discipline
themselves to Sex Transmute. Not only

is it much harder to engage in Sex

Transmutation this way, its less
effective. You dont have to give up sex
either. Just stop orgasming and wasting
away your sexual energy. The proper
way to Sex Transmute is not to fight your
urge to orgasm and release your sexual
energy, but to work with it, and use it
for higher purposes. You can do this
through a special type of Sex
Transmutation practiced by ancient sages
throughout time, and by many around the
world to this day.

The special type of Sex Transmutation

well be engaging in is typically called
Kundalini Meditation and its the key

to superhuman powers and capabilities.

As weve covered, attaining higher

levels of spiritual/personal evolution
and empowerment comes from clearing
and aligning your chakras, and from
conversing and transmuting sexual
energy. Kundalini Meditation does both.
It allows you to directly access and
activate your dormant cosmic energies.

Kundalini energy is the dormant energy

in every human being which, once fully
awakened, leads to unimaginable
psychic/metaphysical powers, levitation,

total healing, deep cellular level

fulfillment, full blown connection to
source energy, and enlightenment. While
all these benefits take months, even
years, youll experience extremely
powerful shifts within just weeks. The
only reason it takes months and years is
because your higher self doesnt want
you to be harmed, and awakening your
kundalini too abruptly can cause horrific
side effects, even death (No worries,
well awaken your energy at a very safe

Think of the energy as a snake (its

typically referred to as the coiled
serpent) that runs from the base of your

spine to the top of your head.

The first steps to activate this energy are

to clear the energetic pathways, by
clearing the chakras, and then sending
sexual energy upwards along this path,
both of which weve covered.

In essence, kundalini energy is sexual

energy. Its the creative energy. When
you masturbate and orgasm and expend
this energy outwards, you waste it and
stop it from moving upwards to the
higher centers.

None of this is as difficult or esoteric as

it might sound. It takes only 20-30
minutes a day to engage in the practice,
and the rewards are unbelievable. At the
very least, meditation, in any form, is
always good for you and can speed up
and enhance your ability to create your

So the 3 things weve covered so far are

the 7 chakras, the power of Sex
Transmutation, and Kundalini Energy
all of which are combined together in
the form of Kundalini Meditation which
Ill reveal to you in the appendix. This
practice will not only supercharge your
ability to manifest all that you want, but

itll bring you many other benefits

beyond the ones Ive already listed in
this chapter.

Another practice I want to share which

will assist you in not only activating
your kundalini flow, clearing blockages,
clearing your chakras, clearing physical
tension, and greatly increasing your
energy levels, but will also greatly
improve your health and vitality in
only 10 minutes a day is the 5 Tibetan

I dont want to spend any time getting

you excited and motivated to take on the

practice, so you can check out these

pages to get you interested in the
practice, and then come back to this
book after youre finished reading.

5 Tibetan Rites

Amazon 5 Tibetan Rites

Youll notice in the second link above

that one of the top reviews mention
chakras and kundalini thats because
the 5 rites assist in cleansing and
activating the chakras and kundalini.
This is what brings such dramatic

improvements in health and energy and

vitality and mental sharpness. Not the
exercises, but the fact that the exercises
activate your kundalini energy and your
energy centers. The fact that youll be
doing both Kundalini Meditation AND
the 5 Tibetan Rites will without a doubt
transform you into a superhuman. Youll
notice the unmistakable benefits in no
later than 2-3 weeks.

The exercises are diagramed in the

Appendix. Ive also provided links to
some videos thatll assist you in doing
the 5 Tibetan Rites, if you have trouble
with the diagrams.

A huge benefit of the rites is that they

release physical tension. Other than
making you and your body feel great,
releasing physical tension allows you to
release mental, emotional and energetic
because emotions and traumas and
blockages are usually trapped in the
physical body.

Another great way to release physical

tension is by doing what the great
Energization. This is a great way to
release physical and emotional tension
(stress/anxiety/etc.) and to energize and
deeply relax you. Simply tense every

part of your body one by one and then

release the tension. You can do this
yourself or do a quick youtube search for
many guided practices thatll help you
with this. This practice also allows you
to go much deeper into meditation, as
with all the practices Ive mentioned
above as well. You can combine tense
and release energization with 5 Tibetan
rites. Your body will feel fantastic and
the subtle energetic benefits are even

Now one last thing Id like to get into is

supplementation. You can use natural
supplements (that are good for you) that
help you get into the higher states of

energy, focus, concentration, relaxation

and vitality conducive to ultra-deep and
powerful meditations and higher
manifestation abilities.

You can do your research, but here are

some supplements I use day to day to
improve my physical and mental
wellbeing. You can get any or none of

(Men Only)

Male Sexual Energy: Increases sexual

energy, and testosterone (great for men

who have difficulty taking action) as

well as general vitality and drive.

Jing Builder: Significantly increase

semen production. Supercharge your
sexual energy. Read through the page, it
has a great deal of quality information on
the importance of cultivating high levels
of sexual energy/seminal energy.

(Women Only)

Female Sexual Energy: Increases

sexual energy for women, bringing with
it greater vitality and liveliness (when

combined with Kundalini Meditation)

(For Men and Women)


rejuvenation. Great for stress, anxiety
and for balancing high levels of sexual

Tongkat Ali Sex is the essence of

life, and libido (sexual desire) is the
essence of sex. That is why tongkat ali is
superior to Viagra. Viagra causes
erections alright but it is stupid reverse

logic to think that having an erection

makes satisfying sex. Viagra erections,
just like alprostadil injections or penis
pumps, cause blood flow into the male
organ, even if the mind has no sexual
desire at all. But the potential of tongkat
ali is something entirely different. The
potential of tongkat ali is to give a
person back his or her lost libido
(sexual desires). Again, as soon as a
person has managed his or her health
problems, sexual desires are the essence
of life. They give us a feeling of what
we are living for.

Tongkat ali usually raises testosterone.

This is the standard application of the

herb. Doing this is not diagnosing,

treating, curing, or preventing diseases
(a statement we have to make as a law
abiding company), and yes, we are
convinced that in case of any illness,
visit a professional physician. Lack of
libido is not a clinical condition, not a
disease. It is quite normal when getting
older, and quite normal for women of
any age. That its so normal does not
make it any more appealing. A lack of
libido results in a lack of sense for being
alive. Based on hundreds of years of
Indonesian folk medicine, we believe
that tongkat ali can help regain lost
libido, or even bring about libido that
has never been there.


Shilajit: A mineral pitch that enhances

sexual and spiritual energy, which is
often diminished by stress and anxiety.
Renewing vitality, Shilajit is the most
important drug of Ayurvedic and folkmedicine systems

Epimedium: Regulates testosterone,

thyroid, reduces cortisol, and increases
epinephrine, norepinephrine, serotonin,
and dopamine when they are low,
improves immune system function, and
slows bone loss (source)

endurance, mental clarity and focus,
improves eyesight, boosts metabolism,
helps menopausal symptoms (for
women) and immune system

Ashwagandha: Rejuvenation, nerve

support, libido, and heightened wellbeing.

Combining these supplements with Sex

Transmutation/Kundalini Meditation +
the Tibetan Rites to release excess
energy and stabilize the massive sexual
energy cultivating in your body - has

electrifying effects.

Bonus Nootropic Supplement Non

Kundalini Related

Gamma This is a bonus nootropic based

supplement I thought Id throw in.
Nootropics are supplements that work
specifically on the brain. If youve ever
had an energy drink like redbull, you
know how energized and focused it
makes you. The problem with drinks like
redbull is that theyre very unhealthy in
the long run. Gfuel gives you the same
energy, vitality, motivation and focus as
energy drinks, but contains anti-oxidants

and other ingredients to provide a very

clean and powerful energy without
harming your health. This can replace
coffee while providing much higher and
cleaner energy. Drink a serving of this
before starting your day, in addition to a
quick workout (like the 5 Tibetan rites)
and youll feel like youre on crack for
the rest of the day! Youll be on. A
high state of energy is necessary for
taking the action required to manifest
your goals.

*I am not affiliated with these

companies. I just personally use their
products and gain great results from

Chapter Conclusion

Now it might sound a bit contradicting

for you to increase your sexual
energy/sex drive when practicing Sex
Transmutation/Kundalini Meditation, but
simply put sexual energy is creative
energy, and the more sexual energy you
have, the more powerful of a creator
(manifestor) youll be, and the more
vital and alive youll feel. This is why
youll want to use supplements and
aphrodisiacs to supercharge your sexual
energy (and thus your main life force) to
very high levels.

So to conclude this chapter, you can

reach superhuman levels of energy,
manifestation ability by supercharging
your sexual energy (kundalini) and
sending it up to the higher energy centers
(Chakras.) This is done through

- Clearing the chakras; through

meditation, spinal breathing, and special
physical exercises (5 Tibetan rites) thus
opening up the pathways that allow
sexual energy to travel upwards

- Raising sexual energy; by not

sexual energy through sexual activity
(you can still have sex, but dont
finish, end your sexual activity once
your sexual excitement has peaked, then
send the energy upwards (youll learn
this in the kundalini meditation provided
in the appendix.) You can also
supercharge your sexual energy through

- Transmuting/transforming sexual
energy; after cultivating/building up
high levels of sexual energy, you can
then send the energy upwards through the
7 chakras up to the highest chakra

(crown chakra) and transform sexual

energy, and then watch magical things
begin to happen in your life. Youll be
guided through this practice in the
Kundalini Meditation provided in the

Whew. Now that were done with that,

lets come back down to earth. Again,
this chapter was entirely optional and
only recommended for those of you who
want to take your manifestation abilities
to extremely advanced levels.

The next and final chapter will conclude

everything weve covered so far and

provide you with an easy step-by-step
action plan which will guide you to
manifesting anything you want rapidly.

Chapter 9
Conclusion Creating
100% Alignment With Your
Desire - Action is Necessary
for Manifestation - Block
Clearing and Positive
Fueling Automatically
Create Inspiration - Take
Action on Your Inspiration The Step-by-Step

Manifestation System Manifestation Complete

You have all the knowledge, you have

all the tools, now its time to put it all to
use. Its time to actually take action. You
cant manifest without action. Maybe
some gurus and monks can, but you
cant. Im sorry, but you just cant
magically manifest money from thin air
or magically achieve your perfect body
or relationships without taking the
actions required to have them.

Though what you can do is tune your

subconscious to be hypersensitive to the
right actions and circumstances and
new behaviors that allow you to
manifest your desire in the fastest time
possible. You can open up a stream of
brilliant ideas, insights and guidance
hidden in your subconscious thatll
allow you to manifest your desire
rapidly. You can fill yourself up with
tremendous inspiration and unstoppable
drive to take action on these new ideas
and insights.

You can make all of this happen simply

by clearing your negative subconscious
blockages, and by cultivating tons of

positive fuel which will send your

subconscious into hyperdrive to manifest
your desire - through visualization,
appreciation/gratitude, and if youre
really motivated, kundalini activation.
When these requirements are met, youll
be on a fast-track to manifesting your

To make this work through, youll need

to take on a daily ritual. Youll need to
continue visualizing, continue creating
inspiration, continue clearing limiting
beliefs and blocks that come up, and
continue taking action. Manifestation
doesnt happen overnight, its a process.

My goal is to make the process as

simple and straightforward as possible
for you. None of this needs to take much
time yet the rewards can be massive.

Heres my recommended daily action

plan for guaranteed manifestation
success. I recommend you only try to
manifest one major thing at a time,
though if you want to manifest more than
one goal, set 30 minutes aside for each
goal you want to manifest. So if you
want to manifest a successful business, a
great body, and a new relationship, you
would need 90 minutes a day. Your
manifestations will also be a little less
powerful, because your focus will be

split into so many different directions,

but if you simply cant wait to have it
all, go ahead and manifest multiple
things as long as you follow the daily

So without further ado, heres the daily


Pre-Manifestation Ritual: Spend about

5 hours, or an hour a day for the first 5
days of your manifestation journey,
listing EVERY limiting belief you can
think of (and also going through the
limiting beliefs Ill be providing the
supplemental bonus guide) and clearing

them. You can also spend a few hours

clearing every subpersonality standing in
the way of your goal. Do this quickly
and aggressively to completely eliminate
anything standing in the way of your
dreams immediately. Just take the time to
do this clearing and notice how smooth
your manifestation goes.

Though this isnt very hard at all, many

of you might procrastination with this.
This is because you have a strong fear of
success. Yes, fear of success. You
probably intuitively know that this level
of deep clearing will practically
guarantee your success, and that is
bringing up some fear. Am I ready for

this goal? Im worried Ill change too

much when this happens etc. My advice
is just to push through this. It might feel
uncomfortable at first but youll quickly
get over the discomfort of facing your
deep hidden insecurities and youll feel
tremendous joy that youre finally
releasing the deep junk thats been
holding you back.

If the above isnt a problem for you and

youre actually excited to get started
immediately, then great. Either way,
make sure you go through this clearing
before moving on.

Main Daily Ritual: Time - 30 minutes a

day: Spend 15 minutes visualizing your
life after youve manifested your desire.
Step into it, feel it as real, and enjoy it.
Make sure it excites you and pleasures
you. Spend 5 minutes repeating
affirmations for whatever youre trying
to manifest. Both of this is combined into
a powerful meditation/self-hypnosis
session which Ive provided in the
appendix titled Theta Manifestation

Then spend 10 minutes writing down:

I still cant (state your goal) because.

*list your excuses, doubts, fears, etc.

These are limiting beliefs. Use the belief
clearing process to clear these.


I still cant make money because Im not

hard working enough
I still cant make money because I dont
have enough money to start my project
I still cant make money because Im too
afraid of rejection to put my work out

Keep listing the excuses and fears from

the depths of your heart, and once
theyre all out there, spend 15 seconds
clearing each belief. Before you know it
youll have very few limiting beliefs in
the way of your goal.

Now ask your subconscious and inner

guidance to provide you with actions to
take thatll bring you to your success.
The actions should feel good to you.
Then take action using the positive
fuel/motivation youve created through
your manifestation practices.

Optional Daily Routine: Optionally, to

further supercharge your manifestation
efforts, you can do 5-10 minutes or more
of Rampage of Appreciation, and 2030 minutes of Kundalini Meditation.
You can also do the 5 Tibetan Rites to
further increase your energy and vitality
and mental sharpness and clear your
energy even more.

The Guaranteed Manifestation


1) Decide what your number one deepest

desire is right now. What would you

absolutely LOVE to manifest first? If

practically anything was possible, what
would you want? Sometimes you think
you want something, but its only
because youre afraid of asking for what
you really want. If you could have
ANYTHING, what would it be? It
should be something that excites you just
thinking about it/imagining it.

2) Set some time out for a few days,

spend a few hours, maybe an hour a day
for a few days, finding, discovering, and
clearing any all limiting beliefs you hold
that are blocking you from manifesting
this desire. This is extremely important.
Do this before anything else. Do this

before visualizing your outcome. If you

need to visualize your desire to motivate
yourself to work on your limiting
beliefs, go ahead, but make sure you
clear your limiting beliefs before
moving on, perhaps before even taking
any action towards your goals. Even if
you feel motivated to go forward with
your goals, youll lose the motivation
soon enough if you dont take care of
your limiting beliefs first. So spend
some time compiling all the limiting
beliefs you can surrounding this goal,
check out the 15 Second Belief
Clearing Process in the appendix, and
apply the process for clearing your
limiting beliefs. You can clear a hundred
limiting beliefs in under an hour, and you

shouldnt have more than 500 limiting

beliefs in this area.

3) Once youve cleared and changed up

your limiting beliefs, you should feel
much more enlightened about this goal.
Things have definitely shifted. Next you
might want to work on a subpersonality
that might be blocking your attempts at
manifesting this goal, to remove any
more hidden blockages that might be
hindering you.

4) At this point you should be near

100% clear to manifest your desire. Any
more excuses, blocked feelings, or

sabotage that comes up, simply spend 10

minutes a day doing maintenance work
and clearing these last few limiting
beliefs and blocks that come up.

5) Now that youre free of blocks youre

pretty much 75% of the way there
already. Now simply visualize your
outcome and repeat affirmations to tune
your subconscious to be hypersensitive
to anything and everything thatll help
you manifest your desire. The best way
to accomplish this is to simply do the
Theta Manifestation meditation in the
appendix every day until you manifest
your goal.

6) Continue creating positive fuel by

visualizing and doing affirmations, and
also by practicing Rampage of
Appreciation (Chapter 7) to become
even more magnetic to success and to
release even more resistance - and
anytime you feel blocked, anytime you
procrastinate or seem to sabotage
yourself, write I cant (state goal lose
weight, make money, attract a mate)
because and then list your reasons and
excuses. These are your limiting beliefs.
Run them through the belief clearing
process in the appendix.

7) Become even more powerful and take


superhuman levels by practicing

everything revealed in chapter 8.
Cleanse and align your chakras and
activate your kundalini (source energy)

transmutation/kundalini meditation, 5

8) Continue cultivating positive fuel and

easily releasing any blocks that come up,
take action on the guidance your
subconscious sends up to your conscious
mind (you) and in no time youll
manifest your desire.

^ You might want to copy, paste and print

this formula above so you can look over
it often, so that it stays fresh in your
mind as you manifest your goal(s.)

Now if you wanted to manifest a million

dollars, you would

1) Take a few days to find and clear your

limiting beliefs towards making a
million dollars.

2) Once cleared, visualize yourself and

affirm yourself as a millionaire.
Continue doing this daily.

3) Read the books, attain the knowledge,

and develop the skills needed to make a
million dollars. Take the actions that
spring from the inspiration you created

4) Doing the things above, youll

smoothly move towards your goal, with
obvious progress showing up - and
anytime you procrastinate or feel
blocked, youll write on a piece of
paper or on a document I cant make a
million dollars because and then list
all the remaining excuses, doubts, or

fears you have. Then run them through

the belief changing process in the

5) Doing all this, youll receive more

and more ideas, take action on these
ideas, move forward steadily and
masterfully, and in no time youll
manifest your millions. Youll see tens
of thousands coming in, then hundreds of
thousands onto millions. Everything you
envisioned will come to life.

6) You might speed up this process and

supercharge your life even more by
working with your kundalini energy and

practicing sex transmutation and also

by clearing any subpersonalities
standing in the way of the fastest and
easiest manifestation of your millions

Congratulations, youre a millionaire!
Want to manifest a billion dollars now?

Now go to the link below and download

your supplemental bonus guide. It
contains tons of limiting beliefs in every
area. (money, weight loss, self-esteem,
love, relationships, sexuality, sexual
attraction, social charisma, and more) It

manifestation, as well as some powerful

bonus tips for manifesting more quickly,
effectively and enjoyably.

Click here to download your bonus

supplemental guide.

supplemental guide, check out the
Guaranteed Manifestation Formula
again, and check out the appendix for all
the tools and techniques youll be using.
Then start manifesting your biggest

Youre on an incredible journey to

manifesting every one of your hearts
wishes, and creating an ecstatic,
heavenly new life. Anything is possible,
and as the days go by youll notice this
yourself more and more.

I wish you the absolute highest success

in life,

Adam James


The 15 Second



This is a variation of the Instant

Manifestation Mastery Supercourse

Preparation Step) Briefly close your

eyes (or not, doesnt matter too much)

and imagine a beam of light starting at

the base of your spine, moving up the
middle of your body and out the top of
your head, and connecting you to the
highest levels of the universe, with
source energy (the universe, god, infinite
self, etc.) This instantly connects you to
source energy and allows you to create
powerful change much faster.

While imagining this light going

upwards, affirm I can now release
limiting beliefs instantly. I can now
release all limitations instantly. I am
now one with my higher self.

This can be skipped, though the shifts

will take place much, much faster by
doing the quick alignment above.

You dont have to be fully confident or

faithful in the above step for it to work.
Things are shifting at levels higher than
youre consciously aware of.

Step 1) Notice your limiting belief.

Write it down or simply have it in mind.

Step 2) Focus on your heart center. This

is the area surrounding your heart.
Imagine your heart area lighting up and

creating infinite amounts of pink light.

This pink light is unconditional love.
(An extremely powerful healing force) If
you cant imagine infinite loving light,
just imagine a never ending stream of
pink loving light shooting out of your
heart in all directions, up, down, left,
right, 360 degrees.

Step 2) As your heart beams out this

loving pink energy, state Even though
(state limiting belief Im fat/I cant
manifest money/Im not lovable) I
completely love, accept, and forgive
myself on all known and unknown

Ex: Even though I believe that I cant

make money, I completely love, accept,
and forgive myself on all known and
unknown levels.

Ex: Even though Im afraid Ill fail again

at this goal, I completely love, accept,
and forgive myself on all known and
unknown levels.

Step 3) Imagine the pink light healing

and dissolving all the parts of your body
and mind where this issue has been held,
and let your loving forgiveness and
acceptance heal and transform these


All of this can be done in under 15


You dont need to be Jesus Christ or

some manifestation guru to make this
work for you. You dont even need to be
100% confident in doing it. Just do it a
few times and the confidence will come.

This isnt just a healing statement or

affirmation. Affirmations only work on
the conscious mind, which is just a tiny
fraction of what needs to shift in order to

create transformation.

By imagining the healing energy of your

heart spreading out to your body and
releasing your belief/issue/emotion,
youre literally shifting your energy
field, cells, subconscious and conscious
minds, and even the universe around

So if you wanted to release a limiting

belief, lets say, Im a procrastinator.

You would

1) Take 4 seconds to imagine your heart

lighting up and flooding out an endless
stream of pink loving energy in all
directions like a globe (Just visualize
pink light beaming out)

2) Take 8 seconds or so to state Even

though Im a procrastinator, I completely
love, accept, and forgive myself on all
known and unknown levels

3) Take a few more seconds to truly feel

your acceptance and forgiveness of
yourself, while imagining the pink loving
light filling your body and mind and

entering and transforming all the areas

where you held this old belief and all
emotions and energies attached to this
old belief. After a few seconds your
body should be full of pink (loving)

This shouldnt take you more than 15-20

seconds in fact do it as fast as possible
to keep your conscious critical mind
from diluting the effects.

A guided meditation for this technique is

included in my Manifestation Mastery
Supercourse, but you dont need it.

It would much more powerful to do this

in a meditative zone of consciousness
with an instructor to imprint its powers
into your subconscious through a guided
meditation, but not necessary to
experience its effectiveness

You can try this now on many

things...your beliefs, your current blocks,
laziness - and youll be using this short
yet extremely powerful technique to
eliminate all of the beliefs standing in
the way of your goal.

(The beliefs can be found in your

supplemental bonus guide)

Infact do this with me for the next 15-20


1) Take 4 seconds to imagine your heart

lighting up and flooding out an endless
stream of pink loving energy in all
directions like a globe (Just visualize
pink light beaming out)

2) Take 8 seconds or so to state Even

though I dont fully believe this
technique will work for me and that I
cant really heal and transform myself, I

completely love, accept, and forgive

myself on all known and unknown

3) Take a few more seconds to truly feel

your acceptance and forgiveness of
yourself, while imagining the pink loving
light filling your body and mind and
entering, releasing and transforming all
the areas where you held this old belief
and all emotions and energies attached
to this old belief. You should see your
body full of pink light after this.

Thats it. Simple, powerful, easy, and

even a little fun. I use this simple almost

innocent technique every time any

limiting belief, negative emotions,
sadness, laziness, fear, or limitation
comes my way, and it keeps me on a high
of upliftment and invincibility.

You can use this at any time to shift

yourself to a higher level. Simply intend
that this is enough for you to release
beliefs permanently and so it is! You are
the creator of your reality and you can
create the reality where instant shifts are

Once your limiting belief has been

cleared within 15 seconds, it would be

very helpful to state I now allow myself

to receive a higher perspective to
replace the belief I just released

Use this to run through each and every

one of the beliefs listed in the
supplemental guide, to fully clear
yourself of all beliefs blocking you from
your goal. This is essential, so get it to it
soon and enjoy the benefits in the coming
days and weeks as you almost
effortlessly manifest your goal.

Subpersonality Clearing Technique:

Subpersonalities are parts of you that are

trying to hold you back from having what
you want. The first step to transforming a
subpersonality is understanding that it
only wants good for you. A part may be
keeping you overweight because it wants
to protect you from rejection or hurt or
too much attention or too much ego
inflation once you attain your new body.
A part may be keeping you from your
wealth because it thinks that once you
get wealthy or have financial security,
youll change too much, and youll be a
worse person.

subpersonalities because theyre only

trying to help you. Theyre just not as

smart as you or as wise as you. Theyre
the parts of you that havent had the light
of your higher self/soul shined on them.

So heres how



Step 1) Close your eyes and imagine a

part of you that wants to stop you from
(losing weight, making money, becoming
more attractive, becoming more loving,
enlightenment, etc.) Notice what it looks
like and how its moves and acts and how
it speaks to you.

Step 2) Love this part of you. Send love

to it and and accept it. Tell it you
understand that its only trying to help
you and that you love it very much for its
assistance. Tell it that its unknowingly
caused you a lot of pain by holding you
back from having what you want, and
tell it that even though it caused you pain
and limited you, you completely forgive

Step 3) Imagine pink light pouring from

your heart center into this subpersonality
and transforming it into a more
powerful, positive, enlightened, wise

subpersonality. Have it sit with you and

watch a movie of what you would like
your new life to be like. Ask the
subpersonality to change its job from
holding you back from attaining this new
vision, to now helping you have this new
vision. Tell it that youll appreciate it
more this way. This will make the
subpersonality glad to help you. It never
wanted to hurt you or limit you. It only
wanted to help you in the best way it
knew how. Youre now teaching it a new
way to do things.

Thank this subpersonality for now

helping you accomplish your goal and
set it off to do its work.

(This is all very real. This might seem a

little nuts to your logical mind but this is
absolutely the most powerful way to
communicate with your subconscious.
Your subconscious is activated primarily
through emotions and energy and images
and symbols.)

You only need to do this 1-3 times. You

can work with just one personality thats
stopping you from attaining your goal, or
a bunch of subpersonalities. Whatever
you feel drawn to.

This is more effective when done in a

trance/meditative state of mind with your
eyes closed. The Manifestation Mastery
Supercourse which I recommended
earlier also has a recorded guided
session for this, though again, you dont
need the guided session to experience
the benefits.



Youll need a voice recorder for this.

Customize to suit your needs and record

the following script onto a track and

follow along with the instructions.

Make sure youre sitting or lying back,

comfortably on a chair or couch, in a
place where you wont be disturbed. Its
best not to lie down, because that might
hinder your ability to focus.

Well start off by getting into a deeper

progressive muscle relaxation and some
visualization techniques.

Close your eyes and focus on your feet

and calves, and tense them with

medium force, making sure you dont
cause yourself any pain. Hold the
tension for a few seconds, and then
slowly release and allow relaxation to
spread throughout your feet and calves.

Next focus on your thighs, and tense

them with medium force, making sure
you dont cause yourself any pain. Hold
the tension for a few seconds, and then
slowly release and allow relaxation to
spread throughout thighs

Now focus on your buttocks and

stomach, and tense them with medium

force, making sure you dont cause

yourself any pain. Hold the tension for
a few seconds, and then slowly release
and allow relaxation to spread
throughout your buttocks and stomach

Focus on your lower back, and tense it

with medium force, making sure you
dont cause yourself any pain. Hold the
tension for a few seconds, and then
slowly release and allow relaxation to
spread throughout your lower back

Do the same for your chest and upper

back. Holding and releasing the tension
and allowing relaxation to spread

throughout your chest and upper back.

(wait 10 seconds)

Now for your arms and shoulders.

(10 seconds)

And finally, tense your neck, the back of

your neck, and your entire face. Hold
the tension and release, allowing
relaxation to spread throughout your
beck and entire head.

Great. Doing this also releases a ton of

stress and anxiety from your body,
which helps with your manifestations
and your day to day functioning.

Now place your awareness at the base

of your spine. Near your perineum,
which is in between your anus and your
sexual organs. Imagine a beam of light
shooting up from the base of your
spine, up your spine, out the top of your
head and traveling all the way up to the
highest planes of the universe.

Imagine your awareness traveling up

this beam of light, out of your current

location, up the skies, up and out of the
earth, and going higher and higher up
space. Just visualize it. Imagine
yourself going all the way up this beam
of light, leaving your galaxy, going up
to the highest level of the universe,
until you enter a radiant field of pure
white light. Do it quickly and playfully,
not putting too much thought into it.

(20 seconds)

You are now in the theta brainwave

where your visualizations will manifest
very fast, so youll want to make sure

you visualize only that which is for

your highest good.

Repeat these after me, to make sure

youre fully aligned with your highest
manifestation abilities. If you miss one,
its fine just intend yourself to align
with what was just said.

All that I create is for the highest good

of me and everyone involved.

(give 5-10 seconds to repeat)

All visualizations and affirmations

done in this higher space manifests at
very fast speeds.

(5-10 seconds)

All of my manifestation work is


All of my manifestation work is


All of my manifestation work takes

effects instantly.

I can now transform myself instantly.

I now release all limits.

I now release all illusions and

limiting beliefs.

I am now one with my source.

I am detached from my manifestations

and I allow my highest good.

My mind is calm, quiet and focused in

the moment

I easily allow change

All parts of me are now aligning with

my highest good.

I am one with my higher self and

source energy.

Fantastic. Now in this space, anything is

possible. Imagine yourself traveling to
the future where your dream has

See it through your own eyes, hear the

sounds, feel the feelings, completely
immerse yourself into this future
experience. The more details the better,
but be easy about it and just do your
best. Itll be effective regardless.

So now travel into the future and fully

live out your ideal future. Really enjoy it
as much as you can. If you arent
enjoying it, imagine something even


Spend about 5 minutes with this. Ill que

you when to stop

(Give 5 minutes and 15 seconds)

Now while youre enjoying this amazing

new reality, affirm your new success.
Imagine yourself looking into a mirror as
your future self, and repeating some
affirmations that confirm your success.






Supplemental Guide for whatever

youre trying to manifest, and list them
here. List about 10-30 and repeat each
10 times. As you say the affirmations,
feel how good it feels to affirm them.
Imagine them being true. Imagine that
theres no feeling of doubt when saying
the affirmations.

If you were trying to manifest financial

success, you could use some of these

I love money, money loves me!

A wealth of ideas, creativity, insights,

and inspiration continuously flows to
me and brings me more and more
financial abundance.

Im a powerful money magnet!

I love being financially successful!!

*remember to feel good as you say


All limitations, illusions, and limiting

beliefs blocking me from all the

money I want and need have been


*Etc, the rest are in the supplemental

guide. Pick the ones that call to you.

Now bring yourself back to the higher

plane of white light you started in. (10

Imagine yourself requesting your

higher self, your subconscious, and the
universe to manifest this goal or
something better for you in the perfect
time in the perfect way. Again imagine

yourself requesting your higher self,

your subconscious, and the universe to
manifest this goal or something better
for you in the perfect time in the
perfect way.

15 seconds

Thank your higher self, subconscious

and all higher forces of the universe for
assisting you in manifesting your
dreams. They want you to be as happy
as you can possibly be, all you need to
do is allow their assistance, and by
doing this working youve given more
permission to these higher forces.

10 seconds.

Now send your awareness back down

the light, back into your body.

15 seconds.

Now slowly and gently bring yourself

back to the room.

Trust that the universe, your

subconscious and your higher self are

manifesting your goal for you in the

most perfect way. It might come sooner
or later than you expect, and it might
come in a way that is better than you
can even imagine.

All you have to do is trust the higher

forces, and take action on the insights
and inspirations you receive. If you
have trouble taking action on the
insights and inspiration you receive, or
youre not receiving much inspiration,
keep requesting your subconscious and
higher self to send you more clear
inspiration and actions to take, and to
assist you in taking action towards
your goals.

You also might not be manifesting

something because youre limiting
yourself. Is your manifestation limiting,
could you be manifesting something
even better, something you want even
more? The more your manifestation
calls to your heart, the faster itll

Another reason you arent receiving

inspiration or taking action easily is
because you might be blocked. You
might have limiting beliefs and
subpersonalities blocking you from
your goal. Youll have to clear these

before moving on.

Continue using this meditation daily,

while continuing to clear yourself more
and more fully and theres no doubt
youll manifest your dream.

There are more than 15 guided

meditation sessions for money, success,
relationships, love, sex, music, effortless
weight loss, fearlessness, joy, spiritual
enlightenment, lucid dreaming, and more
Supercourse. All of them are prerecorded. There are also energy
transmissions and attunements embedded

into the track to further speed up your

manifestations - but again this is all
more a luxury and higher benefit than a

It would be more effective to work with

an instructor guiding you through the
process, because the way the
affirmations are said and the confidence
with which the recording is made can
make a big difference. This is the only
reason I recommend you get the
Supercourse. It would be more effective
working with a guiding instructor, but
not necessary. You can still record the
tracks and do them yourself.

Kundalini Meditation:

Record this onto a track and let it guide

you through the practice.

Make sure youre alone in a place

where you have total privacy. This
meditation involves getting yourself
sexually aroused.

To awaken your kundalini energy flow,

and all of the hidden powers associated
with it, youll have to do 3 things. Open
up your chakras, open up your spine

and your nervous system, and then send

high amounts of sexual energy up your

This meditation will take care of all


Well start off with 10 minutes of spinal

breathing to open up your chakras and
to open up the spinal pathway where
your kundalini will move upwards.

This is simple to do. Close your eyes.

Imagine a ball of pure white light at the
base of your spine, near your perineum.

In a moment youll be taking a slow,

deep breath and traveling your
awareness up your spine. As your
awareness moves up your spine, move
the ball of white light up your spine as
well. Let the ball of light follow your
breath, or vice-versa let your breath
follow the ball of white light.

Youll be inhaling up your spine. Let

the ball of light follow your breath and
clear all blocks in your spine and your
chakras. Start the breath at the base of
your spine, moving the air up your
spine, up past your stomach, then up
past your heart, up past your throat,
then up and out of your third eye. Let

your awareness follow your breath and

the light.

Your awareness (and the ball of light)

should be about 5 inches out in front of
you once youve fully inhaled. Keep it
there for a second or few, then on the
exhale imagine the ball and your
breath coming back in through your
third eye and moving down your throat,
your heart, your stomach, and back
down into the base of your spine.

This is spinal breathing. Youre simply

breathing slowly up and down your
spine, and allowing the breath and the

light to clear all blocks in these areas.

This practice also deeply calms your
nervous system and prepares it to hold
the incredible amounts of kundalini
sexual energy youll be sending and
cultivating upwards.

So for the next 10 minutes, youre

simply going to start your focus and
breath at the base of your spine,
imagining a ball of white light
following your breath or your breath
following the ball of light, then slowly
inhale, moving your breath and
awareness up your spine, out the
middle of your eye brows, and then
bring it back in through your third eye

(middle of eye brows) and slowly

exhale down your spine, moving the air
and your awareness down the front of
your spine.

Do this for 10 minutes.

(10 minutes and 10 seconds gap)

Now either get some arousing material,

or use your imagination and fantasies,
and get yourself sexually aroused. Let
the tension build up and DO NOT
ejaculate or oragasm. If you get too
aroused, take a few deep breaths and

calm down a bit. Do this as long as you

like, for about 7 minutes minimum. You
can go as long as you like. The more
sexual energy you build up, the better.
It was known that ancient nuns would
keep themselves aroused for long
periods of times to bring themselves
closer to god. This is because sexual
energy is one the most powerful and
potent forces for connecting to higher
planes of the universe.

For now 7 minutes will be just fine.

Pause, maybe set a timer, and do this
now. When youre done Ill tell you how
to transmute this sexual energy

Alright now imagine your arousal built

up near your sexual organs. Close your
eyes and bring your hands to your
genitals. Imagine that wherever you
move your hand, is wherever the sexual
energy travels.

Imagine the sexual energy as a red hot

energy. As before, start your breath at
the base of your spine. As you move
your hands up, imagine your breath
and the red hot sexual energy slowly
moving up your spine with your hands,
following your awareness.

Let the sexual energy fill your spine

and each of the chakras it moves past.

Within a few seconds bring the energy

up to your third eye area and brain. Let
the sexual energy germinate for a few
seconds near your brain, activating
higher levels of genius and spiritual

Now as you exhale imagine the sexual

energy moving back down the front of
your spine, back into the base of your
spine. Do this for a few times, sending
the sexual energy up and down your

spine, until your sexual arousal starts

to fade and you feel a sublime feeling
of energy flowing through you. Over
time, this energy will begin to feel
better and better, until it feels like
youre living in state of 24/7 full body
arousal. You should feel your senses
sharpened, your touch more sensitive,
your ears more sensitive to sound, and
just a good feeling throughout your
body. If you dont you will after a few

*if doing the above doesnt make your

sexual arousal fade, its okay. Just let
the arousal be and do something else.
This is equally powerful. The energy

will balance itself.

At this point walk away and do

something else. This wont create super
powers the first time but only 2 to 3
weeks of practicing this (and not
orgasming/ejaculating) will prove to
you exactly how powerful this practice
is. If you do ejaculate/orgasm, keep it
to less than once a week.

Here are some more links thatll explain

Transmutation/Bramacharya (Cultivating
sexual energy)

Think and Grow




How to Harness your Sexual Energy

Sexual Energy Nuclear Power

Sexual Sublimation on Wikipedia

Sexual sublimation, also known as

sexual transmutation, is the attempt,
especially among some religious
transform sexual

impulses or sexual energy into

creative energy. In this context,
sublimation is the transference of
sexual energy, or libido, into a physical
act or a different emotion in order to
avoid confrontation with the sexual
urge, which is itself contrary to the
individuals belief or ascribed religious
belief. It is based on the idea that
sexual energy can be used to create
a spiritual nature which in turn can
create more sensual works, instead of
ones sexuality being unleashed raw.
The classical example in Western
religions is clerical celibacy.

As espoused in the Tanya, Hasidic

Jewish mysticism views sublimation of

the animal soul as an essential task in
life, wherein the goal is to transform
animalistic and earthy cravings for
physical pleasure into holy desires to
connect with God.

Different schools of thought describe

general sexual urges as carriers of
spiritual essence, and have the varied
names of vital energy, vital winds
(prana), spiritual energy, ojas, shakti,
tummo, or kundalini. It is also believed
that undergoing sexual sublimation can
facilitate a mystical awakening in an



Its important to note that although

awakening/kundalini awakening, you
dont need to be celibate. You just need
to stop wasting sexual energy through
ejaculation/orgasm. This practice will
actually make sex infinitely more
exciting, more passionate, more
pleasurable and much longer, if celibacy
isnt your thing.

The final practice Ill be showing you is

the 5 tibetan rites. These rites further

help open up your spinal pathways and
chakras in addition to spinal breathing,
and further sublimate sexual/kundalini

The Five Tibetan Rites:

I wont spend much time teaching you


Just go to these links and do your own

research. Theres already a wealth of
information and videos out there.

5 Tibetan Rites

Dr OZ Tibetan Rites

Do it along 5 rites

Do it easily and gradually build your

way up to 21 reps. The more pleasurable
you find an activity, the more likely you
are to do it again, so dont make it
painful and quit.

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2) Through astral projection, travel to

the higher realms of light where your

superconscious and higher self exist.

Simply intend it and itll happen.

3) With your goal in mind, ask your

higher self to transport you the future
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4) After youve thoroughly enjoyed it,

soul/superconscious and all of the higher
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beliefs, skills, insights, guidance, and
inspiration to create it immediately in
the physical realm.

5) Ask them to show you all blocks to be

released, and then to assist you in
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6) Return to the physical realm or ask

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This is the most powerful manifestation

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project, you could be using this ultra

powerful method in not more than 3-4

weeks. Please manifest a few more
deeply pressing desires before trying
this because learning astral projection
isnt the easiest thing and you can
become unmotivated if there are more
pressing matters that need to be taken
Care of first.

Another similar method is to learn Lucid

Dreaming, which, for many is a bit
easier to learn than astral projection, and
to go deep into your subconscious mind
subconscious) then discover whats
blocking you from manifesting, cure it on
the spot, and plant a seed, an experience

of what youd like to manifest, into your

subconscious. Upon waking up youll be
flooded with ideas and inspirations and
new beliefs and thoughts that support
your goal. This is very powerful because
youre working 100% directly with the
subconscious. This is sort of a selfinception.

Sidenote: Inception, from the movie

inception, is actually possible! Were all
interconnected and entering other
peoples subconscious is very possible.
Though very dangerous because you
have no idea what lies in others
subconscious minds.

For more manifestation advice and

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