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LITTLE SHOP of Horrors A NEW MUSICAL BOOK AND LYRICS BY HOWARD ASHMAN BASED UPON THE FILM BY ROGER CORMAN MUSIC BY ALAN MENKEN NELSON DOULEDAY, IE. GARDEN TY, NEW YORK FROLOCUE (In darkness, musio under, a vorce Nor UNLIKE cow's ‘thunders in serious, prophetic tone.) ‘Veace: On the twenty day of the month of September, ‘nan eay year of decade nt too long before our own, ‘ho human race suddenly enconteed teal thret to ‘is very enstence. And this eying enemy surfaced—se sch enemies often o-in the seemingly Tost inmocoat tnd nly of place. (Eorestage. Screen closed. Lights up on caveat, nowarre, fod.rmron Singing od dancing Tye run of he “Little Shop of Horror” xol (Ou o# 0: 0-08! waren "EN DROP Larmin Snor or Hosnons 8 xol (1 ox ont xo-on yo ne APPEND (Shouted, la the Shangrl-Lae) Lookoot! Lockout! Look- ont! Lookout! be TK aml AND DON'T Nowe 4 Tuc! SONUTTIN’S CONN Ga “ER ewaral (Screen opens to reveal the shop) “cons, COMPA, COMA or sifsor ol xo No Wo! o x0 380! [NO NO X'NO-OH Om on! ACT ONE