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Lesson Plan

Grade Level:
Teaching Date:
Sonji Bullett
10. Actively engage in-group reading activities with purpose and understanding.
Description of Content & Content Type (Fact, Procedure, Concept, Principle):
The teacher will use a big book with large letters during shared reading.
Teacher will read aloud using suitable tones and expressions.
Teacher will discuss authors, titles, and illustrators of books.

Teacher will discuss time, setting, and characters to students.

Teacher will ask students questions about the stories.
Teacher will have students read aloud as she rereads the story.
Students will have follow- up activities that are related to the story such as arts and crafts.


Learning Outcome:
Student will be able to distinguish the front and back of book.
Student will be able to identify title, author, and illustrator.
Student will be able to read from left to right.
Student will be able to retell story in his own words.
Student will develop literacy skills.


Curriculum Connection (How lesson fits into larger unit sequence):

Helps build sight words.
Guarantees that students feel successful when support is given to the whole group.
Builds students reading fluency and expression.
Builds students vocabulary.

IV. Instruction
A. Engagement (Motivational Activity): Students will make pig, frog and cow sounds that are
related to the story.
B. Instructional Sequence (Teaching Methodology):
Step #1:
a. Have students sit on mat.
b. Identify the front and back of the book.
Step #2:
a. . Introduce the title of the book.
b Introduce the author and illustrator(s).
Step #3:
a. b. identify that the book is read from left to right and from top to bottom.
Step #4:
a. Discuss time, setting, and characters in book as teacher read.
b. Read with a tone that matches the story.
Step #5:
a. Have students to make expressions related to story.
b. Have students make prediction about story.

Step #6:
a. Retell story and ask students questions.
b. Have students to lay down sentences strips by order of story.
C. Application Task:
Students will sit in a large open space. Teacher and students will interact together using
various speech tones and facial expressions that were related to the story.
D. Materials & Resources:
E. Big book, large sitting space, and strips of sentences related to story.
V. Assessment Strategies: Teacher will evaluate how student identify print such as Titles, authors and
illustrators of books.
VI. Accommodations for Individual Learners:
Provide one-on-one.
Give extra time to answer question.
Teacher coach student through story.