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Bernoullis Principle


What force keeps a Frisbee airborne?

a. When the Frisbee is pushed forward, half of the air goes over the top and
half the air goes beneath causing it to stay air born.
When the Frisbee is thrown upside down why does it behave differently?
b. The difference is in the speed of air between the top and bottom would
be revered so the Frisbee gets pushed down.
Why is the spin important?.

c. The Frisbee would not be stable and crash because it fails to cut
through the air.
2. What force a boomerang to keep airborne?
a. The air moves quickly over the top of the wing then it do at the
bottom of the wing which creates a different in air pressure. The wing lifts when it
moves, because there is more pressure below then above it.
3. Explain the physical reason of the paper.
a. The paper lifts up because air on the top moves faster than air
1. Which way is the ball going to curve and why?
a. Upwards because the speed of the air increase over the surface of the
2. In Bernoulli principle, why umbrellas are easily flipped over on windy days.
a. The curved umbrella accelerates the air flow over the top causing the
pressure to drop and flip over the umbrella.
3. Houses are destroyed by strong wind. What is causing them to explode?
a. Atmospheric pressure on the outside is greater than the pressure inside of
the house causing the interior to explode when pressure is applied to the
exterior of the building.