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CONSULTANT EDITOR DAVID G. CHANDLER OSG MILITARY, TICONDEROGA 1758 MONTCALM’S VICTORY AGAINST ALL ODDS RENE CHARTRAND was born | in Montreal and educated In Canada, the United States and the Banomas. A senior curator ‘ith Canada’s National Historie Stes for nearly three decadee, he is now 3 freelance writer and historical Constant, He has weten humerous erticlee and books including almost 20 Osprey ties and the trsttwe ‘olumes of Ganadlon Miltary Heritage. Also a student of tines, he current Hoos fn Hull, Quebec, with his wife tnd ewe sone PATRICE COURCELLE was born in northern France in 1950 and has been 2 professional illustrator for ‘some 20 years. Entirely ‘self-taught, he has illustrated many books and magazine articles for European Publishers, and his work hangs in a number of ‘collections. His dram: lucid style has won him ‘acclaim in the field of military illustration. His other ‘enthusiasms include music, {from Clapton and the blues to Mahler, and cooking. Patrice lives near the battlefield of Waterloo with his wife and le and tvoowsaNoore NOTTINVD Prwoseaxmore way