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Operation Cobra 1944 Breakout from Normandy STEVEN J ZALOGA was born in 1952, received his BA in history from Union College, and his MA from Columbia University, He has published numerous books ond articles dealing with modern military technology, especially armored vehicle development. His main area of interest is military affairs in the formar Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in World war fand he has also written extensively on American armored forces. TONY BRYAN Is @ freelance illustrator of many years ‘experience. He initially qualified in Engineering and worked tor a ‘number of years in Military Research and Development, ‘and has a keen interest in military hardware ~ armor, ‘small arms, aircraft and ships. Tony has produced many \ijustrations for partworks, magazines and books, Including a number of titles in the Now Vanguard series. Campaign Operation Cobra 1944 Breakout from Normandy