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MCT Feedback 3

Student Teachers name: Maryam Masoud (Grade 3)

School: Ibn Daher
MCT: Fatema Al Awadi
MST: Shaikha Fadel

Date: 13.03.2016


Greeting the students and going through the objectives

Reviewing previous knowledge
Mentioning the stickers at the beginning of the lesson and giving black points
Making use of plan B and trying to ask questions rather than showing the video
Displaying the workers on the board
Good to state the workers with questions of where, what and who?
Asking the students to provide a good questions about the police car and others
Good drilling
Prompting the students to pronounce the words correctly
Good sense of humor with the students
Interviewing the students was very motivating
Good language used during the interview
Asking one of the students to interview his friend
Using activities for differentiation
Try to praise the best group
Clear instructions for drawing the posters but needed modeling
Giving black point to the talkative student
Showed a model poster to the students
Using body language to teach meaning
Translating some words to teach the students meaning
Asking a student to repeat the instructions
Assigning each group with a poster
Good teaching personality
Well-written lesson plan
Prompting the students to speak in English
Timing the activity to the students


You were really busy with the laptop trying to fix the video
Language errors it is not people they are not people.
Keep your eyes on the students some were playing and not paying attention
Try to give out black points to those who are talking
Ask the students to interview each other and use new vocabulary
The interview took very long and students started to be bored
Better to count for them to encourage them to sit in groups quickly
Model the types of the sentences for the students
Try to involve the students in reading the sentences
A lot of teachers talk
Try to manage the time
Avoid giving your back to the students and give them attention
Check the sentence writing, some students were busy drawing and not writing
Talk to individual one and ask them about what they are writing
Rather than shouting sit down, go around and give black points
Some boys were bullying each other

Critical reflection
It was a great experience having the chance to practice teaching at Ibn Daher School. I
really enjoyed my time in this school. The teachers were very nice to us. They took care of
us and looked after us and helped us. My MST was Shikha Fadel, a very great teacher who
knows exactly what is she doing and who is doing her best to help those students get
educated as much as possible. During TP I learnt many different things. I learnt different
types of strategies to help me through my classroom management. I used behaviorism
boards, stickers without forgetting to mention the body language and the eye contact with
the students. I learnt to use many different strategies, for example to count down and ask
the students to fold their hands and look at me. I also learnt to control the voice tone during
the lesson. It was something I am having a difficulty with, but with the help of my MST I
developed my ability to control my tone while teaching my students. Moreover, I learnt some
strategies to involve my students in learning; like for example using peers interaction
activities. I improved my ability to develop different type of activities and to use
differentiation activities to help me engage my students in learning according to their levels.
I feel like there is many things for me to learn in future. I am hoping to improve my skills in
classroom management and time management in next semester.