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Make a list comparing Capitalism and Communism

Warm up

Missile Crisis
and Berlin

U.S held strong economic relations with

Cuba since the nineteenth century
U.S helped Cuba gain their independence
in the Spanish-American War


Fidel Castro (1926-present) lead a

communist revolution in Cuba and took
control in 1959
Established a communist government and
became friends with Soviet Union Leader
Nikita Khrushchev
Many people left in fear of being
America became scared that a
Communist government was less than 100
miles from our coast.

Castros Cuba

April 17th, 1961

To prove JFKs leadership as a strong American
President, he approved of the CIAs plan to take out
The CIA had been training Cuban Refugees to be able to
return to Cuba and overthrow the government there and
assassinate Castro

Bay of Pigs

It was an epic failure!

The Cuban troops were waiting for the CIA and the
refugees on the beach and killed/captured them
This made America look very foolish and gave Kennedy
a bad reputation on his foreign affairs.

What happened

October 1962, an U-2 spy plane pilot flew over Cuba, and
took pictures of Cuban missile and military sites,
The U.S was concerned the missiles were nuclear

Missile Crisis

Kennedy needed to act fast so he brought in a group

called the Executive Committee for National Security
They decided they needed to stop the construction of the
missile sites, but none of them agreed on how to stop this

Kennedy quarantined Cuba to prevent Cuba from

receiving any aid from the U.S.S.R
For the next thirteen days, Soviet ships sailed closer to
the blockade and we prepared for World War Three

13 Days

After the thirteen days, Khrushchev agreed to remove the

missiles from Cuba, if America would
a)Stay out of Cuba
b) Remove the quarantine
c) Remove American missiles from Turkey

Kennedy accepted these terms with the U.S.S.R

Following the 13 days

Kennedy decided America had to re-think about how we

would act on our foreign affairs
In order to prevent another Crisis a Hotline was
established between America and the U.S.S.R
America sent money and advisors to different countries
to help fight communism, instead of Massive retaliation
The Peace Corps was created
A volunteer organization sent to developing countries to
provide support with local communities.


In 1961 shortly after the Bay of Pigs, Khrushchev and

Kennedy met in Vienna for a Summit Meeting
The topic being the future of Berlin

Previously, Berlin acted as an escape route for Easterners

to leave the Soviet Union.
Khrushchev warned Kennedy he would not let this happen.

Kennedy told him America would defend West Berlin

To stop people escaping and prevent a war from breaking
out, Khrushchev decided to build the Berlin Wall to stop
people from escaping on August 13 th, 1961.

Berlin Wall