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-Book review contest 20162nd ESO winner

Name of reviewer: Ismael

Date started: 13/04/2016
Date finished: 21/04/2016

Title: Island for sale

Author: Anne Collins
Publisher: Longman originals
Storyline: Duncan Mctavish has an island, it is Lana. He lives in
Lana witch his dog Jock in the castle. He likes swimming, walks
with Jock and hes writing a book.
One day, he gives bill electricity. The bill is for $5000, he
hasnt got money. So, he sells his island and his castle. One
agent in London sends to the island a Leaping Larry with his wife,
Roxanne. They dont like the island, because there arent food,
electricity, hot water at the end, one teacher named Jean,
helps Duncan. They created Mctavish painting holidays. The
visitors paint beautiful pictures. Duncan is a happy man.
Word difficulty: just right.

Illustrations: too many.

Interesting. Comment: it is an entertaining book and easy to
Recommendation: highly recommended.
What I like best: I like the end very much, because Duncan is
happy man.
What I didnt like: I dont like Larry because he want pull
down the castle.

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