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-Book review contest 20162nd ESO winner

Name of reviewer: Ismael
Date started: 13/04/2016
Date finished: 21/04/2016

Title: Island for sale
Author: Anne Collins
Publisher: Longman originals
Storyline: Duncan Mctavish has an island, it is Lana. He lives in
Lana witch his dog Jock in the castle. He likes swimming, walks
with Jock and he´s writing a book.
One day, he gives bill electricity. The bill is for $5000, he
hasn´t got money. So, he sells his island and his castle. One
agent in London sends to the island a Leaping Larry with his wife,
Roxanne. They don´t like the island, because there aren´t food,
electricity, hot water … at the end, one teacher named Jean,
helps Duncan. They created “Mctavish painting holidays”. The
visitors paint beautiful pictures. Duncan is a happy man.
Word difficulty: just right.

Illustrations: too many.
Interesting. Comment: it is an entertaining book and easy to
Recommendation: highly recommended.
What I like best: I like the end very much, because Duncan is
happy man.
What I didn´t like: I don´t like Larry because he want pull
down the castle.