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-Book review contest 20164th ESO winner

The author of this book is Ramn Ybarra Rubio and Fiona Smith. The story
takes place in many places of Britain for example: London, where the main character
is celebrating New Years Eve; New York, where Antonio is visiting Minster; Oxford
where hes visiting Lisa; Cardiff, when he goes to the celebration of his friend
Gareth; Cornwall where he meets an old man who tells him a lot of stories;
Manchester, where he goes to a football match and Edinburgh, where he visits the
loch Ness.
Antonio is from Spain but his father is from America. He studied at Salamanca
University. He wanted to travel to Great Britain.
The main conflict started when Antonio went to Britain. He told us about the
places that he liked and saw while he was visiting Britain. At the end of the book he is
in Scotland and his friend Martin goes with him to show Antonio the Highland
Games, which are typical there. Then they go to visit the Loch Ness and Antonio
likes the place a lot. Finally, they talk about the New Years Eve that they had
celebrated in a different way.
I like the book because it is very interesting. I love reading books about this
theme because I like travelling a lot and I have never been to Britain; I would like to
go there one day.
My favourite passage of the book is when Antonio is in London and they went
to the original Globe, which is the theatre where William Shakespeare had studied. I
also liked reading it because I learned new things and it will be good for my language
classes. This chapter in particular was very interesting.
I think that what I learned from this book is that you have to travel to other

countries to meet new people and learn other cultures. It will be good for you
because you will be more educated and your everyday life wont be so boring.
I recommend this book to everybody who wants to know new things of
different parts of Britain. It has a lot of information that I didnt know before and I think
that if people read these types of books, people will learn a lot of things.

Natalia Daz Garca

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