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The Archetypical Heroes Journey

Heroes are momentous figures that are ongoing and existent in the
world. Based on polls and surveys, about 80% of children (boys and girls)
from the age 3-6 have indeed been exposed to superheroes. They are
everywhere. Most kids used to love watching heroes on TV. Do you
remember watching Superman, Batman or even Nemo? They are all heroes.
Heroes can even be real people, like your mom, dad or sister. An epic hero is
said to be an important figure particularly from an archetypical heroes
journey, legend or history that is admired for his or her bravery and
accomplishments. Almost every hero has gone through or is going through
the archetypal Heros journey. The Archetypal Heros journey starts off with
Status quo where the hero is living his normal life at ease. Then someone
being comes to initiate him into some form of mission call the initiation. The
next stage in this process is the trials and crisis. This is where they go
through a series of trial to complete their mission and reach the climax which
is the state of highest conflict in the story. Lastly they have the new life
where they complete their mission and go back to their old life. In the book
series Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkien, this cycle also sets the structure for
many characters. The Lord of the Rings series by is a book about nine
fellowship members working together to destroy a powerful ring and keep
away from the dark lord Sauron who has power over all kingdoms if he gets
ahold of it. Gandalf is one of the most significant characters in this book. The

events of the Archetypal Heroes Journey cycle exponentially sets the model
for Gandalf in the lord of the rings series.
Gandalf they Grey is powerful wizard who decides to travel to the shire
to see his old Hobbit friend Bilbo. This is his status quo, living his normal life.
Staying at the shire Gandalf noticed Bilbo had been acting very suspicious,
not like his normal self. Little did he know Bilbo stole the powerful ring from a
mysterious creature called Gollum in the misty mountains. Ever since he left
the Misty mountains he had been plotting on how to keep it away from
Sauron. He planed to give it to the one person Sauron would least expect, his
Hobbit nephew Frodo and have Gandalf guide him. Once he had finalized his
decision, he told Frodo and Gandalf the news. They were amazed and
astonished. This is the main initiation of Gandalf into the mission. From here
on out he was known as the mentor. He trained and guided Frodo to get him
where he needed to be.
As the story progresses they go through so many trials and obstacles
that stand in their way. This is another process in the cycle of the heros
journey. For example When they were in Bree the Ringwraths were chasing
them. At night they set up fake dummies to make it look like them. Soon
enough the Ringwraths came into the room where they thought the fellow
was sleeping, while the real fellowship narrowly escaped. Trials like these are
constantly happening throughout the story until the real crisis. The crisis can
sometimes be the highest point of conflict in the story. In Book one of the
Lord of the rings, Fellowship of the Rings, Gandalf and the fellowship are

running away from a giante Balrog in chapters 5-6 of The Fellowship of the
rings. The Balrog manages to grab Gandalfs foot, pulling him into a pit of
fire, which was the major crisis.
The trials and crisis usually take up the majority of the story. To most
people it is the most interesting. After the main trials and crisis comes
something new. After the character has completed his goal, mission, or
challenge he or she comes back a new person, in their eyes it is a new life.
Gandalfs new life is when he returned from death. Gandalf, originally known
as Gandalf the grey came back from death as Gandalf the white. As the new
Gandalf returns to Isengard, he explains his encounters in his old world.
"Naked I was sent back for a brief time, until my task is done. And naked I
lay upon the mountain-top. There I lay staring upward, while the stars
wheeled over, and each day was as long as a life-age of the earth, Said The
white Rider in Book 3, Chapter 5.
The events of the Archetypical Heroes Journey cycle pervasively sets
the model for Gandalf in the lord of the rings series and people in our
everyday life. People are heroes too. We people are always facing trials and
sometimes there comes a crisis. Have you ever had a family member die?
These are events in the Archetypal Heros journey that shape people as a
hero. Different individuals may have noticed there are heroes around them
every single day. should join the heros trail. Through these lines all people
can identify and also join the Heros trail.