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Brandon Hamel


Candidate for Master of Science in Enterprise Integration (MIS), The University of

Graduation Date: December 2015
GPA: 4.0/4.0
Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Business Administration, The University of
Graduation Date: May 2015
GPA: 3.5/4.0
Major: Management Information Systems
Minor: Business Information Technology

May 2015

Business Analyst/Software Developer, The Home Depot SSC, Atlanta, GA

Goal: To create a gift registry mobile application for use within The Home Depot stores
Value: Customers are able to scan items in stores and add to their personal registry for future purchase by event
attendees. Support and expand estimated $108 million in annual revenue generated through this service offering
Developed a web application with a native Android shell for creating and editing customer registries
Created RESTful web services to connect the mobile client with web services for data storage and
Integrated system within current THD web applications and hardware

January 2015
May 2015

Project Manager, Client: The Home Depot, UA MIS Capstone Experience, Tuscaloosa, AL
Goal: To effectively lead project team in development of accessibility options for disabled users of FIRST
Phone devices
Value: Improved productivity for users with disabilities and enhanced customer experience by allowing for
improved employee engagement
Led a team of UA-MIS undergraduates in the delivery of an integrated client solution utilizing the
Agile Methodology and best practices to accelerate solution development
Responsible for facilitating and managing client relationships, key project decisions, resource
allocation, project scope, and project governance processes
Mentored and guided team members on professional development and career goals while managing
project engagement and providing strategic oversight

May 2014
August 2014

Business Analyst/Software Developer, The Home Depot SSC, Atlanta, GA

Goal: To create an application to geographically track employee FIRST Phone devices within each store
Value: Avoid a loss of $1200 per misplaced phone, improve associate allocation in stores, and increase associate
Created design documentation including a project charter, and technical design blueprint,
Collaborated with multiple stakeholders to determine project requirements and scope
Utilized Java RESTful web services to manage communication between the application and database
Integrated application with existing Home Depot systems and architecture

August 2014
December 2014

Business Analyst, Client: Stop & reGROW, Project Risus, Tuscaloosa, AL

Goal: To develop a national go-to-market strategy for a new hair loss product
Value: Ensure the successful expansion of the product from a regional market to a national presence
Assessed state of the current market with a focus on the product, the consumers, and the channels of
Created a value proposition outlining the implementation plan
Developed a brand initiation strategy to communicate value to customers and differentiate offering
from competitor products

August 2014
December 2014

Business Analyst, Client: Alabama Department of Senior Services, UA MIS Capstone Experience, Tuscaloosa,
Goal: To enable ADSS to proactively monitor its programs by generating dynamic reports with data
Value: Expedite report building, minimize losses due to error, and capitalize on funding opportunities
Analyzed business intelligence and reporting tools to provide a solution recommendation to the client
Designed SQL queries and stored procedures to populate data for required reports
Implemented reports using recommended tool as a proof of concept


Languages: Java, SQL, C#, HTML, CSS, JSON, RESTful Web Services, ASP.NET MVC


Business Tools: MS Office Suite, Visio, SharePoint, Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting


Deans List, Fall 2012 - Present

MIS Forum Scholarship, Spring 2012 Present
University Scholars Undergraduate & Masters
-Dual Enrollment Program, 2015
Graduate Teaching Assistantship, 2015
Volunteer Experience:
MS Walk / Vetarun 5k / Relay for Life

Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

Scholarship Chair, Fall 2012 Spring 2015
Academic Chair, Fall 2012 Spring 2015
Promoted academic success among members
through innovative solutions such as incentive
plans and online hour tracking