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PIANO/CONDUCTOR act 1 SHC AMIR SR CAST (in order of appearance) Gregor Vassey . . Young Florence . GINA GALLAGHER i PHILIP CASNOFF Florence’ ... JUDY KUHN Anatoly . AVID. CARROLL Molokov . HARRY GOZ Nickolai KURT JOHNS Walter . DENNIS PARLATO Arbiter PAUL HARMAN Svetlana . . MARCIA ee Joe & Harold, Ar Embass Officials - . RICHARD M'! . ae Y ERIC JOHNSON Ensemble . JOHN ALLER, NEAL BEN-ARI, SUZANNE BRIAR, STEVI EMENTE, KATHERINE LYNNE CONDIT, ANN CRUMB, DAVID CRYER, R.F. DALEY, DEBORAH GENEVIERE, KURT JOHNS, ERIC JOHNSON, PAUL LAUREANO, e ROSEMARY LOAR, JUDY McLANE, JESSICA MOLASKEY, RICHARD MUENZ, KIP NIVEN, FRANCIS RUIVIVAR, ALEX SANTORIELLO, WYSANDRIA WOOLSEY KAREN BABCOCK, CRAIG WELLS UNDERSTUDIES Understudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement for the appearance is made at the time of the performance. For Florence — ANN CRUMB, JUDY ‘McLANE: for Anatoly — RICHARD MUENZ, PAUL HARMAN; for Freddie — KURT JOHNS: for Molokov — DAVID CRYER: for Walter — KIP NIVEN; for Svetlana — ANN CRUMB, WYSANDRIA WOO Arbiter — ALEX SANTORIELLO; for Young Florence —CHRYSTAL PEI NNINGTON” RCHESTRA, CONCERT MASTER — Sanford Allen: VIOLIN — Dale Struckenbruck, Jue Yao, Sandra Billingslea, Stanley Hunte, Katherine Livolsi; CELLO — Ma FLUTE, PICCOLO, CLARINET — David Weiss: OBOE, ENG FLUTE — Edward Zuhlke; CLARINET. BASS CLARINET, FLUT BASSOON, CLARINET, BARITONE SAX—Peter Simmons: TRUMPET, FL PICCOLO ‘TRUMPET—James Hynes: TRUMP! LUGELHORN: David Rogers; TROMBONE — Clint’ Sharman: . BASS TROMBON FRENCH HORN — Russell Rizner; KEYBOARDS—Steven Murgoshes, John Mahoney; DRUMS—Tom Oldakowski; BASS—Hugh Mason; GUI ASSOCIATE CONDUCTOR, PERCUSSION — Nicholas Cerrato. Swings ORCUESTRATION REED 1 (Flute, Piccolo, Clarinet) REED 2 (Oboe, English liorn, Clarinet, Flute) REED 3 (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute) HEED 4 (Bassoon, Clarinat KEYBOARD 1 REYWOAKG 2 Revunoetcn § Marri oane aplune) hone Teumeer 1 ‘TRUMPET 2 TRUMPET 3 ‘TROMBONE 1 ‘TROMBONE 2 prums PERCUSSION IMPERIAL THEATRE . GA Shubert Organization Theatre Gerald Schoenfeld, Chairman Bernard 8. Jacobs, President THE SHUBERT ORGANIZATION 3 KNIGHTSLTD ROBERT FOX LTD ‘CHESS BENNY BJORN TIM ANDERSSON. ULVAEUS RICE TIM RICE RICHARD NELSON JUDY KUHN DAVID CARROLL PHILIP CASNOFF DENNIS PARLATO MARCIA MITZMAN PAUL HARMAN HARRY GOZ ROBIN WAGNER THEONIV.ALDREDGE DAVID HERSEY ANDREW BRUCE PAUL BOGAEV ANDERS ELJAS GATCHELL & NEUFELD LTD:1 ALAN HALL, , JOHNSON-LIFF & ZERMAN SCHUBERT & DINIRO ‘LYNNE TAYLOR-CORBETT TREVOR NUNN ‘ORIGINAL BROADWAY EAST ALBUM ComiNG ON RCA VICTOR RECORDS. Casserres A compact OSes sun raaweronrarionyrnoviogs ov PAN AM The Producers and Theatre Mariagement are Members of the League of New York Theafres and Producers, nc. Wy 7 oe oo 26 bn MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I PROLOGUE BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, 1956 The Story of Chess ..... a a Gregor BANGKOK, THAILAND, THE PRESENT TIME, Press Conference . ‘here | Want to Be tow Many Women Merchandisers Song .. . US. Versus U.SS.R. . Fredilie, Florence, Reporters se atoly - Florence, Freduie Walter, Merchandisers “Molokov, American & Soviet Delegates Chess Hymn... S : ‘Arbiter and Company 4 Quartet (A Model of Decorum & Tranquil ! Molokov, Florence, Arbiter, Anatoly $ You Want to Lose Your Only Friend?’ : jorence, Freddie Someone Else's Story o Florence ‘One Night in Bangkok...” Freddie and Company 7 Terrace Duet ... Beep eee reer ores WO Blorenes So You Got What You Want Freddi s Nobody's Side ........ ee seeees Florence fo Anthem 522.0000) ‘Anatoly INTERMISSION ACT Il PROLOGUE KENNEDY AIRPORT, N.Y., EIGHT WEEKS LATER 1's Song... eS Arbiter and Company BUDAPEST, HUNGARY Hungarian Folk Song Heaven Help My Heart . Mo Contest ....... Freddie, Walter ow and I. oly, Florence, Svet 4 Whole New Board Game . Freddie Let's Work Together Walt Molokov 1 Know Him So Well Florence, Svetlana Pity the Child .... Freddie Lullaby (Apukad Eros Kezen) « LLL2. Gregor, Florence Endgame .... ‘atoly, Freddie and ‘Company You and I (reprise). Anatoly, Florence Anthem (reprise) . eee cee cee eeee ona oce a s+++ Florence Music and Lyrics copyright @ 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989 by 4 Knights Led "Someone Else's Story” Copyright @) 1988, 1989 by J rights Led. ALL XIGHTS RESERVED al Semone ea . Keveoard . rovocu : 4 : ae > ‘ Lol 2 = ‘|-$—— L ie eee @ Fens) ben. 4 s 6 Poto ANImATO! == g (can 5 005). © *F veéaro 7_* F @ egestas ee (nygoua-sou) PL b. PROLOGUE ‘DOUBLE TEMPO, ALLEGRO ww fms a wie gl Gra. ELL Y8S. 2 . v . e mn ie Lr sof gp tou ; Se oc «Groat in vais) Soe ess 2 east rcs BS.) cou,| Kop. ie TT PeoUnGue “se PRoLoguE JFATHER: FLORENCE, PLEASE CONCENTRATE” 5%) FLORENGE'S FATHER: 7 58 59 BACK GATE OF CHESS MEANS THERE'S ONE LESS (cous voce) res. = = PLAYED EACK DAY Got tHay MEANS ONE (st6s) = oh ee 68 6 10 " LESS MIS - TAKES RE - MAIN ——. A cond,/kep. 4 “6- PRoLocuE A TEMPO ” ™ ws Not MUCH IS KNOWN OF EARLY DAYSOF CHESS BE-YOND A FAIR-LY VAGUE RE-FORT THAT vevs(ums) P= mp a) mp Oe) Phen. 1% 8 FIF*TEEN HUN-DRED YEARS A - GO Two PRIN-CES FouGHT THo’ BROTH-ERS FOR A HIN-DU poco ten. 4 ten, , Atenro) “ 7 THRONE, THEIR MOTHER CRIED FoR No OME REAL-LY LIKES THEIR OFF-SPRING FIGHTING : (ous), ———, ——— eo ee) | ranyp » 7 ond. /ea. 1 eae PROLOGUE 62 83 To THE DEATH SHE BEGGED THEM stor THE SLAUGHT -ER wens. poco rit. me accel. © crese. by a WITK HER EV-'Ry BREATH BUT SURE E~NOUGH ONE BRorH-ER DIED —__ : _ F 68 89 90 BE-YOND BE~ LIEF SHE TOLD HER WINNING SON you HAVE cAusED SUCK bee . con./Kep. L -B- PROLOGUE a om 93 ITcant 66 - Lieve = THIS E-vL THING YOU'VE DONE. FL. Tt Poco cresc. —— OF, oF 96 : 97 TRIED TO EX- PLAIN How THINGS HAD REAL-LY BEEN BUT HE TRIED WN FL Tr x 28; c1,BEn(on) vans No_ Words of HIS: FY THE QUEEN ives ry > ten onp./kev. L Tar] [Meno mosse 102 (recoua voce) h vias (Greet 35) 0. 10F 106 P TOLOHIMHE'D SE PRETTY CER-TAINTO IN-PRESS BY (ee) vu oun P AND SO HE ASKED THE Wis-EST MeN HE KNEW THE WAY To LESS-EN PRoroaue 103,(+v00s) 104 HER D15-THESS = THEY 7 coritlLE 2 22 8 lor a US-UG MOD-EL SoL-DIERS ON A CHEG-VERED BOARD To conn./xev. 4 l0- PRoLoevE din "3 Keo 1 us ——— em) rent, cent as. conv. /xoe. 4 a a 6 vit. FATHER: PROLOGUE ver a —— ff =—— ~~ a) ~t d TEL HOVE StowLy [48] "Srloneucts parnem! M9 EACH GAME kyao OF CHESS = +HM/vUNs — + CELL (br) 150 150 MEANS THERE'S ONE LESS 192 a ist Lerr To. conp./weo. 4 -i2- PROLOGUE ATTACCA 167 FREDDY’ ENTRANCE poco rit. 169, ao —— AS EAST AS Poss1BLE — S&S ee ‘13s rine wDuCTOR 2 apie ‘EYBOARD_L FREDDY ’S ENTRANCE a de 108 leg AX NE Cl (Assy ) ¥ > FREDDIE sauar A SCENE HAT A TOY. WHAT A LovE-LY SIGHT, ANEW MY GARE THE BG 5 Iya sa OL (athe racer) * erags oi 7 ea @) "ie a sus , Thue 35. ws a) Wy) sen sA_ 7 CSecetceoree ee e ssi) Ning cour[kan. £7 FREODYS ENTRANCE Qn HAVE THEY ren Met) S0_PrUs—_TI_— CATH, —AL-TECED OVER NET 5 e a Nas en iste ¥ tay sla) Mor ¥6, THEY JUS LCT 7 SEE KE ek GY Dems He F A : 5 Pig) = |) (>) Wek) - {@ IF rs, EAST LEST AND THE, Hen. ers Shy” > THEY ALL Conk FRE OW 2 MOLTO RIT, ~ PRESS DIALOGUE FoLLous| CONDUCTOR CHESS KEYBOARD 1 PRESS CONFERENCE 12h | Oe ogee (ere WeLL en a ogre. GB (s 5 (an Wear DiD r SAY HE'S OUT OF HIS TREE He's FIN-AL~LY FLIPPED AND BE- (4c, 00, ae. 2-614) 3: (+2) ‘TWEEN YoU AND ME Ho HE SwEARS THE A ~ MER - 1 ~ Cad ‘DREAM IS (set 6re-8r4) ae ; +t 7 coi, ap. L 3 PRESS CONFERENCE CLEAR-LY THE BEST, HE'S No AD = VERT-WE-MENT FOR LIFE AUD © TIMES IW THE a HALE -Temro FEEL oe * a Z l ed} FuDRence 8 is SmiLe, YOU Gor YouR FIRST EX-CLU-SWE = STO = RY mee c,66 e002 ——&~ i aa west sus. (5165) (rcasrasy Now You CAN BASK— tal HIS Re - feeT-£D Gio ~ BY ——— wold Cues : ee, 06,€602 ha cond. PRESS CONFERENCE a) 1 2 2 Nh KED UN = P20-VOKED Yan-KEe A = GRESS - 1ON —_—, — Oe alee (amuse) 5) aoa, 08 %, De . cdf) BRCK ro J FEEL OH WHAT «& CRE - DIT TO Your hear fRo-Fes- 785, 8.54. Zerwrn oeass i ah cm fe SS ae ) (es) eaves Ge 7 ecohet — - Sov SAD THAT THE BEST HIS COUNT-RY'S PRo~ DUCED 15 CRUMBrLING IN FRONT OF OUR oat) (see 08 ont x62 own. /K6D.L PRESS CONFERENCE 3 Be EXES AND REDUCED To A MIND-LESS A —- BUS WHEN HE SHOULD BE Genare-ont) sbp Se cid 3 a GRATE- FUL IN - STEAD RE- MEM-BER . WE MADE HiM FA-MOUS witH-Our. us He's (ere) @ HALe-TIME FEEL! Mig ei : 4 . DEAD TELL ALL THIS, TO THE UAV Te WA ~ Tiows © ee — s.§ > (Fam) FS cm. coe % coud. | ant Ss. PRESS CONFERENCE fftier rf Fee i$ HE AY AS = SET TO East West RE-LA~ 1,785,854 4, S em FO +P, 06 ane. «(956 ates cond, Kap. 1° -6- PRESS CONFERENCE HE Fgnto (wine Diacoaue) eee es ee "6s (FOR RERENESAL, rye as, oy (FoR ReNERRSAL) ww chimes coup, Kap. t oe PRESS coneRenee bb, (Foe Keenesar.) Em Ent) Em oc ; NS — ee VvAMe EE A Deena AS mOLOTOU + AUATOLY (FoR REHEARSAL, etek Hore SUITE ey Conducror[KevGongo L WHERE i WANT TO BE Waalinle ? Mole Rules MoLoKov: "Duk AMBASSADOR HAS ARkivED" ICU‘) avavory: “ouk AMBASSADOR 2” NEARLY LIKE A WALTZ (Nor To0 Stow) 1 [Russian K60.3" cue" §——, emf Fay gestonns mci EE nf ) == 04) == 1p Pidg Si AW uo weeos A OT eR EF ef’ EF “ERE (tm) Cono./x60. 4 ~2~ WHERE Z Wau fo BE 8 Con moral Us DREAM WHo Nees Am-61 0 = Tied ee ee ee 2 (a7) 7) (4nd) (Am) i ” wio'> Be THE Foot MY Poe ee ee ee ee (Dm) (Dé) Den) (Due) 20 20 ONCE =< HAD DREAMS ar Ne EPS Pe (Am) (am) (om) (m8) a 15 1 Now THEY'RE OB - SES - Hores BE - CAMé a (Dm) (De) (Rost) Gon) (Aad ) (Am) Con. /K gp. 4 ~3~ WHERE L wawr 0 BE 3 2b 29 LO - VERS fos- SES a Vomsye of ray Hate Ga) 36 3 THEN THEY MOE pu, Fi, (4 v8) vets.) oo are are (amt) tu) | Ra Tont i 31 geo 33. Stow = LY. AT FIRST =~. — = = (Au?) (Aes) (Am) loo (Due) i t T ConD./ubo. 4 nhe WHERE £ vinur 10 bE ‘ at 3s : Smi-tine Too Sweet : To - Péneo = —— THEY WALKED RIGHT THROUGH (om¢) CD) (Om) (44) (Gm) 40 CALLED ME THEIR FRIEND —. (Amt) __ un) (87) ¥ cond. / «6D. 4 7 WHEKE £ Wane fo BE “3 “poco rit. . os Kiew WHERE WANT To BE Alo WHo I WAT fo BE AND — Do-iwr wHAr < AL-WAVS Sau £ wouco AND YET ey ae tiny feel £ UAVE-W'T uo AT ALL t ———— 6 coud.| KBD. £ 6 WHERE T wan To BE 4, % RUNNING FOR MY LIFE AND NE-VEE LOOKING BACK IN CASE HERES one-one RIGHT BEHIND ro SHOOT ME DoalN AAD lwfsrss. a eee Ge : g fm vatt(ey)g) ——— TOY PiAal Int ond.| ken. £ “7 WHERE WANT To BE wHERE wee «= TBE ato, ae ee 4 Back weere IT StaeT = Dor Ger. ME eaten rkD-%) WRONE vm Not Com = PLAIN = ING vens{on fiona cond | Kap. 2 6. WHERE I wht To BE 64 bs TIMES HAVE BEEN GOOD fur WHAT'S TRE POINT » y iFom = CONS CEA ING + coup, |xay. £ “4° WHAT I WANT 7 BE a “ THOUGHTS a. “foto ait 1b FEEL oo F 4 “I (a) ene WHERE T WANT 70 BE AND who T WaT TO BE AND — Do-ING UHATI AL-WAYS SAID I WoudAnD Yer I rea oe Ga : «10+ WHAT I wait To BE RunbniG FOR MY LIFE AND NE-VER LOoK-ING BACK Isl CASE THERES SOME-NIE RGHT BE-HiND To SHooT ME DOWN AND _ : — (sing Auli) i » SAY HE ALWAYS Kew I'D FALL cee WHEN THE % : E con | Kop. L elle WHAT I WANT 70 BE e ht Scows rast : —_——_._ [TOY PAO. EA “Foto Rit WHERE WiLL Baek wHeke = T Ser (vals) mend masse E Smoa2AWDO 4 START a [TOY PIANi alte. SONDUCTOR cevsoard t WHERE | WANT TG BE - PLAYOFF wl Inept KY; sssras(ow) * BOS. Am AmS @¥i od (Flee eM Bt ‘ADD Toy PIANO) cat @ m9 oe — s 9 ceLtot 10 é mn CHESS ARGUMENT [4 | CONDUCTOR- KEYBDARD 1 FREDDIE: “You Must HAVE IT WRONG.” ! 2 | DRE THEI - SELVES cour |koa.d ae ARevmedT ARG-U- (Ng O~VER A AE : : (wR bee (102369) =——~ ——N FF ron Imm /ro5] cra, ad (9 Pinan) a FREDDY (0, tt ie NOT VER- MAN-Y, THE — WAY THINGS ARE 60 - IM THERE'LL SOON BE ONELESS. Dow's BE~ > * } wu 004) — 3 yam wasn] mia) Gorine) 7 =, sree 3 4 [FLORENGE”| hue SWEET - /€ ~ PiE! kIS- 7eN, FRED-DIE, TZ wens, coud. kop. 4 a Ey ro. How DID TI GET WAYn ‘TiO HAD AN- 3/- Tiows, 27 HOW CAN such A Flow-ER, =A SEN S/-TNE Saul, A wus (ora) >_> (+erefrerstuntow.) — is) (eeu 3 mAsD i. NorsE- (eral ersjins-Do0.) Gero) ‘eats fe eeu. 61 Va RE ~ $PECT- A-BLY_, SET co AkoumenT faa Lape c= oe 26 Dik-1- CAME Chie) POR THE sul 85) Coup { kod. 4 ARGUMENT 3h a 34 2 GUI-TER - Ig PhI-2€ IN - STEAD OF woe, I LAUD-ED YOU. - YOU GET YooR PRI-ES,. 24 ae sras. a WWE - TY PER- CENT OF = THE WAY 70 UE TP oF TE i FLORENCE: |» 36 39 TWANKS | TEN PER- CET, (whoa) > conn.|Kep.b “5+ ARGunenT FREDDIER 41 42 43 “'NO,NO, FLOREME.... I MAT WE ARE MINETY, OF THE WAT.” FLORENCE: U- LATE wod- EN, WitH 46 48 Some-THING fo Sour A- Bourr ‘ : SPEND : OS FERS a ee tere y oS) SN iF TBH. cou; (KO, 4 ARGUMENT 49 50 a FREDDIE: PLAY- Whe A GAME IN WHEH SI-LENCE 1S GOLDEN AND SPEAKING A CRITE. MAY- BE ww5 (ov) Ps i i fea! 2 & wns (ow tarey (tH) seufees to J t (oss SIA 52 FLORENCE: HE HS King... Alk SY S1Rib- Gilt, For venston) 4% a ss - PROUST QUAL- [ - Fi- CA-THNS, MY ee ee ww @vA) yy, ago (FTBHSD ar cona [KOD.2 oa ARGUMENT 56 s 5B 9 THM RECK- LESS- LY A - BAN-DOMED = FOR You! WHO CHEK 15 Kg TO. G- 3 AWD wiis(ava) => ih : (pare. /TPrs/ He. (a9), faring (eroNs) ‘A (+ceusi/ 85) b0 6) ez dove = my WATE! = BUT THE WHEN T SHOW You! A ieeava) > ste _ j 1 (+ ere /rens/un->wv.) 4 rBNs) (teens, Bs) (4 Bass) 4 oe 65 (FREPBEE| FA-tHon, HAVE To AD-MIT IT FEES GREAT. GREAT MEMS £0R CHESS FANS! YEAH! cond, {kBD. £ 8- ARGUMENT 66, 67 THATS How HE DIP Tf. Yes, THATS How THE com pun 1ST F tan fera) MAY ql I weH eas age) Ewe a — (+reus) 2 > views (Div) 7 Conouctok [KeYBoarD 4 % . Bae ‘Sax [Sere MAN wed You Ger uP a (4's), # Eg the 8 oN THE Moen -ING You CRASH AC NIGHT You wilt Filo Your as, g = 2 as — Pu bu . G14 f Cr i4 Tons. \ = Cone. [xgp. 4 1 (TOS enn voce) 8 see suk-Rouno- €0 ic 136 13 133 ay CHED-uekED Toofhl-Paste | WEAR TPT. + Hd. ouR CoP-¥ ~2~ 138 138 MERCHANDISERS yg (ALL ¢ BausH Your (66H wrt G |G a ( wid cote Voce, i AA conb./ go. & “3 MERCHANDISERS Grers.-cowa voce) us ALTERS “0 Queens — od Bou ~ cnle aaeasrs You coun € - VEN om serzts) hed Ws. : we at (ware buy A Ser Ano AE DON'T mul WE'LL wed. i A4 cowo./Kap, £ ~4e- MERCHANDISERS. 46 on SEL You ‘Some - Tine | A cono./vap. 4 MERCHANDISERS cresc. poco a poco i 12 67 HE, (oes) » Fp Cresc. poco a poco c % CONDUCTOR CHESS KeyBoarp 4 a oe SIPLOMATS 16 ET FEGRENCE- “WoT Yer, BUT , KEEP TALKING Want Ves, 16 ue VAReL 1g [ovotovs NO One CAN DE-aY THESE ARE EN -| CoUR-AG—ING TIMES — (vis) = 1a 2 old (uo 9) (vet, B50) Anenicans 17) wae (aKssans) 18 9 No OWE CAN DE-NY THE ARE EX J ~ COUR-AG ING Tints 4 Frocorov:1 Ws THE & BUSIC PREPARATION INTERRATIONAL con. /kypp.4. -2- Diptonars ALL: 20 22 NO ONE CAN DE - WY THESE Age el~ U.S, VERSUS U.S. 5. R.— YET WE MORE OR LESS ARE (G0 FOURY on sTRINEST (sun, srvce) (orn) + 23, Couk-A-GiNg TINES — MouoKav!] > To OUR CREDIT PUT-TING ALL THAT A SIDE WE HAVE SWAL-LoWeED oUR PRIDE ei (Bac To FW) = Flim Fam Gq 26 (ALL 27 (AHERICAN 4S. Test ARE OP Th - MNS -TIc AWD EW coue- AG~ WG Times — (BS 1s Cm) ConD./ yap. 4 DIPLOMATS 28 REAL-LY DOES-N'T mAT-TER WHo cones | our on TOP, fnovoKov: wio GETS THE CHOP wy (488m, yee) Bi el ALL Na One's WAY oF LIFE 15 THREAT-ENED ‘BY (411,08, vsti) Ga ete etm AMERICAN: WAAT A Lonp oF Wii | PEAS-ANiTS, “TAlaK~ Ide THEY CAN WIN. THEY can't! Kveo 2, (ror) Fai (08 et, 12) (Wed Flim Tan, f me ware. r ei eee — cony./kysp 4 Diplomats 60 WHAT AN EX-HI-BI-TION OF SELF DE - LU-sSioN | THIS ONE'S A FORE-GONE con - cLU-Ston ns (sree), ios ay ere) Fam 62, y [RUSSIANS: 6 WE Doi’r WANT THE WHOLE WoRLD SAY ~ ING THEY CANT EV-EN wil A GAME * \(#.08, 1,613) ——— (reset g08 By =! = jos ior) Fee Ca 7 65 fgg it. or WE HAVE NEV-ER RECKONED ON | CoM-ING Sec-OND_ THERES NO USE. Los ~ We ~s traconen| ey 7. How ara ree —_—_____ rr B,) (+ 508) ete “Conn. /kypp. 4 DipLomars 6 | poco meno mosso RAL (sovoxov) GOoD TO FEEL THAT AS THIS GREAT E = BE-GiS, IT UN -DER-PINS OUR Gore,ver) +08, J 7 BS : F $ 5 (BaggeRstor) 0 : : type, (AMERICANS My AS. “(AMERICAN QUEST FoR PEACE THE — BONDS oF — Com= mond i= TER-EST ' oF EAST AD WEST f YAS ten, . a est ww, $5 ere 3 cony./kyep. 1 / -6- DIPLOMATS Subito Presto 1, Sa | a + 4.08, CLyxvLo, GIR, ‘S105, KYBD 3, (ars, xvan 2, 85) A f. 7 | r CONDUCTOR, CHESS KEXBOARD 1 OPENING 1ST GAME 17 nae MAESTOSO wis) 0 1 a 3h aA Ye Aane® cin MUSIC PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL ono. [KBD. 4 ~2~ cHess #4 Aater® cue in me Gon ouctor/ Key Bonap 4 “HaKP”|ox-7 -(/0% mop.) (FoR PERFOR mANcE, KevgaRAD Bony oni THE Bolo’ ores Bub. “Sod pote Nore rr od d ie Hire wen Gus. A a 13) 14 0. Bi. eve oT zB’ Dp’? i . 1s Conpuer. CHESS Sear QUARTET ¥] ARBITER: “BREAK FoR Lit” ‘a a=W meine Ae 2 (ounce) fag 3? om a ae 6 “e— 6 aa nf| en Gf Dt | eb gh om an) (ouny wh es Gn cS = Com ong a . 57 r ae a a covp/xep, + wan QUARTET A rape OUEGAO oe Pa “a (Dn) (A) (De) (G9) (Gon) | (Gea) (De) Ac aust | pee- rec =n (RP) (RB YR) (Dey |IGond (Prd (43) Tod (Ge) conn /kap. 4 a3 qunener 8 Me Pa fo =H) way Fou. | mE AT- mas ~ os eS HS oe 5) (Dd) BY Gn) | MCrd (Gn) (oy Gr ee) (| Gm LimusT PRO-TEST yy O08 DELE-GATON ,fS A NaST OF Yarn , fouls RAKE fio] = a RB | conm/kep, bP ni TID We Con cEDE yg THE CT ns raes, EAD TIE MES IS ARVO QUARTET covo/kep. 1 aon QUARET (Gn) erese, » Bg! AM NOT SoR-PRSED HE WAN-TED 4, FRESHER BIR, ae) Ged (5) | fod 5 | Ceese ee a Once NE RE-A~, eRe tins Wo pare oF Youre UK Peptic, FAR. crese. 6! Quaker c010/k80. 1 ~o~ ics) 4 2 = - an ris veey saw | 0 sax me An cieut [ann nis quanta gone urtle 1Y BAT IE -GROUD T0 | Stulg (7 OUT wttH GLEE | foR Z-DE - OL- O- GIES $iily (7 OUT, $e (7 OUT iT 15 VERY UAW? ¥ OTH ER SRT — “LIKE A BAT*T1E-GROLWD SAD 70 stb PURE TRAN - nm ee coup/xoo.4 alo~ Quagrer Ge) ws we SE ITS VB-Y SAD 70 SEE THE AN-CUENT AMD DIS-TN-GulbED THAT USED TOBE =A eee) BATTLE GRO, SAD, 50 SAD r- “a (ob) WSS, 50 (pBsu Wel) 13 VERY SAD 10 SEE THE OLD DIS-TW-L1SiteD GAME THAT £ os “a a “ Flo (MODEL OF DE-Go-Rurt \AND TRANQUILITY, BECOME LIKE AN-Y OTH-ER | SPORT. Mb > Wak T-DEs lol 0- GieS (7 BE- COMES A BATTLE GROUD, 14> > Russ. 8 NOD-EL OF DELO-RUM ANDIRANGUK-1-7Y — SUSTLIKE AN-Y O1H-ER \SPORT HOW SAD M00 - Ek OF TRAY-Gutk- 1 - TY WHEY IT BE - coms A BATTLE Guy a én 9p 97 bhp tn Te ” cown/ x0. al7~ aunever 180 “I fio |BAT- Tie GROOND FoR R/- VAL 48 Z- DE- 06-0 - Ges A BAT-TLE GROUND ITS VER-¥ SAD Russ. 70 SEE HOW THe GAME = THAT USED 70 BE GROUND THEN (ieee SAD, 17'S VERY SAD ja ca => “at ie 188 o fad gg 65 pie. i a ITS VR-Y SAD, 50 SAD 10 SEE A PLACE TO Ski IT OUT Wie, GLEE. 70 5tEA ant, A BAPTLEGRIOD, A PLACE TO S108 IT ant wrt \GLee. TRAN BU (-TY A BAPTE-ROND, A Pisce 10 $1 17 our with | atet. 2 MOL WHEU THIS AN-LUNT GAME BE-COMESA DAP Tté-GROD a PuACE TO suuly [7 CUT SEE * Te 7 WWE Regie. pd —, Aare? cus aS — CounuetoR : CHESS Keyeoaed 4 - AFTER QUARTET \ BA i oo | «x 7s ELLEF ie me ~—__ = 4 Sep ieg emer, Y erty 190.2. none HUSIC PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL ConlouctoR | REY BOARD 4 ; FLORENCE / AMERICAN [9 «WARNING: “HELL HIEET US" [eve] Feeody: “you work FoR te” 3S 7 eo Yoo alt restratton-et] Feade leu meter Uttase 0o-nka] rule! CHoIe TACET TatouGNouT m 1 Wrew gles) By yet ts woe Maur on tll Y Frotel = Parca lia) x pal Aart) os) 127 cond. / KBD. 4 -2- Florence /AMERIC Wir teatne ewe A Foot, 346 euch out Foe selec % 9 : a lotesee ‘i e CA, i (Fe) —- rt (man + Jo ppd, Yetomlo t walt po rt as 4 - y moe! _ saeco ie Fe = == FF pie : Inde ae os eae Bee et Ses SI Cee es (C) ee = = = 13 ONY tana sot tt Anca = rss (Fs) 6 weal Wie GebTee fodnon= 1 pg do YoUiEA vgrten Reto-oo =a a Aas) — “lit Festeom ‘Ie e Frotelee Condo «| Kad. 4 oe FLORENCE /ANERIC " ween yg foreke THe fo tueees Ath ote ne seeicA 9 Floaelee | 4 Ve NOW A-tareNCLEMONad? ALE You Fok rt 06 ek WER? sree tote fin Ve F oe u eca B) - - - - Gq [enloayrel Ame min AeA ace = fevtty) Cond. / Kio. 4 -4- FLORENCE / AnEs My uo 2 social velour fig ae a pie ja TEs Te 18 7) conp. /K60. 4 S Florence /ANERICAS Novy f= ¥ att Rew ol hese Peo-Pee ot He $0 it: areca a, Fae) ——~_ fy] ye Feo- Ree Who Ral ilo-Lese-tY ol-€R You —_—_CANLD- Hoo 4, 3 Ba. =f be. Angencal ad Cony. /KAD. £ fe | FLORENCE / AMERICAI Onl et Honrt vt fat es ee He He 35 aneeniegt peer See Sa Sain ye a iPS 80 cond. /KBD. 4 oT FLORENCE /‘AMERLCAN [Dy crestor sto, vg Rte Cee fas) s 16 it what ol we uke dP LY Been ooR ‘a Ce Conb./KBD. 4 -8- -FLORENCE / AMERICE ns a eee ee BR bree exe | ER Fate Ete HE A LAE Hele Sule Be k COND. /mBD. 4. 2 (Florence) LiFe, wit? You HAVE TS DO_ THIS res wR trtotere Te 54 elgplte nit edin cx.sote f Aste? cor ) 28) FLORENCE/AnERICAN bummed | ConDueToR Keyaoard 4 SOMEONE FLSE’S SLOW 8-BERT BALLAD 1, sresQjeceo az ———————— ey oo 2 Gb FLORENCE? : 5 Lone A-GO IN SOME-DNE El-SE'S LIFE=TTime Some ONE WITH AN NAME WHO LOOKED. 19.2 (01, ~~ ae ; gb — ALOT LIKE me A CAME To KNOW ‘MAN Auld MADE A PRO- MISE HE cow, RD. & ode Someone E86 sr a 0 ON-LY HAD TD SAY aud Twar'S WHERE SHE WouLD BE chet th, LATE-LY ALTHOUGH HER FECL-INGS RUN JUST AS DEEP THE —FRO- mise SHE MADE HAS GRowW Im yy “cb = POS*Si- BLE TO Keep AND YET Twi ITwAs Hr SO ve We che 4a coup, Ka. 1 “3 Someone &LSe8 Sroey i wie HE MISSMEIF I GO Gre- counray Fuss 4 — WA WAY ins Somé-ol Eu-ses STOR - ¥ T Dour SEE MYSELF AS TAK= $00 ry : — yo He |G ast the Gb (eeu) ay Ed wo ING Paar AT ALL YESTERDAY A Gite THAT Twas FOND OF “fart? 124cn : ‘86 : ‘ ey t ! con. |KeD. 4 Ae Soméon€ ELSE'S StoRY 6 n FIN-AL~ LY COULD SEE WRITING od THE WALL SAD =LY SHE RE- AL- 26D Sue LEFT Him = BE~ttwD SADDER THAN THAT SHE KEW SHE = WouLbwT EVEN = MIND AND THOUGH ee cae'g : a ven — Conp.| KBD. L “S- Someoné €LS's Stony % Pa No-tH6LEFrTo SAY WOULD HE LiS-TEW IF I st — ———— by “pbs oy % Yep (Wau) 437, VERs¥ WELL TO Foo. it's» Now. 08 NEY - ER oF LWP : os) COULD BE CHORDS - Wa NO CHOI» C&S WHAT-S0-EV = ER Das -2-8 ? \ Bae? trace : 88 cown,(kep. £ “be Sombené £L96'S Seay a 4 T Coupee (W Sone-one ELSES SrOR-¥ WwW Some-ole Est Lie — AD HE — fund rapt fa —- len a a = fe Se ua re % (18s,xa023} 4 CO BE WN NE REARSoHl 0, = a EE SS hE wy ye F. I — SMOUD TAKE AY CHAN = CES FUR=THER TouW THe CINE ¢ fate? race : 7 7 nnn, |ke0. L “4 = vice oH er fv iF wat Gig ken SiouLD fi “nail(od) Ye wh 5 En Someoue €L56' Stony X_wuio-w't_nes. Near ASK me | Twice Go wow! % a 59 § a —wn (ert), ue 6 r —Hed.pum.€ ait $, (exrm) Sf ae TROUBLE IS THE GIRL IS ME HE Stok IS THE GIRL 1S € le *A0 ius D7 \ Aarec® nace Hegre Bo air, 9 ‘866. “ Wy & AO me. ConDuctok|KEYBoAAD I CHESS “ GOLDEG BANGKOK “Tame ue” aR aE ot SEAL ened. fF Mp +085. Cmmietseet) > 5» AA a Se cess 65} SQUSIC PREPARATION TERNATIONAL Bate? cice vom? ae conn. /usp. = sip w CHIMES Aste? ce cua ovm, ye Gant BANGKOK ake 2 tap ew, oS —_ COND. [KBD oe Goren BANeKoK Baas 2 36 af f [arn (Bibs ) 40 41 a “eta (8s, to, 3 f (¢78e5 tmp yee 9% Cond, /K6D. (vassous eased Petes —m ase oS BN ye 1 fy ts ate GOuDdEN BANG Kol 94 Cond’ /uB0. sag (TH or. “ag tr tne) - Be, Bon we 83 Nine, a “bs i ~S~ GoiveW BANGKOK bt =| ae on 95 Soupuctor CHE HIGHT IN BANGKOK FREDDY: BANG - KoK! OR-L-ENT-AL SeT- TING AND THE cron: (shout OP wa, ee oe wa I A t BAG - kok! FOE sim. ere. ut) CVTEY Dow's KNow WHACTHE CIT-Y (S GET-TiMe. THE CREME DELA CREME OF THECHESS WORLD IW” A SHOW — (ore) eS ees % WITH EV-RY- THING BUT YUL BRYN-WER (sin) > org.) +A ARR At Gm y “D TET if tries CLEF tres CLeIrtrer ~ music eee Aste? cio - a conp,/kvB0. 4 cae OWE NIGHT IN BANGKOK 26 a BING-KOK —Jusr A-Nb-THER SDP IN THE — Cess-woRlm AiRCoS, MAS-TERS DAD-Find D : g ie . (4189. cont.) Pind HEeK-mere cHteeKOor Aw THENYoo = MONE on) TD A - NotHER = VALUE “rt or Dm F 30 3 32. LIKE ICE-LAND, OR THE PHIL-IP-PINES,OR HAS-TINGS, OR, OR THIS PLACE 54 me see 91 Dl . ounce Cond /wy9D. 4 eee ONE MIGHT IN BANGKOK ol oe ow ONE HiGHT IN BANG-KOKAMD THE WORLD'S YOUR OYS-TER. THE BARS ARE TEM-PLES GUT THE PEARLS AIT FREE \ (ONE. WIGHT IN BANG-hoK ANO THE WORLD'S YOUR | OYS-TER THE BARSARE TEMPLES BUT THE PEAKIS AIN'T FREE} +. Bi +6 (eky00.2 “sres”) ‘YOU'LL FIND A GODIN EV-'RY GOLD-EN Clo1s-TER Youu FIND A GOD IN EV-'RY} GOLD- EN. CLols-TER A oS, ane? oo 98 ANDIF YOURE Au iF You'Re} @ conn /areD/ ake One Migr IW BauChoR Hh. LUEK-Y THEN THE GODS A SHE TD CAW FEEL AN AN ~ GEL SLIDING UP TO ME__ LUEK- ¥ THEN THE GODS A SHE. CAN FEEL AN AN ~ GEL SLIDING UP TO re_] 4S OME TOWWS VERY LIKE AN- OTH-ER WHEN YOUR HEADS DOWN O-vER your PIECES a5H OME WIEN 1 BANGKOK U1 RéhhY MHA PITY TOBE ORK Ng AT THE BORRD.NOT LONE ATTHE 21 -TY. W3A BORE (ws FS, 6 Nowe 3 #2. o3 WHA-DA-YA MEANT You SEEN ONE —CROWD-ED, — Pok- LUT ED, STWWK=ING TOWN ___ woe aie \y Asrac® cron ae ~G~ ONE NIGHT i BANE KOR WARM AND SWEET ME RRESETUP IN THE SOM-ER-SET MAUGHAM SUITE Waar SWEET 5k ei GET THAI'D, YOURE TALE-WH 10 A TOURIST WHOSE EV-'RY MOVES. A> MONG THE PUREST Kya. ree TT yr CYrir Ff St, 55 Su. Z GEL MYKIRS A> BOVE THE WHIST-LING, SUNSHINE. Gut bb20 | Aste? coe cou, Kap. L ad~ ONE NIGHT 1 BANEKOK hl SGT iw. BANK MAKES WARD. “OAL NOT Mict BE-TWEEN. a 5 ONE NIGHT tel BANG-Kok MIKES A HAQD mA) Nor MUCH BE-TWeeW >. cop —DES-AAR Add Ee-STA = SY 2g > if a = VIL WALKING NEXT To ME (Aare. ause) Fae ti WALK-nG wet ome = re ; CONDUCTOR CHESS KEYBOARD 1 BANGKOK PLAYOFF yas (Fu) = 5 (47905, us) Gtk. solo > eee a! of k I (4rer5, v.54) @ emt GTR SOLO > 7 (erie) DA. Frees ine, Cow Fits sic teat 9 alee Bame® coe COND. /kyBa. 4 cae BANGKOK PLAYOFF ves. : rr Tega) Gm7 oer! (ails ve) 2 “4 by > ——__ eee Bie Sg % 114 CoND./kyBD. 4 ae BANGKOK PLAYOFE Bo _tvews) (+2.s8,078) Gm? Gwe Gm (+B.5x) 780 3 ‘bass TSO vame. igre 23, [VAMP - FADE ON CUE DR FILL ae thane cree CONDUCTOR “Yertoned TERRACE DUET a "HE ASKED FoR THE SALT ¢ a oo os, CELESTE( LEGATO) thas FLORENCE: THIS 1S THE ONE SiT-U = Ae TDN I WANTED MMT TO A + VOID = ayo gp ee ora |An F TIF 115 wc mil cmon oid, | Xop.4 “TERRACE auer 4 ” —_ PRussian:) CE tim THIS. S-w'T A TRICK OR Be sais ———F 7) , A CLEAR MOONKLIT NIGHT I RE - LAK SmieS THERES Some-THWlé PE - CU eu, + % 4 | Comp.) ROD. a co7 TeRnnee ser "(6)" Fromenice* 4 20 a 50 THROUGH HO FAULT OF MY put I'm IW IT WAY O-VER fay HEAD wut ge 2 es be : = . F a 2 locsRane . woh et 2 ry Russiad?! 24. 7 Bs ‘BAR-RASSED, oT — NUMBERED, MA-ROONED. Now SHE CAN'T BE WORKING FoR THEM T MEAN ny fu € Fle a Tes oi 4, 29 (oncash et we__~ Feo a Seems Tt — Kebw ulNAT SHES = DO = WG BUT WHERE 15 ge le : Ys 7 Poco RIT. ge in4cr TERRACE DUET coup. Kap. 4 A TEMPO [ai |fecomenee: a tesncoun vo) 30 (Gust Be FTAs 70 Show OF IT CANT COMET Wo~THWG,PER-HAES iT Cau a fi pointes elon (6.805 —— bane Ae. ic oe t : 7 re, ss [RUSSIAM? a Foto Ths MAY- @6 HE'S ScaRED But HE — DID- W'T SEEM SCARED AT THE GAME ses. — wot Pop so T FLORENCE Py 8 4 IE Tust Coucbuit CARE LESS HE CA Go RIGHT A= roasts Bame® race aoe I i i | ' b iy TERRACE. Due Cond. /KBD. £ asm aN oco ten. Jz) RussrAnll . = 4 4 % HeAD Go oN WRECK HIS CA-REER C KNOW LVE DoNé mY (v5 : Poco zen. | sv, rev, ore, wos, Cea, 68 _— es ere & “6 #6 Trconencel WHat IF MY Aus-SiAW Faibso (inks (Hat MY BH o.s) LEAS SHE'S A GooDLeoK-i@ SPY eee el 7a TF us 3 5s! a 16 £_ dew!” SAY Sot Tunlt AND HAVE Noth = = IN@ To Do wit THE CHESS 7 — be ie eeee Wb sat Ty SS con | kbp. = -6~ TERRACE Duer 5 WITH A SreADY BEAT Go MABE LM on NO- Bo -DY'S (ey ee ee q mt! Rissiaw BZ ieceuc Hme 10 BheaKurrle moop How De You SAY BE~ GIN AE BE* Guwie HAVE-We You NerrceD Wee sti ove anion SHAT IN Tals LoOvL Lic Welk Ae-ducto Scéue. YS gs, > (anton 420 Cond. / K6D. £ I~ TERRACE OUET 6 fonence] St = = Hos Coun £ Norms vAs-sy RE~ GAETS ANN fide GOES wit You oF das ¢ ses) (on (ter, 65.) XN p- LY oi Russian: 63 ; 3 i NEVER MIND HIM £ HAVENT MISSED Him So FAR mi BE or tum (460 : A cb-+6n. To Sthue- Gee 4 +n 421 — - ~b~ . TEARACE Duet cov /ugo. 2 o y HAR cHakon Fade Heud fay $ eae sres.0. Daal (bs) S (*8%4) as, a 4 nh Fee. NOM IN6 A> doar Fu Don? (65) GT 4) 15, Cetin. ene sl CFO. p pees i Bour thar sr6s. (0m) ms, t F ‘Tans. 2 Fm Dut(rs) BP GD ra Dane? na i 122 : - «Con. KB. £ mone fuse, sees AAR Fonenct!] 4, THis -s 18 THE one Sit =u = 4 Set 4 4 7 a Sres.e eoBE (ows) UR RA (asn) « 8 (Russiaw:l MY DEAR oP. Po-wésr Z weds. tet, 4 E 5 - cc) REAL = LY CAu'r teeur age A+ tion — (60, 3-Guisses) a 2 63 Lutteto Most fo A Void a i ———— Se Fookeuces| 87 ims Ae Ge WHY You'tL = THINK rap d TF (A ce oe. . . 125 TERRACE DueT — im te conn. [ KO. 4 10° TERARLE DUET 5 (FO) Russian Pee a> ut ‘Dan GERous KulD wich T A fu'RE HOT DAN-GER- OUS wo COULD Tilak THAT OF G seat (Cee +7, : f é 2d G a feeence? 4 4 ass) You STRANGE wae cal'T You BE WHAT Yoo sie : e Pe s ay Mao IF. Fronente OUGHT 7 BE mae You SHOULD BE SCHEM-iNé, W-TRI-GUING 100 CLE-VER BY HALF —— AussiAd tHe yy hee (eeu) = Aref 6g (em, oa a) imouto Aut. Axts® coe oe conn] aD. £ oe TERAACE DUET HAVE To HAM IT TO || YOU FoR You MmAN-AGED TO no. z88. i) ea lntwe MOSS! gp TInt MAKE ME FHRGGET WHY ET -EV=-ER AGREED TO THIS FARCE.) ‘ae 4s Cousin 25 % a 1 wt, hor to f cat td of = AN = Y= THING T wid Ra THER — BE R i 8305, ve — i ne “ina, [e2, 7 . she ‘reetace DUET uw Sh ca wee & THAN) ae wast = ING MY R. wssfow) Te r rT = MS, a Foca air a a 6 7 Foto Rit. uA, “ . ' guilt, (APpause ) ot ——— af % = 3 cae : ; _ =e StowLY e — pale mest at oad Swedd J m3 Fos, cou | Keo. oi téhtice DUET ng, FAMERIERA: 4 ho WHO'D Ev-€R THK IT SUCH A VER-Y PRET-TY SET=TING LL ME WHat THe BET- TiN d 4 ; : } 7 ae Be ian 3 NERA PRET = TY FLOT-TIWG Too—.NO. MAT- TER — I'VE Done ALL YOUR WORK FOR YOV—m ar aay FP: "$PiRo” Coup. [KaD. d “Ae TERRACE DET Bs i WHO'D EV-€R GUESS IT DAUGHTER IW COL-LAB-0~ RA-TIOW WITHTHE YER-Y WA-TiON at “ —s 38 os. 1% GAVE HEA Fa = THER THIRD DE - GREE—WHERESDAD-9Y DEAD GRIN THE 4 1d . rr a 5, ants 388) | Aan? ace ‘ eae 126 i & couDuer es KevOOARD CHESS # 2 j eee [2 | Cal, en, i ae eta wo Op HY wt a sabp = (sous) (er CANTABILE a4 Some Poco ACCEL. € CRESC. wusfecfore- 0 Z t IELODY FoR, 2 LREHEARSAL Palo. ar =—- ceuu,ese, ) POD ACCEL. E CRESC. ern 150 coun, |kon.t cor . } id MOLTO ANIMATO ey loinc. eggs a (on oo Re \ & EEE Goud] Ko.L a wi) (+7008) va ny Pe conp,| 6d. L Se ones #2 a Crack. Toots BBS : oF. ~ ——_— & ( 6 "G0 ceany” ] CONDUCTOR : . KEYBOARD 1 FLORENCE QUITS PELOR ENCE ‘BUT WE CAN ALL MAKE FOOLISH MOVES | SOMETINES” 8.2 7 [ T i paig_! AMERICAN:| $0 You GoT__ WHAT You WANT WHAT A WAS-TY AN-Bl —___ SET ME UP__ PULL ME Down THEN EX-PLOIT. MY coN-DI hy tet?’ toy’ ts’ ter’ ty” Rhee can 124 _ ( 0,/kven 4 “2 FLORENCE QUITS G5 15 a T SWoULDHAVE GUESSED, WO-MAN, THAT IF PRESSED, Wo-nAN, You'Re oN NO_~ Ba9-Y5 SIDE_ sts 7 2 WvBD. 3 3 ” x Gane ULE (+4yB0.2), (ELecTaIc oh E ata. % GTR. sim. —> crggea | oragn) ca ty’ Cur, py 40K > ” Wo -Man} YOU'RE BE- HAV-ING- Like A MERE — BUT your ows AND oie ” Beer * Fe G1R. so. —> _ kya0.3,00, , aa reyes 175 60 CLEAR, — Wo-MAN, IT's YOUR SEX. ONCE THEY START_ GET-TiNG OLD AND x (4ev90.2) “reer Le et a (elspa reaper Re, § con./kvap. 4 ose FLORENCE Quits AL TAKE IT OUT. GET-TING WOR-RIED. THey Ler FLY ES LO Er ry Ky69.2. (haAPTRAD) ON THE ONE WHO SUPPORTS. THE.THATS YOUTH TALKING ABOUT, (3 FLORENCE: 29 30 Witold EV -ERTHWK IT? SUCH A SQUAL-ID LIT~TLE EWd-IN@ WATCH-IN@YOU DeS-CEND-ING Ky90.2, HWS, TBNS,B.5K ARPEGGIO LIKE D Bass P Aates® i24cn 3h onD, /KYBD. 4 oe 4, SUST-AS FAR" AS YOU CAN GO__ TIM LEARN - ING wal AMERICAN: } Who'd EV-ERGUESS IT? THIS WouLD BE THE SIT-U -A oo o8g¢, D (eeu F 8 How's We EV_-ERGET THis FAR_ GE -FoRE_ You ee eee SHOWED He WHS you REAL ~'LY feet é FLORENCE Quits oe taines 5 aip-w' waar 7? SO Vins FLT. (ONE HORE OB-SER-VA-TION ARE ceca! a cons./icy60.t -5- "Florence Quits #0 a3 ‘youl. BE Lost__ ‘WIH-OUT HE To A-BUSE_ LIKE You vsED—___._ TO. ode Kae aE IF Op Gh = Fol? D. Getq.av ud) wvp7.2 meet TT (aay "__Sust GET our wf fa sf HNS, TOMS, KYBD.2 “eb,” ’ = EG ins, e780.2 5 a be ft gop a | BE Song-ove EL-SES PAR A -SITE!— err~—~=—“—i‘SOCOCOCOCOOCOCON (Hie * ConnuctoR /KeyBoaan L § TASTE OF PHY Stow. Beass «was. (on 20 ROPES E eereer ete f us #65. AMERICANA Loot The KMD. — fo BE IN-DIC~ TINE —HOLD~IMG SOME CHILD-ISH GRIDGE 6 How cout BE? L'm iN THE SPOT-LIGHT — HALE oF THE WoRLD MY Tune El ~) . tauste PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL A TASTE OF TY COnD./ KBD. 2 fut I pe-mano 15 Tose £ WoRK FoR THOSE Z GE ALL MY SKULS ALL mY TE AND id Fos, THose THAT LEN - TER- TA i ——= : a 7 iF [poms 77] Wivacca ” ne + Gilg Me THe SAME com-PAS - Siow isl RE - Tukey — Bu THE Poors NevER be. —=—===_— poco rit, Hy i) & Bxree® 124cR ConnuctoR/ KEYBOARD 1. NOBODY'S SIDE 14 ioe PIANO, REMEARSAL [Seine fore ¥] Susi d= 68 (0s) anne. (== Pea Z [60 2 fel - mossy S08 cae fo gan ty ot be ag Ma SEs a 7 Age = BE TONED inl YOuR EXE BY LOVED OES Sued AS Yodt WHEE, o ARE You SCs) AN [vine erecoair, acre) |wTEAS 7 STARTING AGA i ALL ASPECTS “OF tee? few etn eran oe Gem) Ye Keroerens WW - TeD To Fis-is THE maTCH? OR WAvE You RESIGNED Now AD ie aw G be ed (tons, 65) 2g. 25 A. tue Ae a SHulLDWE ATETACH Aue SPE-CIAL SIG~ NI-FeCANCE TD YOUR PRETTY New FRIEND ates re ura THIS GREAT DE = Cl- Sod & StART oR Atl “A. a 4 : 3 a a (901,888) : 110 a * pituem” ArtaceA \ aree® 12 pve . il Ke va0n«» | [oor ANTHEM ANDANTE CANTABILE \ BH 2 185 kre % —S (2), rears : i a NO MAN, —— NO. MAD-WESS, THOUGH THER SAD POWER IHRY PRE- VAIL, CAN Pos- 4, a 4 is to Se SESS, CON > QUER MY COUNTRY’S HEART THEY RISE Kv601/e0%0. ~2~ anrnen e 20 E ~ TER WAL, LONG BE- FORE NAPTION L/NES WERE DRAW, WHE NO (vec 49s) FLAGS FLEW AND NO AR ES STOOD, MY = LAD ___ WAS BoRW.__ AND ence 5705, %, we 27 m3 ad ASK ME IE TLE HER enkouell Wifes, Denn AD BES - S> — uw — aS Es a Leale HER WON-DER wite Z (poco mosso 37, 7 a, a > LANDS ON-kY BOR - DER LIES A WD —___ t os ow wl) 2 natted for publication by John Loyd tatters, isco 25 [ED order T 1g! PIANO/CONDUCTOR RCT 2 CAST (in order of appearance) ee eee eae ee . GINA GALLAGHER . PHILIP CASNOFF Gregor Vassey . Young Florence Freddie .. Florence . JUDY KUHN Anatoly DAVID CARROLL Molokov . » HARRY GOZ 5 Nickolai . “KURT JOHNS Walter . . DENNIS PARLATO Arbiter . . PAUL HARMAN ; Svetlana . MARCIA MITZMAN Joe & Harold, merican Embassy Officials . . RICHARD MUENZ, ERIC JOHNSON © Ensemble .......... JOHN ALLER, NEAL BEN-ARI, SUZANNE BRIAR, STEVE CLEMENTE, KATHERINE LYNNE CONDIT, ANN CRUMB, DAVID CRYER, R.F. DALEY, DEBORAH GENEVIERE, KURT JOHNS, ERIC JOHNSON, PAUL LAUREANO, ROSEMARY LOAR, JUDY McLANE, JESSICA MOLASKEY, RICHARD MUENZ, KIP NIVEN, FRANCIS RUIVIVAR, ALEX SANTORIELLO, WYSANDRIA WOOLSEY poo gs ree ea KAREN BABCOCK, CRAIG WELLS UNDERSTUDIES Understudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement for the appearance is made at the time of the performance. For Florence ANN CRUMB, JUDY McLANE; for Anatoly — RICHARD MUENZ, ° PAUL HARMAN; for Freddie — KURT JOHNS; for Molokov— DAVID CRYER; for Walter — KIP NIVEN; for Svetlana — ANN CRUMB, WYSANDRIA WOOLSEY; for the Arbiter — ALEX SANTORIELLO; for Young Florence —CHRYSTAL PENNINGTON. THE-ORCHESTRA CONCERT MASTER — Sanford Allen; VIOLIN — Dale Struckenbruck, Jue Yao, Sandra Billingslea, Stanley Hunte, Katherine Livolsi; CELLO — Mark Shuman, Roberta ‘Cooper; FLUTE, PICCOLO, CLARINET — David Weiss; OBOE, ENGLISH HORN, CLARINET, FLUTE — Edward Zuhlke; CLARINET. BASS CLARINET. FLUTE BASSOON, CLARINET, BARITONE SAX—Peter Simmons: TRUM PE PICCOLO ‘TRUMPET—James Hynes; TRUMPET, FLUGELHORN—| . David Rogers; TROMBONE — Clint’ Sharman; BASS TROMBONE — Richard Blanc: FRENCH HORN — Russell Rizner; KEYBOARDS—Steven Margoshes, Robert Gustafson, John Mahoney; DRUMS—Tom Oldakowski; BASS—Hugh Mason; GUITAR—Kevin Kuhn; ASSOCIATE CONDUCTOR, PERCUSSION — Nicholas Cerrato. ORCHESTRATION REED 1 (Flute, Piccolo; Clarinet) REED 2 (Oboe, English Horn, Clarinet, Flute) REED 3 (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Flute) REED 4 (Bassoon, ‘Clarinet, Baritone Saxaphone) KEYBOARD 1 KEYBOARD 2 KEYBOARD 3 \vioLiNs CELUI BASS HORN ‘TROMBONE 2 DRUMS i PERCUSSION Gurrar . 4 QS oe —— - a ee ee OPENING NIGHT: APRIL 28, 1988 IMPERIAL THEATRE @A Shubert Organization Theatre Gerald Schoenfeld, Chairman Bernard B. Jacobs, President THE SHUBERT ORGANIZATION 3 KNIGHTSLTD ROBERT FOX LTD CHESS BENNY BJORN TIM ANDERSSON ULVAEUS RICE - TIM RICE . RICHARD NELSON JUDY KUHN DAVIDCARROLL PHILIP CASNOFF DENNIS PARLATO MARCIA MITZMAN| PAUL HARMAN HARRY GOZ ’ ROBIN WAGNER =THEONIV.ALDREDGE DAVID HERSEY ANDREW BRUCE PAUL BOGAEV ANDERS ELJAS fropucens stage MANAGER GATCHELL & NEUFELD LTD ALAN HALL JOHNSON-LIFF & ZERMAN — SCHUBERT & DINIRO LYNNE TAYLOR-CORBETT TREVOR NUNN ‘omigmas enorowar cast ALouM Comine on RCA VICTOR RECORDS. Casseti< + & CouracY bIScE AIm TRANSPORTATION PRoVIOED oy PAN AM ‘The Producers and Theatre Managem: sete eee ceils witincew he, MUSICAL NUMBERS ACTI PROLOGUE BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, 1956 The Story of Chess .... ceeeeeeees » Gregor BANGKOK, THAILAND, THE PRESENT TIME. Press Conference . ‘Where I Want to Be . fow Many Women . Merchandisers Song. US. Versus U.SS.R. Chess Hymn ...... Quartet (A Model of Decorum & Tranquility) You Want to Lose Your Only Friend? Someone Else's Story .... Freddie, Florence, Reporters wae Anatoly Florence, Freddie a . Walter, Merchandisers \Molokov, ‘American & Soviet Delegates : : ‘Arbiter and Company “Molokov, Fiorence, Arbiter, Anatoly : : - Florence, Freddie Florence One Night in Bangkok Freddie and Company Terrace Duet ..... Florence, Anatoly So You Got What You Want . Freddie. Florence Nobody's Side ...... > Florence Anthem .. : Anatoly INTERMISSION : ACT IL PROLOGUE, KENNEDY AIRPORT, N.Y., EIGHT WEEKS LATER Arbiter’s Song . . : seeeeee Arbiter and Company BUDAPEST, HUNGARY Hungarian Folk Song... ayen Help My Heart. Contest ouandT.. 4 Whole New Board Game Lev's Work Together ... 1 Know Him So Well . Pity the Child ... Lullaby (Apuked Eros Kezen)" Endgame : You and I (reprise) - Anthem (reprise) Company Florence : Freddie, Walter «Anatoly, Florence, Svetlana 7 Freddie Walter, Molokov Florence, Svetlana ‘ . Freddie Gregor, Florence + Anatoly, Freddie and Company +» Anatoly, Florence seee+ Florence Music and Lyrics copyright @ 1984, 1986, 1988, 1989 by 3 Knights Lea. “Soneone Else's Story" Copyright© 1988, 1989 by 3 Knights Led. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED iv AKEVBORRO | ~ Cobucrore BUDAP™ST 1988 : 15 1, RESTOR ras ; (oF 9 Hee ¥ ving SCHL) ppvogasn) : We. Guo Gt) wt \ T1e PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL HUNGARIAN FOLK Sdife 19 i "Slow ROBATO\ CHESS AevoareD 1 (COnDUTR Misl~ DEN VAG-YAM VIS-SLAS -| ZALL O-DA Ho. ALE - DES ZOLQ_ER- DO ViR- A- G05 eT ' iL A a RE- 6 | HAZIAM Meg FA 4 2 2B “ W5- 320 | eu, vis - S24 Ge a —= _— == ,, — =», sirr vA your \yi- J-RA nae 4A ~ pam BAY EW. SSS 0S OSS cono,| 60.1 cE © uweaRiaw Foute Soule (CdEJacren :"THAT Some woven wALk AY add StaB YOU with A PoiSouED umBRELLA 71A?" LAUGHS PUTS ARM AROUND ANATOLY’ - CHOIR LEADER Gives PrreH with PIPE) ‘onl Cut uf A CAPPELLA 24 Ném CSA-O:T A MESS - TE SEG Nem CSA- BIT A WAG - VIL 2b a 28 24 EL- mutT ma- ed Kis = ER- TES = Em roe joa Ee wy e3em Ee-tkk vis-aet [eek —VIS~SUAl MES, = VIS =S2A | mes, VIS - S2A zi (mis) 9 ge ce ( OU -JD0-SA- Som VE -GET AT 4 a2 — = 47 —— 2am-BAN EN. tat 460 KEYEOR®O 1 [CONDUCTOR CHESS HUNGARIAN PLAYOFF [774] WARMING * ANATOLY: “THESE ARE OLD FRIENDS FROM My TOWN.” LAA AGENT: “WHY WOULD THEY LET THREE OLD FILENDS OF A DEFECIR COME 70 HiWéARY?”™ wxsbo ‘KYED 2 —~ fa ro : ad Sid. x 161 6 PREPARATION SETSAMATIONAL seme HEAVEN HELP MY HEART [20 | ‘ ' 2 3 Fit otocK. (e989 ‘syn or ; »b D wf Been 7 0] FLORENCE: to IF IT WERE Love I SHOULD GIVE THAT Love EV-'RY Sec-oND THAD st6s (DW) ‘DID L kWow WHERE HE'D LEAD ME _ BUSI PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL conp./k7S0. 4 3 ed HEAVEN HELP MY HEART PLAN —DO-ING ALL_OF THIS FORTHE Love oF A MAN? Wen, I LET IT Pe. FF a) 7+ T 565,80 2 & a HAP-PEN AN-Y-How_ AND. WHAT I'M FEEL-ING NOW HAS NO EAS-Y EX-PLAN-A ~ Tron, rp iain de REASON PLAYS NO PART. HEAUENHELP hy_HEART. = T_LovE MI Too mucH. crn, sm vis. (yh Ghar Bim En tgs) \ oe b wu ' WHAT LE HE SAW MH WHOLE gy. is¢-auce TURNING A- Round 4 WORD A Some a Men's » Syivr- bby 3 Pec, Stim —— me. One OF THESE DAYS And Hf Won'T BE Lone HelL Kuo Moke A-BouT Me — THAN HE SF \ ' — HENEN HELP mY HEART Cond. /KB0. 4 _ he AL MY DREAMS WL BE u- DER- $7000 4 NotH-ulG MORETS LEARN — Rom ©THE LooK W mY EVES ‘Howe L Kslow' rar a }—_—____— ww. me 2 fat sus AD To THE END stain. (Ss Mor MY FRIEND 2 (esees) Db aS 42 Pactes™ Hot: wie fo KEEP THE BEST OF mO- MENS ——— —4- 40 HEA-VEN HELP mY HEART. Wal (4 1005, e) (amb, vets Bs. SuD-DéNty LE Run) Ou OF ce. caere tens, Sra ee 38 whew THE PAS - Sion START 4 THE DAYGA WO suas. Sud-D6-LY Tim Nor AL~ WAYS ON 4, So HS 1 $160 wees. Fe F fe Cono. /kBp. 4 -b- HEAVEN HELP mY Mesa ra 46 a tna BE it's BEST To Love A Stemd-cee weLL 9 (+5465, sv0r) oy Gb Dhys DP a feet / ten «Ua temte ‘TWar'suwit ve Dove = HEA = VEN HELP vea?— Ft, Sy. a was, 1 Kp flea me) a molto rit, gy te o HEA-vén.HeLP 7 Heng molte rit. Abqsus OY a? HEAVEN HELP MY HEART PLAYOFF [20a] xva02 | F ‘tl? 5! i. #l iN, Tas, [ceLei kvBD 2 i kvs9 2) fosomcoe> ELE Lie i, 1 ue us r Asrec® coe BUSIC PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL, conueToR CHESS KEYBOARD 4 = WINNING 24 vwAeuunlG ¢ FREDDIE: "You TELL “THE SECN oF STATE THAT... HE CAM KISS sav 1851” : "AND YOU ol TE THOEE TUE COMME Wd HER... ALITTLE LEES PULUTED~ gf WALTER * You Sour eT You Thké CARE AND YOURE WRONG 4 Ge) 1 FORGET Youve Gor YOUR Coley BE- HD —— You — lesan! teamed a FREDDIE? YOUR A FOOL IF YOU THINK You CAN WAVE A FLAG © AND INSPIRE Some DKHWMA- TIC AC ~ TION ka03 on. ACTWE Bs. UNE, 8, 4 is lb a IF WANT BAD E~ aust -THEN ITS WW THE BRE EX Dow'T Youke A mece_D1S--TRAC~ THN Pn ae KH (Gt. anv 5 vi Wace Tamee FEEL U7] > [uacret _ You TAUGHT ME BA - BY How THE Few WHO WA) AC- QUI RE fer res (ons) ee F taproas ow) Kos \ Sonnac coe intone soe Fe con, /ikap. 4 “3 wn WHAT THEIR HEARTS DE- Si ~ RE 4 7 Tee iT Ait 4 & SKULL THEE HELA. BUT NOT_AS MUCH AS WANT~ ING WILL ne Tae ed fi —~4 (orm) sn, (FREDDIE! P a NO ConeTesT BR= BY PAY Wo MWD To REPU - TH = TION You ul Gnecene TRA = Tien 2 a a ed THEY PICK Him OFF THE. FLOOR ITS ‘Cause. T waiTeo IT A LiT- TLE Moke Seen eae ae fiiize Fe eet ee By. Nov CAN Win) You CAN Lose TAKE OR BE A FOS-SES — You TAUGHT ME Hi) To CHOOSE AD THE KEY. 1$ OB-SES = A (ot + Arve? ‘ ensasfias.a9 19.7 conp./kyB0.1 WINNING 38) frReDDiE: 39 ae ” SEEM EYES, ARE THEY SAFE,— ARETIEY E - VEN SANE? —ARETHEY WARM WiITIEYSEEN To. GREET You? Ken 3 retgex (Ja, i De, FILL (Seti a2 as 4s oa You Sei KNow, you caw’ TELL, BUI Iv SHOULD BE PLAIN THESE ARE EYES THATARE GaN ~ WA BEAT. You! Fitsres ea : (pie De. FIuL) (ere. cont’s) HALF TeNPo FEEL av = Don'r £ ~ VER TELL ME X dot KNow THE way To AAY rarsprescuns) auf z0s( 30) kyap.3 Sy 48 49 Do I HAVE To SAY 17? Does-N4 MAT — - TER WHAT HE 2 : d a oF xt st w a su TRIES, 1 HAVE. HIM, You cAN SEIT IN THE eves, ‘e Saeed fl cae (trim) NO COH-TEST, BABY, BARELY _AN-Y on? WW PAYING anew 3st De=LAy-n a ar Teatro # 2 ye . 47 = Po > con. /ersp: 1 17 Wining ie 6 oF Marve th ALREADY Kn HE Uns TA WO-MAV AND A ANF A= 60 2a fete? ie 08, cL, 7 7 Ww TES ‘rers ———., i 6B rity &6¢ (>) 67 Wo- MAN AWD A HALE epi? GUITAR = wid Seo nav” Sore rit. vik. @ dim. stein we Pea eee REHEARSAL Pu, 7 ¥ PLAY MELODY, 7 tere. oe waa cues rit.e dim. (+95) for r00 Stow] —— a 3 =S ot vias cutee de a eee a litic dim. ag A it 2 Co rit. e dim. 196 Connucror/KeyBoaRd 4 , [22] you & 1 Cue: | FLORENCE: 1. "You magne Hea" ‘nana * cesesre” 60.3 “Hage” 3 Gra 2 LARGETTO NCEA cecesre’) THIS IS AN ALL Too EA- om -LIy Li6E I~ PER- CEP-Ti- BLY COM-1le ee ma ee be Taleen 4 THOSE uWoSE LOVE 15 AS SfRoNG AS If CouLo ok SHouLo r : : eco we. Flo RENCE? 3 [awarouy:l mre wg [ANATOLM| Wott Ine HAS AL-eRED, Yer Ev ~ ERY -Tle’s cHAnvET a =. MO = One StANDS srine. a tempo 1 (Bord: Stine. £ Lov Vou Com-PLere-Ly Ano HOPE i srs, - ANATOLY Hs ra 4 WAY Do WE NEED To Pur Love W- £0 % ut NN Come 10 Wo As, Tats. 2 AL woaos ? cs we Pho. fest Ex- PLAIN CON- cou (ead) eek chus-1e = You €x & COND. /KBD. 4 ATEmea FLORENCE ten, Ea SS It's BETTER BY FAR — "D Gwe THE WoRLp 10 STAY Just AS ule ARE is. (ow. me : ‘$b. p — (4spes.tt02,) 4 2 ora ore [fed ee is ‘6 7 ; Nor To RE - Ae Use Nor fo GE foo wisé Fase Hl. ls 34° mero mosso 40 ry WHERE THERE'S TRuTH — THERE wile Mt Tous. weve seen i ATOR © SAEERS weve Seen IT GhAS-wG cu HEARTS be i. a Bon: Mittin) as LF. — SEF WE Go on BE-ciev-] Hg. Toten CAN Wiaew us : - (ees) 200 uP \ Aamo r4cr a C0N0./ Ko. 4 -5- You $x 66 on “6 1s oR ev Tint. 7 ths . assed i — _ rit. vw Jy, Flaea x (rit.) (17) (SVETLANE | : ' a BET-TER THAW NE WHERE You AM-BI-TlaWS WOULD TAKE US. Sow -€R THAN You TWAT Those AM-BI-TIONS WOULD BREAK US. \ oxtee® enn ce conty./KyBO 1 ae oe ig 8% 8 88. 4 ‘You WOULD Wot BE-LIEVE WHY SHOULD You afin ? ‘I HELD you am Oy i 89 90 (Sve) grit. You AND YOUR DREAMS. —Wko-NEEDS AL ew =< — fl = Fle nit, iH NEEDS An Bi = Tio? une BE THE 48 wom P+ St = Ti? YEAR AF ~ TER Fhad (Fen bS 102 Im STILL DE-NY = WG AN-Y = THUGS ee co in i Woe kit, |,,€ Dim. cowed Ane THINGS DY - ING fur vree® 124cR momen Coup. Kad. 2 : -4- You ava I [evercana & alatouy ino nd Yo weve Seu IT ALL. sres(ou} (ecasee' eh) P LEBATO mg as. ite id 7 Beta Daun Tus oD BE - PORE fut Go od PRETEND ~ Wa ae! cas. 4g 30 Bs Be 33) — eat — —STRIES LiKE ours ANE abe PA END- NGS ——§$§ gag ++ ees i wo a | oe Bee Nee ee ConductoR/ x27 BoAKD 4 [2 3 FREDDIE GOES METAL ‘ "New GET out oF HERE, sv A ee ee f ere /ego.2 p-2. eee ee Gre, woo. 2 Simm my oe .o—o~S Boek pose oneny 266 : st - a MUSIC PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL Cond./ ¥B0 + 4 -t- FREDDIE GOES METAL FREDDIE: Te mE (simjor You Gor 1 whose, HE'S WASHED uP Aup IT's me —— SPREAD THE Heals, teu tHem Coney Roe L 6 A Roit, FLY We HIGH Wonk ie ON — ais Dém- 0- Li - THON. fim on => S (ant) Be Aap 's ALL Dowd To THE DAY L kwow TACLNE Gor Hird sow) oe, 680.295, ub eT 6 Towp HER 0 GEf out OF MY UFE waar a move! wae’ SAY Nata 12408, ae FREDDIE GOES METAL — Tuar's THE REAL STO-RY Yeu CAN RE- VEAL ON MY WW wore = ‘NEw = BOARD “we ss molto A T TeL You Pé0- PoE You've Sus SEEN A wHoLe NEw Boaar GAME. (soce end) ao molto rit. A tempo 36 an 216 \ dare? an eve as Cond uctor/ KEYBOARD L CHESS UNDERSCORE Gee Epa “ZL Kvow THS, £00" REMEARSAL, ‘mHELODY Den (onsp.2) 6 = 88 ceu(ow) 0 (outs) o 7 a F Kex@oand 4 —— 24 LET’S WORK TOGETHER [24 [eve Jwauree °C sevow avau, & Kxous" 4 2 MOLDKOV + NOW cues (ra4ss) You aD I weve BEEN A = ADWD WEE SEEN THem ALL Come AND Go Ae ae oT eer ur) oe qe eee WRUSIC PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL “top... : 2 vers wae We Dur Weep To PUT EACH O- THER Dow. a 4) Cunuree: WS «18 NOT wHAT T wAN = = TED «TD HEAR SiN = GERE T ‘Dow’ Want TO @ MOLOKDU: - 14 ‘mevo) WALTER: em. on oT = va You caw'r WIN ‘Em ALL. «AND WHY Nor? (F t 3 AT LEAST. we cay Go. FoR A DRAW — (cena racer) (#85) 2g ren sume Lers work cond,| kop. £ if, WALTER: 20 MOLOKOV: Te mE more ON = WY TALK = ING - SHOP! THERE Comes A = TIME WHEN WE — SHOULD cs (+K60.2. 8 or ~soun-c€S COULD OE THE AWeSueR To OUR WA- TONS PRAYERS. — tw LF tt — LET's work 10 - GETH eo couse Is To OK ouk LAIS- SEZ ulrTH OUR SAV~O1R AIRES. We Do ouk BEST WoRK WHEN we \ Aaren® 12-48 suze so Conb./K bo. 4 ae BET WORK ‘Move on” (33] G3] VAMP UNTIL CUE! A ee ) HoPE You Dow's mis- un - DER- STAND. FoR L Dow wad To CLose Doors. w a 38 WERE Come nu - wie - A - ToRS AC - TER ALL. — Mol oko. 40 WELL we —ALL_.-HAVE “OUR OWN Parmer” oF ouguT fo Stick fo GeKao. 2) Bem raacr : oon Cond. /kgp. 4 WALT E ay LET'S WoRk TOGETHER Yours LUKE fo BE MY OWN MAN Buf = THE LIGHT OF © YouR wlokos_ : —™.. ae —— 4 max oxous| 6 No, THE LGHT WAS IN THE EN- VEL~ofe VER- ¥. coop! wed Z (4080.2) WALTER: [moueKov: | hd But I's Timé To Put Raw -CoR A- Si0e ‘StAICT- LY FOR THE itt Vek (SU acre a Gikos! THERE comes A Time WHEN WE SHouo + s Souk- ces Coucd BE THE AW-SWeR To OUR WA-Tiow's PRAYERS — we — t fee bs. i os Lets wote fo- GET ER for THE couase 1s To mx ok ene (nny trace, mee Conp./ebo. 4 ie LET'S WokKk TOGETHER 2 oo Lals - S€z wif ouR SAV ~ OW 7 ot You Know How much THAT Hes THe Guys uP - Stalks. ae tT a Cue [mocetov"] oR ANATOLN, THAr's — “WHATHE must BE retunt’ 7 Pow tue] [Vameracue| WAkwiwle [moroxev" bs FUR Wd A Rou > v bord: 4 1 LEt'S won % -Gera- ER AO THE ae. wp Cet (ext0.2) WALL BE -comes A BACK -YAAD AND OuR Co-aP- ER- A- Tien Paves wf bE THE BER -LIN a um PRime-Time Cond. [Kio £ “Re LET'S work ToGETHER % LeAo- ERS Ao THE MAN E - Guay 4 BE- Hilo THE SCENES WE SHow Somé Com- Mon A uit MueTu- AL Cod VEN- 1 - ENCE Ler's wore f0- ——— 28 a io siltrecoxou} 8s ware } Gen- En, Com-RADE Buo-b¥ Cts ouR BEST : De - fesse | CeCTUry? Cau tir (tacserre) 4) 5a eo = ~ (Mone wou foe) J : Laima” cre \ : . ounce CHESS Connucton [KEYBOARD L LET'S WORK PLAYOFF 24a} J a $3 Wows. — es (mevont) aa (6.7) (uns, 54 60 SOV ee viene L PANU Mik So Wolk + fee! Cue] ALOR ENCE! “I Chin 200K APLER MYSELE AutazoLY.” Bye ic 6 3? £AS t * Cwvingk, ie Meohiag. Per nee 6 SVETLANA"7HWUOS CHEE, DON'T 7H.” Z 3 dzee— ghee) LU ‘MUSIG PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL Conk. £- aan LT KWON 1001 50 wits SHEADY ROCK BALLAD | » THOS 1S So Goad LASTS E~TERHAL.LY ) (BP) (Bria) + (Gre) |eepieey (Be) (Flew) ye MOOTED LyM- Tg Fe Teo ree FoR PAE To Loh FR Leawengy BACK | Coven MME ANVED IT uP PeeewT LY SERED wm = 351 ‘33) (FRc) tee") 222, 19, | —ALI-TLE 1" ie BEFORE E | FELL. ay BIT Tne 22 | SIMD TEMA Ab ATLEAST Jou td WEL, ST Gad (Cn) (Caleb) A= cove. [hts0.4 oe DROW Hed 29 WELL He Neens HIS FAN-TH-SL_AND FREE - Dom (akin) : (FI (Gbie) P_@ a & z__(Ffss)_(F¥) 34 Eg Be O-ONE mf Youe LIRE 4s amt You ad EN aur, fp) Bry lon lee. 7 8%) _7 (80) 7 a we (Br) 7 Fie) —— oa ee 4 D ees ; ns a x 7 engi 7 |e)” yo $8 Lorng Bick 11 cane HWE RAYED—__TwNgS Sono — THE zy = = - sm LOOKING BNO 1 cast HME ANED FT _P- Fees ~LY fam = ~~ sy 68) %) e (ramuiea/ve) WON A FEW— MORE MO-MENTS,UIDCAN Tew? Sa SS fra => : 5 ee Ta, = cout Rot ~6~ CD Kilow Mint Bo ELE hsp em wale, BOT / WAS E-VER'So mucn YOUN GER THEW. . OY soged gy OH SOMME gg He tani 6 mnt > : S nsw He Fe__ pow ir ma__wess ne uw a (raray,_ CTA, cine /tao. 4 : a~Bn- 7 RAY HUM $0 2. 1 POCO RIT Ditd.. ~ S-wy-e-7Y oe HORE THAME 5 MORE ¢ Fev) - (7RENB MOSSO\ 1 toes nso GEE IT TOOK Tse To wW-DER STAKD Hm. 7 _(F%us) (F#) | (Clee 7 “(em aia: 4 ee 1 pose so teu. Lit. (FiTarrarerne™ a L teat) etseg (FA) | KE” GOING INTC FREDDY'S. PiTY-ROOM eu Cues Famer 2 S #K6A2 (pn) 23e MUSIC PREPARATION BER \2 oe —SONDUETOR _ Ce KEYBOARD £ PITY THE CHILD WADNIMG - FREDDIE? . WIMMERS AND LOSERS, FLORENCE — MO wou AEG oR” | Jebd = AMERICAN. SUR BEAT (garner) a T 4 edu ta SSS SS SWAY Sw GLE Gand Cam _aN TRIG Y Com FoR Tate 5 = = = = ay £m, SALE MY Aeam—_1 MAW HY CON GeSTS yO HY NBER ASD FA HELP — — — = eo) By I WivR AGED TERR loo Fager BE“, ast wt ewe THEY KD (163-5) (@) 236 a3~ PUY ¥E CHD “ &. Pong une nas anei— Tov“ wwernewauts 7 DO al = Fy foeustuTMncise Ft mE sy- sem —_gonees Bx-Pécr MA TO (k83-Sum) a) 19, PMeeouy ito munis Pa-guTs SAUTE FAUTS AU THUR ove DE BEFORE HIS ee lip oes PETIDE Cm ar suse 23, HEME Asensno1__ Yor s.4- mEss, ust wiense Dey Sa (kre3 -Sen) el al uns 2” HY ramen nave aa. ae our YA Lepr wmv ahi PeR WoT uh A £ = Seor 2g A fDw-w'T msm HE mane 17 coud /kep. aon PUY THE ena wy, ROREnY usHe 288 Jats moet ten 207 <3 b pbptglbrn Me x at — wey SF He conten A- LAY Tans Me LAST Te wo may emt mf SI le 198 1 ran) (Co¥-9(8%) [bmi BM) (cat-5)” (Bt) |(em) ™ (F) (cuts) (BY) * |tebm) Bry) le cl a cea rv¥0 oun /ao. 4 a7e PITY 188 CHD it Ai (ab) @) (Ab) eat se discuss, —— a oat (PUCTY THE d(H Nb ACH LEAMPAAL Mo DEFENCE Nb ESCHE tam TE TES THAT Tee Soap ee 7 ts, Os) @) Seen 7 om” 24 BaD ACUAYS A STEP 8-H, st (Oe (ere) a Be ey _ Uo) (Lee ff) |B 4 wey (cr) (Bhmfpp) om if | rome (erm) 7 718) |) (em) 2 (eben) ee ote ~9- PUY THE CHE pe eww ger au ne eee wuts 7 SSE BSS we tus ounan Bom? rt to = 7 ~ yuo pees : a etter eR) cheb (8%) =F (Bm) 2. 5 be a 4 sD ce — A GAZI inj DDO 2 = (eee) er» 237 rors: en) we) Co (Gat) ConDucToR, BUDAPEST STREETS 27) , 2 3 4 yBPd © (ses) - 8 9 Jo = wo ‘chtmaes Foe eats: wits uy meLeDr f z Pm. a] pe t mu 7 MUSIC PRERARETION, HITERRTIONAL eye COnD./Ky6D. 1 - SHGHT CUE: VAMP UNTIL CUE MaLoKov ENTRANCE as] on CUE] 21 no o FADE CONDUCTOR/ KEYBOARD 1 FATHER’S LULLABY WARNING: Motokov: CHESS KRESS [over] Matokov: Sue wavrs a 1 9 Be Atoug: with > [Stowe] , stes tivep.2 Stas gy (+r) Re SUSIE PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL Fee . oe (Ftonenes REcooui2es THe SONG... STARE To SING AN OCCASIONAL Wand) if 5 Va gg 13 | tearnes A-LUDS KI~CSI LAN-YKAM — HUNYD BE SZéN-Ec-SKED AL-hoD E- DES SZARN-YAN S165 - T = pp—=P / a SU-HANS KonN-YE-DEN A-PU-KAD E - Ros te EL-ALS2IK A FENY SU-HANS KIC-St LANY ~ KAM oda a i222 4 E-La-Luot A PAR ~ NAD AL-MaD KEK E-GEW A -PU-KAD E~ ROS a a nw © X cond./ KBD. 4 -3- Farter'® Luscaby 28 ray a ne esters FATHER? | JA-TE-KATID AR VAN VAR-NAK S2ER-TE~SZET EG-YE TIEN Bo- GAR ~ KArt sres. | yaw), LEGATO a 7 CONT, i wD. L ' AL-UDS Kos - ye-DEN A-PU-kAD E-ROS KE (stes) Ger89.2) here i ae a fi (+ ww, stes, 618) molte Tegete Use wusthin pedat rit.e dim. 2 oP TS yy a Poco rit. @ dim. a ame) Wwe Asrec® coe ee CoupuetoR- KevBoand_L co cites, ae ENDGAME "99 | 2 ' an 2 ANATOLY: "Znow'r RNowS —g | : 4 4 ARBITER'S ASSISTANTS? “4 ee . : | ee ‘TWAT HE.WAS T0.8E HERE? DoES He UN- DER-STAND ~~ How STRAIGHT. FAR-WARD THE. GAME WHEN ALL (TS RULES ARE RE — HE with tose Was TY" TLE? (ARBITER) Wl - SPECT-ED AND THESE RULESARETHE SAME FORA Taagren’s Assan) sD you mane tT CLEAR THERE. ARE No EX-CEP-TIONS? Te. (2as"ents CHAM ~ PL = ap - EX - CcEP- TIONS, No re \ Bee? ace co * EuDGAme con, i wy MERCHANDISE RBI : Kean : fo eae “i J Cite —— op WAY! [MERCHANDISERS ASSiSTANTS:) * : DOES. THE. (+e. sve) ae oo) Sa a Do “You -Thwk “He’.- kwows WAAT:IT's GON-WA Cost HIN? eis (cee ‘To oe 3 : : 4 4 a : cao SUeuwex') caus twee 29 . = 21. SS PLAY-ER EX~1ST Hu~MAN. EN = |DEAV-oR feetfea.t ‘Do You TuWNK HE CARES 4 uw ‘ o 4 as ., WHO'S BEEN KNewi To RE-SiS SIZRENS OF FAME AND PO ) ~ SES- $10NS? WHAT ITS Gon-WA Cost HIM?” 293 f rw veer MERCHANDISER) wf a THREAT - EN - | PLES AND Hele come our To we EEL CE 2 24 : : i's THE PLAY. (RUSSIANS: (eesfuco.t) : NikocAT | He's A BR0-kEN MAN GoOD AS BACK IN Mos Cow EL 2 ” sf ¢ ' er ” Con | ENDGAME bo (witout) WEAK Wo EX- TOL ‘RuTHS Av BOUT - FREE-DOM (Russians): fy tp-2 fee SOO WHATA. WAY To LEARN aa 80.3, Tae. 36 33 : oF 3 PROS-T'=|TUTEING THE SOUL, CHAS-ING’ A SPu-Ri-oUs | “SrAR-LiGHT, Hone: 15 Leng THe HEART 15 f | eer eee eee ct wr) 37 (wovas) _ TRIN -KETS IN AIR - PORTS SUF -| FI - clENT 10 LEAD THEM aoe boy Et eet ety | 39, : 4o Ben: SELF -ISH LIT-TLE CREEP! EV-"RY-Bon-¥ sur - FERS! Ppa 8 ok P aw +Tans. Aare? cio ouame -7- ENDGANE HAZ - ARD THIS PROG-NoS- TI ~ EX ~ PERT IN CHESS, ea ste2+ Hw, T9Ns ' ! THAT THE CA~ TION: (c.2-a-) SELF-ISH LIT-TLE CREEP! Ev—'Ry-Bop-y sue - FERS! fs. ‘ j-— (+ THAP AS BeFoRE) 45 (BEN) : 46 47 . LATE MIS-TER S. HAS BET-TER CHAN-cES OF WIN-WING = THE is i : 2 ig o ey, ear #8 “9 50 KeN-Twck-¥ DER-BY THAN | KEEP-ING HIS TI-TLE To -|DAY. (Gees SELF-ISH LIT-TLE CREEP! \ | 77 ¥ Vg ecu t v v ae Po Asrer® coe R-O=TO 7a 54. [aourwauists: we’ ARE Avts./A:="WaKe 1g. “VEN.COn-iNG Sec- oN. ENDGANE oO « a PP A cony/Kye9 1 wd ST (sourwauists) CON ~ DEM ~ WA - THON a os z Scuy-Tueo wirit Dis - Hon (reac) (4rvep.2) coun/kyep. 4 -it- 7 EvDGANE (weed : + MERCHANDISERS of CA No oNeGWESA Dar} + WERE Sick OF THE. A R-OTO (weal 9 wo D-Ora oq (+ ARBITER £ Assistants 10. a WE CAN HARD-LY "BE °~ Z| mAa-Give WHY Heb Risic ALL HE'S PUT, RF-e=za Grme) 4 ' j Iu-~ TO HS CALL~ in THROUGH THE YEARS; THE |BLooD, THE SWEAT, THE TEARS, THE R-oro ff Cowd./ KB. 4. m3~ Ewooame~ . (ns) a w : . + more Joven Auists: LATE, LATE wiG! “EAR. ~ LY | StaRTS. oF « cobRse, THE. EF RP-OFO eo vizt p-Oo=rN x TF Grates) 4 Cc 7 CHEER” THE ON - LY NE WHO'S HERE, THE : A! i aR iy 168 (o5—-———$__—_——— 62 ge tit. c H : : . i 0 BAD © Guy's Gone © AND «Won THEIR, | HEARTS. i ~~ e R é7 beth Lr oe ee i oeal NA: . cae i gy (U- RP-o=O0 y (ects) a.) “Sia may. oo € ~ VEN IF HE’ RP-OFO (ose) (684) ) « 3 4 S 00.3 sres(ow) (a2) U6 Game? coon -10- ENDGAME ANATOLY (0 (01 at = THEY ALL THINK THEY SEE A % a) ee e 103 04 i who DoES- n't KNow WHICH MOVE To MAKE, WHICH WAY To~ = SS Ss 2; Trelle ime i 0a 167 0S 6 ?—— WHose PRI-VATE LIFE CAUSED HIS DE - CLINE. = = — = = os 0g BD “a. f WRECKED His GRAND DE - SIGN. ‘Sone ARE VI-Ci0v5 Son ARE i ee om A S| ae | ———— —— acu m ta ae ee nee FOOLS, AND OTH-ERS BLIND Ta SEE IN ME OWE OF_ THEIR KIND. ord ta Osan 7 SR r4cr KY80/conD nae OD GAME FREDDY: SeoncedrRAare” We \ FREDDY: " i. So HES, GON-WA Flea, THIS SITU = A —Tlowl. wneRes MY Ap PE -AriTE (rww./kbes) ayes me we ¢ * 4 a SSS * = 2 Mg ito a 3 [HEN MY THOVGHTS, eas AL ro? Aap ewe se recut fl sea ane “kntgur to 65” i 23 ase a6 7 T's HER TIM SeE~IG Loox-ines AT THIS TAN, an A a7 2 ONCE MY GREAT-EST "FAN + AND Now HER *BE-ING HIS STILL GETS To ME AND Lg pom He is ~~ B ‘an i ere an Vansy) ge La a3 ae eg BRO NG A ~ BOUT A MI -NOR sfoRT-ING TRI-UrPH SHAR - ING ait, (188 vents} = > > G Ve Kvex/and ate oe 195 (anarovy) 136 id 198. SiloW WITH E50 -TER-1C5, PAR-A-NOI9S,HYS-TER-ICS WHo Don't PAY AT-TEN-Tion) To WHAT GOES ON A - oa 2 eee Tete er z 4 ~ rn a RouvD THert. THEY LEAVE THE ONES THEY ToucH THE WAY TKEY FouND THEM. HN. cae aaa 4 U3 me as im HS THIS THE LIFE T NEED? A CHILD-IsH,SELF-ISH GREED WHILE THOSE WHO LOVE ME BLEEDTO DEATH. 6 = 34 = we So ete et % vn 0 (guarory) ‘Then < THINK OF HER. HER AND HER FA-THER. WHAr wou sie PREFER? ‘L Kilow TD RATHER ea ee 4 Be AL ie 7 lonsronces) t tid, 65 d7L Are? coor ~Z23~ Baio GAME Cono./ Kao. 4 Wy.) ans, (MELADN Fa REXARSAL) ‘aut, ore. ss #SG| ANATOLY | TE cANCHCY GO ON HURT-INe ALLTHE PEOPLE Wiis HAVE TRUST-ED FREDDY: (ow 187 (awaroty) re 184, WELL HERE We ARE, THE (FRevvy) WE WL NOT ES-CAPE FROM HERE! ww. 7 was “= sup —— . (ges b Too! SLow ‘br ten. A lot FL-NAL STA-GES. OF, A: SoUcDE-STRAYHING GAMES. THE 163. Canarouy) 1 on as eaese. I Wit NeV-ER FIND A =| GAIN. wigan b b. bye [mice = Poco AecéL. h RS a p-o=O 8 MOLTO ANIMATO + m 108 (ANATOLY? ‘0 mm bir. reins) f alent) em BACKED THE = LOS - ING FLOR -ENce. VAs-sy! (fens cota voes) f fa CoND./KYBD. 1 & -2I- END GAME "5 (FRevoy) * Took You FoR A RIDE, FLOR-ENCE VAS-SY! ‘You Just HAVE-N'T Got THE po FO iT ——— (¢prce/et.) G00/eu/ 60-2) ¥ t Za t ceran/ceiu/ssjere.) eee IN STINCT oF A WIN + ves 2 [ANaTOUy:] 1 + resfuwyjora) (susiro z Tine, «7g! SLow THERE (S NoTH - WWe MARE TO SUBITO SLOW anfrans > Rit. yore SF a 227 (wets 160 (FReoDy) w cc 163 Za == = — NER. (Awarouy) apa coeun VOC . Tiryoe seus" te fe Abn, " Ghss GP HH, pene “ ben, ne : oe : -29- ' ID GAME. Conp/xysp. 1 29 WE HAVESTIT-NESED -TO-RY fecennaes esr cus A uns renee — Wt (au) 193. 193 Meb bn 1M gpl DEENTIEEIn ae hy a ne ay CHESS == Poco TEN. 20 Renner aR CHESS Aeterna 2 ENDGAME CONCLUSION [244] mpesrose Bera z bp th NESE Bm S16, (+75 HN) BS tae Tal ee iii SS rad. Bal (rio ot ene.) 4 t (CmGiabr F ROUEAR SA) a Aten cio : EnnGAme Conclusion ere — eee RIT. & Dim. _. asd YOU & | REPRISE pana 2 MENO HO55O| 2 40. a apy “owe WQUSIC PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL: KNOWING I LOVE YOU CAN: Nor Corl- =" SO AWA, PRE — wit iY DES- PAR — KWOW-ily IVE Lost Yad. . om). a ee mf Feo. 7 -— — BENA FOOL TO AL; Low Dents 0 ae lcone Guan hence | TA — THO, AA, rd (FAST ARPEGEIO BEFITS ON SCALE | — SS S| Fe Fae A ‘sre rt) Weg a8 eT ay. 32 THERE WiLL BE\ DAYS AND CANT LOE Yo $0 Nuc YET MAKE No Move? THERE WIM BE DAYS AND os 508 > Gea ana a tae: oO ( as : os) whe Asnr® cor marron Cae You $2 Bepeise ae (* GigE = MGHTS___ WHEN T'LL| WANT | AWATOL: ———— Fas LP AREEblO STIE\ IN ERM NOTES §\ Ay? D ve FL. CH ni i 7 CF = e Hie eresg, = : 45 He — MORE TH Z | SHOUD. — O— How ZT | WANT You. ‘MORETHANT SHol-n. 61. Yee @ CLese. Cmb Flus F7 vee. |r ie Bovee® cane a) COND./ KBD. bl Are (44, vers) 7 Flo. WEVE SEN (7| ALL —_. snk. Fb bes (Dir) CHAS: (Ng OUR \HEAETS’ DE — | S/1@E. ur \ ate ~o~ yaa fh 2 pepese conn. /Kép.4 Ss? Flo. LF STORIE LIKE] OURS HAVE HAPPY AMA.) END-INGS. poco tee ‘YOU COULD NOT Bere? cre Th Seeger ea |ANATOLY:! Py ob a Cie RE MmORETHAN dou GAVE ME XL Don't Kiow wot Fi, a Gra. Zim Sram we BY wATcH-ING THIS HAP- PEN VENS. IMPROVISE MELomDy FLORENCE: a 2. 3 wwr(oun) J Sits. 5 pip lak Seek MORE, J Am iF = Do Susr FoR A ho- Ment (") FLiCL. (on) > ViNS IMPROVISE FS FAGT APREGGIO MOVEMENTS on SCALE oe | ee | ee | Fine pao or, ns, es, Aqo ' eS ANATOLY: |(+08.) You AnD Z REPRISE FLORENCE: ‘Bor HEREWE ARE = TO- T_______twr rma ine A Time Wen Won't CARE. Bor Herewe ARE 1D- 2 Rm GS SS . wAd____ An t's] 6 — VER (+6m,) g F_tnetees. : ot or CS ens (ow!) eb ARPEG6IO SLE IN E1GHTH Nores te. a Cy — dL mt tt + ste. a). we icy Kak LoD i = Hol me Ana | TELL mE “a a7 Lit.e eres. Wwe'LL MEET A- | GAIN GH IS Ir | O- VER tue eer A- GAIN Gr. ef (Hct TAS.) 4 —7 rit. i py Cné tee onesc.| a mF (vee vee. |b. we've Seen rr} ALL Conn./KBD.4. : " at0- You Anan Z REPRise 7 a . 9g, (+08..c., KBD.3) Flo. — CHASN6our|HeARrs’ DE — Bur ule Go oN Pre-Tal- Ava. ConD./K8D. 4 -ll- You Ana RePRIse wh — 1SLows 10s ito 7 FLOR. ee — dh ae We gf tm. 5. SS Yow ff —= ayy, FINALE ‘ie THlaReACE| ee = A Gus 2 ££ = A f & SI Tas ‘ a : Aas ‘ ) CF StF = > Cb, HN FS, 8H, Toe P J are we ttt In gee) tpl SETA XE 1G ee He Grell bl ae, . E ; SSS SS ae Dor Lwé Gou—__* WHERE Do Zs START. How ni 3. rug fF ao. LET MAN'S FEF-TY NA-TIONS TEAR THEM- SELVES A — PART. 2424 20 Ni —! + TOTS: ky80.3. ab FUME . [crescendo 30 we £ S55 m1 LANDS ON-LY Bor-DERS LIE A RounlD. my gop) aa a £ s == (#K6-3) 7 wT lg = tlt | a a . 33 £8. < A. HEART x 2— se. A —— = a i: = { e a Ff £ Q a re . wo aq7 ConDucroR/ KEYBOAKD 1 (61¢cHoros) * Sstec® creak oe ee ee ‘COND./ KBD. 4 ~2~ ExiT Music (na | al 3 : 5 247 oo ye. cons) CEI» > 92 2y22lSIm) Gesu) (+88) GUA Teme 3002 t ond. [Kp te bere muadic * a Baited for publication by John Lloyd walters, 1989 %ol ARBITER eusfasi(on) 4 : r By, gshsstoust 5 ant. Fle ome MUSIC PREPARATION INTERNATIONAL ree cou | en. L _ : : - : : ARBITER” Taaranceel «Cou eaE an O Van? viTiL CUE ie A up FARBITER: ‘ DIALOGUE WWE A DUT-Y AS A a~g-——o - (+904) & ff Fm AS WE RESTART THE CLOCK OF RE-mulDinlé ALL AND —_ os SUNDRY I Tbk GRAVE OFFENSE AT. E-VENTS iN BANG-KOK GUST A HUT OF TROUBLE 3 (e888) e. Ful, ‘THIS TIME ‘ROUND AND ILL BE OW You BACK T with TumP oN ALL OF “PiAnio” 4. FENDERS FROM A MAS-SWEHEGHT DON'T IW = VITE AN = FLAK Im ON THE, a 1923 cs = a ap : CASE, CAN BE FOOLED. — AN-Y OB-JEC-TloN 15 O-VER-RULED. e.91. 3 Ters.014, Ce taro) msm “Rock” PNo. ee co 3 32 i YES TMTHEAR-BI-TERAND I Kwou BEST. ‘You Got Your | CHOIR He's Im-PAR-TAL Dorr PUSH Hint He's UM [Mt PF as re ' (+ ea0-3) BS Mow} D Cond. /kyBD. 4 oe ARBITER 3] 26 38 TRICKS. Go00 FoR You —__ BUT THERES No GAH-arr = T Dour SEE THeaueH. BR. ters ters. DW BW. Div. 2 “Rock” No. ee COLE CH LY 39, 40 a 42 SS OH, TM THE AR-BI-TER I KNOWTHESCORE. FROM SQUARE ONE TLL BE WATCHING ALL wok Ron saunas one TL BE WateH ~ ING ALL — (+860. 3) Tous! — HN BS (ip aa Beare cane nuns oe 43 = —-Ty-Four. IF You'Re THink-iN@ OF TRE . CHOIR —-TY-Four, GX-I"HoRNS” Fim Fm (rine) “5 ora. 7 7 corps Ft *tt2 Leo tT +7) 48. KIND oF THING” ‘Tat Weve SEEN IW THE PAST. CHANT IHG GU-RUS WALKIE 90.3 ims = ‘TALK-I6S, WALK- OUTS, HYE-HG-TISTS Tem __~PERFISTS; Nor So FAST! T dav’ caR€ 6 You'Re A ) k60.3 Ct eass) (pa tt) COND. /KYBD. t Ez} ARBITER 56 37 5B CHAM-Pi- oN; No ONE NESS~£5 WITH ME! TAN Qutt-Less In Ue- “piaNo” Lr = FR? é HOLO-IG WHAT I KNOW IS RIGHT, BLACK —___ 0@ WHITE. AS you'll see, I'M ON THE 00.3 = cane BE A= NY 0B-SEC-Tion “Rock PNO. K.5 Flinn 803,88 on. Sees y owe on IS 0-VER- RULED YES Lim THE AR- Bi- TER AND C kilow BEST 17s, Dea ed 5.55 rh ARBITER, You Gor YouR | R-orO He's 1m = PAR~ TIAL Don’ Pusi. Him HE'S un - ‘Im- PRESSED | PR. File + a ‘con. /KBD. 4 ARBITER (ageirer) 6 TRICKS — Good FoR You Bur tleRes uo GAMBIT Lonsee tHRoUGH 2 THs. ty4)z Ths. L ih on > 7 ‘Rock “iid. KE. = Fla Goxsat) — oft. 1" a % OW im fie AR- BI-7ER L Kalow THE SCORE FRom SQUARE owe TL BE WATCH FRom SQuARE one Cu BE WAFEH- (oKo0.9), Heyes (ow) D Asier® cue erento Ure) Be te ™, AS You SET-TLE Dowd BE- ‘Cond. / Ko. 4 oe ARgirER (aRbiTee) Hino Youk PAwHS Poul-ER PASS -ES To me x Gaim) Mh, Gm a K60.2. bass & 8 You caw flay UKEFiscH-ER CAP- A- BLAN- CA, TAL, Com-BuleD I Dow’? mind 4 PLEASE Fee FREE THEY Aue Thousit THEY WERE THE BiG FRo- MAGE ts 6 im But THEY Dow HAVE mY CLOUT LZ Con-thon THe mated ‘PLANO’ p [emf oe eb START IT I I CAN CALL OFF KAS = PAR = OV FOUND THAT OUT In ON THE ana 4s CASE CAN'T BE FOOLED ANY OB-TEL-TtON 1S OER» RULED seen amslon) tig) 2 ROCK xO.” % 17 6 1h YES im THE ARCEE-TER AND T Kilow BEST You Gor You CHOIR, HE'S im= PARTIAL DONT RUSH. _Hin HES UN = _im~ PRESSED 8.0 (8) 5 —— Aster? cue meg nent ge mest nae cou, |e. ode ARBITER 150 os sg a, TRICKS Got Fo You BuT THERES No Game BIT T Dwr See THRoveH % z rest stig) 2 st 5 ih THE AR BTR OF Kwow THE Scone $6 152. 158 From Savage tne It. BE WATCH = ING ALL SK = TY FOUR CHOIR From SQUARE ONE ILL BE wATeH~ WG ALL —__ Sig |= _TY= Four (sme) , . my tb Ftom SQUARE owe IL BE WATCH YG i'm THE AR BI-TER I Kedow THE ScORE CHO Fron SQUARE ONE I'LL BE WATCH serslou) (Me) SK = TY = FouR a ING ALL, Sim Je TH FOUR yu (cure),