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Affirmation of Precious Child within hozho

We are all born spiritually holy. We are all a precious child of creator. This is
an Affirmation of the four sacred elements and this is our constitution
within hozho:
Air: Spiritual
Fire: Intellect

Criminal mind: to use thinking for what it is NOT for and to limit
thinking. To justify lies is what it is not for and to speak from a
deficient self-image is to limit thinking.

Water: Emotive

Mal-adaptive Emotions: hate, envy, greed, jealousy, anger, shame,

guilt, fear, etc. These mal-adaptive emotions do not and cannot exist in
our body because, they cannot and do not exist in the Earth, Water,
Fire and Air in the environment. They are called into the body by the
criminal mind to tell the body wrong information. Their function is to
project enemy-creation upon others using the criminal mind and
manifest addiction, hunger, poverty, homelessness, sickness and war,
which is a Distraction that caused delay on a persons spiritual path
and delay causes suffering.
Note: pain and suffering is not a spiritual path. Religion teaches that
pain and suffering bring a reward in the afterlife.
Authentic Feelings: love, joy, peace.

Earth: Physical
Corn: Social traditional & ceremonial food & Economic-clan system of
healthy helping.
Interesting that the Christian sects invalidate the above spiritual reality and
call Indigenous people who claim to be of the four sacred elements in nature
are labeled Pagans. Christians cannot claim their inherent divinity and
constitution within the natural order for fear that it is demonic and
witchcraft. This explains why people in increasing numbers are claiming
tribal lineages, like being of Cherokee descent, when in fact, it is not about
tribalism, it is about claiming a spiritual identity as a precious child of creator
and creation where one exists as earth, water, fire and air while
simultaneously within the environment of earth, water, fire and air.
The spiritual definition of hozho is an all encompassing concept of holiness
and wholeness within the natural order. There is no evil, except that
people manifested it by believing in it and creating the symptoms that
reinforce the belief in it, but it does not have an actual reality within hozho.
There are no competing collectivities that represent competing ideologies.

Competing collectivities are the Belief Systems of Religion, Philosophy and

Academic Theory. There is no Prophet or Book or Doctrine of Faith to convert
to. There is no conversion process of take away our precious child of creator
spiritual identity and replacing it with a deficient self-image, such as sinner.
No one can be separated or outside of hozho - the natural order in the
People manifested the symptoms of evil with fear for survival. Fear is a
call for love and fear and love cannot co-exist. Thus, in hozho only love
within the natural order actually exists.
The Navajo language is in this Affirmative Thinking system:
Conscience Indigenous - reality is exact in natural order group consensus


& wisdom

English is in a Eurocentric Dualistic Thinking system or a Deficient selfimage in an Inverse Thinking System:




Consciousness3 perception reality is relative conflict fighting for rights NO

to perception


religion from



In the Deficient self-image in an Inverse Thinking system, a person who

claims to be a sinner must be converted to a Belief System that follows a
Prophet, Book and Doctrine of Faith that remediates (from the outside-in)
their deficient self-image as a sinner to some end state, like personal
1 Freuds opinion: a repository for socially unacceptable ideas, wishes or desires,
traumatic memories, and painful emotions put out of mind by the mechanism of
psychological repression - Merriam Webster Dictionary Online.
2 That part of the mind which gives rise to a collection of mental phenomena that
manifest in a person's mind but which the person is not aware of at the time of their
occurrence coined by the 18th century German romantic philosopher Sir Christopher
3 Merriam Webster Dictionary Online: Having an awareness of one's environment
and one's own existence, sensations, and thoughts.

salvation and redemption into a Heaven in Eternity. Or, be judged,

condemned and punished in an afterlife condition.
The Doctrine of Faith required by all Abramaic Traditions requires a person to
claim to be a deficient self-image as a sinner; confess their sins; be
convicted of their sins; and believe that Jesus died for their sins. Jesus
died because of hatred. He came to teach love in a world of hatred and that
there is Eternal Life, meaning that no one can lose their inherent divinity and
destroy our soul purpose and life mission. The letter J in the English
alphabet was not invented at the historical estimate time of his birth.
In the Navajo language, there is no way to claim and say that we are a
deficient self-image like sinner or alcoholic because within hozho each
person was fore-given given beforehand our inherent divinity equally.
People are denying their inherent divinity fore-given to them equally with
others by creator. They are betraying the creator, themselves and others,
when claiming to be a deficient self-image. This is Lucifers Betrayal Story.
We dont have to create the belief in evil, in order to forgive it, because we
are not created in a deficient self-image. Lucifer means dishonesty, so when
Lucifer believed that creator had something that he didnt have, this is
jealousy - believing that someone has something that we dont have. This
was the first lie and belief in separation from creator and creation.
All Navajo healing ceremonies are designed to set up the optimal conditions
for remembering, reawakening, reclaiming and restoring our inherent divinity
as a precious child of creator and creation. The purpose is to correct the
criminal mind that tells the body wrong information. It is a type of
possession when the mal-adaptive emotions are called into the body to tell
the body wrong information by projecting a deficient self-image outward into
enemy creation and manifesting win-lose destructive and death-producing
decisions and outcomes.
The correction for reclaiming our inherent divinity is to first love and serve
the creator, the way the creator loves and serves us within the natural order;
second, to love and serve our sacred-SELF in our sacred place in the
Universe; then, and only then can we love and serve others, in this order.
We have all been taught to love others the way we love ourselves, yet this
does not work and never will because we cannot love others when we cannot
love our deficient self-image!
The co-creative solution with creator, sacred-SELF and others is to use
powerwith from creator to have powerwith others. This eliminates the need
for powerover in win-lose conquest in tyranny. We can choose to be in
balance and harmony with creators will-to-love and will-to-good or goodwill.
But when Lucifers Betrayal Story is perpetuated from one generation to the
next, we are recruiting each generation of youth to participate in their own
demise by believing that they are a deficient self image.

The belief that we are a deficient self-image is antithetical and inverse to the
truth that we are all a precious child of creator with our inherent divinity foregiven equally. Lucifers Betrayal Story is based upon the will-to-power,
conquest and powerover. This is External power4 and not real power
because External power is brute force to justify enemy creation. Authentic
empowerment affirms our oneness with creator and creation. Author Gary
Zukav stated that When the personality comes to serve the energy of its
soul that is authentic empowerment. He also said that the war within us is
the same war projected outward. People have not made peace with
creator, self and others. People have chosen to be recruited to Lucifers
Betrayal Story.
Violating the original purpose and intent of the intellect is a misuse of the

In a world that understands power as external, the intellect often

functions without the compassionate influence of the heart. This
creates situations in which power is used as a weapon to harm
others. When intellect is used to design or develop and produce
weapons, for example, it is not being used as it was intended.
When an industry or a power plant is designed or built or operated
without consideration for its effects upon the Earth, upon human
life, and upon the environment, the intellect is not being used as it
was intended. When you plan to profit at anothers expense, you
are not using the intellect as it was intended 5

Violating the original purpose and intent of our sacred-SELF intellect for holy
thinking - ehozin is a misuse of the intellect and the appropriate use of
whole-brain thinking for the co-creative solutions:
Therefore, within the natural order context of the Esoteric meaning of hozho
the truth that we are all a precious child of creator will liberate us from
Lucifers Betrayal Story.
The truth will set us free. Truth is the only real power and truth is our
protection. Living the loving way, as a way of life and practicing leveling and
truth-telling is authenticity and authenticity gives us authority to deal with
tyranny. Give up Denial in the oneness with creator and creation to
experience powerwithin from creator and creation in order to have
powerwith others in affirming our spiritual identity as a precious child of
creator and creation. Give up co-conspiracy with Lucifers Betrayal Story and
affirm co-creativity with all divine creation, because we are all related.
4 Zukav, Gary, THE SEAT OF THE SOUL, Simon & Schuster, 1989 (pp 22).
5 Zukav, G. (1989). SEAT OF THE SOUL. New York: Simon & Schuster, NY, (pp. 84-85).

Patricia Anne Davis, MA

Albuquerque, NM: January 24, 2015

We cant solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we
created them Albert Einstein