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- (type 0) Universal or General Truths (100%)
If you heat water, it boils.
Water boils if you heat it / Water boils when you heat it.
- (type I) Probable Conditions (50%)
If you help me, I will finish it soon.
I will finish it soon if you help me.
- (type II) Unlikely Conditions (10-15%)
If I didn´t have to study, I would go to the concert.
I would go to the concert if I didn´t have to study.
- (type III) Impossible Conditions (0%)
If you had come to the party, you would have enjoyed.
Past perfect
perfect conditional
You would have enjoyed if you had come to the party.
Unless (a no ser que)
(a menos que)

Unless it stops raining, I won´t go anywhere.
I won´t go anywhere unless it stops raining.

Provided that (siempre que)
You can stay here provided that you keep silent.
=As long as (a condición de que)
Even if (incluso si)

Even if it is raining, we will play the game.
We will play the game even if it is raining.

In case (en caso de que / por si) I will take the umbrella in case it rains.
Or (o)

Hurry up or we will be late for the meeting.

When (cuando)

Oil floats when you pour it on water.
When you pour oil on water, it floats.

(de lo contrario)

Take some money for the bus, otherwise you will have to walk.
= If you don´t take some money with you, you will have to walk

If only (si sólo / ojalá)

If only I had money to buy a new house.
= I wish I had money to buy a new house

myself) -Si estuvieras en el hospital. the man died . you are sick now . stop) 3.Link these sentences using conditional particles: . you wouldn´t have bought it.EXERCISES 1. (not criticise / him) -If you had asked me.. (see / it) -If I had known him better.You weren´t listening to me. de lo contrario no sabría su nombre (must.…. they didn’t find the money If they had looked under the bed. no se habría casado con él (know. no romperías todo (be careful.….You ate all the cake.Match these clauses forming conditional sentences: a) If I were you b) If there weren´t many people c) If he were a little older d) If it rained more often e) If I knew his address f) If he weren´t so shy it would be an ideal place for a holiday he might be more successful with girls the grass would be a lot greener I´d go home immediately we could send him to nursery school I´d give it to you 2.. lo cosería yo mismo (needle..I didn´t know it was her birthday. know) -Si ella hubiera conocido su pasado. look after) -Deben de ser amigos. (tell / you) (rain / a lot) ………. I wouldn´t have gone to the party. break.They didn´t look under the bed. she didn´t drown .The ambulance didn´t come. te visitaría todos los días -Si tuvieras más cuidado.You didn´t work hard. 4. marry him) -Si hubiese visto la luz roja. me habría parado (see.Translate these sentences into Spanish: -Si tuviera una aguja. todo sería más fácil (reasonable. they would have found the money .…. (have / time) ……….She was a good swimmer. red light. you didn´t pass the exam .. we would have come with you. everything) -Si Ana fuera más razonable... sew. I didn´t give her a present .Complete these conditional sentences: -If you had been there. easier) -Puedes quedarte el perro siempre que cuides de él (keep. you don´t know what I said . (not win / lottery) ………..

What would have happened if …?? (Impossible conditions) -I felt sick. -you were shipwrecked on a desert island? (naufragado) -you were trapped in a lift? (atrapado en ascensor) -you didn´t have to go to school? -you could do any job you wanted? -you saw a big fire? .What would you do if … ?? (Unlikely conditions) -you won a million dollars? If I won a million dollars. -I crashed my car (tener un accidente) -I was expelled from school (expulsado) -I got completely lost (me perdí) -I broke my leg (pierna) -I got badly sunburnt (el sol me quemó) -My house flooded (se inundó) -My phone bill was astronomical (factura del tlfno) -My wallet was stolen (la cartera) -I screamed (grité) 6. I wouldn´t have felt sick. I …..5. If I hadn´t eaten so much..

. -If we ________________ (have) wings. -He ______________ (buy) a map of the city in case he ____________ (get) lost. -If I hadn´t entered the house. -If I __________________ (wear) boots. -If I had taken an umbrella. I wouldn´t have laughed. we _______________ (not need) planes. I ________________ (not go) to work tomorrow. the dog ______________________ (not bite) me.7. I wouldn´t have been bitten by a snake. -If I ________________(not talk). I ____________________ (go) with you. -If they ____________________ (not tell) the joke. -Supposing you _____________(see) a ghost. I _______________ (call) the manager.Correct form of the verb -I wish I ___________________ (not eat) so much last night!! -If I ______________ (be) you.. she _______________________ (not go) to prison. we´ll go without him -I hope I´ll pass my driving test Unless -Have you finished the letter? If you -I think it´s going to rain If -Don´t touch the iron!! (or) -We´ll probably get hungry during the journey (in case) -I´m thinking of changing my job (when) -He wants to stay but he doesn´t stop talking… !!! (provided that) He can stay -I want to go to Paris but I can´t speak French… (if only) 8. I ______________________ (not get) wet through. what ________________ (do you)? -If you _____________ (wait) a moment.Write conditional sentences based on the information given -Giles will probably be late If Giles is late. -What ________________ (happen) if they ____________ (win) the next election? -If she _____________________ (tell) the truth ten years ago. . I wouldn´t have been walked out of the cinema -If it hadn´t been raining so heavily. -They _______________ (not hear) us unless we ______________ (shout) louder.

she fell and hurt her ankle._______________________________________________________ 7.._______________________________________________________ 8._______________________________________________________ 9. Susan had an accident.. They had planned to eat at the café in Rydale.The pay isn’t good 3. They walked from the east of the hills to the west..I can’t afford a bigger flat b.) (6. he wouldn’t be out of the office so much _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________ 10. Paul was at home and he was able to fetch them in his car._______________________________________________________ .) (7.If it hadn’t rained in the morning._______________________________________________________ 3. They didn’t have any food with them.. Trevor.) a.. Trevor likes walking. it would have been a pleasant walk 2.His writing is terrible 5. So they rang their friend Paul. 1. Luckily.. They were late for lunch because they didn’t take the right way. and it was his idea.. The three friends had other problems too: They forgot to bring a map.He’s out of the office so much g.. but they decided to go because the forecast wasn’t bad..) (3.. Alan & Susan had their anoraks. but they weren’t able to eat there because it was closed for the day. Alan & Susan went on a twenty-mile walk over the Norland Hills.He doesn’t listen to me 6. The weather is often wet in the Norland Hills. There wasn’t any other transport. but Trevor didn’t have his anorak and he got completely wet.) (5. They missed their bus home because they got to Raveley so late.My boss plays golf 2. so they had to go more slowly after that.Write unlikely conditions with these sentences (second conditional) 1.There aren’t any cafes nearby (1-f) (2._______________________________________________________ 5.I have to take sandwiches f.9.The offices are too far from here 7.._______________________________________________________ 4._______________________________________________________ 10.He gives me so much work 4.I have to stay until late e. But the day didn’t go as planned: It rained most of the morning.._______________________________________________________ 6.I spend so much time on the bus If my boss didn’t play golf. so they were hungry.Write impossible conditions out of this text (third conditional) Last Saturday.I have to repeat everything to him d. so it wasn’t a very pleasant walk.I can’t read it c.) (4. and they got lost. Besides.

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