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» 131: A JOURNEY BEGINS Pca CET DNase) ROBERT KIRKMAN Creston: Witter CHARLIE ADLARD Peneiler, Gover STEFANO GAUDIANO tnker CLIFF RATHBURN RUS WOOTON “rey Tones venerer DAVE STEWART SEAN MACKIEWICZ _ cover Colors Editor Previously: Negan failed to convince Magna of his innocence, but she's stil suspicious of the community. Moanwhilo, Rick ond Carl arrive at tho Hilltop, just as Marco retume with a grave tale: that he heard the dead speak, pores a Robert Kickman Baecoy ee iets eseatant or Skybound BSPSrtes I Stephan Murillo Entertainment — sean mackiowicz BASREL SHARON, aay nunniaatve aston sn20 Sea Dan Petersen sro shawn Xinarn Hetentgan — SERCeT eee Brian Huntington Staten Ie Erio Stephenson For Image Comics — iin Ron Richeras @. 22640 RU teat seat Stercowsangoneer” Jonpifer dg Guzman Erik Larsen renee Todd McFarlane Jeremy Sullvan mt MANE Monica Garcia Marc Silves' Emilio Bautista enna Seveae wepeenentine ‘Tricia Ramos www THE WALKING DEAD #131. September 2014. Published by Image Comics, Inc. Office of publication: 6th Floor, Berkeley, CA Copyright © 2014 Robert Kirkman, LLC. All rights ‘including all prominent characters featured herein), its logo and oe Al Fights, Of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in ary form or by any without the express written permission of ge. vents and locales in this publication are entirely fictional Any resemblance to actual persons (living and/cr dead), events or places, without satiric intent, is coincidental, CIGITAL EDITION. i INA YESS, estApEN, 7 eupaitas. rl || | oS | Ceara He Ay

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