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Historical Organ Europa

Historical Organ Europa


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Museum of Organs

Historical Organ Cases of Europe
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Lavaur: Cathédrale (H.-Garonne, France)

St-Bertrand-de-Comminges: Cathédrale (H.-Garonne, France)

Saint-Savin en Lavedan (H.-Pyrénées, France)

Caudebec-en-Caux (Seine-Mar., France)

Rodez: Cathédrale (Aveyron, France)

Moissac: Abbaye St-Pierre (Tarn-et-Gar., France)

Oloron-Ste-Marie: Cathédrale (Pyrénées-Atl., France)

Saint-Lizier (Ariège, France)

Carcassonne: Basilique St-Nazaire (Aude, France)

Perpignan: Cathédrale (Pyrénées-Or., France)

Jaca: Catedral (Aragon, Spain)

Coutances: Cathédrale (Manche, France)

Albi: Cathédrale (Tarn, France)

Narbonne: Cathédrale (Aude, France)

Dôle: Eglise Notre-Dame (Jura, France)

Paris: St. Sulpice (France)

Bordeaux: Eglise Notre-Dame (France)

Saintes: Cathédrale (Charente-Maritime, France)

Paris: St. Eustache (France)

Luçon: Cathédrale (Vendée, France)

Bayeux: Cathédrale (Calvados, France)

Toulouse: Basilique St-Sernin (H.-Garonne, France)

Groningen: Martinikerk (Netherlands [North])

Zwolle: Sint-Michaëlskerk (Grote Kerk) (Netherlands [North])

Midwolda (Ned. Herv. Kerk) (Netherlands [North])

Weener (Reformierte Kirche/Georgskirche) (North Germany)

Eenrum (Ned. Herv. Kerk) (Netherlands [North])

København: Vor Frelsers Kirke (Denmark)

Steingaden (Bayern, South Germany)

Wieskirche (Bayern, South Germany)

Ettal: Klosterkirche (Bayern, South Germany)

Bolsward (Netherlands [Friesland])

Chartres: Cathédrale (Eure-et-Loir, France)

Bordeaux: Ste-Croix (France)

Cintegabelle (H.-Garonne, France)

Østerlars Kirke (12C., Bornholm Is., Denmark)

Helsingør: St. Olai Domkirke (15C., Denmark)

Islev Kirke (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Bagsværd Kirke (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Vangede Kirke (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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