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Have A
Throne Attitude


Until God makes

Your Enemies Your
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Luke 2:12
And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped
in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.

ou are probably familiar with the story of Jesus birth in Bethlehem. The Bible
says that when the time had come, Mary brought forth her firstborn Son, and
wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger. (Luke 2:67) But
have you ever wondered why the angel told the shepherds that the Babe wrapped in
swaddling cloths and lying in a manger was a sign?
A manger is actually a feeding trough for livestock. Do you know what a feeding
trough in those days looks like? I have seen a similar one at Solomons stables in Meggido, Israel. It is basically a big rectangular block of stone with the trough hewn out
of it. So baby Jesus, who was wrapped in swaddling cloths, was placed in such a stone
But why was that a sign? Because if you have seen the empty tomb of Jesus at a
place called The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem, you would have noticed that the place
where His body was laid, inside a tomb hewn out of rock, resembles a stone trough.
The Bible says that after Jesus crucifixion and death, Joseph of Arimathea took Jesus
body, wrapped it in linen and laid it in a tomb hewn out of a rock. (Mark 15:4346)
Can you see the similarities? Wrapped in swaddling cloths and laid in a manger,
baby Jesus would one day be wrapped in linen and laid in a tomb. That was the sign
the angel was referring to. It pointed to Jesus death.
Jesus was the only child in all of humanity born to die. Once you realize that, you
will realize how much God loves you.You will realize that He gave up His Son for that
one purpose, and that His Son willingly came for that one purposeto die for your
sins and mine.
Beloved, can you imagine living your life knowing that you are just qualifying yourself to die on the cross to save the world? That was the life that Jesus lived. He lived
to die, so that we might live and enjoy life abundantly today.


His Word

Have A Throne


Until God
Makes Your
Enemies Your
Tis the season when Christians the world over celebrate
the birth of Jesus. But do you know that you dont have
to wait for the festive season to walk in peace and joy?
You can rejoice in spite of your circumstances because
God wants you to take a throne attitude and rest while
He takes care of everything else for you!

oday, Jesus is seated at the right hand of the

Fathers throne. (Hebrews 8:1) And the Bible says
that as Christ is, so are we in this world. (1 John
4:17) This means that we are also seated at the Fathers
right hand.
Now, being seated is a picture of rest. In the Old
Testament, the priests never sat down. There were no
chairs in the tabernacle of Moses or in the temple of
God because their work was never finished. But Jesus
sat down because His work is finished. (John 19:30,
Hebrews 10:1113) And God said to me, Son, tell My
people to have a throne attitude. So what does it mean
to have a throne attitude?

Having A Throne Attitude

Psalm 110:12
The LORD said to my Lord, Sit at My
right hand, till I make Your enemies
Your footstool. 2The LORD shall send
the rod of Your strength out of Zion.
Rule in the midst of Your enemies!
In Hebrew, the first LORD refers to Jehovah, or
Yahweh, and the second Lord is Adonai. Therefore,
the first verse actually reads, Yahweh said to my
Adonai After Jesus conquered sin and death, and
rose from the dead, He returned to the Father. And
the Father said, Sit at My right hand, till I make Your
enemies Your footstool. So Jesus throne attitude is
to sit and expect His Father to bring all His defeated
enemies under His feet.
In biblical times, defeated enemies were brought
back in chains and the victorious king would sit on
his throne and put his feet up on the backs of his
defeated enemies as a sign of victory. Likewise, Jesus
conquered enemies are being dragged to Him one by
one, and put under His feet.
Ephesians 1:20, 2223 (NIV)
...He raised Him from the dead and
seated Him at His right hand...22And
God placed all things under His feet
and appointed Him to be head over
everything for the church, 23which is
His body...
We, the church, are the body of Christ. And who
is the one who makes the enemies our footstool? It
is not us, but God Himself! Gods Word is the truth
and He keeps His Word. God is telling us to have the
same throne attitude as Jesusto rest, while He makes
our enemies our footstool. So with each passing day,
we have all things, including the defeated enemies of
disease, poverty, depression and all kinds of curses,
being put under our feet.

Jesus throne attitude is to sit and

expect His Father to bring all His
defeated enemies under His feet.
Enter Gods Rest
Do you want to know Gods definition of His rest?
Hebrews 3 describes how the children of Israel were
not allowed to enter the promised land because they
doubted Gods Word. However, instead of saying
They shall not enter My promised land, God called
the promised land My rest.
Hebrews 3:11
So I swore in My wrath, They shall
not enter My rest.
This means that what the physical land was to the
children of Israel in the Old Testament, Gods grace
and rest are to the believer under the new covenant.
That is your inheritance today. God wants to bring you
out of lack and into the land of abundance! He wants
to bring you out of sickness into robust health! And
this promised land is the place of His rest.
Gods Word always tells us Fear not, fear not. But
do you know that there is only one thing the Bible tells
us to fear?
Hebrews 4:1
Therefore, since a promise remains of
entering His rest, let us fear lest any of
you seem to have come short of it.
In Hebrews 4:1, God tells us to fear that we dont
enter His rest. Now, many of us worry about many
things and everything that God tells us not to be afraid
of, we fear. But the one thing that God tells us to be
afraid of, we arent!

Be Rest-Conscious, Not Giant-Conscious

There is another lesson that we can learn from this
story. God told the children of Israel that He had
come to bring them into a land flowing with milk and
honey. (Exodus 3:8) This means that the promised
land was a place flowing with abundance and provision.
It was also a sure promise, a statement of what God
will definitely do.
However, what was the posture of Gods people
when they reached Kadesh Barnea, the border
between the wilderness and the promised land? They
sent 12 spies into the land for 40 days and chose to

believe the report of the 10 spies who said that

the Israelites could not take the land because it
was inhabited by giants from the tribe of Anak.
(Numbers 13:33)
In Hebrew, the word Anak means chain or
neckchain. A chain around the neck is a picture
of a yoke which weighs you down. Although God
had delivered the children of Israel from their
taskmasters in Egypt and they were no longer
slaves, they still had a slave mentality. Instead
of focusing on Gods goodness and promise,
the children of Israel focused on their giant
problemthe Anakimand they were weighed
down with anxiety and fear.
Today, some of us still have this slave
mentality. We are so focused on our Anakim
our problems and symptomsinstead of Jesus
finished work on the cross, that we cannot enter
our promised land of rest.
Now, I want to pose to you a question that
God asked me which I had to answer as well.
Have you ever read the story of the 12 spies
and asked yourself if you would side with Joshua
and Calebthe two spies who said, Let us go
immediately and take the land!or if you would
agree with the 10 spies?
Well, the Holy Spirit says, Today, if you hear
His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the
rebellion, like your fathers in the wilderness.
(Hebrews 3:79) In other words, are your
problems bigger than what God is saying about
your situation? Before your body is healed, before
the money is in your bank account, before every
problem in your life is resolved, will you believe
that God will deliver you according to His Word
and still walk in rest?
God wants you to have the revelation that
whatever you need Him to do for you has already
been done because Jesus has accomplished all for
you. And God is asking, In spite of the giants,
would you go up and enter the promised land of
My rest? Can you be rest-conscious, rather than

When You Rest, He Works

What happens when you become rest-conscious?
Lets look at this secret hidden in the story of
how Jesus healed a man who had been suffering
from an infirmity for 38 years.
John 5:89
Jesus said to him, Rise, take
up your bed and walk. 9And
immediately the man was made
well, took up his bed, and walked.
And that day was the Sabbath.

Whatever you need Him to do for

you has already been done because
Jesus has accomplished all for you.
I asked the Lord why He asked the man to take up his bed.
Why not just ask him to rise and walk? And He showed me
that the bed is a picture of rest. So what Jesus was actually
saying to the man was, Rise, take up your rest and walk!
Notice that that day was the Sabbath, the day of rest.
Therefore, what God is saying is that when you rest, He
works! Isnt this amazing?
Yet, there was a group of people who were unhappy
that the Lord had healed this man.
John 5:1012, 16
The Jews therefore said to him who was
cured, It is the Sabbath; it is not lawful
for you to carry your bed. 11He answered
them, He who made me well said to me,
Take up your bed and walk. 12Then they
asked him, Who is the Man who said to
you, Take up your bed and walk?...16For
this reason the Jews persecuted Jesus, and
sought to kill Him, because He had done
these things on the Sabbath.
The religious people were upset because it was the
Sabbath. They saw healing as work. To them, healing the
man on a day of rest meant that Jesus was working on the
wrong day!
Now, if you had known this man, wouldnt you ask him,
Hey, what happened to you? How did you get cured?
Instead, the people he met said, It is the Sabbath; it is not
lawful for you to carry your bed. Look, this man hadnt
walked in 38 years! But the people around him were only
concerned that he had carried his bed on the day of rest.
This is how legalistic people are. They cannot see the
blessings, only the problems.
The last phrase had done these things on the Sabbath
in the original Greek is in the imperfect tense. The
imperfect tense generally represents continual or repeated
action. This means that it was a habit for Jesus to heal
on the Sabbath and He had repeatedly performed such
miracles on the Sabbath. On the day that man rests, God is
able to work!

Your Healing Is In The Rest

Another example is the healing of a woman who was bowed
down for 18 years. When Jesus healed her in the synagogue,
the ruler of the synagogue, the womans pastor, said,
There are six days on which men ought to work; therefore
come and be healed on them, and not on the Sabbath day.
(Luke 13:14)
What was Jesus response?

Seek Rest First That It May Be Well

God does not say, Wait until all your enemies have
been destroyed, until every problem in your life has
been resolved, then you can rest. He says, Rest
first until I make all your enemies your footstool.
What do you see when it comes to healing for a
condition in your sick body or breakthroughs for your
financial challenges? Do you see lack and say, Let me
get out of this situation first. Let me hear the doctors
reports say that everything is clear, and then I can
We find it hard to rest because our human nature is
inclined toward worry and restlessness. The devil loves
to see human nature reign in the church and to have you
believe that you can only rest when things go well or
when you see your breakthroughs. Stop saying, When
my child finishes primary school, I will stop worrying
and rest. You know what? After primary school, there
is secondary school. Then, after your child completes
secondary school, you will say, I think when my child
finishes university, then I will rest. And you will never
I want to share about two women who faced a
financial situation during a time of famine. Now, Naomi
was a woman of God and this is what she said to her
daughter-in-law Ruth.
Luke 13:1516
The Lord then answered him and
said, Hypocrite! Does not each
one of you on the Sabbath loose his
ox or donkey from the stall, and
lead it away to water it? 16So ought
not this woman, being a daughter
of Abraham, whom Satan has
boundthink of itfor 18 years,
be loosed from this bond on the
Jesus said that her healing came just by being
a daughter, a child of God. But some Christians
still think that healing is mans work, not Gods
work. They go around thinking, Im not doing
enough, thats why Im not healed. They cannot
believe that healing can be as simple as being at
rest in Gods finished work, saying and believing,
Lord Jesus, as You are free from every disease
and sickness, so am I in this world.
Did you know that even the words healed
and relaxed are linked in Hebrew? One of the
Hebrew names of God is Jehovah-Rapha which
means I, the Lord, am your healing. (Exodus
15:26) The Hebrew word rapha not only means
to heal, but one of its root definitions also
means the relaxed. So healing comes by being at
rest, not by working. Jesus death has given us life
and wholeness.

Ruth 3:1 (KJV)

My daughter, shall I not seek rest for
thee, that it may be well with thee?
In other words, Naomi told Ruth, Shall I not seek
rest for you, so that things will go well for you? Isnt
it strange that Naomi mentioned rest first? Isnt human
nature more inclined to say, Shall I not seek for things
to go well with you, so that you can rest?
But God wants His nature to reign and He loves you
so much that He says, You are already seated on the
throne. You rest first. Sit down until I put the conquered
enemiesthat financial situation, that symptom in your
bodyunder your feet.
God wants you to find rest in the midst of the
storm. And when you rest in Him, things will go well.
This doesnt mean that there are no enemies. But you
will rule in the midst of your enemies! (Psalm 110:2)
Psalm 23:5 says that God prepares a table for you
in the presence, not the absence, of your enemies.
Some of you may say, Lord, how can you expect me to
eat now? The symptoms are still in my body! My bank
account still shows the lack! Lord, I will eat well and I
will celebrate when all my problems are resolved. But
the Bible says that God doesnt follow human nature.
God says, I will prepare a table. You eat first! You eat
in the presence of your enemies, and I will take care of
your enemies.

Dont Postpone Your Rest

Isaiah 53 describes Jesus suffering and what He
accomplished for us on the cross. It says that He has
borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. He was
wounded for our transgressions and bruised for our
iniquities, and by His stripes, we are healed!
The reason we can rest and rejoice in the midst of
our enemies is because Jesus defeated them when He
took our place and bore our sins on the cross. He has
done it all and the work is finished. (Hebrews 10:12
14) We only need to take up a throne attitude and rest
in Him.
So as we are resting in His finished work, what
should our response be? How do we partake of all
that Jesus has done? Right after Isaiah 53, the Scripture
Isaiah 54:13
Sing, O barren, you who have not
borne! Break forth into singing, and
cry aloud, you who have not labored
with child! For more are the children
of the desolate than the children of the
married woman2Enlarge the place of
your tent, and let them stretch out the
curtains of your dwellings; do not spare;
lengthen your cords... 3For you shall
expand to the right and to the left,
and your descendants will inherit the
Jesus has defeated the enemies and God is telling
the barren woman to rejoice! The barren woman
is a picture of someone who has not seen results,
signs of health in her body or signs of abundance in
her situation. Being barren is not Gods will for you.
The Word says that God never meant for us to be
barren. God blessed man and told him to be fruitful.
(Genesis 9:7) So in Isaiah 54, God is saying, Sing
now, and prepare for your blessing! Enlarge your
tent and prepare for growth! Do not spare. Expand
your territory and your descendants will inherit the
Imagine you are a barren woman singing,
Hallelujah! Im a mother of many! The Lord loves
me! The devil will come and say to you, A mother of
many? Where is your child? Arent you a hypocrite?
But dont stop rejoicing. God wants you to enjoy life
before the problem is resolved. Start singing even
before you see the manifestation. Stop postponing
your joy and peace. Stop waiting for Christmas to
celebrate. Make every day a celebration of life, and
learn to rest in the midst of your problems.
It should be a daily response to go to Jesus for our
rest. Jesus Himself tells us to come to Him and He will
give us rest.

We can rest and rejoice in the

midst of our enemies because Jesus
defeated them when He took our
place and bore our sins on the cross.

Matthew 11:28
Come to Me, all you who labor and are
heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Whenever you are heavy laden with worries or
cares, weighed down by the yoke of the law, or in the
midst of any enemy that is weighing you down, go to
Jesus and you will find rest in Him. Rejoice, sit down
and prop your feet up, because God has promised that
He will deal with your enemies and make them your

This article is excerpted from the message, Have A Throne Attitude

Rest Until God Makes Your Enemies Your Footstool, preached by
Joseph Prince on 24 February 2008. Copyright Joseph Prince,
2008. All rights reserved. To obtain a copy of the full message,
visit our online store via

Able To Sleep With A Touch Of
His Presence
Dear Pastor Prince,
I am 62 years old and I do the nightshift at a home for
the elderly. For a while now, during my one-hour break,
I would lie down on a couch, take my iPod and listen to
the music from your A Touch Of His Presence worship
CD. After my break, I am always refreshed and so full
of life that my colleagues can see it and are astonished.

Severe Sinus Healed After Taking Communion

I was truly blessed and refreshed after reading your
book, Health And Wholeness Through The Holy Communion.
Many questions were answered and the explanations for
unworthily, discerning the Lords body and healing taught
me a lot. I began to look forward to taking the Lords Supper.
One day, I experienced a very severe sinus congestion, which
resulted in a very severe head cold, the worst ever. I decided
to lay it all down and take the Holy Communion.

Every day, I also read your Destined To Reign Devotional

and listen to one of your sermons. I have been so
blessed by the messages and my life has begun to change
because I realize now that I reign in the authority of
Jesus Christ.

I did so and believed that Jesus body was broken at Calvary for
my wholeness and His blood was shed for my redemption. It
was a beautiful experience. I rested after taking Communion
and within hours, began to feel betterthirtyfold, sixtyfold
then a hundredfold. It was all gone.

Some nights ago, an amazing thing happened at my

work place. There were three old people who had
been crying through the night. They were not able to
articulate what was bothering them. To help them get
some rest, the staff administered sedatives. One man
was given three doses in one night. But the sedatives
did not help.

I received my healing freely, glory to Jesus, the King of

kings and the Lord of lords! The best part of it all is that I
understand Communion now and partake of the bread and
wine just the way the Lord intended it.

The next day, I began to pray specifically for these

persons. I commanded Satan to leave their bodies,
spirits and souls. I put a CD player in the corridor along
their rooms and played A Touch Of His Presence. As the
music played, I just believed that Jesus could help these
people better than any medicine could.

New Business Flourishing

Praise the Lord, all three persons calmed down and

became quiet. They could sleep that whole night and
the nights after that. My colleagues were so surprised!
I praise my Lord Jesus for such a miracle! I know that I
can completely rest in the presence of GodHE works
for me, hallelujah!
I thank the Lord Jesus and I thank you, Pastor Prince,
for preaching the gospel.

Sophie | Calgary, Canada

I want to thank the Lord Jesus for your ministry and for His
grace upon my life. Last year, I sent a prayer request about
needing Gods guidance as I wanted to start my own business.
A month ago, I literally bumped into a perfect business
opportunity. I was also given a bank loan I had applied for
without having to strive for it.
I have started my business and things are looking very good.
Thank you so much for your prayers. I know that more
blessings are on the way. God bless you.
Fella Mohaule | Johannesburg, South Africa

Elisa | Germany


Praise Reports

T e

Property Blessing Way Beyond Expectations

Sons Foot Healed After Taking

Communion As A Family
One evening, before I went to sleep, I began reading
your book, Health And Wholeness Through The Holy
Communion. I fell asleep but woke up at 5am so that I
could finish reading it. For about half an hour, I just sat
and meditated on what I had just read. The revelation
of the Holy Communion just exploded in me. It was
About that time, my four-year-old son woke up. As he
got out of his bed and his feet touched the ground, he
collapsed to the ground in pain. My wife immediately
went to his bedroom to find him on the floor crying
in pain.
For some reason, he could not stand on his right foot.
For 10 minutes, he tried to stand, but every single
time, he would scream in pain and fall to the floor.
My wife then carried him downstairs to where I was
and shared with me what had happened. I told them
that we would take the Holy Communion together as
a family and our heavenly Daddy would heal him.
Before we partook, I briefly explained as simply as
I could to my four-year-old son and six-year-old
daughter what Jesus accomplished for us on the
cross. Together, we thanked Jesus for taking all our
sicknesses and pains in His own body, so that we could
be completely whole in our bodies. We then partook
of the Communion elements.
As soon as we finished taking the Communion, my
son jumped off his chair and stood perfectly without
any pain or problem whatsoever. Praise God! Jesus is
Thank You, Pastor Prince, for persevering in preaching
the gospel of grace. God has used your teachings to
transform the lives of my family members and friends.
May God continue to bless you richly.
Joe | Pretoria, South Africa

We discovered your ministry on one of the Christian channels

by accident and were amazed and liberated by what we heard.
Ten days after becoming a partner with the ministry, my husband
sent out an email to all the letting agents in our area, saying that
we wanted a large three or four-bedroom house (which was still
too small for our needs) for 550 per month. In the area that we
live in, this would usually cost more than 700 per month.
However, late that night, a letting agent called and offered us
a new house with six bedrooms, six bathrooms (two of which
are en-suite) and a double garage for the price we were able to
pay! At the time we moved in (six weeks ago), the property was
on the market for 700,000. (In the North of England, anything
over 200,000 or 1,500 per month rent is considered out of
most peoples reach.) Because the council tax is much higher
compared to the one for our last house, the agent offered to pay
three months of council tax for us!
The house and the way God has provided for it is way beyond
anything we could have hoped or imagined. He has poured out so
many blessings in the last few weeks it would be far too lengthy
an email to write. We are quite literally living in Psalm 23green
pastures and still waters. People are in awe of what God has done
for us, and even unbelievers are questioning how we managed to
move into a property of this caliber!
All we can say is that we believe in Gods undeserved favor. More
important than the material blessings we have received from
God is the fact that my husband and I have both fallen in love
again in a deeper way with Jesus. Worship and thanksgiving are
becoming more of a way of life for us, and we are living holy lives
by accident more so than we ever did on purpose. Thank you for
teaching us the true gospel of grace. Glory to God!
Gary and Jenny Fuller | Foulridge, UK

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Supernatural Recovery Through Staying In Peace

Blood Of Jesus Delivers Four-Year-Old

Recently, my 26-year-old son, Jared, got into a very bad car

accidenthe went through the windshield and landed 20 feet
from the car onto the highway. When we got the call about
his accident, I could hear Pastor Prince saying, If you need a
miracle, stay in peace. My husband and I have been studying
the Word through Joseph Prince Ministries.

On Monday night (5 July 2010), the news featured a

four-year-old girl (Alisa Maier) who had been abducted
from her front yard in Louisiana Missouri. I started
praying and talking to Jesus about the incident. I cant
remember the whole conversation, but I do recall
saying, Lord, I dont know how to pray for this girl.

Jared was in the Intensive Care Unit for two weeks, and we
have seen miracle after miracle, while nurses and doctors
have seen us remaining in peace and heard our prayers of faith
over him.

Immediately, the Holy Spirit reminded me of a true

story in your book Destined To Reign.You had, prompted
by the Holy Spirit, prayed for a 12-year-old girl who
had been abducted by a serial killer in Singapore. You
covered her with the blood of Jesus for protection and
that led to her abductor releasing her unharmed.

After multiple surgeries, he was moved today to a regular

room. His whole life has been changed. He wants to come
home and stop using drugs, and start living for Jesus. Praise
God for your ministry!
MB Kellogg | Michigan, USA

Peace Keeps The Blessings That Grace Gives

Two years ago, I started watching Destined To Reign and read
Pastor Princes book (of the same name). But it wasnt until last
year that the message of grace really took root in my heart.
Since then, my life has changed and is still being changed. Since
2009 and in 2010, my income at my job has been increasing. In
2009, I was blessed with enough to finally shoot my first short
film, which I am now submitting to film festivals!
I was the top seller of gift cards at my restaurant for the
Christmas contest in 2009. In 2008, I had only sold $300
worth of cards. But in 2009, I had been blessed with selling
more than $1,100 worth of cards! And this year, while my
coworkers complain about their incomes decreasing, mine is
increasing! My heart is also changing. Im falling in love with
Jesus. In fact, I just watched Pastor Princes message, Peace
Keeps What Grace Gives, and that message has brought great
fruit and change in my life.
My heart was always troubled, but now I guard my heart and
let the peace of Christ take care of me, while God guards
every other area in my life. Im still growing in grace, but Hes
brought me to amazing places so far and has promised greater
things still.

Remembering the story increased my faith.I believed

that the same could happen for this little girl. So it was
a simple prayer. I just asked Jesus to cover her with
His blood and I understood it to mean that He would
meet her need to be saved because He had already
paid the price on the cross for her to be protected and
delivered. I simply believed that she would be released
The next day, whenI was at work, I found out through
the Internet that the little girl had been released and
was safe.I was so excited. But it wasnt until after I
got home and told my son the good news that I
remembered what I had prayed for the day before.
Im so glad that the Holy Spirit reminded me of your
story. They are calling it another Missouri miracle.
How precious His POWERFUL blood is!
Jane Nelson | Oregon, USA

The praise reports were

shared with
Joseph Prince Ministries
via email, post or
phone. They were edite
d for length and
the information furnishe
d by the testimony
givers has been publishe
d in good faith.

Robert Montoya | Texas, USA


Event Coverage


Praise The Lord Special

With Joseph Prince
Sunday, 23 May 2010, marked a milestone for Joseph
Prince Ministries when Matthew and Laurie Crouch of
Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) went onstage at
New Creation Church (NCC), Josephs home church,
and announced that the entire Sunday service would
be recorded for broadcast on TBN. Reaching up to
more than 102 million households in the United States
and broadcasting in more than 150 countries, TBN is
the worlds largest Christian television network.
Matthew, TBNs vice-president, and his family had
travelled from the US just for this special recording,
which featured an exuberant praise and worship
session by the NCC worship team, the partaking of
the Holy Communion, and a powerful Sunday sermon
by Joseph on the loving heart of God that always
provides for His children. Later in the day, Matthew
and Laurie sat down with Joseph for an exclusive
The recording aired on 18 June 2010 and 24 June
2010 as a two-hour special on TBNs Praise The Lord
program, a primetime segment that has featured other
speakers such as Brian Houston and Joel Osteen. Due
to popular demand, it was broadcast again as a threehour special on 22 August 2010.

The essence of grace is supply.

Joseph in his element during the
TBN recording.

Joseph with TBNs Matthew and

Laurie Crouch. The Crouch family
flew in from the US just for the
special recording.

Left: Matthew and Laurie warmly

greeting the New Creation Church
Below: Matthew, Laurie and their
son, Cody, partaking of the Holy
Communion led by Joseph.

Joseph Prince

Charisma, a leading monthly
Christian publication in the United
States with a readership of more
than 600,000, featured Joseph on
the cover of its June 2010 issue. The
article provided an insight into the
man and his message of Gods grace,
which he cited as the reason behind
the growth of the international
broadcast ministry since its
inception in 2007.



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